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Sunday, December 14, 2008

12/14/08 READER SUBMITTED COMMENTS: Nice Numbers !!!!!!!!!

Greenwich Roundup's Numbers Were Great,
But Now Are Now In Decline


I think you are getting some great numbers of people viewing the Greenwich Roundup. For example, news that has to do with our Greenwich community in general, attracts the most visitors.

Let's see, JOE PISANI, is always a hot item. The EX EDITOR of the Greenwich Times, Stamford Advocate, and Norwalk Hour. Every time a lodger makes negative references to his past and current behavior, your numbers skyrocket. I don't know the guy personally, but his reputation is, and has been, pathetic. So are the reputations of his gal-pals: Joy "let me tell you about my suicide attempts", Susie "I can't keep my hands off my former teacher Mr. Pisani", Sarah "I never shut up yet I say absolutely nothing coherent", and COMPANY. I think they should call their web site "OUR SCREWED UP PSYCHOTIC SCENE" and leave the town of Greenwich out of their twisted sense of reality.

I have to admit, I'd love to see some pics of the "gorgeous" super-model Pisani women. Maybe you could do a spread here. You may find the unique male visitors shoot up!!!!

Immoral and deviant stories get unique visitors too. YMCA anti-ramp access, murdering drunks on the run, and kids about to get electrocuted in their classrooms,....if the Roundup didn't provide coverage, no one would know or care. Obviously, many of us in Greenwich CARE A LOT!!!!!!!

Stories of hope enrich the lives of everyone. Farmer Del, Harvest Church, and protecting those who can't themselves....these are heartfelt. They bring the best visitors....the ones who want to help too.

I'm happy and somewhat amused at your "unique visitors".....but I can see quite a pattern developing.

Keep up the good work!!!!



Dear KN,

Thank you for the kind words.

It appears that you have been a Greenwich Roundup reader for quite a while. I am impressed with how you have adopted my, "lets put a smart remark" in middle of their name trademark.

Hopefully You Wont Start Using My He Must Be Crazy, Because He Likes Using A Lot Of Capital Letters Signature Trademark.

Or My Let's Play With Font Sizes And The Color Red Signature Trademark.

But feel free to echo the unconventional orthography in my writing. Basically, I consider myself the e e cummings of blogging.

As you know I was shooting for getting over a thousand visitors a day for a week straight, but I was like the Greenwich Time web master, I just couldn't get things up in the morning.

Unfortunately, I ran into a little bad luck and got very behind at work on Friday. Visitors noticed and I my numbers for Saturday crashed bellow 1,000. Yesterday, Greenwich Roundup had 778 visitors and I think today's numbers will probably be worse.

Those numbers come out at 3 am Monday morning.

I saved a lot of drafts of stories, that I will try and get out tonight.

Seeing these numbers makes me think I should of just published my items and then went back a few days later to correct grammar and spelling errors.

Saving stories as drafts, taking a rest and then editing stories before hitting the publish button has cut down on errors, but it has delayed news and hurt numbers somewhat.

Frankly, I am not sure if a photo spread of the of the "gorgeous" super-model Pisani women would have gave me the two hundred some visitors I needed to be over 1,000 on Saturday.

But, this photo spread proves what Pisani, has said all along....

"There are no ugly women".

Desperate women probably so, but ugly no.

Please send your comments to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

12/14/08 Greenwich Time News Links

An Oompa Loompa hard at work in Hoagland's "Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" window display on Greenwich Avenue. The display won the top prize for originality in the window decorating contest. (Keelin Daly/Greenwich Time photo)

If you think you spend a lot of time untangling Christmas lights, hanging ornaments and making table centerpieces, you've got nothing on these guys.

Town budget
Gulp. A projected $10.5 million gap in the town budget is widening to proportions that officials have never seen before in what has arguably been Connecticut's most prosperous town.

Town hosts many state gay weddings
With its proximity to New York and quiet sophistication, Greenwich is emerging as the apparent state epicenter for gay marriage, one month after it became legal here.

Children confront dinosaurs at Bruce

Rebecca Craig stepped back into the Mesozoic Era Saturday at the Bruce Museum. Some 65 million to 251 million years ago, it was the "Age of the Reptiles" when dinosaurs such as the Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops dominated the planet.

For rent: Is office space the final frontier in financial crisis?
As the recession devastates the banking, brokerage, retail and automobile industries, landlords and commercial real estate brokers in lower Fairfield County ponder when and if the office market will be the next victim.

Another bright idea for quick disposal
Garbage collection is back in the news these days after a town official came up with an idea of requiring burghers to bag the stuff (in plastic bags you'd have to go out and buy) in order to put the trash into the collection system.

One of the frustrating things about writing editorials is most of the meaty "outrageous" issues are rarely as simple as they first appear.

As a sixth-grader at Eastern Middle School, I am concerned about the energy being carelessly wasted and the growing pollution around the town.

To improve this, I support the modus operandi of "green building" and modifying homes to be more Earth friendly.

Increasing green homes will have remarkably positive effects.

The town's picturesque parks and landscapes are extremely valuable. The streets are lined with scenic houses and even some historical sites. If we don't put a stop to the constant release of fumes and greenhouse gases, the exquisite reputation of this community may collapse dramatically. Installing more energy-efficient and solar-powered homes will secure a prosperous and efficient status. Also, green homes are becoming quite luxurious, and such additions would be a notable avowal for Greenwich.

Standard houses have negative effects on the environment. Air pollution, water pollution, indoor pollution and stormwater runoff are all harmful to the Earth. Eco-friendly homes are designed for creating a healthy indoor air environment and adequate ventilation in a natural way, and use heavy insulation to reduce rising energy usage within the house.

These houses have very efficient appliances and construction. For instance, there are triple-pane windows, low-energy lighting, ground-source heat pumps, solar panels and de-chlorinating shower filters. These elements together guarantee a healthy lifestyle for the average Greenwich household

An ecological house would be well adapted to the community and very beneficial to the economy. Those houses specialize in carefully making the best of all resources and avoiding waste. By switching to this type of houses, you're helping all parts of the world.

I've lived in Greenwich long enough to appreciate its outstanding reputation. I am certain that expanding the quantity of energy-efficient homes would be extremely advantageous to the economy, households and the dazzling image of Greenwich.

Eco-friendly homes are the way of a cleaner, greener future. So I urge the people of this town to use green building technology when building or renovating their homes.

Thank you for reading my letter.

Gianna DeMasi


Please send your comments to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

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