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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

08/12/08 PRESS RELEASE: Himes Looks Forward to Match Up With Shays

Jim Himes for Congress

August 12, 2008
Contact: Michael Sachse, 646 265-0556, Michael@HimesforCongress.com

Democratic candidate says Washington not working for middle class
BRIDGEPORT, CT - Jim Himes won the Democratic primary tonight, setting up a face off with 21-year incumbent Chris Shays in the fall. Himes issued the following statement in response to the news of his win:

"This campaign is about changing Washington," said Himes. "For too long, Washington has listened to big oil and big pharma while ignoring the needs of our families. While Washington has been running up deficits and fighting wars we didn't need while, the American dream was been slipping out of reach. In Congress, I will bring new energy for the American dream. This fall, voters will have a choice between the failed policies of the past, and opportunity for the middle class."


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08/12/08 The Greenwich Post Is The First Newspaper In Town To Tell Christopher Shays That Jim Himes Beat Whitnum In A Landslide

Seasoned Republican Politician Christopher Shays Who Is Backed By A Well Oiled Republican Machine In A Traditionally Republican Congressional District Says....

"I only have to win by one vote"

Himes takes primary; will face Shays

Breaking News

Updated 10:19 p.m., Tuesday, Aug. 12

The Greenwich Post

By Ken Borsuk kborsuk@greenwich-post.com

As predicted, the Democratic primary contest between Greenwich residents Jim Himes and Lee Whitnum wasn’t much of a contest at all as Mr. Himes won handily Tuesday night.

According to totals Tuesday night, Mr. Himes bested Ms. Whitnum 90% to 10%.

In Greenwich, Mr. Himes received 1,079 votes to 74 for Ms. Whitnum, including absentee ballots....

....Political observers consider Mr. Himes the Democrats’ best shot to unseat Mr. Shays, who has been in office for more than 20 years. Mr. Himes has already set fund-raising records among opponents of Mr. Shays....

...Although Ms. Whitnum enjoyed her experiences on the campaign trail, she did admit that it would be nice to not having to worry about “one misstep ending up on the blogosphere.”

As for Ms. Whitnum’s supporters, they stood by their candidate, still in admiration of her efforts and passionate for her cause.

“It’s about time that someone brings up the real issues of this country,” John McGillion said, an avid proponent of Ms. Whitnum’s campaign.

Ms. Whitnum’s strongest support came from Bridgeport where the party ticket was split and party challenger candidates ran very strong campaigns....

...Mr. Himes said he was eager to look toward the future and a battle with Mr. Shays. To the sounds of loud cheers from his supporters, Mr. Himes pledged to win in November and work in Congress on the issues that would “restore the American dream for everyone.”....

...While Ms. Whitnum’s campaign for Congress ended for defeat, her campaign to fight for her beliefs and principles is not over. Ms. Whitnum plans to finish her “controversial” third book that she is currently working on, write a letter to Congress and the Washington Post criticizing her Democratic opponent Jim Himes’s “48-hour AIPEC-sponsored indoctrination trip,” and have a “vacation on my couch with my remote control...my favorite place in the world.” Although she plans to take some time off and lay low for a little while, Ms. Whitnum is not done advocating for what she believes is right.

“This race has really opened my eyes to the inner workings of Congress,” Ms. Whitnum told the Post. “I’m disappointed how big a role special interest groups play.”

Ms. Whitnum plans to advocate for campaign finance reform in an attempt to “give the power back to the people and not special interest groups,”

“Do you think Himes received all of his funding from personal donations?” she asked. “This is a cause I feel strongly about and want to fight for this.”

The Greenwich Post Even Has Preliminary Election Results:

Greenwich Votes by District
District Jim Himes Lee Whitnum

Democratic primary 2008 4th Congressional District

Town Lee Whitnum
Jim Himes
Official/unofficial numbers?



Fairfield 69
Greenwich 74

New Canaan

Oxford 9
Ridgefield 24274


Trumbull 128
Weston 10



District Totals

Please Read The Full Greenwich Post Story:



Himes crushes Whitnum in Democratic primary

By Neil Vigdor

Greenwich Time Staff Writer

Jim Himes dispatched fellow Democrat Lee Whitnum Tuesday with the ease of an incumbent - not a candidate making his foray into national politics - in the first congressional primary in the 4th District in two decades.

Turnout throughout the district, which includes most of Fairfield County and a sliver of New Haven County, was remarkably light. In Greenwich, the hometown of both candidates, just over 14 percent of registered Democrats - some 1,153 - voted Tuesday, local election officials said. The count with all 12 town districts reporting, and including absentee ballots, was 1,079 for Himes and 74 for Whitnum.

The lopsided contest, viewed by many of Himes' supporters as a tune-up for the general election, assures the former town party chairman a spot on the November ballot against U.S. Rep. Christopher Shays, R-Conn., in what is shaping up to be a nationally-watched race.

Shays, first elected in 1987, was the lone Republican House member in New England to survive the 2006 election. His district is being targeted once again by Democrats looking to seize upon his support of the Iraq war. Official election results from the primary were not available as of press time.....

...."Christopher looks forward to opening a dialogue with his constituents about the important issues facing our district, state and nation," Sean Phillips of the Shays campaign said in a statement. "He introduced a comprehensive, forward-looking energy policy that will help reduce our nation's dependence on foreign oil. He's secured millions of dollars for our cities, train stations and roads. And he's working to help his constituents with the ever-increasing cost of home heating oil. Christopher looks forward to debating these and many other issues this fall."

Whitnum, who spent election night at home in Greenwich, said she was proud of her showing in light of the widespread support of the party establishment for Himes.

"I think considering what I was up against, it's good," said Whitnum, who, at 9 p.m., said she wanted to have a drink before calling Himes to concede...

...Throughout the campaign, Whitnum has been a highly-controversial figure, drawing a last-minute rebuke from Malloy, the Stamford mayor, for comments she made accusing Himes of pandering to pro-Israel lobbying groups. Malloy, speaking at a news conference Monday at Stamford Government Center, charged Whitnum with being anti-Semitic. Whitnum stood by her comments, saying that politicians' blind support for Israel resembled the decision-making of members of Congress before they voted to invade Iraq.

At Himes' victory celebration, Malloy said the primary had its advantages for Himes.

"Look, this is a guy who has never run for major office. I think in that sense it was a maturing thing," Malloy said in an interview. State Democratic Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo, who was not in attendance at festivities, called the primary a "trial run" for November.

"It just made people aware of the race that much sooner," DiNardo said in a telephone interview...

Please Read The Full Greenwich Time Story

Update #2 Wednesday August 13, 2008 12:46 AM

It Looks Like The Greenwich Citizen Is Not Going To Report On The Huge Jim Himes Victory

Maybe The Greenwich Citizen Reporter Got Too Drunk At The Himes Victory Party, Because The Citizen Website Still Is Leading With Last Weeks Story That They Were Bought Out By The Hearst Newspaper Group

Hearst Corp. has purchased the Connecticut Post and seven weekly newspapers from MediaNews Group Inc.

according to an announcement by the two companies today.

"The Connecticut Post has a long and rich history, and Hearst is committed to continuing that tradition," said George B. Irish, president of Hearst Newspapers, in a statement.

Hearst also has assumed management of three additional daily newspapers in Fairfield County, Ct. - The Advocate, of Stamford, Greenwich Time and The News-Times of Danbury.

The combined circulation of the newspapers is 137,000 daily, 151,000 Sunday and 53,000 weekly.

The weeklies that Hearst acquired are the Darien News-Review, Greenwich Citizen......


It Is So Strange That The Greenwich Citizen Was Not Interested.

Maybe The Greenwich Citizen Web Site Will Report On The Story Two Or Three Days From Now

Democrat Himes wins in Connecticut

Hartford Courant

AP HARTFORD, Conn. - Democrat Jim Himes rolled to victory in Tuesday's primary, setting up a showdown against Republican Rep. Chris Shays in which Iraq and the economy are likely to play prominent roles.

Himes, a former banker and now vice president of a community affordable housing organization, defeated substitute teacher Lee Whitnum, 92 percent to 8 percent, with 78 percent of the votes counted.

"I think the energy that has been shown, the number of volunteers that have turned out and the number of people that we have in a restaurant tonight, with hope in their eyes, shows we've got the army we need," said Himes, who watched election returns with supporters in a Norwalk restaurant.

The congressional race was the biggest in Tuesday's primary, which also had three state Senate contests, 12 state House primaries, and primaries for registrars of voters in Hartford, Old Saybrook, Old Lyme and West Haven. In all, registered party members in 47 towns and cities cast ballots.

As of late July, Himes raised $2.13 million and had $1.25 million in cash on hand to face Shays, who raised about $2.3 million and had about $1.7 million in cash on hand.

Whitnum forced her way on to Tuesday's primary ballot by collecting signatures on a petition. The primary was the first in the 4th Congressional district since 1987, when a special election was held to fill the vacancy created by the death of Rep. Stewart B. McKinney....

Himes Easily Sweeps to Victory in Democratic Primary

Westport Now, CT

Democrat Jim Himes swept to victory today in a light voter turnout primary that set him up for a November showdown against Republican Rep. Christopher Shays in the 4th Congressional District

In Westport, Himes, the party-endorsed candidate, defeated Lee Whitnum 588 to 26, or 95 percent to 5 percent. With more than 6,000 Democrats registered, turnout was a paltry 10.12 percent.

Across the district, The Associated Press reported that with 80 percent of the vote counted, Himes had 8,709 votes or 92 percent to Whitnum’s 809 votes or 8 percent.

Himes is a former banker and now vice president of a community affordable housing organization Whitnum is a substitute teacher. Both are residents of Greenwich.

Tonight, Himes greeted supporters at a Norwalk restaurant and issued a statement saying, “This campaign is about changing Washington. For too long, Washington has listened to big oil and big pharma while ignoring the needs of our families.”

He said voters in the fall “will have a choice between the failed policies of the past, and opportunity for the middle class.”

Himes wins; voter turnout is low

Redding Pilot

Local Democrats stayed home in large numbers Tuesday with only 11% going to the polls to select their candidate for the 4th Congressional District.

hose who did gave Jim Himes, the party’s convention-endorsed candidate, nearly 93% of the votes.

Mr. Himes, a Greenwich businessman, received 192 to Lee Whitnum’s 15. Ms. Whitnum, also from Greenwich is a part-time teacher. Early returns indicate Mr. Himes will win hands down.

Only 207 of 1,880 eligible Democrat voters turned out, making it a slow day for poll workers at the Community Center. By noon, slightly over 50 voters had come to vote.

After not receiving any delegate support at the Democrats’ district nominating convention last spring, Ms. Whitnum got enough voters’ signatures to force the primary, which she had conceded was a long shot to win.

Turnout for the summer primary was expected to be low across the district, which includes most of Fairfield County and part of New Haven County.

The Democrats’ choice will face Republican Incumbent Christopher Shays of Bridgeport, who is the only New England Republican in the House of Representatives. Mr. Shays has served since 1987.

For district-wide election results, visit our sister paper the Greenwich Post at Greenwich-Post.com

Democrat Himes wins in Connecticut

Connecticut Post

Whitnum forced her way on to Tuesday's primary ballot by collecting signatures on a petition. The primary was the first in the 4th Congressional district since 1987, when a special election was held to fill the vacancy created by the death of Rep. Stewart B. McKinney.

The congressional race was the biggest in Tuesday's primary, which also had three state Senate contests, 12 state House primaries, and primaries for registrars of voters in Hartford, Old Saybrook, Old Lyme and West Haven. In all, registered party members in 47 towns and cities cast ballots.

Among the early winners were State Rep. Deborah Heinrich, who defeated fellow Democrat Gina Tracy in the state House 101st District; and Democrat Duane Perkins, who defeated Terry Tierney in the 24th state Senate district, a seat left vacated by Republican Sen. David Cappielleo of Danbury, who is running for Congress.

Rep. Kevin Witkos, R-Canton, defeated fellow Republican Moira Wertheimer for the 8th senatorial district seat, currently held by retiring Sen. Thomas Herlihy, R-Simsbury.

Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz said voter turnout was light for much of the day.

As of 7:20 p.m., only 5,284 out of 41,337 Democrats voted in Bridgeport - originally predicted to be one of the liveliest spots because of four state House primaries, one state Senate primary and the congressional race.

Democrat Himes Wins In Connecticut


``I think the energy that has been shown, the number of volunteers that have turned out and the number of people that we have in a restaurant tonight, with hope in their eyes, shows we've got the army we need,'' said Himes, who watched election returns with supporters in a Norwalk restaurant.

Himes sweeps Redding, Ridgefield in 4th District Dem primary

Danbury News Times

Jim Himes trounced Lee Whitnum in Redding and Ridgefield in his primary battle with Lee Whitnum for the Democratic nomination in the 4th Congressional District currently represented by Republican Chris Shays. The Associated Press called the race for Himes at 9:03 p.m.

In Redding, Himes garnered 192 votes to Whitnum's 15, and in Ridgefield Himes won 274 votes to Whitnum's 24.

Turnout was low in both towns: Redding has 1,880 registered Democrats and Ridgefield 4,367.

In Redding, Myrna Robinson has been a registered Democrat for 38 years. Robinson voted for Jim Himes on Tuesday afternoon.

"I think it's nice to have an opportunity to vote for a candidate with integrity, values and who seems to be in touch with what's happening in the world," Robinson said.

Ginny Collier, also of Redding, has been a registered Democrat for 50 years. She always turns out to vote and gave the nod to Himes Tuesday.

"He was endorsed by the party. After Diane Farrell, who I thought was such a good candidate, didn't win (against Shays) in the last election, I thought maybe another woman wouldn't stand a very good chance of winning this year so I voted for Himes."....

Himes clinches Democratic run-off

Weston Forum

Weston voters showed up at the polls for Tuesday’s Deocratic Primary for the 4th Congressional District in what is likely record numbers — a record low that is.

With 213 votes from Weston Democrats, Mr. Himes garnered about 95.5% of the vote, while Ms. Whitnum received 10 votes, or 4.5%.

Those numbers represent just 11% of Weston’s 1,969 registered Democrats who were eligible to vote.

As the polls closed Tuesday night, the numbers appear to be similar thorughout the 4th District, which includes most of Fairfield County and part of New Haven County.

For updated results from across the district, visit greenwich-post.com.

“It was extremely quiet, unusually slow,” said Diane Loftus, the town’s Democratic registrar and the moderator for Tuesday’s primary. “It’s definitely the lowest turn-out I’ve seen in my six years as registrar.”

Although the polls opened at Weston Middle Schol at 6 a.m., Ms. Loftus said the first voter didn’t arrive until almost 7 a.m. “Usually we have people lined up at the door who want to vote before they go to work. Not today,” she said

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08/12/08 Another Incomplete Story By Greenwich Time Crime Reporter Martin Cassidy

Just Put Me Out Of My Misery

This Bad And Incomplete Reporting
Is Killing Me!!!!

Pool prez says not guilty in drowning death

By Martin Cassidy

Greenwich Time Crime Writer

Article Launched: 08/12/2008 04:17:49 PM

Shoreline Pools President David Lionetti, 53, pled not guilty Tuesday to one count of second-degree manslaughter in the death of 6-year-old Greenwich resident David Archer Cohn.

The boy drowned last summer when he became caught in the drain of his family's backyard pool, which Shoreline had installed the pool two years earlier.

Prosecutors have alleged that Lionetti knowingly flouted a state law requiring a specialized device in the pool to reduce the risk of entrapment.

The case has been continued to Oct. 15 in Stamford Superior Court.

"We don't expect anything in the case to happen for a while," said Richard Meehan, Lionetti's attorney.

Please Read The Incomplete Greenwich Time Story


The Average Blog post is longer than this story!!!!

I can't believe that this is the entire story!!!!

No Photos, No Background, No Depth.

This is the worse job of crime and court reporting that I ever saw.


08/03/08 Feds: Greenwich public pools will be required to be equiped with one of the three approved drain covers or entrapment prevention sytems

07/29/08 Town of Greenwich's building department Is Going To Cost Taxpayers Millions

0728/08 Shoreline Pools President Is In Court Today. Will The Greenwich Building Inspector Be Called As A Witness Or A Conspirator?

07/25/08 Attorney General Sends Message To Greenwich Building Inspectors Cursory Inspections Won't Cut It Anymore

07/24/08 Should Town Building Department Employees Be Charged With Manslaughter In The Death Of 6 Year Old Zachary Archer Cohn?

07/23/08 Insiders Say Lionetti Got Email Alerts About New Laws Covering Safety Systems Required For New Pool Construction

07/21/08 David Lionetti's arrest came three days after a fire destroyed the company's Warehouse

Please See How Incomplete Martin Cassidy's "Dinner Time Bandit" Story Was Earlier Today:

08/12/08 The states attorney contends that Alan Golder still has the agility of a cat, the cunning of a spy and the eye of a jeweler

Please Also See How A Greenwich Resident Sent An Email To A California Newspaper, Because The Greenwich Time's So-Called News Web Site Is Not Covering The Local Angle Of The "Fake Rockefeller" Case:

08/12/08 READER FORWARDED EMAIL ABOUT THE ROCKEFELLER CASE: Which minister's son, what church? FW: Episcopal Church In Greenwich?

Please send your comments to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

08/12/08 Today's Featured Greenwich Blogger - Pastor Nick Uva At Harvest Time Church

It is rumored that this picture even scared Pastor Uva's mother!

About Pastor Nick Uva

Pastor Nick is a web enthusiast who manages a website for Christians living in Connecticut called Pray Connecticut. He also put out a daily devotional blog based on Spurgeon’s writings, called The Daily Spurgeon.

In his spare time, which is in short supply, He is interested in domain name investment and developing websites. One of the fun things he has been working on is an Italian food and recipes site called The Italian Grandmother.

Of coarse, Pastor Nick is involved with the Harvest Time Church website.

Pastor Uva is a reformed lawyer about like Chris Fountain,

You Can Contact Pastor Nick at:

Business email: PastorNick@htchurch.com
Personal email: info@NickUva.com
Skype: nick.uva62

Please See Other Blogs About Greenwich:
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08/12/08 The states attorney contends that Alan Golder still has the agility of a cat, the cunning of a spy and the eye of a jeweler.


Connecticut Prosecutor Alleges That:
Alan Golder can break into your house while you're eating dinner and be gone with all your valuables before dessert

Twelve Down And Four To Go:
Greenwich Police Department Originally Charged Alan Golder With 16 Counts.
That Number Has Been Reduced To Four.


Dinnertime trial gets under way

By Martin Cassidy

Greenwich Time Crime Writer

Article Launched: 08/12/2008 02:07:42 PM

Evidence linking the accused Dinnertime Bandit in a career as a cat burglar to a series of Greenwich burglaries is unfairly prejudicial and should be suppressed, his lawyer, Howard Ehring, said Tuesday at Stamford Superior Court.

Opening statements in the trial of Alan Golder, the 53-year old New York man who is accused of four Greenwich break-ins a decade ago, was set to begin Tuesday afternoon.

The perpetrator of the crimes has been called the Dinnertime Bandit in reference to his hallmark method of breaking into homes in the early evening to steal valuable jewelry while his victims were in the house and unaware of his presence.

Ehring is seeking to quash testimony by Robert Liebman, who is expected to testify that he drove Golder to Greenwich to commit several burglaries.

"Physical evidence touted by the police and prosecutors does little to link Alan Golder to the crime," Ehring said,

Prosecutors argue that Golder's unique athleticism and method of operation in the previous burglaries strongly indicates that he also committed the Greenwich burglaries.

"The prosecution is attempting to bootstrap crimes he pled guilty to in 1980 to crimes committed more than 15 years later," Ehring said. At the time, Golder acknowledged stealing millions of dollars worth of jewelry from the homes of wealthy people on the East Coast.

Please Read The Full Greenwich Timel Story



This is the WHOLE Greenwich Time Story!!!!!

Martin Cassidy's reporting is almost as week as the Greenwich Police Department's investigation against Alan Golder.

So Far Prosecutor Joseph Valdes Has Presented A Case That Is Going Down In Flames As All Of America's Media Looks On.

Please See:

08/02/08 Prosecutor Joseph Valdes Falsely Claims That John Christoffersen's Testimony And Notes Are Needed To Prove Golder Is Guilty Of 10 Felonie

  • Disparate And Lazy Prosecutor Joseph Valde Wants The Associated Press To Save The Poorly Investigated Greenwich Police Department Case.
  • ”If people knew that every time they talked to a reporter they'd be talking to a state prosecutor, they'd stop talking to reporters,” New York attorney David Schulz said. “The state is trying to get the benefit of a reporter doing his job covering this case. That's exactly what the shield law does not allow.”
  • “It's a fishing expedition.”said Howard Ehring, Golder's public defender.

08/01/08 Judge John Kavanewsky Jr Would Be A Fool To Try And Weaken Connecticut 2006 Reporter Shield Law

  • Judge John Kavanewsky Jr had better tell the Connecticut States Attorney to have the Greenwich Police Department to hit the bricks and uncover another states witness. Otherwise Judge Kavanewsky is going to find his overturned decission in featured in law school text books.

Please also read:

07/17/08 When asked if anyone in the court room appeared to be the person that she described to police she said no.

  • Howard Ehring Says Greenwich Detective's Police Work Does Not Meet Judicial Standards
  • Patricia Solari identified Alan Golder a decade ago from an array of eight photos as the intruder who robbed her home in 1997. She said she only saw him for a few seconds and that he wore a ski mask and gloves.
  • "We have a photo array here that really does not meet the standard," said Howard Ehring, a public defender representing Golder.
  • Ehring said Golder's photo had a background distinctive from the other seven photos and that police presented Solari with all the photos at once, alloing her to quickly eliminate all but two based on eye color. Ehring also said the lead investigator should not have shown her the photos because of the potential for bias.
  • Solari only saw the intruder for a few seconds and was not certain of his eye color, Ehring said. He also said she felt badgered to make an identification.
  • Solari said last week she eliminated six of the eight photos quickly because their eye color was not blue or green.
  • Asked if anyone in the court room appeared to be the person she described to police, she said no. Golder, who has blond hair and blue eyes, was in court.

The son of a career criminal who was caught several times, and a mother who worked part-time as a waitress, living in a dilapidated wooden shack in Queens, Alan Golder knew he came from the wrong side of an American society that places so much emphasis on material wealth and status.

Mr. Golder turned to crime because he felt he couldn't legally have what other kids had. His first theft a matchbox toy car from Woolworths aged 6 years old. By the age of 10 he had graduated to stealing bikes. At 16, he dropped out of high school to pursue crime full-time, first hitting small businesses and then home burglaries for baubles by Faberge, and jewelry from Harry Winston and David Webb. By 21, Golder was stealing millions in jewels, funneling them onto the black market through a New York City jewelry store which had Genovese crime family fences. His equipment consisted of a ski mask, large flashlight and a long screwdriver. He never carried a gun, but always wore tan Isotoner gloves, which appeared less suspicious than black ones.

Alan used Architectural Digest and Unique Homes to scope out suitable targets, as well as the advice of the Genovese Crime Family, who knew only too well the route that rich jewelry kept to.

In the late '70s Mr. Golder stole from the houses of talk-show host Johnny Carson, country singer Glen Campbell, author and screenwriter Irving Wallace and Jackie O's mother.

Things changed for Golder on Dec. 4, 1978, when multimillionaire developer Lawrence Lever walked into the master bedroom of his Old Brookville, New York mansion and found two ski-masked men ransacking it. As he tried to reach a shotgun hidden in the closet, the intruders drew guns and one shot him in the chest.


Alan Golder's Unsolved Mysteries page (http://www.unsolved.com/1104-Golder.html) states "Since his parole in 1996, authorities estimate he has stolen $5 million in gems from estates in Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. In November 1997, Golder disappeared from his Queens, New York apartment and went on the run.

He is known to have contacts in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Texas and Florida. Golder is in great physical shape and is known to frequent gyms, tanning salons, fine restaurants and nightclubs."


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08/12/08 READER FORWARDED EMAIL ABOUT THE ROCKEFELLER CASE: Which minister's son, what church? FW: Episcopal Church in Greenwich?

A Clark Rockefeller impersonator?

Maybe Woody Allen Will Play The Part Of The Murder Who Slipped Through The Fingers Of The Greenwich Police Department.

Greenwich Roundup Readers Can't Wait For The Lazy Greenwich Time Reporters To Cover The Fake Rockefeller Case.

One Reader Has Already Thanked Us For The Greenwich Coverage In The Fake Rockefeller Case. They Also Told Us That They Are Gathering Information For A Book Proposal.

Remember how the Greenwich Time sat on the Martha Moxley Murder Mystery story and Los Angeles Detective Mark Furman had to come in a write a book called "Murder In Greenwich".

Now another Reader named


has forwarded us this email that was sent to ace reporter

Frank Girardot
(San Gabriel Valley Tribune)

We'll anyway Whoie Who's forwarded email says:

Any idea who the Minister's son was?

Chichester attended Episcopalian churches.

Chichester surfaced in 1988, when he tried to sell a truck belonging to John Sohus in Greenwich, Conn., police told "Unsolved Mysteries."

The seller used the name Christopher Crowe, the same name used on the stockbroker application, to sell the truck to the son of a local minister, who reported the episode to police after the man could not produce the truck's paperwork. Greenwich police did not return a call on Wednesday.

To: frank.girardot@sgvn.com
Subject: Episcopal Church in Greenwich CT?
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2008 07:21:43 +0000

I don't know Greenwich CT especially well, but I had many friends from the town & area. This looks like the kind of Church he'd attend:

It doesnt get any more Yankee than this : but The Rev. Canon Sydney A. Woodd-Cahusac (correct spelling!) was far too old - could it have been a grandson?? (Incidentally, Syd was an attorney before his late ministry - he was treasurer & house cousel to Rockefeller University.) Or was it another staff member's son?

Too young, but the current The Rev. Robert M. Alves, The Rector might help;
954 Lake Avenue, Greenwich, CT 06831 (203) 661-5526
Otherwise, other Protestant Churches in Westchester Co. (it must be there): http://www.westchestertowns.com/htm/lnk/Link0091.html

Greenwich Roundup Responds:

Dear Whosie Who,

It looks like you are going to get the Greenwich Times lunch and find out who the Greenwich Minister is who called the Greenwich Police Department is.

However, I am going to ask the readers of Greenwich Roundup to help you out in your investigative efforts.

To reach Whoie, please send an email to:


Whosie I hope you will report back to us when you find out the minister is.


Greenwich Roundup



Crime Scene blog

From a Sheriff's bulletin: Chichester_Wanted_Poster.pdf


08/06/08 Did The Greenwich Police Department Question Clarke Rockeffeller Then Let Him Go Free

08/08/08 Is Frank Girardot Is Wondering Why The Lazy Greenwich Time Reporters Have Not Called Him Asking About The Fake Rockefeller

08/10/98 The Greenwich Time Won't Cover This Story On Their So-Called "News Website" So We Will Havee To Bring It To You.

  • Creepy con man Clark Rockefeller posed as the long-lost brother of serial killer David Berkowitz and tried to use the Son of Sam's Social Security number to get his Wall Street broker's license.

    The fake Rockefeller - born Christian Gerhartsreiter in Germany and jailed for allegedly kidnapping his daughter, "Snooks" - called the killer's lawyer around 1985 claiming to need information to confirm that Berkowitz, who was adopted, was the sibling he never knew, the lawyer said.

    "He said that he'd been abandoned by his family, too," said lawyer Mark Jay Heller, who is convinced that the caller was Gerhartsreiter.

    Heller refused the caller's request for a Social Security number, but the bizarre Bavarian appears to have gotten it anyway.

    A former colleague said the faker got his first finance job in 1985, with venture capitalist Stanford Phelps in Greenwich, Conn., using the name Christopher Crowe.

    Phelps fired him within a year after learning from the National Association of Securities Dealers that he had used the Social Security number of David Berkowitz, said the ex-colleague.

    When Gerhartsreiter got a job at Nikko on Wall Street, Phelps called, and again "Crowe" was fired, the trader said.

    Rockefeller's lawyer, Stephen Hrones, said his client doesn't have a memory of using Berkowitz's ID.

    At his next job, at Kidder-Peabody, Gerhartsreiter "went into his manager's office saying his parents had been kidnapped in South America and he needed to go down there to pay a ransom," the trader said.

    The next day, FBI agents showed up at Nikko, looking for "Crowe," Barnett and the trader said.

    They wanted to question him about a truck he was driving in Connecticut that was owned by John Sohus, his ex-landlord, who'd vanished with his wife, Linda, from their San Marino, Calif., home four years earlier.

    They never found "Crowe" or the truck, but in 1994 contractors digging a pool at the home unearthed three plastic bags containing a hacked-up male skeleton, according to the LA County Sheriff's Office.

Please Also See:

The Suspect Known as Clark Rockefeller on Wall Street

Universal Hub

Dave Copeland, who knows something about criminals and New York, makes some calls to learn about "Rockefeller's" less than illustrious career on Wall Street back in the Gordon Gekko days:

... But after two days at Lehman, Rockefeller told his supervisors that he needed to take time off to search for his parents, who he said had gone missing in Afghanistan. Sources said Rockefeller – who told co-workers at Nikko he was film director Christoher Crowe – was dismissed by Lehman. Rockefeller even invited co-workers to the Greenwich, Conn. guest house he was renting for screenings of “his” movies. Rockefeller claimed he was living in the guest house because his own home was being renovated, a claim that co-workers assumed was one of his tall tales.

Within days of his dismissal from Lehman, Connecticut State Police detectives arrived at the offices of both Lehman and Nikko looking to question Rockefeller. ...

One guess what they might have wanted to question him about. Yep.


08/01/08 The Fake Rockefeller Has A Greenwich Connection In Doctor Hedi Leistner

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08/12/08 Advice For Greenwich Socialites: Gold Digging in Your Jewelry Box

Gold Diggers

SmartMoney Select
By Brad Reagan
(Brad Reagan Archive) )

YOU WON'T GET rich from it, but with gold near $900 an ounce, it's tempting to see just how much Grandma's jewelry might be worth. But don't go digging it out just yet (and definitely hold off on prying out that dental crown). We've been scouring those "we buy gold" ads and hitting some shops ourselves, discovering that it's not as easy as it looks. Some lessons:

Retail jewelry prices include a steep markup, says Cecilia Gardner, CEO of the Jewelers Vigilance Committee. So that $10,000 necklace you bought not long ago could be worth less than half that when you try to sell it. Further, Gardner says, consumers are sometimes surprised to find that their pieces stamped "14-karat" are actually 13 karats or less.

The price offered can vary widely, depending on the buyer. "There are a lot of weasels in that business," says Mike Reese, a precious-metals consultant in Greenwich, Conn. The best bet is a dealer who will assay the gold to determine its value. Retailers and pawn shops often make unscientific estimates.

Reputable buyers are licensed by accredited trade organizations such as the Jewelers Vigilance Committee or the International Precious Metals Institute. Those bona fides are particularly important when dealing with mail-order companies.

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08/12/08 PRESS RELEASE - Glenn C. Van Deusen Appointed Principal at Congdon + Company as the Brand Strategy and Design Firm

Glenn C. Van Deusen Appointed Principal at Congdon + Company as the...


GREENWICH, Conn. (Business Wire EON) August 12, 2008 -- 'We are thrilled to add a person with such expertise and record of success at building companies and building brands to the Firm. Mr. Van Deusen's experience on both the client-side and the service-side of the industry and his skill at leading domestic and global businesses will provide our clients with unique insights and innovative ideas to drive their business results,' said Principal and Founder Arthur Congdon. 'His experience in consumer package goods, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals aligns with many of the important growth segments that contributed to our recent 50%+ increase in revenue.'

Most recently, Mr. Van Deusen was Corporate Vice President and Worldwide Head of Medical Communications at PAREXEL, with responsibility for four global operating units serving the bio/pharmaceutical industry. Earlier, he was a founder of two healthcare communications agencies for Publicis, one of the world's largest healthcare agency groups. Mr. Van Deusen also has 15 years of client-side experience that included general management in the medical device division of Bausch & Lomb and brand management positions with SmithKline Beecham and Procter & Gamble. 'I am delighted to join the talented, passionate team of professionals at Congdon + Company,' said Mr. Van Deusen. 'The Firm's long history of balancing strategy with creativity and delivering big ideas with exceptional customer service is very exciting to me and provides a powerful culture for continued growth.'

As companies scrutinize ways to garner the full potential of their existing and emerging assets, there is a trend to reexamine how well existing corporate and brand images support overall business strategies,' said Mr. Van Deusen. 'The opportunity to positively impact the financial performance of a business through stronger brand strategy and design has never been more crucial than in today's economic environment.'

'Congdon + Company has successfully grown over 25 years by staying focused on a passion for brand strategy and design and by continually exceeding expectations with big ideas, keen insights, and extraordinary execution. These principles will continue to drive our future growth,' said Mr. Congdon.

About Congdon + Company

Congdon + Company is a pure play brand strategy and design firm focused on the creation, design, and implementation of effective branding programs and communication materials. The Firm combines solid strategic thinking with inspired creativity, technical skill, and common sense to benefit clients and their businesses. Services include strategic brand guidance, brand naming, brand identity, logo development, and package design. Congdon + Company is an independent business located in Greenwich, CT and works in industries as diverse as healthcare, financial services, consumer package goods, electronics, pharmaceuticals, energy, food, and telecommunications. For more information, visit www.congdonco.com.

Media Contact:
Congdon + Company
Deidre Lee

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08/12/08 Greenwich Post News Links For Tuesday

Healthy school superintendent returns to work

By Ken Borsuk

Saying that she feels great and her health problems are behind her, Superintendent of Schools Betty Sternberg officially returned to work Monday morning looking forward to a new school year.Ms. Sternberg, who has been superintendent since 2006, took a leave of absence in June to deal with an undisclosed health problem. In an interview with the Post on Monday, Ms. Sternberg said she has a clean bill of health from her doctor and she is eager to get back to work.

“I’m as excited and energized as ever,” Ms. Sternberg said. “I’m looking forward to continuing the good work we have started.”

While she had said all along she intended to come back before the start of the new school year, she confessed there were a few doubts along the way....

...In Ms. Sternberg’s absence, Deputy Superintendent of Schools Kathy Greider filled in. Ms. Sternberg was effusive in her praise of Ms. Greider’s “fantastic job.” She said she found everything where she needed it to be upon her return to have the district ready for the opening of school on Aug. 27.

“She didn’t miss a beat,” Ms. Sternberg said, adding that it was a collective effort from the whole district administration and that things went exactly the way she envisioned it when she had to take her leave in June.

She said she kept abreast of what was happening to be able to jump right back in.

“We had a very detailed work plan for everyone,” Ms. Sternberg said. “This isn’t a situation where it’s just one person doing all the work. It’s a coordinated team effort.”

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State takes applications for winter heating aid

Gov. M. Jodi Rell announced the state will begin taking applications for winter heating aid for eligible low-income and some middle-income households under state energy assistance programs.

The governor said with heating oil prices expected to top $5 a gallon, the state intends to distribute a record $84 million this winter to more than 90,000 households. This year’s plan makes substantial increases in “safety net” benefit levels for the elderly, low-income families and other vulnerable households.

“We have all watched heating oil prices reach record levels and know for certain that many Connecticut families and senior citizens are headed for a financial crisis just to stay warm this winter if we do not act now,” Ms. Rell said.

To apply, call the Department of Social Service winter heating aid hotline at 800-842-1132 or visit Ct.gov/dss for full information on eligibity requirements......

Language courses begin soon

Greenwich Adult Learning Program will hold registration for English as a Second Language Monday, Sept. 8 through Wednesday, Sept. 10 at 10 a.m. at the Havemeyer Building, 290 Greenwich Ave.

Evening registration for English as a Second Language and GED Preparation will be held on Monday, Sept. 8 and Wednesday, Sept. 10 at 6 p.m. at Greenwich High School, Folsom House, 10 Hillside Road.

Do Wop group comes to Greenwich

In Harmony will be performing on Wednesday, Aug. 20 from 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Roger Sherman Baldwin Park.

In Harmony is one of New England's premier oldies groups. This sweet sounding vocal ensemble is comprised of three men and three women and a multi-talented keyboardist.

The group consisting of Dee Heavrin, Robin Miller, Scott Poarch, Lenny Seiter, Adrienne Lisko and Peter Randazzo, has always found enjoyment singing such classics as At The Hop, Be My Baby, I Wonder Why and Duke of Earl.
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08/12/08 Mark Twain Leaves Greenwich And Goes To Redding

'Ever the Twain Shall Meet"

Susan Tuz

at stuz@newstimes.com

or (203) 731-3352


REDDING -- Visitors to the Mark Twain Library are being greeted by Twain himself, in bronze, and two of his main characters, Tom Sawyer and Becky Thatcher....

... Created by Utah sculptor Gary Lee Price, the statue was offered on loan to the library by Cavalier Galleries of Greenwich and Nantucket. The gallery represents Price, who is known internationally for his large brass sculptures for public spaces. ...

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08/12/08 Greenwich Time News Links For Tuesday

Luc Hardy and his daughter Ainhoa, 14, in their kitchen with a map of the places they have traveled.
(Helen Neafsey/Greenwich Time photo)

Defrost cycle

By Colin Gustafson (colin.gustafson@scni.com and (203) 625-4428)

Cos Cob resident Luc Hardy, 52, and his daughter, Ainhoa, 14, could hardly believe what they were witnessing when they stumbled across a gaping, seawater-filled fissure in the snowy terrain of the Canadian Arctic last month.

The two had spent the afternoon of July 22 on an educational group-hiking expedition across the "Ward Hunt" ice shelf in northern Canada when they saw a crack in the ice and a huge chunk drifting away from the main shelf....

..."This ice has become destabilized with cracks over the past six years, and recent open-water conditions (on) the ice shelf have facilitated the latest break off," Mueller said. "The group's observations will help me place exactly when" the split occurred. ...

....The travelers also flew to Resolute Bay, in northern Canada, where members of the Canadian Coast Guard whisked them in black helicopters across the snow-covered Arctic waters so they could enjoy aerial views of the glaciers.

Hardy plans to bring a new group to the Russian Arctic next year to study geopolitics and learn about the impact of oil pollution on the environment. He's currently compiling photos and video footage for a book and documentary about the group's travels this summer and, in September, will travel to Moscow to present his work to Gorbachev in hopes of gaining his support for another trip.

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Thieves targeting GPS units

By Neil Vigdor can be reached at neil.vigdor@scni.com or at (203) 625-4436

They can show you how to get from Point A to Point B. They can even talk you through the turns. But unless you want to take a detour to the police station or back to the electronics store where you bought the high-tech toy, Greenwich cops are advising motorists to safeguard their GPS devices when they leave their cars unattended....

....Jose Rodriguez, 35, of 92 Wilton Road, Hamden, and David Vega, 31, of 105 McCabe Ave., Bradley Beach, N.J., were both charged with one count each of third-degree conspiracy to commit burglary and fifth-degree conspiracy to commit larceny, according to an arrest report....

...Greenwich police spent Monday canvassing the town-owned Island Beach and Horseneck parking lots, as well as the first level of the Greenwich Plaza garage for vehicles with GPS units or equipment in view and placed warning notices on their windshields, saying, "Don't be a TARGET." They found about 25 cars parked with GPS equipment showing.

Hiding a GPS unit under a seat or in the glove compartment won't discourage some brazen thieves, said police, who warned that leaving windshield mounts or wires visible is often an invitation for criminals.

Last week's bust brings the total number of people arrested for stealing GPS devices from cars in town to four in the past six months, said police, who are still investigating last month's break-ins.

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David Vega, 31, of Bradley Beach, N.J. was arrested Aug. 7 and charged with third degree larceny, conspiracy to commit third degree burglary and conspiracy to commit fifth degree larceny. Police were investigating car thefts in central Greenwich commuter lots and doing surveillance of the areas when undercover officers saw Vega and Jose Rodriguez, 35, of New Haven, try to break into a car with a GPS unit affixed to the windshield. According to police, a search of Vega’s car found several more stolen GPS units. Rodriguez was charged with conspiracy to commit third degree burglary and conspiracy to commit fifth degree larceny. Vega was held in lieu of a $5,000 cash bond; Rodriguez was held in lieu of a $1,000 cash bond. They are due in court Aug. 15.

Police blotter

Layla Juma, 22, of 32 Fox Lane, was charged Thursday night with possession of hallucinogens, sale of hallucinogens, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia, according to a police report.

While investigating an unrelated incident on lower Greenwich Avenue, police received information connecting Juma to drug activity and detained her.

During a search of her vehicle, the report said police discovered marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Ecstasy pills were also found in the car, said police spokesman Lt. Daniel Allen.

Juma was released on $2,500 surety bond and scheduled to appear Aug. 15 in state Superior Court.


A Byram woman was arrested by warrant Sunday after filing a criminal complaint on July 24 alleging that a man physically grabbed her while she was jogging on East Elm Street, according to a police report.

Keri Cavaliere, 25, of 9 Peck Ave., Apt. 2, was charged with making a false statement in the second-degree and interfering with a police officer, the report said.

She was released on $500 cash bond and scheduled to appear Aug. 18 in state Superior Court in Stamford.


A homeless man was arrested for trespassing Sunday night after he was found sleeping in the former Howard Johnson motel site at 1114 E. Putnam Ave. in Riverside, according to a police report.

Jeffrey Borsk, 60, was charged with first-degree criminal trespassing, the report said.

He was discovered in an empty room around 9 p.m. by police, who the report said previously warned him he was not permitted on the premises.

Borsk was held in lieu of $500 cash bond and scheduled to appear Aug. 18 in state Superior Court in Stamford.


Maria Rodriguez, 26, of 219 Wardwell St., Stamford, was charged Sunday night with driving under the influence of alcohol, according to a police report.

Police detected the scent of alcohol in Rodriguez's car after responding to a motor vehicle accident at 1155 E. Putnam Ave. around 10 p.m. in which she was involved, the report said.

She failed a field sobriety test, the report said.

Rodriguez was released on $250 cash bond and scheduled to appear Aug. 25 in state Superior Court in Stamford.


Geovany Alvares, 24, of 45 Stillwater Ave., Stamford, was charged early Friday morning with driving under the influence of alcohol and operating without a license, according to a police report.

Stopped for a nonworking headlight on Mill Street in Byram around 2:30 a.m., Alvares was confused and his speech was slurred, the report said.

He was unable to produce a driver's license and failed a field sobriety test, the report said.

He was held in lieu of $750 cash bond and scheduled to appear Aug. 25 in state Superior Court in Stamford.

Twins win in Beijing

By Tommy Hine
Special Correspondent To The Greenwich Time

BEIJING - Less than 250 meters into their bid to extend their Olympics another day, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss were dead-last.

No worries.

They still had 1,750 meters to row. By the time they crossed the finish line in the second-chance repechage race in men's pair Monday, the Greenwich twins led.

"Being fifth at 250 meters isn't necessarily an alarming position, especially in the pair," Cameron said. "We tried to keep our heads in the boat the whole time and find our rhythm and just chip away.

"We weren't really concerned at all."

They had no reason to be, beating Croatia by 1.43 seconds and Denmark by 1.46. All three advanced to the semifinals Wednesday....

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Sternberg back at work

By Colin Gustafson, who can be reached at (203) 625-4428 or Colin.Gustafson@scni.com.

Returning from a two-month medical leave, Superintendent of Schools Betty Sternberg was thrust into the middle of a lengthy discussion yesterday about how to move thousands of displaced elementary-level students into temporary facilities this fall.

With the Hamilton Avenue School building not yet ready for occupancy, the Board of Eduction on Friday decided to move forward with a contingency plan to shift that school's students into modular classrooms while also dispersing students from nearby Glenville School.

Now school officials have less than three weeks before the Aug. 27 start of the school year...

"We've been through this drill once before, and it was on the fast-track, when nothing was pre-thought or pre-planned," she said of the district's hastily organized efforts last spring to relocate Hamilton Avenue School students to six other schools after mold was discovered in the modular classrooms.

"This, time we have experience and preparation," she said...

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Light turnout seen for Democratic vote

By Neil Vigdor, who can be reached at neil.vigdor@scni.com or at (203) 625-4436

After mustering record-setting turnouts for a number of high-profile primaries, Democrats could be poised for a letdown when they go to they polls Tuesday to pick between Jim Himes and Lee Whitnum for Congress....

...43 percent of registered Democrats in the state turned out two years ago this month to vote in the Senate primary between incumbent Joe Lieberman and Greenwich's Ned Lamont.

Then earlier this year, a whopping 51 percent of Democrats statewide went to the polls to choose between U.S. Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York and Barack Obama of Illinois for the party's nominee for president. In Greenwich, home to both Himes and Whitnum, 63 percent of Democrats voted in the presidential primary.

Sharon Vecchiolla, the town's Democratic registrar, said don't count on a repeat...

....The polls will be open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday.

Gary Rose, professor of politics at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, said those hoping for a larger-than-expected turnout have some factors working in their favor.

For example, he pointed out that the majority of the estimated 101,000 state residents who have signed up to vote for the first time this year are Democrats....

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Cannnons capture first-ever Junior American Legion state championship

Fresh off a perfect run in the Connecticut Junior American Legion state playoffs, the Greenwich Cannons are primed for more success...

...Win or lose Friday, Abate is proud of how far the Cannons have come.

"The team chemistry is just ridiculous," Abate said. "On and off the field, these guys have really gelled together. It's showed on the field. It's been awesome so far."

In addition to Coffey, Dunster and Henkel were named to the all-tournament team. Dunster.

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Fish store puts its best fin forward

By Peter Healy, who can be reached at peter.healy@scni.com or at 964-2276.

Fjord Fisheries will be more than an average fish store when it relocates to 158 E. Putnam Ave. in Greenwich's Cos Cob section this month.

"We will have more prepared foods and take-out, and of course a full range of high-quality fish," said Jardar Nygaard, owner of Fjord Fisheries. "We will also start offering a complete selection of local and natural meats, as well as sushi."

The fish market had been at 137 River Road in Cos Cob, an old wood-frame building near Cos Cob Harbor, since 1991...

...The Nygaard family, which is of Norwegian descent, also operates Fjord Catering & Charters. The service operates the Cayah Michele and Cayah Sarita excursion yachts in Greenwich and bus charters

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To the Greenwich Time editor:

Fred Camillo's accusations that I was spreading "half-truths" about the campaign finance program and making "baseless and provocative" statements about the reason Fred is taking money from the program he so vehemently opposes ("Campaign finance letter was misleading." Greenwich Time, Aug. 8) is based on a misunderstanding.

When Fred announced he was running as a Republican for the state House in the 151st District, I spoke to his treasurer, Rich DePreta, and asked whether Fred was going to participate in public finanacing. Rich told me Fred would be forced to enter the program or else, in effect, raise money for his opponent. That was the basis for my belief Fred entered the system because I did. Fred said the same thing in his letter.

When Fred said he "had on idea what my opponent was doing in March when I decided to accept the public funding option," that is not the whole truth. He knew I was likely to run, having lost to Dolly Powers last time by only 132 votes, and as a strong supporter of public financing would participate. He certainly knew that when he recently applied to participate in the program.

As to Fred's point that public financing affects tax revenues, I agree. Nothing is free. As a member of the Board of Estimate and Taxation's Budget Committee, I know that you have to consider the expenses and revenues in a budget and make difficult decisions about where to set priorites. That is why I oppose Freds' proposed tax cuts that would predominantly benefit the wealthy and raise taxes for the rest of us.

In these challenging economic times, when budget deficits are looming and priorties like health care, traffic and transportation, energy, the environment and education are becoming more expensive, we cannot afford to sacrifice revenues to benefit the priviledged few.

I look forward to vigorous debates with Fred as the campaign progesses, but see no reason to personalize the debate. There are plenty of issues on which we disagree. We do not need to engage in personal attacks.

Edward Krumeigh


The writer is the Democratic nominee for the state House of Representatives in the 151st District.

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