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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

04/07/09 READER SUBMITTED COMMENTS: Greenwich weigh station

Good morning Greenwich Roundup,

Someone just emailed me and asked if I know about the incident at the weigh station on I-95. I just checked with our "wonderful" Greenwich Time but didn't see anything.
Dear Reader,
I am not sure what occurred at the Greenwich Weigh Station.
I spoke to Greenwich Diva who is in Indiana about another matter.
She also said that she received some emails about there being a large Greenwich Police Department response at the Weigh Station.
Unfortunately, I am not on this email list and Greenwich Diva is out of town.
So I really don't know what occurred.
By the way Hat's Off To Greenwich Diva For Maintaining Her Blog Even Though She Has Been On The Road.
There Are Far too many citizen journalists that don't have the dedication.....

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Did You Ever Notice That Most Of The Tardy Bloggers
You remember "OUR GREENWICH" don't you?
That was the web site where Ex-Greenwich Time Editor Joe Pisani was going to try his hand at being an entrepreneur by assembling all the fired Hearst Newspaper employees.
Pisani and the other Hearst Newspaper rejects were going to put the Greenwich Time out of business. Remember how they told Hearst and everyone else this town belonged to them.
They said it was .....
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04/07/09 There Are Not A Lot Of Hign Fives Being Smacked Around The RBS Greenwich Capital Markets Office Today

RBS to cut 9000 jobs as taxpayer stake up to 70.3%

The government's stake in RBS now stands at 70.3 per cent – it was revealed today - as the lender is cutting 9000 jobs. Just 0.7 per cent of shares put up ...

.....It was also revealed as many as 9,000 jobs - half of which in the UK - could be lost as the lender aims to scale back its operations and deal with restructuring with the target of cutting annual costs by £2.5 billion. .....
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04/07/09 Greenwich High School Math Teacher, Lauren Busskohl, Survives Plane Crash

Pound Ridge man, Greenwich High teacher walk away from Carolina plane crash
Journal News

A pilot from Pound Ridge and his passenger escaped serious injury Saturday when the Cessna he was piloting from Danbury, Conn., to Myrtle Beach, S.C., was forced to make an emergency landing at an airport in Ocean Isle, N.C., but crashed a few hundred feet short of the runway, authorities said yesterday.

Daniel Moskovitz, 43, and his passenger, Lauren Busskohl of Stamford, Conn., were treated at Brunswick Community Hospital after the 5:40 p.m. crash and were released. The Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board are investigating, said Lt. Ken Bellamy of the Ocean Isle Police Department.

The single-engine Cessna 177 was en route from the Danbury Municipal Airport to Myrtle Beach when Moskovitz reported engine trouble and requested permission to land at the Ocean Isle airport, said Kathleen Bergen, spokeswoman for the FAA's southern region.

She said the plane was registered to a Delaware corporation called Fly 4 Food Inc.

In an e-mail to The Journal News yesterday, Busskohl, a math teacher at Greenwich High School in Greenwich, Conn., recalled the calmness with which Moskovitz landed the plane despite its loss of engine power.

"We were less than 10 minutes to our destination ... when the engine started to have trouble. It was revving and slowing and finally cut out," Busskohl wrote. "Danny was calm and extremely expert in his ability to get us within 20 feet of the runway, missing all buildings, trees and powerlines before he crash-landed us on the belly of the plane.

"He got us both out of the plane and ran from the aircraft, in case of fire or explosion. Many locals came running to our side from the local road we crashed by. The police and paramedics got to us very quickly and took us to the hospital to make sure we were okay. Amazingly we both walked away."

Busskohl said she was fine other than a "nasty headache," but said the crash aggravated a back injury Moskovitz suffered many years ago in a car accident........

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She said they were continuing their trip to Pensacola, Fla. - via rental car - for her friend's wedding....

04/07/09 The Raw Greenwich News Feed: This Just In.....

Breaking News At The Grenwich Time:

Hospital has grown along with the town
Greenwich Time
I found a book, "A Century of Caring, the Story of Greenwich Hospital," by Jim H. Smith, which is absolutely superb, thanks in part to Russell S. Reynolds ...

The Latest Greenwich Blog Post:

Instapundit » CHRIS DODD UPDATE: Greenwich Democrat ...
By Glenn Reynolds

Greenwich Democrat Says He's Likely to Challenge Dodd in 2010. "Dodd has slipped for several reasons: his role in writing a bill that protected bonuses for executives at bailed-out insurer American International Group ...
Instapundit - http://pajamasmedia.com/instapundit/

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Actually, Greenwich Roundup Is Going To Add
The Fake Greenwich Doctor To His
Raw Greenwich Blog Feed, Because He Posts More
Frequently Than At Least Half Of This Town's Bloggers.
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04/07/09 Will The Greenwich Balducci’s Be Closing Soon ?

Balducci’s Has Been Screwing Things Up Lately.....

Could Balducci’s be underperforming in a town that loves upscale groceries?

Balducci’s managers are shuttering both Balducci’s stores in Manhattan — one in Chelsea and the other on the Upper West Side — on April 26. In addition, Balducci’s announced the closing of two other stores, in Ridgefield, Conn., and Washington, D.C.

The management called those four stores “underperforming.” (Five other Balducci’s stores, which are evidently “performing,” will continue to operate in Virginia, Maryland, and Scarsdale, N.Y.)

The Greenwich store, which was formerly a Hay Day Market is supposedly "preforming" according to Balducci’s managers, but Greenwich business and real estate insiders tell Greenwich Roundup that might not be true.

However, when Greenwich Roundup visited the store to today it appeared to be somewhat busy.

Apparently Balducci’s Has Been Sucking Wind For A While:

April 19, 2006

You may have walked by the storefront on the east side of 7th Street between D Street and E Street, NW, and seen the black signs. Or, maybe you overheard someone in real estate talk about it. Was it the press coverage that caught your eye? The eagerly awaited “it” is (but now was) a Penn Quarter installment of Balducci’s, a nationwide gourmet grocer with four stores in the Washington metro area.

PQResident talked with a Balducci’s representative in the DC area corporate office who indicated that construction on the Penn Quarter 7th Street store that was supposed to open in the May/June 2006 timeframe has been halted and the project has been aborted. A recent change in corporate strategy now has the company focusing on the New York metro area .......
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04/07/09 GREENWICH REAL ESTATE REPORT: Mr. Serphos is a consultant with RBS Says Forget About Greenwich. I Am Moving To 93rd Street

Brokerage firm consultant and PR exec. buy in Yorkville

Michael Serphos and his wife, Abbe, bought a two-bedroom, 2.5-bath condo at 245 E. 93rd St. in Yorkville from Jeanne Besanty and Marian Stegmann for $912,500 on March 13.

Unit #8E is 1,261-square-foot in size. The 32-story condominium building was built in 1985 with approximately 290 units.

Mr. Serphos is a consultant with RBS Greenwich Capital, a security brokerage firm headquartered in Greenwich, Conn., that deals in US government securities.

Most recently, Mr. Serphos was a manager of foreign exchange trade assistants at Morgan Stanley. Prior to joining RBS Greenwich Capital, he served as a senior investigations specialist at Credit Suisse.
He also served as a treasury operations associate at Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB, a North-European financial group for corporate customers, institutions and private individuals.

He is a graduate of The George Washington University......

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