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Saturday, November 8, 2008

11/09/08 Greenwich Citizen Numbers You Can Somewhat Count On

Is Don Harrison Playing With The Numbers At

The Greenwich Citizen Website




Since February 1, 2008 Greenwich Roundup has repeatedly updated our readers on our web statistics.

Please See:

Many times Greenwich Roundup has challenged the so-called news websites of the mainstream media to do the same. At times we have even pointed out the lack of Google page rank of Ex-Greenwich Time Editor Joe Pisani's over-hyped and supposedly "Hot New Blog" called Our Greenwich.

Well Hearst Newspapers has responded to Greenwich Roundup's repeated challenges to release it's web stats to it's readers and advertisers with full page four color ads in it's weekly Greenwich Citizen newspaper.

The Greenwich Citizen which is owned by Brooks Community Newspapers, which is owned by Greenwich Time corporate parent, Hearst Newspapers released the following incomplete web stats in response to Greenwich Roundups challenges to come clean with it's web readership.

In an ad that says "Numbers You Can Count On" Hearst Newspapers / Brooks Community Newspapers reports an impressive 42,500 Monthly Unique Visitors and 130,000 Monthly Page Views.

What Is With These Nice And Clean Numbers With All Of These Zeros At The End?

Did The Corporate Suits At Hearst Newspapers Roundup There Numbers?

What Ever Happened To Truth In Advertising?

Lets take a look at the 42,000 Crisp And Clean Monthly Unique Visitor Number that Don Harrison the editor of the Greenwich Citizen publishes in his newspaper.

When tracking the amount of traffic on a Web site, a Unique Visitor refers to a person who visits a Web site more than once within a specified period of time. Software that tracks and counts Web site traffic can distinguish between visitors who only visit the site once and unique visitors who return to the site. Different from a site's hits or page views -- which are measured by the number of files that are requested from a site -- unique visitors are measured according to their unique IP addresses, which are like online fingerprints, and unique visitors are counted only once no matter how many times they visit the site.

Greenwich Roundup always reports it's Unique Visitors on a web site by web site basis. Any Unique Visitor web stat reported about Greenwich Roundup is only for Greenwich Roundup.

Greenwich Roundup doesn't lump Darien Roundup's statistics with Greenwich Roundup Statistics to give a misleading and inflated number.

Moreover, any web stat reported on Greenwich Roundup is exact. We do not try to inflate our statistics by rounding up the numbers.

Greenwich Roundup is damn proud of our web stats and our exponential growth.

We have had an exceptionally good week.

Friday November 7 we had 976 Unique Visitors

Thursday November 6 we had 987 Unique Visitors

Wednesday November 5 we had 1,164 Unique Visitors

Tuesday November 4 we had 1,050 Unique Visitors

Monday November 3 we had 1,265 Unique Visitors

Sunday November 2 we had 824 Unique Visitors

Saturday November 1 we had 872 Unique Visitors

As we have reported since early last month that we are now starting to get at least 1000 Unique Visitors / Day one, two and sometimes three times a week.

Please See:

In fact, Greenwich Roundup is getting so much traffic we have had some professional cyber squaters from Washington state steal our Greenwich Roundup trade name and use it to register the domain name http://www.greenwichroundup.com/ They have even started to use our name to sell ads to local Greenwich Businesses.

Please See:

We have sent these cyber squatters a cease and desist order and are preparing a formal complaint to combat their thievery.

But Our Numbers are so good that we don't have to worry about out of town thieves, we even had Ex-Greenwich Time Editor Joe Pisani and a bunch of other fired Greenwich Time employees trying to steal one of our trade names at the Our Greenwich Blog.

Please See:

The reason Greenwich Roundup is growing like gang busters is that we are a lean me truth telling machine that refuses to be complacent. Unlike Hearst Newspaper's Greenwich Citizen we Question Authority and respect the intelligence of our readers.

We do not try and mislead our readers.

But Don Harrison over at Hearst Newspaper's Greenwich Citizen publishes a misleading 42,500 Unique Visitor Figure.

But if you read the ad in Don Harrison's newspaper closely, you will find the rounded up 42,000 figure is not for just the Greenwich Citizen. It is for the Darien News-Review, the Fairfield Citizen News, the Greenwich Citizen, the New Canaan News-Review, the Norwalk Citizen and the Westport News.

And the reason that Don Harrison won't publish the complacent Greenwich Citizen's web stats openly and independently is that Greenwich Roundup probably gets more web traffic than his so-called news web site.

If you were to evenly divide the 42,000 Unique Visitor number that was published in the Greenwich Citizen by all six Brooks Community Newspapers you would get an estimated number of 8,082 Unique Visitors a month or about 267 Unique Visitors per day.

Bloggers like Chris Fountain at For What It's Worth and Claudette Rothman at Greenwich Diva consistently beat Greenwich Citizen's number day and day out. Greenwich real estate advertisers would probably get a bigger bang for their buck if they bought a web ad from Chris instead of the Greenwich Citizen.

In fact, Greenwich Roundup has heard that the Greenwich Citizen's web stats actually lag behind Hearst Newspaper / Brook's Community Newspapers Flagship News Paper the Norwalk Citizen.

Perhaps Greenwich Citizen advertisers and readers should send a letter or call Brooks Community Newspapers and demand the facts about the web traffic numbers at the Greenwich Citizen. You can send a letter to.....

Hearst Newspaper Corporate Suits

Brooks Community Newspapers

542 Westport Ave Ste 7

Norwalk, CT , 06851-4431

Phone: 203-849-1600

FAX: 203-840-4844

Greenwich Roundup has consistently reported about the web traffic of these newspapers with out of town corporate directors and Greenwich in their masthead.

Please See:

Total Circulation Figures Tell The Shocking Truth

Even with a 22% Increase the Greenwich Time still comes in third place behind the Greenwich Post and it's own sister paper the Greenwich Citizen.

Circulation Greatly Improved After Unpopular
Ex-Greenwich Time Editor Joe Pisani Was Fired

Circulation Soars After Susie Costaregni, Sarah Darer Littman, Joy Haenlein, and John Ferris Robben Were Fired By Hearst Newspapers

....The New York Times reported losing 3.58 percent of its daily readers to 1,000,665 and the Los Angeles Times dropped 5.2 percent to 739,147.

Five of the top 25 newspapers reported double-digit losses: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution shed 13.62 percent; the Houston Chronicle lost 11.66 percent; the Boston Globe lost 10.18 percent; the Star-Ledger, in Newark, N.J. shed 10.4 percent; and the Philadelphia Inquirer lost 11.06 percent.....

....The Top 25 participating U.S. newspapers reported varying figures, with the Houston Chronicle gaining 4.33 percent in combined print and online figures, and the Dallas Morning News reporting a 21.91 percent downturn from the September 2007 Audience Fax release.
Connecticut dailies the Greenwich Times and The Stamford Advocate had the highest combined print and online gains, reporting increases of 22.13 percent and 20.01 percent, respectively.....


If You Want An Audience Start A Fight.

It Is Often Said....
All Publicity Is Good As Long As They Spell Your Name Correctly.Or As Brendan Behan Said...
There's no such thing as bad publicity except your own obituary.

Maybe All Of This Bogging About The Crappy Reporting About The Greenwich Time Has Helped The Greenwich Time's Online Gains During The Past Six Months.As Greenwich Bloggers like Chris Fountain, Bill Clark And Greenwich Roundup Have Played Beat The Press With The Greenwich Time, Their Links Have Increased Interest In Local News And Provided Free Advertising To The Greenwich Time And Other Local Mainstream Papers.

Now You Know Why The Corporate Suits At Hearst Newspapers Look At The Greenwich Time Web Logs And Smile at all of That Internet Traffic Sent From Greenwich Bloggers.
Think About It.

What Have The Corporate Suits At Hearst Media Done Except For Firing Pisani And His Circle Of Insiders That Would Account For A 22.13 in Online And Print Gains.

What Else Has Changed At The Greenwich Time Except That The Newspaper Has Moved Away From Hyper Local Reporting And Started To Combine Web Site Features With The Connecticut Post.

The Sad Part Is That.....

Jim Zorba Is Probably Learning About The Favorable Audit Bureau of Circulation Report Today From Greenwich Roundup.

Managing Editor Jim Zorba, Has For the last Four Or Five Weeks Has Been Filling In For Ex-Greenwich Time Editor David Warner, Who Replaced Ex-Greenwich Time Editor Joe Pisani last May.

It's Not Like There Has Been A Cohesive Management Structure At The Greenwich Time That Could Have Orchestrated This Circulation Turn Around.

Years Of Greenwich Time Losses Were Reversed only During The Last 180 Days, Because Citizen Journalists And Bloggers Created Renewed Interest In Local News And Challenged The Mainstream Daily.

The Greenwich Time Has Learned That Competition Is Good.
In The Last 180 Days The Greenwich Time Is Up By Over 20%
Greenwich Roundup Is Up Over 350% During The Same Time Period.

Maybe, You Are Still Not Convinced About The Power Of A Greenwich Roundup Link.

Do You Remember This Post From About A Month Ago.

We Reported That When You Not one single link for Joe Pisani's "HOT" New Blog Called "Our Greenwich" There Was Not One Link For Our Greenwich.

We Even Posted The Top 10 Google Results Out Of 12,300,000 references for "Our Greenwich"
Well For The Last Month Greenwich Roundup Has Been Mentioning Our Greenwich And Pisiani At Least Three Or Four Times A Week.

Well Guess What The Number One Listing For A Google Search Of "Our Greenwich" Is Now.

Our GreenwichTwo weeks ago, we had an post on Uncivil Civics here on OurGreenwich, in which the implication was that the uncivility was a one-way street aimed at the ...ourgreenwich.com/ - 53k -
Cached - Similar pages

Our Greenwich Should Say
Thank You Greenwich Roundup.

When One Uses Some Web Searching And SEO Tools They Will Find That Sarah Litman Web Page Has Provided Links To Our Greenwich, as well as, 1 Mention From The Greenwich GOP And 1 Mention From For What It's Worth.

But Greenwich Roundup Readers Know That Daily We Link To The Good Bad And The Ugly At "Our Greenwich"

Results 1 - 10 of about 947 from greenwichroundup.blogspot.com for "Our Greenwich"

Greenwich Roundup: 09/20/08 REPOST: Ex-Greenwich Time Editor Joe ...Our Greenwich Showroom: High Quality, Hand Crafted Leather Sofas . ... Well if you can't find the "HOT" new blog called "Our Greenwich" ...greenwichroundup.blogspot.com/2008/09/091908.html - 977k - Cached - Similar pages

Greenwich RoundupOnly Joe "The Censor" Pisani covered his party at his own little website called "Our Greenwich". Plus Joe was able to get his former subordinate ...greenwichroundup.blogspot.com/ - 977k - Cached - Similar pages

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Greenwich Roundup: 10/04 - 10/06/08 The Raw Weekend Greenwich News ...Colin Should Be Shown The Door And Given Information On How To Reach The Other Fired Greenwich Time Employees At Our Greenwich . ...greenwichroundup.blogspot.com/2008/10/1004-100508-raw-weekend-greenwich-news.html - 977k - Cached - Similar pages

Greenwich Roundup: 06/25/08 Judge Judy Needs To Pay Her Taxes ???????Mike Van Ryn...meet Milan Lucic...and the TD BankNorth Garden glass. 10 hours ago. John Ferris Robben - T-shirt Philosophy Page At Our Greenwich ...greenwichroundup.blogspot.com/2008/06/062508-judge-judy-needs-to-pay-her.html - 977k - Cached - Similar pages

Ex-Greenwich Time Editor Joe Joe Pisani And Ex-Greenwich Time Columnist Sarah Littman Should Add Up All Of Their Web Visitors This Month And Divide It By The 947 Greenwich Roundup Links.Here At Greenwich Roundup We Are More Than Sure That We Are Responsible For 50% Or More Of Their Web Traffic.

As Well As, Any Traffic From That Number 1 Google Listing Cortsey Of Greenwich Roundup.

A Greenwich Roundup Link Is Like Gold.

Do You Need More Proof?

One Month Ago We Published

A Very Specific Google Search For:

"Joe Pisani Greenwich CT"

And Got TheseTop Five Google Results:

[PDF]June 29, 2004 Mr. Joseph F. Pisani, Editor Greenwich Time 20 East ...File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTMLMr. Joseph F. Pisani, Editor. Greenwich Time. 20 East Elm Street. Greenwich, CT 06830. To the Editor,. Is there anything that could surpass listening to ...www.greenwicharts.org/pressreleases/06292004_LetterToEditor.pdf - Similar pages

Greenwich Roundup: 05/05/08 -Greenwich Time Editor Joe Pisani ...Joe Pisani, Editor Of Greenwich Time, Has Been Fired By The Papers New Owners Quotes: ...... Political contributions by individuals in Greenwich, CT ...greenwichroundup.blogspot.com/2008/05/050508-greenwich-time-editor-joe-pisani.html - 977k - Cached - Similar pages

Greenwich Roundup: 05/04/07 - Joe Pisani, Editor Of Greenwich Time ...Joseph F. Pisani, who ushered Greenwich Time and The Advocate into the digital ...... Greenwich is a town in Fairfield County, Connecticut, United States. ...greenwichroundup.blogspot.com/2008/05/050407-joe-pisani-editor-of-greenwich.html - 977k - Cached - Similar pagesMore results from greenwichroundup.blogspot.com »

Top editor leaves Stamford, Greenwich papers (CT)May 4, 2008 ... Top editor leaves Stamford, Greenwich papers (CT) ... Joseph F. Pisani, who ushered The Stamford Advocate and Greenwich Time into the ...www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/2011073/posts - 10k - Cached - Similar pages

Gladys Pisani — Nadine Pisani : ZoomInfo Business People InformationJoseph Pisani, Esopus Lakes. Joseph Pisani, Gainesville Advertising Federation, Gainesville, FL ... Julie Pisani, Convent of the Sacred Heart, Greenwich, CT ...www.zoominfo.com/people/level3page206566.aspx - 38k - Cached - Similar pages

One Month Later Google Is Serving Up

For"Joe Pisani Greenwich CT"

Reveal Shockingly New Results:

Greenwich Roundup: 09/20/08 REPOST: Ex-Greenwich Time Editor Joe ...So I decided to Google The Words Joe Pisani Greenwich CT ... Results 1 - 10 of about 4960 for Joe Pisani Greenwich CT. (0.16 seconds) ...greenwichroundup.blogspot.com/2008/09/091908.html - 977k - Cached - Similar pages

Greenwich Roundup: 05/05/08 -Greenwich Time Editor Joe Pisani ...Joe Pisani, Editor Of Greenwich Time, Has Been Fired By The Papers New Owners Quotes: ...... Political contributions by individuals in Greenwich, CT ...greenwichroundup.blogspot.com/2008/05/050508-greenwich-time-editor-joe-pisani.html - Similar pagesMore results from greenwichroundup.blogspot.com »

[PDF] June 29, 2004 Mr. Joseph F. Pisani, Editor Greenwich Time 20 East ...File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTMLMr. Joseph F. Pisani, Editor. Greenwich Time. 20 East Elm Street. Greenwich, CT 06830. To the Editor,. Is there anything that could surpass listening to ...www.greenwicharts.org/pressreleases/06292004_LetterToEditor.pdf - Similar pages

Top editor leaves Stamford, Greenwich papers (CT)May 4, 2008 ... Top editor leaves Stamford, Greenwich papers (CT) ... Joseph F. Pisani, who ushered The Stamford Advocate and Greenwich Time into the ...www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/2011073/posts - 10k - Cached - Similar pages

People Search Directory - Find People Pisani, Joseph - Pisani, Mikepisani, joseph 77 Harrison Township, MI Harrison Twp, MI Naples, FL · pisani, joseph 68 Bonita Springs, FL ..... pisani, margaret 72 Old Greenwich, CT ...www.reunion.com/people-search-directory/L3/294359 - Similar pages

Google Has Moved Greenwich RoundupTo The Number One and Two Positions

For Google Links About"Joe Pisani Greenwich CT"

That's An Awesome One Month Change

There Is Still No Google Top Links To Joe Pisani's Weekly Writings At The Greenwich Post Or At His Blog Called Our Greenwich.

There Are Just Old Authoritative Web Sites With Out Dated Information About The Ex-Greenwich Time Editors Former Career At The Greenwich Time.Because These Authoritative Web Sites Have Not Updated Their Information On Who The Current Greenwich Time Editor Is They Are Quickly Losing Google Page Rank.For example http://www.greenwicharts.org/ Has Dropped From A Page Rank Of One To A Page Rank Of Three In Just 30 days. With A Year This Page Will Be Deeply Buried In The Google Results If It Is Not Updated Soon.When Most Of these Authoritative Sites Are Updated, At The End Of The Year, With Who The New Editor Of The Greenwich Time Is.

These Links Will Totally Disappear From A Search Of Joe Pisani's Name. Then maybe Joe Pisani's free writings at the Greenwich Post and Our Greenwich might worm there way past Mary Pisani and Joe Pisani Of Hackensack, New Jersey.

There Will Always Be The Highly Paged Ranked Greenwich Roundup To Tell The World About The Ex-Greenwich Time Editor Fondly Known As Joe "The Censor" Pisani.

Perhaps After Reading All Of This You Are Not Still Not Convinced That Greenwich Citizen Journalist And Bloggers Created A Renewed Local Interest In Hyper Local News That The Greenwich Time Benefited From.

Then Please Tell Us Specifically What Did The Greenwich Time Do To Get 22% More Readers.
Did They Hold Some Online Million Dollar Bingo Contest That Was Tied To Thier Game Cards In Their Sunday Paper During Th Last 180 Days?

Did They Cut The Price Of Paper To Increase Circulation?

Was There A Get 180 Days Of The Greenwich Time For Only A Buck Promotion?

Did They Add More Columnist And Features?

No To All Of The Above.

In fact, circulation soared 22% when they fired two editors during the 180 day period.

Maybe The Greenwich Time Should Fire Managing Editor Jim Zorba And About four or Five More Reporters so that 22% growth can continue at the Greenwich Time.
Please send your comments, community events, news tips, press releases, photos and videos to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

Greenwich Resident Lamont thinks Lieberman will join GOP

Ned Lamont, the Greenwich Democrat who challenged U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman two years ago, believes his former opponent will soon join the Republican minority in Congress.

Lamont declined to say Thursday whether the junior senator from Connecticut and self-described “independent Democrat” should be punished for backing U.S. Sen. John McCain’s presidential bid.

“My sense is he’s psychologically moving into the Republican column,” Lamont said. “I think he’ll probably jump.”

Lamont, an entrepreneur and millionaire, challenged Lieberman’s support for the Iraq war and won the Democratic primary in 2006.

But Lieberman formed a third party, Connecticut for Lieberman. With support from Republicans and unaffiliated voters, he won the general election.

Lamont had expected Lieberman would make peace with state Democrats.

“I thought he’d go to all the towns and say ‘Hey look, I know the war has separated us but on all the other big issues I’m with you,’ ” Lamont said.

But Lieberman’s work for McCain and running mate Sarah Palin proved where his true loyalties lie, Lamont said.

“It used to be just about foreign policy, but it’s now on a wider variety of issues,” Lamont said.

Lieberman spoke at the Republican National Convention and campaigned in battleground states for the ticket. He was not shy about criticizing Democrat Barack Obama on the stump or before media pundits, despite the fact he mentored Obama in the Senate and Obama had urged state Democrats to re-nominate Lieberman in 2006.

Lamont chaired Obama’s campaign in Connecticut, where the Democrat beat McCain, 930,424 to 584,725.

He said it was gratifying to see the majority of Americans vote for another anti-Iraq war candidate.

During their campaign in 2006, Lieberman branded Lamont as a representing the far left he feared was taking over the Democratic Party, particularly on foreign policy and defense.

“Hearing Obama talk about foreign policy and Iraq and tough-minded diplomacy, (it) was gratifying to see that’s the mainstream of American foreign policy these days,” Lamont said. “They tried to make us into some lunatic fringe, but I think two years later you see where the country’s headed and the world’s headed.”

One possible punishment for Lieberman is being stripped of his chairmanship of the Senate Government Services and Homeland Security Committee.

As speculation about Lieberman’s fate increased Wednesday, the senator’s office sent out an e-mail announcing he had helped secure more than $25 million in security grants for Connecticut in fiscal year 2009.

But Lamont said Connecticut has nothing to fear if Lieberman loses clout with the Democratic majority in Congress.

He said the state still has U.S. Sen. Christopher Dodd and, with Democrat Jim Himes’ defeat of long-time U.S. Rep. Christopher Shays, an entirely Democratic delegation in the House of Representatives.

“Chris Dodd endorsed Obama early. So we have a pretty senior guy who has the president’s ear,” Lamont said. “I think our state’s going to do just fine and Senator Lieberman is irrelevant to that calculation.”

Lieberman’s term is not up for another four years and there has been some speculation he will not run again.

Lamont said he would consider running again for the Senate seat. “That’s a long way away,” he said. “We’ve got many bridges to cross between now and then.”


Please send your comments, news tips and press releases to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

11/08/08 Will Vermont Gov. Jim Douglas be voted out of office if he chooses soon To Be Ex-Greenwich superintendent of schools Betty Sternberg

Vermont Governor Jim Douglas Prepares For The Massive Political Kick In The Balls That A Betty Sternberg Selection Will Bring To His Distinguished Public Service Career.

Two Out Of The Four Greenwich School Board Members That Recommended Betty Sternberg Have Been Voted Out Of Office. The Other Two Will Be Gone In Next Years Election.

Why Would Vermont Governor Jim Douglas Be So Stupid As To Select A School Superintendent That Has Been Repeatedly "Cited By No Child Left Behind" In The Richest Town Which Is In The Richest State Which Is In The Richest Nation On The Face Of The Earth.

Search for state education official narrowed to three

Two longtime Vermont school administrators are among three finalists in a nationwide search for a new Vermont education commissioner, the state Board of Education said Friday.

Armando Vilaseca, current superintendent of the Franklin West Supervisory Union, and Brian O'Regan, a consultant for the Vermont Department of Education and its former deputy commissioner, were chosen from among a field of more than 20 candidates for the job. About half the applicants were from out of state, education department officials said.

The board's third finalist is Betty J. Sternberg, current superintendent of schools in Greenwich, Conn., and a former Connecticut state education commissioner.

"The state Board of Education is very pleased with the response to our request for candidates to fill the position of Vermont commissioner of education," board Chairman Tom James said in a news release.

James said the candidates have been invited to participate in a forum on Nov. 17, in which they will discuss their vision for Vermont's public schools with groups of parents, principals, teachers, and state education and business leaders. Each group will then meet with the state board to provide feedback on the candidates.

Gov. Jim Douglas is expected to make a selection this month based on recommendations of the board, said Jill Remick, communications director for the Education Department.

The board began its search for a new education commissioner after the departure last summer of Richard Cate. He stepped down after nearly five years as commissioner to become interim chief financial officer at the University of Vermont.

The board is looking for a candidate who can couple educational experience with managing a state department of 200 employees, Remick said."The candidate needs experience with a board to make policy change, but the department also needs an experienced leader who can communicate with the community, legislators, principals and superintendents. The education commissioner is the closest thing to a face for education that we have."

Vilaseca was principal at Essex High School from 1993 to 2004, when he was hired as superintendent of the Colchester School District. He left Colchester in 2006 to become superintendent of the Franklin West Supervisory Union.
Vilaseca graduated from the University of Vermont in 1979 with a Bachelor of Science in elementary education. He received his master's of education in 1986 from Lesley College in Cambridge, Mass.

O'Regan worked as a superintendent in Montpelier, Barre and in the Chittenden South Supervisory Union before being named Vermont's deputy commissioner of education in 2006. He stepped down from the post last winter because of health problems, but has remained a consultant for the department said Remick. O'Regan holds degrees from the University of Vermont, Columbia University and Fairfield University in Connecticut.

Last month, Sternberg announced she will step down as Greenwich schools superintendent in June, when her three-year contract with the district expires, according to a story in the Oct. 23 edition of Greenwich-Post.com. She told the Post she made her decision over Columbus Day weekend, after pondering it a little more than a week.

Calls to all three candidates Friday were not immediately returned.

Please Also See:

Enrollment down at town schools

BET OKs Ham Ave. funding

BET weighs funding request

09/10/08 Greenwich Time News - Sorry For The Delay I Am Still Fighting The Flu

School taser video procured

09/07/08 Multi-Million-Dollar School Administration Failures Have Now Led To Town Service Cut Backs

Tesei urges spending curb

09/06/08 Frank Mazza And The Band Of Idiot's Breakdown Of Money Discussed At The Hamilton Avenue School Building Committee Meeting

09/06/08 You Wont Read This In The Greenwich Time: Surprise $500,000 Is Not Enough For Frank Mazza And His Band Of Idiots Now They Want $700,000 !!!!!!

Ventilation, garage issues yet to be resolved at new Hamilton Avenue School

When Hamilton Avenue mothers went to Greenwich Time's Managing Editor Jim Zorba's news crew complaining that the modular classrooms were leaking they were REPEATEDLY ignored.

When those same Hamilton Avenue Mothers came to Greenwich Roundup we started publishing posts like this in February until Betty Sternberg was forced to shut down the modulars in March.

Please See:

There was not one previous article in the Greenwich Time

When Glenville Parents came to the Zorba crew with pictures and stories about the conditions inside thier school the Zorba crew could not be bothered with such trivial matters.
Please See:

When the "New And Improved" Hamilton Avenue Modulars were leaking AGAIN, the Zorba Crew once again could not be bothered.

Please See How A Sternberg Administration Deals With Parents:

Please send your comments to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

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