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Sunday, January 11, 2009

1/11/09 The Raw Greenwich Blog And RSS Feed

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Christopher Dodd Is Keeping Quiet While Others Are Starting To Count Down His Last Days

The New And Improved "For What It's Worth" (Wordpress Edition)
Dump Dodd in 2010 - Do we really have to wait that long? Oh well, here’s a group that’s trying to achieve that noble goal.


Greenwich Blog :: The Blog of Greenwich, Connecticut :: USA
Relaunch of NBC Connecticut - For more visit http://www.nbcconnecticut.com/ ...

Greenwich News
Major crash shuts I-95 N/B in Greenwich - A massive multi-car accident has shutdown a portion of I-95 in Connecticut near Greenwich, CBS radio is reporting....

Greenwich Gossip
The Shape of Things to Come...? - The other Hearst newspaper in Town, the weekly *Greenwich Citizen*, has suddenly blossomed into a large tabloid format. This puzzled me greatly, until I checked out ...

Exit 55 By Rob "WGCH" Adams - The Sports Voice Of Greenwich
Steelers Move Onto the AFC Championship Game - It was close in the first half, as the Stillers (that's 'Burgh talk, yinz) got down early, with the Chargers taking...
2 hours ago

Greenwich Diva
Toddler Fatally Shot By 12-Year-Old In East Palo Alto - From KTUV.com EAST PALO ALTO, Calif. — A family gathering came to a tragic end late Thursday night when a 12-year-old playing with a loaded rifle inside an...
3 hours ago

Greenwich Guy Wants To Get Into Another Public Debate With Greenwich Diva. Last Time Greenwich Diva Got The Best Of Him......
Dear Diva

Below is a conversation with The Greenwich Diva. Just too good to keep buried in the comments...

Diva: Come on; do not tell me you are going back to the Rev. Wring nonsense.

GG: Wright is a disgrace. He hates America, especially White America. No I will not forget. He was not a mere acquaintance. He was Obama's spiritual leader. You "progressives" still believe Bush stole the election, but I should dismiss this behavior? I believe you can be judged by the company you keep.

Diva: Bill Ayers and Obama already made it clear that they were ONLY acquaintances and hardly know each other.

GG: So Bill Ayers said they hardly knew each other? And you would accept that from Bush? He was not just a guy in the neighborhood. They served on Boards together. I would not serve with him. Would you?

Diva: Bush got us into an unnecessary war, and now Obama is going to get us out and restore Americans dignity.

GG: That "unnecessary war" kept the battle from our shores. Saddam would certainly have been working toward re-acquiring not only the biological weapons he had already used on his own people, but nuclear weapons to keep up with his Iranian neighbor. Unnecessary? I think not.

Because our bravest and brightest believed in the mission and won that war despite your outrage, Obama will be able to bring them home. But you will, of course, give the credit to him, not those who deserve it; Bush and our warriors.

Unlike you, I think America retains its dignity. We remain the one to call when there is trouble anywhere in the world. We are the most generous nation the Earth has ever seen. We sacrifice our lives and treasure not for our own gain, but to improve the lives of others.

Diva: Tony Rezco was a crook, that has nothing to do with Obama. Have you check with the FBI to see if any of your friends are on their list of criminals?

GG: Tony Rezco purchased property next door to Obama and sold him a sliver at a fraction of its worth making the remaining lot undersized and therefore undevelopable. Have any of your friends done that for you? Why would someone do that? Hmmm...

Diva: Madoff's crooked son Mark lives in Greenwich, does it mean that everyone in Greenwich is crooked?..........

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter
Lost Generation of Northeast Pale Males - "A lot of them have a deer-in-the-headlights kind of look." That's how Scott Berry, former technology analyst for an investment firm, describes his fellow un...

The Fox Trot By Nick "The Sly" Fox
AFC/NFC Divisional Saturday 1/10 - ~F.O.X~

Cos Cob Blogger Iggy Makarevich At High Strangeness
A Fairy Living Near The Igular Entity?! - Appears as if I have a small trip to schedule this spring or summer. I saw this at Phantoms and Monsters the other day... and it's another Connecticut anomal...

John Ferris Robben - T-shirt Philosophy Page At Our Greenwich
It’s Greenwich - It's said that some people "poke each other in the face" with what they say or what they do.....so.....in this photo the female cat 'pokes' the male cat in the "EYE" (a part of the face)...he must have done something wrong! Fur sure ) ...
What The Heck Has Ex-Greenwich Time Photographer Smoking When He Posted This Nonsense.

Please send your comments and Greenwich related blog links to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

1/11/08 It Is Past 7:00am Sun. Morning And The Greenwich Citizen, Greenwich Post And The Greenwich Time Have Not Put Any News Up On Thier Web Sites

But The Raw Greenwich News Feed Is Up And Running At Greenwich Roundup:

Once again Greenwich Roundup Is Spanning The Globe To Bring You The Latest Greenwich News......

The Market Oracle, UK
... in the labor market over a six-month period since 1975,” said Michael Darda , chief economist at MKM Partners LP in Greenwich, Connecticut. ...

7Online.com, NY
State Assemblyman George Latimer says Redd died Friday of heart failure at Greenwich Hospital in Connecticut. He was 80 and lived in Rye. ...

Dartmouth Skates Past Brown
DartmouthSports.com-Official Web Site of Dartmouth Varsity Athletics
Dartmouth Big Green
... mintues to play the Big Green scored back-to-back goals, taking a 5-1 lead into the break. At 1:48 Peter Boldt (Greenwich, Conn.) brought the puck down passing back to Adam Estoclet (Orono, Minn.) who passed back across the ice to Doug Jones ...

Kennedy cousin still fighting conviction
Michael Skakel's Lawyers File New Appeal
Skakel claims evidence withheld by Greenwich Police Department
Skakel Lawyers Say They've Uncovered Secret Evidence
Free Republic
... - an interview that discredits the star prosecution witness and police reports suggesting that a 15-year-old Greenwich boy, later convicted of another murder, had information concerning Moxley's death. Skakel was 15 himself on Oct. 30, 1975, the ...

Jobless rate at 16-year high as payrolls plunge
Tuscola County Advertiser
... it's likely to be a long slog for the U.S. labor market," said Michael Darda, chief economist at MKM Partners in Greenwich, Connecticut. Further highlighting the grim economic picture, a separate government report showed U.S. wholesale inventories ...

Charges dropped against Stockman in earnings case
Stockman cleared in failure of supplier
Yesterday Detroit Free Press
... Profits didn't keep up with C&A's debt payments. At first, Stockman monitored his C&A investment from his home in Greenwich, Conn., but as its losses piled up, he took over as CEO in 2003. He even buddied up to the UAW by signing a neutrality deal ...

P&G seeks cash amid $2T U.S. borrowings
The Cincinnati Enquirer
... their debt. 'There are only so many dollars to invest,' said David Ader, head of U.S. interest-rate strategy at Greenwich, Conn.-based RBS Greenwich Capital, one of the 17 primary dealers of U.S. government securities that are obligated to bid at ...

Business in the Burbs: Chamber offers 2-for-1 memberships
Journal News
... TMK Sports & Entertainment LLC, a Greenwich, Conn.-based event marketing company, will co-produce three inaugural balls that celebrate the election of President-elect ...

Would-be public firms bide time as the market hibernates
Boston Business Journal
... one local company reversed course on a planned IPO in 2007 and two did so in 2006, according to research from Greenwich, Conn., IPO tracker Renaissance Capital LLC. In the wake of the 2001 dot-com bust, 12 local firms filed IPO withdrawal notices ...

Madoff Son Mark Had $8.3 Million Net Worth in 1999, Divorce Records Show
Bloomberg Business News
... data. Currently he has 15 properties, including a $6 million New York apartment and a $2.3 million home in Greenwich, Connecticut, according to public records. He divorced his wife, Suzanne, in Stamford, Connecticut, in 2000, when he was earning ...

MN candy maker signs big lease in Dallas
Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal
... Inc. , a Dallas third-party logistics provider, will operate the warehouse. Farley's and Sathers is owned by Greenwich, Conn.-based Catterton Partners . The company has sales of more than $600 million following a series of acquisitions in recent ...

Connecticut Post, CT
A few hours before his swearing-in, the 42-year-old Greenwich Democrat went for a half-hour run on the National Mall, absorbing the magnitude of the office ...

The Tennessean
He worked in sales of high-yield securities at Libertas Partners in Greenwich, Conn. The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta's Nashville Branch announced Dan ...

Hartford Courant
The radiation oncologist from Greenwich is one of a dozen Connecticut residents so far who have contributed $50000 to President-elect Barack Obama's ...

Students from the Stamford, Darien, Norwalk and Greenwich school systems will display art and read passages about their particular works during this ...

The Hour
... a combined 10 Golden Globes tonight, which were shot or edited in cities such as Darien, Fairfield, Greenwich, Norwalk and Stamford. for Best Actress. ...

Connecticut Post
"Inaugural," by Greenwich High School band director Carmen Signa for 2001, has elements of "Yankee Doodle" and "Fanfare for the Common Man" and was ...

New York Times,
Kate McClelland is a youth services librarian at Perrot Memorial Library in Old Greenwich, Conn.

Connecticut Post, CT
The bad news, in terms of leasing and subleasing is contained to Greenwich and Stamford because that's where financial services is concentrated. ...

Sunday Times.lk, Sri Lanka
Shot on location in Beacon Falls, Bethel, Darien, Fairfield, Greenwich, New Canaan, Norwalk, Redding, Shelton, Southport, Stamford, Thomaston and Trumbull, ...

Melbourne Herald Sun, Australia
Termination letters have been sent to Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC, Bernard L. Madoff and Fairfield Greenwich Group," the SEC stated. ...

Greenwich Roundup Now Has To Go To Harvest Time Church Up On King Street, Because He Is The Chief Beverage Officer At The Coffee Bar Until About 1:30 PM.

But Don't Worry The Hardest Reporter In Greenwich Will Soon Be Back With The Latest News About Your Town.....

2:46 PM

When Greenwich Roundup Types:

The Greenwich Time Web Master Listens:

At 7:08 AM This Morning Greenwich Roundup Complained That Hearst Newspaper's Web Master For The Greenwich Time Was Once Again Having Trouble Getting Things Up In The Morning.

Tesei preparing to make budget cuts

By Neil Vigdor
Staff Writer
Posted: 01/11/2009 07:34:23 AM EST

First Selectman Peter Tesei is apparently trading in his pen and BlackBerry for a scalpel and meat clever.

With the town facing a projected $31 million budget gap, Tesei said decision-makers have little choice but to lop off a number of big-ticket projects from a capital spending program for the next fiscal year.
Among the projects that Tesei said will have to be delayed is the $23 million renovation of the Greenwich High School auditorium, which students and parents have been clamoring for several years because the current facility lacks size and has poor acoustics.

"While there are a lot of 'nice to haves,' residents want us to focus on critical infrastructure items," Tesei said. "They're hurting and want us to be smart and prudent on what we spend." The town's Capital Improvement Projects committee, which Tesei is a member of, is scheduled to have a public hearing at 7 p.m. Wednesday at Town Hall to discuss its funding priorities for next fiscal year.

"Then you're going to start hearing the screams," Selectman Peter Crumbine said of public reaction to the postponement of big-ticket projects.
According to the town's 15-year capital plan, $88 million had been projected to be spent during the 2009-10 fiscal year, which starts July 1.
Tesei emphasized that the total was a rough estimate at best, which he said had been pared back significantly. Overall, there are currently 74 projects listed on the CIP list totaling $34 million, only 26 of which the committee is recommending for funding, Tesei said. The town has earmarked $18 million overall for capital projects, according to Tesei. That's $20 million less than the $38.8 million in capital spending in the current budget.
A $34 million project to renovate the town-owned Nathaniel Witherell nursing home was also removed from the list and will be funded through a separate mechanism, with long-term bonds and resident fees paying for the undertaking, Tesei said.

Another project to go under the knife is a proposed community swimming pool at Byram Park, which backers are hoping to pay for almost entirely with private donations to avoid a large municipal expenditure .......

Students claim lack of sleep hurts performance

of sleep

By Colin Gustafson
Staff Writer
Posted: 01/11/2009 07:35:09 AM EST

For Greenwich High School freshman Matt Stanton, an extra hour of sleep in the morning would make a world of difference at school.

By the time first period starts at 7:30 a.m., "I'm knocked out," said Stanton, 14, who must wake up around 6 a.m. to catch a bus to class. "I'm not sleeping, but I'm just really exhausted, like I can't pay any attention."

The school's early start time also creates an ordeal for Matt's mother, Theresa, who says she must rouse her two groggy-eyed sons out of bed every morning, often well before sunrise.

"It's like torture for these kids," said Stanton, co-chair of the PTA Council's Wellness Committee. "I'm tired of my children walking around like zombies."

With a two-year review of potential reforms to secondary schools under way, Stanton and several like-minded moms now say they're planning to lobby school officials and administrators to push back the high school's schedule by as much as an hour.

The regular school day at GHS runs from 7:30 a.m. to 2:15 p.m., and consists of six 55-minute periods, plus lunch break, with athletics and extracurricular activities scheduled for after dismissal and, in some cases, before the opening bell.

Advocates of changing this schedule point to research showing that teenagers' biological rhythms tend to clash with early-morning school schedules, leaving them chronically sleep-deprived and unfocused during the first classes of the day......

.....Kim Daine, a Riverside mother who also supports the schedule change, says that's unacceptable for a school system that expects a high level of performance from its students.

"In a community like this, we should be able to give our kids the optimal education experience, and I don't think waking them up from deep, deep sleep to work around this schedule is helping," Daine said.

She plans to join Stanton in lobbying the district's Secondary Schools Review Committee this year to consider a schedule change as a way to enhance students' attention and engagement in morning classes.
Greenwich High School Headmaster Al Capasso said that while the idea of a later school day has merit, it would become too much of a disruption to after-school sports and teachers' commutes.

"Theoretically, kids would benefit from a later start time," Capasso said. "But pragmatically, I don't think we can make it happen."

If classes started an hour later, he argued, the athletic schedule would have to be pushed back, making it harder for coaches to coordinate games with other schools and forcing students to miss their last classes of the day more often, he said.

It would also make the commute to work more difficult for teachers, who would be driving to the high school "at the height of the morning rush" around 8 a.m., the headmaster argued.....

.....Supporters of the schedule-change plan point to Wilton's school districts, which has successfully moved their school start times back from 7:15 a.m. to 8:20 a.m. without adding transportation costs or disrupting athletic schedules, parents said.
"Wilton managed to find a way to figure it out," Stanton said. "Why can't we?" ...
The Advocate Staff
Posted: 01/11/2009 07:45:12 AM EST

Greenwich Arts Council
Frank Smurlo: Landscapes The Greenwich artist displays his landscape paintings.
David Webber: Animals The Greenwich artist displays his photographs of animals in parks and wildlife sanctuaries.
Both exhibits run through Jan. 31. Monday-Friday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.; Saturday, noon-5 p.m.; Sunday, noon-4 p.m.; and by appointment. 299 Greenwich Ave. 862-6750 or www.greenwicharts.org.

Greenwich YWCA
Living and Dreaming: Original Art Work inspired by the Life and Times of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Works by local artists Kwame Henry Jones and Donna Hargrove. Opening reception: Thursday, 5:30 p.m; featuring live jazz by Richard
River road gallery
Christiane Pape The Swiss-born artist displays her abstract and floral paintings. Through Feb. 28. Monday-Saturday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.; or by appointment. 21 River Road, Wilton. 762-3887 or RiverRdGallery@optonline.net. .....
By Rich Elliott
Posted: 01/10/2009 09:09:34 PM EST
MORGANTOWN, W.Va. -- UConn senior point guard Renee Montgomery scored 17 of her 28 game-high points in the first half and added five assists and two steals to lead the top-ranked Huskies to an 85-55 victory over West Virginia before a crowd of 3,167 on Saturday.

It was a homecoming game for Montgomery, who grew up in St. Albans, W.Va.

The Huskies (15-0, 2-0 Big East) have won 20 straight games against West Virginia (10-5, 0-3). They have won 23 straight regular-season games and 101 straight against unranked opponents.....
The Advocate Staff
Posted: 01/11/2009 09:25:21 AM EST

Altan The Irish folk band performs songs from its new album, "Local Ground." 3:30 and 7 p.m. $22-$27. Fairfield Theatre Company, 70 Sanford St. 259-1036 or www.fairfieldtheatre.org.

Gerald Clayton The jazz pianist performs as part of Hot & Cool: Jazz at the Brubeck Room. 4 p.m. Free. 137 Old Ridgefield Road, Wilton. 762-3950 or www.wiltonlibrary.org/events.

JEWS ROCK! A CELEBRATION OF ROCK AND ROLL'S JEWISH HERITAGE Rabbi Brian Leiken of Norwalk gives a multimedia presentation exploring Jewish contributions to rock and roll. 10 a.m. Free. Temple Shalom, 259 Richards Ave., Norwalk. 866-0148.

Sunday Afternoons Live Jazz vocalist Kelsey Jillette and pianist Brad Whiteley perform. 3:30 p.m. $15 donation requested. The First Congregational Church of Greenwich, 108 Sound Beach Ave., Old Greenwich. 637-1791.......
By Mary Lee Grisanti
Special Correspondent
Posted: 01/11/2009 12:26:22 PM EST
You may recognize Eric Burns as a correspondent for NBC and Fox News with more than 1,000 on-air reports to his name. But you might not put the polished 63-year-old Westport native together with Jack Allison, the hero of Burns' new play, "Mid-Strut," which opens Friday at the Darien Arts Center. Allison's life runs irrepressibly off the rails when he finds out he has six months to live and decides to realize a lifelong fantasy: winning the drum majorette he had a crush on in high school.

"The only thing autobiographical about the play is the majorette fixation," Burns says. But as in the play, his humor belies a serious thought. "In real life, you look back at the past through rose-colored glasses -- but if you actually go back, you are almost certainly disappointed. I thought it would make a good play if the hero were not disappointed. What if the woman he has been dreaming about lives up to expectation?"
By Andrea Sachs
The Washington Post
Posted: 01/11/2009 12:32:21 PM EST
WASHINGTON -- $669.66: My vacation budget. How far will it travel? With any luck, maybe more than 2,000 miles.

Where does my money go? To Vegas. But in a good way, not a baby-needs-a-new-pair-of-Manolos way. For $484.17, I nab a nonstop, round-trip flight from Reagan National to Vegas, with two nights at the MGM Grand, the Old Hollywood-themed casino resort on the southern end of the Strip. I save at least $65 by booking this Orbitz package, which leaves me with more money to see Vegas my way (nature and shows before slots and debt).
My imaginary accountant gives me a proud pat on the back. $185.49 left.
Darn, I have to pay rush-hour Metro fare ($2.55) to National, but -- bonus -- the fare is reduced ($1.35) for the return. I keep this small victory to myself. $181.59 left.

Outside the Vegas airport, I stand wistfully next to a man with a limp pompadour who orders a limo for his group. I slink away like a street urchin and ask about the bus. At $1.25, public transportation is cheap, but I am warned about its frequent stops. Instead, I opt for a shared-ride shuttle, which costs $12 round trip and drops passengers off at their resorts' doorstep. $169.59 left.

After tossing my bags into my 18th-floor room (obstructed views of the casinos and snow-dusted mountains), I head to the bus stop. My destination is Springs Preserve, an environmental center a few miles northeast of the Strip. While standing around for the No. 203, I find a $4 coupon for the

Breaking News

Updated: January 11, 2009 2:25:13 PM EST

I-95 reopens after 13-car pileup

Traffic still backed up in both directions
Staff Writer
Posted: 01/11/2009 12:51:01 PM EST
GREENWICH - Interstate 95 in Greenwich reopened to traffic after a 13-car pilup closed the northbound side for about two hours.

The accident, which occurred at approximately 12 p.m. under the Indian Field Road bridge at Exit 4, resulted from one car sliding on the ice from last night's storm, and other vehicles subsequently colliding with it, said Sgt. Brent Reeves of the Greenwich Police Department.

Only minor injuries were reported and no extrication of individuals from vehicles was needed, he said......
By Bob Thompson
The Washington Post
Posted: 01/11/2009 12:53:41 PM EST
WASHINGTON -- As the author of "Reading Lolita in Tehran" was working on her new memoir, "Things I've Been Silent About," she found herself wondering whether she had written them in the wrong order.

"Maybe I should have written this one first and `Reading Lolita' second," Azar Nafisi recalls thinking. "Because so many of the keys to that one are in this one." On its face, this does not seem like a good idea.

After all, if the first book you publish in English gets ecstatic reviews, sells a bajillion copies and makes you an international spokeswoman for the power of literature in the face of oppression, the more logical question would seem to be: Why not let well enough alone?
By Jerome R. Sehulster
Special Correspondent
Posted: 01/11/2009 12:56:21 PM EST
The Italian Center of Stamford will continue its yearlong centennial celebration Saturday with "The Return of Love, Passion and Madness," arias, duets and ensembles from the most popular Italian operas performed by rising young artists of the Connecticut Grand Opera & Orchestra.
"Italian opera is a central part of Italian culture both in Europe and here in America," says Laurence Gilgore, CGO&O's artistic director, who spends many weeks each year conducting opera in Italy. "We performed 'Love, Passion and Madness' at the Italian Center some years ago to great success. All of the artists singing at the event this year are pursuing prominent international careers. Part of our mission at CGO&O is to introduce promising new singers to opera lovers in the area. We're very excited to be back to join in the celebration of the 100th anniversary of this important Stamford institution. That the Center is sponsoring an event like this is really a gift back to the community."......
When Greenwich Roundup Types
The Greenwich Post Web Master Listens.....
At 7:08 AM This Morning Greenwich Roundup Complained That The Greenwich Post Web Master Was Once Again Having Trouble Getting Things Up In The Morning.
Well Folks The Greenwich Post Is Now Giving Us "Breaking News" On A Sunday About A "Capital Improvement Plan Hearing"......

Sunday, January 11, 2009 12:33

Breaking news Posted 12:47 p.m., Sunday, Jan. 11
A Capital Improvement Plan public hearing is scheduled for Wednesday Jan, 14 at 7 p.m. in the Town Hall Meeting Room.

First Selectman Peter Tesei will outline what the 15-year CIP proposal entails and detail what the upcoming fiscal year's 2009-10 CIP includes. Mr. Tesei met with department leaders last week and requested they scale back their budget requests according to Roland Gieger, budget and systems director.
The CIP public hearing will be carried live by Greenwich Community Television on Cablevision Channel 79 and live on the Internet. GCTV Channel 79 can be viewed live by accessing Gctv.greenwich.org and clicking on the "Watch Now" link.
Don Harrison, Hearst Newspaper's Editor For The Greenwich Citizen Is Once Again A Sleep At The Switch.
Please send your comments, news tips, press release, pictures or any reports that Greenwich Citizen Editor Don Harrison actually has a pulse and can fog a mirror to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

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