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Saturday, September 13, 2008

09/13/08 Solar Power At Greenwich Academy

Rocky Hill, Conn., September 11, 2008– The Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF) today announced that the Greenwich Academy solar photovoltaic (PV) array it helped to fund is installed and successfully operating. The 27.6-kilowatt array ...


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09/13/08 The Raw Greenwich Blog And RSS Feed For Saturday

Today's Featured Greenwich Blog From Pastor Nick Uva
At Harvestime Church On King Street

You see the lion creeping through the thicket full of cunning; but sheep have none. “Poor, simple sheep,” we say; and God’s people are a simple people. Like Nathaniel of old, we may say of them, “Behold an Israelite indeed in whom is no guile.” Those who are crafty and cunning, betray but very little of the spirit of Jesus. Jesus was no dupe for knaves, but at the same time, a fool was safe in his hands; and so with the Christian, he is not to be so foolish as to be the prey of every deceiver, but he is to be so generous that the most foolish shall never be wronged, or have advantage taken of them by him. The lambs bear this character as well as the sheep; they, too know no guile.From a sermon entitled "The Lambs And Their Shepherd," delivered November 15, 1863.

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For What It's Worth
No good news here

A friend with reliable sources has given me very bad news concerning Sally O'Brien. I won't pass it along in the hope it's false but her friends might want to make inquiries ...

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For What It's Worth

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The Blonde Excuse
Boston - Sorry I haven't updated pictures in a little while. I'd like to give a better explanation, but I'm in a big hurry to leave my house because Brent and I are g...
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Greenwich Diva
Senator Ted Stevens lawyers got Federal Prosecutor Brenda Morris really pissed off. Ms Morris says “Just because he has ‘U.S Senator’ in front of his name doesn’t mean we have to drink from the fire hose every time they call” - JESSE J. HOLLAND AP News Sep 12, 2008 16:10 EST Testy lawyers on Friday battled over what to call Sen. Ted Stevens’ house, what pictures jurors will see o...
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Exit 55
Greenwich 47, Bridgeport Central 13 - The title says it all. It was 14-13 Central at one point in the second quarter after the Cardinals had taken a 13-0 lead. Eric Camacho scored three times -...
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Tribune Company's Greenwich News Feed
State Fights FAA Traffic Plan - The state attorney general and other officials in four Northeastern states have asked a federal court to halt a new air traffic plan for the region, citing...
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Greenwich Library Today's Events
Baby Lapsit Registration - *When:* Saturday September 13th, 2008 - All Day Open enrollment begins August 18 for Baby Lapsit for infants up to 12 months with a caregiver. Five-week Fa...
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Greenwich News
'Sleepy' driver charged with DWI in White Plains - Tapping on the window didn't work. Neither did opening the car door and tapping on his shoulder.
17 hours ago

Ed's First Blog
The 2008 HOWL! Festival (Part Two) - Above, you can see the "temperance" arch where festival personnel encoraged people attending to partake in giving "spontaneous" poems and commentaries. ...


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Rock Star Diary
World Famous DJ Jorge Castillo's Birthday Bash - Late last month our hero and favorite muse, World Famous DJ Jorge Castillo, celebrated his birthday bash at Saint's & Sinners in Los Angeles. He decided to h...
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Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter
But, I do want to forget 9/11 - Some columnists are decrying that there isn't as yet a 9/11 official Memorial in Manhattan. Maybe there isn't because we prefer to forget than remember. If w...
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The Perrot Memorial Library Blog
Awesome Tree Contest - The Greenwich Tree Conservancy and the Town of Greenwich is sponsoring an "Awesome Tree Contest" in collaboration with Garden Education Center, Bruce Mus...
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Sarah Darer Littman - Politics Above the Parapet At Our Greenwich
The more things change, the more they remain McSame - As an author of books for teens, I’m a firm believer that fiction can help young people work through feelings and situations without having to experience t...
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Greenwich Gossip
"Greenwich is not under marshal law" - The local rag, AKA *Yellowwich Time*, strikes again. Today's front page carries the blooper that adorns today's blog title. Further proof, if any were need...
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Greenwich Guy
The Left Attacks - So now the Left Wing wackos like Greenwich Diva are suggesting that Sarah Palin is the grandmother of Trig, her youngest child, suggesting that she is cove...
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Nice one, Bill - There were times during the primary season where I thought Bill Clinton was losing his marbles. But the guy was right on tonight. Great speech, delivered w...
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Coming soon… - In the very near future, OurGreenwich.com looks forward to bringing you exciting local content from well-known journalists and columnists. Stay Tuned…
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Coming soon… - In the very near future, OurGreenwich.com looks forward to bringing you exciting local content from well-known journalists and columnists. Stay Tuned…
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Coming soon… - In the very near future, OurGreenwich.com looks forward to bringing you exciting local content from well-known journalists and columnists. Stay Tuned…
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Pray Connecticut
Move of the Holy Spirit in Salem, Massachusetts - I've just become aware of a move in Salem, Mass. with claimed healings. Meetings are being held at Wesley United Methodist Church, 8 North Street in Salem....
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The Greenwich Blog
Double Exposure: Aerial Photographs of Glaciers Then and Now. July 12, 2008 - October 26, 2008 - An exhibition of paired large-format photographs of mountains and glaciers, recorded in the early to mid-1900s and again from 2005 to 2007, that document t...
2 months ago

Sarah Darer Littman - It's My Life and I'll Blog If I Want To


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09/13/08 The Undisputed News Champion: No One Has More Greenwich News Than Greenwich Roundup!!!!

“Space Chimps” plays at the Pleasant Valley Drive-In.

New York Times

WHEN Thomas Intrier searched the Internet for an outdoor movie theater, he came across the Pleasant Valley Drive-In. Just a bend-in-the road in the state’s northwest corner, it was a two-hour drive from his Greenwich home. But for Mr. Intrier, 49, the trek was worth it to share a slice of Americana with his children.

Drive-ins, an American institution that turned 75 this year, are fewer and farther between these days. Yet, outdoor theater fans — spurred by nostalgia and pining for the past — are willing to travel the distance to experience what seems destined to go the way of carhops.

“I wanted my kids to have the same experience I did as a kid, because I know the drive-in may not be around for long,” Mr. Intrier said. “There are fewer and fewer of them.”
In the back seat, his three children, dressed in pajamas, popped in and out of the sunroof like a trio of prairie dogs.

As dusk crept over the grassy lot, a steady stream of S.U.V.s, minivans and pickups rumbled in, holding legions of children with sleeping bags and pillows. They would be up late watching “Space Chimps” followed by “The Dark Knight.”

Within a half-hour the place was packed, and a tailgate party ensued, with adults unpacking coolers, unfolding lawn chairs and unfurling blankets. Under the screen tower, a rag-tag group of young boys ran wild. Smudge pots kept away the mosquitoes.

Young and old converged here for the same reason, and it wasn’t just for the hot dogs and a double feature.

These Stories Are Not On The Greenwich Citizen, Greenwich Post Or The Greenwich Time's "So-Called" News Websites Today.

Maybe they will go up on Sunday, Monday Or Maybe Never Appear At The Other "So-Called" Greenwich News Websites.

Darien Times

Greenwich did a great job with an outstanding effort,” Wave long-time coach Laurie LaRusso reportedly said. “As far as the streak is concerned, ...

Danbury News Times

He is employed at Nestle Waters North America in Greenwich. After a wedding trip cruise to Belize, Honduras and Cozumel and a resort in Mazatlan, ...


History Program at the Convent of the Sacred Heart, in Greenwich, Connecticut, where she organized the school's symposium on Educating Women for Peace. ...

Darien Times

... Greenwich High School, Hillside Road; • 9 to 2 on Oct. 4, , ...

SunJournal.com, ME

Ironically, Mary probably would have contributed more to the world by putting on yet another charity luncheon at her Greenwich mansion....

Hartford Courant

This year, the opponent, Himes, is a well-financed Greenwich executive, a former Goldman Sachs banker who attended Harvard and is a Rhodes Scholar. ...

Lower Hudson Journal news

It has real intimacy, almost like a coffeehouse - that old Greenwich Village coffeehouse vibe. The audience is always very attentive. ...

Connecticut Post

GREENWICH — So much can change in seven years, but in the world of FCIAC girls volleyball there has been one constant over that time — Darien did not lose. ...


Reliever Scott Schoeneweis visited the injured Wagner -- who is recuperating from Tommy John surgery -- Friday at his home in Greenwich, Conn., ...

The Associated Press

The Connecticut towns involved in the new legal brief include New Canaan, Greenwich, Redding and Westport. Other plaintiffs include Rockland County, NY; ...

AMTOnline.com, MD

Greenwich, CT Greenwich AeroGroup, Inc. today announced that effective immediately Gerald Goguen has been named Executive Vice ...

Hartford Courant

He began his career as an assistant at Tamarack CC in Greenwich before going to Pine Valley, where he has worked with members of the high school teams at ...

Power Finance and Risk

Bank of America, Deutsche Bank and RBS Greenwich Capital were joint-bookrunning managers of the company's debut $500 million bond issue in 10-year notes, ...


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09/13/08 The Raw Grenwich Business News Feed For Saturday


A judge has given the makers of Hostess Twinkies an additional four months to work out a new plan for exiting four years of bankruptcy.

U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge Jerry Venters on Friday approved Interstate Bakeries Corp.' s motion to extend the deadline of its debtor-in-possession financing package to Feb. 9. The judge also agreed to let the Kansas City-based company borrow an additional $79 million under the financing arrangement.

Attorneys for Interstate Bakeries say the company is close to working out an arrangement in which New York-based Ripplewood Holdings and Greenwich, Conn.-based Silver Point Finance will provide the company with money to operate after leaving bankruptcy.

In a news release, Interstate Bakeries said a group including Ripplewood and Silver Point would provide a total of $469 million for a reorganized Interstate Bakeries...

Journal News

Woodard & Curran, White Plains, an engineering, science and operations company, has announced the following promotions: Jason Eisenhuth, Greenwich, Conn., to regulatory specialist ........


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09/13/08 Greenwich Time News Links For Saturday

Behind The Times:

Greenwich Time Editor David Warner Is Still Clueless About School Board Member Michael Bodson's Hamilton Avenue School Email Concerning Mold

Please See Greenwich Post Story:

Firefighter Rob Despres, left, and Lt. Lester Gilman, on truck, test a dry hydrant at the Ernest Seton Thompson Boy Scout Reservation in June 2007. The town is investing in more dry hydrants and cisterns to provide water to fight fires in the backcountry.

(Greenwich Time Photo)

water supply to fight firesThe fire department has completed phase one of a five-year project aimed at building an extensive system of dry hydrants and underground cisterns to help firefighters tap into water sources in dry areas of the backcountry, officials said

Fire Inspector John Fronio said six new dry hydrantswere put into place as of August with plans for more in the works....

..."If the town spends a million dollars in the next 10 years for all this dry hydrant work, and we can save one life, don't you think it's worth it?" said Fronio.

"The basic ingredient for firefighting is water, and we are at a loss without it," said Kick. "These hydrants drastically improve our firefighters' effort in the backcountry."

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has scheduled a meeting in Wilton Monday to outline details of a lawsuit against the Federal Aviation Administration over its flight path redesign plan.
The state and a coalition of towns and cities are asking the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit to order the FAA to redesign a new flight plan that would reroute some takeoff and landing patterns for Westchester County and LaGuardia airports over lower Fairfield County....

...That report also found that the FAA took the proper steps to educate the public about the plan and "acted reasonably in not analyzing the indirect environmental effects of potential growth" resulting from the new routes.

The meeting will be held at the Wilton Library and is to start at 7:30 p.m.

Skip Potts, 29, trekked through the Greenwich area Thursday as part of a cross-country walk to draw attention to what he calls educational inequality in this country.

"A lot of schools are under-resourced, they don't have funding, they don't get the attention that they need," Potts said. "I think people are aware of the problem with public education, but it's happening in a lot of places where they never go."

Potts, a California native, said he was always interested in seeing the country and felt there was no better way than to walk it. Once he decided to make the trip from Boston to Los Angeles, he felt it was a good opportunity to bring attention to education....

...The most he has walked in a day so far is 54 miles - an accomplishment that left him feeling sore and exhausted, Potts said. The experience of that day, however, served as a metaphor for what he is walking for, he said.

"All day people were passing me in cars. They can do the same trip in under an hour, and for me it's a great accomplishment," he said.

"I feel like I am someone in a car. I've gotten all the tools that you get from education, and all the benefits, but for a lot of kids who don't get a quality education, just learning to read is like walking the 54 miles."

Before Potts began his walk, he applied to form a charity called People for Educational Equality (PFEE). He hopes his walk will raise money for the charity to initiate and grow programs for schools in need.

For more information on Potts' walk and the charity, visit http://www.pfee.org/ .

By Colleen Flaherty Staff Writer At just over a half-mile long, Greenwich Avenue now boasts eight different construction sites - a fact that many residents and merchants couldn't care less about but leaves some fuming.

Smaller projects are the least controversial.

Melissa Pignatelli, sales associate at Claire's at 344 Greenwich Ave., said the yellow scaffolding outside her building has been up since she started working there last week. But she didn't think it was affecting customer foot traffic. The scaffolding extended to Katzenberg's Express next door, which wasn't hurting for business at lunchtime Tuesday; customers were walking in and out while several babies gnawed on bagels in the window.

Betsy Mitchell, behind the desk at the Christian Science Reading Room, also was unfazed by the scaffolding in her storefront.....

...Further up the Avenue, directing traffic at West Elm Street, Police Officer Peter Silberheisen, reflected on its longest standing construction project, what used to be Da Vinci's Ristorante, which is slated to become a bank. The construction site extends into the sidewalk and forces pedestrians into a narrow scaffolded sidewalk.

"The way it's set up, it's tight for pedestrians," said Silberheisen. "But they keep it clean and and pretty free and open. If people are complaining about it, it's because it's an eyesore more than anything else."

Isack Achunov, owner of Jewelry by Rose, two stores up from the site, said he couldn't be more wrong.

"Of course it affects our business, like her," he said, pointing to a woman walking in the street past his store, presumably to avoid walking under the scaffolding. "At first they said it would be a year, and now it's a year and a half."

Planning and Zoning Commission Chairman Donald Heller said that such projects must be completed within three years of his body's approval.

But, said Achunov, the bank will continue to negatively affect business once it opens, as banks don't generate foot traffic.

"We need some retail," he said. "We don't need more banks. Banks should go on the side streets." ...

The doubters will tell you that between the injuries, the tough schedule and the graduation of last season's star-studded senior class, the perennial powerhouse Greenwich Cardinals are due to fly south in the standings this year.

A panel of deal makers said Friday that mergers and acquisitions still are taking place, but lenders are being more cautious because of the lagging economy.
Pravin G. Dalvi, 27, of 60 Strawberry Hill Ave., Stamford, was arrested and charged with driving under the influence early Friday morning, police said.

Dalvi was observed driving erratically while heading east on Ritch Avenue near Byram Shore Road at 3 a.m., according to a police report.

Officers detected an odor of alcohol on Dalvi's breath and he failed a series of sobriety tests, police said. Dalvi was taken to the Greenwich Police Department, where he was charged and released to the care of a friend after posting a $250 bond, police said.

He was scheduled to appear Friday in state Su perior Court in Stamford, according to the report.


Nikolla Syla, 30, of 109 Tresser Blvd., Stamford, was arrested and charged with simple trespass and disorderly conduct after police received a report of a prowler at a Porchuck Road home Wednesday night, according to a police report.

Officers arrived at 54 Porchuck Road around 8:30 p.m. to find Syla near the location, police said. Syla admitted to being at 54 Porchuck Road and an investigation determined he had been looking in the back window of the home, police said. He was placed under arrest and charged, police said.

Syla was unable to post his $1,000 bond, according to the report. Information on Syla's court date was unavailable.


James A. Bonaventura, 51, of 7 Willowmere Ave., Riverside, was arrested and charged with driving under the influence Wednesday morning following a motor vehicle stop on East Putnam Avenue, police said.

The suspect was initially stopped for disobeying a steady red traffic signal, but the officer observed Bonaventura with bloodshot, watery eyes, according to the police report. Bonaventura failed a field sobriety test at the scene, police said.

Bonaventura was also charged with failure to obey a steady red signal, police said.
Bonaventura was released on a $250 bond and is scheduled to appear in state Superior Court in Stamford on Sept. 17, according to police.


Robert Fraser, 23, of 342 North Ave., New Rochelle, N.Y., was arrested at a post office at 310 Greenwich Ave. on Wednesday afternoon and charged with first-degree forgery, third-degree larceny and criminal attempt related to bad checks, police said.

Police responded to the post office after learning a man had attempted to cash forged money orders, police said. Upon arrival, police located the suspect and took him into custody, police said.
Fraser attempted to cash three postal money orders in the amount of $970. 35, police said. He was released on a $200 cash bond and is scheduled to appear in state Superior Court in Stamford on Sept. 16, police said.


Police arrested two Bronx, N.Y., men Wednesday afternoon after they attempted to obtain a $2,400 cash advance at the Chase Bank on Sound Beach Avenue using a fraudulent Visa card, according to a police report.

Robert Henderson, of 2001 Hermany Ave., and Jamal Anderson, of 1600 Rosavelt Ave., received multiple charges as a result of the incident, police said.

The arrest was made after a personal banker approached an officer, who was directing traffic, to inform him that Henderson had approached the counter attempting to receive the funds, police said. The bank employee said that the bank had received a fraud alert from another bank in Westchester County, N.Y., of a similar incident that day, police said. The suspect, who was described as a tall male wearing a blue baseball cap, became nervous as the employee began to grow suspicious of him and quickly left the bank, police said.

As the bank employee and the officer spoke, they noticed the suspect walking quickly down Sound Beach Avenue, police said. The officer followed the suspect into the parking lot of 280 Sound Beach Ave., where the suspect was observed getting into a gray Toyota Avalon with New York registration, driven by Anderson, police said. The officer ordered Anderson to stop and obtained his New Jersey driver's license, according to the police report.

A check revealed Anderson had provided a fraudulent identification card and later provided his correct name, police said. Police also seized an expandable metal baton from the trunk of the car, according to the police report.

Henderson was charged with third-degree larceny, third-degree conspiracy to commit larceny and weapons in a motor vehicle, police said. He appeared in court Thursday and is being held on a $25,000 bond, police said.

Anderson was charged with third-degree larceny, second-degree forgery and criminal impersonation. Information on his bond and court date was not available Thursday evening.

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