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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

1/14/08 Byram Special Election Shocker: Greenwich Gossip Blogger Bill Clark Wins An RTM Legislative Seat

You Wont Read This In The Greenwich Time.....

Three Byram Candidates Show Up For Last Minute Special Greenwich Representative Town Meeting (RTM) Election For Greenwich Developer Jamie Wabba's District 4 RTM Seat.

Our Town Hall Insider Was Right Greenwich Police Officer Bozzuto Was One Of The Candidates. The Third Candidate Was Byram Resident John Hartwell.

But Influential "Greenwich Gossip" Blogger Bill Clark Won The Day.

Mr. Clark who, is semi - retired has lived in town for the past 30 years. Clark also spent 18 years on and off the RTM. Previously the the local citizen journalist and blogger had been a college teacher at Yale University.

Lately However, Mr. Clark has reinvented himself as a writer and has just published a novel.

Election runner up was Police Officer Bozzuto who was born and raised in Byram and currently works in the towns dispatch center. P/O Bozzuto is a volunteer fire fighter and was a Greenwich Fire Chief for eight years.

John Hartwell of late has been very outspoken on parks and recreation issues and is very concerned about beach policies.

Bill Clark will be representing Byram at the General RTM Meeting on January 20, 2009.

Apparently, there is going to be a second special election very soon, because Byram RTM Chairman Robert McKnight said that he has gotten Jamie and John Wabba both to send resignation emails to him. Mr. McKnight was had the email resignations for about three months, but Town of Greenwich Clerk Carmella Budkins has said the Wabba brothers must resign to her.

Last month McKnight was able to get Jamie Wabba to resign to the Town Clerk, but for some reason he has not been able to persuade John Wabba to also resign his legislative seat.

If McKnight can get John Wabba to obey his demand that a resignation letter must be sent to Town Clerk Budkis, then there will probably be another special election at the next Byram RTM meeting.

Further a sitting Byram legislator has indicated that he might be willing to resign to make room for either P/O Bozzuto or John Hartwell.

Two or three months from now there maybe a third Byram special election, because Robert McKnight says he wants to seek the resignation of longtime Byram RTM member and former Democratic First Selectman Candidate Felix Andreoni.

Mr. Andreoni's recent town cleaning contracts may not be so secure if Mr. McKnight is success full in pushing the Greenwich Democrat off of the RTM.

Greenwich Roundup will keep you posted about any more upcoming special elections on the Byram RTM.

One thing that should be noted is how classy Byram can be after an election. After the election all of the Byram legislators and candidates congratulated Mr. Clark on his victory. There were no hard feelings at all.

Moreover, Greenwich Roundup would like to be the first Greenwich Blogger to congratulate Bill Clark and to wish him well.

We know that Bill Clark will serve the taxpayers of Greenwich well.

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1/14/09 You Wont Read About Gov Jody Rell Appointing A Greenwich Resident To The State Board Of Education In The Greenwich Time


Business smarts aside, the governor's nominee to fill an empty seat on the state Board of Education raises questions of suitability.

Greenwich executive Linda McMahon is Greenwich executive Linda McMahon is certainly an accomplished and successful businesswoman. In fact, according to Gov. M. Jodi Rell's own press release recommending Ms. McMahon for the board that establishes academic standards and sets policy for Connecticut's 149 local and 17 regional school districts, she is “widely recognized as one of the entertainment industry's top female executives.”

Our disagreement is not with Ms. McMahon's business abilities, but rather her line of work. She is the chief executive officer of the Stamford-based World Wrestling Entertainment Inc., parent corporation of “Raw,” “Royal Rumble,” “Smackdown” and other productions that combine wrestling and acting for bizarre entertainment.

No Connecticut school would condone the ring behavior of the WWE's biggest headliners. Some lessons a child might learn from watching a WWE event: Being a violent bully is cool. Smashing someone over the head with a metal chair won't cause serious injury. Women are sex objects and attracted to the most brutish men. It's entertaining to make fun of people.

Ms. McMahon has every right to run a business that sends such a message, but given her line of work we believe the governor erred in recommending her for a seat on the state school board.

This nomination should be pinned for the count
Why Can't The Editors Of The Greenwich Time
Write Editorails Like This?
Greenwich Round Up Has Once Again
Been Spanning The Globe To Bring You
The Latest News About Your Town.....
TWNP-Wrestling News, NY
M. Jodi Rell announced Saturday that she has appointed Linda McMahon of Greenwich, the WWE’s chief executive officer, to the 11-member Board of Education. ...

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1/14/09 Greenwich Skaters Samantha Scordo And Jamie Lee Are In The News

Darien Times

Dedication, teamwork, and athleticism on ice were all demonstrated as the synchronized teams from the Skating Club of Southern Connecticut, the Shadows and the Shimmers, won gold and silver medals at the 25th Colonial Classic in Lowell, Massachusetts on Jan. 10.

Darien 14-year-olds Isabel Duncan, Katrine Ryan and Katrina Vassell skate for the Shadows.

The Shimmers, competing in the Pre-Juvenile Division, after receiving a gold medal in the U.S.

Figure Skating Eastern Synchronized Team Skating Sectional Championships in 2008, continue their gold performances.

Coming in first, in the Pre-Juvenile Division at the Colonial Classic, they skated to the music of Born to Hand Jive from Grease by "Sha Na Na.”

Representing Greenwich is Samantha Scordo, while from Stamford are Lara Agatstein, Rachel Bellantoni, Emily Hernandez, Klara Hoherchak, and Emily Merole, New Canaan has Katie Marciano and Abby Smith, Norwalk Molly Gaumer-Klein, Skyla King, Alexandra Pennella, and Westport Brielle Hutchinson and Michaela Macdonald.

The Club also has an introductory beginner team, the Sprites, that did not compete at the Colonial Classic, but did receive a gold medal at The Terry Conners Synchronized Skating Open in Dec.

The Sprites are, from Greenwich, Jamie Yee .....

.....Skaters from ages six through 19, from basic five through senior level, can register for the program’s Synchronized Skating Clinic in March at the Terry Conners Ice Skating Rink. Try outs are held in April.

For more information about the Skating Club of Southern Connecticut and synchronized skating visit skatescsc.com. or terryconnerssynchro.org.

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1/14/08 Drunk Greenwich Woman Is Now Starring In Videos

Greenwich Time Editors Wouldn't Know A Good News Story If Came Up And Bit Them On The Rear End.

Even WABC Is Scooping The Clueless Greenwich Time.....

WATCH THE VIDEO: A woman who couldn't stop a friend from driving drunk had her arrested instead.


... several lanes of traffic on northbound North Broadway. The SUV was stopped, and 25-year-old Brigid Kieran, of Greenwich, Connecticut, was charged with driving while intoxicated. The police report says that after cops pulled Kieran over, there was a ...


The Journal News


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1/14/09 READER SUBMITTED COMMENTS FROM A TOWN HALL INSIDER: District 4 RTM Secret Election That The Greenwich Time Knows Nothing About

Stop Whining About Secret Elections In Byram!!!!!

Byram Doesn't Need Open And Transparent Elections!!!!!!

What Ever Happened To The Taxpayers Right To Know Whats Going On In Byram ?????

Things will not change in Byram unless the insider deals and secrecy comes to an end.

That's Why Greenwich Roundup Is Shinning A Light On The Secret Special Election That Virtually No One In Byram Knows Anything About.

Will Byram RTM Chairman Robert McKnight's Hand Picked Canidates Be Placed In The Legislative Seat He Helped Make Vacant. Or Will An Independent Canidate Show Up And Save The Day.

Hi, Brian,

Just a quick note.

One of Robert Mcknight's replacement canidates is Greenwich Police Officer Bozzuto. I believe there's a second one, but don't know who it is.

Please let us know what's going on tonight at the Western Middle School!


Clueless Greenwich Time Reporters Will Probably Not Be On Hand To Cover The Special Election Of Two New Greenwich Legislators.

Once Again It Looks Greenwich Roundup Will Scoop The Green Kitty Litter Liner.

And The Sad Part Is That Town Of Greenwich Clerk Carmella Budkins gave Hearst Newspapers a heads up nine days ago.

But, everyone in Greenwich knows that the Greenwich Time has a very long record of ignoring Byram and Western Greenwich.


1/14/09 You Wont Read This In The Greenwich Time But In Less Than 18 Hours There Will Be A Special Election In Byram


12/04/08 Byram Republican Trying To Force Developers Sons Off The Representative Town Meeting (RTM)

11/30/08 Help Wanted At RTM District 5 ?????


12/27/08 Greenwich Time News Links On Saturday. TOP STORY: Will Republican's Like Robert McKnight Kill The New Byram Swimming Pool?

04/03/07 - Lin Lavery, said children who have to use the restroom have to get back in line after they’ve used the bathroom, and that was unacceptable

03/26/08 - "It's an embarrassment," Lavery said. "Children should be able to swim in the sunshine in a pool during the summer."



04/14/08 - Byram RTM Chairman Robert McKnight Says That Town Planner Diane Fox Has A Conflict Of With The Boston Consultants

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1/14/09 READER SUBMITTED PRESS RELEASES: CFX Network invites you to Boot Camp for Artists - The Lenny Campello Webinars (Feb 01, 2009)


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You are invited to the following event:
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1/14/08 READER SUBMITTED COMMENTS: Greenwich Roundup Needs To Be More Careful - Newsstand is misspelled in blog headline

How Bad Can Your Spelling “Bee”?
wot u tawking aboit? I can spel

Dear Greenwich Roundup,

The correct spelling is newsstand not newstand - thought you'd want to correct this.


Thank You For Your Help.

I Will Make The Change Immediately.

As Usual, Greenwich's One Eyed Blogger Who Hunts

And Pecks On The Keyboard With One Finger

Has Butchered The English Language Again.

There a possibility that Greenwich Roundup might be dyslexic.

Personally I think common spelling mistakes should be accepted into everyday use,

not corrected, The most common spelling mistakes should simply be accepted as "variant spellings".

If the meaning has been conveyed and communication has occurred

why is there a need to make corrections?

Many Famous Poets' And Writers' Spelling Mistakes Are Very Similar To Greenwich Roundups Errors.

Here is a selection of spelling mistakes (and a few punctuation mistakes) by some famous poets, taken mostly from the manuscripts of their poems.

Emily Dickinson

words: extasy extatic boquet Febuary nescessity nescessary unannointed teazing bretheren independant boddice shily witheld

apostrophes: does’nt did’nt it’s solemn abbeys it’s dripping feet

Ezra Pound

words: tarrif diarhoa damd supercedes indespensible sustinence devines (vb) assylum weird assininities

apostrophes: cant don’t isnt wouldn’t thats wont

William Wordsworth

words: eughtrees questined craggs vullgar untill lillies pennyless impressd fellt receved anixious plungd th (the) whith (with) strage (strange)

apostrophes: your’s

John Milton

words: persues persuers cheife cheifly scituation raign (reign) beleive woomb Egipt eys (eyes) Iland waight

Virginia Woolf

Words: pannelled, busyness (?), naiv (?)

Apostrophes: cant, shant, wont, dont, wouldnt, isntthat’s, you’re a woman of genius, I feel sure your worsePrima Donna's, a childs highchair, a donkeys head, fathers state, the Fabians discourse

Keats Ode To Autumn

Season of Mists and mellow fruitfulness

Close bosom friend of the maturing sun

Conspiring with him how to load and bless

The Vines with fruit that round the thatch eves run

To bend with apples the moss’d cottage trees

And fill all furuits with sweeness to the core

To swell the gourd, and plump the hazle shells

With a white kernel; to set budding more

And still more later flowers for the bees

Until they think wam days with never cease

For Summer has o’erbrimm’d their clammy cells

Many of these are exactly the same mistakes as on Greenwich Roundup's web pages. On the other hand some of them may have been deliberate choices by the writers - Milton for example had strong views on spelling - or may have been a spelling variant at the time the poet was writing.

So Greenwich Roundup says bad spelling doesn't matter, and English teachers and language fusspots put too much emphasis on it. After all, classic English writers did not spell very well by present-day standards.

For instance, Chaucer (14th century) says of one of his characters, "She wolde wepe, if that she saugh a mous kaught in a trappe." Today that sentence would be written, "She would weep if she saw a mouse caught in a trap." The title page of Richard III, a play by Shakespeare (first printed in 1597), tells of the king's "pittieful murther of his iunocent nephewes." And the sainted Jane Austen in the novel Sense and Sensibility (1811) spells stopped as stopt and scissors as scissars. Rotten spellers can also take comfort

In the fact that some modern authors like F. Scott Fitzgerald have succeeded splendidly even though they couldn't spell worth a hoot. Isn't that, they ask, what copy editors are for? And if Greenwich Roundup keeps growing like gang busters we just be able to hire a grammer nazi to be our copy editor.

So why are there so many Americans, who like Greenwich Roundup, are lousy spellers?

Are we not as bright as others around the globe?

Do we as a nation suffer unduly from dyslexia?

Or are we too lazy or undisciplined to take the time to learn to spell well?

Actually, more often than not the real culprit is the language itself. In languages such as Spanish, Italian, German, and Finnish, words tend to be spelled as they are pronounced. But in English–not the most logical of tongues–spelling sometimes bears only a fleeting relation to pronunciation. Indeed, numerous English words blatantly defy the rules of phonetics (the science of speech sounds and their written symbols). All of the following words, for example, contain the sh sound but in each case the sound is spelled differently: chaperon, conscious, issue, mansion, mission, nation, nausea, ocean, shoe, sugar, suspicion.

The vagaries of English are also notoriously on display in what one authority has called "those worrisome `ough' tangles," where the same spelling represents no less than nine different sounds: bough, cough, drought, hiccough, rough, thorough, though, thought, through. The lack of phonetic consistency between pronunciation and spelling has caused, and continues to cause, much grief not only among those learning English as a foreign language but native born speakers as well.

Over the years teachers of English have wrestled with the question of how best to teach spelling. Because of the inconsistency factor, most educators today, as in the past, place heavy emphasis on rote learning. Students are required to memorize, and are drilled on, the correct spelling of new and unfamiliar words, inflected forms, and derivations. In addition, various spelling rules and their inevitable exceptions must be learned, surely the most famous being "Use i before e except after c or when it is sounded like a, as in neighbor and weigh." Exceptions to the exception must also be drummed into the brains of beleaguered students, either and seize being examples in the case of the "i before e" rule.

If we can go to the moon, if we can map the human genome, if we can invent duct tape, then why for pete's sake can't we devise a better way to learn to spell? In the last half century, English has emerged as the dominant world language, the global idiom in science and technology, politics and diplomacy, economics and trade, culture and the arts.



Please send your comments to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com or click on the comments link at the end of this post.

“I speak perfect grammar. I don't know what they are talking about. I just told Iran to halt its nucular program and to lower the terriers on US goods and services to provide a free market economee for amerucin businesses like those in texes that I hold stock in!”
~ George W. Bush on Bad Grammar

01/14/08 Today's Extreamly Late Greenwich Time News Links

Staff Writer
Posted: 01/14/2009 08:10:14 AM EST

Icy roads and frigid winter weather may spell bad news for motorists, but it's been a boon in business for auto body shop owner Louis Mora.

Since roadways began freezing over with the season's first snowstorm in late December, Mora has seen the number of accident-damaged vehicles at his repair shop, Classic Auto of Greenwich on Mason Street, jump to 15 to 20 per week on average, compared to eight to 12 in early December.

"We're back to being overbooked again, and don't have enough space on the lot," the shop owner said Tuesday. "The phone doesn't stop ringing."
Mora's recent uptick in business is hardly unique for local repair-shop owners. With regular snow and freezing-rain storms coating local roads with ice for

Greenwich Time Staff
Posted: 01/14/2009 08:34:12 AM EST

The Planning and Zoning Commission will meet at 6 p.m. Thursday in the Town Hall meeting room to review the final redevelopment plan for the former Cos Cob Power Plant on 10 currently unused acres at 22 Sound Shore Drive.

Plans for the North Street animal shelter are also up for final approval. If approved, the Public Works Department's existing 2,890-square-foot maintenance building at 393 North St. would be demolished to make way for a new, 8,400-square-foot field maintenance facility and 3,500-square-foot animal shelter on the 23-acre, town-owned property.

During the public hearing portion of the meeting, which begins at 7:30 p.m., the Holly Hill LLC corporation will seek final approval to renovate the existing Howard Johnson Hotel at 1114. E. Putnam Ave. Plans include decreasing the number of rooms from 106 to 86 and the indoor dining area from 4,831 square feet to 3,050 square feet, while introducing an outdoor restaurant area.

Aquarion Water Company of Connecticut could also be granted preliminary approval to expand the Putnam Water and Filter Plant at 10 Dekraft Road. Representatives of the company faced harsh criticism from neighbors last week, when the commission reviewed expansion plans for the third time without voting. Neighbors said that increasing the water-holding tank from 1 million gallons to 3.5 million gallons and building a 120-by-30-foot chemical storage facility so close to their homes would destroy their property values and lower their quality of life. The commission has until March 12 to vote.....

Firefighters save dog from ice

Staff Writer
Posted: 01/14/2009 08:31:42 AM EST

When a frantic 911 came in from a woman who told dispatchers her golden retriever had fallen through an icy pond in her backyard, firefighters rushed to the backcountry scene and within minutes saved the dog's life.

By Colin Gustafson

Staff Writer
Posted: 01/14/2009 08:13:35 AM EST

The town schools chief said Tuesday she will consider allowing Hamilton Avenue School staff to move into their new building next month, but this time won't give anyone the green-light to pack until the needed safety approvals for the school are in hand.

Teachers and staff, after being told to pack for a move, were dismayed late last month to learn that the planned relocation from their temporary modular classrooms to the rebuilt school was delayed because the facility had not received a temporary occupancy certificate on time.

Superintendent of Schools Betty Sternberg, who'd previously instructed staff to prepare as if the relocation was imminent, said Tuesday she did not want to risk repeating the recent ordeal if the certificate, once again, does not arrive on schedule.

"I'm not going to do what I did last time. "¦ Before I tell anybody to start packing again, we've got to be sure that we have that TCO or that CO (certificate of occupancy) in hand," Sternberg said at a school building committee meeting Tuesday.

Still, the superintendent said if the building committee is able to secure the certificate by Jan. 30, she would be open to the possibility of allowing students to return in mid-February after staff members move equipment there over winter recess, which starts Feb. 9.

Previously, school board chair Nancy Weissler had said the board would consider an April relocation date, so as not to interfere with students' preparations for the Connecticut Mastery Test, to be administered in early March.

But with many parents objecting to that plan this week, Sternberg said Tuesday she now plans to meet with parents and school officials to "weigh the pros and cons" of moving students in earlier.

"There's this angst and desire, and I understand that, to get the kids in the new building already, and out of the modular (classrooms)," she said, but added that it also was important to ensure students would be prepared for the 2009 CMT.

Before that becomes a consideration, however, building committee members will have to resolve problems with the school's new flue pipes, the one remaining facilities-related issue keeping them from getting a TCO....

Greenwich Time Staff
Posted: 01/14/2009 08:35:52 AM EST

Roast and Toast of Sen. Nickerson

A Roast & Toast fundraiser honoring retiring Sen. William H. Nickerson of Greenwich will be held from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. today at Richards of Greenwich, 359 Greenwich Ave.

Some of the toasters (and roasters) for the event include: Attorney General Richard Blumenthal; state Sen.-elect L. Scott Frantz; state Reps. Livvy Floren and Lile Gibbons; and Moffly Publications co-founder Jack Moffly.

Tickets begin at $100 per person.....


Greenwich Time Staff
Posted: 01/13/2009 11:50:07 PM EST

With her team facing a three-point halftime deficit against host Darien, Greenwich High School girls basketball coach Danielle Morgan knew the Cardinals had to raise their defensive intensity in the second half.

Big Tips for Small Businesses

Posted: 01/13/2009 06:56:01 PM EST

One must remain positive to survive as an entrepreneur in today's economy, said Barbara Weltman, a top-selling author on succeeding as a small business owner.

"Things are going to change, and we know it," she said Tuesday as a guest speaker on "Strategies for Thriving in a Tough Economy" at the Entrepreneurial Woman's Network luncheon, held at the Norwalk Inn & Conference Center.

Special Correspondent

In bone-chilling weather, a few warm tidbits to distract you from your throbbing furnace and the painful thoughts of expensive heating oil (or gas) going up in smoke: Serendipity Fumbling at my bookshelf for a special book, I stumbled on an old paperback that had become wedged in the back of the row.


Fumbling at my bookshelf for a special book, I stumbled on an old paperback that had become wedged in the back of the row. It was "The Summer of '42" by my friend Herman Raucher. Of course, I'd read it when it came out all those years ago, and saw the movie adaptation.

Idly, I started reading it, and soon became engrossed. I don't remember my emotions when I first read it, but I'm convinced I missed something because I didn't realize how excruciatingly funny the writing is and how poignant and sensitive is the counterpoint telling of the story.

Joseph Kelliher is not exactly a household name in Connecticut, but state residents have reason to cheer his decision to step down as head of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Mr. Kelliher was the federal government's champion of Broadwater, the monstrous liquefied natural gas platform proposed for Long Island Sound. Moreover, as head of FERC, he was an advocate for overruling the rights and authority that states and communities traditionally had to ensure environmental and other local issues were addressed when energy projects were being planned.

Mr. Kelliher's resignation as chairman coincides with the Democratic takeover of the federal government on Jan. 20 and paves the way for President-elect Barack Obama to appoint a new chairman whom we trust will be more sensitive to properly balancing competing interests.......BLAH ..... BLAH ..... BLAH ...... BLAH ...... BLAH ...... BLAH ....... BLAH ...... BLAH ......BLAH ......BLAH .......


Please send your comments to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com or click on the comments linkat the end of this post.

1/14/08 The Raw Greenwich News Feed

WHITE PLAINS - Apparently unable to stop her friend from driving drunk, a city woman called police and had her arrested instead.

It happened about 5:30 a.m. Monday, when police received a call from a 23-year-old woman who said she had just had an argument with her friend near Lake Street and Stewart Place, and that the friend, whom she described as "very drunk,'' had just driven off in a sport utility vehicle

"She recognized a dangerous situation and did the right thing by calling us and preventing anyone from getting hurt,'' Deputy Public Safety Commissioner Daniel Jackson said of the witness.

The woman provided them with a partial license-plate number, police said, and moments later, police spotted the SUV, a 1994 Ford Explorer, swerving across several lanes of traffic on northbound North Broadway.

The SUV was stopped. The driver, Brigid Kieran, 25, of Greenwich, Conn., was charged with driving while intoxicated, a misdemeanor.

FINalternatives, NY

A third lawsuit seeking class-action status has been filed against Fairfield Greenwich Group, the New York hedge fund that may have lost more than half of ...

Dear Tina, Try Riding The Subway
... Remember, your daughter's wedding dress doesn't have to be a Vera Wang. Your second home doesn't have to be in Greenwich, Conn. It's no longer a source of shame to "fly commercial." We have entered a belt-tightening age, and one of the few upsides ...

Stamford Advocate

By Debra Friedman

GREENWICH - A Norwalk man who allegedly had three computers filled with images of child pornography faces felony charges after Greenwich Police discovered the pictures while investigating a separate crime.

Larcenio Brown, 37, of 51 Issac St., was arrested Saturday at his home on a warrant obtained after police ran a forensic computer search of his computers, which turned up the images, police said.

Detectives from the Criminal Investigations Division searched Brown's home after being arrested on charges of allegedly making threats to an ex-girlfriend and attempting to extort money from her, according to police. Brown also was arrested by Greenwich Police on Oct. 30 and charged with first-degree criminal attempt at larceny by extortion and threatening.

"A victim called to report harassment," said Lt. Daniel Allen, spokesman for the Greenwich Police Department. Allen said police seized the computers because they believed Brown was using them to send threats.

Brown, a native of Costa Rica, is a self-employed mechanic, according to a police report. He was charged with three counts of first-degree possession of child pornography and was held at Greenwich Police Headquarters until being taken to state Superior Court in Stamford on Monday, officials said. After his arraignment, Brown's bail was increased from $10,000 to $20,000.

Brown is being held at the Bridgeport Correctional Facility and is expected to enter a plea Feb. 6, officials said. ...

Lower Hudson Journal news

Why it's worth the drive: It feels like a posh Mediterranean villa, with its cozy library, views of bobbing yachts in Greenwich Harbor and L'Escale ...


I wonder if Westport or Greenwich would be offered such a shoddy option." Members of Save Stratford flooded the phone lines of local and federal officials. ...

Stamford Advocate, CT

Greenwich Hospital has seen only eight cases of the flu since the season started in October, a significantly lower number than last year ...

Hartford Courant

Mintz sits in the Stamford-Norwalk judicial district, which includes the highly affluent towns of Greenwich and Darien. He has seen problems with the real ...

Outlook gloomy for commercial real estate
News Times
... Those "corrections," though, were more pronounced in southern Fairfield county, in markets like Stamford and Greenwich that had seen the most activity before the economy slowed down. Greenwich, for instance, saw 217,300 square feet of office space ...

Danbury News Times

Whole Foods' Web site lists five existing sites in Connecticut -- two in West Hartford and one each in Glastonbury, Greenwich and Westport -- plus one ...

fairfieldweekly.com, CT

Until a week ago, it looked like the Greenwich-based Stockman was going to join the ranks of the indicted for goings-on at the the bankrupt auto parts ...

Tontine Capital Partners, L.P. and Tontine Capital Overseas Master...

Tontine Capital Partners, L.P. and Tontine Capital Overseas Master Fund, L.P. file for sale of shares of CVTech Group Inc.

GREENWICH, CT, Jan. 13 /CNW Telbec/ - Tontine Capital Partners, L.P.
("TCP") and Tontine Capital Overseas Master Fund, L.P. ("TCOMF", and
collectively with TCP, "Tontine") announce that they intend to divest
themselves of all of the 5,399,197 common shares of CVTech Group Inc. (the
"Common Shares") held by them. Tontine will sell the Common Shares through the
facilities of the Toronto Stock Exchange.

TCP owns 4,589,300 Common Shares, which represents, on a non-diluted
basis, approximately 8.3% of the total issued and outstanding Common Shares as
of December 31, 2008, and TCOMF owns 809,897 Common Shares, which represents,
on a non-diluted basis, approximately 1.5% of the total issued and outstanding
Common Shares as of December 31, 2008.

The business address of Tontine Capital Partners, L.P. is 55 Railroad
Avenue, 1st Floor, Greenwich, Connecticut USA 06830. The business address of
Tontine Capital Overseas Master Fund, L.P. is c/o Walkers SPV Limited, Walker
House, 87 Mary Street, Georgetown, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands KY1-9002.

... as of December 31, 2008. The business address of Tontine Capital Partners, L.P. is 55 Railroad Avenue, 1st Floor, Greenwich, Connecticut USA 06830. The business address of Tontine Capital Overseas Master Fund, L.P. is c/o Walkers SPV Limited, Walker ...

Treasury 30-Year Bonds Fall as Credit, Debt Markets Show Further Thawing
... for debt auctions today, according to a note to clients by David Ader , head of U.S. interest-rate strategy at Greenwich, Connecticut-based RBS Greenwich Capital. The firm is one of the 17 primary dealers that trade with the U.S. central bank........

1/14/08 Grenwich Post Reports.....

State Representatives Livvy R. Floren, (R-149), Lile R. Gibbons, (R-150), and Fred Camillo, (R-151), have been selected to serve on key committee positions in the House Republican caucus for the 2009-10 legislative sessions by House Republican Leader Lawrence F. Cafero Jr., (R-142).

Ms. Gibbons was reappointed as the House Republican ranking member (Republican leader) on the General Assembly’s human services committee; and Ms. Floren was selected as the House ranking member on the bonding subcommittee of the General Assembly’s finance, revenue and bonding committee. Ms. Floren and Ms. Gibbons were also reappointed for another term as assistant House Republican leaders.

“I’m privileged to have been chosen as one of our caucus’ top leaders,” Ms. Floren said. “As lead Republican on the bonding subcommittee, in tough financial times we need to look at our bonded indebtedness. We currently spend 11% of the state budget on debt service payments.”

Ms. Floren will also continue to serve on the government administration and elections committee, where she has been a longstanding member helping write new ethics and campaign finance laws. She will also be on the select committee on aging where it will be her job to advocate for the elderly in the state. The challenge of an aging work force and population as “baby boomers” consider retirement is to recognize what the state can do to ease the transition, she said.

In additional to the human services committee, Ms. Gibbons has been asked to continue her service on the transportation and the finance, revenue and bonding committee, the legislature’s tax-writing committee.

“Serving another term on the transportation committee will allow me to continue my work with ongoing initiatives to improve traffic flow and safety on I-95 and to track the progress of the new rail cars due in 2009,” Ms. Gibbons said.

Mr. Camillo, a newly named member of the appropriations committee said, budgetary challenges “will be the major focus the next two years.”.....

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1/14/09 You Wont Read This In The Greenwich Time But In Less Than 18 Hours There Will Be A Special Election In Byram



Greenwich Roundup Has Learned That There Will Be A Special Election To Elect Two New Town Legislators To The Greenwich Represenitive Town Meeting (RTM).

The Two New Legislators Will Represent The Residents Of Byram.

Greenwich Roundup Has Been Unable To Find Out Who he Canidates Are, Because RTM District Chairman Robert McKnight Isn't Saying Who The Canidates Are. Nor Is McKnight Telling Greenwich Roundup How Many Canidates Will Be Vieing For The Two Legislative Seats.

Greenwich Roundup Has Learned That Greenwich Town Clerk Carmella Budkins had informed the Greenwich Time around January 5th. Ms. Budkins may have also purchased a legal notice from the Greenwich Time Announcing The Election.

The Election Is To Be Held At 8pm Tonight At The Western Middle School.

Hearst Newspaper's Managing Editor For The Greenwich Time, Bruce Hunter, Will Probably Fail To Cover A Special Legislative Election Here In Town, So Greenwich Roundup Will Probably Have To Go And File An Exclusive Report.

The New Legislators Will Replace The The Two Wabba Brothers, Who Are Greenwich Developers Who Were Forced To Resign As Greenwich Legislators By Byram RTM Chairman McKnight.

The Wabba Brothers Appear To Have Lost Favor With Greenwich Republicans, And Political Insiders Say The Wabba Brotherewere Humiliated By Being Forced To Resign There Legislative Seats.





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1/14/08 Feeder fund mogul Walter Noel was part of the conspiracy of silence

How Did Walter Noel Miss All Of Those Red Flags ?????

Madoff's Enablers are A Lot Like Bob Woodward

Huffington Post, NY

BY: David Fiderer

....Instead of zigging and zagging, Frank Rich connected the dots. In his column, published the same day as Dowd's, Rich pointed out that there are countless Washington analogs to the Madoff scandal. The common thread running through all these scandals is that the due diligence process, or fact checking, was a sham. Simple due diligence would have discerned that Madoff ran a Ponzi scheme, that the WMD intelligence was bogus, that NINA mortgages were extended to unqualified borrowers, and that the Iraq surge required an expansion of the back-door draft.

Put another way, the scandals always involve two conspiracies: a conspiracy to defraud and a conspiracy of silence. The failure to perform due diligence is part of the conspiracy of silence. As for the Iraq war, Cheney was part of the conspiracy to defraud, Woodward was part of the conspiracy of silence. Bernie Madoff was part of the conspiracy to defraud (trust me, it was physically impossible for him to have acted alone), whereas feeder fund mogul Walter Noel was part of the conspiracy of silence.

In this respect, Bob Woodward and Walter Noel were cut from the same cloth, bigwigs who traded on their insider status to access special information kept from the public rabble, and who ignored the incriminating evidence hiding in plain sight. Noel, no doubt, was "stunned" and "speechless" at the news of Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme.

Here's how Woodward and Noel each engaged in a sham due diligence process.

Woodward and the Narrative of Good Faith Reliance on CIA Intelligence

Bush's reelection in 2004 relied on a false narrative, marketed and promoted by Bob Woodward, that the decision to invade Iraq was made in good faith, in reliance on George Tenet's assessment that, "It's a slam dunk".....

....Noel, the Absence of a Separate Custodian, and the Mom and Pop Auditor

Walter Noel is not as famous as Bob Woodward, at least outside of the more exalted social circles of Greenwich, Connecticut, where schadenfreude is more popular than it is in Washington. Walter and Monica Noel, along with their five beautiful daughters and the sons-in-law who worked in Walter's firm, were devoted climbers of the heights of Greenwich society. Their downfall of the was Topic A of almost every holiday party in December, according to well-connected friends. Their appearance at the Christmas dance at the Round Hill Club was met with ridicule in the press, and their foibles are tracked regularly, Perez Hilton style, on The Business Sheet.

The Noels earned hundreds of millions of dollars from their feeder funds at the Fairfield Greenwich Group, which skimmed fees off the top of the Madoff's phantom profits. Jane Bryant Quinn put it best:

"Feeder funds are a racket. They collect the money, extract a large fee, and pass it on to another manager who does the work. By the time both levels of fees are paid, your principal probably will decline, even if the fund itself makes gains. The general partners in feeder funds have only one job: to be rich, mingle with the rich, and make the rich want to surrender their money, at any price. Not bad work, if you can get it."

Putting aside the Noels' understanding of Madoff's purported investment strategy, which others found "statistically impossible to replicate," there were two due diligence red flags that, when considered together, make it impossible to believe that Noel was acting in good faith.

These red flags pointed to the essential and necessary elements of Madoff's scam. Remember, in a scam like this, every check, every wire transfer, issued over the years is an act of bank fraud.

Investors expected that their money was pooled, invested, and proportionately allocated and distributed over the years. Investors' proportionate shares of income and principal would be tracked precisely, for generating 1099 Forms issued each year to individuals and the IRS. In reality, the cash came in and was siphoned off to wherever, and investors received distributions so long as the new cash coming in exceeded the total cash going out.

The cash and investments in Madoff's funds were not kept by a separate custodian. As a red flag, that's huge, because it's so obviously reckless. In a fund where securities or investment contracts are traded, especially over the counter, you want to be absolutely sure that you have good and unencumbered title to the securities before you let cash out the door. And if you are in the business of trading options, a simple recordkeeping error could be disastrous, since options expire abruptly.

By the same token, a mom-and-pop accounting firm like Friehling & Horowitz, Madoff's "auditor," is simply incapable of adequately auditing the risk controls of a company performing custodial services for a $17 billion investment fund that actively trades options. Period. Again, that's a huge red flag. It's like using Joe the Plumber to assess the safety of New York's water supply.

As a rule, actual due diligence is performed by junior people who get pushed around by people further up the food chain. So when the disaster becomes apparent, the higher ups can deflect the blame on to others. The rich, powerful and famous can act "stunned," and "speechless." Or as Bob Woodward might say, "My conscience is clear."

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