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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

10/14/08 READER SUBMITTED COMMENTS:Why Are The Toxicological Tests Taking So Long?

Dear, State's Attorney David I. Cohen

Why Are The Toxicological Tests Taking So Long?













Sir I am truly sorry for your loss.

I personally hope and pray that the CT States Attorney can provide justice to Joey and your entire family, despite the Greenwich Police Department's failure to do the right thing.

I can tell you that there are many good people here in Greenwich who are outraged at how this has been handled and are praying that your family will be comforted.

Hopefully, the truth comes out about the heartless 20 Year Old Mystery Driver that is being protected By the Greenwich Police Department.

Through out this controversy, I have only heard what a very special and kind young man your grandson was. From all accounts he was willing to help anyone who he found in need.

It is a horrific shame that such a good person was left to die on the side of the road by such a selfish and thoughtless individual.

Perhaps, you should call or write to the State's Attorney for Greenwich.

His name and address is:

David I. Cohen, State's Attorney

123 Hoyt Street

Stamford, CT 06905

(203) 965-5215
Please See:


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10/14/08 Harvest Time Church On King Street Begins Celebrating It's 25th Year On Wednesday

This An Amazing Spirit Filled Church

This video one goes waaaaaay back for Harvest Time Church.

Who Do You Say That I Am (WDYSTIA) was an Easter production put on in April 1993 by the members of a then 10 year old Harvest Time Church.

Performed in the Western Greenwich Civic Center where Harvest Time met then.

WDYSTIA presented the simple story of Jesus life, death and resurrection to the Greenwich community.

I never saw WDYSTIA because I only started going to the church about 16 months ago when my wife converted from Buddhism to Christianity.

Personally, I was only saved a little over a hundred days ago and week after week I see or learn something awesome at this church.

Who knows overtime this worship center might even be able to make me a kinder and gentler blogger over time. I know I have blogged a lot about Harvest Time Church this week, but there has just been a lot going on up on King Street.

If you want you can stop by for the Wednesday night service that will kick off 5 days of celebration at Harvest Time Church.

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10/14/08 A big fan of Facebook or other social networking sites? This might be the book for you!

I realized that I was completely addicted to my social networking sites. And I noticed that it was changing the way my friends and I were communicating. So I started thinking about how a story could be told using the framework of one of those sites – and then the story just came from there!

by Dominique

For example, I based the two towns in the novel, Stanwich and Putnam, on my hometown of Greenwich , Connecticut . And Madison shares my taste in books and theater. Also, I have a friend who is obsessed with all things French, ....

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10/14/08 Asking price, $5.4 million.

by Allison

....On today’s menu, we have up for grabs Regis Philbin’s Greenwich, Connecticut home. Featuring 5.68 acres, a tennis court, large pool, gazebo and gardens, you almost want to just set up camp outside. The home itself is tempting enough though, with a formal dining room, extensive and spacious living and media rooms, library with wet bar (of course, how very Regis) and a master suite with his and hers sitting areas...


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10/14/08 Greenwich, Connecticut Police Department Specifies Spray Foam Wall Insulation and TPR2 Building Code Compliant Fire Protection Coatings

Nothing But The Best For The New Police Palace On Mason Street


The Greenwich, Connecticut Police Department is among the first municipal buildings in the nation to be protected by a new state of the art fireproofing technology. TPR2 Corporation (pronounced TPR Squared), an emerging Fire Technologies business headquartered in Waterbury, Connecticut, won the contract to supply the fireproof coatings for the Greenwich, Connecticut Police Department renovation. The Fireshell® intumescent coatings provide critical ignition barrier protection from fire over the spray foam insulation used in the walls and ceilings of the building. Intumescent refers to the product’s unique ability to create a dense, expanded char in a fire to block the fire and heat from getting to the substrate.

The Fireshell® coating used is a new product that is a flexible, environmentally friendly, fire retardant coating which will impede fire and smoke on foam and wall assemblies. The technology can be formulated to actually extinguish liquid based fires, another first for the industry, claims TPR2.

The Fireshell® technology was developed for use in professional racing, such as NASCAR®, Sprint Cup Series. It is there that the company received significant notoriety when Fox TV put them on the big screen during the NASCAR® Nextel Cup with over nine (9) million people watching to demonstrate the leading-edge fire extinguishing capability. (The Fox demonstration of the technology can be seen at www.tpr2.com/videos.) . ....

....For the Greenwich, Connecticut Police Department project, The Development Team at TPR2 worked with Worth Contracting, CT, Thermofoam Insulation and SP Drywall.

The project took 4 months to work its way through the town committee process. All three companies worked closely with Greenwich town officials on the new fire coatings that are building code compliant to meet new, more stringent fire codes. The water based, one part coatings comply with Green product requirements and water based paint environmental initiatives....


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10/14/08 BREAKING NEWS: The Greenwich Time Is Going To Hell In A Handbasket - Crime Reporter Martin Cassidy Replaced By The Associated Press

KaChing .... Hayley Wins Again !!!
Andrew Kissel's widow, Hayley Wolff Kissel, following a 2006 probate court hearing at Greenwich Town Hall.

(Greenwich Time photo)

Forget About The Local Angle

Greenwich Residents Get The Same AP Report

That News Readers In Mobile Alabama Get

Why pay 50 cents for the Greenwich Time?

This same AP report will probably be in the Daily News and NY Post

The Associated Press

Article Launched: 10/14/2008 03:59:15 PM EDT

STAMFORD - An attorney for the widow of slain Connecticut real estate developer Andrew Kissel says a jury has rejected claims by insurance companies against her.

Kissel was killed at his Greenwich mansion in 2006 just days before he was scheduled to plead guilty to forging documents to obtain more than $16 million in loans from banks and mortgage companies.

Fidelity National Title Insurance and Chicago Title Insurance sought millions of dollars in damages from Hayley Wolffe Kissel, alleging she was aware of her husband's crimes and helped him by not telling anyone.

David Rubin, Hayley Wolffe Kissel's attorney, said the jury issued a verdict in favor of his client after deliberating less than four hours Tuesday.

An attorney for the insurance companies confirmed the verdict but had no immediate comment.

Wait A Minute That's It That's All The Greenwich Time Has About The Widow Of The Victim Of The Millionaire Murder Mystery ?????

And The Greenwich Citizen And Greenwich Post know nothing about Ms. Kissel's win against an insurance company.

Greenwich Citizen and Greenwich Post Readers can try and learn about the story at these newspapers:


An attorney for the widow of slain Connecticut real estate developer Andrew Kissel says a jury has rejected claims by insurance companies against her. ...

News Times

... of slain Connecticut real estate developer Andrew Kissel, her attorney said Tuesday. Kissel was killed at his Greenwich mansion in 2006 just days before he was scheduled to plead guilty to forging documents to obtain more than $16 million in loans ...

And newspapers all across the nation.

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10/14/08 Maybe, You Won't Have Valery Kogan To Kick Around Anymoe

The New York Observer

In 2005, Russian billionaire Valery Kogan and his wife, Olga, purchased a home in Greenwich, Conn. for $18.5 million. Mr. Kogan proposed a plan to tear down the mansion and build a 54,000-square-foot house that would have 26 bathrooms. The plan was denied in May, and last week Mr. Kogan submitted a scaled-down version of his original layout, according to Cityfile.

But perhaps the town elders shouldn't be so quick to discourage Mr. Kogan. This morning, The Hartford Courant published a piece about how the perils of Wall Street will hurt Greenwich--which, it turns out, makes up for much of the state's income tax revenue.

From the article:

"As the good times rolled in recent years, the state budget became increasingly dependent on Greenwich. Despite having only about 60,000 people, the town contributed nearly $600 million in state income taxes in 2006 — more than three times the income taxes paid by the combined populations of Hartford, Bridgeport, New Haven and Waterbury. With only 1.8 percent of tax filers, Greenwich provides nearly 13 percent of all state income tax, helping to pay for schools in West Hartford and road repairs in Rockville, not to mention every other cost related to running the state."

As wealthy bankers like Lehman CEO Richard Fuld Jr., a resident of Greenwich, find themselves in dire (well, relatively) financial straits, their neighborhood may begin to be supported by foreign money. And while Russian billionaires and their plans for "vulgar" mansions with gold bidets, marble statues, and animal rugs (think Mar-a-Lago on crystal meth) might typically be kept out of places like Greenwich, we wonder if recent economic events might make the residents reconsider. Our guess is that this time around the board will approve--though we don't expect to see Mr. and Mrs. Kogan at the Round Hill Club anytime soon.
Greenwich Is Reconsidering the Kogan's Revised proposal
Please see this background information:
Russian mogul Valery Kogan and his wife Olga when they purchased a mansion in Greenwich for $18.5 million and then applied for permission to raze the house to build their 27,000-square-foot "dream home." In May Greenwich's planning commission denied the Kogans a permit following complaints from residents, who voiced concern that the mammoth manse would—gasp!—dwarf their own mansions and be a "vulgar" addition to the neighborhood. But Valery and Olga haven't given up on the dream.
They resubmitted plans for a scaled-down version of the home just last week. And what exactly does "scaled-back" mean in rich Russian-speak? The new plan features 25 percent less square footage and just 15 bathrooms, down from the 26 they initially proposed. Alas, the revised application does not indicate if some of the other amenities they said they planned to install—like Turkish and Finnish bathing facilities and a "dog grooming room"—made the final cut.

Please Also See:


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10/14/08 READER SUBMITTED COMMENTS: Grider Opines On Police Favoritism And The 20 Year Old Mystery Driver That Intimidates The Greenwich Police Dept.

When I say, "Frog"

The Greenwich PD Jumps

Grinder says...

The only reason that the driver's name hasnt been released yet, is because it is still an ongoing investigation. When the investigation is done, the police will release the information. From what I have ehard, this was a pretty complex accident, with alot of evidence that needs to be gone over. As far as the driver not getting a sobriety test, where are you getting your information? The only reason I can think of that he wouldnt have gotten one at the scene, was he was just in a car accident, and my guess was strapped to a backboard, and loaded into an ambulance rather quickly. Getting a blood alcohol level from the hospital now means getting a warrant, which takes time.

The only reason he was transported to an "out of town" hospital was because that was the closest hospital.

If you want to be considered a serious journalist, you really should check your facts.

Comment From Greenwich Roundup:

Dear Grinder,

The is a very poor investigation considering the 20 Year Old Mystery Driver killed someone.

But in Greenwich when someone wealthy or well connected is involved in a death the police have had a long record of being intimidated.

This has happened from Moxley to Kissel. Usually someone from out f town has to step in and clean up the mess. This time the CT States Attorney Will have to get a warrant from a Judge, because the Greenwich Police Department was intimidated by the 20 Year Old Mystery Driver Who Killed Joey and kept on driving until he hit a telephone pole way down the road.

Now a Judge is asking the CT States Attorney something like....
"Why do you want me to sign this warrant, what was the problem that prevented the police officers on the scene from charging the driver?"

Then The CT States Attorney is having to respond with something like....

"Ummm, Your honor, I am not really sure why the 20 year old was not charged for leaving a dead body on the side of the road. Maybe the Greenwich Police Department was intimidated by the driver's family wealth or possibly their connections. I am really not sure why,"
"But, your Honor, we do have another Greenwich family with a dead Grandson and I now, despite the Greenwich Police Department's failures need this warrant, your Honor."
"Your Honor, without this warrant this family may not receive justice for their grandson."

It is wrong that the Greenwich Police Department did not charge the 20 Year Old Mystery Driver with leaving the scene of a deadly accident..

Just last Friday, Dwayne Lawlor of East Putnam Ave., was arrested and charged with evading responsibility after leaving the scene of a three-car accident.No one was injured in the crash, and Mr. Lawlor returned to the scene 45 minutes later and told police he had been involved in the accident.

Mr. Lawlor was taken into custody and is being held on $250 bond and lives on US Highway 1 here in town.

However, the police had to go out and find the 20 Year Old Mystery Driver who left a dead man in middle of the road.

The 20 year old mystery driver had was eventually found crashed into a telephone pole.The only difference between the 20 year old mystery driver who killed a man and Mr. Lawlor is money and or connections.

As you read above, Mr. Lawlor had trouble coming up with $250 and was placed in jail for leaving the scene of an accident with no injuries. There was only property damage.

If this had happened in Stamford and for some strange reason the 20 Year Old Mystery Driver was not charged, we would still know the name of the driver of the SUV that killed Joey, because the Stamford Police department is not intimidated by wealthy or well connected families

Please read this quote from Lt. Sean Cooney, the spokesman for the Stamford Police Department:

"The names of the operators are fairly quickly released because it's part of a police document, which is a matter of public record."

Stamford Police Lt. Cooney said every police department in the state is required to fill out an accident information report after a motor vehicle accident takes place. The cover of that report lists the names of every individual involved in the accident and it is almost always made available to the public, even in the case of a fatal motor vehicle accident.

If the CT State troopers were in charge of investigating this death and for some bizarre reason the 20 Year Old Mystery Driver was not charged we would know who was behind the wheel of the car that killed Joey.

When State Police investigate a fatal motor vehicle accident, they also release the names of everyone involved.

Sgt. Chris Johnson, a State Police public information officer, said their main concern is ensuring the victim's name is not released until troopers are certain the family has been notified. Once that occurs, Johnson said the identities of everyone involved becomes public information.

The state Police are not influenced or intimidated by wealthy or well connected families like the Greenwich Police Department is.

"Once all notifications have been made for the deceased person, the information on the accident information summary is released," says State Police Sgt. Johnson.

Just about every one in town agrees with this university professor who trains men and women to be Police Officers for a living.

Jospeh Pollini, a professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in Manhattan and former New York Police Department lieutenant commander, said in his experience the name of a driver involved in a fatal accident who is a suspect in the death is almost always released, except in rare cases.

"In the case of the identity of a suspect, I find that somewhat odd," Pollini said of the situation in Greenwich. "I spent 30 years with the New York City Police Department and once we identified the name, it was released unless it was a weak case."

Or if it is the Greenwich Police Department intimidated to wealthy or well connected family.

The 20 Year Old Mystery Man was so self centered and heartless he did not even stop to call 911 for Joey,

He left that job for a good Samaritan in another car who was shocked to find a Joey's body laying at the entrance of somebodies drive way.

And My Dear Grinder those are the facts.

Thank you for reading Greenwich roundup and it was a pleasure educating you about how the Greenwich Police Department shows favoritism and fails to handle public documents properly.

Hopefully as more Greenwich Citizen's learn what is really going on at their police department they will soon demand that Police Chief David Ridberg makes much needed changes.
Dear Grinder,
Please Read These Posts And Educate Yoursef About How The Greenwich Police Department Is Afraid To Tell A Greenwich Family Who Killed Their Grandson:


Secure Your Items


As the economy tanks, thieves look for portable electronics—and they think they can get them by preying on our youngins

Recently, a Fairfield University student living in Fairfield Beach reported her laptop, valued at $1,500, had been nabbed off her kitchen counter. It was a familiar story to Fairfield Police Sgt. James Perez....

....the Greenwich Police Department does not report a decrease in larcenies over the same period last year.

Still, crime data does support Perez. In 1980, after the U.S. had felt the effects of the oil crisis that took place after the Iranian revolution, larceny in Connecticut increased by 18.7 percent from 1978. In 1988, after the housing market had turned sour, it was up 3.5 percent in the state from two years prior.


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10/14/08 BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT: Please checkout The Latest Addition To The Roundup Media Family - Darien Roundup

Please Take A Look Darien Roundup Which Is Now Up And Running.

Coming Soon:

Stamford Roundup

New Canaan Roundup

Norwalk Roundup

And Many Other Communities In Fairfield County.


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10/14/08 The Raw Greenwich Business News Feed Or Hedge Fund Guys Start To Say, "Wow! We really screwed things up"

Click To Enlarge

Why We Shouldn't Fear the Failure of Some Firms


... 10 YEARS ago, the Federal Reserve gathered the heads of 14 investment banks in New York to urge them to rescue a Greenwich, Conn., hedge fund, Long-Term Capital Management. The Fed was worried that LTCM was so intertwined with Wall Street that its ...

Tudor, SAC Capital Said to Have Sold Assets, Raised Cash as Markets Fell

... Mexican peso tumble 16 percent since the start of October, said two people with knowledge of the decisions by the Greenwich, Connecticut- based firm, which manages $18 billion. Cohen, who oversees $16 billion at his SAC Capital Advisors LLC in ...

Accounting plagues Archway

Battle Creek Enquirer

... positions with Archway to "avoid any appearance of impropriety," the court documents said. Catterton Partners, the Greenwich, Conn.-based private equity firm which owns Archway, hired Insight to run Archway's day-to-day operations after Catterton ...

[Bloggingheads] Solutions To Crunch: Derivatives Are Derivative


... Great comments on these posts as well. A commenter from Yves and Dan's excellent but far too short "Slums of Greenwich, CT" writes: An intereresting thing here was that the interlocutors implied that the shadow banking system, and here one suspects ...

Hedge Funds Concede Errors, Profess Optimism After Worst Month in 10 Years

Bloomberg Business News

... up to get out of these funds as well as record outflows from equity mutual funds,'' Jeffrey Gendell , who runs Greenwich, Connecticut-based Tontine Associates LLC, wrote in an Oct. 1 letter to clients. ``I am not a nervous person by nature, but ...

Yen Falls for Fourth Day Against Dollar on U.S. Plan to Buy Banking Stocks

Bloomberg Business News

... something a lot worse,'' said Alan Ruskin , head of international currency strategy in North America at RBS Greenwich Capital Markets Inc. in Greenwich, Connecticut. ``Risky assets are performing well today. I won't fight it.'' Losses in the dollar ...

Chaos: Opportunities and Threats


... bubble popped and Florida McMansions are no longer a hot commodity---and in a $12 million, forty-room home in Greenwich, Connecticut, the CEO of AIG feels the cold wind of reality as he understands that his company is going under and needs to be ...


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10/14/08 The Raw Greenwich Blog And RSS Feed For Tuesday

Bloggs By Persons Who Live Work Or Used To Live In Greenwich.....

Today's Featured Blog:

By Rob "WGCH" Adams

From our friend Rob Crowley comes this nugget about the Naples Golden Eagles. You might recall them...I was there to broadcast their game against Greenwich last November 9th.91-0?

Wow, that's Cochran-esque! I guess Florida needs to build in a Naples Rule or something.

More From Rob Adams

The Raw Greenwich Blog And Rss Feed Continues ....

Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter
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Pray Connecticut
Choose life - and vote life! - We're not Catholic but I thought this video from CatholicVote.com was outstanding. Please see also the quotes on abortion below attributed to Mother Teresa...

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For What It's Worth
- As usual, great insight and commentary, this time on corporate (and governmental) owning up. From my favorite blogger,James Lileks The theme of the convers...

Greenwich Roundup
10/14/08 Greenwich Time News Links Or Artsy Fartsy Crowd Has Had It With Failed Board of Education Chairwoman Nancy Weissler - *"It does seem likely that years of inaction by the Board of Education have caused the town to lose the opportunity that had been offered for the gift of ...

Greenwich Forum
Maybe No Charges Will Be Filled Against The 20 Year Old Myster... - 1 Comment, last updated on Tuesday Oct 14 by Rev Frank Stretch

Greenwich Library Today's Events
Baby Lapsit Registration - *When:* Tuesday October 14th, 2008 - All Day Open enrollment begins October 6 for Baby Lapsit for infants up to 12 months with a caregiver. Five-week Fall ...

The Harvest From Harvest Time Church On King Street
Day 26: To Recover Everything – Part One - And they found written in the law which the LORD had commanded by Moses that the children of Israel should dwell in tabernacles in the feast of the seventh...

Greenwich News
Mother's cookie company closes amid bankruptcy - Mother's Cookies, which got its start in Oakland , has closed its doors for good.


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10/14/08 Greenwich Post News Links

Charlotte Cline, Connie Bowmann, Esha Shanbhogue

Eighty-one young artists entered the Junior division of the Art Society of Old Greenwich’s 2008 Sidewalk Art Show.

Seven artworks were sold. Every youngster received a ribbon. Monetary awards were given for first, second and third, in their age group, through donations from Cleveland, Duble and Arnold Corp, The Dowling Group Ltd, Walter and Lucie Anderes who organized the show, Moloya Lasar, Pioneer Penwomen of Greenwich, the Wednesday Painters, Nina Cocchi, Jeanine Jackson and the Sound Beach Pizza and Grill.

Jefferson Wells is hosting a series of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) roundtables to provide local businesses with insight and knowledge on preparing organizations for a successful adoption.

A two car accident that blocked traffic in both lanes going eastbound on the Post Road and one lane going westbound at the intersection of Dayton Avenue between Stop & Shop and A&P Fresh has been cleared.

Police and firemen as well as Greenwich Emergency Services responded to the scene. An Oldsmobile station wagon and a BMW sedan collided. The Oldsmobile's front hood was damaged and the left front frame and tire of the BMW was damaged. Further damage is unknown at this time. The accident happened at about 5:50 this evening.

The Greenwich Hospital Auxiliary recently observed its 58th Annual Meeting with a program and luncheon at the Burning Tree Country Club. Dr. Zoher Ghogawala, a nationally-recognized neurosurgeon on the Greenwich staff and director of the hospital’s Wallace Clinical Trials Center, was the luncheon speaker and addressed the topic “Community-based Clinical Trials: The Future of Outcome Research." During the luncheon Mimi Grady, now starting her second term as auxiliary president, announced that 645 volunteers contributed 63, 713 hours at the hospital last year. Following the meeting, from left, are Dr. Ghogawala; Mimi Grady, auxiliary president; and Greenwich Hospital President Frank Corvino.

Beginning on Nov. 5, Support Connection, Inc. will offer a monthly support group via toll-free teleconference for women living with breast cancer.

The group will take place on the first Wednesday of the month beginning at 8 p.m. Support Connection is a not-for-profit organization specializing in free, confidential support services for people affected by breast and ovarian cancer.

On Wednesday Oct. 15 at 1 p.m. seven fantastic Good Dog Foundation therapy dogs will be at the Pierre Deux store on 40 East Elm St. to celebrate the wonderful work of Good Dog and to promote Pierre Deux's one day sale.

The Board of Selectmen Oct. 9 meeting is now airing with weekend broadcasts on Friday at 7 and at 10 a.m. on Saturday.

Think there is not much going on in Old Greenwich? Think again.

On Thursday, Oct. 16 residents will have the opportunity to be updated on a range of significant issues by local experts when the Old Greenwich Association (OGA) hosts its annual meeting and community forum in the First Congregational Church on Sound Beach Avenue at 7:30 p.m. The evening will feature representatives from the Greenwich Traffic Department, Greenwich Police Department, Greenwich Point Conservancy, Greenwich Civic Center Committee and the Connecticut State Legislature.


Dwayne Lawler, 39, of 1465 East Putnam Ave. was arrested Oct. 10 and charged with evading responsibility. Police had been sent to the scene of an East Putnam Avenue motor vehicle accident involving three vehicles and officers reportedly determined that the person responsible had left the scene without providing any information. According to police reports, Lawler came to the scene 50 minutes later and said he was the driver. Police said they examined his vehicle and determined the damage to it was consistent with the damage to the other vehicles. Lawler was released on a $250 cash bond and is due in court Oct. 24.



Hilda Munoz, 60, of 76 Bertolf Road, Riverside was arrested Oct. 11 and charged with breach of peace. Police had been sent to the scene of a reported dispute between neighbors. The reporting party alleged to police that Munoz had approached her and begun yelling and waiving her fists in the air. According to this person, this has been an ongoing problem for about three years and that she was “extremely fearful” of Munoz. Police reported that after speaking to a third party, this woman’s account of events was confirmed. Munoz was released on a promise to appear and is due in court Oct. 20.


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10/14/08 Greenwich Time News Links Or Artsy Fartsy Crowd Has Had It With Failed Board of Education Chairwoman Nancy Weissler

"It does seem likely that years of inaction by the Board of Education have caused the town to lose the opportunity that had been offered for the gift of the complete renovation of the Havemeyer Building and the creation of a wonderful Center for the Arts that could have served the entire community for classes, studios, theaters, performances, a cafe and public events," wrote Peter Malikin in an email that blamed school administrators for derailing the project.

Donors threaten to walk

A nonprofit group's bid to convert the town-owned Havemeyer Building into an arts center is in danger of unraveling.

First Selectman Peter Tesei said he is reluctant to ask the Representative Town Meeting to consider a proposed lease of the Greenwich Avenue landmark until the public school administrators occupying the building decide whether they want to leave for new office space.

That decision is not expected to come until the first quarter of 2009, according to school officials, well after the Dec. 31 deadline imposed by the Greenwich Center for the Arts to procure a $1-per-year lease.

If the town fails to act, a group of wealthy donors that includes Empire State building owner Peter Malkin has threatened to walk away from its offer to donate $15 million toward the Havemeyer Building's transformation.

Private donations would pay for the entire $30 million project, according to GCA, which has told the town that it can't keep its donors in the lurch.

"No one likes to lose an opportunity, but you can't force someone to do something they don't want to do," Tesei said in a recent interview....

....Weissler said school officials agreed to wait until after the Commission on Aging completed its own analysis for a new senior center this past spring before embarking on a similar survey that won't be complete until the first quarter of next year.

"I'm having a hard time seeing how that's inaction. That's basically following the time line that we were given," Weissler said.

If and when school officials make a decision on their future home, Weissler said it will be some time before the Havemeyer Building becomes vacant.

Citing the downturn in the economy, Weissler said an estimated $25 million project to renovate the Greenwich High School auditorium scheduled for the 2009-10 fiscal year is likely to be delayed until 2010-11, when the construction of new offices for school administrators was supposed to occur. That, too, will be delayed, she said.

"We have said as a board we will prioritize the needs of our students ahead of our administrators, which will push out the central office," Weissler said.....


Perhaps Empire State building owner Peter Malkin needs to learn how to negotiate and sweeten the deal for failed Board of Education Chairwoman Nancy Weissler.

"OK, Nancy you win. If you move out of the town-owned Havemeyer Building we will hire your incompetent best buddy Frank Mazza to be in charge of the Arts Center renovation project."

Byram Pharmacy is back in business after abruptly shutting down Sept. 26 following an FBI search of the facility, officials said.

On Monday, a manager of the pharmacy said it is now open for its regular hours but would not comment on the closure, which kept the doors closed for nearly two and a half weeks.

Michael Romsky, a spokesman for the FBI in New Haven, said that the agency executed a search warrant on Sept. 26 at the 13 N. Water St. drugstore. He would not release any details. No further information on the incident has been released since.

The Drug Control Division usually receives word when the FBI searches a pharmacy, according to Gadea. However, the division received no report of the Byram Pharmacy search.

Gadea also said Joby George is still listed as the licensed pharmacist at the facility. George could not be reached for comment on Monday.

According to state records, the Byram Pharmacy was first issued a license in April 2001.


My wife has a monthly prescription that she has filled at the Byram Pharmacy. She held off having the prescriptionfiled, because this independent pharmacy is $35 less than CVS and I have to pay the $65 out of my pocket.

On Sunday Night, I was working in Byram and saw that there was no sign on the door of the pharmacy and the place looked like it was ready to open for business so I told my wife to try and go there after work.

She told me that everything seemed normal in the pharmacy.

I hope things workout for this small independent business, because this establishment really filled a void after CVS bought the old Byram Pharmacy and closed it down and moved the prescriptions across town.

The pharmacist has previously open by Firehouse deli, but recently moved into a building with parking next to the bank.

Personally, I wish the FBI would look into how CVS closed virtually every independent pharmacy from Byram to Old Greenwich.

Last week I had to go to the CVS on Greenwich Avenue for two prescriptions because a I had this spider bite that had became infected. I am standing behind a lady who is complaining at the drop off window that she has been waiting for her prescriptions for 40 minutes and that CVS had promised them in 20 minutes. The next person dropped off their prescription and was given the standard "your prescription will be ready in 20 minutes" story.

So I left line and later that night before going to bed I gave the prescriptions to my son and asked him to go to drive to the Riverside CVS and fill the prescription. The next morning when I woke up I finally got to take the anti-biotic and the pain medication.

Later that day I went to get the wound check and the doctor is telling that the infection got worse and once again giving me antibiotics intravenously. Plus I got to listen to the doctor lecture me about how I need to fill and take prescriptions promptly as she gave me a second antibiotic prescription to take with the first antibiotic prescription.

Once again I go to the CVS on Greenwich Avenue drop of my new prescription which will be ready in "20 minutes", So I went out and had lunch at Subway at the top of Greenwich Avenue and then came back and got in the prescription pick up line was going incredibly slow, because people stuck in CVS ended up buying things waiting "20 Minutes" for their prescription to be filled.

Personally, I think that this "Your prescription will be ready in 20 Minutes" is part of a CVS marketing plan to try and get you to buy sundry items while being forced to wait for your prescription.

Some people don't mind using all of these chain stores, but every time I can't find help in Staples I long for those funny and friendly guys at Marks Brothers on Greenwich Avenue.

To help a rural African village break the chains of poverty, Stanwich School teacher Shaun Fletcher says it isn't enough to simply visit once, as some part-time humanitarians have done.

Starting next summer, the Stanwich science teacher will bring students to a destitute Rwandan village each year for the next decade to build water wells, classrooms, a medical center, a library, bathrooms with showers, even a laundry room.

"As an American, you can't just come in and say, 'Let me fix all your problems,' and then feel good because you bought them a pack of 20 goats, or did a few weeks of work," he said. "The key is developing long-term partnerships."

Fletcher, who spent three weeks in Rwanda in July, now plans to return with about a dozen Stanwich students and alumni next June to build a modern infrastructure in the remote village of Cyabatanzi, which has a population of roughly 4,000.

That work will be part of a 10-year humanitarian project, which Fletcher said he recently designed with the help of a $5,000 grant from the school's board of directors....

..."They are not warm to visitors, and they won't greet me and the students with a hug," Fletcher said. "But they will look you in the eye and open their village to you, if they think you aren't looking to make a quick fix." ....

Stanwich teacher Shaun Fletcher is 100% right and a credit to the good works that are going on at the school.
I know that at Harvest Time Church, where I worship, a missions group has just returned Monday from a trip to Senegal They were operating a medical clinic for the second year in a row.

This church has started an orphanage that they have named "My Father's House" in the same town that the clinic is in. Currently the orphanage is ran like a group home out of one house.

The Church has bought land in this town and wants to build 8 or 10 additional group homes for orphans, but is still trying to get local governmental approval for a building permit.

Senegal is a Muslim nation and very slow to approve badly needed Christian relief projects.

But that has not stopped Harvest Time Church. Steve Gamble the church's Missions Director went to look at some farmland North of this African Town that might bee used to grow food for the orphanage.

Over 1000 people were feed and treated at this last Senegal medical clinic and doctors from Greenwich helped provide care to the needy.

Currently, Harvest Time Church is raising $15,000 to send a water drilling rig that they now have to Africa.

Next March, there is a mission trip planned for Bangladesh.

This church is involved in so many other missions activities around the world.

Moreover, Harvest Time Church has been making repeated trips to two United States towns ever since Hurricane Katrina hit years ago. One town is in Louisiana and another town is in Mississippi. A big missions trip just returned from Louisiana about 4 or 5 months ago.

Every year this church raises over $500,000 for missions work. The goal of the church is to spend 25% of it's budget on missions work that helps people throughout the world.

Even when this spirit filled church was meeting in the Western Greenwich Civic Center and did not have a building of it's own it was helping build structures for others who were in need.

In fact, this church will start celebrating it's 25th anniversary in town this Wednesday night.

It is amazing that a church that started meeting in the Greenwich YMCA twenty five years ago has grown so much and done so many good works.

Even, though I am very new at Harvest Time Church, I have been invited to participate in the Mission's trips, but for one reason or another I have found an excuse not to go.

But, I have been almost brought to tears when I seen videos of all the grateful people receiving aid and comfort. Often times some of those that have benefited from the Church's generosity have came to say thank you it has made for a very emotional service.

Just last Sunday I went to a lunch at the Church honoring a man from South Africa.

And one thing that I like is that the Harvest Time Church has decided to redouble it's efforts of helping people in the Greenwich area without sacrificing the good work that is done overseas and across the nation.

Many times we forget that there are a lot of hurt people in this town of plenty.

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Staff Writers
Columbus Day is a lot different now than when Tod Laudonia, the president of the St. Lawrence Society, first learned about it in school.

"In fourteen hundred and ninety-two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue," Laudonia joked, reciting the poem he memorized as boy to a crowd of about 20 gathered outside Town Hall Monday morning for the annual Columbus Day raising of the Italian Flag by the St. Lawrence Society, an Italian-American club based in Cos Cob.

Once solely about the journey of the Italian-born navigator, the day has become one to "reflect and celebrate our heritage," the president said.

Like Columbus, Laudonia continued, Greenwich's Italian immigrants were explorers. Unlike Columbus, he said, they stayed here, helping make Greenwich what it is today.

This year's flag raiser, selected by the St. Lawrence Society, an Italian-American club based at 86 Valley Road, was 90-year-old James Rocco Santaguida, a second-generation Greenwich Italian whose family founded the first horse-and-buggy town trash pick-up and owns Cos Cob's James R. Santaguida sanitation.....

For youth rugby players in Greenwich, finding a team to play can be about as easy as digging a ball from the bottom of a scrum.

Senior Hana Bowers has been a leader all season long for the Greenwich High School field hockey team, and Monday's home contest against Pomperaug was no different.

The story is getting to be old hat: Connecticut's Probate Court system is posting a $20,000-per-day deficit, and is in dire need of reform.

To the editor:

I am strongly against the Connecticut Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage in Connecticut.

I agree with Justice Peter Zarella's dissenting opinion that "there is no fundamental right to same-sex marriage, and that the court's majority failed to discuss the purpose of marriage laws to 'privilege and regulate procreative conduct.' " ("Gay marriage approved," Greenwich Time, Oct. 11). Effectively redefining marriage by decoupling marriage as between one man and one woman, which has been the basis for all civilization (and even the uncivilized) for thousands of years is somewhat breathtaking.

Needless to say, in our own tradition in America, which is Judeo-Christian, traditional marriage stands as being in harmony with God's plan. While the imagination can run wild now that marriage is without its traditional and biblical grounding, what other legal challenges will arise, for whom or for what (or between whom and what) to be joined in marriage?
I do not believe this ruling reflects the will of the people of Connecticut. Therefore, I urge the citizens of Connecticut to mobilize in contacting their state legislators demanding of them to repeal this forced ruling.

Richard Day
Old Greenwich


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