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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

03/12/08 - From The Greenwich Post - Board Of Education Meeting

Channel 79 provides live coverage of meeting

Greenwich Community Television Channel 79 will be broadcasting the Board of Education Meeting at Central Middle School Thursday, March 13 beginning at 7 p.m.
Rebroadcasts of the meeting will be scheduled on Channel 79 as soon as
possible. The meeting will also be available on the GCTV Channel 79 web site


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03/12/08 - Greenwich Business Wire - Calling All Hedge Fund Guys - Hedge Fund Event In Greenwich

A Picture From The Last Hedge Fund Event Held In Greenwich

Greenwich Business News Report

Keynote Speaker Added for HFA Events in Greenwich
HedgeCo.net - West Palm Beach,FL

... the Co-founder and CEO of The Receivables Exchange will deliver the keynote address at upcoming events in Greenwich on March 18 th at L’escale and New ...

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03/12/08 - Greenwich Newswire - News From The Greenwich Post

Cunningham becomes assistant chief

Officials at the Sound Beach Volunteer Fire Department have promoted T. John Cunningham to the position of assistant fire chief. Assistant Chief Cunningham has been with the department for more than a decade and previously held the positions of lieutenant and captain.

Charity hits the boardwalk

On Friday, April 25, ARC will be holding a benefit at the Hyatt Regency in Old Greenwich.

03/12/08 - Why Was It Ok To Remove Dumpsters Of Contaminated Plywood, But Not OK To Remove School Desks And Chairs?

Why Did School Maintenance Workers Need To Use Resporators And Tyveck Suits To Remove Plywood From The Walls Of The Modular Classrooms?

Did the maintenance workers use the same spacesuits to remove the childrens desks and chairs from the modular classrooms?

Why Isn't The Greenwich Time Speaking To Anyone Who Is Questioning Why Dumpsters Of Plywood Were Removed From The Modular Classrooms And Carted Away In Less Than
72 Hours?

Why is only
Nancy Weissler, (Chairman of the Board of Education), Kim Eves, (Director of communication), Sue Wallerstein, (Assistant superintendent of business services), Damaris Rau (Hamilton Avenue School Principal) and the Greenwich Public School Website cited in today's Greenwich Time News Story?

Why arn't officials from the Greenwich Department of Health quoted in this story?

Could It Be That The Wet Contaminated Plywood's Glue Was Emitting Formaldehyde?

Like Some Town Employees Have Suggested.


No mold hazard found at Ham Ave. modulars


"We're talking about additional tests that need to be done," said Nancy Weissler, chairman of the Board of Education, adding that the testing will delay remediation by another week.


.... Because more testing is needed before items from the school can be safely removed from the contaminated site, that will delay when architects and engineers who are to investigate the cause of the mold can enter the structure and do their work. Until that happens, officials won't know the full extent of the mold problem and the type of remediation that will be necessary, school district officials told the Board of Estimate and Taxation's budget committee last night during a Town Hall meeting....

This whole thing about incomplete and misleading tests is just a dog and pony show.

Non of these tests are independently performed.

Why Is The Board Of Education Is Hiring And Paying The Test Takers?

Why aren't the proffessionals at the Greenwich Department of Health hirring, paying and evaluating independent test results?

How can Glenville and Hamilton Avenue School parents can trust this failed school administration?

Do you really trust Greenwich School Superintendent Betty Sternberg?

You are just as silly as you look if you really think the School Superintendent is going to remediate the contaminated modular classrooms that were KNOWINGLY used by little children for over one year.

The rest of the contamination evidence must be destroyed.

Here is what's really going to happen...

The school district has also asked Turner Construction Co. to provide cost estimates to demolish the modular structures and acquire other ones, said Sue Wallerstein, assistant superintendent of business services.

Parents should not worry one bit about the school administrators who take care of their little children, because every thing is going just fine.....

... "The kids are so happy," Rau said. Fourth- and fifth-graders relocated to Western Middle School are reaping the benefits of a larger cafeteria, she said.

"They are in awe of all the selections they have. They're holding up the lines just so they can look at everything."

Maybe, the little children "are in awe" of what healthy food tastes like when its not exposed to a "...higher level of nontoxic mold spores, but not high enough to be a health hazard...".

Eventually, this Board Of Education coverup is going to be exposed, when failed school administrators,
architects, contractors, engineers and testing companies start getting sued by parents whose children were allowed to sit in a contaminated modular classroom for over one year.

A lot of school administrators and others knew about the contamination for more than a year.

these architects, contractors, engineers and testing companies had better make sure that Hamilton Avenue parents are getting full disclosure or they may find their butts in court face claims of substantial liability.

More Information From Sources Other Than
School Officials And Their Official Website:

03/09/08 - Town Employees: Sternberg's Crew Knew - Mold Covered Tiles Replaced Over One Year Ago.

03/05/08 - The Unionized (Teamstewrs) School District Custodial Staff Are Suggesting That There Might Be A School District Coverup At Ham Ave School.

Shame on

Removed And Destroyed Within 72 Hours.

This Police Officer Also Spoke About How Members Of His Union (The Teamsters) Were Concerned About Formaldehyde.

Further, This Greenwich Police Officer Was Very knowledgeable About The Contaminated Modular Classrooms And His Presention Was About 15 minutes Long.


Many Troubling Questions Remain About How School Superintendent Betty Sternberg Has Handled The Contaminated Modular Classrooms.

Why didn't Betty wait for testing before ripping out destroying plywood walls, but had to wait for multiple tests before allowing desks and chairs to be taken to relocation sites?

02/12/08 - Greenwich Newswire - Local News From The Greenwich Time

The State Street Debating Society has chosen the Rev. Richard Futie, pastor at Sacred Heart Church in Stamford, as its ‘Man of the Year.’
(Kathleen O’Rourke/Staff photo)

Debaters society honors influential priest
STAMFORD - His grandfather and father worked with wood and concrete, but the Rev. Richard Futie opted to build foundations of faith.

Republicans blast proposed tax increase

STAMFORD - As Democratic city officials yesterday defended Mayor Dannel Malloy's proposed $447.8 million city budget, Republicans blasted the 2008-09 spending plan, which would increase property taxes by 9.38 percent

Some lawmakers cool to Rell's tax cap
HARTFORD - Gov. M. Jodi Rell's proposed property tax cap received close scrutiny yesterday from the legislature's Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee.

DOT chief steps down again
HARTFORD - Emil Frankel retires from the Department of Transportation for the second time today.

N. Mianus sues over sewers
Two-thirds of all property owners who received new sewer hookups in North Mianus slapped the town yesterday with a lawsuit claiming they were overbilled for the $23.5 million project.

Dance troupe gives center in Byram a taste of culture
When a group of young Irish dancers picked children out of the audience to join them on stage, Brittany Cleary, 8, was more than ready for her chance to shine.

RTM KOs change to permits for demolition
Dealing a blow to preservationists, the Representative Town Meeting has rejected extending the mandatory waiting period for issuing demolition permits for historic buildings from 90 to 180 days.

LBM Systems seeks to cut waste
Businesses receive and generate loads of paper. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, the paper industry in the United States consumes nearly half of all wood harvested. The council also reports that the 125 million office workers in the country on average each use about 350 pounds of paper annually.

03/12/08 - Greenwich Business Newswire

Still from No Time for Nuts

Greenwich Business News Report

Animation firm set on Greenwich movePublish Post
Greenwich Time - Greenwich,CT

By Brian Lockhart

HARTFORD - Blue Sky Studios Inc., a digital animation company in White Plains, NY, will move to Greenwich whether or not it receives more ...

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03/12/08 - Greenwich Sports News Wire - Still More On The Greenwich Swim Team

Greenwich Sports News Report

Greenwich leaves Fairfield Prep in its wake to win 16h straight ...
Greenwich Time - Greenwich,CT
By David Fierro

MIDDLETOWN -- Though he already captured the 50-yard freestyle title in a meet record time of :21.15 seconds, Greenwich High School senior ...

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03/12/08 - Greenwich Sports News - School Sports Update

Greenwich Sports News Report

Ahlberg An Open Qualifier
Hartford Courant
Greenwich (608 points) won the event for the 16th consecutive time and for the 35th time in 36 years. Greenwich edged rival Fairfield Prep, which came in ...

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03/12/08 - Greenwich Newswire - School News

Eliza McNitt

Greenwich School News Reports

Greenwich High student wins science competition
Greenwich Post - Greenwich,CT
Eliza McNitt, a Greenwich High School junior, captured top honors at the 45th Connecticut Junior Science and Humanities Symposium for an original research ...

Fairfield Prep 2nd in Class LL swimming
Connecticut Post - Bridgeport,CT
MIDDLETOWN — Fairfield Prep won two of the first three events, but in the end, Greenwich's depth was too much for the Jesuits to overcome as Greenwich won ...

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03/12/08 - Is The A Special Place In Hell For Some Wealthy Greenwichites

The Vatican Says: Economic injustice, which has left the
poor even poorer and the rich richer

will send obscenely rich straight to hell.


Then said Jesus unto his disciples: Verily I say unto you, that a rich man shall hardly enter into the kingdom of heaven. And again I say unto you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God. Matthew 19:23, 24


Obscene wealth 'can go to Hell'


NEWS.com.au, Australia


The seven deadly sins have grown to at least 14 after the Vatican updated its 1400-year-old list of the worst moral failures to reflect the changing times ...

Quoting from Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano, reported that certain actions were so unholy that they needed to be deemed as “mortal sins” – not the less serious “venial sins”.

The man in charge of examining confessions and indulgences for the Vatican, Monsignor Gianfranco Girotti, told the Vatican newspaper that priests should be aware of the “new” sins....

....The other “new” mortal sins included taking or dealing drugs and causing poverty or the “excessive accumulation of wealth by a few”, Monsignor Girotti said. According to the Catholic Church, “immediately after death the souls of those who die in a state of mortal sin descend straight into Hell.”

Pope Gregory the Great listed the original seven deadly sins in the 6th Century.

Those were: Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Anger, Greed and Sloth.


Social effects of sin greater than ever, says Vatican official
Catholic News Service
By John Thavis VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- In today's globalized culture, the social effects of sin are greater than ever before and deserve the church's urgent ...

Vatican official broadens idea of sins
Washington Times, DC
By Julia Duin As if the seven deadly sins were not enough, a Vatican official has suggested adding a few more transgressions to worry about. ...

One Greenwich Hedge Fund Manager Was Heard To Scream From His Waterfront Home...

You know what? It’s time for the Pope to STFU. What an a**hole. I want this do-gooder jackass to define “excessive wealth”.... This coming from a guy who takes a vow of poverty and lives in a palace.... Live in squalor and THEN make this pronouncement.... The Pope can go to hell.
Screw the Church!

It is a shame that we must be told that these activities are sinful, but most people never consider the ramifications of such deeds.

In issuing this list, the Vatican is asking that we become more conscious of what we chose to do in our world.the way we act upon the world and upon each other. Regardless of your religion, certainly you can see the benefit to this. If you fail to do so, it does not surprise me that you also fail to see the sinfulness in the social sins as given by Bishop Girotti.

If you are a Catholic, you will agree with the views of the Church. If not, you will probably be against the Church. That's the way is it and always has been.

It's going to be fun to watch how people will be freaking out about the money thing. Who really has obscene amounts of money? Certainly not half of those who will be defending it.

I suppose it's something we all strive for I guess.

It is clear that the Vatican is targeting those who are selfish with their riches, not those who are trying to make a difference.

The Vatican is right
when it comes to matters of becoming obscenely wealthy, causing poverty and social injustice. Hopefully, some of the obscenely wealth of Greenwich will step up to the plate and help some of the poorest and weakest of Greenwich Society.

Currently, there are hundreds of Hamilton Avenue School Children who have suffered and have not had a school to go to for four long years.

03/11/08 - "I really like this new place," said Alexa Brunetti, 5, "We met new kids today and there is more computers."

I Guarantee You That There Is A Very Special Place In Hell For School Administrators That
Allowed Little Children To Suffer In A Contaminated Modular Classroom For
Over One Year.

03/09/08 - Town Employees: Sternberg's Crew Knew - Mold Covered Tiles Replaced Over One Year Ago.

03/05/08 - The Unionized (Teamstewrs) School District Custodial Staff Are Suggesting That There Might Be A School District Coverup At Ham Ave School.

Shame on

My angel, - his name is Freedom,
Choose him to be your king;
He shall cut pathways east and west.
And fend you with his wing.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson
from "Boston Hymn", "
The Atlantic Monthly", February, 1863

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