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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

10/18/11 The Raw Greenwich News Feed

News Reports About Greenwich News Feed
Greenwich girls soccer kicks Trumbull
Greenwich Time
TRUMBULL -- Greenwich High School junior Emily Johnson was keenly aware of the key to last year's girls soccer game at Trumbull when the visiting Cardinals scored two early goals on their way to victory. "We needed to get started the way we did here ...
Greenwich's Blue Sky Studios to Expand, Add Jobs
Dannel P. Malloy to the firm's Greenwich headquarters during Gov. Malloy's Jobs Tour in June. Greenwich-based digital animation company Blue Sky Studios plans to expand its headquarters at 1 American Lane, in the northwest corner of town, ...
Greenwich students supporting embattled principal
Hartford Courant
AP More than 100 students at a Greenwich middle school are stepping forward to support their principal, who is off the job while administrators review allegations she faced 15 years ago as a daycare provider. Shelley Somers surrendered her daycare ...
Sacred Heart volleyball sweeps King
Greenwich Time
Photo: Bob Luckey / Greenwich Time | Buy This Photo Keli Reyes, # 4 of King School returns a shot during volleyball match between Convent of the Sacred Heart and King School at King School, Tuesday Oct. 18, 2011. Photo: Bob Luckey / Greenwich Time ...
Greenwich police blotter
Greenwich Time
Vanessa Shoman, 34, of 167 Byram Shore Road, and her housekeeper, Paula M. Catano, 33, of 26 High St., were involved in a physical altercation at Shoman's home, police said. The two has been involved in an argument regarding Catano's employment status ...
Stamford boys soccer spoils Greenwich's Senior Night
Greenwich Time
The Stamford High boys soccer team wasn't really sure which one of its personalities was going to surface heading into Monday night's game against Greenwich. Would it be the one that handed playoff-bound Trumbull its only loss of the season back on ...
Parrotta not guilty of attempted murder
Greenwich Time
STAMFORD -- The former Greenwich man charged with stabbing his wife with a sharpened screwdriver was found not guilty of attempted murder but guilty of first-degree assault in state Superior Court Monday. ...

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10/18/11 The Raw Greenwich Blog Feed

A Blog Post About Greenwich, CT
Go Greener Greenwich - 1-800-Recycling
By Wendy Gabriel
The well-to-do Connecticut town has been a sustainability and conservation leader for years.

10/18/11 Scholar in Residence Weekend with David Keren - October 28th - 30th

Scholar in Residence Weekend
with David Keren
Friday, October 28th - Sunday, October 20th

Don't miss our Scholar in Residence weekend with David Keren, leading Israeli scholar and our guide for the upcoming Temple Sholom Mission to Israel this February. Come join us to hear a uniquely Israeli perspective on the land, its people, and our sacred connection to our Jewish homeland.

David Keren

Friday, October 28th

Shabbat Dinner and Lecture:

One City, Three Faiths:

The Centrality of Jerusalem to Judaism, Christianity and Islam

Services: 6:30pm / Dinner: 7:30pm

$18 per person

Saturday, October 29th

8:30am Saturday morning Torah Study with Rabbi Mitch and David Keren

12:00pm Kiddush Luncheon

Lecture: Can Jerusalem Become a Capital of Two Nations?

Sunday, October 30th

9:30am Informational Session: Mission to Israel - February 9th -19th.

David will be leading a session, as our Misssion tour guide, for all those going on the Temple Sholom mission trip, and for those who are still interested in going - but spaces are going quickly! Don't miss out!

Please consider supporting these programs

with a donation of $360 (Sponsor),

$180 (Patron) or the amount of your choice (Friend)

as part of our Israel Education and Advocacy Programs

at Temple Sholom.

For more information, or to RSVP for any of these sessions,

please contact Alice Schoen at

(203) 542-7165, or at alice.schoen@templesholom.com

These programs are part of Temple Sholom's ongoing Israel Education and Advocacy programs.

For more information, or to learn more about upcoming programs, please visit our website at www.templesholom.com.

Temple Sholom
300 East Putnam Avenue
Greenwich, CT 06830
(203) 869-7191

Temple Sholom | 300 East Putnam Avenue | Greenwich | CT | 06830

10/18/11 Greenwich Resident Tom Foley: Read My Op-Ed - Why Malloy's Union 'Deal' Is Bad For Connecticut

In case you missed it, the Hartford Courant recently ran an Op-Ed I wrote about why Dan Malloy's "deal" with the unions is bad for Connecticut. Please read it. It is important that you know how the future of our state is being given away to the special interests who elected Governor Malloy.

Detrimental Deal: State Union Pact Prevents Real Spending Cuts

By TOM FOLEY The Hartford Courantt

Now alongside "shared sacrifice," for which taxpayers did all the sacrificing, we have "the deal," the collective bargaining agreement touted as the last step in solving Connecticut's fiscal woes. Despite Gov. Dannel P. Malloy's and union leaders' high-fiving and air-kissing, the "deal" will contribute to, rather than alleviate, Connecticut's problems.

Connecticut's problems are simple. Our economy has been in a steady decline for more than 20 years. We are one of only two states that have fewer jobs today than in 1990. According to the Connecticut Department of Labor, the number of employed people in Connecticut dropped another 20,000 just since Gov. Malloy took office.

This didn't happen without a lot of help from Hartford politicians. Connecticut has deliberately and methodically become one of the most expensive and annoying places on the planet to employ people. Employers who could move jobs elsewhere have left. Many others have gone out of business.

This didn't need to happen and doesn't need to continue — and yet it does. Witness Gov. Malloy's recent signing of mandatory paid sick leave and large tax increases that will hurt employers and kill jobs.

Despite Connecticut's zero job growth, our politicians have let the cost of state government grow inexorably, funded largely by ephemeral taxes on capital gains and on-again, off-again Wall Street income — and lots of borrowing. State liabilities of more than $60 billion — the highest per capita of any state — loom over our future prospects.

The growth in spending came mostly in the cost of the state workforce and newly mandated support payments and services to individuals, which together crowded out resources for maintaining roads, capital projects and other investment. That explains how you get the feeling the state is falling apart when we are spending more than ever.

With Connecticut's traditions of thrift, hard work and entrepreneurship, it's amazing our politicians could get us into this pickle. But a pickle it is and it is getting worse. Just as amazing, our math-challenged governor's office either hasn't figured this out, or doesn't care, because they aren't doing anything about it.

They talk about avoiding the collective bargaining divisiveness in other states. That may be true, but in doing so they are also avoiding real fixes for our problems.

Like our federal government, Connecticut cannot afford to keep spending at current levels. We must reduce real spending, not merely reduce the rate at which we are increasing spending, i.e., the governor's so-called "cuts," "give-backs" and "sacrifices."

The "deal" with the unions does not reduce the cost of the state workforce and limits the governor's options. Wages are held level for two years and then go up 10 percent over the next three. The cost of state workers' benefits will continue to rise. The governor cannot lay off anyone for three years, an ill-advised loss of flexibility learned the hard way during Gov. M. Jodi Rell's last two years in office.

The governor is going to need that flexibility. The "deal" already falls $200 million short of what was assumed in this year's budget. Some of its claimed savings are suspect. With recent declines in the stock market and further softening of the economy, revenue and savings shortfalls could throw the current budget out of balance by a half-billion dollars or more.

Without the option of further reducing the cost of the state workforce, the governor has few ways of responding to a shortfall. He can't raise taxes again. He has already raised them too far. Taxes on individuals are going up a whopping 20 percent this year — a $1,500 increase in the average household tax bill. Next year the increase will be $2,000. Remarkably, some of the taxes were retroactive, an extraordinary policy faux-pas. Connecticut families are only just learning what this means with their latest paychecks.

That leaves education, maintenance of our already deteriorated transportation infrastructure, support payments to individuals (mostly mandated), health care and other social costs (also heavily mandated through Medicaid) and interest. The rest doesn't add up to much. Oh wait, there's always more borrowing.

High-fiving and party hats aside, the "deal" does nothing to alleviate Connecticut's unfortunate economic reality. Acting as if the deal was a victory is one more sign that Hartford is out of touch with what's happening in Connecticut and the rest of the country. Connecticut's problems will persist until voters force state leaders to implement real spending reductions, stop borrowing and start living within the state's means. They can call President Barack Obama for a preview of the movie.

Tom Foley of Greenwich was the Republican candidate for governor in 2010 and is the founder of the Connecticut Policy Institute, a not-for-profit research organization dedicated to responsible, research-driven public policy in Connecticut.

Chris Covucci | 158 E. Center St. | Manchester, CT 06040

10/18/11 High Paid Greenwich Town Attorney John Wayne Fox Had No Witnesses And No Testimony

Ms. Lisa F. Siegel
Hearing Officer
Docket Numbers FIC 2011-235 and FIC 2011-294
Freedom of Information Act Commission
18-20 Trinity Street
Hartford, CT 06106

September 18, 2011

Via Email

Dear Ms. Seigel:

The Town of Greenwich presented no witnesses and no testimony at the September 27, 2011 Freedom of Information Commission Hearing regarding Docket Numbers FIC 2011-294 and FIC 2011-235. It is my understanding from "A Citizen's Guide To The Freedom Of Information Commission", published by The Freedom of Information Commission, that

"The hearing will provide the ONLY opportunity to present evidence, and all evidence becomes part of the record of the hearing. Each party may testify, examine and cross-examine witnesses and offer documents as evidence. The presentation of evidence is followed by a brief argument on the law."

I have attached a hard-copy version of my testimony, which I ask be added to the file.

As I told you at the hearing, I am not an attorney, and I am not able to immediately discuss the law from my personal knowledge. You granted me the right to send you a follow-up discussion of the law, with a copy to Mr. Fox, which you stipulated you would take into consideration when making your decision to be forwarded to The Freedom of Information Commission.

I asked to see 845 specific documents the Town of Greenwich is required to have in its possession, and make available to the public, before it can discuss a site plan, or appropriate money, at a Board of Estimate and Taxation Meeting. These documents must be on file in the Town Clerk's Office, 101 Field Point Road (Greenwich Town Hall) pursuant to Federal, State and Municipal Statutes and Regulations.

I have asked the Town Clerk to produce the documents, but she has replied she has no knowledge of any of these 845 documents. The Town Attorney told you, as part of a discussion of the law, he believed the Town had possession of all of the requested documents, and he had told me if the documents I requested existed they could be found somewhere in the files of the Planning and Zoning Commission, or The Inland Wetlands and Waterways Commission.

As I understand the Freedom of Information Act, this response is neither factually correct nor legally sufficient.

If the Town maintains the documents somewhere other than The Town Clerk's Office, it must immediately produce them pursuant to The Town of Greenwich Open Records Policy (Attached). If The Town of Greenwich cannot locate the documents, Mr. Fox must tell me so, and he must tell me where I can appeal the denial.

I am appealing the denial to The Freedom of Information Commission as required by The Connecticut Freedom of Information Act, and I ask the Commission to rule that the Town of Greenwich has violated its own "Open Records Policy". I ask the commission to declare null and void all decisions made by all Public Agencies based on these 845 documents, each of which is required to be publicly available, and none of which the Town of Greenwich is able to produce. I also ask the Commission to impose a fine of $1000 on the custodian of each of the 845 documents.

If this discussion of the law requires specific citations, please advise.


Bill Effros

PS -- In his discussion of the law Mr. Fox introduced the notion that my complaint about "secret or unnoticed meetings" challenged the right of Mr. Tesei and Mr. Walko to "caucus" in a hallway prior to the BET meeting on March 31, 2011. As I tried to make clear in my testimony, my complaint is not about the Tesei/Walko meeting, it is solely about the documents presented to the BET, BOE and RTM subsequent to the Tesei/Walko meeting.

The agenda for the March 31, 2011 BET meeting referenced a specific final site plan specifically priced at $28,815,000 as approved by The Planning and Zoning Commission pursuant to 845 documents necessary to approve a final site plan of this size for a municipal improvement located in a wetlands.

Mr. Tesei and Mr. Walko had every right to withdraw this site plan prior to the BET meeting with the approval of the Board of Education. This is not at issue.

Instead Mr. Tesei and Mr. Walko presented their own, brand new, $17,000,000 million site plan, without any public notice whatsoever.

In my complaint I have asked to see the 845 documents necessary to create, notice, budget, and permit, this secret $17,000,000 site plan. If, in fact, the required documents did not publicly exist prior to March 31, 2011, I have asked the Freedom of Information Commission to declare null and void all actions taken by BET, BOE, and RTM at all subsequent meetings based on these 845 secret or non-existent documents.

CC: Greenwich Town Attorney, Mr. John Wayne Fox

Bill Effros
41 Old Church Road
Greenwich, CT. 06830

Narrative For Freedom of Information Act Commission Hearing

Docket Number FIC 2011-235
September 27, 2011


I am Bill Effros, the complainant in this case against the Town of
Greenwich. I am an adjacent property owner directly affected by the Town's
currently on-going construction of a 3-phase, fully funded, multimillion
dollar "Music Instruction Space and Auditorium" called “MISA.” --

Submission of Documents

I have attached "Appendix A" detailing 845 specific documents
referenced in the docket, and request "Appendix A" be formally admitted
into the record as the specific, enumerated request for documents that are the
basis of this complaint.

The Commission's rules require me to notify it within 30 days of first
learning of official actions taken in unnoticed “secret meetings.” The list I
have submitted contains 845 separate secret meeting complaints, all for
documents the town claims were in the files of The Planning and Zoning
Commission on March 31, 2011, but which the town cannot now produce. I
have attached two letters from the Town Attorney claiming these documents
can be found either in the files of the Planning and Zoning Commission, or
in the files of The Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Agency.

The specific documents I have requested are not currently in the
public files of either agency referenced by the Town Attorney.

Obviously, it is not possible for me to individually present 845
document requests, citing the legal requirement for each, in 20 minutes. The
requested documents include all notices, meetings, site plans, recorded votes
and minutes required by Greenwich Municipal Regulations, Army Corps of
Engineers Regulations, The Connecticut Environmental Protection Act, and
literally dozens of federal mandates stretching back to 1898, now commonly
known as "The Clean Water Act". I wish to formally submit for the record a
list of federal and state acts, amendments, mandates, and procedures
referenced to hereinafter as "The Clean Water Act".

I wish to formally submit for the record a portion of The Greenwich
Town Charter concerning municipal regulations adopted to conform with the
rules of the Army Corps of Engineers, The Connecticut Environmental
Protection Act, and various federal mandates commonly known as "The
Clean Water Act."

I wish to formally submit for the record checklists created by the
Greenwich Inland Wetlands And Watercourses Agency, and The Greenwich
Planning and Zoning Commission. As repeatedly stated by the Agency and
the Commission in their rules and regulations, all of the documents on the
checklists must be available to the public for 30 days before either agency
can schedule a required public meeting to review them. As repeatedly stated
by the Agency and the Commission, all of the documents on the checklists
are necessary, but not sufficient for site plan approval.

Underlying Discussion of Law

The Environmental Protection Agency was created in 1970 to enforce
all existing and future legislation in the United States, regulating all
activities with the potential to cause harm to the environment. Each state
was invited to pass its own conforming legislation if it wished to enforce
these federal environmental regulations on a local level. Connecticut passed
The Connecticut Environmental Policy Act in 1972 to enforce "The Clean
Water Act" within the State of Connecticut.

The Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission was created in
1975 to enforce the public notification provisions of documents created by
public agencies within the State of Connecticut, and to conform with the
Federal Freedom of Information Act of 1966 which covers only documents
created by Federal Agencies.

In Connecticut, federal environmental regulations are administered by
each of the 169 towns which are each required, pursuant to "The Clean Water
Act", to write and to strictly enforce municipal regulations conforming to all
federal and state legislation.

Each of the 845 documents I have requested is specifically required
by federal, state, and municipal acts, statutes, and regulations before any
project the size of MISA can commence. All of these documents must be
available to the public for at least 30 days prior to review by any public
agency. While some of these reviews can occur simultaneously, none can
occur without public notice.

If any of these 845 documents exist at all, the town has produced them
in "secret meetings", as defined by The Connecticut Freedom of Information
Act, and hidden them from public view.

In the State of Connecticut, pursuant to The Connecticut Environmental
Protection Act, The Connecticut Freedom of Information Act Commission is
the enforcement arm of the notice provision of "The Clean Water Act". The
FOIA Commission is required by "The Clean Water Act" to declare "null and
void" any environmental actions secretly taken without public notice by any
Connecticut State or Municipal Public Agency, and to order all work on such
actions to immediately cease and desist.


On March 30, 2011, the Town of Greenwich Board of Estimate and
Taxation held a meeting requesting public comment on Final Site Plan PLPZ
2010 00408 and Special Permit PLPZ 2010 00409, for a $28.815 million high
school Music Instruction Space (MIS) and Auditorium (A) to be built in three
interlinked phases at 10 Hillside Rd, a 54.85 acre federally, state, and
municipally designated wetlands.

The dollar value of the project, and the size and location of the parcel
automatically trigger federal Clean Water Act requirements that supersede
State and Municipal regulations. Pursuant to Federal regulations, the project
cannot be divided into smaller, descrete "phases", to avoid federal review.

The following night, March 31, 2011, Republican First Selectman Peter
Tesei and Republican Board of Estimate and Taxation Chairman Stephen
Walko caucused in the hallway outside the BET meeting and agreed to change
the construction plan presented to the full Board, minutes later, without
revealing the switch to other members of the Board or to the public.

The BET unanimously appropriated $17 million, but only for partial
funding of a 2-Phase "Greenwich Performing Arts Center Auditorium," with
no mention or funding for the "Music Instruction Space" which had been
shown as part of the 3-phase $28.815 million MISA project in the site plans
presented as fully approved and permitted the night before. The $17 million
appropriated was insufficient to complete the Greenwich Performing Arts
Center Auditorium once started, and there was no completion bond
appropriation as required by Greenwich Municipal Code.

Remarkably, this new, radically different, 2-Phase site plan had the
same final site plan number as the 3-Phase plan, and the same special permit
number, however, the 845 documents required for public review are nowhere
to be found. I have asked to see the 845 documents required for public
review, certified to have been in the Planning and Zoning Commision Files
and publicly reviewed prior to the BET March 31, 2011 meeting at which a
$17 million budget for this 2-Phase site plan was approved. The Town has not
made that documentation available. That is what this complaint is about.
Final site plans cannot be changed without approval from The Planning
and Zoning Commission. Building permits for a final site plan cannot be
issued in the absence of proof of full funding for the entire project.

Before The Planning and Zoning Commission can approve a change to
a final site plan, it must ensure that the 845 documents I have requested are in
its files, available for review by any member of the public, for at least 30 days
prior to the public meeting at which The Planning and Zoning Commission
notifies all abutting property owners, by certified mail, it plans to consider
changes to a final site plan previously approved.

I am an abutting property owner listed on both the March 30, 2011
MISA site plan and the March 31, 2011 MISA site plan. I received no notice
of the meeting at which The Planning and Zoning Commission changed PLPZ
2010 00408 and PLPZ 2010 00409.

Greenwich Municipal Code requires a certified signature and date on
every page of every site plan submitted as a "Municipal Improvement" by a
Public Agency known as a "Building Committee". I am asking The FOIA
Commission to require "The MISA Building Committee" to produce all of the
certified site plan pages that have been hidden from public view, along with
all notices, notes, minutes, permits and voting records of the secret meetings
necessary to change the site plans.

I am also asking The FOIA Commission to declare null and void all
actions taken at all secret and unnoticed meetings, including, but not limited
to, the approval of changed site plans and permit applications.
I ask the Commission to impose a fine of $1000 per document on the
custodian of each hidden document.

I ask the Commission to petition Connecticut Superior Court to issue an
order to the Town of Greenwich to immediately "Cease and Desist" all work
on MISA as required by "The Clean Water Act" for knowing and intentional
disregard of the requirements for notices, hearings and documentation.

I can cite specific regulations requiring each of the 845 items requested
if the Commission wants detailed citations. I cannot cite them within a 20
minute time frame, but will provide the Commission with citations for any
item challenged by the Town of Greenwich.

Thank you.

Please send your comments, news tips and press releases to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

10/18/11 Greenwich Patch: Breaking News Alert - CMS Students: 'Bring Back Mrs. Somers'

CMS Students: 'Bring Back Mrs. Somers'

Barbara Heins | Oct 18, 2011 | 0 Comments

Nearly 100 students stage march to support return of their Central Middle School principal.

10/18/11 The Greenwich Topix News Message Board - (10 stories) - FIRST STORY: Greenwich Scores and Standings: Oct 18

Topix Greenwich

Greenwich - News October 18, 2011

Greenwich Scores and Standings: Oct 18
Greenwich Scores and Standings: Oct 18 (Patch)
The Daily Sports Digest is designed for you to add your best photo and/or video to share i»¿. If you see anything in our scores, standings, or schedules that requires updating, please e-mail regional editor Michael Dinan at michaeld+sports@patch.com MONDAY'S SCHEDULE Boys soccer Stamford 3, Greenwich 1 -- Patrick Santini scored the only goal for ... (more)

Blankley Outlines Why He's 1st Selectman Candidate (Patch)
In seeking the office ofA First Selectman I am going to have over 60,000 customers - the residents of our town.

Police blotter: MTA fugitive charged (Connecticut Post)
Scott Phillips, of 49 Pemberwhick Road, had an outstanding warrant issued by the Metropolitan Transit Authority for an undisclosed extraditable offense.

Letter Backs Povinelli for Greenwich Board of Ed. (The Daily Greenwich)
GREENWICH, Conn. - The following letter is from Greenwich resident Dan Fitzgerald in support of Board of Education candidate Anna Saras Povinelli: I am a 16-year town resident, which some would say makes me only first generation, but I feel I understand the benefits and needs of Greenwich as well as any multi-generational individual.

Greenwich cops: Woman broke into fire-damged home
Greenwich cops: Woman broke into fire-damged home (Connecticut Post)
A Byram woman has been charged with first-degree burglary and other offenses after police said she broke into a fire-damaged home on her street two times.

Gas line ruptures in Greenwich (Connecticut Post)
A gas line ruptured Monday morning on Gilliam Lane, destroying construction equipment and causing the closure of a stretch of East Putnam Avenue, authorities said.

Greenwich Magnet Moms Lets You "Express It!" (Patch)
Sticker-Creep Starts Slowly Greenwich is mad about stickers. It started with beach, dump and registration stickers.

Greenwich Local Sports

Staples soccer coaching legend Albie Loeffler leads 2011 inductees... (The Hour Online)
GREENWICH -- Wins and losses were never the bottom line for Albie Loeffler, the legendary soccer head coach at Staples who retired in 1978 after 20 years at the helm for the Wreckers, according to his successor, Jeff Lea."It was Albie's integrity and influence on the kids, more than wins and losses in high school soccer, that left a mark on the ... (more)

Harding's Bentley honored at county Hall of Fame dinner (Connecticut Post)
After 33 years, 600-plus wins, 800-plus games and nine state titles, Charles Bentley decided it was time to step away from basketball.

Greenwich Local Business

Pillow Pets for pediatric cancer patients (New Canaan News-Review)
NFL Alumni VP Sales and Marketing Kelly McCoy Newton of New Canaan, former Seattle Seahawks player Bill Cooke of Fairfield, and NFL Alumni president/former Giants player Steve Thurlow of Greenwich, give a Pillow Pet to 5-year-old pediatric cancer patient Cole Stoddard, and his mom Michelle Stoddard, at Connecticut Children's Medical Center in ... (more)

10/18/11 Greenwich Patch: Breaking News Alert - CMS Principal Apologizes for 'Disruption'

CMS Principal Apologizes for 'Disruption'

Barbara Heins | Oct 18, 2011 | 0 Comments

Shelley Somers admits to making "mistake" many years ago; thanks school community for support; hopes to return to the school.

10/18/11 The Greenwich First Selectman Report

News Reports For Greenwich First Selectman Peter Tesei
Resident Supports Tesei's Re-Election Bid
By Debbie Gunzelman For the past four years, the people of Greenwich have benefited from Peter Tesei's leadership. Our taxes remain predictably low. ...
2 men honored as piece of downtown Greenwich history dedicated
Greenwich Time
Jerry Capoccia, dozens of other family members and the three selectmen, First Selectman Peter Tesei, David Theis and Drew Marzullo, attended the 2 pm ...

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10/18/11 Greenwich Cops Bust Alleged Con Man for FBI and more from Greenwich Patch

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Social Notes

Greenwich Antiques Society Presents Art From The Neue Galerie of New York City

Michele Russell | Oct 17, 2011

[Editor's Note: This announcement was originally published on Oct. 13.] The Greenwich Antiques Society will host a multimedia …

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Things to Do

October 18, 2011


Eating Greenwich & Port Chester

The New England Culinary Group presents a week-long celebration of dining in the neighboring towns of Greenwich, Connecticut and …

10/18/11 Greenwich Residents Praise Nursing Home Project And More News From The Daily Greenwich

Main Street Connect
Your Home Town Online
News from The Daily Greenwich
Greenwich Residents Praise Nursing Home Project
by Anna Helhoski | 10/18/11

GREENWICH, Conn. – At a public hearing for nursing home's "Project Renew," Christine Edwards recalled the first time she walked into ...

Byram Woman Charged in House Burglary
by Anna Helhoski | 10/17/11

GREENWICH, Conn. – A Byram woman was charged Saturday with burglarizing a Byram Shore Road home that had been damaged in a fire, ...

Nor'easter Set To Soak State Wednesday
by Melvin Mason | 10/18/11

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. – The pleasant fall weather we enjoyed Monday is soon set to give way to a major Nor'easter that's expected ...

Another Athletic Field Opens at Greenwich High
by Anna Helhoski | 10/17/11

GREENWICH, Conn. – Artificial turf field 6 at Greenwich High School opened Sunday following remediation of contaminated soil, but ...

Letter Backs Povinelli for Greenwich Board of Ed.
by Dan Fitzgerald, Greenwich Resident | 10/17/11

GREENWICH, Conn. – The following letter is from Greenwich resident Dan Fitzgerald in support of Board of Education ...


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