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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

1/20/08 Greenwich Resident Walter Noel Even Screwed Over PETA






PETA Says Walter Noel Even Screws Up Obama's Inauguration.

President Obama's inauguration bittersweet for PETA

Officials from the animal activist group PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) thought they would be attending the inaugural ceremonies for President Obama. In fact the organization thought they would be seated in the VIP section, until they learned that they had been lured in by the nation’s largest “ponzi scheme” started by Bernard Madoff.

The plan began when Bruce Friedrich, PETA’s vice president for policy and government affairs saw an auction on eBay that offered two tickets with full VIP access to the inauguration. The auction was being offered by another non-profit group called December Rain which is a charity for foster children with life-threatening illnesses.

Philip Schein, executive director for December Rain bought seven packages of these tickets from an investment company called Fairfield Greenwich which is located in Connecticut. Fairfield Greenwich lost billions of dollars as one of Madoff’s investors.

All together, Mr. Schein bought “hundreds of thousands of dollars” for tickets to the ceremony and other special events. His plan was to use them as a fundraising tool for December Rain. PETA paid $5,500 for their package.

But all plans fell through last week when Schein contacted the winners of the VIP packages to explain that he never received the tickets from Fairfield Greenwich. He reassured everyone that the charity would reimburse them for the money they paid for the tickets. Then late last week December Rain closed their doors. Schein said it was due to death threats made by some of the auction winners.

It is amazing how far reaching the Madoff scandal is going. I think in the future we will not be referring to the game, “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon,” but instead it will be called Six Degrees of Bernie Madoff. What a waste of money for PETA; I hope they bought the insurance plan.


Something Just Is Not Kosher About This Story. I Hate To Have To Stick Up For Walter "Feeder Fund" Noel, But I Think This Summer Rain Group Might Be The Hustler Here.

Here Is The Walter "Feeder Fund" Noel And Fairfield Greenwich Roundup For Today:
Cityfile, NY
.. Mark and Andrew; Dechert, the firm defending Madoff pal Ezra Merkin; and Simpson Thacher, which is now advising Walter Noel's Fairfield Greenwich Group. ...
Royal Gazette, Bermuda
... $2.8 billion in assets and is based on Front Street, was heavily exposed to Madoff, as was Fairfield Greenwich, which has substantial operations here. ...
San Francisco Chronicle
Belhumeur would not name names, but one avenue other unhappy investors are looking at, litigiously, is Fairfield Greenwich Group, the Connecticut-based ...
The clients invested in Banco Safra SA, Banco Santander SA, UBS AG and Fairfield Greenwich Group and didn’t know their money had been directed to Madoff’s ...
Palm Beach Post
The SEC staff received documents from Madoff and Fairfield Greenwich, a hedge fund that placed money with Madoff on behalf of its clients. ...

Please send your comments to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

11/20/09 HEARST NEWSPAPER EDITORS 'MISSING' AT THE GREENWICH TIME: Is Bruce Hunter Drowning At The Sinking Ship, AKA, The USS Green Kitty Liter Liner


Where's Bruce Hunter And The "LOCAL HARD HITTING" Online Greenwich Time Editorials ????

Online Readers At The Greenwich Time Wonder If New Managing Editor Bruce Hunter Has Already Been Thrown Overboard By Hearst Newspapers.

Just when you thought things couldn't get more bizzare at the Greenwich Time....

Chaos reigns at the Greenwich Time, where new Greenwich Time Managing Editor Bruce Hunter and his top two lieutenants have not updated the papers online Opinion pages since last Thursday January 15th - sparking rumors that they me feuding with their corporate owners at Hearst Newspapers.
On Friday January 16th a Stamford Advocate editorial was posted online at the Greenwich Time and it has remained there for the last five days.
The online editorial was a strange editorial about a Stamford Advocate editor that was warned not to go to Juarez, Mexico, because of drugs??????

Making things more bizarre is that the online editorial was reposted on Sunday January 18th after two Greenwich Time Columnists filed stories.
There are even rumors at Town Hall that Greenwich Time Publisher John Dunster may have already axed the new Bruce Hunter Team.
Greenwich Time Publisher John "I Can't Pick A Winning Team" Dunster has went through four news paper editors in less than a year.
Greenwich Roundup's efforts to reach the "missing' Bruce Hunter by phone for a comment on Monday, were unsuccessful.
"Nobody knows what's going on," an insider said. "At first, we just assumed that the absence of the daily editorials meant even more layoffs, because advertising was off by 50 percent last quarter."
A rumor making the rounds is that Hearst Newspaper Management was furious over Greenwich Time Publisher John Dunster's decision to pull Ex-Greenwich Time Managing Editor Bruce Hunter out of unemployment and once again reinstate him back to the managing editor position.
The missing editorials on the Greenwich Time online edition makes the papers growing web audience to joke that Manging Editor Bruce Hunter and the other editors have failed to show up for work at the Riverside offices, because they are already using up their 3 personal, sick and vacation days - it also ignited jokes that Hunter summoned to Hearst Newspaper offices and asked to justify his job.
The joke goes along the lines of,"Bruce, please tell us just what you have done at the Greenwich Time online edition lately?"
Greenwich Time online readers are seriously wondering if Hunter's office has already been cleared out.
Many in town wonder if this is yet another sign that Hearst Newspapers is closing down the Greenwich Time.

A person answering the phone at the Greenwich Time yesterday said, "We have nothing to announce."
As of today the Greenwich Time Web Site Still Has Not Updated The Opinion Pages.
There also have been no new columnist or letter to the editor updates at the Greenwich Time's online edition.
Greenwich Time


The Advocate Staff
Posted: 01/16/2009 09:05:46 AM EST
Before you venture into Ciudad Juarez, brace yourself to hear Texans tell you that you're crazy. Visiting friends in neighboring El Paso a few days before Christmas, I was immediately warned, "Don't even think about going into Juarez.

01/19/09 Greenwich Time News Links For Monday Morning

Old School Greenwich Time Publisher John "I Can't Pick A Winning Team" Dunster Just Doesn't Understand The New-Fangled Internet Thing - A - Ma - Bob.

Greenwich Time Publisher John Dunster Was A Dunce For Bringing Back Greenwich Time Managing Editor Bruce Hunter And Putting Ex-Greenwich Time Editor Jim Zebora In Charge Of The Business Page.....

This Is All The News That Greenwich Time Publisher John Dunster And His Managing Editor Bruce Hunter Was Able To Get Up On The Web Today.....
....On Martin Luther King Jr Day
Greenwich Time Web Site Viewers
Have A Dream That
Hearst Newspaper Head Honcho
Steven R. Swartz
Will Fire Greenwich Time Publisher
John "I Can't Pick A Winning Team" Dunster.....

Hearst Newspaper Editors At The Greenwich Time Have Not Been Able To Get Up A "Local" And "Hard Hitting" Editorial Since They Put Up This Editorial About Juarez, Mexico Three Days Ago....

The Advocate Staff
Posted: 01/16/2009 09:05:46 AM EST

Before you venture into Ciudad Juarez, brace yourself to hear Texans tell you that you're crazy.Visiting friends in neighboring El Paso a few days before Christmas, I was immediately warned, "Don't even think about going into Juarez."

Everyone, In Greenwich Is Joking That New Greenwich Time Editor Bruce Hunter Is Looking Like A Stoned Out Newspaper Intern As He Asks Greenwich Time Readers To Read This Letter About Hamas Over And Over For Three Days.....
Letters from Readers

Hamas' acts have produced the situation in Gaza

The Advocate Staff
Posted: 01/16/2009 09:06:57 AM EST

To the editor:
It's like "Alice In Wonderland"! Up is down; left is right. So who is to blame for the present Gaza situation? There are vocal demonstrators insisting Israel is to blame. Let's look at the situation realistically .....

If the Greenwich Time is going to be steadfast in a mission to accelerate the reinvention of our local daily rag. Then publisher John Dunster and Managing Editor Bruce Hunter and The Greenwich Time Web Master are going to have to join in an effort to improve their so called "news website".

Publisher John Dunster needs to fell the urgency to bring the Greenwich Time into the digital age. Unfortunately, Dunster treats the Greenwich Time Web Site like a hobby that his editors and publishers can play with every once in a while.

As other Hearst Newspapers are rewriting newspaper history by aggressively having its local newspaper brands amplify their presence in the Internet marketplace, Dunster repeatedly fails in the local digital arena.
The Greenwich Time news web site is vitally important to the future, growth and survival of the newspaper.

If Publisher John Dunster can't serve the Greenwich Time Internet audience on its own terms, then Hearst Newspaper head Steven Schwarts needs to get a digitally savvy publisher who know the Greenwich markets inside and out.
It becoming very clear that Dunster is not the man to maximize this opportunity that the local Internet offers.

For example, Blogs, are a proven core news web site feature, that now make up the fastest growing segment of Hearst’s local online presence, But Greenwich Time Publisher John Dunster has not added one blog to the Green Kitty Litter Liner.
Together, the other Hearst Newspaper web sites publish more than 400 blogs, and they accounted for more than 8.5 million page views. Hearst Newspaper blog page views are up more than 60 percent, but clueless Dunster has not one blog incorporated in the Greenwich Time's pitiful web site.

Dunster has proven time and time again that he is not capable of being able to constantly adapt to the rapid changes in the new media landscape.
This year will most likely be a year of many turning points for our local newspaper and The Greenwich Time needs a publisher that can energize and maximize its new Internet audiences and advertisers.

Is This The Greenwich Time Or Viva Pop Of Greenwich ????

This Is The Absolute Worst That I Have Ever Seen On The Greenwich Time's So-Called News "Web Site".

Is The Greenwich Time Just Going To Publish Press Releases Every Day Like The Greenwich Post ??????

The Greenwich Time Hasn't Put Up News Today, They Are Just Posting A Bunch Of Event Calendars That Have Headlines Designed To Make Greenwich Residents Think That A Real News Story Has Been Published......

No Hearst Newspaper Reporter Will Put A Byline On These Listings With Headlines That Are Designed To Fool Greenwich Time Web Site Visitors.....

This Red-Headed Greenwich Family Is Forced By Greenwich Time To Search For News At Local Greenwich Blogs !!!!!!!
The Greenwich Time Is Still Treating It's Online Readers Like Red Headed Step Children

Today Hearst Newspapers Have Not Given Greenwich Residents Any Links To Columnists, Editorials or Letters To The Editor.

The Online Readers Helped The Greenwich Time Get A Combined Print In And Online Circulation Increase Of 22%, But Greenwich Time Publisher John Dunster Treats These Young Affluent Tech Savvy Readers Like Garbage.

Green Kitty Litter Liner Insiders Say The Greenwich Time Print Edition Suffered Some Losses In The Last ABC Audit.

For Years, Ex-Greenwich Time Editors Like Joe Pisani And Jim Zebora Failed To Embrace The Digital Revolution.

Greenwich Citizen Blogger Chris Fountain Set A New Record Last Week By Getting 16,000 Unique Web Visitors In One Day
The Greenwich Time Sells No Where Near 16,000 Newspapers In One Day,

Yet The New Greenwich Time Managing Editor Bruce Hunter Is Making The Same Mistake As Joe Pisani - Ignoring The Power The Internet.


9:56 AM On 01/22/08

When Greenwich Roundup Types;
The Greenwich Time Listens......


Advocate Editorial
Posted: 01/22/2009 07:43:14 AM EST

If majority Democrats in the state General Assembly aren't going to change state law to defer action on arbitrated state employee contracts, then they must take up-or-down votes on the 11 pacts that are expected to come before them during this session. Full Story

Where The Hell Is Greenwich Time Managing Editor Bruce Hunter And The "LOCAL" And "HARD HITTING" Editorial ???????



Letters to the Editor

The Advocate Staff
Posted: 01/16/2009 09:06:57 AM EST

Hamas' acts have produced the situation in Gaza To the editor: It's like "Alice In Wonderland"! Up is down; left is right. Full Story


Please send your comments to Greenwich Roundup@gmail.com 0r click on the comments link at the end of this posting.

01/20/08 Greenwich Time News Links


Nancy Ugrinaj, owner of Fuzari's Pizzeria & Restaurant on Mill Street in Byram in front of her restaurant. Ugrinaj and other Byram neighborhood leaders are requesting the presence of a police substation.

(Bob Luckey Jr./Greenwich Time Photo)

By Debra Friedman

Posted: 01/20/2009 07:52:44 AM EST

Those who live and work in Byram are rallying behind the idea of adding a police substation next to the Byram Volunteer Fire Department.

....they don't spend enough time here," said Fingold, who has run his shop on the corner of two busy Byram streets for over five years.

Nancy Ugrinaj, owner of Fuzari's Pizzeria, at 226 Mill St., agreed a substation would bring peace of mind to the community, which police said is vulnerable to crime due to its border with Port Chester and its proximity to New York City and Interstate 95.

"Just in case of an emergency, it would be a good thing," said Ugrinaj, who has owned the pizzeria for three years....

...."Byram is always the last to get attention," said Merchant.

Assistant Fire Chief Robert Kick said renovation plans for the Byram Volunteer Fire Department on Delavan Avenue are scheduled for the 2011-2012 capital budget with a projected construction in 2012-2013. Kick said that while plans have not been drawn up yet, he has not heard any discussion of adding a police substation to the fire house.

Likewise, police officials said there has not been any substantial discussion for adding a substation ......

....."The west sector is the busiest area of town. It has always been a more active area regarding a variety of crimes," said Honulik, who noted that many elements would have to be considered before a substation could be planned including financial issues and manpower logistics.

The decision to move forward with concrete plans of a substation would need the backing of the chief of police and the first-selectmen as well.

.... Lt. Richard Cochran, who was in charge of the west sector for the Community and Police Partnership several years ago, said the idea of a substation in Byram has been mentioned before.
"Merchants brought it up but it just didn't go anywhere," said Cochran.....

.....Honulik said he felt the police department would be open to considering the idea, although he noted nearly every area of town has the desire for more police presence.

"If we can get a substation down the road we are open to it," said Honulik. "We want to make sure residents feel safe."




We talked about the crime, drugs, graffiti, quality of life, vandalism problems that plague Byram residents and merchants every single day.

The possibility of a Byram Police Substation and more police patrols throughout Byram were mentioned.

Mr. Tesei said that he would send an email to the Department of Public Works about the Graffiti on the Welcome to the Town Of Greenwich- Village Of Byram sign on Putnam Avenue.

We also discussed how Police Squad 2 (Central Greenwich) and Police Squad 3 (Eastern Greenwich) currently work together to solve crime problems. It was suggested that maybe Squad 1 (Western Greenwich - Byram) could be assisted by squad 2 for a few months to lower the crime rate in Byram.

Mr. Tesei and I both agreed that there were many wonderful new projects ready to go in Byram once the security and quality of life problems are eliminated by the Greenwich Police Department.

Mr. Tesei was very enthusiastic about the new efforts for the Lyon House that are currently coming together and he provided me with some great literature about the Lyon House.

Further, Mr. Tesei encouraged me to get involved with the Byram Neighborhood Association.

I think that if Mr. Tesei can bring a more police services to Byram the many other Byram projects will takeoff and flourish.

Mr. Tesei's Legacy may very well be decided on the streets of Byram.

Will the youth gangs and drugs continue to destroy Byram or will there be a Reincarnation in Byram......


Last June Greenwich Police Chief David Ridberg was quoted in the Greenwich Time That He Was Going To Release The FBI's Most Recent Uniform Crime Report For Greenwich Before The End Of The Year.Chief Ridberg Did Not Keep That Promise To The Residents Of Greenwich.

But Last Year Came And Went.

The Greenwich Time Reporters Who Work For Hearst Newspapers Don't Have The Journalistic Balls To Go To Greenwich Police Chief David Ridberg And Say, "Hey Chief, What Happened To Those Crime Statistics You Promised The Taxpayers Of Greenwich?

Greenwich Time Reporters Don't Have The Journalistic Balls To Hold Chief Ridberg Accountable To The Single Family Homeowners Of Greenwich.

When CT Senator Chris Dodd Promised And Did Not Deliver Documents To The Public About His Countrywide Loans Wall Street Journal Reporters Had The Journalistic Balls To Say,"Say Hey, Chris Where Are Those Loan Documents."


Waiting for Dodd
Wall Street Journal

We've got some leftover business from the 110th Congress -- namely, Chris Dodd's July 2008 promise to release the details of his sweetheart loans from ...

Chris Dodd's now-venerable promise to release documents pertaining to his 2003 mortgages with Countrywide. This newsprint icon of commerce reminded its ...

But The Cowardly Greenwich Time Reporters Are Afraid Of Greenwich Police Chief David Ridberg, Because He Is Thin Skinned And Uses Police Resources To Retaliate Against Critics.

Time And Time Again, Greenwich Residents Have Heard Police Chief Ribderg Go On Local Radio Station WGCH And Repeatedly Attack Attorney Lindy Urso, Greenwich Roundup And Others.
Over A Year Ago Greenwich Roundup Was Complaining About Crime In Byram And Unsolved Murders In Greenwich At This Blog And On Sam Romeo's Greenwich Matters Radio Program On WGCH.

I Have Often Agreed With Fellow Blogger Greenwich Blogger Bill Clarke Who Often Says,"Greenwich Is The Safest Town In America To Commit A Murder."

About Eight Or Nine Months Ago, Greenwich Police Union Chief And RTM Member Sgt. James Bonney In A Public Meeting Said That He Refused To Live In Cental Byram Because He Did Not Want His Children Exposed To The Drugs And Gangs Violence.

The Police Union President Also Said That Many Greenwich Police Department Officers Used To Live In Byram, But Moved Out Because They Did Not Want To Expose Thier Families To The Drugs And Quality Of Life Issues.

It Is Greenwich's Dirty Little Secret That Byram Has Progressively Gotten More Dangerous And Worse Over The Last Five Or Six Years.

One Day Greenwich Roundup Has To Figure Out Away To Get His Byram RTM Meeting Recordings Or the Police 911 and Radio recordings that have been obtained through Freedom Of Information Requests Up On This Blog.

Here Are How Police Resources Are Used In Crime Ridden Byram:

A Little Over A Year Ago Greenwich Roundup Criticized New Greenwich Police Chief David Ridberg For Repeatedly Going On WGCH And Attacking Attorney Lindy Urso For Saying That This Police Departments Theory That Andrew Kisseel Case Was A "Suicide For Hire".

Greenwich Round Up Also Criticized The Greenwich Police Departments Repeated Failures To Solve Murders In Town And It's Failures To Stem The Growing Crime Problem In Byram.

Further, Greenwich Roundup Criticized How New Police Chief David Ridberg Managed The Department.

12/31/07 - Timelime Proves That Police Officers Retaliated Against A Greenwich Legislator, Because He Spoke Out About The GPD And Byram

After I Started Contacting Lawyers And Putting In Freedom Of Information Requests For Recordings Of Police Department Radio Broadcasts And 911 Calls The Police Department Harrassment Started To Come To An End.

When The Police Officers Became Aware That I Was Using A Video Camera They Stopped Comming By My Home Multiple Times Per Hour And Following Me Around Town.

It Is Just A Shame That Greenwich Police Chief David Ridberg Focuses On And Uses Police Resources To Go After Critics Instead Of Drug Dealers And Gang Members.

Instead Of Ridberg Giving Illegally Appointed Greenwich Police Captain Pacewicz An 15% Pension Boost As An Insentive As A Bribe To Resign.

If Police Chief Ridberg Were To Tell Byram Police Officer's That Whoever Busts The Most Gang And Drug Dealers Will Get A 15% Pension Boost, Then He Would Have To Open His New Police Palace Early Just To House These Byram Criminals.

Now After More Than A Year Is Byram A Safer Place?

Have Things Improved On Byram And At The Greenwich Police Department?
The Problem With The Greenwich Police Department Chief David Ridberg Is That He Wastes Valuable Crime Fighting Resources Trying To Silence A Critic With A Blog.
If Ridberg Wants To Silence A Critic He Should Lower Crime In Greenwich.
No One Can Legitimately Complain About His Performance When Crime Is Down In The Town.
Crime Will Continue To Go Up As Long As Thin Skinned Ridberg And His Associates Use The Resources Of The Greenwich Police Department To Attack The First Amendment Rights Of Critics Who Complain About The Management And Performance Of His Department.
Here Is A Little Example Of How Police Resources Are Used To Attack And Intimidate Citizen Journalists And Bloggers Who Critcize Ridberg's Police Department:

08/14/08 Soon To Be Pulled Over Lawyer / Realator Exposes Police Union "Extortion"

....The Times says no other state wastes resources like this but, wouldn't you know, Greenwich uses a modified system, requiring off-duty policemen, on overtime pay, to steer cars around all non-public work projects.

A town employee can move traffic around a town tree cutting operation but if that same bit of tree trimming is being performed by CL&P or a private tree company, cop(s) must be on hand. Don't hire one at your peril, because these guys will shut you down in a heart beat and even arrest you, as they did at the Post Office project on Valley Road.

Cops make out like bandits with this deal and Greenwich obviously figures that what we don't see won't hurt us, so our "negotiators" continue the practice. We spent, according to BET minutes, $32,000 a month in police overtime directing traffic during the Mianus sewer construction project, a work effort that stretched out years. That's just one small example, of course. And I assume, but do not know, that a cop's overtime earned directing traffic is treated like all his other overtime when calculating his pension.
Because that pension is based on the cop's last year's total compensation it's the norm that the retiring civil servant racks up as much extra pay as he can, all to our financial woe. As a town, we seem to accept this ridiculous situation as the price of labor peace but it sure looks like union extortion to me.

08/21/08 For What It's Worth: Chris we Hate To Say We Told You So, But Chris we Told You So.....

Parking ticket appeals - From For What It's Worth

.....I've never appealed one until now but a cop recently ticketed me for parking too close to a hydrant and, when I questioned him, he said, "you were in my way." I don't think that a cop's pique is sufficient reason to get a ticket so I filed an appeal and went off to Town Hall today to argue it.....

.....Here's a picture of the scene of the crime. You'll notice that the offensive policeman is a gentleman in his late 50's. Anyone that age still wearing shorts and directing traffic probably has suffered some career disappointments along life's path, but that's no reason to be a jerk, in my opinion.

It Would Take Scores Of Freedom Of Information Requests And Court Transcripts To Calculate The Cost Of Greenwich Police Resources Improperly Used To Try And Deny Greenwich Citizen Journalist Bill Clark His First Amendment Rights.

His Battles Against The Town's Improper Use Of Resources To Silence And Punish Him Have Been Legendary. In fact, The Town Has Had To Pay Mr. Clarke A Hefty Court Judgement For These Illegal Actions.

Crime Will Continue To Go Up As Long As Thin Skinned Ridberg And His Associates Use The Resources Of The Greenwich Police Department To Attack The First Amendment Rights Of Critics Who Complain About The Management And Performance Of His Department.


The Greenwich Police Officers Violated Department Proceedures And Did Not Give Douglas More A Field Sobriety Test Even Though He Was Well Over The Legal Limit.


Now The High As A Kite Mystery Driver That Killed JoeyPleads Not Guilty ??????

12/24/08 The Daddy Of Greenwich Time Crime Reporter Martin Cassiddy Is Very Upset With Greenwich Round Up.

Greenwich Time reporter Mr. Vigdor has delivered yet another incomplete article.

Was a field sobriety test given to these "Back Country" boys from privileged families?
If a test was given what were the results.

This information is routinely provided for out of towners and poorer members of Greenwich society.

When this information is selectively reported or given out it makes the Greenwich Police Department look corrupt and the Greenwich Time look inept.

The Bodson Family Was Very Lucky, This Time

Watch How Greenwich Police Chief Ridberg And His Associates Will Soon Be Using Police Resources To Attack The First Amendment Rights Of Critics His Deal To Bribe Ex-Greenwich Police Captain Micheal Pacewicz With Unearned Pension Benefits.

Instead Of Fighting Crime, Ridberg And His Associates Will Use Valuable Police Resources And Time To Attack Anyone Who Questions His Deal To Give Pacewicz Unearned Benefits If He Will Resign And Stop Blocking The Appointment Of Four Top Level Police Positions.


Local News

Bruce Museum celebrates the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
No, the dreamer may not be with us anymore but the dream is still very much alive. With those words, the Messiah Baptist Gospel Choir of Bridgeport concluded its Dr.

Parsonage path has many admirers
Neither snow, nor rain, will stop Parsonage Cottage resident Mary Putrino, 99, from walking outside on the facility's newly constructed quarter-mile path.

Greenwich Planning and Zoning Commission mulls billionaire's mansion plan
Olga Kogan, wife of Russian billionaire Valery Kogan, will once again ask the Planning and Zoning Commission for permission and a special permit to build a new, 21,127-square-foot home on seven acres at 18 Simmons Lane.

Cos Cob Power Plant park plan draws fire
The Planning and Zoning Commission's review of plans for a park at the former Cos Cob Power Plant seemed more preliminary than final last week, despite years of planning.


UConn men take on Villanova
STORRS -- The participants in tonight's UConn-Villanova basketball game expect points to be difficult to come by.

More Greenwich Time Sports Reports:

Living & Health

Movie Clock Thursday, Jan. 22-25

BEDFORD, N.Y. Clearview's Bedford Playhouse, Route 22, (914) 234-7300 The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: Thu: 3:30, 7:15 Gran Torino: Thu: 3:15, 5:45, 8:15 BRIDGEPORT Showcase Cinemas, 286 Canfield Ave.


Stocks tumble on fresh worries about banks
The dawn of the Obama presidency could not shake the stock market from its dejection over the rapidly deteriorating state of the banking industry.

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