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Sunday, September 27, 2009

09/27/09 Goodbye Topix: Greenwich Time Editor David McCumber Is Sick And Tired Of Hearing From Greenwich Time Readers

The Greenwich Time Once Again Sweeps Controversy Under The Rug

Dear Greenwich Roundup,

Greenwich Time's fear of controversy and perhaps offending special advertisers is evidenced by their shutting off Topix yesterday.

Other than Greenwich Roundup Topix was one of the best sources for the other side of the argument in Greenwich and now it is gone.

Topix got a little silly at times but for the most part the contributors were people who really cared about the town even if they could not afford to live there any more.
Where are the Greenwich Police Officers going to go to have their say about the goings on in town?
Where will the Hamilton Avenue and Glenville school mothers go to be heard?

Left In The Dark In North Mianus


Dear Left In The Dark,

This is good news for Greenwich Roundup and bad news for the Greenwich Time, because the voices Greenwich Time editor David McCumber is trying to censor will come to blog.

Greenwich Roundup always gives every voice a chance to be heard, but the Greenwich Time is notorious for only listening to the powers that be at Town Hall and at the Greenwich Board of education.

No wonder, Greenwich blogger Bill Clark calls the newspaper the "Yellowich Time"

When Greenwich Roundup asked a Greenwich Time employee about the missing comments feature , he was told that Hearst Newspapers got rid of the comments entirely and newspaper employees being instructed to tell all readers who complain the following:

If you would like to let the editors know how they feel about the stories Greenwich Time covers, then send a message to our newsroom blog Greenwich Real Time.
When will the Greenwich Time stop screwing over it's loyal readers?

No wonder the Greenwich Time loses money every single day of the year.
Maybe This Is Why The Greenwich Time Hates The Topix Message Forums.....
Join the conversation or just

Observer says.....
These major commercial thefts make the paper. We are hearing privately that there are numerous residential break-ins that never become public knowledge.

Two points:

1) The police department must publicize all residential break-ins so we can appreciate the danger and take steps to protect ourselves and our neighbors.

2) Time to install video cameras to view public spaces in Town.

Fed up taxpayer says....
Yeah, and they said crime was down in town. I don't think so. I've got cameras up on my house, not taking chances. .....

Dan says....
My prediction - the Riverside one will be solved but not the jewelery heist. Also, it is not up to the police to "publicize" anything. It's the job of the press, which as full access to police activities via the freedom of information act. If anything is being white washed (and I'm not saying it is), it would fall on the media and not the police.

andiesroonie says....
where are we with the Margolies murder case?
Can anyone in the GPD explain?
Thank you in advance

Republicano says .....
1.) The Police do not "publicize" anything. The media (newspapers) are given the opportunity to review the incidents that are FOIable...it is up to THEM to publicize the information. The last time I looked, there were no printing presses in the basement of HQ.

2.)No, the Police Dept. should NOT give out all of their information for on-going investigations to the public. They SHOULD NOT share all of the confidential facts regarding the incident as it may hurt the investigation.
All of the small details that could make or break a criminal case are NOT your buisness. AND, the Town of Greenwich has a unit called Community Impact Officers. They are Officers who, among other things, meet with nieghborhood reps and citizens and advise them of crimes occurring in their nieghborhoods and how to avoid being a victim. This unit, previously called Nieghborhood Resource Officers, has been around for several years doing this.

Assuming you are an adult, you should already know how to better protect your property...lock your doors, alarm systems, stop mail delivery when away, ask nieghbors to watch your home when away, etc.

These are basic things that require little thought.What you are now doing here is basically BLAMING the Police for the crimes. Greenwich is a very safe place to live considering its wedged between Stamford and Port Chester and has the biggest drug trafficking avenue (I-95) in the US running right through it.

Stop blaming the Cops and take some responsibilty for your own safety.

Would you blame the Fire Department if you had faulty wiring and you're house burned to the ground? Would you blame the Ambulance service if you ate a high fat diet your whole life and had a heart attack?
former res (Broomall, PA ) says ......
Does the GPD release the fact that there were burglaries, car thefts, vandalism etc in certain neighborhoods?(Without giving details?)

Around here, the paper publishes the addresses of all such crimes - ASAP. I like to know what's going on in my my neighborhood. I don't need details - just the fact that it happened. And where and when.

republicano says .....
Of course they do.

The procedure is...the report is taken by responding patrol officers, then the Detectives do their report detailing their initial investigation...then they submit follow up reports as the investigation progresses.

Normally, the next buisness day after the major crime/investigation, the media, in this case, the Greenwich Times, come into HQ, sit down and review the initial reports.(GPD also has a POI, Public Information Officer that acts as a liaison between the PD and the media)
If the investigation is on-going, juveniles are involved or there is sensitive information that could jeopardize the investigation, this information may be omitted.

former res (Broomall, PA ) says ......
Isn't EVERY case that is fresh and unsolved considered "ongoing?" I would think so.
I still see a difference between here and there. Here, if a house is broken into, a car is stolen etc - we hear about it right away. There, if I read your response correctly, the police will withhold that information - as it is an ongoing investigation (not yet solved). Because it just happened.

The Police Blotter in the Greenwich Time seems to include only solved crimes (with names of the actors)- unless I'm mistaken. I'd want to know about ALL crime in my neighborhood, in a timely way.(Which would mean BEFORE the cases are solved.)

Republicano says .....
Fresh?..yes, It is considered on-going...unless it is a non-violent "minor" offense.
Sometimes in that case, the investigation may be "shelved" (not closed) in favor of higher priority Investigations.

There are so many factors that a lay person does not know about regarding criminal investigations. Lets say for example a town has a rash of robberies in which the bad guys are known to use cell phones during its commision. The Police department may not want that information published, because this would be an excellent way for the Police to identify the perps. Bad guys read the papers too, so what will they do? Forgo the phone use next time they do it. Thats just one example of certain types of information that the public should not be privleged to.

I understand that residents want to know whats going on around them...I'm a home owner also and I keep up on happenings in my area. The public SHOULD know that burglaries are occurring, not only so they can take precautions to safeguard their homes, but the added vigilance can deter crime and aid the Police. It's many of the details that should be kept under wraps.

former res (Broomall, PA ) says ......
I agree.

And as a homeowner I don't care if the thieves are using cell phones.

I just want to know if homes in my neighborhood are being hit. Or if cars are being vandalized or stolen.

Does the GPD release this information immediately to the media regardless of whether the case is solved?

This is what I'm getting at, because I don't recall seeing this type of information in the GT. Only solved crimes.

In my area we know about property crime going on in the area - solved or not.

I would think the GT would publish the information if it were available to them. And also that the public would want to know in a timely manner - about crimes in their neighborhoods - solved or otherwise. It may be in the print verson, but I don't recall ever seeing it.
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Hi, would it be possible to remove "Greenwich families crushed by 'lenient' DUI sentences" on http://greenwichroundup.blogspot.com/2009/07/070609-raw-greenwich-news-feed.html

since the link no longer functions?

Thank you.

The Link Will Stand For Now
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09/27/09 READER SUBMITTED COMMENTS: Reconsideration

Hi, I recently saw an article about me concerning the settlement pertaining to the accident I was involved in 4 years ago. The whole ordeal has been extraordinarily trying for my friend's family and I. If at all possible, could you possibly stop Google from indexing the page to show up in their listing or delete the thread? Myself and others as well are trying to move on from this horrible experience, and if you could do this it would be more then appreciated. I understand you value integrity on your web site which is apparent from the mass of content you store about the goings and happenings in greenwich, but the visibility of this older thread brings back the hurt of the loss of a friend, and the loss of a son.

The web site I am referring to is at http://greenwichroundup.blogspot.com/2008/12/120208-greenwich-time-news-links-for.html and the link about stopping a site from being index is located at.

Thank you for your understanding.
-Evan Kimia

Dear Mr. Kimia,
This story involves a the estate of Justin Brown, a Greenwich teenager killed in a drunken driving accident in 2005, being awarded $2. .3 million in a settlement.
I really dislike drunken driving incidents, because a drunk driver nearly killed my wife about a dozen years back.
Our GMC Jimmy was totaled in the accident.
The drunk driver hit her car and then ran off, but luckily someone got the license plate number.
It appears that you have now paid your debt to society, but there is still a Greenwich teenager whose life was needlessly cut short.
Therefore I would probably lean towards not removing this post.
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