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Thursday, September 4, 2008

09/04/08 Best Value Greenwich Real Estate ?????

Tim Judge Is Like The MTV Real Estate Guy.

Maybe he had better get a drugged up Rap star to pay $975,000 this place in in Beautiful And Exotic Downtown Byram.

However, you can make Tim an offer at...


Judge And Associates has this featured listing overlooking the Byram River. 3/4 bedrooms 2.1 bath Full renovation in 2005

Call Tim Judge Broker 203-409-3845

Open House Sundays call for time.

Please Also See:

Open house report

Well, nothing much out there today. I saw one new listing whose listing agent was asking for price opinions. I suspect I added no cheer by suggesting a price cut of $225,000 off its $1.995 price but hey - he asked; and he won't listen anyway, so no harm no foul.

But there's a problem with these over-priced listings that affects all of us: a friend tells of showing a house yesterday that had been marked down a full million dollars from its two million plus original price. Instead of seeing a bargain, his potential buyer was scared off, reasoning that if a house could "lose" a million dollars in value one week, what was to prevent it from losing another million next week?

What's being exposed in the present market is the unreality of pricing in this town. I know that sounds "too discouraging" for some of you readers, but when Back Country mansions start whacking $3-4 million from their asking price, over night, buyers can be forgiven if they conclude that there's no real substance behind some of these prices.

So they're waiting things out.

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Did you hear the happy news about Greenwich house ...

Don't worry, be happy! A reader has posted the ...

136 Cat Rock Rd revisited I mentioned yesterday ...

Real friends don't let friend's letters go unanswered...

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09/04/08 Shay Leaves To Support John McCain


Christopher Shays (R-CT), who is in a tough re-election fight back home, had not planned to attend the convention in St. Paul. ...

Danbury News Times

Christopher Shays, R-4th District, flew out to the Republican Convention in Minneapolis Wednesday, Sept. 3, to lend his support to John McCain's

nomination ...


Hartford Courant

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is coming to Connecticut to headline a fundraiser for Democrat Jim Himes, who is challenging Republican Congressman Chris Shays in Connecticut's 4th District.

Himes' campaign says the California Democrat will be attending the event at a private home in Westport on Sept. 13. Ticket prices start at $250 per person. People who raise at least $2,300 for Himes can also have brunch with Pelosi.

Himes is trying to unseat Shays, the long incumbent in the House district that represents southwestern Connecticut, in the November election.

Do you think voters in Greenwich

will want to pay $2,300 to have

brunch with Nancy Pelosi !!!!
Well, it seems like the National Enquirer is coming out with a story that says Sarah had an affair with her husband’s business partner.
John McCain has had enough of all the smearing about Sarah that he is threatening to sue the National Enquirer.
My suggestion to you Senator is to suck it up and get a thick skin. Sarah Palin is a big girl and a public figure, which means the gloves are off.
Don’t waste Cindy’s money on legal fees; after all, she needs this money to buy more $300,000.00 outfits. What are you going to do next, threaten to sue Walt Monegan for releasing some of the emails?


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09/04/08 Greenwich Citizen Decides To Update It's Website Today Instead Of Waiting Until Friday Afternoon, But There Is No Greenwich Murder Story?????

Greenwich Boy Scouts Council board members Edward Anderson, left, Camille Broderick and Walter Stratton, stand before Lake Hillegas, at the 50th celebration of the deed signing of what became the Ernest Thompson Seton Reservation.

(Anne W. Semmes / for the Greenwich Citizen)

After 50 Years, Seton Reservation to Get Deeper Lake

By Anne W. Semmes

In 1958 a fund-raising drive headed up by Prescott Bush Jr. to raise nearly a quarter of a million dollars to buy 75 acres of pristine land from the Greenwich Water Co. for a Boy Scout camp on Riversville Road met with success by unusual means.

With less than half of the money raised a deal was struck to sell off gravel from two planned lake sites. That gravel added to the property as collateral won over the mortgage lenders. The deed was signed by the Greenwich Council of the Boy Scouts of America, the lakes created and two years later the land was named the Ernest Thompson Seton Reservation and the centerpiece lake after long-time scout volunteer Tom Hillegas, who had the bright gravel selling idea.

Fifty years later, it's lake dredging time again for the now sediment-filled Hillegas Lake. To celebrate both Camp Seton's 50th anniversary and the major dredging effort to deepen the lake from its now two feet to a planned 12-14 feet, town and Scout officials gathered by the algae-covered lake last Thursday on the very day the deed was signed on Aug. 28, 1958.

Along with the dredging, a five-year buildup of the camp's facilities is planned to allow for an improved water sports program, plus a Shooting Range, ......

Covering sports in Greenwich, where football clearly is king, is a new experience. Large metropolitan daily papers are great, offering sportswriters the ...

many were friendly toward her - one told her, "You saved me from the Nazis" - a few were Annie Trotta ...

Asch was appointed Greenwich harbor master by Gov. M. Jodi Rell on Aug. 22. Reacting to the appointment, he said: "I think it is a good thing. ...


As Hurricane Gustav prowled and growled with ferocious winds last weekend the Greenwich chapter of the American Red Cross lived up to ...


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Also please let us know if Greenwich Citizen reporters actually learn that there s a murder in town.

Do Greenwich Citizen readers have to wait a week or two for their trusted reporters to rewrite Greenwich Post and Greenwich Time Articles?

09/04/08 Breaking News: Greenwich Police Department Investigates Another Murder In Town

Breaking News

Posted 1:02 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 4, 2008

Police are investigating what appears to be a homicide in the western section of town.

No other details are known at this time, but police say that a suspect is already in custody. Police responded to the scene this morning after a neighbor reported hearing a gunshot. Police found a woman dead of a gunshot and stab wounds. No information about the victim has been released. Next of kin are being notified.

The suspect, who is male, was taken into custody at the scene. No charges have been announced and the suspect has not been named.

According to Operations Lt. Richard Cochran, the investigation is ongoing.

In a press release, police said the matter is an isolated incident and “...residents should continue their daily routine without fear.”

Check back to Greenwich-post.com for more details as they become available.
Full coverage will be available in next Thursday’s Post......

Where are the Hearst Newspapers?

Where is the Greenwich Tme Crime Reporter Martin Casidy?

Where is the Greenwich Citizen?





Suspect in custody

Article Launched: 09/04/2008 01:40:33 PM

Greenwich police are investigating a mid-morning shooting in Pemberwick that one woman dead. Police responded to 36 Nicholas Ave. shortly before 11 a.m. following a report of gunshots to find the woman dead "in the back part of the property" from gunshot and stab wounds, Greenwich Police pokesman Daniel Allen said.

A male suspect, found on the premises at 36 Nicholas Ave., was taken into custody at the scene.

Police said they are trying to get in touch with the woman's family. They have not yet released her name.

Investigators set up a perimeter around 36 Nicholas Ave., a blue two story home on the west side of the street, as well as the adjacent residence, 38 Nicholas Ave. Allen said 38 Nicholas Ave. was not part of the crime scene.
The body remained at the scene awaiting the arrival of the medical examiner, Allen said. ....


Newsday, NY

GREENWICH, Conn. - Greenwich police say they have a suspect in custody after a person was shot and stabbed to death.


A person was found dead in Greenwich Thursday after being both stabbed in shot, police said.

Greenwich police are calling the incident a shooting/homicide and have taken another person into custody but are releasing few other details.

The person was found dead at 10:47 a.m. in the western section of Greenwich, police said. ....


Greenwich (WTNH) -- Police in Greenwich are investigating a murder but they are being very tight-lipped about the details of the case.

Police say the murder happened in the western section of town just before 11 a.m. this morning. The victim was shot and stabbed and they say the suspect was apprehended at the scene.

They're not releasing the names of the victim or the suspect.....

Lower Hudson Journal news

GREENWICH, Conn. - Police say they are investigating a homicide ....

....Investigators announced the investigation in a news release early this afternoon, but did not say ...

The release describes it as a "shooting incident" in which police found the victim "deceased from gunshot and stab wounds." Police took a suspect into custody at the scene, they said.....

Hartford Courant

AP GREENWICH - Police are withholding the names of the suspect and victim, and officials are not releasing any other information. ...

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09/04/08 Greenwich Post News Lnks For Thursday

Jonathan Asch is the town's new harbormaster.

(Ken Borsuk Photo)

The search for a new town harbormaster is over now that Gov. M. Jodi Rell has signed off on the appointment of Jonathan Asch to the position.

The Nathaniel Witherell will have some extra money this year to go ahead with plans for a garden to benefit residents suffering from dementia, but the town’s Housing Authority received an $80,000 cut.

The fiscal year is a little more than two months old, but preparations for the 2009-10 municipal budget are already in being made, and First Selectman Peter Tesei indicated last week that some belt tightening is on the horizon.

“Leading into this budget it would not be wise to ignore the current fiscal conditions,” Mr. Tesei said. “We begin this fiscal year with little or no contingency due to reduced revenues.”

Mr. Tesei said there are $2.4 million in interim requests in the 2007-08 fiscal year, including more than $1 million for outside legal fees and $500,000 to remediate the mold at the town’s modular classrooms, which shrank the town’s contingency. He added there is also higher than expected utility costs and an anticipated revenue shortfall due to less interest income brought in by town revenue and due to a settlement on property taxes for the town’s golf course, where it was determined the town asked for too much money.

Those are just three parts of it and there are probably other factors that are impacting the current year’s budget,” Mr. Tesei said last week. “I intend to take measures with the town departments and strongly recommend that the Board of Education contain expenditures wherever possible in their operating budgets.”


How is the BET going to contain Frank Mazza's current $500.000 and Betty Sternberg's soon to come additional $500,000 request for busing and moving students in and out of the modulars. Plus there is the up coming teacher's contract.

Problems are persisting in the construction of a new Hamilton Avenue School, leaving the date for an opening still in flux.

While the Board of Education had hoped the oft-delayed construction would be ready in time for the start of school on Aug. 27, more than a year behind schedule, that date came and went without the town’s Building Department signing off on the structure, which is still not able to pass all its inspections. With parents continuing to be uneasy about sending their kids to temporary classrooms where mold was discovered last March, board members said last week at the first meeting of the new school year they are hopeful for a resolution within the next few weeks.

Michael Bodson, a Board of Education member and a member of the project’s building committee, said the goal is to get a temporary certificate of occupancy by the town’s building department “around Sept. 10” so the move from the modulars to the new building may be completed by Columbus Day in October.....

...the ventilation system. He said it is “not providing adequate air flow throughout the building” and the building committee is not sure why that is. Mr. Bodson said the contractor, Worth Construction, has to look at air handling units, examine whether there is blockage and whether there are leaks.

This is the most critical issue left to be resolved,” Mr. Bodson said.

Other issues include surface cracking in the school’s garage. The cracks are not considered a structural issue and Mr. Bodson said there is a dispute between the committee and Worth about “who is responsible for it.” The committee is looking at bringing in a third party company to make the repairs....

...Superintendent of Schools Betty Sternberg said Aug. 28 that Hamilton Avenue parents looking to opt their children out of the modulars would have that opportunity. She also said the children who do opt out would be able to enter the new Hamilton Avenue School as soon as it opens. Any transfer of students from the modulars to another school in the district would depend on the space available in classes there.....

The Board of Education was briefed last Thursday about a tentative agreement between the board and the district’s public school teachers on a new contract and a vote is expected in early October.

Terms of the deal have not been released publicly, but it is expected that both sides will sign off on it.

Board member Steven Anderson, chairman of the board’s negotiations committee, said the agreement was fashioned after a marathon mediation session last month that went to 1 a.m. While the agreement is not finalized and still must be approved by both sides, Mr. Anderson expressed optimism that it soon would be. However, there is still a complicated town approval process forcing the decision to be postponed until next month.

Once the agreement is approved by the Board of Education, the town has 30 days to approve it, reject it or do nothing. If no action is taken by the Representative Town Meeting (RTM) within those 30 days, the agreement will automatically pass, but Mr. Anderson said it is preferable that the RTM have its say.

We think it’s important for the checks and balances in town government for the town to have a voice in this,” Mr. Anderson said.

...Due to laws mandating action if progress hadn’t been reached by a specific time in the negotiations, an independent mediator was brought in and helped hammer out the tentative agreement. Mr. Anderson said that he was pleased with the final results.

“We heard what they had to say and they heard what we had to say,” Mr. Anderson said. “We put everything together and we got it done.”

On Thursday night, GEA President Cathy Delehanty said she couldn’t comment on the tentative agreement until it is ratified by the members. She expected a vote to happen within the coming weeks.

The following are Sept. 4’s released arrests:


Debra Elgert, 53, of 237 Hamilton Ave. was arrested Sept. 3 and charged with interfering with an officer and disorderly conduct. Police responded to a report of a woman acting in a disorderly manner and found Elgert at the scene acting combative, disruptive and belligerent towards the responding officers and another woman who lives in the same building. Elgert was released on a promise to appear and was due in court Sept. 4.


A 31-year-old Bronx, N.Y. man was arrested Sept. 3 and charged with first degree criminal trespass and third degree stalking. A suspicious person and vehicle had reportedly seen outside a closed gate on private property. The man was found at the scene after having been told by the resident’s business manager, on that resident’s behalf, not to have any contact with the person. The man was released on a $5,000 cash bond and is due in court Sept. 10.


Robert Bernstein, 51, of Rye Brook, N.Y. was arrested Sept. 3 and charged with issuing bad checks, fraudulent use of an ATM and fourth degree larceny. Bernstein reportedly turned himself in on an outstanding warrant that stemmed from him allegedly opening an account at a local bank and withdrawing funds using bad checks. Bernstein was released on a $500 cash bond and is due in court Sept. 10.


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09/04/08 You Wont Read These Greenwich News Stories In The Greenwich Time (Updated)

Once Again Greenwich Time Editor David Warner Missed An Opportunity To Deliver ALL The LOCAL News To The News Hungry Residents Of Greenwich !!!!!

Politics of Fashion: Styles of McCain, Obama, Palin
What the Clothes Say About the Women of the 2008 Presidential Campaign

Fashionistas haven't had this much to say about political wardrobes since Jackie Kennedy inhabited the White House.
That's because three of the women on the front lines of the 2008 presidential race -- Michelle Obama, Cindy McCain and Sarah Palin -- all dress with their own sense of style, even if, in the case of Palin, it's anti-style.
Palin herself told Vogue magazine, "A reporter once asked me about it [her appearance] during the campaign, and I assured him I was trying to be as frumpy as I could by wearing my hair on top of my head and these schoolmarm glasses." ....
... Goodkind and Jayne Chase, the co-hosts of the radio show A Fashionable Life , which airs on WGCH 1490-AM in Greenwich, Conn., as well as the Web. Michelle Obama Chase: Michelle Obama is clearly her own woman. She is smart, accomplished, ...

Medical cost manager on acquisition binge


... to digest large deals, Sherlock said, because it is backed by Great Point Partners, a private equity firm in Greenwich, Conn., with $900 million under management. Great Point recapitalized the company in November last year, taking majority control ...

Local GOP honors its own

...In front of a capacity crowd and with Congressman Christopher Shays making a special appearance in honor of the awardees, Republicans honored three of their own. Former Fairfield Selectman Steve Elworthy was presented with the Myrtle Miller Party Loyalty Award; Leo Redgate III was awarded the Gerry Malafronte Community Service Award; and Town Clerk Betsy P. Browne was given the Paul Tymniak Young Republican Award.
Fairfield Republican Town Committee Chairman James Baldwin described the night as an exciting event essentially kicking off the election season in Fairfield.
"We had an impressive turnout," said Baldwin, "It was a great night for Fairfield Republicans.

... for Christopher Shays for Congress. He is involved in a number of community programs including, Rotary Club, the Greenwich based Clover Hill School and is co-founder and past president of the Fairfield Professional Network. Named a Paul Harris ...

Close race expected in Fourth District

Westport Minuteman
Voters in our area aren't as familiar with Democratic Congressional candidate Jim Himes as well they were with Diane Farrell, Westport's former First Selectwoman who ran against 20-year incumbant Congressman Christopher Shays in 2006 and 2004.

....Farrell, who ran forceful, intelligent campaigns but who was up against Shays' well-tended reputation as a political moderate who takes middle-of-the-road or liberal stands on issues like the environment, women's rights, and so on.
This year, Himes has the advantage of a strong presidential candidate, Barack Obama, at the top of the Democratic ticket, and a generalized intense dislike among the electorate for the Bush administration and its various failings.
In a recent interview with Minuteman editors and reporters, Himes noted that he opposed America's involvement in the Iraq war, which Shays has strongly supported.
But Himes' main focus was on the economy. He noted that people are concerned and insecure whatever their income level or station in life. Himes, a Greenwich resident, is a former investment banker with Goldman Sachs who now works for a "green" not-for-profit agency that builds affordable houses.
... Ever since the reapportionment following the 2000 census, the Fourth District has included more towns in northern Fairfield County that are Republican and rather conservative.
Shays has been in Congress since defeating Democrat Christine Neidermeier in an election to fill the vacancy created by the death of Congressman Stewart McKinney, father of current State Sen. John McKinney.
Like Shays, Stewart McKinney was a Republican moderate whose views closely matched the district.
With both Himes and Shays having their own advantages going into the campaign, turnout will be the key. Stay tuned.

In Fairfield County, Volunteers Abound

Darien News-Review

...Fairfield County rises to many challenges, and in the midst of a national trend of volunteerism descending over the past three years, Southern Connecticut once again is standing tall, increasing its number of volunteers, Jennifer Flatow, volunteer coordinator of Greenwich's Family Centers said.

While the number of volunteers nationwide decreased from 65 million to 60.8 between 2005 and 2007, Flatow pointed out, Family Center's time-givers increased to nearly 2,000 people ranging from ages 10 to 70, with hits highest concentration of volunteers working within the education program. The rise of 100 new volunteers may not be significant on the grand scale, Flatow said, but for the center to increase its numbers is still significant.

"If you work for an organization that is a nonprofit in a community with other nonprofits, you tend to see a trend in the opposite direction." Flatow said with a sense of pride. "People here are invested in their community." .....

Twin State Live Entertainment

Eagle Times
Greenwich Connecticut Encounters India In Terrence McNally's comedy A Perfect Ganesh
"Here I am, a god walking amongst men." Bob Gruen is not being boastful; he is just describing his role as the Indian elephant-god Ganesha in Terrence McNally's A Perfect Ganesh. "He is not an all-knowing god but one who is dumbfounded by the behavior of human beings. He listens, feels for them, and tries to understand their foibles. In this play, India is a mirror that allows people to see into themselves - things they couldn't see at home in their day-to-day lives. They bump up against something radically different. It shakes them up. Who the hell am I? It's the internal journey we're on that McNally is bringing onto the stage.".....
... A Perfect Ganesh is the funny and deeply moving story of two middle aged suburban women from Greenwich, Conn., traveling without their husbands for the first time, whose encounter with India profoundly shakes them and ...
...They are an ill-matched pair of friends. Margaret is determined to be in control and to be respected as a seasoned traveler and a cultivated woman, despite her apprehension about flying and visiting India for the first time. She has read the guide books from cover to cover. Her naïve and boisterous companion, Katharine, on the other hand, is ready to plunge blindly into this new world and be enlightened. Their conflicting ways of dealing with the experience exasperates Margaret, strains the relationship, and leads to laughable and revealing situations. Each, however, has her own unresolved tragedy, and before they are through they will have to uncover their hearts and reach out to one another in unexpected ways. .....
....Terrence McNally is among the leading dramatists in America today. His many plays include Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune, Kiss of the Spider Woman, Love! Valor! Compassion!, Ragtime, and Master Class. He has won four Tony awards. He claims A Perfect Ganesh to be one of his favorite plays.....

Blyth, Inc. Updates Fiscal Year 2009 Outlook

GREENWICH, Conn.(GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Blyth, Inc. (NYSE:BTH), a leading designer and marketer of home fragrance and home decor products, today commented on its updated outlook for fiscal year 2009. Normalized Earnings Per Share are expected to be in the range of $1.35 to $1.40 for fiscal year 2009 versus prior guidance of $1.45 to $1.50.
Commenting on the Company's full year projections, Robert B. Goergen, Blyth's Chairman of the Board and CEO, said, "Our updated guidance for fiscal year 2009 reflects a challenging.....
...In lieu of quarterly teleconferences, management will conduct informal Question and Answer sessions periodically via dial-in calls, the next of which will take place on September 5th. The date, time and dial-in information will be available in the "Investor Relations" section of the Company's website, www.blyth.com, no later than one week prior to the next scheduled session. Management will not present prepared remarks during such calls and will cover no material, non-public information.

Blyth, Inc., headquartered in Greenwich, CT, USA, is a Home Expressions company that markets an extensive array of home fragrance products, decorative accessories, ...

On the Farmstand

Burlington Free Press

... Cookbook (Atheneum 1989) by Maggie Stearns and Sallie Williams. Hay Day was a gourmet food store in my hometown of Greenwich, Conn., which was one of the first markets I knew of that celebrated locally grown, seasonal produce. Though they imported ...

No Place Like Dome

New York Post
As the Post first reported earlier this week, fashion icon Tommy Hilfiger is about to list his Plaza apartment for $50 million.
Since then, we've gotten the skinny on the high-end crib with the fat asking price in the still surreal, high-end Manhattan market.
Located in the northeast dome on the 18th and 19th floors of the famed building, the eight-room duplex features amazing Central Park views and ceiling heights up to 20 feet. There's also a north-facing private terrace (one of only two terraces in the building) off the master bedroom where you can scream, "I'm king of the world!" and few will argue.
The approximately 6,000-square-foot residence, which includes four bedrooms, 4½ baths, a formal dining room, large living room, library and gourmet kitchen, was originally two separate units that have recently been combined by a staircase.

But it's still considered raw space with just the essential walls and utilities, according to his broker Deborah Grubman of the Corcoran Group.

"It's basically at a point where anyone can do their own finishes," Grubman told us. "It's got incredibly interesting architectural features - and exposures - that make it unlike any other apartment."....

... has another property he wants to sell. He's recently lowered the price of his 20,000-square-foot mansion in leafy Greenwich, Conn., to $24.9 million after first listing it last February for $27.9 million.
It Looks Like Tommy "I'm king of the world!" Hilfiger
Is Might Be Running Out Of Cash.
Why else would he be selling his half fnished Plaza Apartment?

Appia Partners with Edge Technology Group to Offer Managed IT and Telecom Services in the NYC Area

Press Release News From 24-7 Press Release

... hosting, development, advisory, coordination and management of IT and real estate projects. From offices in Greenwich, Connecticut, and New York City, Edge customizes high quality, timely and cost-effective solutions, project management services and ...

Company Profile for Congdon + Company


... solutions for products, services, and organizations. Congdon + Company is an independent business located in Greenwich, CT and has been dedicated exclusively to brand strategy and design for over 25 years. The Firm serves clients in a diverse range ...


More Than 300,000 Bottles of Water Donated to Support Displaced Citizens and Volunteer Relief Workers Along the Gulf Coast
GREENWICH, CT. - September 3, 2008 - Nestle Waters North America has donated 302,568 half-liter bottles of Ozarka(R) and Ice Mountain(R) Brand Natural Spring Water to citizens and disaster relief workers affected by this week's Category 2 Hurricane Gustav. AmeriCares and the American Red Cross, along with local, on-the-ground agencies, are distributing the donations to affected areas along the Gulf Coast. Evacuees and disaster relief volunteers will receive the bottled water.
Hurricane Gustav made landfall on Monday, causing power outages, flooding, water-supply problems, and structural damage. In Louisiana, nearly 800,000 homes are without power. Preliminary damages are estimated at between $2 billion and $10 billion.
"Many residents of the Gulf Coast are returning to homes without power and need clean water to drink and cook," said AmeriCares emergency response manager Jonathan Hodgdon, who is working on the relief effort from Baton Rouge. "It's not as simple as running to the store to pick up bottled water because many supermarkets are closed and cars are running out of gasoline."
"We are proud to partner with AmeriCares and the Red Cross to provide clean, portable water," said Alex McIntosh, director of corporate citizenship for Nestle Waters North America. "Our partners have stepped up with excellent logistics support to get bottled water and other essential items to people affected by the storm."
NestlE Waters is committed to supplying clean water to citizens in need. The company has provided millions of bottles of water to residents and relief workers affected by natural disasters, including Hurricane Dolly, the tornadoes and subsequent floods that struck the Midwest earlier this year, as well as last year's California wildfires and Hurricane Katrina.
About Nestle Waters North America
NestlE Waters North America Inc. is the number one bottled water company in the U.S. Its family of 15 well-known brands includes Poland Spring(R) Brand Natural Spring Water, the leading spring water brand in America. Based in Greenwich, Conn., Nestle Waters North America's 9,000 employees provide bottled water products to consumers across the country, including Ozarka(R) Natural Spring Water and Nestle (R) Pure Life(R).

For more information please contact:
For more CSR news and information from this organization:
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09/04/08 Greenwich News Lnks For Thursday


Seven years after helping with the grim recovery effort at Ground Zero, one of Greenwich's finest is returning to the site.

Police officer Bob Ferretti is taking a rather circuitous route, however.
To help raise money for police officers killed in the line of duty, Ferretti is riding his bicycle to the World Trade Center site from the Pentagon in Arlington, Va.

He will start his journey on Sunday and arrive at Ground Zero on Sept. 11, traveling via local roads such as Route 9, which runs through several states.
"Thinking about all the rescue workers that walked into those buildings, it's a great motivator," said Ferretti, 47, a Port Chester, N.Y., resident who is married with four children.

This will be the fourth consecutive year that Ferretti will be riding with fellow law enforcement officers from around the country in the peloton of the Tour de Force, a charity endurance event established after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Joe Romano has been waiting for this day for eight years. The town coordinator of John McCain's presidential campaign in 2000 in Greenwich, Romano is reprising that role this year and will be on the convention floor tonight in St.
Late Morning Update:
These Stories Have Just Been
Released On The Greenwich Time Web Site
All Of These Stories Were Available At
10:00 PM Last Night When The Paper Was Published
At The Connecticut Post Facility
Yet, the Lazy Web Master At The Greenwich Time
Treats The Greenwich Times' Web Site Users
Like Red Headed Step Children.
Doesn't Greenwich Time Editor David Warner
Know That The Internet Is The Papers Only Salvation?
Even, If David Warner Folds The Greenwich Time
And Also Folds The Stamford And Norwalk Advocates
Into The Connecticut Post
He Is Still Going To Need The Internet
To Save These Combined Newspapers.
For months I have been warning Greenwich Time readers that there is a very good chance that The Greenwich Time will probably soon be a Riverside News Bureau Of A Greatly Expanded Connecticut Post.
I know there are a few soon to be converted subscribers that think the Greenwich Time is healthy as a back country horse, but have they looked at the Greenwich Time Real Estate web page lately.
It's been combined with the Connecticut Post, Stamford Advocate and Norwalk Advocate real estate pages.
The page doesn't even have the Greenwich Time Green in the header anymore. It's kind of like a Norwalk Advocate RED now.
Have you also seen how the has all of a sudden, your Greenwich Time Events Calendar became kind of a Coneticut Postish, sort of like a Fairfeild County - Events Calender?
Is it possible that web news articles come out earlier at the Connecticut Post for a reason?
Why do Greenwich Time web users get a couple of stories that were ready at 10:00 PM at 2:30 AM and then a few more 10 hours later in the day.
When Is The Greenwich Time Going To Wake Up And Notice That All of the New York Daily Newspapers put their news up on the web as it happens, there is no 12 to 24 hour web delay.
In fact, the New York Times earns half of it's profits on it web properties
The Los Angeles Times, doesn't even put out a bulky Sunday real estate section anymore, it's 100% on the Internet.
Well Anyhow, here are the belated local news stories from the paper that is BEHIND THE TIMES......
This Story Was Available On The Front Page, since it was published last night, but the pitiful Greenwich Time web master did not manage to get it up until.....
Article Launched: 09/04/2008 07:58:10 AM EDT
Report: FAA took proper course
Opponents of a controversial aircraft rerouting plan are challenging the conclusions of a new government report that found that the Federal Aviation Administration followed correct procedure in developing the flight paths....
There is an old saying that when you are at the top the only place to go is down. Apparently Terry Lowe and his Greenwich High School Water Polo team have never heard that old adage.
Today's Top Greenwich Time Living & Health Feature:
Despite all the planning, Diane Mulvehill knows that when the 31st Norwalk Seaport Association Oyster Festival opens Friday night, it will take on a life of its own.
Today's Top Greenwich Time Business Story:

Connecticut Light & Power Co. said Wednesday it finished running the overhead lines on the $1 billion Middletown-to-Norwalk transmission line.
From The Greenwich Time Editors:
Today's Editorial

A recent situation involving the state and Norwalk raises a profound issue for all of our communities, one that gets to the nature of government - how it too often is and how it is supposed to be.
After learning all about NORWALK at least a Greenwich Time Reader can still read about local issues in the LETTERS TO THE Editors section.....
To the editor:

Thanks to columnist Bernie Yudain for the exemplary history lesson on the Greenwich Republicans (Greenwich Time, Aug. 3).
Note: Please See....
I find it a testament to the growth and maturity of the town of Greenwich that the actions of these hallowed members of the old Greenwich GOP are now being duplicated and refined by Greenwich Democrats in 2008.
Some people remember an up-and-coming Greenwich activist by the name of John Olsen, who is now a member of the Democratic National Committee - that's the Sam Pryor role in 2008. Or how about that virtually unknown Greenwich Democratic candidate Ned Lamont, who went national and spawned a movement right out of this town? A quick researcher might discover U.S. House candidate Jim Himes ran a few of the Democratic picnics right around the same time of year as the clambake.

Key national finance chairpersons direct money to the Obama campaign just like the Republicans did in the old days. For Democrats, Greenwich is certainly the place to be these days, and it is clear that Greenwich is moving too in that direction.
The truth is that, even according to GreenwichTime, the Republicans just aren't what they once were, and the Democrats are ascendant in local and national matters. And I invite you to see this for yourself at the Democratic Party Picnic, Sept. 21 at 1 p.m. at the Montgomery Pinetum, to which everyone is invited.
Bet you won't get that offer from the other party.

Frank Farricker

Cos Cob

The writer is District 2 leader on the

Democratic Town Committee


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