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Thursday, June 19, 2008

0619/08 Out Off Town Newspapers and Television Web Sites Once Again Scoop The Greenwich Time, The Greenwich Post And The Greenwich Citizen (Updated)

Breaking News:

Once Again The Out Of Town Associated Press Scoops The Local News Papers On The Millionaire Murder Mystery Case

Judge unseals parts of Kissel affidavits
Newsday, NY

A state judge is unsealing portions of arrest warrant applications filed by police investigating the killing Greenwich developer Andrew Kissel. ...

Affidavits: assets sold off before Kissel's death

Hartford Courant

Connecticut Coverage Advisory



Local News


... 19, 2008 Updated 2:45 PM) -- Newly released police documents allege that three people obtained nearly $360,000 of Greenwich developer Andrew Kissel's assets before he was stabbed to death in 2006. Jobs in state pick up in May Wethersfield (AP, June ...

Judge unseals parts of Kissel affidavits

Hartford Courant

A state judge is unsealing portions of arrest warrant applications filed by police investigating the killing Greenwich developer Andrew Kissel.

Maybe The Greenwich Newspapers should just watch Norwalk's Cablevision News 12. They were broadcasting live in Stamford and have been repeating an interview with Lindy Urso every 15 minutes.



The Greenwich Time Has Filed A Story

Behind The AP Report

Where is The Greenwich Citizen And Greenwich Post?

Alleged Kissel killer pleads not guilty

By Martin Cassidy

Leonard Trujillo, the accused killer of Greenwich resident Andrew Kissel, pled not guilty Thursday to counts of capital murder, murder and conspiracy to murder in the April 2006 crime.

Prosecutors contend that Leonard Trujillo, 21, was paid by his cousin Carlos Trujillo, 47, Kissel's long-time assistant, to kill the Greenwich man.

Kissel, 46, was found stabbed to death in the basement of his 10 Dairy Road mansion he rented the morning of April 3, 2006.

Carlos Trujillo has pled not guilty to one count of conspiracy to murder.

Stamford Superior Court Judge Richard Comerford on Thursday allowed the release of the arrest warrants for both Trujillo cousins.

Comerford permitted defense attorneys in the case to redact statements and other passages in the warrants they said would be prejudicial to their clients.

Wait a minute Martin is that it!!!!

OMG - The Whole Greenwich Time

story is a mere six sentences long!!!

Hopefully, Martin will do better job tomorrow after reading all of the other news stories filed about the latest court ruling in the Greenwich Millionaire Murder Mystery.

Maybe The Greenwich Newspapers should just watch Norwalk's Cablevision News 12. They were broadcasting live in Stamford and have been repeating an interview with Lindy Urso every 15 minutes.

Judge unseals warrants in Kissel murder trialJudge unseals warrants in Kissel murder trial (Watch The News 12 Video)

(06/19/08)STAMFORD A judge unsealed portions of the warrants Thursday for two cousins accused in the 2006 killing of Greenwich real estate developer Andrew Kissel in what prosecutors call a murder for hire plot.

Although the warrants do not reveal why Kissel was killed, they show the trail Greenwich police followed to arrest Carlos and Leonard Trujillo.

Detectives allege the two cousins obtained nearly $360,000 from Kissel before his death in April 2006, when he was stabbed in his home.

The defense attorneys for the Trujillo cousins fought to keep the warrants sealed, claiming the information contained in the documents cannot be admitted in trial.

“That kind of information should not be bantered about in the public,” says Lindy Urso, attorney for Carlos Trujillo. “It makes it much more difficult to pick a fair and impartial jury come trial time.”

Carlos Trujillo is charged with conspiracy to commit murder. Leonard Trujillo is also accused of conspiracy in addition to a capitol felony murder charge. Both pleaded not guilty Thursday. They are due back in court July 9.

Play the video

Please Also See Previous News 12 Stories:



The Greenwich Post Has Filed A Story Behind The AP Report And The Greenwich Time News Report.

Released Kissel documents don't show motive

Released today at 5:10 p.m.

Key documents have been unsealed in connection with the murder of Greenwich resident Andrew Kissel, but a motive for his killing hasn’t been publicly revealed.

Carlos Trujillo, who was Mr. Kissel’s driver and personal assistant, is charged with conspiracy to commit murder. His cousin, Leonard Trujillo, is charged with murder, capital murder and conspiracy to commit murder. Leonard was hit with the capital charge earlier this month, which opens the possibility the state could ask for the death penalty.

At a hearing on Thursday in Stamford Superior Court, Judge Richard Comerford unsealed the warrants Greenwich police submitted in order to arrest the two men. While details of the investigation are included in the warrant, the available information does not include why the murder was committed and why police believe Carlos and Leonard conspired to commit it....

...The defense attorneys said some of their requests were denied but they were satisfied with Judge Comerford’s redactions.

“At the end of the day it’s a fair balance,” Mr. Urso said. He said some of the information he wanted out would likely be ruled inadmissible at trial.

Mr. Sherman said, “I think the judge’s decision was fair. I would have preferred the entire warrant to be redacted, but in light of the public interest for this case, I think it’s a fair decision.”

Please Read All 18 Paragraphs In The Full Greenwich Post Story Here



The Greenwich Time Has Filed A Second New And Improved News Story Behind The AP Report And Original The Greenwich Post News Report.

Assets, alibis key to Kissel case

By Martin B. Cassidy
Staff Writer

Arrest warrants for the two cousins charged in a murder-for-hire conspiracy in the stabbing death of Greenwich developer Andrew Kissel claim one of the men stole more than $350,000 from the prison-bound millionaire.

The arrest warrant for Carlos Trujillo, 49, Kissel's longtime personal assistant, says that in the six months leading up to Kissel's slaying, Trujillo and two other relatives put proceeds from the sale of Kissel assets, including luxury cars and jewelry, into their own bank accounts.

"No evidence exists that they returned any of this money to the victim," the warrant said.

In the warrant, investigators also say alibis provided by Carlos Trujillo to account for the time when the murder was committed were shown to be false. In one instance a camera on the Whitestone Bridge photographed his car returning to Connecticut. Trujillo had told investigators he remained in Queens, N.Y., that night, hours before Kissel's body was found, the warrant states...

The girlfriend and her family said they were never contacted or visited by Trujillo that Sunday, the warrant said, and bar staff said he was not there that night.

"All of these employees flatly denied that Carlos was present on April 2 and recalled that the bar was not busy that night," the warrant said.

Urso said that the details of Trujillo's whereabouts that are detailed in the warrant will ultimately be explained at trial.

"I don't put any stock into that and don't see what the point of that is," Urso said. "We are very eager to test out all these allegations before a jury of Carlos' peers."

Please Read All 22 Paragraphs Of The New And Improved Greenwich Time News Story

Where is The Greenwich Citizen?

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06/19/08 - FBI Calls Off Search For Greenwich Citizen Editor Don Harrison

"The Greenwich Citizen Demonstrates A Standard Of Excellence in Redundant Journalism "

WASHINGTON, DC - The Federal Bureau of Investigation today called off a nationwide search for the elusive Greenwich Citizen editor Don Harrision. The case, which touched off a nationwide search last Saturday when Greenwich residents started reporting that the Greenwich Citizen web site had not been updated.

The search had grown cold in recent days with practically no new leads, just daily complaints that the Greenwich Citizen web site had not been updated for over six days.

Exhausted investigators admit that Mr. Harrison may never be found.

"Nobody's seen Don Harrison since the Greenwich Citizen web site was last updated last Friday afternoon, and at this point there's no reason to believe anybody ever will." said Bob Smith, lead investigator in the case. "I fear the worst for Don Harrison."

The FBI became involved in the case after thousands of missing persons reports were filed in Greenwich about the failure of the Greenwich Citizen to update for a week.

The Greenwich Police Department reported a rash of calls from businesses advertisers and public establishments with urgent community event press releases.

There were also anonymous persons searching for Mr. Harrison wishing to complain about his boring news web site.

Greenwich Citizen readers complained time and time again that Mr. Harrison could not be found.

By Tuesday of this week, the Bureau had seventeen full time detectives on the case. "Don Harrison was getting a lot of attention back then." said an FBI source.

One Greenwich Citizen reader said that she is becoming nauseous from reading the same news article everyday at the so-called news web site.

The disgruntled web site reader said, "I am going to throw up if I have to read about the lying Glenville Principal Mark D'amico one more day at the Greenwich Citizen."

Please see:

06/18/08 Intern Accidentally Deletes Greenwich Citizen News Stories Five Days In A Row

Please also see today's
Greenwich Citizen lead story:

Holding a Popular Principal Accountable: D'Amico to Return

...It was on day nine, May 15, that D'Amico confessed to the woman who previously held his job as principal, Dr. Ellen Flanagan, now director of the District's Human Resources department. Given the choice of resigning or being possibly terminated, D'Amico was suspended with pay and promptly hired a lawyer to defend him in the ensuing investigation. During this time, he reportedly briefly pursued another position in Fairfield County.

On June 3, D'Amico's apology to Sternberg and her colleagues for his "misstatements" brought the dénouement. "He took responsibility for these actions in a truthful or appropriate way," said Sternberg. She was encouraged by "his acceptance of responsibility, understanding and sincere apology.

Thought "very carefully"

That evening, Sternberg said she thought "very carefully" what would be an appropriate disciplinary action. It would be suspension without pay, to return to work on July 1, and be on probation for a year.

"He will have regular oversight by his supervisor, Greider," said Sternberg, and "John Grasso, principal of Riverside School, will serve as his mentor and sounding board over the next year."

In addition, D'Amico will meet with from time to time "a consultant on ethics and job responsibilities."

And when he returns to work on July 1, said Sternberg, "He will apologize to the Glenville community and to the parent (Frank Carbino) for "misrepresenting the facts.".....

Please send your comments of reports on the whereabouts of the Greenwich Citizen Editor to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

06/19/08 Greenwich Post News Links

Students mark milestones with mini graduations

On a sunny Wednesday morning, members of the fifth grade graduating class of Julian Curtiss School lined up before family and friends outside the school to ring a bell signifying the end of their elementary school careers.


06/19/08 Greenwich Time News Links For Thursday

From left, Juan Bermudez, Ryan Benincasa, Rebecca Belisle, Gregory Belicka and Tara Bartlik toss their caps into the air at the conclusion of the graduation ceremony at Greenwich High School yesterday
(Keelin Daly/Greenwich Time Photo)

GHS graduation goes on despite storm
Wearing her white cap and gown, Ashley Culver walked quickly into Greenwich High School yesterday. The senior was trying to avoid being late to graduation, having only learned a short time before that she would have to arrive to school an hour earlier than expected.

Whitnum qualifies for primary
A Greenwich woman qualified Thursday for an August Democratic primary against the party's endorsed candidate in the 4th District congressional race, Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz announced.

Plans clear P&Z
Stanwich School officials were given a fair bit of homework as preliminary plans for a new campus cleared the Planning and Zoning Commission.

By Meredith Blake Staff Writer Where will you find Judge Judy and Regis Philbin in the same place? Both television personalities will be participating in the upcoming charity softball game held at the Greenwich Civic Center at 3 p.m.

Seniors become masters of inner balance
Ruth Wilson, 90, easily mastered the tai chi movements she learned at the Senior Center. Whether it was performing the crane, where she extended her arms over her head, or, the deer, where she moved her arms down her leg and then in the air, Wilson thought the program was slow and easy.

Anticipating continued increased demand for cheap subsidized bus service for elderly and physically disabled residents in town, a Greenwich nonprofit organization has won an $80,000 federal grant to buy two new buses.

Israel, 48, the Westchester County man who ran a hedge fund in Stamford and bilked investors out of $450 million, is on the lam...

Four members of the Greenwich High School girls track team ended their outdoor track season just the way they had wanted to - competing in the 4x400 relay at the New England Outdoor Track and Field Championships held last Saturday at Thronton Academy in Saco, Maine.

To the editor:

Hard to believe yet another school year is about to end. It was certainly interesting to say the least.

Unfortunately, there seemed to be more low points than high. How does the saying go? Every dark cloud has a silver lining? When the Board of Education decreed that Hamilton Avenue School students be scattered among six other schools in town as a result of the closure of the temporary modulars, our son was relocated to Glenville Elementary School.

To the Glenville School community: You all have been our silver lining, and we extend our sincerest thanks for your kindness and generosity during the last four months. You welcomed the Hamilton Avenue kindergarten families and took us in as your own, and did an outstanding job in trying to make the best experience out of a very difficult situation....

...quick and safe turnaround in the construction of the new Glenville facility. Our best wishes for your children's' happiness and continued quality education in your new home.

As a community, you should take great pride in all the faculty and staff at Glenville.

We look forward to the opportunity of celebrating with you at the opening of the new facility, and hope that you will join us in our celebration at the new Hamilton Avenue School. As far as my wife, Marie, and I are concerned, "thank you" will never be enough for all you've done.

Bob and Marie Macintyre


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