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Sunday, May 25, 2003

May 25, 2003 - Retro street signs win favor with residents

A maverick in the satellite communications field whose North Street mansion was modeled after the Petit Trianon at Versailles, [Rene Anselmo] initially suggested green signs instead of white, only to be convinced that the latter would be more attractive, [Mary Hull] recalled. Anselmo agreed to pay for more than 60 signs prior to his death in 1995. The signs are predominantly located north of Route 1 and in Chickahominy, although several have cropped up in Old Greenwich and Riverside over the years.

"The fact remains, a lot of people were very pissed off when Anselmo did this," [Bernie Yudain] said, explaining that he prefers the low- key, utilitarian look of the metal signs rather than the contrived image of elegance that the wooden ones exude. "I hated them because I thought they were too Mickey Mouse village, quaint sort of thing."

Greenwich Time

Sunday, May 4, 2003

May 4, 2003 - YUDAIN COLUMN - It's Wetherell Not Witherall

Please "ell" not "all" at the end

The deceased may have worked as a printer at the huge Conde Nast plant on the Post Road where now stands the Hyatt Regency Greenwich hotel and a nicely gentrified office building. Or maybe he or she worked at Electrolux in Old Greenwich, a major maker of vacuum cleaners and other devices.

Others may have earned their daily bread at the sprawling Maher Bros. coal and stone establishment that once dominated Greenwich Harbor. Or in one of the many small machine shops and iron works, or in some of the historic mercantile shops in all parts of town, like Meyer Cohen's fancy grocery, where two young guys named John Gleason and Dave Robbins worked and went on to become Greenwich chiefs of police.

If I may say so, it behooves those who write and and babble about The Nathaniel Witherell nursing home at least take the trouble to learn how to spell and pronounce the name of the benefactor in whose honor the home is named. It's Witherell - not Witherall. The gaffe becomes more conspicuous when used in the context of a presumably erudite dissertation about the issues involving Witherell. Please - "ell" not "all" at the end.



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