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Friday, October 7, 2011

10/07/11 Rabbi Mitch's Weekly Teaching

Weekly Teaching
By Rabbi Mitchell M. Hurvitz


G'mar Chatimah Tovah

On behalf of the clergy, professional staff, and lay leadership of Temple Sholom, we would like to wish you a sweet, healthy, prosperous and blessed 5772.

Kol Nidre services begin tonight at 6:00pm

A complete list of High Holiday services is available by visiting www.templesholom.com, or click here for more information.

Rabbi's Weekly Teaching

Yom Kippur

Friday, October 7th, 2011

There is a story of a rabbi whose son would wander off every day to spend time in the forest. Concerned and curious, the rabbi asked his son why he did this.

"I go to the forest to find God," said the boy.

"That's wonderful," replied the father, "but you need not go to the forest to find God. Don't you know that God is the same everywhere?"

"God is," replied the boy, "but I am not."

On Yom Kippur, together as a community, we come together to find God. There is incredible power in this gathering. The ancient liturgy and melodies stir our souls, and the communal confessional provides us with the needed support to realize that we are not alone in our daily struggles.

Yom Kippur may be one of the most powerful days on our Jewish communal calendar, and for many, it is a day we put aside for reflection, for atonement, for recognizing that we are far from perfect, and that perhaps our life direction is not the one we had hoped to follow. But as easy as it may be to return to the world of material things and the regular business of living, Yom Kippur instills within us, whether we choose to realize it or not, a sense of sacred struggle. And when we learn to listen for God, we learn how to confront that struggle day by day.

Each of us needs to secure sacred space and time every day in order to find God. Whether it is in the car, on the train, in the office, or choosing to take the time, in the year to come, to engage in study and worship with our community, we should realize that this search for God changes - and changes us - depending on the different places we find ourselves each day.

In shul, we can sometimes more easily access God's presence. The soft lights, the vibrant colors of the stained glass, the poignant, haunting melodies and the majesty of the Ark before us can help us to delineate and define holy time and holy space. But what about when we find ourselves in the Temple parking lot on a crazed Sunday morning after religious school? Are we patient and understanding, or do we forget who and where we are? Is it that easy to forget that all time is holy, and that all of God's creation - even the parking lot -- is holy space?

God may be more easily found in shul, or walking in the forest, or sitting by the beach, enjoying time with loved ones, or taking a bike ride, etc. But maybe God is more needed in the busier, more crazy and hectic and frustrating times and spaces of our lives. When we discover the ability to make God's light shine more brightly in our places of greatest stress and pressure, we discover how to make our own Divine nature manifest in the world.

We will gather as a community on Friday night and Saturday as a community to atone for our sins, and pray for the God's light and wisdom to make us who we most need to become, in spite of the sacred struggle with what and who we presently are. Each of us will walk in a forest of our own making, considering our faults and our frailties, hoping that our prayers will be heard. But as we pray for God's mercy and compassion, we must also remember to have mercy and compassion on ourselves and on those who challenge us to be better people, and to recognize that we can choose to rise above hurt, stress and anxiety every day. This, perhaps, in the year to come, is the prayer we most need to have answered.

Gemar Chatimah Tovah; A Good Closing Seal in the Book of Life for a Happy, Healthy & Peaceful New Year!!

-Rabbi Mitch

Temple Sholom
300 E. Putnam Avenue
Greenwich, CT 06830
Temple Sholom | 300 East Putnam Avenue | Greenwich | CT | 06830

10/07/11 Field Hockey Press Release


Registration for this unique fun program will begin on Oct. 17. I would
much appreciate it if you could please put this in the papers this coming
week either Oct. 13 or 14.

Thanks for all the help with these program press releases. Without your
help I would of been fired a long time ago.

(See attached file: Indoor field Hockey fall 11.doc)

Indoor Field Hockey Clinics


The Bendheim Western Greenwich Civic Center

The Department of Parks and Recreation announces that it will be starting Indoor Field Hockey Clinics on Sunday November 27 and running for 4 weeks until December 18.

Registration for these Clinics will begin by mail only starting Monday October 17 – Friday October 21. In person registration will begin on Monday October 24 at the Bendheim Western Civic Center, 449 Pemberwick Rd.

The classes will meet for four Sundays. Session 1 will meet from 3:30 to 4:30 pm for children 8 and 9 years old. Session 2 will be from 4:30 to 5:30 pm for children 10 – 12 years old. The program will help children develop skills in stick work, passing, receiving, shooting, basic offensive and defensive skills and small sided games.

For more information or to register please visit our website at www.greenwichct.org, or call, or stop by the Bendhiem Western Greenwich Civic Center, 449 Pemberwick Rd., 532-1259.

10/07/11 Linda McMahon: Washington Isn't Working


168,000 Connecticut workers began this day without a job. Tonight many of them will lie awake worried about losing their homes and providing the very basics for their families.

For them, today’s jobs report is a reminder that Washington isn’t working. And for Washington, it should serve as a warning that enough is enough.

It is unconscionable that this administration is pushing for more of the same job-killing policies that have brought our economy to its knees and tested the will of the American people.

The latest jobs plan being offered by the President across the country is simply part two of a failed stimulus plan we know didn’t work.

As a proven job creator, I know that what small businesses need to create new jobs for people who want so desperately to work are fewer taxes, not more; fewer regulations, not more; and less government spending, not more.

The jobs our people so desperately need will not be created by government. We did not become the greatest nation in the world by ignoring the entrepreneurial spirit of the American people.

We’ve listened to enough of the professional politicians’ political bickering and put our faith in failed plan after failed plan, only to be disappointed. The American people are speaking loud and clear about their expectation for real solutions and it’s about time Washington listens.



10/07/11 Free Events For Healthy Living from Greenwich Hospital

GH logo

October 7, 2011

Media Contacts:

:George Pawlush 203-863-3126

Marcia Simon 860-395-7244

Upcoming Events

All of these events are FREE.

Get details: www.greenwichhospital.org. Click on CALENDAR.

Wednesday, October 12, 7-9pm

Living Downstream: Film and Panel Discussion

Noble Conference Center, Greenwich Hospital

Post-Film Discussion Facilitators: Integrative Medicine Physician Henri Roca, MD, and Integrative Clinical Pharmacist Scott Berliner, RPh

Based on the acclaimed book by ecologist and cancer survivor Sandra Steingraber, PhD, this film is an eloquent and cinematic documentary. It follows Sandra's personal journey, her scientific exploration and is a powerful reminder of the intimate connection between our health and our air, land and water.To register, call 203-863-4277 or 888-305-9253. FREE.

Wednesday, October 26, 6-7pm

Novalis: Radiation With Pinpoint Precision

Bendheim Cancer Center, 77 Lafayette Pl., Greenwich

Speakers: Radiation Oncologist Daniel Chamberlain, MD, and Physicist Domenico Delli Carpini, PhD

Learn how this new technology spares surrounding tissues while treating tumors of the brain, head, neck, lung, spine and prostate. To register, call 203-863-4277. FREE.

Tuesday, November 1, 6:30-8pm

Emotional Aspects of Cancer

Hyde Conference Room, Greenwich Hospital

Speaker: Oncology Chaplain Judy Holding

The emotional impact of cancer can be just as strong as the physical concerns for both the patient and family. This session will help you explore new coping strategies; part of the "I Can Cope" series. To register, call 203-863-4277. FREE.

Wednesday, November 2, 6:30-8pm

Your Lifestyle Choices Now Can Prevent Diabetes Later

Noble Conference Center, Greenwich Hospital

Speakers: Endocrinologist Yi Hao Yu, MD, PhD; Clinical Psychologist Joshua Hrabosky, PsyD; Exercise Physiologist/Registered Dietitian Erica Christ, RD, CDE; Chef/Registered Dietitian Gavin Pritchard, RD, CDE

Learn how "why you eat" is as important as "what you eat," how hormones and sleep habits affect your weight and risk for diabetes, and how "one size does not fit all" when it comes to creating an effective plan you can live with. The "whole-person" approach to diabetes management will be addressed by Greenwich Hospital's Weight Loss and Diabetes Center team. To register, call 203-863-4277. FREE.

Wednesday, November 2, 12noon-1:30pm

Sugar: Is It Really That Sweet?

Noble Conference Center, Greenwich Hospital

Speaker: Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator Erica Christ, RD, CDE

What does sugar do to your body? And why do most people crave it? Learn about the connections between sugar, energy, weight and aging. Part of the Women's Health Initiative Lecture Series. To register, call 203-863-4277. FREE.

Thursday, November 3, 2-3:30pm

Communicating Effectively With Healthcare Professionals

Noble Conference Center, Greenwich Hospital

Facilitators: Roni Lang, LCSW, and Kristen Brown, LCSW

This workshop, presented by Greenwich Hospital's Center for Healthy Aging, is for people who have a family member with disabilities, including a spouse with a serious illness or a frail older relative. Gain insight on how to effectively communicate with physicians, nurses, social workers and other healthcare professionals on behalf of a loved one. To register, call 203-877-838-4888. FREE.

Wednesday, November 9, 9-11am

New Treatment Options for Cancer

Greenwich Library, 101 W. Putnam Ave., Greenwich


Breast Cancer -Breast Surgeon Barbara Ward, MD

Colon Cancer-Surgeon Bruce Molinelli, MD

Lung Cancer- Thoracic Surgeon Paul Waters, MD

Prostate Cancer- Urologist Jeffrey Ranta, MD

Chemotherapy- Medical Oncologist Dickerman Hollister, MD

Radiation Therapy- Radiation Oncologist Daniel Chamberlain, MD

This event will touch on the latest information about cancer prevention, detection, diagnosis and treatment options, and offers a Question-and-Answer session following the presentation.

In recent years, Greenwich Hospital's Cancer Institute has been involved in programs that utilize new medical technology and cancer biology to make early diagnosis of cancer easier, and medical treatments more effective and less debilitating. To register, call 203-863-4277. FREE.

Wednesday, November 16, 9-10:30am

Your Physical, Spiritual and Emotional Health

8th Annual Bob Rosum Memorial Lecture

Greenwich Library, Cole Auditorium

101 West Putnam Ave., Greenwich

Speaker: Thomas Moore, PhD

A person's health always involves body, soul and spirit, and these are always intertwined, according to Thomas Moore, PhD. Moore says that ordinary people as well as healthcare professionals should keep this image of the human person in mind at times of illness. Moore will share his thoughts on spiritual well-being, care for the soul, and awareness of how the body manifests the entire experience of the human being. He explains how it might affect the way we build hospitals, treat illnesses and relate to each other. However, this holistic approach requires a difficult shift away from the modern limited view of the person to a much larger and sensitive image of what sickness is and how to respond to it. Registration opens Oct. 24. To register, call 203-863-3627 or 888-357-2409. FREE.

Wednesday, November 16, 7-8:30pm

Osteoporosis: Prevention, Treatment and Management

Noble Conference Center, Greenwich Hospital

Speaker: Orthopedist, Steven Hindman, MD

Osteoporosis, a condition that causes bones to become weak and susceptible to breaks, affects over 10 million Americans and contributes to an estimated 1.5 million bone fractures every year. Learn about bone anatomy, keeping bones strong, treatments for osteoporosis, fracture prevention exercises and personal risk factors. To register, call 203-863-3627. FREE.

Thursday, November 17, 6:30-8pm

Reversing Disease Through Healthy Nutrition

Byram Shubert Library, Byram

Speaker: Integrative Medicine Physician Henri Roca, MD

Contrary to popular opinion, many chronic diseases can be reversed or improved through changing your nutritional habits. These changes may need to be highly specific to each individual. Hear about chronic diseases that can be modified with nutritional approaches and tests to identify your unique nutritional needs. Bring your nutritional questions. To register, call 203-863-4277. FREE.

Tuesday, November 29, 12noon-1pm

Insights into Lung Cancer

Noble Conference Center, Greenwich Hospital

Speaker: Paul Waters, MD, Greenwich Hospital Director of Surgical Oncology

Lung cancer is the number one cause of cancer death in both men and women. Smoking is the leading risk factor, but not the only one. Learn to recognize potential symptoms of lung cancer, and find out about diagnosis, treatment and ways to stop smoking. To register, call 203-863-4277. FREE.

Wednesday, November 30, 7-9pm

Medicine in Greenwich:Looking Back and to the Future

Noble Conference Center, Greenwich Hospital

Speakers: Cardiologist Kevin Conboy, MD, and Integrative Physician Henri Roca, MD

Take a historical look at the medical institutions that have served Greenwich residents through the years, and gain insight into the evolution of the preventive care and wellness movement. Light refreshments will be served; co-sponsored with the Greenwich Preservation Trust. To register, call 203-863-4277. FREE.

Wednesday, November 30, 9-11:30am

Safe and Healthy Holidays

900 King Street, Rye Brook, NY

Speakers: Internist Stephen Jones, MD; Assistant Attorney General Gary Brown, Psychologist Joshua Hrabosky, PsyD, Registered Dietitians Erica Christ, RD, and Gavin Pritchard, RD; Addiction Recovery Nurse Jill Bull, RN

From financial health and personal safety to emotional balance and overindulgence in holiday foods and spirits, this session covers the gamut to help you stay on track for a healthy and joyful holiday season. To register, call 203-863-4277. FREE.

About Greenwich Hospital

Greenwich Hospital is a 174-bed community hospital serving lower Fairfield County, Connecticut, and Westchester County, New York. It is a major academic affiliate of Yale New Haven School of Medicine and a member of the Yale Health System. Since opening in 1903, Greenwich Hospital has evolved into a progressive medical center and teaching institution representing all medical specialties and offering a wide range of medical, surgical, diagnostic and wellness programs.

# # #

Greenwich Hospital | 5 Perryridge Road | Greenwich | CT | 06830

10/07/11 Greenwich Topix News Message Board - (8 stories) - Norwalk Neighbors Notes: Rude Drivers Wanted

Topix Greenwich

Greenwich - News October 7, 2011

Norwalk Neighbors Notes: Rude Drivers Wanted (The Daily Norwalk)
On Sunday afternoon, a friend and I set out to look for rude drivers. The goal was to pinpoint the town with the most ill-mannered folks on the road.

Letter: Greenwich Resident Supports John Blankley (The Daily Greenwich)
I believe John Blankley would make an excellent first selectman for the town of Greenwich.

Pinkberry, Purveyer of Yogurt And Parfaits, Opens West Hartford Store (CTNow)
Pinkberry, which sells frozen yogurt treats, parfaits and smoothies, opened its second Connecticut store today at Blue Back Square in West Hartford.

The Bruce Museum Honors Rembrandt
The Bruce Museum Honors Rembrandt (Connecticut's WB 20)
In the history of Western art, countless figures serve as roadside attractions but only a few get carved into the Mount Rushmore-like pantheon.

Brunswick Students Donate Food and Clothing (The Daily Greenwich)
Brunswick School kicked off community service projects in Greenwich and New York City with clothing donations for Midnight Run and food donations for Neighbor-to-Neighbor. "After four hours of deliveries, I stood in the rain and watched the boys take the jackets off their own backs to give to those in need," said Johnny Montanez, athletics faculty ...

Greenwich Local Sports

Football Kicks Off Early This Week (The Daily Greenwich)
The high school football schedule gets off to an early start this week, with many of the games scheduled to kick off Thursday.

Greenwich Local Business

Only Brookfield Properties Can Kick Out Occupy Wall Street, NYPD Says (DNAInfo)
"People are going to be here for an extended period of time. We're going to accommodate them as long as they do it peacefully and in accordance with the laws and regulations," Kelly told reporters following a City Council hearing Thursday.

Piece by Piece: NBC's 'Parenthood' Strikes a Chord (The Daily Greenwich)
NBC's "Parenthood" has started its new season, and this one is truly striking a chord with me.

10/07/11 AOL / Greenwich Patch: Breaking News Alert - Where The Hell Is Hearst Newspaper Editor David McCumer's Third Rate Greenwich Time Reporters?

Central MS Principal Placed on Leave

Barbara Heins | Oct 7, 2011 | 0 Comments

Popular Greenwich school principal under investigation by school administration.

10/07/11 Recent News Reports About Greenwich First Selectman Candidate John Blankley

Recently Updated Web Pages About John Blankley
Letter: Greenwich Resident Supports John Blankley ...
GREENWICH, Conn. — The following is a letter from Claire Gordon, a Greenwich resident, in support of John Blankley, a Democratic candidate for first sel ...
Most Recent News - Citi's Depositary Receipt Services
... Information Services via COMTEX News Network) -- The hostilities between Republican First Selectman Peter Tesei and Democrat John Blankley finally came ...

Please send your comments, news tips and press releases to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

10/07/11 The Greenwich First Selectman Report

A Recently Updated Web Page About Greenwich First Selectman Peter Tesei
Tesei and Blankley debate education, budget at first candidate face ...
The first of several scheduled debates between First Selectman Peter Tesei and his Democratic challenger John Blankley shared competing visions for the town ...

Please send your comments, news tips and press releases to GreenwichRoundup2gmail.com

10/07/11 Woot!! Woot!! For Greenwich CT.com - Good job Scott !!!

Greenwich CT.com

300,000 Page Views! – thank you.

Posted: 06 Oct 2011 04:44 AM PDT

GreenwichCT.com hit 300,000 page views today in just under 1 year. Thank you everyone for visiting. A little teaser – we hope to launch a new completely redesigned website by the end of October….stay tuned.

10/07/11 Running for First Selectman: My Listening Tour and more from Greenwich Patch

Today s 67° 50° Tomorrow s 77° 56°

October 7, 2011

Your News

October 7, 2011

Running for First Selectman: My Listening Tour

| Oct 7, 2011 | 0 Comments

By John Blankley

Greenwich Scores and Standings: Oct 7

Bob Birge | Oct 7, 2011 | 0 Comments

Your interactive, daily digest for all Greenwich scores, schedules and standings — and a place for you to add information and images for all youth sports

'Gettin' Out of Dodge ...'

Chandra Johnson Greene | Oct 6, 2011 | 0 Comments

The day in comments from Patch readers.

8 Greenwich Homes Sell for Less Than $1M

Barbara Heins | Oct 6, 2011 | 0 Comments

From condos to mansions, real estate transactions as recorded in the Greenwich Tax Assessor's Office from Sept. 9 to Sept. 20, 2011.

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October 7, 2011

Running for First Selectman: My Listening Tour

| Oct 7, 2011 | 0 Comments

By John Blankley

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Local Voices

October 7, 2011


A Tribute to Two Great Men

Michael Mangano

One I was fortunate enough to work for.

Community Bulletin

October 7, 2011


Breast Cancer Alliance Annual Benefit Luncheon

Caroline Luz | Oct 6, 2011

REMINDER! Sixteenth Annual Breast Cancer Alliance Benefit Luncheon and Fashion Show WHAT: 16th anniversary Benefit Luncheon and …

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Things to Do

October 7, 2011


Rembrandt and His Circle: Dutch Drawings from the Collection of Maida and George Abrams

Over five decades, George and Maida Abrams assembled the finest private collection of Dutch drawings in the world. The collection …


Fall Recreational Soccer

OGRCC Fall Recreational Soccer Enrollment for Grades K - 8 includes 8 weekday practices with Mickey Kydes and his staff together …

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