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Saturday, July 20, 2013

EXCLUSIVE:Greenwich Hospital Staff Illegally Release Psychiatric Info On Prominent Town Residents

Greenwich Police Called To Greenwich Hospital Because Hospital Employees Were Mocking And Gossiping About Prominent Town Personalities And Politicians, Who Sought Help From Hospital Affiliated Psychiatrists. PHOTO: Christine C Beechner, Greenwich Hospital's Vice President of Patient And Guest Relations Weakest Members Of Greenwich Society Are Suffering On Greenwich Hospital CEO Frank Corvino's Watch Over the last 18 months Greenwich Hospital President and CEO Frank Corvino has repeatedly been made aware of how homeless and mentally ill patients from the Town of Greenwich are treated at the Greenwich Hospital Outpatient Clinic. These serious complaints were brought to Mr. Corvino's attention included reports of Greenwich Hospital Clinic employees mocking and publicly discussing Greenwich Hospital patients that have sought out mental health care in the Greenwich Hospital Outpatient Clinic headed by Dr. Stephen Jones. Further, there have been much more serious complaints of Greenwich Hospital Clinic employees improperly releasing patient information from the admitting area and reception area of the second floor outpatient clinic. Dr Jones' staff have repeatedly been heard and observed discussing patients private and confidential information loudly on speaker phones or by unprofessionally shouting a patients confidential information over office partitions. Greenwich Hospital patients medical record numbers, dates of birth, social security numbers, employers,phone numbers and home addresses are routinely and illegally released in the Greenwich Hospital Clinic. Moreover, there seems to be a culture in Greenwich Hospital where the medical and mental health records of prominent Greenwich personalities, politician and public official are gossiped about in an unprofessional way. One disturbed patient in Greenwich Hospital's Behavioral Clinic is often refereed to by the clinic staff with name of a popular town politician who has sought mental health services at the hospital. Apparently the clinic staff see some resemblance to the mocked patients medical condition and that of the elected official that sought psychiatric services from a Greenwich Hospital Psychiatrist a while back.


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