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Monday, January 12, 2009

1/12/09 The Raw Greenwich Blog And RSS Feed

Citizen Journalists And Bloggers Who Are From, Work In Or Used To Live In Greenwich .....

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter
"CSI: Miami" - Our Madoff Revenge Fantasy Played Out - Tonight, the writers did a brilliant job playing out the tale of the crooked investment adviser who gets offed by a client who lost too much. Like Uncle Bernie...

EDDIE "Greenwich Native" ROSS
Things to Come - A Blogging Reunion! - What a fantastic time Jaithan and I had in Atlanta, antiquing at Scott's, seeing the sights and, best of all, meeting so many other bloggers! For the full ...

Greenwich Diva
Army helicopter UH-60 crashed at A&M University

John Ferris Robben - T-shirt Philosophy Page At Our Greenwich
Happy Anniversary 59 Years Ago! - [image: January 13th, 1950 my parents met. Here they are as youngsters at the Fordham College Military Ball.] January 13th, 1950 my parents met. Here they ...

The Fox Trot By Nick "The Sly" Fox
Greenwich Hockey tonight! - Rob Adams, John Spang, and Me(Nick Fox) bring you Greenwich High Boys Ice Hockey @ the wonderful Dorothy Hamill Rink in Greenwich at 8pm Notre Dame-West ...

Exit 55 By Rob "WGCH" Adams - The Sports Voice Of Greenwich
Rickey and Rice in HOF - The Hall of Fame has opened its doors to two new members - Rickey Henderson and Jim Rice. It's amazing to think what kind of player Rickey could have been...

Rock Star Diary
Brunch with Madonna - I got to have brunch with my new friend, Madonna, last Sunday, at Enids. A hipster hangout in Greenpoint. She looked gorgeous in her new outfit, as usual. Sh...

The Daily Spurgeon
The Interpretation - Then lifted I up mine eyes, and saw, and behold four horns. And I said unto the angel that talked with me, "What be these?" And he answered me, "These ar...

The New And Improved "For What It's Worth" (Wordpress Edition)
Bank of America - run by morons - and you trust them with your money? - In the middle of what some of us consider to be a banking crisis, BOA has taken the time to ban styrofoam cups for all employees. “The negative effects...

The Perrot Memorial Library Blog
TALL TALES AT THE LIBRARY! - There are a limited number of spaces still available in the SPOTLIGHT! ON TALL TALES program for kids in Grades 2 and 3. Join Mrs. Kennedy to learn about ...

Greenwich Blog :: The Blog of Greenwich, Connecticut :: USA
The Doctor Is In - Online Chat Imagine spending an hour with a doctor, discussing in depth a healthcare topic that concerns you. That’s just what happens when you participat...



Extra!!!! Extra!!!!
Greed All About It

Illegally Appointed Ex-Captain Michael Pacewitz
Agrees To $top Blocking Police Department Promotion$ For A Pen$ion Bribe

Town Hall Makes A Sucker Out Of
Clueless Greenwich Time Reporter
Debra Friedman





Check the math on Pacewicz's golden parachute: +15.38%

Base $117,870.00
75% $ 88,402.50
65% $ 76,615.50

Bump $ 11,787.00 which is 15.38% of $76,615.50

Greenwich Time/Town Hall calling it 10 % . . . . . bs !!
What do they think this is . . . Wall St ?

The bump alone is a year's worth of SS for many !!

Please Read How Town Hall Took
Clueless Greenwich Time Reporter
Debra Friedman Ride:

By Debra Friedman
Staff Writer
Posted: 01/12/2009 07:16:54 AM EST

As part of an agreement between the town and recently departed Police Capt. Michael Pacewicz, the department veteran is set to receive a 10 percent bump in his pension plan, officials said.

According to First Selectmen Peter Tesei, an agreement was formulated that included elevating Capt. Michael Pacewicz's years of service to reach the maximum pension percentage a police officer can receive.

"In terms of police, whether you are a chief or an officer, the key number that people look to obtain is 26 and two-thirds (26 years, eight months) years of service," said Tesei, who noted that the number provides any rank the maximum percentage for his or her retirement.

"Pacewicz was at 25.8 overall. For his departure, we took into consideration his years of service and utilizing his accrued vacation time to bring him to that figure."

Although the agreement has not yet been voted on by the town Retirement Board, the increase would entitle Pacewicz to receive 75 percent of his final $117,870 salary for his pension plan, instead of the 65 percent he would have been entitled to without the agreement.

According to Peter Mynarski, the town's comptroller and Retirement Board member, every police officer receives 2.5 percent of their salary for each year worked up to 26 years of service, which works out to the 65 percent figure.

"If they work an additional eight months, they max out at 75 percent," said Mynarski, who was not aware of the details in Pacewicz's agreement.

Mynarski said Pacewicz's retirement package is not on the Retirement Board's January schedule and was not certain when the board would vote on it.



More Of The Single Family Home Owners Money
Is Spent To Run The Retirement Board.

Now The Retirement Board Wants To Make A Sweetheart Deal With
Illegally Appointed Captain Pacewicz.

Town hall insiders say as the retirement boards investments
were struggling last year the pension fund was increasing
the amounts of taxpayer money spent to administer the plan.

Some say that Peter Mynarski, the town's comptroller and Retirement Board member has approved double digit increases.

This special pension bribe to get Illegally Appointed Captain Michael Pacewicz To Retire Early And Stop Blocking Four High Level Police Positions Might Be A Good Thing.

If the retirement board approves special deal for the very unpopular and Illegally Appointed Captain, the they will most like experience the raw and ravaging fury of Greenwich citizen journalists who are not s easily fooled as Debra Friedman.

Greenwich Taxpayers are mad as Hell that services are being cut and town employees are being fired while the illegally appointed captain is given a pension bribe that they and their children will have to pay for.

Greenwich Town Comptroller Peter Mynarski and retirement board members may soon be flooded with freedom of information requests from Greenwich bloggers and citizen journalists as the towns taxpayers become enraged at the sharp increases in the boards administrative expenses and the percentage of costs compared to benefits.

All this money has to be made up by the single family homeowners of Greenwich.

The towns controller and retirement board certainly need to provide an explanation.

The towns pension system is costs have to be paid out of the retirement boards assets which are funded by Greenwich taxpayers.

Special deals like the one Illegally Appointed Captain Pacewicz is receiving will will potentially hurt the benefits of police and firefighters, who can retire younger than other employees.

A cash strapped town may start to pressure the Greenwich police union, the Silver Shield, to increase front line officers retirement contributions to help make up future shortfalls caused by sweetheart deals that Police Brass are getting from the retirement board.


The economy is declining and increased taxpayer contributions will most likely cost elected officials their jobs, so a big part of Illegally Appointed Captain Pacewicz's gift may come out of patrol officer's paychecks.

Why Should The Police Department's First Responders Have To Pay For Pacewicz's Failed Administrative Fat A$$.
Pacewicz's Pension Bribe Is Not Free
If Greenwich Comptroller Peter Mynarski and the rest of the pension board approve this injustice in hard economic times, then patrol officers and taxpayers will probably have to give up more of their hard earned dollars to pay for this giveaway.


12/20/08 Illegally Appointed Captain Michael Pacewicz Milked The Town For All It Was Worth, While Cheating An Officer Out Of What Was Rightly His

05/05/08 - Illegally Apointed Police Captain Michael Pacewicz Has Probably Cost The Single Family Homeowners Of Greenwich One Million Dollars

01/04/08 - Illegally Apointed Greenwich Police Captain Screws Up Internal Affairs Investigation As Greenwich Citizens Watch In Disblief

01/02/08 - Captain Michael Pacewicz is repeatedly bieng caught lying to Greenwich Time Newspaper

01/01/08 The 2007 Knucklehead Of The Year Award Goes To .....

12/31/07 - Michael Pacewicz Has Time For Media Interviews About A Civilian Complaint, But He Has No Time To Interview The Victim Of Police Wrong Doing

12/31/07 - Timelime Proves That Police Officers Retaliated Against A Greenwich Legislator, Because He Spoke Out About The GPD And Byram

12/29/07 - Byram man complains about civil rights violations and police using illegal search as a means of retaliation

12/27/07 - They Did A Lindy Urso On Me - Greenwich Police Raid At 6pm Prevents Me From Speking To Sam Romeo On WGCH

12/27/07 - Please Help Me Get Up To Spead On The Issues Affecting Byram

12/27/07 - Greenwich Matters Is On Tonight On WGCH

12/26/07 - This Greenwich Police Department Theroy Has Prevented The Police Department For Solving This Murder For 18 Months.

12/26/07 - Greenwich Murder Update

12/24/07 - A Christmas Wish For Justice - How To Slove The Unsolved Murders Of Greenwich

09/24/07 - Police Department Appeal - Farricker And Tessi Both Say "Forget About It"


1/3/09 The Raw Greenwich News Feed

Pension consultant apologizes for remarks

Connecticut Post

... of the Cambridge, Mass.-based New England Pension Consultants, apologized "for the way that the discussion at the Greenwich Retirement Board was portrayed" in a story that appeared Dec. 19 in the Connecticut Post and Greenwich Time. Moseley said ...

12/19/08 BREAKING NEWS: CT Post Reports Town Of Greenwich Retirement Board Might Replace Financial Advisor --- Questions About Madoff Fraud Brought Up

08/19/08 Reader Submitted Comments: Thanks for the blog

08/18/08 PRESS RELEASE: Philip M. Skidmore Becomes A Member Of The OPED Trust Fund Of Greenwich, CT

The Pacewicz Pension Scandal Just Might Bring

Some Much Needed Attention To The

Taxpayer Funded Greenwich Pension System

1/12/09 The Observer reports that up to 10,000 support roles could go in the event that Citigroup merges its Smith Barney with Morgan Stanley

Unhappy Citi CEO Vikram Pandit

Here Is The City, UK

Bloomberg reports Michael Nix, a money manager over at Greenwich Capital Associates, who said: 'There's been a lot of pressure for Citi to monetize some of their more valuable assets, and Smith Barney is certainly one. ...


Please send your comments to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com or click on the comments link at the end of this post.

1/12/09 Architecture Has Been Very Good To Mr. Granoff

“2008 is actually ending up as a pretty good year,” said Rich Granoff, president and founder of R.S. Granoff Architects in Greenwich. “This was mostly due to a very strong first half, with many projects continuing from 2007, ...

1/12/09 Would Greenwich Hospital Be Willing To Help Ease The Crush At The White Plains Emergency Room?

New WP Hosp ER Design to Handle 60,000 Annually. Cut ER Wait
White Plains CitizeNetReporter

... overcrowding at the White Plains Hospital Medical Center Emergency Room and explore the hospital cooperating with Greenwich Hospital (Connecticut) so Greenwich could ease the crush at the White Plains Hospital Emergency Room. WPCNR asked the public ...


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1/12/09 Somene Named "Leah Gillis" Says That The Greenwich Police Department Was "Sketchy" For Witholding Evidence From A Defendent

Something's Sketchy Here

....His new appeal alleges his lawyers were never given two crucial pieces of evidence — a report received by Greenwich police that implicates another suspect and statements by a lawyer who said a key witness for the state had a history of ...

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1/12/09 If The Greenwich Post Can Get It's Local News Up Before 4 AM Why Can't A Billion Dollar Company Like Hearst Newspapers Do The Same?

Behind The Times:

Once Again Everyone Else Has Fresh Greenwich News Up On Thier Web Sites, Except For The Greenwich Time And The Greenwich Citizen.

Could Someone Please Go Wake Up The Green Kitty Litter Liner's Web Master

The Greenwich Post Had These News Items Up Just After Midnight.....

A well written resume and excellent interviewing skills are vital parts of a successful job search. Greenwich Library’s Peterson Business Series will present “Write a Winning Resume: What Employers Want” and “The Less Stress Interview: Practical Strategies to Prepare Yourself” on Saturday, Jan. 24 at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., respectively, in the meeting room.

Greenwich Adult Learning Program is holding registration for English as a Second Language Tuesday, Jan. 20 through Wednesday, Jan. 22 at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. at the Havemeyer Building, 290 Greenwich Ave.

Evening registration for English as a Second Language and GED Preparation will be held on Tuesday, Jan. 20 and Wednesday, Jan. 21 at 6 p.m. at Greenwich High School, Folsom House, 10 Hillside Road.

Where Is The Greenwich Time?

Digital Versions Of The Greenwich Time's News Reports Were Sent Over The Internet To The CT Post Printing Plant Before 10pm Last Night.

Why Can't These News Reports Be Put Up On The Greenwich Time Web Site By Midnight.

Maybe The Greenwich Time Should Fire Their Web Master And Hire The Greenwich Post Web Master.
8:48 AM
The Greenwich Time Web Site Has Started To Come To Life:
By Meredith Blake
Staff Writer
Posted: 01/12/2009 07:09:36 AM EST

Ever since Litchfield resident Lisa-Marie was a little girl she knew she had the gift of clairvoyance.
Her grandmother was a medium, who came from Italy in the 1930s. She taught Lisa-Marie how people's energies work and how to read them, she said.
If you get real bored, then go visit Lisa-Marie and tell her you are very worried about your aunt's health and you want to know if she will be alright.
Wait for Lisa-Marie's Hocus Pocus Prgnosis, which will most likely reasure you that your beloved Grandma will recover and be OK.
Then watch the horror on Lisa-Marie's face when you inform her that your grandmother has been dead for the last 10 years.
Now you know why fortune tellers collect the money upfront, before the reading.
Staff Reports
Posted: 01/12/2009 07:10:02 AM EST
The town health department is offering radon test kits to residents at a reduced fee of $15, as compared to $50, starting today through Friday at the health lab at Town Hall, 101 Field Point Road.
Radon, a naturally occurring, colorless and odorless gas that comes from radioactive decay of uranium in soil, is found in elevated levels in approximately 1 out 3 homes in Connecticut. It is known to cause lung cancer, according to health officials.

The test kits can be set up in a home and returned to the lab four days later for results.
By Colin Gustafson
Staff Writer
Posted: 01/12/2009 07:17:13 AM EST

School officials have shelved the idea of adding Mandarin Chinese to the curriculum at Julian Curtiss School, saying the program would be difficult to implement when its "world languages" theme may not survive into future school years.

By Debra Friedman
Staff Writer
Posted: 01/12/2009 07:16:54 AM EST
As part of an agreement between the town and recently departed Police Capt. Michael Pacewicz, the department veteran is set to receive a 10 percent bump in his pension plan, officials said.
By Martin B. Cassidy
Staff Writer
Posted: 01/12/2009 07:12:21 AM EST

Considering the price of New York Yankees tickets, paying extra to ride Metro-North Railroad directly to the stadium won't be a hardship for devoted Connecticut fans, Jason Haas said.
Why Can The Norwalk Advocate Web Master Get The Above Story Up On The Web At 2:44:44 AM This Morning, But The Greenwich Time Can't Get Martin Cassidy's Story Up Until 07:12:21 AM Today?
Greenwich Roundup is once again spanning the globe to bring Greenwicites the latest news about thier town.....

Top Story:

Greenwich Yankee Fans Who Derive A Sick Pleasure From Other's Dispair. Now These Rude And Obnoxious Fans Will Have To Pay More Money To See A Ball Club Owned By A Jacka$$.
Norwalk Advocate
By Martin B. Cassidy
Staff Writer
Posted: 01/12/2009 02:44:44 AM EST
Greenwich residents would pay $11.75 during peak hours and $10 off-peak. It's a little pricey, but the service will make it easier to get to Yankee Stadium, ...
Why Can The CT Post Web Master Get The Above Story Up On The Web At 10:29:22 PM Last Night, But The Greenwich Time Can't Get Martin Cassidy's Story Up Until 07:12:21 AM Today?
Connecticut Post, CT - Jan 11, 2009
By Martin B. Cassidy
Staff Writer
Updated: 01/11/2009 10:29:22 PM EST
Considering the price of New York Yankees tickets, paying extra to ride Metro-North Railroad directly to the stadium won't be a ...
What Is The Reason That The Same Greenwich News Appears About Nine Hours Earlier On The Conneticut Post Web Site?
By Meredith Blake
Staff Writer
Posted: 01/12/2009 07:14:08 AM EST
Greenwich Hospital officials hope this week's opening of a new ambulatory center on Holly Hill Lane will ease the hospital's growing bottleneck of elective surgeries.

The hospital's operating rooms are blocked 96 percent of the time, forcing some patients to wait until their surgeon is available or go somewhere else, according to Tami Moe, the hospital's administrative director of operative and procedural studies.

But with the opening of the new $10.3 million Holly Hill Surgery Center at 55 Holly Hill Lane on Friday, hospital officials expect there will be more opportunities for procedures, she said.

"This is very exciting," Moe said while touring the new space on Friday. "I've seen the plans for it flat on paper for more than two years; so to see it completed is very exciting."

Officials also hope the new facility will free up hospital operating room schedules to better accommodate inpatients.

Any outpatient surgeries can be conducted at the new center, including orthopedic, pediatric, gynecological, plastic, oral and general surgeries, Moe said.

The new facility adds three operating rooms to the hospital's six existing ones. The center also includes three procedural rooms, 10 post-anesthesia beds, state-of-the-art surgical equipment and a full-service sterile processing facility, hospital officials said.

There was a need to expand, Moe said. Seventy percent of the surgeries conducted at Greenwich Hospital are outpatient.
By Debra Friedman
Staff Writer
Posted: 01/12/2009 07:15:30 AM EST
After years of planning, the town has centralized its public safety dispatch call center, joining an increasing number of municipalities to streamline operations.
Staff Reports
Posted: 01/12/2009 07:18:27 AM EST
....Some passengers from the vehicles were standing in the highway as state and local police surveyed the scene and nine vehicles were taken away by tow trucks. The other vehicles could be driven, according to Tom Nixon, deputy chief of the Greenwich Fire Department.

Motor oil and transmission fluid leaked onto the highway as a result of the accident. Before reopening around 2:15 p.m., the fire department washed away the hazards and the Department of Transportation came out to sand it, Nixon said.

Six police units, three medics and five fire trucks responded to the scene.

It was one of several accidents state police responded to along I-95 yesterday, following the snow fall Saturday of approximately 5 inches, which froze by Sunday morning, state police said.
"We've been extremely busy," the dispatcher said.

The accident is still under investigation, state police said.
The Greenwich Time Web Master Is Still Having Trouble Telling Time When You Click On The Green Kitty Liners Opinion Page You Find Multiple Contradictory Times That Causes Readers To Wonder What Else Is Inacurate In The Local Rags Articles:

Editorial More
Updated: January 10, 2009 12:35:26 AM EST
Local sales tax is the wrong remedy
Staff Reports
Posted: 01/12/2009 01:00:00 AM EST
With the downturn in the economy, a number of Connecticut cities have slid from "distressed" to desperate, which has renewed support for a proposal to allow municipalities to impose their own sales taxes. Full Story
The Other Troubling Thing Is That Greenwich Roundup Was Reviewing The Greenwich Time Web Site Between 3:30 AM And 4:00 AM And This Editorial Just Was Not Posted At That Time.
If You Click Of The Picture At This Top Of This Post You Will Get A Full Screen Picture Of The Greenwich Time Web Site At 3:46 In The Morning. Look At The Time Stamp In The Lower Right Hand Corner Of The Image.
Hearst Newspapers Has A Serious Integrity Problem At The Greenwich Time.
Time And Time Again Greenwich Roundup Has Caught The Green Kitty Litter Liner Giving False Times, Yet The Other Two Mainstream Greenwich Newspapers Or Local Bloggers Do Not Have This Integrity Problem.
What Else Is Being Manipulated At This Hearst Newspaper Property?
Please send your comments to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

1/12/08 RAZING THE ROOF: Realty Woes Finally Hit Home In Greenwich

The Greenwich Hosing Market That Bulletproof Bellwether Of Residential Real Estate Is Finally Taking It's Lumps.

Reports Keep Showing That Sales Are Down Listings Are Up And Sellers Are Getting Frustrated.

After years of being insulated from the rest of the country's housing woes Greenwich properties are felling the pinch as skittish buyers are making owners wait longer to sell.

Even the luxury market - where properties generally sell faster - is taking a beating.

Upper tier homes sold for much less during the previous year if they sold at all. High end Greenwich homes are also staying on the market longer.

High end William Ravis real estate saleswoman, Kate Gamble, has told Greenwich Roundup that she has had 3 one million dollar plus deals collapse recently, because of the housing slump in Greenwich.

Greenwich Realtors did not think that Greenwich would get hit.

Another real estate saleswoman told Greenwich Roundup yesterday at the Harvest Time Church coffee bar that she was now looking for another job, and might do real estate sales only on weekends.

A Greenwich homeowner at the coffee bar added that did not need any real estate sales persons reports to know how bad things are.

She and her husband have been trying since June to sell her Greenwich home. The lady said she had to drop the original asking price from 1.38 million to $1.15 million. She said there has been plenty of interest, but still no takers.

She had seven to 10 "extremely interested" people, but no offers ever came.

Greenwich houses was not affected by the subprime mortgage crisis like other Connecticut And New York towns, but because of the loss of jobs, contraction of bonuses, and the fears of job security the Greenwich market has taken a hit.

Some are the hit is a body blow that Greenwich will not soon recover from.

One bold Real Estate salesperson has repeatedly said that the Greenwich Real Estate market started to decline long before September. William Revis salesperson Chris Fountain used to be a real estate columnist for the Greenwich Post.

Early last year he kept warning his readers that the Greenwich Real estate market was headed for a down turn, until a group of real estate agencies led by the Greenwich office of Coldwell Banker demanded Mr. Fountain's head because he was "talking down the market."

After being foolishly fired by the Greenwich Post Mr. Fountain became a citizen journalist with a blog that is called "For What It Is Worth"

Well the Greenwich Post and Coldwell Banker are struggling with a few problems, while Mr. Fountain's blog is growing at double digit rates.
And Mr. Fountain is Greenwich Roundup's official real estate expert.

It is Greenwich Roundup's understanding that Mr. Fountain attracts over 6o0 visitors a day to his web site, except when his big shot blogger friends at the New York Times and Instapundit send his numbers soaring between 3,000 and an incredible 7,500 a day.

Here Is A Sampling Of
Chris "I Have Big Shot Friends" Fountain's
Recent Writings On The
Local And Area Real Estate Market:

Please send your comments and real estate news reports to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

1/12/08 The Raw Greenwich News Feed (Updated)

Greenwich Roundup is once again spanning the globe to bring Greenwicites the latest news about thier town.....

Top Story:

Greenwich Yankee Fans Who Derive A Sick Pleasure From Other's Dispair. Now These Rude And Obnoxious Fans Will Have To Pay More Money To See A Ball Club Owned By A Jacka$$.

Metro-North sets Yankee train fares
Norwalk Advocate
Greenwich residents would pay $11.75 during peak hours and $10 off-peak. It's a little pricey, but the service will make it easier to get to Yankee Stadium, ...

Madoff fallout grows
Cay Compass, Cayman Islands
....They include funds linked to the Fairfield Greenwich Group, a fund of funds that lost $7.4 billion of its investors’ money after entrusting it to Mr. Madoff ...

US jobless rate at 16-year high
... ita s likely to be a long slog for the US labour market,a said Michael Darda, chief economist at MKM Partners in Greenwich, Connecticut. Further highlighting the grim economic picture, a separate government report showed US wholesale inventories ...

Top 10 Madoff Losers
Politonomist, Canada
Fairfield Greenwich Group - $7.3 billion. By far the biggest loser of all, Fairfield Greenwich Group staked 100% of it’s Fairfield Sentry assets with ...

Demand Still Strong in 'Belly of the Curve'
Wall Street Journal
... that's threatening to the market, and rates are probably going to improve," said David Ader, head of government bond strategy at RBS Greenwich Capital. ...

MCW Offers Children Introduction To Musical Instruments
... and founding member of Anonymous Four). Pre-concert hands-on string instrument display provided by Atelier of Greenwich, CT. Kids on Central Tickets are $15; $10 for students and senior citizens; and free for Conservatory students and faculty. For ...

Main Head
Norwalk Advocate
Those five along with Sarah Mannelly, who had 31 points in a win over Greenwich last week, and freshman point guard Kacey Pippitt have managed to turn a ...

Greenwich Pileup On 95:
CONFUSION IN GREENWICH: "First Responders Debate How Chain Reaction Accident on I 95 Occurred.

The Greenwich Police Department and Fire Department disagree on what caused the massive pile up on 95.

Sgt. Brent Reeves of Greenwich Police Department says, "...a car slid on the ice from Saturday's snowstorm and other vehicles collided with it", but Greenwich Deputy Fire Chief Thomas Nixon says a construction barrel caused the chain reaction accident .

13-car pileup closes Interstate 95
Connecticut Post
... a car slid on the ice from Saturday's snowstorm and other vehicles collided with it, said Sgt. Brent Reeves of Greenwich police. No one was badly hurt, Reeves said. Two people were transported to Stamford Hospital with minor injuries. The accident, ...

Construction barrel in roadway sparks 12-car chain reaction crash on 95
The Patent Trader
A construction barrel in the middle of Interstate 95
in Greenwich caused a 12-car chain reaction accident this morning, shutting down all northbound traffic for about two hours, from 12:15 to about 2:20 p.m.
Thomas Nixon, the deputy fire chief for the town of Greenwich, said they are investigating how the obstruction got into the roadway, but noted the construction on the overpass above where the accident happened, Exit 4 at Indian Field Road. ....

Bridgeport News
... an animated movie studio responsible for the movie “Horton Hears a Who” and “Ice Age,” among others, has moved from White Plains, NY, to Greenwich, ...

Hedge funds: Cut down to size?
The Peninsula
... writes James Mackintosh As hedge fund managers returned last week to their plush offices in London's Mayfair and Greenwich, Connecticut, many hoped to forget the industry's worst year on record. But 2009 threatens to bring a detox diet for traders ...

Peninsula On-line, Qatar
US-based Fairfield Greenwich and Tremont Capital, two of the biggest, alone account for about a quarter of the $42bn total. Some high-profile investors, ...

Big donations from 12 Connecticut residents
... and lobbyists. George Bush had a $250,000 inauguration contribution ceiling four years ago. Daniel Fass, a Greenwich oncologist, said he doesn't expect any perks for his $50,000 donation. But he will have access to hard-to-get tickets to balls, ...

Stamford Advocate
Greenwich's free bed expenditures are large for a hospital of its size because there are few donor stipulations, director of finance Jim Phillips said. ...

I-95 reopens after 13-car pileup
Connecticut Post
Interstate 95 in Greenwich reopened to traffic after a 13-car pilup closed the northbound side for about two hours.

Norwalk Advocate
An informational meeting for parents of players ages U9-U12 will be held Jan. 15 at 7 p.m. at the OGRCC, 90 Harding Road, in Old Greenwich. Paperwork as well as information on fees, schedules and teams will be available. All tryouts will be held at Bobby Valentine's Sports Academy. Players must pre-register by Jan. 21. Tryouts will be held Jan. 23 and Jan. 24. Contact the OGRCC at 637-3659 or e-mail ogrcc.execasst@yahoo.com

Forget About Nostradamus:
Greenwich Roundup Demonstrates It's Psychic Abilities
Look For This Upcoming Feature News Story In The Mainstream Greenwich Newspapers One Week From Today:

The Date In History Ex-Greenwich Time Editor Joe "I Commisioned An Investigative Report On Murder Victim Martha Moxley And Kept In My Desk For Ten Years Because I Was Afraid I Would Get Sued" Pisani Would Like Us All To Forget.

January 19, 2000 - Michael Skakel, nephew of the late Sen. Robert Kennedy surrenders in Greenwich, Connecticut, to face charges that he beat a childhood friend to death 24 years before.

Stamford Advocate
In Greenwich, police and firefighters had responded to about 10 accidents by about 5 pm and had answered more than 100 phone calls, according to police. ...

DoD Spending To Peak in '10?
Defense News
... agencies. That initiative is expected to cost about $30 billion over the next five to seven years. Analysts from Greenwich, Conn.-based Broadpoint AmTech, a stock trading and research firm, said they expect modest growth for the defense industry ...

Columbia Daily Tribune, MO

The "Equus" horses went to Greenwich, Conn., for a day to visit a horse farm owned by one of the show’s producers. The actors watched professionals groom ...

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