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Sunday, March 21, 2010

03/21/10 Jime Himes Reports That Universal Health Care, Passed

Jim Himes for Congress

We just passed the most important piece of legislation in a generation. When the President signs this bill, children will no longer be denied coverage because they have diabetes or once had an asthma attack, small businesses will get a 35% tax credit to help them provide insurance to their employees, and seniors will see immediate help for prescription drugs purchased in the donut hole. The health care reform we passed today will rein in costs, make coverage more accessible, and end the shameful practice of denying people coverage because they or a loved one gets sick. That's why I supported this legislation.

I know this was one of the most important votes that I will ever take. Not only will this historic legislation lower costs, improve quality and rein in the insurance industry - it's also the largest deficit-reduction package in nearly two decades. The bill contains nearly every tested idea for controlling growth in health care costs, including new requirements for insurers to disclose and justify premium increases, new insurance exchanges to promote competition, and historic new incentives for wellness and preventive care. Watch me discuss what else this groundbreaking legislation does in this video:

Jim Himes discusses Health Care

But I also know that taking a stand against the status quo means that I will be under constant attack from special interests from now until November. If you thought the millions spent communicating misinformation these past few months leading up to this landmark vote was intense, just wait until you see what's next. Opponents of reform are ready to unleash an unprecedented barrage of smears and falsehoods against me because of my vote.

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03/21/10 Fox News Boy Charlie Gasparino Has No Comment About Teri Buhl's Firing At The Greenwich Time When Greenwich Roundup Called Him Up

Fox News Reporter Charlie Gasparino Is Running Form Media

Greenwich Roundup just went online at got Mr. Gasparino's phone number and address online by searching for his wife's name at WhitePages.com

Charlie Gasparino Celebrity Has Made His Wife A Public Figure.

Please See:

CNBC star profiles ......Married to Virginia Juliano, director of online marketing for Showtime cable channel who has MBA (2004) from NYU. Lives in Stuyvesant Town.

Blood on the street: the sensational inside story of how Wall ... - Google Books Result
Charles Gasparino - 2005 - Business & Economics - 355 pages Acknowledgments I could never have written this book without the support of some key people, first and foremost, my wife Virginia Juliano, who was there ...

Amazon.com: Profile For Virginia Juliano: Reviews
.....Although I may be a bit biased (since I am married to the author), I know first-hand just how much time, effort and intensive research went into this very ambitious book.

These are just 3 of the 5,650 Google results for Virginia Juliano Gasparino.

Another Google listing gave Greenwich Roundup the following information

6 Vanderbilt Ave
Norwalk, CT 06854-3833
(203) 853-2961

Greenwich Roundup called the number and asked Mr. Gasparino about his involvement in getting Greenwich Time reporter Teri Buhl fired.

Mr. Gasparino declined to comment and refered Greenwich Roundup to a Fox News PR person named Kalye Cronin.

It looks like Greenwich Roundup might have to get out his video camera and go to Norwalk and catch Mr. Gasparino in a
Fox News type of ambush interview to ask him about his calling up Hearst Newspaper president Steven Swartz about Ms. Bulh.

Here Is The Public Property Record For The Gasparino's 4 Bedroom 1 1/2 Bathroom Home At 6 Vanderbilt Avenue In Norwalk. It Even Has A Google Satellite Map

This Sattlite Maps Is Definately A Great Tool For Helping Greenwich Roundup Select Which Tree He Will Hide Behind Before He Sneaks Up On Charlie "The Gas Bag" Gasporino With A Hand Held Video Camera.


Hearst Newspaper Editor David McCumber
Has Really Screwed Up Big Time

A Few Weeks Ago Hearst Newspaper Editor David McCumbers Was Praising Greenwich Time Investigative Reporter Teri Buhl On Cable TV At The Retired Men's Assassination Meeting.

Then Thin Skinned Faux News Boy Charlie "The Gas Bag" Gasporino Called Up David McCumber Falsely Claiming That Ms. Buhl Was Stalking Him, Because She Posted The Name Of The Street He Lived On.

First Of All Greenwich Time Reporters Have Had A Long History Of Reporting What Streets Public Figures Live On.

Most Recently, Peter Brant's Street Was Published By Another Greenwich Time Reporter.

Second Of All Charlie Gasporino Is A Public Figure Who Is In The Public Domain, Because He Appears Regularly On National Television.

Third Of All Mr. Gasporino's House Number, Street Address And Phone Number Is In The 411 LDA - Local Directory Assistance Public Database And Is Available On Multiple Internet Websites.

Fourth Of The Mr. Gaspirino Who Is A Public Figure Never Paid To Have His Number Not Listed In The 411 LDA - Local Directory Assistance Public Database.

So Basically, Hearst Newspaper Editor David McCumber Has Fired Investigative Reporter Teri Buhl For Reporting The Name Of The Street Name For A Public Figure Who Appears On Television.

In Hollywood They Sell Maps With The Street Addresses Of Public TV Figures Marked With Cute Little Stars.

Further This Public Figure's House Number, Street Address And Phone Number Is In The Public Domain And All Over The World Wide Web.

If Hearst Newspaper Editor David McCumber Was Half As Smart, As He Thought He Was, Smart He Would Tell Ms. Buhl That There Had Been A Big Mistake

Then He Would Beg Ms. Buhl To Come Back At The Greenwich Time Before She Speaks To A Lawyer Who Specializes In Employment Issues.

At The Very Least Hearst Newspaper David McCumber Should Give Ms. Buhl Copies Of Her Reporting As Part Of Her Severance Package.

If McCumber Is Not Professional Enough To Get Ms. Buhl These Copies And Offer Her Some Severance ASAP, Then He Will Most Likely Get The Hearst Corporation Involved In A Very Expensive Lawsuit.

The Hearst Corporation And David McCumber Owe The Greenwich Time Readers An Explanation On Why All Of Teri Buhl's Online Blog Archive Was Taken Down And If It Will Be Back Up.

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03/21/10 Mom of two is now following you on Twitter!

Mom of two (LHawk25) is now following your tweets on Twitter.

A little information about Mom of two:

147 tweets
following 132 people

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03/21/10 The Raw Greenwich News Feed: Afternoon Edition

The Latest News Reports About Greenwich

Greenwich Historical Society offers quilt history symposium
Norwalk Plus Magazine
By Greenwich Historial Society The Greenwich Historical Society will host a daylong historic quilt symposium on March 27 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Held in ...
High school scoreboard for March 20
Waterbury Republican American
Greenwich (Thom Lautenbach, Tony Martir, Michael Dustin, John Nietzel), 1:36.71; 3. Fitch (Emmett Dignan, Luke Watson, Henry Kietzman, Tom Rowland), ...
Claudia's Corner: Recycling is green and saves greenbacks, too
Times Herald-Record
Steve Feldman, founder and president of the company, observed the demolition of a 10000-square-foot Rockefeller estate mansion in Greenwich, Conn., ...
Novell rejects Elliott bid, will assess options
On Saturday, Blue Harbour Group, the Greenwich, Conn., investment firm, which holds 4% of Novell, said it supported Novell's board in rejecting the proposal ...
New England Hockey Journal
BC works overtime for crown
New England Hockey Journal
Mainehad plenty of opportunities to cut the lead during the period, including the 5-on-3 that lasted a minute and a half after Greenwich, Conn., ...
St. Paul's Martin Wins 2 State Open Swim Titles
Hartford Courant
Greenwich, Fairfield Prep, Xavier-Middletown and Ridgefield rounded out the top five. Manchester's Christian Brindamour won the 50 freestyle in 21.05 ...
Closing the circle
This weekend, Dini Mallory of Greenwich and Old Lyme is in Brandau watching and hoping that a careful excavation of the crash site will unearth the plane ...
Pomperaug swims to State Open crown
Waterbury Republican American
And it got even better as the Panthers surged to the CIAC State Open title by compiling 489 points, well ahead of second-place finisher Greenwich (402) at ...
Former Knicks basketball star wows children at Norwalk YMCA
The Hour
Houston, a Greenwich resident, said he wanted to do some kind of charitable work in Norwalk, and he thought promoting the YMCA was the perfect cause. ...

Greenwich In The Blogosphere

NY Times bestselling author comes to Greenwich ...
By gb
The Greenwich Library and Just Books welcome Pulitzer Prize-winning and #1 New York Times bestselling author Anna Quindlen to the Greenwich Library as she introduces her new novel, Every Last One. .... Greenwich Blog :: The Blog of... - http://greenwichblog.com/
Greenwich Roundup: 0321/10 The Raw Greenwich News Feed: Overnight ...
By Greenwich Roundup
No. 1 Gettysburg Mauls Muhlenberg for Best-Ever Start LaxPower. Junior defenseman Tommy Barnett (Greenwich, Conn./Brunswick School) caused two turnovers and led all players with five ground balls for the Bullets. ....
Greenwich Roundup - http://greenwichroundup.blogspot.com/
Report Card on the Power Failure – Our Greenwich
By franktrotta
by franktrotta. Now is your chance to "grade" the performance of the major players during the recent power failure. Take the survey by clicking here ...
Our Greenwich - http://ourgreenwich.com/
Birth s - Norwalk News - The Hour - Norwalk's Newspaper
By Staff
Aaron and Aryn Marsh of Greenwich announce the birth of a son, Ralph Paul Marsh, Feb. 3 at Stamford Hospital. . ...
The Hour Headlines - http://www.thehour.com/

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03/21/10 Hearst Newspaper Vice President Lincoln Millstein Has Blood On His Hands

Shame, Shame, Shame On Lincoln Millstein

Hearst Newspaper Vice President Lincoln Millstein, asked Greenwich Time investigative reporter Teri Buhl, "What did you do to Gasparino? After Charlie Gasparino called Hearst Newspaper President Steven Swartz.

Millstien warned Buhl not to write negative reports about Gasparino before she was fired and her blog archive was taken down from the Greenwich Time website.

It is clear that the secretive Hearst corporation is afraid of Charlie Gasparino.

Right now brave young men and women, who have sworn to defend the constitution, are shedding their blood in two overseas wars, while cowards like Lincoln Millstein and Charlie Gasparino say forget about freedom of the press.

It is disgusting that Lincoln Millstien doesn't have the journalist balls to put Teri Buhl's blog archive back up.

Lincoln Millstien looks like the village idiot of Greenwich Connecticut as he pulls down whole sections of his website, because he is afraid of one asshole.

Everyone is laughing at the paper tiger known as Lincoln Millstien who is kowtowing to a dirt bag like Charlie Gasparino.

Lincoln Millstein has lost what little creditability he had in Greenwich as the local rags readers give the Hearst Vice President two thumbs down.
Lincoln Millstein has given the Hearst Corporation another black eye.
It’s well known that Charlie Gasparino likes getting into mini-feuds with reporters who write about him, it just a shame that Lincoln Millstein was too stupid to know what was really going on.
Greenwich is a global business center and the Hearst corporation had one hard nosed reporter willing to write critically about its funds, brokers and businesses, the cowardly Licoln Millstien screwed everything up.

Nothing Has Changed At The Greenwich Time

Decades Of Media Compliant Operations In Greenwich

Everyone remembers how former Greenwich Time Editor Joe Pisani commissioned an investigative report on who killed Martha Moxley and then refused to publish it for ten years, because members of the powerful Kennedy clan threatened the local rag.

That's why local blogger Bill Clark calls so-called news paper the "Yellowich Time"

Personally, I like to call it the Green Kitty Litter Liner.



CNBC's Charlie Gasparino Drops F-Bomb - charlie gasparino - Gawker

That's what Charlie Gasparino, CNBC's loudmouthed on-air commentator did. ...

Shame, Shame, Shame On Charlie Gasparino

If He Can't Take The Heat He Should Get Out Of The Kitchen

YouTube - Strange Charlie Gasparino

CNBC's Dylan Ratigan and Charlie Gasparino have a bizarre exchange on Closing ...

Charlie Gasparino is known for being combative on-air, was reported in the Washington Post as saying that "[his] job was to rip the lungs out of the competition for Fox Business Network."

A Financial Times profile of Gasparino illustrates his combativeness, describing him as a "pugnacious pundit", citing as examples Gasparino's frequent run-is with colleagues, including then-fellow CNBC reporter Dennis Kneale and cycling star Lance Armstrong.

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03/21/10 The Greenwich First Selectman Report

First Selectman Peter Tesei In The Blogosphere

03/20/10 The Greenwich First Selectman Report - Connecticut ...
The Latest News Reports About Greenwich First Selectman Peter Tesei Police promote four following six-year hiring freeze Greenwich Post First Selectman ...
Supports News - Connecticut - Fwix
Greenwich Roundup - Today one of the many ladies that run First Selectman Peter Tesei's Office was rude to a Greenwich resident who wanted to make an ...
Thousands In Connecticut Remain In Dark After Storm - WCBS ...
Selectman Peter Tesei says this was no ordinary storm. "Mid-August storm, the lightning storm that took out a couple of trees and knocked down a few poles, ...

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03/21/10 Hearst Newspaper Cover Up: Thin skinned Faux news reporter gets Greenwich Time Investigative Reporter Teri Buhl fired?

Shame Shame Shame On Hearst Newspaper Editor David McCumber

Teri Buhl, hasn't just been fired from her job at Greenwich Time, a Hearst newspaper in Connecticut; her entire archive of blog entries there has disappeared, leaving only a message saying "This blog has been archived or suspended". It's as though Hearst wanted not only to fire her, but to make it seem as though they'd never hired her — although there is still an archive of stories she wrote for the newspaper itself.

What caused this vindictive and aggressive behavior towards a reporter who is, after all, now going to be looking for freelance work based on the quality of her clips? To erase all of those clips is harsh punishment indeed, which would only be conceivably justifiable if there were very serious questions indeed over the accuracy of lots of her work.

But in fact, according to Buhl, when she was fired on Thursday by David McCumber, the editor in chief, the reasons he gave for firing her were mainly about the rough quality of her writing, and the fact that it needed a lot of editing.

But the truth is that Hearst Newspaper Editor David McCumber praised Buhl's reporting on at a Greenwich Retired Men's Association meeting that was recorded for the local cable TV channel.

Hearst Newspaper Editor David McCumber needs to stop running scared and grow a pair of journalistic balls.

Hearst Newspaper Editor needs to tell Greenwich Time readers what's going to happen to Bulh's blog archive, and further explain why it was taken down.

Here is the truth that Hearst Newspaper Editor David McCumber is hiding from the Greenwich Time readers....

Buhl wrote about Charlie Gasparino a couple of times on the blog she was hired to write at the beginning of this year — the blog entries are now down, of course, but for the time being the Google cache can be seen
here and here.

Ms. Buhl correctly called him "Gas-bag", a common nickname which he doesn't like.

Angered, Gasparino called up the recently recently demoted and Ex-Greenwich Time Editor Jim Zebora, who is Ms. Bul's supervisor, and accused her of "stalking" him.

Charlie then called Zebora's boss, Greenwich Time Editor McCumber, and made the same complaint. Once again, he didn't get very far. And then Charlie went further still, calling Steven Swartz, the president of Hearst newspapers, again with the same complaint.

Meanwhile, another media bigwig was getting annoyed by Buhl. Buhl had written
a story about Randall Lane for Dealbreaker in July 2009, saying that he would find it difficult to sell the assets of his bankrupt company,

Doubledown Media, and that he'd given his cousin access to Doubledown's subscriber list after promising his subscribers that he would never do such a thing.

Teri wrote about Lane on her Greenwich Time blog in February (Google cache
here), and immediately Lane, too, started calling her superiors, complaining that she was "stalking" him.

Meanwhile You Can Read The Safe Type Of Reporting That

David McCumber And Steven Swartz Likes Here:

Television tabloid host Jerry Springer was seen in a late morning last week at Starbucks on Greenwich Avenue.

The Business Insider

Janet Tavakoli's next target is Charlie Gasparino, who she just slugged at the Huffington Post with the article below. We look forward to Charlie's response ...

Gasparino Vs. CNBC: "It Is My Job To Turn This Into A Barroom Brawl"
Mediaite.com -
Steve Krakauer

Charlie Gasparino made his official debut on FBN yesterday, appearing on several programs as well as Fox ...

Barron's (blog) -
Tiernan Ray
Barry Ritholtz writes on The Big Picture today that Fox Business's Charlie Gasparino, at the time with CNBC, owes Ritholtz an apology for defending Fuld ...
Greenwich Blogger Chris Fountain Starts To Cover
How Cowardly Hearst Newspaper Editor David McCumber
Fired Greenwich Time Investigative Reporter Teri Buhl

Greenwich Time fired Teri Buhl.
Every time I hear some paean to the main stream media about the importance of maintaining its independent voice, its courage in speaking truth to power and all that rot, I snicker. My own experience and now Teri’s shows that so long as newspapers are dependent on advertisers, they will deep six anyone who offends. A newspaper without advertising is hardly a commercially viable model, of course, but so what? These folks are well past their expiration date – it passed the very first time they caved to an angry, powerful person and they can never get it back.
Buhl was hired to report on Greenwich’s financial industry – makes, sense, doesn’t it? First innovative idea the morons (formerly) on Elm Street have had in years. So that lasted three months and the editors are back to the pabulum they’ve been spooning out for decades now as they dragged their paper into irrelevancy. What are they trying to charge for today? Suzie’s Dish, of course – Jerry Springer seen in Greenwich!! That’s worth the buck-fifty they ask right there, but as a bonus, there’s an article warning those suffering from food allergies to be careful in restaurants – hard hitting reporting, no holds barred. These are words that must be said! What a crock.
Dead, defunct, obsolete and cowardly. Yet they continue to pat each other on the back and pass around prizes as though they are doing something worthwhile. They aren’t.
Here Are Some Of The Comments About
Ms. Buhl And The Greenwich Time:
Hu Nhu? says....
That is a real shame. David McCumber sounds like a gutless scum bag. Shame on him.
Christopher Fountain says .....
They are indeed gutless scum, which would be fine, if they admitted it, but it’s pathetic to see them trying to pass themselves off as journalists and crusading, brave editors in the model of some frontiersman of one hundred fifty years ago. They cling to the romantic image but sold out long ago.
Bill Clark says .....
Amen to you, Chris, and to your commenters.
AJ says ....
Too bad. I gave up reading that rag a few years ago. Wasn’t worth the recycling effort every few weeks.
Stump says ....
I hope this speeds the GT’s inevitable demise.
Cos Cobber says ....
....Just when I thought maybe Hearst was starting to “get it” it turns out they got nothing. The future of journalism is in the independent blogger. The local print rags will devolve into penny savers, only useful for the community calendar and as a wall space for those who rant via snail mail and the ‘letter to the editor.’
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03/21/10 Comment About,"Pemberwick man convicted of manslaughter; victim's family outraged" at the Greenwich Topix

Topix Greenwich
Greenwich News - March 21, 2010
Pemberwick man convicted of manslaughter; victim's family outraged (Connecticut Post)
Gerardo Lombardi, 77, on trial for killing his ex-daughter-in-law, was convicted of first-degree manslaughter Friday in state Superior Court in Stamford.

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03/21/10 The Raw Greenwich News Feed: Overnight Edition

The latest News Reports About Greenwich

Pomperaug tops Greenwich in state swimming
Stamford Advocate
Photo: Kerry Sherck / Stamford Advocate Freelance Though Greenwich High School cruised to victories in the FCIAC and Class LL championships, ...
Power play pays off: CL&P close to restoring service to all customers
Greenwich Time
After scrambling to restore power overnight, utility crews appear to be on the verge of finishing the job across Greenwich on Saturday. ...
Parade is on for Sunday
Greenwich Post
The 36th annual Greenwich St. Patrick's Parade will start at Greenwich Town Hall. The parade will proceed up Field Point Road to the Post Road, ...
What will Teixeira do now that he's comfortable?
Newsday (subscription)
He said he moved everything out of his old Dallas home and into his family's new home in the Greenwich, Conn., area during the winter.... newsday.com is now ...
GHS driver finishes strong
Stamford Advocate
Knowing that it was the final meet of his career for Greenwich High School, one of Mark O'Connell's objectives entering Saturday's State Open diving finals ...
Mass at St. Mary Church with Bishop Lori to kick off St. Patrick's Day parade
Greenwich Time
On Sunday, before the 36th annual St. Patrick's Day parade steps off from Town Hall, a Mass will be held at St. Mary Church, 178 Greenwich Ave., ...
Chubb is Named Exclusive Insurance Sponsor for Greenwich Concours d'Elegance
PR-USA.net (press release)
Chubb Personal Insurance has been named the exclusive insurance sponsor for the Greenwich Concours d'Elegance, the annual collector car event. ...
Fairfield Prep takes 3rd in State Open boys swimming
Stamford Advocate
SWC and Class L champion Pomperaug won with 489 points, while FCIAC and Class LL champion Greenwich was second with 402 points. ...
Lead Novell Shareholder Blue Harbour Group Comments on Company's Announcement
PR Newswire (press release)
GREENWICH, Conn- Private investment firm Blue Harbour Group, which owns 4 percent of Novell, Inc. (Nasdaq: NOVL), today issued the ...
Novell Says Purchase Offer From Elliott 'Inadequate'
Blue Harbour Group, a Greenwich, Connecticut-based investment firm which has a 4 percent stake in Novell, said in a statement today it supports the board's ...
State Open Swimming: St. Paul's Martin Wins 2 Titles
Hartford Courant
Greenwich, Fairfield Prep, Xavier-Middletown and Ridgefield rounded out the top five. Manchester's Christian Brindamour won the 50 freestyle in 21.05 ...
RABBIE VICKI L. AXE: Let all who are hungry come and eat
Greenwich Time
Rabbi Vicki L. Axe is the spiritual leader of Congregation Shir Ami in Greenwich. The congregation's Web site is www.congregationshirami.org.
Castillo, Slater take 10ths
The Hour
Pomperaug won the meet with 489 points, 87 ahead of FCIAC powerhouse Greenwich. Fairfield Prep (357), Xavier of Middletown (231.5) and Ridgefield (228) ...
Allan Houston celebrates family at Norwalk YMCA
Stamford Advocate
It has been a successful post-NBA career for Houston, a 15-year Greenwich resident at home with his wife, Tamara, his son, Allan Houston III, ...
No. 1 Gettysburg Mauls Muhlenberg for Best-Ever Start
Junior defenseman Tommy Barnett (Greenwich, Conn./Brunswick School) caused two turnovers and led all players with five ground balls for the Bullets. ...

Greenwich In The Blogosphere

Penalty Flag - Greenwich Real Time - Greenwich Time
By Neil Vigdor
A tattered American flag at the Greenwich Avenue war memorial. So I was out and about on this idyllic first day of spring with my dear friend, Catherine Quoma, 84, a longtime resident of the Mews here in downtown Greenwich. ...
Greenwich Real Time - http://blog.greenwichtime.com/realtime/
Partner Fudrucker to head Greenwich Democrats « For What It's Worth
By christopherfountain
Not only did the trees come down during my absence but the Demmerkrats went and put my partner/pal Fudrucker in charge of their party here in Greenwich. Fine by me – I'll listen in on all their strategery sessions held in our office and ...
For What It's Worth - http://christopherfountain.com/
UConn women's notebook: Doty excited about tournament debut ...
webmaster@technorati.com wrote an interesting post today onHere's a quick excerpt Hartford Courant UConn women's notebook: Doty excited about.
Buy Computer Store - http://www.buycomputerstore.com/
CL&P repair command center still on the job (Greenwich Time) ...
By Admin
More info...Bob Coates, the director operations for Connecticut Light & Power, stands in front of projection screens that show data from the utility company's.
Computer Repair Articles - http://www.tuckerestate.com/
iTeams - Connecticut High School Football, High School Basketball ...
Michael Dustin, Greenwich, 50.07; 2. Edward Becker, Fairfield Prep, 51.06; 3. Austin Wolff, New Canaan, 51.34; 4. Ray Cswerko, Torrington, 51.61; 5. Eric Douglas, Pomperaug, 51.89; 6. Tyler Pramer, Fairfield Prep, 52.10. ...
iTeams High School Sports blog - http://blogs.courant.com/school_zone/
Ugly spat over emergency coordinator funds is as personal as it ...
By Lincoln Millstein
Greenwich insiders say the rift had nothing to do with the money and everything to do with the man who holds the position, Dan Warzoha. The insiders say several members of the BET simply detest Warzoha. They include some of the most ...
Lincoln's Log - http://blog.ctnews.com/lincolnmillstein/

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GREENWICH GLENVILLE 2BR w/large EIK LR w/ french . :: Connecticut ...
GREENWICH GLENVILLE 2BR w/large EIK LR w/ french doors to large porch. Ht/Hw incld. Central air. $1500 +sec. 203-329-9398. ...

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