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Monday, September 26, 2011

09/26/11 Shouldn't Greenwich High School Students Be Wearing Tyvek Suits Also?

You Wont Read About This In The Greenwich Time ....


Do Try And Take Pictures Of Men In Tyvek Suits
At Greenwich High School Or
Greenwich Police Chief David Ridberg
Just Might Come And Arrest You,
Like They Did To Homeowner Bill Effros

Nothing To See Here Now Move Along:

"There's no need to alarmed if you see construction workers in Tyvek Suits or other personal protective equipment, this is for their safety...."

Johnny Might Not Be Able To Read, But He Sure Can Breath In PCBs:

This a snippet of a brochure that Greenwich High School Nieghbors found stuffed in their mailbox this afternoon.

The cover up continues, as Greenwich Board of Education insiders avoid blame for the Greenwich High School fiasco that going to cost home owners tens of millions of dollars.

When is Greenwich going to stop rewarding failure?


09/24/11 The Auditorium And PCB Remediation Are NOT Separate Issues, Because Board Of Education Insiders Cover Up Mistakes And Reward Failure

09/25/10 Bill Effos Sues First Selectman Peter Tesei And The Other Selectmen Over Greenwich High School PCB Documents


09/26/11 Here Is A Question Hearst Newspaper Editor David McCumber And His Third Rate Reporters At The Greenwich Time Are Afraid To Ask Steve Anderson

If The Greenwich Board Of Education And Highly Paid Failed Administrators Lied And Covered Up In 2008, Then What's To Stop Them From Lying About Greenwich High School PCBs In 2011?

Can Greenwich High School Parents Trust The Greenwich Board Of Education About PCB removal near their children.

These are the same Greenwich Board of Education members who lied and covered up about the mold in the modular classrooms.

The only problem is PCBs Are A Hell of A Lot More Dangerous Than Mold, When It Comes To The Health Of Greenwich School Children.


03/17/08 - "It's not just one classroom, it's the whole school," Tom Hardman of the Modular Building Institute said, "It's a bad situation all around.


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09/26/11 The Raw Greenwich News Feed: Late Evening Edition

News Reports About Greenwich, CT
Downtown Greenwich ranks third for priciest office space in North America
Ct Post
Exclusive retailers have long recognized Greenwich Avenue in Greenwich as an elite location for a shop, making for lofty rental rates, but a Jones Lang LaSalle study shows the high pricetag commanded in the town's central business district extends to ...
FEMA Center leaves Greenwich, moves to Bridgeport
Stamford Times
By ROBERT KOCH Villager Staff Writer REGION -- The Federal Emergency Management Agency Disaster Recovery Center that opened in Greenwich earlier this month to help people impacted by Tropical Storm Irene is relocating to Housatonic Community College in ...
Howl & Prowl Parade and Costume Contest
Stamford Plus Magazine
By Adopt-a-Dog Costumed pets and their owners are invited to participate in the fourth annual Howl & Prowl parade and costume contest held from 1 to 4 pm Saturday, October 29 in Greenwich, CT. The rain date is Oct. 30. Participants gather in the Island ...
New DNA Laws May Exonerate Innocent, Solve Cold Cases
"In some instances if DNA had been available those people would still be alive," said state Rep. Fred Camillo, a Republican representing Greenwich in the 151st District. "It's all about life and saving life and preserving life and that's good enough ...

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09/26/11 The Daily Recap At Greenwich Roundup

09/26/11 Every Now And Then Greenwich Roundup Agrees With Greenwich Time Editor David McCumber

Arrested Editor: Don't Purge Online Arrest Records

David McCumber's DUI arrest provides a singular look into the pressing matter of digital arrest records' permanence.

Even if he could, this is one story David McCumber won’t edit.

On Saturday morning, Sept. 24, McCumber, the editorial director of the Hearst Connecticut Media Group, was charged with driving under the influence in Wilton. He is due Oct. 4 in state Superior Court in Norwalk. And like any DUI arrest, the news appeared in police blotters in several media outlets.

The incident also drives home a complex question that many in McCumber's profession wrestle with every day: How to handle the permanency of digital arrest records?

“What happened to me has nothing to do with how I feel about this,” said McCumber, editor of The Advocate and Greenwich Time. “The Internet is a much different platform. But I don’t think we should make any move to close records or to direct legislation to purge records. That’s a slippery slope in the wrong direction.”

With more newspapers going online, information from police blotters and other digital records remain forever accessible in cyberspace....



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09/26/11 Help Wanted In North Center Greenwich: Greenwich RTM District 7 Has Open Spots

District 7/North Center of the Greenwich Representative Town Meeting has open spots for the two-year term beginning January 2012. Candidates must file a petition with the Town Clerk's office by September 15, 2011.

The petition can be found on the town website (www.greenwichct.org) in the RTM section. The election will take place on November 8, 2011.

District 7 stretches from the Post Road north to Pecksland Road and includes the Rock Ridge neighborhood and the south part of Lake Avenue. It reaches east to Old Church Road and west to Glenville Road. The polling place for District 7 residents is Greenwich High School.

The RTM, which meets monthly from September through June, is the town's legislative body.

Members run and serve on a non-partisan basis and are elected by the voters in the town's 12 voting districts. The 230-member body votes on the approval and funding of town projects.

For more information on the District 7 election process and the responsibilities of RTM members, interested citizens should call Chairman Valerie Stauffer at 203-869-7451 or e-mail her at Stauftek@aol.com.

Additional information about both the RTM and District 7 is available on the website www.rtmdistrict7.org.

Valerie Stauffer

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09/26/11 Vacancy Announced For RTM District 5 In Greenwich, As Well As, Several Other Open Slots On The November Ballot In District 5

As a result of the resignation of a member, the Representative Town Meeting's District 5 will be filling a vacancy at its next meeting.

District 5 is Riverside south of the Post Road. Serving on the RTM allows interested citizens to have an influence on town government by voting on the budget, appointments to boards and committees, ordinances and other items which come before the RTM.

Interested candidates should place their names on the ballot for the November 8 election for the term beginning in January 2012.

The deadline for petition candidates falls on the same day as the District 5 meeting which is Thursday, September 15. Petition candidates must gather signatures from a minimum of 25 registered voters in their district and submit the list to the Town Clerk's office along with a required form by 4 p.m.

Information on running for the RTM and the required form can be found on the town's web site at www.greenwichct.org.

Any registered voter in District 5 who is interested in filling the vacancy should contact Laura Erickson at 203-698-3267 or via email at LErick67@gmail.com or Mary Ferry at 203-637-9385 for more information and should plan to attend the District 5 meeting on Thursday, September 15, at the Riverside Elementary School Media Center at 8 p.m.

In addition to the immediate vacancy, RTM District 5 has several open slots on the November ballot. We encourage interested citizens to run in the next election by following the petition process.

Laura Erickson

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09/26/11 Ken Borsuk At The Greenwich Post Reports: Selectmen Restart The Clock On Witherell Project

The Nathaniel Witherell’s Project Renew is back on track after the Board of Selectmen granted new municipal improvement (MI) status for the renovation project.

In order for any construction project on a town building to proceed to the Planning and Zoning Commission, the selectmen must first grant the MI. According to David Ormsby, chairman of The Nathaniel Witherell Board of Directors, the current plan is to bring Project Renew before the commission on Oct. 11.

The selectmen initially granted the MI for Project Renew back in May, but were forced to withdraw it a month later because the project’s building committee wasn’t ready to go to the commission. By state law, once an MI is granted, the Planning and Zoning Commission must review it within 90 days. In this case, the Board of Estimate and Taxation (BET) had not approved financing so the final site plans could not be ready within that 90-day window.

In order for the commission not to be put in the position of having to vote down the project because of a lack of information, the selectmen instead withdrew the MI and effectively hit the pause button on the renovation.....



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09/26/11 GREENWICH FIRST SELECTMAN PRESS RELEASE: State Department of Transportation to Resurface Portion of the Post Road

Please see the attached.


Dustin Anderson
Town of Greenwich
p: (203) 622 7710
f: (203) 622 3793

(See attached file: Route 1 Paving.pdf)


Office of First Selectman
Town Hall - 101 Field Point Road - Greenwich, CT 06830(
203) 622-7710

Fax (203) 622-3793
E-Mail: ptesei@greenwichct.org


Peter J. Tesei First Selectman



September 26, 2011
2:30 p.m.

The State of Connecticut Department of Transportation (ConnDOT) will be resurfacing US Route 1 from Dearfield Drive to the New York State Line.

Work is scheduled to begin on Sunday, October 2nd and will conclude - weather permitting - on Thursday, October 6th. This work is scheduled to take place between the hours of 8:00 p.m. and 5:30 a.m. While there will be no active construction during morning and evening commuting times, residents should allot extra time for their drive as an additional precaution.

The State Department of Transportation District 3 Office is responsible for the overall management and coordination of this project, as this is a State Road. ConnDot District 3 is based in New Haven and can be reached at (203) 386 3031.

For additional information regarding the Town’s responsibilities please contact Dustin Anderson at 622 7710 (danderson@greeneichct.org).

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09/26/11 Greenwich Congressman And Cos Cob Resident Jim Himes: "I Need Your Help This Week"

Jim Himes for Congress

Dear Friends,

As you know, I have been working hard these last several months to offer a thoughtful considered voice in the cacophony of Washington. I do so because it’s the right thing to do, and because I have confidence that the pendulum will swing, and we will once again have a more pragmatic and constructive Congress.

In the meantime, I am under assault.

This week, the Republican National Campaign Committee robocalled into my district peddling the outright lie that I voted against FEMA aid for the victims of Hurricane Irene to protect Solyndra. In fact, I joined dozens of Republicans in voting against a bill that would have cut in half the Administration’s estimate of what FEMA requires to do its urgent work.

So I need your help. This Friday, I will close this campaign filing period and I want to send a clear message to the factually-challenged right wing vandals. Playing politics with people’s well-being is not what we need at this time. Help me make a strong financial showing by making a contribution to my campaign, click HERE.

This week, rather than focusing on putting Americans back to work, House Republicans pushed their ideological agenda again. It was another example of policy by hostage-taking. The aforementioned bill would destroy jobs and hold up critical disaster assistance for states and communities hit by recent natural disasters. It was defeated on the floor in strong bipartisan fashion and soundly rejected by the Senate. In the meantime, the critical work of passing a jobs agenda, of reforming education, and of stabilizing our fiscal situation once again takes a backseat. These are the priorities that will put our nation back on track.

In five days, I will need to publicly report my campaign contributions and it will help determine for local and national Republicans if they have a chance to pick up CT-4. I need your help- please click HERE and contribute to my campaign today.

Thank you for standing with me on these important issues, and for helping me swing that pendulum to a more civil and constructive Congress.


09/26/11 The Greenwich Topix News Message Board - (12 stories) - FIRST STORY: Dog show in Greenwich

Topix Greenwich

Greenwich - News September 26, 2011

See Greenwich Weather

Dog show in Greenwich
(Connecticut Post)
Luann Bellantoni, of Cos Cob, gets a kiss from Jessie Jane a rescue at Greenwich-based Adopt-A-Dog during its annual Puttin' on the Dog show and festival at Roger Sherman Baldwin Park Sunday, Sept.

Criticisms Of Greenwich Time Editor David McCumber's Performance May Have Driven Him To Drink (greenwichroundup.blogspot)
This Just In ....

Hearst Corporation Editor Charged With DUI

All This Time Greenwich Residents Thought Hearst Newspaper Editor David McCumber Wasn't Asleep At The Switch.

But, Now We Learn That....

The Greenwich Time Head Honcho Was Apparently Asleep At A Bar Stool !!!!


At One Time, Before He Was Sent To The Hearst Newspaper Backwater, Known As The Greenwich Time, David McCumber Was The High Flying San Framsico Examiner Assistant Managing Editor That Was Responsible For Editing Hunter Thompson's Column.

Yes, drunk as a skunk McCumber wanted to fire Hunter S. Thompson, the creator of Gonzo journalism, a style of reporting where reporters involve themselves in the action to such a degree that they become central figures of their stories.

Clueless Editor David McCumber constantly bitched and moaned about the journalist and author who wrote The Rum Diary (1998), Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1971) and Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72 (1973).

Thompson started writing about pornography and wrote an article on a San Francisco strip club. As part of his research, in the spring of 1985 he spent evenings at the Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theater striptease club in San Francisco and his experience there eventually evolved into a full-length novel tentatively titled The Night Manager. Neither the novel nor the article has been published.

Also, at that time Thompson was a writer for the San Francisco Examiner from the mid-1980s until the end of that decade. Thompson's editor at the Examiner, was dim witted Hearst Editor David McCumber, who would eventually steal Thompson's idea and make a mint writing about the Mitchell brothers, while he was stabbing Thompson in the back, reportedly telling Hearst Corporation executives that he was "deeply disappointed" in the quality of Thompson's Examiner columns.

No wonder Hunter Thompson ended his life with a self inflicted gun shot wound to the head.

You've basically got a no talent bum like editor David McCumber, whining about your work and then turning around a using what he has learned to write a book and get promoted as editor of Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

United Way Oktoberfest Rocks The Greenwich Boys & Girls Club
The 3rd Annual Oktoberfest to benefit the United Way of Greenwich drew its largest crowd yet.A The event on Saturday, Sept.

Great Deals This Week in Greenwich
Here are some fabulous money saving deals around Greenwich this week! Yeah, we're posting this column a bit early this week, but that's because there are some great deals to be had if you're the early worm! Greenwich Library and branches closed Monday, September 26, but did you know that Greenwich Library is still open even when closed? Greenwich ... (more)

Where The Hell Is The Local News On The Greenwich Time Website?

Is Hearst Newspaper Editor David McCumber Still In The Drunk Tank?

Could Hearst Corporation Chief Operating Officer Steven Swartz Please Come And Put The Money Losing Greenwich Time Out Of It's Misery?

Is Mark Aldam, The President Of The Hearst Newspaper Division Aware Of Just How Horrible The Green Kitty Liner Liner Is?

Greenwich Deserves Better Than This!

Greenwich Schools Aim for Healthier Menus
(The Daily Greenwich)
Do you know what's in your child's lunch? The Greenwich public school system is making it easy for parents to find out what their children are eating and whether it's healthy.

Romanian national sentenced for involvement in bank fraud scheme
(Connecticut Post)
A Romanian national was sentenced Friday in Bridgeport to 15 months in prison for his participation in a multi-state, ATM-skimming scheme that struck Greenwich, according to the U.S. Attorney's office.

Hundreds turn out for Greenwich dog show
(Connecticut Post)
Standing in a judging ring at "Puttin' On The Dog," at Roger Sherman Baldwin Park Sunday, Cos Cob resident Pauline Marron proudly talked about her 9-year-old collie, Chase.

Greenwich Time editor David McCumber arrested for DUI
The editor of Greenwich Time was arrested early Saturday morning and charged with driving while under the influence. Fifty-nine year old David McCumber, of 436 Hurlbutt Street in Wilton, was arrested in his hometown around 1:30 a.m. Saturday.

Rolexes stolen Greenwich Ave store
Two New York residents were charged in connection with a robbery of a Greenwich jewelry store. Police arrested 25-year-old Raymond Andrew Nunes, of 358 Prospect Street in Brooklyn, and 24-year-old Sarah White-Lebarre, of 11 School Street in Terryville, Friday afternoon after they stole Rolex watches worth tens of thousands of dollars from Lux Bond & Green on Greenwich Avenue.

P-Harmony: A Dating Place for Cats and Dogs
For our feline and furry friends, the process to find a life partner can be daunting since they don't work, don't clean, don't cook and one way or another, need help when going to the bathroom.

Greenwich Local Sports

Elite Lacrosse Program Schedules Tryouts
(The Daily Westport)
An elite travel lacrosse program run by Chelsea Piers Connecticut and coached by Scott Bulkley will hold tryouts next month in Stamford and Greenwich.

09/26/11 The Greenwich First Selectman Report

News About Greenwich First Selectman Peter Tesei
Adopt-A-Dog Hosts 24th Annual "Puttin' On The Dog" Event
WABC-TV meteorologist Bill Evans emceed the event and local officials including First Selectman Peter Tesei, and State Representatives Livvy Floren and Fred ...

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09/26/11 FORGET ABOUT LOCAL NEWS REPORTING: The Greenwich Time Has Turned Into A Small News Bureau For The Hearst Owned Connecticut Post

Hearst Newspaper Editor David McCumber Mostly Delivers Regional Connecticut News And National Associated Press Reports

If The Greenwich Time Disapeared Tomorrow Would Anyone In Town Notice?

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