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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

08/13/08 Public Defender Howard Ehring Keeps Stomping Assistant State's Attorney Joseph Valdez's Weak Dinnertime Bandit Case Into The Ground

Bit By Bit Valdez Is Getting Stomped By Ehring


Why Didn't Assistant State's Attorney Joseph Valdez Tell The Greenwich Police Department To Get More Evidence And Better Witnesses?


"You would agree there are some wide discrepancies," Public Defender Howard Ehring asked alleged accomplice Robert Liebman

"Yes," Liebman replied.

The Story:

Testimony continues in Dinnertime trial

By Martin Cassidy

Greenwich Time Staff writer

An alleged accomplice of the Dinnertime Bandit testified that he sold jewelry given to him by Alan Golder between February and November 2007.

However, under cross examination by Public Defender Howard Ehring, Robert Liebman admitted to telling police that he gave them the false name of Neil as the person to whom he sold the jewels to protect his sister's boyfriend, a Manhattan jewelry dealer who bought the stolen items....

Please Read The Full Greenwich Time Story

So Far Prosecutor Joseph Valdes Has Presented A Case That Looks Like A Slow Motion Train Wreak.

Please See:

08/02/08 Prosecutor Joseph Valdes Falsely Claims That John Christoffersen's Testimony And Notes Are Needed To Prove Golder Is Guilty Of 10 Felonie

  • Disparate And Lazy Prosecutor Joseph Valde Wants The Associated Press To Save The Poorly Investigated Greenwich Police Department Case.
  • ”If people knew that every time they talked to a reporter they'd be talking to a state prosecutor, they'd stop talking to reporters,” New York attorney David Schulz said. “The state is trying to get the benefit of a reporter doing his job covering this case. That's exactly what the shield law does not allow.”
  • “It's a fishing expedition.”said Howard Ehring, Golder's public defender.


08/01/08 Judge John Kavanewsky Jr Would Be A Fool To Try And Weaken Connecticut 2006 Reporter Shield Law

  • Judge John Kavanewsky Jr had better tell the Connecticut States Attorney to have the Greenwich Police Department to hit the bricks and uncover another states witness. Otherwise Judge Kavanewsky is going to find his overturned decission in featured in law school text books.

Please also read:

07/17/08 When asked if anyone in the court room appeared to be the person that she described to police she said no.

  • Howard Ehring Says Greenwich Detective's Police Work Does Not Meet Judicial Standards
  • Patricia Solari identified Alan Golder a decade ago from an array of eight photos as the intruder who robbed her home in 1997. She said she only saw him for a few seconds and that he wore a ski mask and gloves.
  • "We have a photo array here that really does not meet the standard," said Howard Ehring, a public defender representing Golder.
  • Ehring said Golder's photo had a background distinctive from the other seven photos and that police presented Solari with all the photos at once, alloing her to quickly eliminate all but two based on eye color. Ehring also said the lead investigator should not have shown her the photos because of the potential for bias.
  • Solari only saw the intruder for a few seconds and was not certain of his eye color, Ehring said. He also said she felt badgered to make an identification.
  • Solari said last week she eliminated six of the eight photos quickly because their eye color was not blue or green.
  • Asked if anyone in the court room appeared to be the person she described to police, she said no. Golder, who has blond hair and blue eyes, was in court.
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08/13/08 Suspicious Package Send Three From Greenwich Plaza To The Hospital

Building evacuated after report of suspicous package

Greenwich Time, CT

Neil Vigdor and Meredith Blake

One Greenwich Plaza was evacuated shortly after 11 a.m. Wednesday after police said they received a report that a suspicious package had been found in the building.

A special operations vehicle, bomb squad truck, four GEMS ambulances and two fire trucks assembled at the scene just south of the central Greenwich train station. Several emergency personnel donned HAZMAT suits.

According to police, the incident began when a packaged opened up in the building's mailroom and a "suspicious" substance covered a mailroom worker.

That worker and two others in the mailroom at the time were being decontaminated early Wednesday afternoon, but had showed no ill effects from exposure to the unknown substance.

Officials said they were sending samples of the substance to the state Department of Health in Hartford to determine what it was.


Greenwich Plaza evacuated this morning

Greenwich Post

Breaking News
Posted 12:36 p.m., Wednesday, Aug. 13

Greenwich Plaza was evacuated this morning after what police are terming as a “suspicious package” was discovered.

A response by the fire department is ongoing and more details are not known at this time.

Police Public Information Officer Lt. Daniel Allen said that three people were transported to Greenwich Hospital for precautionary reasons, but they weren’t displaying any symptoms of toxic exposure.

The original call about the package was received at 9:49 and the people were taken to the hospital shortly after noon.

Greenwichpost.com will have more details as they become available.

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08/13/08 Greenwich Hedge Funds Not Welcome at Famed Eatery

Hedge fund managers are probably used to being considered next to various lower forms of life, but now at least one restaurateur has likened them to reality TV stars, as in, those are the kinds of people he does not want to see at his exclusive boite.

Editor-turned-restaurant owner Graydon Carter told The New York Times that the asset class and reality TV stars won’t find a welcome.

He was quoted as saying that the restaurant regularly screens out those calling from Connecticut’s 203 area code, known to be the home of many a hedge fund tycoon.

It is possible that Carter, who is the editor of Vanity Fair, might not be engaged in the kind of reverse snobbery that his exclusion list would imply. In addition to hedge fund executives, the restaurant won’t re-admit patrons who have been rude to the staff.

The Times article did not review the food, although it did note that $55 was a steep price for macaroni and cheese with truffles. Especially when hedge fund-types aren’t around to foot the bill.

An Insiders’ Clubhouse


FRAN LEBOWITZ, the New York City society commentator-at-large, tells of dining recently at the Waverly Inn & Garden in Greenwich Village.

Her companion was Toni Morrison, the winner of the 1993 Nobel Prize in literature. When the two stepped out onto the sidewalk, the paparazzi who were waiting across Bank Street were stumped.

“Hey, Fran, who are you with?” they screamed.

Ms. Lebowitz is a friend of Graydon Carter, an owner of the restaurant — so much so that her likeness adorns the Edward Sorel mural in the main dining room. Still, she sighed at the state of fame as it relates to restaurant clientele....

....His second career, which seemed like a lark, now looks more serious. Last week, he and two partners bought the Monkey Bar from the Glazier Group, which had struggled to make a go of the place for the past few years. The Glazier family has been in the restaurant business in New York for about 25 years; Mr. Carter started operating the Waverly Inn less than two years ago....

.....In fall of 2006, the Waverly Inn began seating guests. Almost two years later, in what is becoming a long-running inside gag, the place is still not officially open. The phone number doesn’t work and “preview” is printed defiantly on the top of the menu. Clearly amused by his own cheekiness, Mr. Carter says he does not know when that will change. “Oh, we’re still trying to work the bugs out,” he said.....

.....Mr. Carter, too, insists that he is a man of the people, saying that his place “will seat just about anybody.”

Insiders just call Mr. Carter’s office directly but it is in fact possible to drop by the reservations desk at the restaurant and book a table for those netherworld hours before 6:30 or after 11:15 p.m., and on weekends from June through August. (The desk takes reservations for dinner, the only time the restaurant is open, just three days ahead....

...Mr. Carter and other insiders describe the cast of regulars — known to staff members as “friends and family” — roughly as follows:

Mr. Carter’s four grown children; Ronald O. Perelman, the billionaire; the Waverly’s landlord and his children; Barry Diller, the media mogul; two dozen neighbors who live within a radius of two blocks; Robert De Niro and Gwyneth Paltrow, the actors; Mr. Carter’s next-door neighbors, the fashion designers Calvin Klein and Donna Karan, often together; and a sprinkling of writers and editors from the Condé Nast empire....

...He said he tried to avoid “any stars of reality TV and hedge fund managers. For that reason, we screen calls from the 203 area code,” he said, poking fun at chateau country in the Connecticut suburbs.

That’s not all: “I don’t like people who are rude to our waiters,” he said....

....Has anyone been blacklisted? Mr. Carter won’t say, but Mr. Varda admits that there is one group. “B-list stars who call the paparazzi from inside the restaurant,” he said. “They are not invited back.” (Privacy is so sacred at the Waverly that Mr. Varda says he has stopped a major film star from photographing his own family at dinner.) Also, waiters have been dismissed for being overly attentive to celebrities.....

....These are uncertain economic times to open a restaurant, but so far, by all accounts the Waverly Inn has been lucrative. No one will say how lucrative, of course. But the Waverly’s prices can be precious, the $55 macaroni and cheese with truffles being the most notorious example. Ever cautious, Mr. Varda says that the downturn has been felt even in his hallowed halls. “Instead of paying $4,000 for a bottle of wine, people are paying $500,” he said....

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Graydon Carter Now A Restaurant Mogul, Too

The Business Sheet, NY

Hedge-Fund Managers Are Not Welcome at the Waverly
New York Magazine

Rules Of The Waverly Inn

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08/13/08 Can't Bill And Lee Just Kiss And Make Up?

Some Times I Think Bill Clark At

Greenwich Gossip

Just Doesn't Like Ms. Whitnum Very Much

Greenwich Gossip

By Bill Clarke

Well, dear reader, the people of Greenwich have spoken, and Loopy Lee has been knocked for what one hopes is her final loop. The only astounding thing about the vote totals in yesterday's Democratic primary is that 73 other loonies apparently voted for Loopy Lee in addition to her own vote.

That is, of course, assuming that LL did not do what we were taught in grade school, namely not to vote for yourself in an election. Your scribe thinks it is possible, though perhaps not very likely, that Gentleman Jim Himes did in fact vote for his opponent out of old-fashioned sportsmanship, in which case there are only 72 certifiable loonies still at large in the Town of Greenwich.

But the damage has been done. Loopy Lee squawked loud enough and long enough to get both the local rag, AKA Yellowwich Time, and the local non-news station WGCH, otherwise known as the World's Greatest Communication Hoax, to take her seriously. Their craven kow-towing to her stridency has done our community a great disservice, spreading her hate-filled views as though they actually had a place in civilized society. Shame on the media of the Town of Greenwich for playing along as Loopy Lee's patsy!

And, of course, one of the most rational minds and skilled writers this Town has ever been privileged to call a citizen has lost her job for trying to maintain a sense of balance and fairness in this community. The local rag - which, quite appropriately, has just been taken over by the Hearst Corporation, long known for its propesnity for yellow journalism - chose to listen to Loopy Lee's malicious and largely false accusations against Sarah Darer Littman, and relieved Sarah of her long-running responsibilites on the op-ed page.

On second thought, dear reader, Loopy Lee may have won the election after all. The final score is Loopy Lee one, and the truth zero. And we are all the losers as a result.

Please Read A Related Article About Another Of Bill's Favorite Persons:

08/13/08 Boston Shocker: Search for library president narrows down to Mario


08/13/08 Lower gas prices are not worth getting excited about knowing that we're paying roughly two times what we were paying last year

Prices drop to around $4 a gallon in CT


Finally there is some relief at the pumps. Gas prices now appear to be decreasing. Many stations are posting prices well under $4 a gallon.

While many would say the pri

Finally there is some relief at the pumps. Gas prices now appear to be decreasing. Many stations are posting prices well under $4 a gallon.

While many would say the price of gas is still outrageous, they have noticed it has dropped. Some places a lot more than others.

In places like Putnam, it's as low as $3.69 a gallon while in Greenwich it's as high as $4.49....

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08/13/08 Milbank Avenue still draws opptomists

For What It's Worth

I see that yesterday two adjacent properties on Milbank Avenue, 196 and 198, went to contract. These are tear-down multi-families so I assume that a builder's planning condos on the site. Asking price for each lot was $1.6 million and, while asking and getting often aren't the same thing, it's encouraging that someone still has enough faith in the Greenwich condominium market to go to contract on this land.

The devil just whispered, "a fool and his money ..." but that's just mean.

More From For What It's Worth:
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08/13/08 Boston Shocker: Search for library president narrows down to Mario.


Two of the four candidates vying to become the next president of the Boston Public Library are women, and a third is a longtime leader of a Latino librarians’ organization....

... Amy E. Ryan, library director for Hennepin County, Minn.; and Mario M. Gonzalez, former director of the Greenwich, Conn., library, confirmed they are on the short list of candidates expected to take part in public interviews tomorrow at the central ...

...The full roster is scheduled to be disclosed tomorrow at 8 a.m., when interviews begin in a 50-seat glass-walled auditorium. The eight-member Boston Public Library board of trustees will question each candidate for about an hour, call one or more back for follow-up questions, and then begin deliberations at 3 p.m. If they fail to agree, they could continue deliberations Friday.

The entire process will be open to the public, although no one will be allowed to ask questions or provide input except the trustees. Still, it promises to be one of the most public selection processes for any Boston library chief or official in the Menino administration.

The extraordinary openness follows criticism last fall that the trustees' ouster of the former library president, Bernard A. Margolis, was orchestrated behind closed doors by Mayor Thomas M. Menino....

...Gonzalez spent nine years at the helm of the Greenwich library before resigning in May. The Greenwich library is second in circulation in New England only to Boston. During his tenure, children's programming increased, and the library and its patronage expanded, Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez left because it was time for him to move on and do other things, he said. A local newspaper, the Greenwich Time, reported earlier this year that an outside survey commissioned by the town showed poor morale among his employees. Gonzalez said that after the survey, taken by 24 of his 180 employees, he worked to build morale and improve communication.

He said that he is looking forward to the opportunity to work in "a city of neighborhoods" like Boston. "It's very diverse, and that appeals to me," said Gonzalez, an executive board member of the American Library Association and founder of the New England chapter of Reforma, a Latino librarians' organization....

From A Boston Globe Article


Mario had better hope that the 14-member search committee, which winnowed down a pool of about 160 candidates doesn't read Bill Clark's recent posting in Greenwich Gossip.

Bye, Bye, Mario

After nine years of inept "management", highlighted by the misdeeds of his unsupervised deputy, convicted thief Inga Boudreau, and his own "dictatorial, controlling, and bullying" reign of terror over the rest of the employees, library director Mario Gonzalez has finally thrown in the towel. He and the library board have fought long and hard to try to prevent a recent consultant's report, which detailed the abysmal morale at the library and the reasons therefor, from ever seeing the light of day. But you can't fight that kind of rear-guard action against the truth for very long, and on Tuesday night Mario told the board he was jumping before he was pushed.

Well, perhaps not in those exact words, but that was clearly the general idea. He will be "pursuing other opportunities," the standard formula used to gloss over a forced resignation; what those oppotunities may be and just how, with his blemished reputation, he plans to pursue them is a matter for conjecture. Mario talks optimistically of "other opportunities that will come to my door," but if your scribe were he, he would not be holding his breath.

Meanwhile, the sigh of relief that has gone up from the library staff is clearly audible. Years of tyranny and mismanagement are now behind them, and while the library board has not been noted for its brilliant choices of directors since Nolan Lushington left, there is at least a fighting chance that the next director will not be as obnoxious and inept as Mario and his predecessor Beth Mainiero (whose deputy director also made off with tens of thousands of library dollars and was likewise convicted) have been......

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08/13/08 Greenwich Post News Links For Wednesday

At Ms. Whitnum’s home, she and supporters toasted “on to better things.” She told a Post reporter that regardless of the outcome, campaigning was a wonderful experience.

This campaign was the most fun I had in my whole life but now I’m glad it’s over,” Ms. Whitnum said. “It was really so great to try and fight for things.”

Although Ms. Whitnum enjoyed her experiences on the campaign trail, she did admit that it would be nice to not having to worry about “one misstep ending up on the blogosphere.”

Himes takes primary; will face Shays

Breaking News
Updated 9:20 a.m., Wednesday, Aug. 13

By Ken Borsuk kborsuk@greenwich-post.com

As predicted, the Democratic primary contest between Greenwich residents Jim Himes and Lee Whitnum wasn’t much of a contest at all as Mr. Himes won handily Tuesday night.

According to totals Tuesday night, Mr. Himes bested Ms. Whitnum 90% to 10%.

In Greenwich, Mr. Himes received 1,079 votes to 74 for Ms. Whitnum, including absentee ballots. (See charts below for district breakdowns.)

Mr. Himes thanked his supporters at the campaign’s headquarters for the night, Black Bear Saloon in Norwalk, and said he is looking forward to focusing on the race against 4th District U.S. Rep. Christopher Shays in the general election.

Political observers consider Mr. Himes the Democrats’ best shot to unseat Mr. Shays, who has been in office for more than 20 years. Mr. Himes has already set fund-raising records among opponents of Mr. Shays.

“I love the energy we have here tonight,” Mr. Himes told the Post after arriving at his party and being mobbed by supporters. “I’ve said all along that I welcomed this primary and I’ve enjoyed all of this process. Tonight is a night for us to have a beer, but tomorrow we have to get right back out there and focus on the general election. This is an energy we need to harness for the fall.”....

Greenwich Votes by District
District Jim Himes Lee Whitnum

Democratic primary 2008 4th Congressional District

Town Lee Whitnum
Jim Himes
Official/unofficial numbers?
Bridgeport 1,017
Darien 9160
Fairfield 69
Greenwich 74
New Canaan
Oxford 9
Ridgefield 24274
Trumbull 128
Weston 10


District Totals

Results are being posted as they come in. The numbers include absentee ballots.

Please Read The Full Greenwich Post Story

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08/12/08 The Greenwich Post Is The First Newspaper In Town To Tell Christopher Shays That Jim Himes Beat Lee Whitnum In A Landslide

More Greenwich Post Articles:

Shop tax free next week

Written by Kristan Zimmer

Shop along Greenwich Avenue and you are likely spending a lot — but next week your money won’t be going to the state.

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Shays calls for offshore drilling at energy forum

Written by Chip Reid, Hersam Acorn Newspapers

Calling it the first of many, 4th District U.S. Rep. Christopher Shays went to Shelton Monday to play host to a “Community Energy Forum” at which alternate fuel ideas and heating assistance programs were the main topics.

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08/13/08 Greenwich Time News Links For Wednesday

Democrat Jim Himes speaks to a crowd of supporters at the Black Bear Saloon in Norwalk after winning the congressional primary on Tuesday night. ((Jesse Neider/Greenwich Time photographer))

Himes triumphs over Whitnum

By Greenwich Time Staff Writer Neil Vigdor,
who can be reached at neil.vigdor@scni.com or at (203) 625-4436.

NORWALK - Jim Himes dispatched fellow Democrat Lee Whitnum Tuesday with the ease of an incumbent - not a candidate making his first foray into national politics - in the first congressional primary in the 4th District in two decades....

....State Democratic Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo, who was not in attendance at festivities, called the primary a "trial run" for November.

"It just made people aware of the race that much sooner," DiNardo said in a telephone interview.

Himes echoed those comments in a brief interview before his victory speech, saying that the primary helped get him name recognition and mobilized his supporters.

"It's been a great rehearsal," Himes said.

- Staff Writer Jeff Morganteen contributed to this report.

Please Read The Full Greenwich Time Story

Low turnout at polls

By Greenwich Time Staff writer
Meredith Blake,
who can be reached at meredith.blake@scni.com
or at (203) 625-4434.

Voter turnout was low Tuesday for the 4th Congressional District Democratic primary that pitted Greenwich residents Jim Himes and Lee Whitnum against each other....

For Lucy and David Nevin, Greenwich residents for more than 46 years, coming out to vote was their civic duty.

"We like having a good person who represents us. We are concerned because we are older citizens who feel we should be better represented," said Lucy Nevin.

The Nevins voted at Julian Curtiss School.

"We always vote and stay informed. It's very important," she said.

Please Read The Full Greenwich Time Story

Please See More Election News Here And Here

By Greenwich Time Staff writer Meredith Blake,
who can be reached at meredith.blake@scni.com
or at (203) 625-4434.

Verizon Wireless wants to build a 95-foot cell phone tower in Byram Park to replace the 70-foot AT&T cell tower that is already on the site.

The AT&T tower is not tall enough to hold the antennae that additional service providers want to install, according to Kenneth Baldwin, an attorney for Verizon Wireless. Both Verizon and T-Mobile would like to use the 36 Ritch Ave. site, along with AT&T....

Please Read The Full Greenwich Time Story

Golder trial begins

By Martin B. Cassidy
Greenwich Time Staff Writer

A young woman who encountered the "Dinnertime Bandit" in the middle of a backcountry burglary 11 years ago testified that she could only give a broad description of the intruder she saw in her parent's bedroom when she was 15.

"He was white or Hispanic and he wasn't obese," May Lynch Branson testified. "He had no facial hair and didn't wear glasses."....

...During the trial yesterday, Judge John Kavanewsky Jr. barred prosecutors from asking Branson, 26, to testify if Golder resembled the prowler she witnessed rummaging through her mother's bureau during a Sept. 25, 1997, heist at her Woodside Road residence....

...Yesterday afternoon, Kavanewsky Jr. ruled that Robert Liebman, another prosecution witness and alleged accomplice, should be blocked from testifying about alleged Westchester County break-ins in which Golder was never charged, as well as any incidental knowledge of Golder's admitted past as a cat burglar....

...Investigator in the case, testified that he had quickly ruled out the notion that the "Dinnertime Bandit" spree could be the work of a reconstituted version of a former band of thieves.

Between 1969 and 1974, Dominick Latella and Peter Salerno, known as the Dinner Set Gang, burglarized wealthy estates in Greenwich and elsewhere, stealing millions in jewelry and other goods while victims were at home during the early evening.

Salerno's son, who also became a cat burglar, was not as skillful as his father, and was an unlikely culprit in the 1996-1997 heists, Abruzzini said.

"Salerno's son was a house burglar, but you didn't investigate him?" Ehring asked. "Why not?"

"His name was mentioned but quickly disqualified," Abruzzini said. "He didn't have the capacity to act as his father did."....

Please Read The Full Greenwich Time Story

Please Note: This is a big improvement over yesterday's dinner time bandit story

Memorial service Wednesday for "Fixture of the Avenue"

By Greenwich Time Staff Writer Colin Gustafson,
who can be reached at colin.gustafson@scni.com
or at (203) 625-4428.

A singer. A poet. An actor. Most importantly, a friend to everyone he met.

That's how Greenwich residents remembered Garry Clemmons, a Stamford resident who spent many years traveling to Greenwich Avenue on a near-daily basis to sing for passersby and spread his message about kindness and love....

...One of those friends was Jim Genovese, a 19-year Greenwich police officer who regularly directs traffic at Greenwich Avenue and Havemeyer Place.

Clemmons used to arrive at the corner every day around noon, he recalled, and would spend as many as four hours at a time sitting on a corner bench, "just saying 'hi' to people"...

Please Read The Full Greenwich Time Story


What Happened At The 6-year-old Greenwich resident David Archer Cohn Death case.

The story was put up on the Greenwich Time website last night at
04:17:49 PM, but it was removed.

All of these
older stories are still in the cue on the local news page, yet David Archer Cohn's story disappeared:

Twins win in Beijing

Article Launched: 08/12/2008 02:39:54 AM

Sternberg back at work

Article Launched: 08/12/2008 02:39:54 AM

Light turnout seen for Democratic vote

Article Launched: 08/12/2008 02:39:44 AM

Police blotter

Article Launched: 08/12/2008 02:40:35 AM

Thieves targeting GPS units

Article Launched: 08/12/2008 02:40:45 AM

Defrost cycle

Article Launched: 08/12/2008 02:40:44 AM

All of these stories are still on the Greenwich Time local news page but little David Archer Cohn's story disappeared. I wonder why?

Maybe This Is What Happened To Yesterday's Story

Is the Greenwich Time getting hyper sensitive about their incomplete reporting?

Did the Greenwich Time even send someone to cover the David Archer Cohn death trial story or did they just call up David Lionetti's attorney to see what happened?

Did the reporter even speak to the Cohn family attorney or prosecutors after Shoreline Pools President David Lionetti pleaded not guilty?

You would never know, because there is not one word quoted from either of them?

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