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Monday, December 31, 2007

12/31/07 - Timelime Proves That Police Officers Retaliated Against A Greenwich Legislator, Because He Spoke Out About The GPD And Byram

I am going to take a few moments to correct the hopelessly biased Greenwich Police Captain Michael Pacewicz and expose his amateurish attempt at a cover up.
Previously the following had been posted here at Greenwich Roundup Here Is A Timeline:

12/29/07 - Byram man complains about civil rights violations and police using illegal search as a means of retaliation

12/27/07 - They Did A Lindy Urso On Me - Greenwich Police Raid At 6pm Prevents Me From Speking To Sam Romeo On WGCH

"So at 6 when the Sam Romeo show starts to come on two police officers come into my wives store asking for me. They tell me they ticketed the car that I had been complaining about and now they were going to inspect my wives's store for infractions.

They took down my name, address, social security number, date of birth, and social security number, but they did not ask for my frighten wives's information.

Then they were demanding that I give them a drivers license. I told them I did not drive, because I did not drive. I have a glass eye in my right eye and that I do not see to good out of my left eye.

Then officers started telling me that my photo ID was not good enough, They then started telling me that they were going to have to arrest me and have me make bond for the ticket they were going to write up. They started claiming that they did not know who I was.

I then told the officers that they knew exactly who I was, because one of the officers had made remarks to me previously, because I had filed a civilian complaint against a police officer, who latter sued the Greenwich Police Department for discrimination and said the Greenwich Police were inappropriately using road blocks to profile poor and minority residents of Byram."

6:00 pm - The Greenwich Matters Show Hosted By Sam Romeo Comes On WGCH


12/27/07 - Please Help Me Get Up To Spead On The Issues Affecting Byram

Tonight, I am going to speak on the Sam Romeo show about the poor job that the police department does of patrolling and protecting Byram.

Mr. Romeo rightly demands accountability of all departments of Greenwich Government. Yet he refuses to use his WGCH microphone to demand the same accountability of the Greenwich Police Department.

Please understand that I do not think at this time that the individual officers are the problem.

I support the police officers, my car is loaded with Greenwich police union stickers going back for years.

I really think the problem is with how the police brass manage the Greenwich Police Department. The Republican administration should have gotten an outside professional to replace Chief Walters."

12/27/07 - Greenwich Matters Is On Tonight On WGCH

"Tonight it will be time again for Greenwich Matter's to air on WGCH from 6 pm to 7 pm.

The Show Features Sam Romeo has been strong critic of Greenwich Governmental Departments.

He demands accountability and sound management practices of the Greenwich Governmental Departments That He Goes After.

However, Sam Romeo Turns A Blind Eye To The Greenwich Police Department.

Mr. Romeo will make excuses for the Police Department Leadership, but he refuses to demand accountability.

Mr. Romeo strongly supports the Greenwich Police Department, as everyone in Greenwich does.

I personally believe that there are many outstanding officers in the Greenwich Police Department, but the management of those officers is a joke.

I live in Byram and the officers are poorly managed."

12/26/07 - This Greenwich Police Department Theroy Has Prevented The Police Department For Solving This Murder For 18 Months.

"Police Brass have been sticking to this lame brain theory that the 16 million dollar swindler Andrew Kissel hired a guy to tie his hands and feet in Flex Cuffs, pull his T-shirt over his head and then be stabbed four or five times in the back, because he couldn't bring himself to commit suicide."

The Greenwich Police Department Should Call In Some Experienced Investigators - 18 Months Is Too Long. This Case Has Gone No Where !!!!
Murder theories Kissel's life, death focus of new book
Greenwich Time - Greenwich,CT,USA
After his arrest on federal mortgage fraud charges, Kissel he was shut out by his wealthy Greenwich friends and became closer with his assistant, ...

If you are going to commit a murder do it in Greenwich and you will probably get away with it.

12/24/07 - A Christmas Wish For Justice - How To Slove The Unsolved Murders Of Greenwich

Maybe Greenwich Police Chief David Ridberg should hire disgraced Los Angeles Detective Mark Furman to come solve this 18 month old Kissel murder and then write a second book about it.

Then maybe Police Chief
David Ridberg can let disgraced Los Angeles detective go solve the murder of that poor little boy in the Pemberwick section of Greenwich.

The Port Chester Police Department, The Rye Brook Police Department, The Rye City Police Department doesn't have all of these unsolved murders laying around.

Why does the Greenwich Police Department have all of these unsolved murders?

12/24/07 - The Police Department Is All Talk And No Action

For over one week I have had a call into the Police Official who is responsible for Western Greenwich. Radio host Sam Romeo suggested I call this police resource or liaison officer for Western Greenwich.

When I called Mr. Romeo about some of the short comings i saw with how the Police were deployed in Byram he suggested I Call the police official in charge of Western Greenwich.

So I took Mr. Romeo's advice and reached out to make the call.

I have a great deal of respect for Mr. Romeo. He is the reason I decided to put my name out to be on the Byram RTM.

However, Mr. Romeo's close association with some police officials and officers seems to clood his judgment on Police performance in certain areas of Greenwich.

1 comment:

Scott said...

Do you really believe that the Greenwich Police Department monitors your blog on an hourly basis and decided to engage in a sophisticated conspiracy to keep you from being heard by all five listeners to Sam Romeo's WGCH radio show? You ought to be institutionalized ...

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