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Monday, October 27, 2008

10/27/08 Barack Obama holds a double-digit lead over John McCain in Connecticut - Obama 56%, McCain 39% & CT Native Ralph "Remember Me" Nader Gets 1%

The Greenwich Time's Previous Corporate Owner, Tribune Media Is Using It's Flagship Newspaper, The Hartford Courant, To Endorse Barack Obama.

In its 244-year history, The Courant has endorsed only one Democratic candidate for president, Bill Clinton. Now they have endorsed a second Democrat, Sen. Barack Obama, with the hope that if elected, he governs from the middle as Mr. Clinton did.

While The Greenwich Time's Current Corporate Owner, Hearst Newspapers Is Using Greenwich's Future Newspaper, Connecticut Post, Is Endorsing John McCain.

Before Connecticut's Feb. 5 presidential primary, the Connecticut Post endorsed Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain and Illinois Democratic Sen. Barack Obama for the nominations of their respective parties.

The CT Post says, they believed both candidates were men of principle and honor with the ability, if elected, to make the difference in moving this nation in a new, much-needed direction.

The CT Post Endorsement states, Throughout this long campaign Barack Obama has demonstrated a keen intellectual curiosity and a consistent approach to problem-solving.

Now here is the bizarre part, The CT Post is endorsing John "Keating Five" McCain, because he has more experience in Washington.

The Editors Of The Clueless CT Post Just Don't Get It.

Families On Main Street Want To Throw The Washington Bums Who Created The Wall Street Meltdown Out Off Office.

Families in Greenwich want a deeper questioning of America's basic foundations, and a sharper focused direction that Obama will bring.

Greenwich and Fairfield County needs to get moving in the right direction. We need to fully address major problems such as health care, education and infrastructure. The country needs to unite in addressing the war in Iraq that is exerting a disabling impact on the economy.

A Port Chester Weekly Newspaper Publisher, Once Told Me That The Greenwich Time Was Such A Terrible Money Losing Newspaper, That The New York Time's Has A Higher Penetration Rate In The Town Of Greenwich.

This Means That More Greenwich Households Read The New York Times Than Read The Low Circulation Greenwich Time. The free weekly Newspapers like the Greenwich Post Actually have a higher circulation number than than Greenwich's lackluster and poorly edited daily.

So More Greenwich Voters Probably Read This In Depth New York Times Endorsement For Barack Obama Instead Of The Un-influential Greenwich Time.

Maybe, that's why Numbers show Obama could win Greenwich and be the first Democrat to win this Bush Republican Enclave since Lyndon Baines Johnson was the last Democrat atop the national ticket. Hey, even Joe" I Have To Somehow Dump This Loser McCain" Lieberman now says "I'd try to help a victorious Obama"a

Here Is What Progressive Greenwich Residents That Want To Fix Our Problems say....

To the editor:

Like another great candidate, Jim Himes was raised by a single mom, spent some early years out of the country (his Spanish is fluent), attended public schools and excelled at Harvard.

The similarities continue: Jim has served tirelessly in Greenwich as president of the Democratic Town Committee and a member of the Board of Estimate and Taxation, while working in New York and Norwalk for affordable housing and small business development.

Both candidates are products of the American dream and want to bring back an America where this dream is possible. Implicit in this wish is the immense gratitude and humility both have expressed for that which they have received.

Jim is a leader, a man of comprehensive vision and a pragmatic thinker. He would bring new energy and a fresh pair of eyes to the overwhelming problems we face. Having worked over 10 years in the banking industry, Jim has known for a long time that the fundamentals of the economy have been shaky, not "strong," as his opponent stated just last month.

Contrary to his opponent's views, Jim has supported appropriate regulation and oversight of the banking and investment industries, and opposed the privatization of Social Security. He has consistently opposed the Iraq war.

So here we are today: on the brink of an economic collapse, facing a housing crisis and rising health care costs and unemployment numbers; our educational system no longer the best in the world; and still we are engaged in two agonizing wars.

For too long I have felt powerless to impact what I have felt was the demise of this great country. Hope finally came to me in the names of Jim Himes and Barack Obama.

With all due respect to Mr. Shays, 21 years representing Connecticut's 4th Congressional District is just too long.

A vote for Jim Himes is a vote for change.

Lynne Rohrer

However, there are many Bush Republicans that have drank a little too much Fox News Koolaid

To the editor:

Robin Hood (aka Barack Hussein Obama) and his merry men (aka Democratic Party) want to storm Sherwood Forest (aka America) and take from the rich and give to the poor.

How does Mr. Hood define rich? What happens when there are no more rich in the forest? What happens when Mr. Hood ventures out into areas outside his comfort zone of Sherwood Forest (aka foreign policy issues)?

On Nov. 4, when we step into the voting booth, we should be sure we ask ourselves the important question: Do we want Robin Hood to be our pres-ident?

Scott A Miller

In Outer Space

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10/27/08 Reader Submitted Comments About Joy's Strange Remarks About Pisani's Family = Gorgeous- HUH???????

........ About The Gorgeous Pisani Sex Symbols That Ex-Greenwich Time Reporter Joy Haenlein Reported About At Our Greenwich ......

Greenwich Roundup,

What's up with the term GORGEOUS ? Gorgeous daughters? Gorgeous wife? Obviously no one has ever seen these 4 women in ALL OF 25 YEARS if their appearance was so striking that night. Maybe the mere fact that his family showed up was a shocker.

Is Cathy Malloy gorgeous too?

And what if they weren't gorgeous? Since when does a journalist, such as Joy H., put so much emphasis on physical beauty? What was the point?

And where are the pics of these GORGEOUS women?

Anyone who has read Joe Pisani's columns knows he is highly critical of his family, almost to the point of making the reader feel sorry he endures such suffering at the hands of THE FOUR GORGEOUS LADIES. Although, I feel sorry forTHEM. I don't know another writer who mocks his family weekly. When a writer uses his family for his material, and dives into their daily smoking, drinking, father/daughter mayhem, and dating issues.....c'mon?????!!!!!.


Gorgeous and curious
Please See:


What To Heck Was Up With Joy's Odd And "Shocking" Remarks?

Joy Is Supposedly A Trained Writer And Reporter That Carefully Chooses Her Words To Craft A Story.

Yet, Even Joy's "Shocking" Remarks About The Supposedly Gorgeous Pisani Women Did Seem To Fit In To The Joe, Dan And Richard Story About Who Would Be The Next Gubernatorial Candidate.

Joy's Remarks At Our Greenwich Was Sort Of An "aha! moment".

Something Is Not Quite Kosher in Joy's story with the added blurb to reasure the Pisani women.

Joe Pisani's Taxpayer Funded Party With Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy

Really Has Voters Scratching Their Heads.

Please send your comments to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

10/27/08 Moe Comments From Joe "No Shome" About Pisani's New York Employer dilenschneider dot com ???

I don't have any inside info on the workings of Dilenschneider except he donates a lot of $ to the Diocese of Bridgeport, while at the same time thinks the Bishop is a baffoon. What I know is whenever he hosts a little gathering, those who attended remind me of the old childhood game "what's wrong with this picture?" Because the mix of folks don't seem to have any common link. And once the press starts writing, those who attended wish they hadn't.

For example, why would a guy from Darien, Dilenschneider, (registered Republican), invite Dan Malloy (big Democrat) from Stamford, and also invite Bishop William Lori, (Conservative)from Bridgeport to the same party?

Throw in Pisani, from New Haven, another Republican, and Costaregni, whose whereabouts depend on the luck of the night, and who has no party affiliation because looking for "stars in cars" is her mindless passion.

Why? Why? Why?

The library in Stamford SOLD TICKETS to a going away party for Mr. Pisani? Doesn't it seem odd that his friends didn't just throw their own party, like they did for the former newspaper owner?

This was not a tribute, this was a political ploy using town funds. Was it to drum up business for Dilenschneider's little PR firm? I doubt it. In the PR world, that firm is virtually unknown and useless. I'll have to ask my friend, who does real PR in NY, and get back to you on that.

I can only make sense out of that which appears sensible. And this isn't even close.

Joe (no shmoe)

Please See Joe - NoShmoe's Previous Comments:


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