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Monday, April 21, 2008

04/21/08 -Greenwich 1-on-1 Provides Highly Personalized Sports Coaching For the Whole Family

Greenwich 1-on-1 Provides Highly Personalized Sports Coaching
by fairfieldcountychild.com

Greenwich 1-on-1 is a great new business based in Greenwich and if you have an athletic child, or one that wishes he/she were a little more so, read on...Greenwich 1-on-1's unique approach to coaching can make all the difference in a ...

Fairfield County Child - http://fairfieldcountychild.blogspot.com/

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04/21/08 - Greenwicites Speak Their Minds

Letters To The Greenwich Time Editor

To the editor:

Congressman Christopher Shays deserves credit for holding town hall meetings, but last Saturday's helter-skelter presentation in Greenwich must have left many of his constituents questioning his labored, Liebermanesque attempts at a political makeover.

When he wasn't racing through a series of misleading charts purporting to show how his voting record veers to the left of Ted Kennedy, Shays served up a jumble of confusing statements on the war in Iraq (can his next trip possibly create any more self-inflicted obfuscation?), health care, and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

On FISA, Shays echoed two widely held but fundamentally dishonest Republican talking points. The first is that telecom companies deserve amnesty for their illegal, warrantless spying on millions of customers because they were "protecting" the American people, and the second is that the driving force behind the lawsuits stemming from that illegal spying is the greedy trial lawyers lobby.

To the first point, it doesn't take a legal scholar to know that one does not "protect" the country by subverting the law and the Constitution in the process. Second, the lead counsel in these suits are not Gucci Gulch attorneys but public interest lawyers who have made great financial sacrifices to defend the rule of law and constitutional protections that benefit all of us, including Republicans. If money were their driving motive, pursuing these time-consuming suits would be the last thing on their mind.

Shays' constituents deserve better from their next U.S. representative -- someone who does not perform self-deluding pirouettes designed to flim-flam voters. That person is Jim Himes, a candidate of sterling integrity whose unapologetic commitment to a progressive agenda will best serve the needs of the 4th Congressional District.

Bill Gaston


Dog-bite penalty not sufficient to get owners' attention

To the editor:

I would like to ask elected officials and Greenwich residents whether they think it is fair for the fine to be a mere $95 for a resident whose dog attacks and bites an innocent pedestrian walking on a public street.

To the editor:

I would like to comment about a meeting I recently attended regarding the mold issue with the modular buildings at Western Middle School.

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04/21/08 - Calling All Firefighters To Greenwich

by RichT.

Just throwing it out there... Greenwich Fire is testing. Short ride from Nassau for a great deparment. Check the town's web site.
Nassau FD Rant - http://www.nassaufdrant.com/forum

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04/21/08 - Rubins purchased narcotics that he took and Rubins, as a doctor, knew exactly what he was doing when he injected himself.

Greenwich plastic surgeon overdosed, medical examiner confirms
Stamford Advocate, CT

By Zach Lowe

The Greenwich plastic surgeon found dead in his pool worker's Stamford apartment in February overdosed on a combination of heroin and cocaine, according to the state's medical examiners.

Police had long suspected that Ian Rubins, 46, who had a history of drug problems, died from overdosing on cocaine, heroin or both.

They have charged the pool worker, Leonard Bajramaj, 32, with first-degree manslaughter for allegedly failing to call 911 for nearly 13 hours while Rubins lay dying.

Rubins also had clogged arteries in his heart, the medical examiner found.

Bajramaj has pleaded not guilty, and his attorney has said he will seek a dismissal of the charges.

The attorney, Darnell Crosland, has said Bajramaj tried to revive Rubins throughout the day by shaking him, feeding him water and forcing him to drink coffee.

He said Bajramaj, an experienced drug user, thought Rubins passed out or was sleeping.

Crosland said Bajramaj called 911 as soon as he realized Rubins' life was in jeopardy.

But police said Bajramaj left his apartment on Debera Lane at least three times, including once to buy Timberland shoes with Rubins' credit card....

...A hospital employee spotted Rubins stealing a tube of the painkiller Fentanyl from a surgery patient and replacing it with a tube of saline solution, state health department records show.

Rubins admitted stealing the tube in an interview with the Greenwich Time, saying he was trying to relieve pain from back surgery he had a few days earlier.

He entered a rehabilitation program for painkillers in 1996 and entered another program two years ago, when a hospital staffer suspected he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol minutes before a surgery, state records show.

Police claim Rubins asked Bajramaj to acquire drugs for him last week. Rubins was in Stamford for a court date in an ongoing domestic violence case. He lived in a family home in Vermont after his wife initiated divorce proceedings.

Jodi Rubins owns the couple's home on Lake Avenue in Greenwich, court records show.

Bajramaj has a record in three states, police said. He was convicted of drug charges in New York and three domestic violence charges in Stamford.


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04/21/08 - Greenwich Bussiness Roundup - The Chain Stores Are Drving Up Rents And Pushing Out The Independent Stores In Greenwich

Downtown business update: New Balance staying; others on the move
New Canaan Advertiser, CT

By Colleen Flaherty

New Balance owner Ron Rosenfeld wants New Canaan to know his store is not closing.

“It’s absolutely not true,” he said of a rumor that his sneaker store was meeting the same fate as its Main Street neighbors, The Wire Whisk and, more recently and right next door, Knoyzz.

“I’d like to know who started that,” he said. “They just assume this whole group over here is going out.”

Mr. Rosenfeld said that New Balance had readjusted its expectations after its first year, but that things were getting better after a slow holiday and early winter season.

“We’re up 25 percent over last year,” he said, attributing increased sales to a now-established regular customer base, a good product and outreach through podiatrists.

But, said Mr. Rosenfeld, “The rents here are outrageous. It’s way too much.”

Mr. Rosenfeld would not disclose what he was paying in rent, but said that New Canaan landlords were going to have to readjust their prices, which did not “coincide” with the poor “retail environment.”

“Anywhere the customer is spending money right now,” he said, is hurting.

Indeed, pain — that in the wallet — caused the small women’s apparel chain Knoyzz to close its 126 Main Street location last month, after a year and a half. Owner Richard Moskowitz attributed the closure of his store, which has other “successful” locations in Westport and Mt. Kisco, N.Y., to New Canaan’s low customer volume in relation to its high rents....

Mr. Moskowitz would not disclose what he paid in rent, but said that it would have been 40 percent higher on Elm Street, and pointed out the increasing number of national chains setting up shop there, possibly more for marketing than for revenue.

“Only the big boxes are going to be able to afford it,” he said. “Independents are a dying breed. What New Canaan didn’t want to be, which is another mall, it’s going to become.” That, he said, is already happening in Greenwich.

Pam Ogilvie, executive director of the New Canaan Chamber of Commerce, found fault with Mr. Moskowitz’s assessment the Town’s retail future.....

04/21/08 - “What Man gives up at least $100 million a year to work for Yale?” asked one full-page ad

Why Yale Shouldn’t Lionize a Money Manager
Wall Street Journal Blogs, NY

I’ve written before about Yale’s vow not to sell naming rights to its two new colleges to the highest bidder. Their tradition is to name colleges after past presidents, locations and local historical figures. No college has ever been named for a living donor.

But now some alumni have kicked off a campaign urging Yale to name a college after David Swensen. Mr. Swensen, for those who haven’t read the countless hagiographies, is Yale’s chief investment officer. During his 23 years on the job, Yale’s endowment has increased to $22.5 billion from $1.2 billion.

According to an article in the Yale Daily News by Thomas Kaplan, some mystery alumni have launched a campaign urging Yale to name a college after Mr. Swensen, whom they say has given up untold riches in the private sector to help Yale.

“What Man gives up at least $100 million a year to work for Yale?” asked one full-page ad, referring to his theoretical earnings if he worked on Wall Street or in Greenwich. As one of the alums told the News: “Our hope is that the ads will encourage the University to recognize one of the most important men in the history of Yale.”

...I also wonder about the “$100 million” claim. Maybe Ms. Swensen could make $100 million a year, maybe not. But measuring someone’s contribution based on their theoretical salary in another job is misleading. It’s like saying Hank Paulson should have a federal building named after him because he’s giving up millions (or billions) he could be making in the private sector.

Here’s an idea. Rather than naming a college after Mr. Swensen, Yale should name something more fitting to his contribution. Maybe the Swensen Reading Room, where students could pore over Bloomberg screens, gossip about the latest commodity reports and size up SEC filings online. Now that’s something to aspire to.

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04/21/08 - Greedy RBS Greenwich Capital Is Right In The Middle Of The Credit Mortgage Crises That Is Causing CT Families To Lose Their Homes

Let's Hope Your 401K Is Not Invested In This
RBS Greenwich Affiliated Stock

National City To Get $7 Bln In Capital, Cuts Dividend; Posts $171 ...
RTT News, NY

Meanwhile, RBS Greenwich Capital served as financial advisor and Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP served as legal advisor to Corsair Capital. ...

Please see:

RBS arm involved in SEC inquiry

Royal Bank of Scotland has confirmed its Greenwich Capital unit is part of a Securities Exchange Commission probe into the collapse of the subprime mortgage market.

The SEC has opened about three dozen inquiries, including those that involve major investment banks, according to recent published reports.

Greenwich Capital, a top issuer of mortgage-backed securities in the subprime market, is based on Steamboat Road in Greenwich. The unit was asked by the SEC to hand over some of its financial documents, but RBS officials would not comment on the probe beyond that.

"We will fully cooperate with the SEC or any regulators," said Carolyn McAdam, a spokeswoman for RBS......

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04/21/08 - Greenwich Hedge Funds Get Away With Murder As Families Lose There Homes - Bernanke is considered a monetary genius. Will we ever learn?

Caligula's Horse - Thursday 17 th April 2008
BullionVault (press release), UK

Hank Paulson wants the Fed – the US Fed! – to regulate Wall Street and the finance business...

US TREASURY SECRETARY Hank Paulson just proposed giving the Federal Reserve broad powers to regulate the financial industry, writes Fred Sheehan for Whiskey and Gunpowder.

He could not have nominated a more incompetent body. The Coast Guard would do a better job.

Today's financial upheaval owes homage to the derivatives that shrouded massive growth in debt and leverage. This murky world inflated the incentives of those who ran the machinery over the cliff – the bankers, mortgage brokers, law firms, appraisers, rating agencies and politicians.

This is well known, despite their protestations. The parties knew they were behaving either recklessly or criminally when the bubble inflated. The Federal Reserve encouraged them.

Yet with a straight face, Hank Paulson proposes that the Fed now quash future imbroglios. The terracotta soldiers of Xian would bring more initiative to the assignment, as history shows.

In September 1998, the Federal Reserve didn't have the slightest idea of how the banking system functioned; it hadn't the slightest idea of the banks' exposure to hedge funds; nor had it the slightest idea of the leverage within the financial system....

....In the first three weeks of Sept. '98, Long-Term Capital Management (LTCM) – a hedge fund based in Greenwich, Connecticut – lost half a billion dollars per week and everyone knew it. Everyone except, possibly, Alan Greenspan, then Fed chairman. In mid-Sept. that year, the Federal Reserve chairman told the House Banking Committee that "Hedge funds [are] strongly regulated by those who lend the money."

Then on Sept. 21st, LTCM lost $550 million...


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04/21/08 - Last year, Gov. M. Jodi Rell ordered all state university offices and executive agencies to use green cleaning products if practical

SEASIDE NATURALS' PLANT in North Branford produces all-natural cleaning, personal care and baby care products. Bottling an order of glass cleaner Tuesday is employee Corwin Moss. The company is part of a movement toward environmentally friendly cleaners, which states, municipalities and others are beginning to demand more and more frequently. Production has tripled in each of the past four years, said David Zielski, who co-owns the company with his wife, Linda.
Greener Way To Clean
Sun-Sentinel.com, FL

The air is smelling greener for Connecticut cleaning products manufacturers, as new state and municipal regulations create more demand for environmentally friendly cleaners...

...Several municipalities and institutions have followed suit, including the town of Berlin, Greenwich Hospital and Amity School District in southwestern Connecticut...

..."Green products are just going to continue to grow," said Bill Gorra, president and CEO of Simoniz. "Not just in Connecticut but in New York and Massachusetts, more and more municipal and town governments are requiring that green products are being used."

For Linda Zielski, the newfound interest in green cleaners is not just an opportunity to grow her business, but also to change the way we live.

"It's going back to when your grandmother or great grandmother used to clean," she said. "We want to help people live a healthier lifestyle."

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04/21/08 - Stein Hagstrom, 51, a Gulfstream pilot to the stars including the Rolling Stones, was walking along a dock behind the .......

Greenwich man who fell into harbor piloted Rolling Stones
Stamford Advocate, CT

By Zach Lowe

STAMFORD - The Greenwich man found dead in Stamford Harbor Friday died of an accidental drowning, according the Office of the Chief Medical ...

Hagstrom had an outgoing personality and made friends easily during his travels, his wife said.

He made uneasy passengers laugh during flights, his wife said. On a flight to Norway, the plane was over the Atlantic Ocean when Hagstrom turned to his wife, herself a nervous traveler, and joked that, "If anything happens now, we're finished," she said.

The couple has two children, ages 10 and 15.

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04/21/08 - John Farr, one of the judges and a co-founder of the Avon Theatre Film Center in Stamford who writes a weekly film blog for the Huffington

From left, Brunswick parents Jessie Jamar and Priscilla Masselink, co-chaired the fourth annual Fundance Foreign Film Festival.

Brunswick film festival gets Greenwich kids going global

Despite the balmy weather this past Saturday, more than 100 students from Brunswick, Greenwich Academy, The Convent of the Sacred Heart and Greenwich Country Day School assembled at Greenwich Academy’s Massey Theater to watch films made by their classmates for The Fundance Foreign Film Festival’s Student Film Competition.....


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04/21/08 - Group wants to shift school funding from property taxes to the state o Connecticut

Education funding gets day in court


DANBURY -- A coalition of town leaders will take a big step in a lawsuit against the state to garner more education funding with an appeal of a lower court ruling Tuesday before the Connecticut Supreme Court.

The ruling decided that students don't have a right to an adequate education, according to the state constitution.

Appellate courts in more than 20 states, including those from New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts, have recognized the existence of such a right.

It's the new theory in education funding -- that states should adequately fund schools to meet the needs of children so they can reach the goals expected of them rather than satisfy the more familiar -- but less encompassing -- requirement to provide an equitable education.

The lawsuit was filed more than two years ago by 15 students and their families and the Connecticut Coalition for Justice in Education Funding. The coalition wants to lessen the reliance on local property taxes and substantially shift the school funding burden to the state.

The plaintiffs charged that the state's failure to suitably fund its public schools has irreparably harmed thousands of children. Three of the complaints address adequacy of funding and one is on equity in funding....

... also an equitable one, so the kids in Danbury would have the right to the same high-quality education as those in Greenwich." Regardless of the outcome of the hearing, which is expected to be decided by the fall, the coalition will continue to ...

For more information, visit:


Contact: Eileen FitzGerald

at eileenf@newstimes.com

or at (203) 731-3333


WHAT: Oral arguments before Connecticut Supreme Court

WHEN: Tuesday, April 22, 10 a.m.

WHERE: Supreme Court, 231 Capitol Ave., Hartford


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04/21/07 - News Links From The Greenwich Post For Monday

Wine Society starts up

Greenwich resident Dean Gamanos has taken his love for wine and turned it into a learning experience for himself and others with the new wine club, the Greenwich Wine Society.

New group is support for adopted teenagers
Adoption Connection at Jewish Family Services of Greenwich has formed a new group for adopted teenagers. Called “Teens Touched by Adoption,” the group will be facilitated by a team of social workers. Participants will share their experiences about growing up in adoptive families and will support one another as they explore their feelings about these issues.

The group is scheduled to begin on Thursday, April 24, at the Jewish Family Services offices in Greenwich and will meet monthly through June.

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04/21/08 - It used to be you couldn't even work on Sunday. Nothing could be open on Sunday.

State won't repeal Sunday liquor sales ban

Connecticut Post, CT

HARTFORD — While New York state recently commemorated the 75th anniversary of the end of Prohibition by permanently adopting Sunday alcohol sales, Connecticut will keep its ban for the foreseeable future....

...Chris Kull, owner of WineWise on Putnam Avenue in Greenwich, said the mom-and-pop argument is a myth. "That is a lousy, lame excuse that has nothing to do with reality."

He and his partner are essentially a two-person operation and they're tired of seeing Connecticut cars in the parking lot of a Port Chester, N.Y., liquor store, just down the road from their wine store, on Sundays.

"The state loses, not only me," Kull said last week. "Unless it rains or snows, we figure we're losing $3,000, $4,000, easy on a Sunday because people have time to come taste wine, to discuss wine." ...

...Kull said that in a secular state, where people may or may not observe religious holidays, Connecticut lawmakers should wake up.

"It's a trade restriction," he said. "It's discriminatory, but the legislators continue to do what they want to do."

Another lingering blue law, which would also face massive opposition in the General Assembly, is the ban on Sunday hunting.

"Those laws have to go or we have to admit we're a non-secular state," Kull said. "We're still way behind the times."


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04/21/08 - "I'm here today to honor her and the six million Jews who perished in the Holocaust," Karen Marks said.

Carolyn Cooper, left and Marilyn Maro are brought to tears during the...
(Helen Neafsey/Greenwich Time Staff photo)

Religions unite to recall Holocaust

Karen Marks fought back tears yesterday as she told her mother's story of survival of not one but two concentration camps during the Holocaust to worshippers at the First United Methodist Church of Greenwich...

It was a day of mixed emotions for organizers of the solemn tribute, who said they were heartened by the show of unity between the two faiths but saddened by the atrocities of the Holocaust.

"It's also heartbreaking that we have to do this," said the Rev. Kenneth Kieffer, the church's pastor.

Kieffer brought several worshippers to tears with his homily about...

...Among those who read from "The Diary of Anne Frank" during the service was Salomon's daughter, Micole Himelfarb. The story chr onicles a German-born Jewish girl who was forced to hide with her family in an attic in Amsterdam during the Holocaust.

"It's as if the whole world has been turned upside-down," Micole read, quoting Frank's diary.

Frank and her family were discovered by the Nazis and she died of typhus in a concentration camp two weeks before the camp's liberation. Her father found her diary and pushed to have it published.

Children's choir members from the church and the Hebrew school placed 10 flowers in a vase on the church's altar, one for each concentration camp. Six candles were also lit to remember the 6 million Jews killed during the Holocaust.

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04/21/08 - Reader Submitted Comments: Nightmare On Pemberwick Road

"Hell" o From Pemberwick Road

"need to do a story about what a nice street pemberwick road used to before till about a year ago when slum lords turned it into a sec 8 ghetto with drugs, crime ,garbage ,drug sales, drug busts, and people that just dont work or give a dam about the quality of life that all of us home owners that ether have lived here for 40 plus years or people that spent a lot of money to live here and actually get up and go to work to pay bills not tax the system and drink ,smoke and do drugs on the street that used to be nice pemberwick rd"

Submitted By:

Please see:

04/09/08 - Byram Police Officers Show An LA Gang Member Who's The ...

... to be assigned to Byram to squash the gang and drug problems that are beginning to invade Greenwich High School via Byram. The Byram police officers' want to put the drug houses on Pine, Spruce and Pemberwick Road out of business, ...

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04/21/08 - Monday's News Links From The Greenwich Time

Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Agency Meeting Is Cancelled

Greenwich Time News RSS Feed For Monday April 21st

Although Stanwich School appears to have solved a major point of contention standing in the way of its proposed $100 million campus, that success may spell further delays for the school project.

The state Department of Environmental Protection last week told the school that it could move the location of its proposed on-site sewage system to a spot that would save acres of land and trees from being razed. But while that move may earn points with conservationists, the change means the school must return to the Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Agency for more scrutiny, prompting the Planning and Zoning Commission to postpone a meeting scheduled for tomorrow.

The project could face further delays if the agency decides that a new application is needed....

Full Story

Western Middle School Students celebrate international night

Western Middle School students, staff and family came together for International Night on April 3 to showcase their varied backgrounds.
Full Story

A curator who recently presided over an exhibit on Gustave Courbet at the Louvre Museum in Paris and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York will be a featured speaker at the Alliance of Francaise of Greenwich's Schools' Prizes and Scholarships Award ceremony.
Full Story

school calendar

April 21 Greenwich Academy book fair: 7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Board of Education work session: 7 p.m., Western Middle School Auditorium.
Full Story

Greenwich parents are the most litigious in the state when it comes to fighting for special education on behalf of their children, according to figures from the school district.
Full Story

The time is right for cherry blossom festival

Timing is everything. So when Harry Sakamaki saw a row of cherry trees in full bloom yesterday in front of the Greenwich Japanese School, the lead organizer of the cherry blossom festival there breathed a sigh of relief.

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04/21/08 - You Can Blame This Screw Up On High Paid Parks Department Head Joesph "I Thought I Could Handle A Police Investigation" Sicilano

Recipients of fake Greenwich beach cards dodge questioning
Boston Globe, United States

GREENWICH, Conn.—Lack of cooperation from potential witnesses is complicating an investigation into who's responsible for counterfeiting Greenwich's highly coveted beach access passes, police say.

Beach Pass Probe Resisted

Hartford Courant

Greenwich Police Chief David Ridberg says the witnesses could help corroborate details provided by an anonymous tipster, who sent copies of the fake passes and other information to police in February....

A police investigation into an alleged counterfeiting operation involving beach cards has been stonewalled by recipients of the highly-coveted passes who refuse to be questioned, according to Chief David Ridberg.

"That's one avenue we would like to nail down," Ridberg said. "We're trying to confirm that there were passes handed out to people."

Right now, much of what investigators have to go on in the case is a binder received in February from an anonymous tipster containing copies of the fake beach cards, parking stickers and marina permits. It also identified the person allegedly running the operation, who police have said is a suspect and would not identify...

...Greenwich Time received a binder with materials similar to those described by town officials. It contained photocopies of beach cards from the 2005 and 2006 seasons with the names of several individuals and their supposed addresses, which were all in Old Greenwich.

None of the individuals named were listed in telephone directories at the addresses printed on the cards, however. One of the individuals was listed as a Stamford resident.

Photocopies of beach parking stickers from the 2006 and 2004 seasons also were included, as well as several marina permits from 2006.

...Several alleged recipients of the counterfeit passes refuse to be questioned by officers, Ridberg said...

...The tipster also identified the person allegedly running the copycat operation, but that individual's attorney has told police the man will not be interviewed voluntarily....

Police facestonewallon beachcard fakes
Stamford Advocate, CT

The alleged suspect in the case also has declined, through his attorney, to be interviewed by police, police have said.

"The investigation is continuing and we're endeavoring to solidify the case for prosecutors," Ridberg said. "We're trying to independently corroborate the information provided that was the genesis of the investigation."

First Selectman Peter Tesei, who pushed for the criminal investigation in the case, said he was disappointed in the lack of cooperation.

"All I can say is let their conscience be their guide," Tesei said. We're not punishing those people per se. At least show some remorse and help us bring some accountability to the person who did it. As I said, it's a criminal activity."...

Recipients of fake Greenwich beach cards dodge questioning
Newsday, NY

...In Greenwich, where beach access questions have gone as high as the state Supreme Court, having one of the highly coveted cards and parking passes can save hundreds of dollars yearly....

...Beach access in Greenwich has been a thorny issue, landing the town in court. The town also has been forced to add holograms, bar codes and other anti-counterfeiting security measures to its highly coveted passes.

In 2001, the state Supreme Court struck down the town's residents-only beach policy.

Please see:

02/18/08 - The Parks Department Has Another Beach Pass Scandal. Will The Police Be Called? Will the person reponsible be punished?

02/19/08 - Coverup? - Why Isn't This Felony Being Investigated By The Police Department?

02/20/08 - Is The Coverup Comming To An End? - Police Commisioner Tesei Lights A Fire Under Police Chief Ridberg's Rear End.

02/21/08 - Stop The Coverup - Since When Is Joesph Siciliano A Criminal Investigator?

03/18/08 - First Selectman Peter Tesei said, "Every effort should be made to identify the culprit and prosecute the person."

Why wont the Town Tell The Single Family Home Owners Of Greenwich Who The Alleged Old Greenwich Counterfeiter Is?

Once The Investigation That Joseph Siciliano screwed up is completed then the binder naming the suspect should be a public document that can be obtained through the Freedom Of Information process.

Five fake dollar bills will get you ten that when the single family home owners of Greenwich learn who the "alleged" counterfeiter is, then they will will know why
Joseph Siciliano drug his feet and tried to sweep this matter under the Greenwich Park Department rug.

If a second binder had not been sent to the
Greenwich Time Newspaper, then the taxpayers of Greenwich would have never heard about the felony. counterfeiter.

Will Joseph Siciliano be reprimanded for not immediately informing the Greenwich Police Department That A Felony Crime Had Been Reported To Him?

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04/18/07 - "There's no way that my children will ever go back to that building ever again," said Laura DiBella, a Ham Ave School parent (Updated)

Betty "You Can Trust Me" Sternberg And The Greenwich Board Of Education Are

iterally giving

to Glenville parents and the single family home owners who are forced to pay the tax bills.


Laura Debella says that she sympathizes with Glenville parents faced with that dilemma.


"I can't see how they would be comfortable with it," Debella says.


Parents oppose reusing modular

With a week to go before the Board of Education decides whether the mold-infested Hamilton Avenue School modular building should be remediated and reused, some parents are lobbying educators to reconsider their options.

The modular could be used by Glenville School students this fall while their school begins renovation.

"I just think we're rushing to get it done," Frank Carbino, a Glenville School parent, said of the decision-making process. "We're not doing any justice to the kids."

Carbino belongs to a chorus of parents who are opposed to reusing the modular building, particularly after what Hamilton Avenue's students went through. Students, who had spent three years there without access to a gymnasium or cafeteria, were evacuated from the modular building in March because of mold.

"We've already seen Hamilton Avenue go through this, we need to learn from it," Carbino said, adding that even if the mold is remediated, the site would lack a gym and cafeteria.

The Board of Education is set to decide Thursday whether it will reuse the modular or pursue the other option, which would be to take over the Western Greenwich Civic Center and build a new small modular......

Please see:

04/14/08 - BOE To Spend 1.7 Million To Put The Smallest Glenville Students In The Molded Modulars - Older Students Will Be Dispersed All Over(Updated)

Here Is Today's Suggested Submission To Ripley's Believe It Or Not:

Glenville School parent Paul Curtis, who unlike Carbino would rather send his children back to a remediated Hamilton Avenue School modular than have them separated.

"It's not the best solution but if the building construction people and the Board of Education feel it's an adequate school facility, we would rather stay together than split up." .....

Has Mr. Curtis been drinking a little too much of Betty "You Can Trust Me" Sternberg's Kool Aid?

Here is an interesting question for Mr. Curtis.

Why was it okay For Greenwich School Architect John Brice to stick his hand inside the enclosed parts of the building, and then report to the Greenwich Time that he touched what "appeared" to be part of a vapor barrier?

But it is not Okay, for the Hamilton Avenue's Independent Environmental Expert to stick his hand in the same place and just take an air sample.

If Nancy "This Is Happening On My Watch" Weissler, the chairman of the education board, won't let an Independent Environmental Expert take an air sample in the same place that A Board Of Education Architect handled contaminated material, then how could a parent even consider placing a small child in that environment.

There Was no problem reported at all when John "School Board Paid" Brice, AIA reached inside and manhandled the contaminated construction materials, but if an Independent Environmental Expert want an air sample, then the school board claims that modular classrooms are going to potentially suffer honorific amounts of contamination and cause remediation costs to sky rocket?

The only reason Hamilton Avenue Parents are not allowed to independently test the contaminated modulars is that their are a bunch of high paid failed school administrators who are afraid of loosing their jobs.

Unfortunately, at the Greenwich Board Of Education the wants and needs
of high paid failed school administrators come before the wants and needs of small children.

Please see:

04/12/08 - Greenwich Spotlight: Greenwich School District's Facilities Director Anthony "Tony Two Face" Byrne And The Ham Ave School Coverup (Updated)

Only a fool would allow their children to go back into those contaminated modulars without independent testing.

Hamilton Avenue And Glenville Parents Should Mark Thier Calendars


04/19/08 - Judith Moretti Sends A Letter About Hamilton Avenue School To The Greenwich Time Editor And Asks Some Very Important Questions

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04/21/08 - I Somehow Forgot About The Raw Greenwich News Feed On Sunday, Because I Got Saved At Harvest Time Church In Greenwich

The Raw Greenwich News Feed For
Sunday April 20, 2008

  1. Papal visit adds to Cathedral's legend
    New York Yankees

    ... have never seen Yankee Stadium so beautiful, and I have season tickets," Philip Giordano, 49, a tax attorney from Greenwich, Conn., told The Associated Press. "It sure beats sitting in my local church." Added Giordano's wife, Suzanne: "I'm hoping to ...

  2. Spaghetti al Sugo di Pomodoro from Polpo in Greenwich


    Polpo Restaurant is considered one of Connecticut's and the Northeast's best dining experiences. Located in Greenwich, Polpo is known for it's Tuscan Cruisine using only the freshest ingredients and time honored recipes. Here to shows us how to make ...

  3. Paper trying to do its part


    ... operate under the Connecticut Newspaper Publishing Co., which also includes The Connecticut Post and The Greenwich Time. The consortium is owned by Denver-based MediaNews Group. As part of the daily production process in Danbury, Darr goes through ...

  4. Education funding gets day in court


    ... also an equitable one, so the kids in Danbury would have the right to the same high-quality education as those in Greenwich." Regardless of the outcome of the hearing, which is expected to be decided by the fall, the coalition will continue to ...

  5. Stephen Weiss, Benefactor to Cornell, Is Dead at 72

    New York Times

    ... Wednesday at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell hospital in Manhattan, a Cornell affiliate. He was 72 and lived in Greenwich, Conn. Stephen Weiss The cause was heart failure, said his brother, Roger. Mr. Weiss made major gifts to Cornell, his alma ...

  6. Police arrest 11 in drug bust

    Evening Sun

    ... money, firearms and a vehicle from Ramos. Also in custody on various drug charges were: Thomas W. Barnett, 19, of Greenwich, Conn.; Vanessa A. Cullison, 29, of Gettysburg; Joshua M. Spencer, 18, address unknown; Timothy A. Stotsky Jr. 18, of ...

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04/20/08 - Another late post, because I converted to Christianity at Harvest Time Church on King Street and I somehow forgot all about this blog.

Greenwich Time RSS News Feed

For Sunday April 19, 2008

Mary and Frank Hyson of Cos Cob will go to Yankee Stadium today....
(David Ames/For Greenwich Time)

Local parishioners head to see the pope

The last time the Hysons traveled to hear a pope address the masses was October 1979, when the late Pope John Paul II visited New York City. Back then, it was a simple matter of getting the family into the car and making their way to Shea Stadium.

This time around, it won't be nearly as easy.

The Hysons will be among a number of local Catholics who will journey in buses to Yankee Stadium today to hear Pope Benedict XVI celebrate Mass. There are strict security measures and Mary Hyson said that she expects it will take some time before the authorities check all of the buses and the 57,000 people who are expected to attend....

...As part of today's events there will be a Concert of Hope from about noon to 2 p.m., and then Hyson said she will be looking out for the popemobile as it makes its way into the stadium. The Mass is expected to start at 2:30 p.m.

Those attending the Mass are required to remain in the stadium for the entire event and have been given a list of items that...

...Of two other lucky recipients, Wissel said, "we thought (they) would faint if they saw the pope and when we told them about the tickets they almost fainted."Vincent DeMartis, a parishioner at St. Roch, is finally getting his chance to see a pope. One of the winners of the 10 tickets raffled off at the church for the Yankee Stadium Mass, DeMartis recalled Thursday that he missed his first chance. As a student at Cardinal Spellman High School in the Bronx, N.Y., DeMartis had hoped to see the late Pope John Paul II when he visited New York City but could not.

Twenty years later, DeMartis said he was looking forward to seeing Benedict.

"This is a chance of a lifetime," he said. "Instead of making a pilgrimage to Rome, it's less than 20 miles away."

The 15-year resident of Greenwich said he thinks the day will be a way to show one's faith and share one's faith with fellow Catholics and Christians.

"I'm just expecting to receive a powerful feeling. It looks to be an overwhelming experience of spirituality and peace and joy," he said.

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Spending weighs on legislators' minds

Borrowing and spending tens of millions to upgrade schools and other buildings during an economic slowdown has some town legislators weighing voting down projects as extravagant or unnecessary.

"With the economy slowing down and the price of food and oil just going out of sight any reasonable person takes a step back and decides to take a long look," Joan Caldwell, chairman of the District 10/Northwest delegation said. "We should see if things calm down before we commit to this spending....

...At the RTM meeting last Monday, Edward Dadakis, a District 1/South Center delegate, said he questioned the cost of an upcoming $25 million project to overhaul the Greenwich High School auditorium and adjoining music-instruction facilities.

In the proposed budget, the BET has appropriated $2.1 million for design of the project, which Dadakis said should be delayed.

"The Board of Education wants a brand new edifice for administration and the high school wants a brand new Broadway-caliber performing arts center," Dadakis said. "I think we need to have a full understanding of what is needed rather than having the biggest or the best....

...Board of Estimate and Taxation Chairman Stephen Walko said if a recession impacted tax revenues or other unexpected costs were imposed the town would postpone capital projects before increasing the tax rate.

BET guidelines call for annual mill rate increases in the 2 to 4 percent range, sparing residents sudden spikes in their taxes.

"I can't speak for a future BET but we would scale back the budget before we would be prepared to raise the mill rate," Walko said

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Warm weather lures fishermen out on opening day

Standing in the middle of the Mianus River with his knees bent and his boots wedged between the rocks, Jeff Boyd threw out a fish line and then slowly began pulling on it, repeating the motion several times.

"It takes a little bit of skill but anyone can do it," the 51-year-old Greenwich resident said of flyfishing, a sport he picked up from his father who fished along the Mianus....

...Further down the line, Luis Turon, 27, of Greenwich, was having a harder time of getting fish to bite, which he attributed to it being opening day.

"I saw other people and they didn't catch anything," he said. "I guess maybe the fish knew today was the first day."

State law requires anyone who fishes in fresh water to first obtain a license, which is available at Town Hall, local tackle shops or from the

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As Ja-Wuan Butler sat in the driver seat of a polished Lamborghini inside a hangar at Westchester County Airport yesterday, his younger sister, Felicity, climbed onto a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

"Ja-Wuan, check this out," the 8-year-old Bridgeport girl said as she tried to get her brother's attention.

But Ja-Wuan, 11, was too busy posing for photographs his father was taking with a cell phone. When he finally climbed out of the $225,000 sports car, he said, "It's hard to get out of a Lamborghini."...

...The event, which was held to help mark Panorama's 50th anniversary, attracted a myriad of residents, such as Dominic Luciano, 43, of Greenwich and his 10-year-old son, who had never been inside a private hangar at Westchester before, let alone up close and personal to a plane.

"Everything is new to us," Luciano said.

When Panorama opened its doors in 1958...

..."There are lots of toys here for boys," said Dwight Brugo, 44, of Cos Cob, who was at the show with his 15-year-old son, Julian Brown Brugo.

Even if many of the attendees couldn't afford to buy the planes and other luxury items, the show gave them a chance to touch the sleek fiberglass exterior of the planes, finger the pilot controls and sit back on the plush passenger leather seats.

"I've been in all of them," Julian said.

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Police blotter

Paris Andino, 25, of 12 Taff Ave., Stamford, was arrested Friday morning in connection with credit card fraud, according to a police report.

Andino was at state Superior Court to answer to unrelated charges when Greenwich police served a warrant for his arrest, according to the report. He was charged with illegal use of credit card, receipt of credit card goods, criminal impersonation, fifth-degree larceny, credit card theft and third-degree identity theft.

Andino was arraigned on those charges later in the day and transported to Bridgeport Correctional Center after failing to meet a $10,000 bond, according to police.


Michael Cameron Omahony, 37, of 87 Iroquois Road, Stamford, was arrested early yesterday after failing to obey a stop sign, according to a police report.

Omahony was initially observed talking on a cell phone and later failed to observe a stop sign at the intersection of Henry Street and Western Junior Highway, according to the report. He also later failed to pass field sobriety tests and was found to have a suspended license, according to the report.

He was charged with failure to obey a stop sign, talking on a cell phone without a hands-free device, operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license and driving under the influence. He was released on a $250 bond and scheduled to appear May 5 in state Superior Court in Stamford


Omar R. Armstead, 28, of 2825 Griffin Ave., Richmond, Va., was arrested Wednesday night and charged with third-degree assault and disorderly conduct in connection with allegedly punching his stepfather, according to a police report.

According to the report, the stepfather told police that Armstead punched him in the face after a verbal dispute.

Armstead turned himself in at the Greenwich Police Department, the report said.

He was released on $1,000 bond and was scheduled to appear in state Superior Court in Stamford on Thursday, according to the report.


Jennifer Conway, 23, 3 Ely Road, Cortlandt Manor, N.Y., turned herself in to police Friday morning after learning of a warrant issued for her arrest in connection with check fraud, according to a police report. She was charged with third-degree forgery, sixth-degree larceny and fifth-degree criminal attempt at larceny.

Conway was released on a $500 bond and is scheduled to appear Friday in state Superior Court in Stamford.

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