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Friday, June 20, 2008

06/20/08 Why Is The Greenwich Board Of Education Still Trying To Limit Parents Access To Meetings


Board Of Education Says

No Live Cable Coverage For Concerned Parents

Unfortunately, the Board Of Education doesn't seem to want Paul Curtis and Greenwich Cable Access station to air their meetings any more, since the last few were not aired live.

Why wasn't last nights important Board Of Education Meeting aired live?

Why is the Greenwich Board of Education cutting back on cable access to their Meetings?

Are they planning on ending all cable coverage of their latest screw ups at Glenville and Hamilton Avenue School?

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0620/08 Sound Off - Congrats To Persistant Parents

School District Discovers Mold

Tracking a Variable Art

Trying to ascertain what mold there was within the modular classrooms that housed the Hamilton Avenue School students the last three years has proven an illusive task.

Full Story: Brooks Community Newspapers

Reader response:

Congrats to these persistent parents!

District: Tear the buildings down and be done with it! Or return them to the company that owns them. Allow no one in these buildings. Send a letter to all who were in them about the dangers of the molds found (not the denials of same).

Replace with healthy buildings that have proper preparation in the foundation and/or crawlspace, and good drainage - this is not rocket science.

Visit www.schoolmoldhelp.org for more information - if you doubt these molds are dangerous, visit our Fungal Glossary!

Susan Brinchman, Director
Center for School Mold Help


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06/20/08 Help Wanted - Greenwich Hospital Seeks Cook

Position Title: Cook
Company Name: Greenwich Hospital
Industry: Food/Beverages
Job Function: Food Service
Entry Level: No
Location(s): Greenwich, Connecticut, 06830
Posted: June 19, 2008
Job Type: Full-Time
Job Duration: Indefinite
Min Education: H.S. Diploma/Equivalent
Min Experience: 1-2 Years
Required Travel: None

Job Description
  • High School diploma or equivalent is required
  • Must have experience as a Cook in the hospital/restaurant/hotel industry


Apply URL: https://www.healthcaresource.com/ynhhs/index.cfm?f...

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06/20/08 The Latest From Rob "The Sports Voice Of Greenwich" Adams

Greenwich is Tops in Connecticut

Kudos to two friends of Exit 55 (and me, for that matter). First up is Dana, my friend who sent me an email this morning about things going on around our sports world. We started by chatting about Ricky Riscica, the Cardinals' slugging first baseman who is now playing for the Greenwich Cannons in American Legion baseball. Ricky hit a long home run the other day in Norwalk.

I'm thinking of checking out a game, so I can say "I knew him when."

Next Dana told me about an article in the Greenwich Post, by Paul Silverfarb, in which he discusses an article from Sports Illustrated that lists Greenwich as the number 1 athletic program in the state of Connecticut, and number seven in the country!

Paul's article is here. Sports Illustrated's coverage is here.

Congratulations to Athletic Director Gus Lindine, the staff, coaches and athletes at GHS. They are the best in the business, and they've been wonderful to me and everyone at WGCH for over 10 years.

Thanks to Dana for pointing it out to me, and to Paul for his fine writing.
Exit 55 - http://steelyankee.blogspot.com/

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06/20/08 No Wonder The States Attorney Tried To Keep The Arrest Warrent Sealed: Cops Admit They Paid For Witnesses Testimony In The Kissel Murder Case


Andrew Kissel argued with his ex, Hayley

about a hidden bag of money,

police reveal in affidavits.




Court papers unsealed yesterday suggested for the first time that real-estate swindler Andrew Kissel was killed over a large amount of cash stashed in his Connecticut mansion.

When Greenwich cops searched the mansion on April 3, 2006 - the day Kissel was found there blindfolded, bound and repeatedly stabbed - they discovered the possible hiding place for the money had been broken into and was empty, documents state.

Kissel's driver, Carlos Trujillo, is charged with hiring his cousin, Leonard Trujillo, to kill Kissel shortly before the multimillionaire was due to plead guilty to massive fraud. Yesterday, a judge unsealed large portions of affidavits cops filed this year to obtain arrest warrants for both Trujillos.

Two days before his body was discovered, Kissel had a long, "heated argument about a large sum of money" with his estranged wife, Hayley, police said. The spat took place in front of Carlos and movers who were taking her belongings away, the affidavits state.

"According to Carlos, [Kissel] later told him that the money had been hidden in the house," cops wrote. Hayley told police she searched the house that day for a bag of money that she suspected Kissel had stashed.

When they searched the mansion's master bedroom closet on April 3, they found an access panel - whose lock had been broken - that led to a crawl space. "The crawl space was . . . empty," affidavits said.

Cops said Carlos Trujillo's brother, Jorge, had worked for Kissel's Hanrock Group, but went back to his native Colombia when the company disbanded in 2005. At the time, Jorge allegedly stole what other employees estimated was between $200,000 to $600,000 from Hanrock's safe.

Police also quoted an ex-Kissel employee who said Kissel "treated Carlos 'like crap.' "

Once, Carlos drove to Massachusetts for a barbecue, but was phoned by Kissel "and told to return to Greenwich as soon as possible," the employee said.

When he got there, "Carlos was surprised to learn that [Kissel] had recalled him from Massachusetts so that he could get him a hamburger at Wendy's," police wrote. "Carlos related . . . that he went to Wendy's and got [Kissel] his hamburger, but that the victim took one bite, did not care for it, and then sent Carlos out to get a pizza."

Mark Sherman, Leonard Trujillo's lawyer, noted that elsewhere in the affidavits, police admit they paid witnesses. "It's outrageous that a witness has one version of a story before he's paid by the police, and another version after the check clears," Sherman said.


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06/20/08 Talk About Inflation - Rubber Chicken Dinners Are Only $250 A Plate

A Republican Party

The annual Republican dinner in honor of the late Prescott Bush, former senator and patriarch of the president-heavy Bush clan, is coming up in one week in Stamford and will host a keynote address by Tim Pawlenty, governor of Minnesota and co-chairman of the John McCain For Presidential Committee.

[Maybe they hope some of the Bush presidential genetics rubs off on McCain's campaign guy.]

This dinner that carries the name of the Greenwich granddad of our Texan president typically rakes in some solid cash for the party and also hands out some awards. This year, big-money guru Larry Kudlow of CNBC show Kudlow & Company, will also be a guest.

If you want to go, it'll cost one easy payment of $250. [It's their party; they can charge what they want to.]


Jesse A. Hamilton | On Background


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06/20/08 Leona Helmsley's Dog Loses A Fourtune Investing In A Newspaper That Rarely Updates It's Web Site

Trouble, the dog of the deceased Leona Helmsley, has lost a fortune investing in the Greenwich Citizen News Web Site.

The dead Helmsley left her beloved dog a $12 million trust fund, according to her will, which was previously made public in surrogate court.

Associates of Trouble have come forward accusing the Greenwich Citizen of squandering away the dogs newly acquired riches on it's news web site.

These associates are complaining that the so called news web site only gets updated about once a week.

Trouble has asked authorities at the Securities and Exchange Commission to investigate the Greenwich Citizen Web Site.

During his press conference, Trouble sounded like a dog who was very angry for what the Greenwich Citizen had done to him. He used the words "Main Stream Media Crooks," "Heartless Con Artists" and "Web Site Hustlers"

Trouble says he's found a good lawyer and is going to sue the pants off Greenwich Citizen editor Don Harrison.

"What kind of newspaper doesn't update it's web site on a daily basis?" Trouble yelped. "I am losing a fortune here. What advertiser is going to want to advertise on a web site with week old news?"

No one knows yet if the newly acquired lawyer and the complaint to the SEC will make things easier on the pampered pooch.

"I think Greenwich Post Editor Don Harrison can stick web site up his… [expletive]." Trouble added.

"I am sorry I didn't mean to curse, but I am going to be eating canned dog food, because of this guy Harrison!!!!"

Greenwich Citizen Editor Don Harrison said,"I don't know what the dogs problem is. We will probably update the web site later this afternoon.

"Trust me, lot of school parents in Greenwich are still very interested in reading about the lying Glenville principal who was suspended weeks ago," added Harrison.

Please see the Greenwich Citizen's

Current Top Story:

Holding a Popular Principal Accountable: D'Amico to Return

"John Grasso, principal of Riverside School, will serve as his mentor and sounding board over the next year."

In addition, D'Amico will meet with from time to time "a consultant on ethics and job responsibilities."

And when he returns to work on July 1, said Sternberg, "He will apologize to the Glenville community and to the parent (Frank Carbino) for "misrepresenting the facts."

"The ethics and the responsibility were not such a big story," said Carbino, referring to the cupcakes headlines, "But accountability is important." "People make mistakes and that's true," he said, "and putting my name on this was a mistake but I'm accountable." He also said he was "completely satisfied with the ruling" and "looked forward to next year."

D'Amico did not return phone calls for comment, but he will be present for what will be his third annual "Fifth Grade Promotion Ceremony" on July 16.

Please Also See:

06/19/08 - FBI Calls Off Search For Greenwich Citizen Editor Don Harrison.

We Will Keep You Posted And Let You Know If The Greenwich Citizen Web Site Is Updated Some Time This Afternoon.




UPDATE (1:49 PM):

No News Scoops Here.

The Greenwich Posts Finally Updates

It's Web Site

Going toe-to-toe Tuesday night during a P&Z standing-room-only hearing in Town Hall were foes of and advocates for a $100 million, 66-classroom new Stanwich School for 750 students on 37 acres at 257 Stanwich Road.

Trying to ascertain what mold there was within the modular classrooms that housed the Hamilton Avenue School students the last three years has proven an illusive task.

Make way for a "No Child Left Inside" strategy with a two-way pitch: gets kids moving and heighten their appreciation of the outdoor environment.

Last Friday, Superintendent of Greenwich Public Schools Dr. Betty Sternberg took a medical leave of absence until mid-August.

Dear Class of 2008: Each year at this time, we write to congratulate you on your successes, to remind you that what you consider may be failures are really lessons in disguise, and to wish you Godspeed as you embark on this next journey in your lives.

Skip Classroom Party? A Bad Idea for All

To the Editor:

In response to letter writer Dorothy D'Amato claiming, "Kids have enough parties at home," calling for parents to skip the classroom party: These are elementary school kids, ages 5 to 11 years old...

...Glenville School are sadly all too willing to overlook the important issues. The principal knowingly and purposely deceived Mr. Carbino (the parent) and his superiors when he went so far as to change the guidelines on the school Web site. Can he be trusted to be forthcoming and honest when dealing with other issues?

As for Mr. Carbino, celebrate birthdays with your kids to your heart's content, and don't let anyone tell you different. They'll be grown up before you know it.

Rick Novakowski

Cos Cob

The month of June is usually a quiet one for sports programs around the state. With graduations approaching and the spring sports seasons at an end, summer is eagerly awaited.


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06/20/08 Greenwich Time News Links For Friday

Postman Roger Wood is not allowed to have pictures at his work station and was told to take them down.
(Helen Neafsey / Greenwich Time Photo)
A new policy at the Greenwich Post Office has one letter carrier frustrated that he can no longer surround himself with images of his family.

Whitnum to challenge Himes

Greenwich resident Lee Whitnum has earned a spot on the ballot, forcing a Democratic primary in the 4th District congressional race for the first time in more than two decades, officials said.

Ham Ave., Glenville await plan for next year

Western Greenwich parents anxious about where their children will start school in August found no comfort at last night's Board of Education meeting.

Cam Atkinson's dream of playing ice hockey for Boston College became a reality when he accepted a full scholarship to join the defending NCAA champion's program.

Assets, alibis key to Kissel case

Arrest warrants for the two cousins charged in a murder-for-hire conspiracy in the stabbing death of Greenwich developer Andrew Kissel claim one of the men stole more than $350,000 from the prison-bound millionaire.

Please see:

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06/20/08 Greenwich Post News Links For Friday

Seniors, be wary of fraud

Seniors across Connecticut must be cautious as the number of reported fraud cases increasing state-wide.

The Commission on Aging recently released a notice to warn seniors of a phone scam.

Please Read The Full Greenwich Citizen Story

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06/20/08 Spotlight On Greenwich Business - Manfredi Jewels

Roberto and Roberta Chiappelloni with their daughter Bianca outside of their newly redesigned store, Manfredi Jewels

Manfredi celebrates 20 years with store redesign

Greenwich, Conn.—Manfredi Jewels celebrated an expansive store redesign earlier this month, and invited more than 200 guests to join in the festivities. The store, now one of the largest luxury jewelry and watch retailers along Greenwich, Conn.'s tony Greenwich Avenue, underwent a massive redesign that expanded its space from 930 square feet to 3,300 square feet.

The theme of the June 11 fete was living luxuriously, and the retailer made that clear in a number of ways, from the latest Lamborghinis parked outside of the store to the red carpet that guests tread upon. Models wardrobed in diamond jewelry from Chopard welcomed guests, and the night included an opera performance by Rob Weintraub, accompanied on the piano by Lin Li. The redesigned store is elegant yet contemporary, with an elliptical layout that features walls of watches and an island of jewelry.

The store also houses a workshop staffed by watchmakers and jewelers, as well as a lounge space equipped with plush seating. In addition to celebrating the store's new design,

Manfredi Jewels was also toasting its 20th anniversary. The help commemorate the event, Manfredi unveiled a limited-edition watch produced by Glashutte Original. The "Senator Meissen" timepiece comes in palladium-alloy white gold with a hand-wound mechanical movement. The watch features a blue crocodile strap, onion-shaped crown and Meissen porcelain dial with hand-painted Arabic numerals. Retailing for approximately $29,500, the one-of-a-kind timepiece has the Manfredi name and the edition number engraved on the back, and is also hand-numbered on the dial.

"Our Greenwich customers have shown tremendous support for Manfredi over the last 20 years and we are thrilled to re-open our doors with this updated setting and a renewed commitment to providing quality merchandise and excellent service for anyone who walks through our doors" Manfredi owner Roberto Chiappelloni said in a media release.

"We wish to convey a space that creates an overall luxurious experience that is comfortable, interesting and full of surprises for not only our existing clients, but also new visitors for years to come."

National Jeweler Network - Latest News - http://www.nationaljewelernetwork.com

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06/20/08 Take A Look At The First Jim Himes Video Of The Campgain

More Information From The
Jim Himes Campaign:


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