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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

04/01/08 - Things Are So Bright. We Are Going To Start Wearing Sunglasses

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04/01/08 - Greenwich Gossip: Now if only the Board of Education could learn a lesson or two from the Whitby board....

Bill Clark Of Greenwich Gossip


Bye, Bye, Michele

Recently the board of directors of the Whitby School terminated the contract of headmistress Michele Monson, which still had four years left to run. No reason given.

But then again, in your scribe's humble opinion, none needed. While your scribe has never met Michele, he can attest from first-hand experience that she is a very unpleasant person. Some years ago, soon after his local history of the Town was published, he made the rounds of the local schools. Mike Batcheller at Greenwich High School loved it, and immediately ordered 40 copies from the publisher. Every elementary school, every middle school, and virtually all the private schools decided it was a "must-have". Your scribe was always happy to inscribe them personally: "For the students of Cos Cob School, with best wishes, etc." What fun!

Until, of course, he came to Whitby School. As always, your scribe started at the top, since many heads of school followed the lead of Patsy Howard at Greenwich Academy and requested a copy for their office. "Is Ms. Monson in?" he enquired of her secretary. "Doctor Monson is on the telephone," she replied. Oops. It appeared we had a pedant on our hands.

The minutes passed. A half-hour passed. Close to an hour had passed when a burly man came up to your scribe and invited him to leave. Doctor Monson was not available, and would not be available at any time in the future. The burly man walked your scribe to his car and watched him drive off.

As he headed down Lake Avenue towards the center of Town, your scribe focused on the beauty of the autumn trees, and by the time he got home had almost forgotten that the unspeakable (and unspeakable-to) Ms. Monson existed. Almost.

But not quite. An hour or so later, his doorbell rang, and there stood two of Greenwich's finest in full uniform. They had a succinct message for him: Doctor Monson had filed a complaint that he had been trespassing at Whitby School, and he was never to show his face there again. Message delivered, the cops got into their cruiser and drove off into the sunset.

Well, dear reader, at this point your scribe was obviously not very likely to forget dear old Michele's existence. Rudeness was one thing; police action was quite another. Clearly the woman had some major issues and was in dire need of therapy. If she didn't get professional help soon, she would probably self-destruct, reasoned your scribe; and with that he consigned her to stewing in the juices of her own bad karma.

Well, obviously she never got the help she so desperately needed. After throwing her weight around and terrorizing the faculty, over 100 of whom left during her seven-year tenure, not to mention spending thousands of Whitby's dollars on frivolities like $500 hair jobs at Warren-Tricomi and $2,400 worth of baubles at Tiffany's, she has finally been shown the door just as unceremoniously as her burly minion showed it to your scribe. Who says that karma doesn't work? Not your faithful reporter, for sure.

Moreover, the Attorney General of the State of Connecticut has now opened an investigation into her free-wheeling use of school monies since June 2006, involving 14 transactions totalling more than $15,000. While the Whitby board claims this played no role in their decision to fire her, it certainly doesn't help matters from her perspective. Once karma gets up on its hind legs and starts moving, it's pretty much unstoppable.

Perhaps Michele should have taken a few minutes to read Whitby's mission statement: "Our approach to education is based on wisdom, respect and spirit: a deep, abiding respect for each individual...." Well, it would appear to your scribe that despite her vaunted doctorate, Michele can act like a pretty dumb bunny at times; nor does the widespread faculty unrest and low morale speak very well for her deep and abiding respect for individuals; on the other hand, one has to give her credit for lots of spirit in her creative uses of Whitby credit cards. It will be interesting to see what AG Richard Blumenthal's probe comes up with over the course of the next couple of months.

And so, gentle reader, let us be glad that karma obtains, as always, and that the nasties get what's coming to them sooner if not later. Congratulations to the Whitby board of directors for making it sooner in Michele's case, and not four years later. Buy out her contract and say good riddance - that's the kind of direct action we need to see more of in this town.

(Now if only the Board of Education could learn a lesson or two from the Whitby board....)


04/01/08 - Help Wanted

Employment Opportunities At

The Greenwich YWCA

Personal Trainer

Professional, self motivated, responsible individual with positive attitude and ability to explain and demonstrate fitness principles and equipment. Personal Training and CPR certification a plus. Willing to work nights. Some weekends. Call Tanya 203-869-6501 x131 or email resume to t.potrzebowski@ywcagreenwich.org

Summer Camp Specialist

• Maintain a safe and fun day camp environment.
• Coordinate and implement camp curricula, themes and activities in an age appropriate manner.
• Motivate and organize camp participants during their time at Camp TA-YI-TO.
• Possess the ability to direct and lead different age children in the course of a day.
• Possess the ability to work well with other employees.
• Experienced College students or older.
• Experience in teaching and lesson planning in a school, camp or recreation program.
• Young men and women who enjoy working with children
• References (3) needed.
Some Details:
Camp dates - June 23rd through August 15th; Monday through Friday (various days)
Camp hours - 10:00am to 3:00pm
Specialist training dates - June 21st, plus one additional day TBD.
Personal interview must be arranged and required with an application.
For further information, please contact Arthur Smith at (203)869-6501, ext. 251, or a.smith@ywcagreenwich.org

Summer Camp Counselor

  • Maintain a safe and fun day camp environment.
  • Provide leadership, guidance and supervision to groups of children in various formats and activities.
  • Motivate and organize camp participants during their time at Camp TA-YI-TO.
  • Possess the ability to work well with other employees.


  • High school sophomores, juniors and seniors or College freshmen, sophomores and juniors.
  • Young men and women who enjoy working with children
  • 16 years of age and older preferred.
  • References (3) needed.

Some Details:
Camp dates - June 23rd through August 15th; Monday through Friday
Camp hours - 9:00am to 4:30pm
Counselor training dates - June 21st, June 22nd, plus one additional day TBD.
Personal interview must be arranged and required with an application.
For further information, please contact Arthur Smith at (203)869-6501, ext. 251, or a.smith@ywcagreenwich.org.

04/01/08 - The Police Blotter - Getting Drugs Out Of Greenwich High School

Police Watch:

Police do not release the names of those 17 years old and younger because they are protected as juveniles or youthful offenders. The Post does not publish the names of those arrested in domestic violence incidents to protect the identities of the victims. The following are March 31's released arrests:

A 17-year-old Greenwich boy was arrested March 28 and charged with possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. Police had been sent to Greenwich High School after a security guard allegedly saw a group of students together exchanging money. According to police reports, the guard considered the activity suspicious and took all four students to the assistant headmaster. A small bag of marijuana was then allegedly found in the boy’s possession. A search was later conducted of his home and police reported finding drug paraphernalia. The boy was released on a $250 cash bond and is due in court April 2.

A 16-year-old Cos Cob boy was arrested March 28 and charged with possession of marijuana under four ounces and possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell. Police were sent to Greenwich High School after a boy had been detained for narcotics possession. A school security officer told police they had been told the boy had magnesium shavings in his possession and a search reportedly revealed a wood Chinese puzzle box within his backpack. The box allegedly contained 11 small bags containing marijuana, which police believed had been packaged to sell. The boy was released on a $250 cash bond and is due in court April 2.

04/01/08 - Watanabe Rains On Holzberg's Parade

Barlow High senior tennis player Jennifer Holzberg will serve as a team captain this spring.

Tennis stars make a racket


Barlow High senior Jennifer Holzberg is the sister of a state tennis champion and in the last three years has been a State Open semifinalist and finalist herself. However, when asked she explains that she will be mostly having "fun" when the high school season starts.

With a scholarship to a Division I college secured and a successful amateur career reaching new heights, it is easy to understand the joys of being a senior in your final months of school...

... As top seed in the Open, the younger Holzberg was upset in the first round by unseeded Marie Watanabe of Greenwich, who eventually was the runner-up for the tournament. However, any shock or disappointment was forgotten in a junior year that ...

04/01/08 - Greenwich Time Is Back After Crash - Eventbrite Is Gone After Crash

The Greenwich Time

RSS Feed Is Back

STAMFORD -- The bookkeeper who exposed a priest's $1 million embezzlement from his Darien parish filed a whistle-blower lawsuit late Friday, saying the church and the Diocese of Bridgeport harassed her and threatened her job after she hired a private investigator. Full Story

Car deliveries snarl traffic
Homeowners on Edgewood Drive are protesting the use of their street as an unloading zone for several West Putnam Avenue car dealerships and have asked the town to crack down on illegally-parked trailers there. Full Story

Two hundred instructional assistants and other paraprofessionals have kicked off a public education campaign to make their case for better wages and benefits. Full Story

Town to inject fungicide into Elm trees
It's not easy being green. The elm tree, a quintessential species of Greenwich and Connecticut, can certainly attest to that. Full Story


It Looks Like The Greenwich Time Dumped Eventbrite After Website Crash

04/01/08 - Is The Greenwich Time Selling Out ? - Local Paper Joins Eventbrite Affiliate Program - It's Sort Of Like Amway For Websites

04/01/08 - Someone's Trash Could Be Your Treasure !!!



Contributed by Banksville Community House

Community Tag & Bake Sale

Saturday, April 5th 9am - 4 pm

Nearly 20 vendors at this community event - Don’t miss out on a bargain!!!!! All welcome

Banksville Community House is located off North Street, north of the Merritt Parkway. Follow North Street until you see the IGA Shopping Center on left, then make your next RIGHT TURN onto Banksville Road. BCH is on the right side about a 1/4 mile up Banksville Road.

04/01/08 - Is The Greenwich Time Selling Out ? - Local Paper Joins Eventbrite Affiliate Program - It's Sort Of Like Amway For Websites

Get Ready To Start Jumping Through Hoops At The Greenwich Time

The Greenwich Time has now turned over it's front web page to a event ticketing service. So now when you go to the Greenwich Time you will be bombed with the cancer pop up, before you look at the ticketing service page that has links to the news pages.


Out Like A Lion!
By Allie

Eventbrite is an inexpensive and easy-to-use event registration and ticketing service. Yesterday, they announced the beta launch of the Eventbrite Partner Affiliate Network, which enables affiliates to earn money by referring event publishers and promoters to use the Eventbrite service.

While ticketing affiliate programs have been around since about, oh, Day 2 of the Internet, Eventbrite’s program puts a new twist on the model - an affiliate receives a cut of the revenue on every ticket sold by an event publisher who signs up for the Eventbrite service through the affiliate’s web site

If you become an affiliate partner, here’s how it works:

1. Run Eventbrite ads on your site.

2. An event promoter or publisher sees the ad, is intrigued by its promise of easy and cheap event registration and ticketing, and goes to the Eventbrite site.

3. The same event promoter learns more, says “Hey! This makes my life easier and helps me sell more tickets to my event”, and signs up to manage one of their upcoming events through Eventbrite.

4. Let’s say the event is a music festival, and 3,000 tickets are sold at $50 each through Eventbrite. The service fee for each ticket is $1.25. As the referring affiliate partner, you receive 35% of all the service fees collected (3,000 x $1.25 x 0.35), so you earn $1,312.50.


What’s that saying for the month of March, “In like a lamb, out like a lion”? While this usually applies only to the weather, March was a great month at Zvents, and a more appropriate saying for our March is “In like a lion, out like a pack of lions”!

In addition to the six partners we launched a couple weeks ago, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of four more media partners:

The Charlotte Observer: Serving Charlotte, North Carolina

Greenwich Time: Serving Greenwich, Connecticut

Santa Cruz Sentinel: Serving Santa Cruz, California

Stamford Advocate: Serving Stamford, Connecticut...

I Think This Is Sort Of Like A Poorman's Viva-Pop


Event Marketing - Zvents Blog - http://eventmarketing.zvents.com

04/01/08 - The Raw Greenwich News Feed For Tuesday

Featured Greenwich News Reports

WR Berkley to Change Ticker Symbol
Houston Chronicle - United States
AP GREENWICH, Conn. — Insurer WR Berkley Corp. on Monday said it will change its New York Stock Exchange stock ticker to "WRB" from "BER. ...

HF Investments Give Pensions Funds Confidence
Hedgeworld (subscription) - New York,NY,USA
Greenwich Associates consultant Walter Wechsler said that assets once considered on the fringe are now mainstays of the pension plan world: "When more than ...

Greenwich Flag Football League kicks off a new season
Greenwich Time - Greenwich,CT
The Greewich Flag Football League, bigger and better than ever, opened its third season yesterday at Greenwich High School. The league has grown to nearly ...

US recession seen by 70 pct of money mgrs-poll
Reuters India - Mumbai,India
About a third of the 234 fixed-income and equity investors in the survey conducted by research consultancy Greenwich Associates said they they have suffered ...

Global institutional investors fear global recession
Hedge Funds Review Magazine - London,England,UK
Almost 60% think the still-unfolding crisis will result in a global recession, according a study by US-based Greenwich Associates. ...

Greenwich surgeon to discuss chronic knee pain, prevention
Greenwich Post - Greenwich,CT
That's why orthopaedic surgeon Dr. James Cunningham of Orthopaedic and Neurosurgery Specialists and Greenwich Hospital will present, "The Aging Knee: ...

Integrative medicine center offers herb gardening series
Greenwich Post - Greenwich,CT
Recognizing the important role of herbs in holistic health care, Greenwich Hospital’s Center for Integrative Medicine will offer “How Green Grows My Garden ...

Connecticut Scenes and Artist Printmakers on Exhibit at Greenwich ...
Fairfield County Online - Bridgeport,CT
The Historical Society of the Town of Greenwich presents From Harbor to Haven: Connecticut Scenes and Artist Printmakers from the Collection of Reba and ...

The Raw Greenwich News Feed

  1. CD/Download Release: Drummer/Composer Bill Stewart Releases New CD "Incandescence" on Pirouet Records

    All About Jazz

    ... came to play in concert with soul icon James Brown. Kevin Hays was born in 1968 in New York City and grew up in Greenwich Connecticut. By the time he was 17 he was already playing piano with baritone saxophonist Nick Brignola. He has worked with ...

  2. Acquisition of SP Newsprint Co. Closes

    PR Newswire

    GREENWICH, Conn. and ATLANTA, March 31 /PRNewswire/ -- SP Newsprint Co. announced today that Peter Brant, certain related persons and his partners successfully completed the previously announced $350 million ...

  3. Cyprexx Services LLC Completes Sale of Minority Interest

    Market Wire

    ... field services work. Stone Point Capital LLC ( www.stonepoint.com ) is a global private equity firm based in Greenwich, Connecticut. Stone Point Capital, which serves as the manager of the Trident Funds, has raised more than $10 billion in committed ...

  4. Kathie Lee Gifford Returns to Morning TV


    ... babies born with HIV or a congenital crack cocaine addiction, Cassidy's Place and Cody House. She lives in Greenwich, Conn. With her husband of 21 years, sports commentator Frank Gifford, and their children Cody, 18, and Cassidy, 14. Asked what she ...

  5. Greenwich crash backing up N/B I-95 traffic into Westchester

    Journal News

    GREENWICH, CONN. - An accident in Greenwich is backing up traffic on northbound Interstate 95, WCBS 880 reports.


Today' beckons clothier
Connecticut Post, CT
The chief executive officer of Mitchells/Richards/Marshs clothing stores, which have sites in Westport and Greenwich, will be discussing his second book, ...

Elegant European Compound, Greenwich Connecticut

An atrium, a wrought iron elevator, a massage/sauna/steam room, and a lap pool are just some of the luxuries included in this Greenwich, CT property, but don’t be fooled — it’s no hotel. Rather, it’sa European-style six bedroom house ...
OpenHouse NYC - http://openhousenyc.tv

Late breaking news
by webmaster
Kids' health worries parents Greenwich Time, CT - 13 hours ago By Hoa Nguyen Gina DeMartis' son had constant headaches and occasional nose bleeds. Mina Bibeault's daughter complained of frequent headaches and burning … ...
Juvenile Fitness and Health - http://juvenilefitness.info


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