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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

08/18/10 Jim Himes Made Changes After CT Post Political Writer Jonathan Kantrowitz Was Caught Plagiarizing From Campaign Emails

Another CT Post Political Writer
AKA "CT Blogger" Is Also Being Used As A Tool By Jim Himes's Campaign Manager Mark Henson

On August 11th Greenwich Roundup Exposed How Hearst Newspaper's Plagiarizing Political Writer Jonathan Kantrowitz Had Cut And Paste An Entire Post From A One Of Jim Himes' Fundraising Emails.

Less Than 48 Hours Later A New One Of Jim Himes' Campaign Emails Was Sent Out, But Greenwich Roundup Was No No Longer On The Email List.

But That's OK Partisan Blogger
Alfonso Robinson Got His Marching Orders And Started Cutting And Pasting From Jim Himes' Campaign Email.

The Good News Is That
Alfonso Robinson Learned From The Jim Himes / Hearst Newspaper Scandal That Was Caused By Jonathan Kantrowitz, Because
Alfonso Let Readers Know That The Thoughts Or Writings In His Post Were From A Jim Himes Campaign Email.

CT-04: "Independent" Himes goes on offense

by: ctblogger
Fri Aug 13, 2010 at 09:39:35 AM EDT

I guess it's fair to say that Jim Himes has no problem throwing the first punch...

Today, in an email to his supporters, the congressman for the fourth district premiered a new ad on Facebook that focuses on two points:

Himes is a lawmaker who's not lock in step with the Democratic majority and

His opponent Dan Debicella is a reckless, extreme right Republican.

via Himes' email:

I've spent the 20 months I have been in Congress working hard to create jobs, reduce wasteful spending, and protect families, the environment, and consumers.
We will face an important choice this fall. We can either continue the progress that helped save us from the brink of another great Depression or return to the failed policies that drained retirement accounts, resulted in record foreclosures, and let organizations like BP run wild with no oversight.

It is absolutely essential that voters understand this choice.


For Over A Year Greenwich Roundup Has Published Both Of Jim Jim Himes And More Recently We Have Published Dan Debicella's Emails Unedited Without Comment.

During The Republican Primary We Published Rick Torres' Campaign Emails And Invited Rob Merkle To Send In His Emails.

We Put The Emails At Out Unedited, Because Republican Campaigns Only Target Republican Voters And Democratic Campaigns Only Target Democratic Voters.

Worse, Yet There Is A Bias In The Mainstream Media, So It Is Important To Let Both Sides Be Heard Unedited.

However, It Appears That The Jim Himes Wants To Leave The Debate, Because One Of His Partisan Connecticut Post Writers Was Caught Plagiarizing.

If He Wants To Ignore The 2,900 Daily Unique Website Visitors Here At Greenwich Roundup And The 5,850 Daily Unique Visitors At The Other Roundup News Blogs, Then That Is His Choice.

But In This Close Fourth Congressional Race Congressman Himes Might Come To Wish That He Chose To Ignore Thousands Of Highly Motivated Readers Who Are Interested In Local Politics And Events.



Jim Himes Puts His Latest Video On YouTube And Five Days Later It Has Only 106 Views


Jim Himes "Independent"
by ctblogger 5 days ago 106 views

From August 12th To The 13th The Jim Himes Video Was Embed At My Left Nutmeg And Only Had 33 YouTube Visitors

Also From August 12th To The 13th The Jim Himes Video Was Embed At Facebook And Only Had 8 YouTube Visitors

After Five Days Only 106 Persons Were Sent To YouTube By ctblogger 's Embeded Videos

Wait A Freak'n Minute .....

ctblogger Is Connecticut Post Political Writer

Why In The Hell Is
Connecticut Post Political Writer
Alfonso Robinson Helping Posting Jim Himes' Commercials On You Tube And Then Write ....

Today, in an email to his supporters, the congressman for the fourth district premiered a new ad on Facebook...."

Connecticut Post Political Writer
Alfonso Robinson Is Full Of Crap Posted The Jim Himes Video On Facebook And Then Lied
And Said The Video Was Posted By Jim Himes's Campgain.

Jim Himes

Jim Himes Sneak peek at my first ad - really lays out the choice we face this November.


The Truth Is Jim Himes Is Lying

Jim Himes Never Updated This YouTube Video

If You Go To
Jim Himes's YouTube Page You Will See

That The Last Video His Campaign Uploaded Was

HimesForCongress uploaded a new video (
August 11, 2010
Jim shares a message about the choice voters will face on November 2nd.

The Big Question For Hearst Newspaper President Steven Swartz And Connecticut Post Editor Tom Baden Is ....

Is It Ethical For CT Post Political Writer
Alfonso Robinson To Be Putting
Up Political Ads Up As
ctblogger And Then Turning Around And Reporting On Jim Himes And Dan Debicella In The Hearst Copyrighted Blog Posts


You Just Can't Trust What Is Written In The Connecticut Post Or On Its Website


This Just In From The
Bridgeport Topix News Website

Posted by: Bridgeport Proud

Hearst Newspapers Moves To Prevent A Denial Of Service Attack By Reporter

Full story: bridgeportroundup.blogspot.com

Rouge Newspaper Reporter Threatens To Launch A Denial Of Service Attack With Hearst Newspaper Servers Because Of Jim Himes' Plagiarism Email

More Backlash From The Jim Himes / Hearst Newspaper Plagiarism Scandal

Stamford Advocate And Connecticut Post Blogger Dave Ruden Threatens To Launch An Illegal Denial Of Service Attack That Would Start With Hearst Newspaper Servers.

Will Connecticut Post Blogger End Up In Court For Threatening An Email Bomb DOS Attack?

The Reporters Email Threat Delivered By Hearst Corporation Email Server .....

On Aug 17, 2010, Bridgeport Roundup Sought A Comment From Hearst Newspaper President Steven Swatrz, Connecticut Post Editor Tom Baden And Other Hearst Newspaper Employees About The Following Article .....

08/17/10 Hey, Tom Baden What The Hell Happened To Journalistic Standards At The Connecticut Post


Ruden A Longtime Hearst Newspaper Employee Responded With The Following Email Threat To Use Hearst Corporation Servers To Spam A Reporter Seeking A Comment On About Journalistic Ethics At The Connecticut Post


From: Dave Ruden - Dave.Ruden@scni.com

To: Bridgeport Roundup - BridgeportRoundup@gmail.com

Date: Tue, Aug 17, 2010 at 12:12 PM

Unless you want me and my friends returning hundreds of copies of this each day I strongly suggest you remove me from this list immediately.

Dave Ruden


This e-mail message is intended only for the personal use of the recipient(s) named above.

If you are not an intended recipient, you may not review, copy or distribute this message.

If you have received this communication in error, please notify the sender immediately by e-mail and delete the original message.


If A Hearst Newspaper Reporter Were To Send An Email Seeking Comment Form A Connecticut Politician.

Would It Be Alright For The Politician To Get His Staff And Supporters To Threaten A Denial Of Service Attack On The Hearst Newspaper Server?

It Loks Like The Inmates Are Running The Institution As Connecticut Post Editor Tom Baden Looks On Helplessly

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