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Monday, May 5, 2008

05/05/08 - Name Droping On Cinco de Mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo from Boxcar Cantina in Greenwich
by Camilla

This is my second time at Boxcar Cantina, supposedly a very popular Mexican restaurant in Greenwich, Connecticut. Since the first time I was there we were joined by Ron Howard and some of his friends for dinner (that sounds really nice, ...

appetite4life - http://appetite4life.vox.com/library/posts/page/1/

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05/05/08 - Illegally Apointed Police Captain Michael Pacewicz Has Probably Cost The Single Family Homeowners Of Greenwich One Million Dollars

Town Hall Is Throwing Money To The Wind

Cop case to top $500000

In four years of litigation culminating in a high-stakes Connecticut Supreme Court hearing last month, the town has spent more than $500,000 on legal bills in its battle with a Greenwich policeman who sued it for violating his rights when it failed to promote him to captain, according to figures provided by Town Attorney John Wayne Fox said....

...The town is appealing the civil verdict promoting Captain Michael Pacewicz to lieutenant. The verdict has not been implemented pending the appeal. Honulik outscored Pacewicz on a promotion exam. Since 2004, when the suit was filed, the town has spent $560,000 on its own legal fees in the case, hiring Stamford attorneys Robin Frederick and Sheila Huddleston to represent it in the case and Bridgeport attorney William Kupinse to represent Pacewicz, Fox said....

...The bill doesn't include legal bills in the $400,000 to $500,000 range for Honulik that the town would be obligated to pay if Honulik prevails, according to Kathryn Emmett, Honulik's Stamford-based attorney.

...In September, Superior Court Judge Michael Shay ruled in Honulik's favor, promoting him to captain and finding that the town broke labor law by departing from its long-running practice of promoting the top scorer on police promotional exams....
for Honulik that the town would be obligated to pay if Honulik prevails, according to Kathryn Emmett, Honulik's Stamford-based attorney....

Full Story:

CivilRightsInc.com - http://civilrightsinc.com/


This is such a profound example of the poor leadership displayed during Lash's tenure.

How unfortunate it was that the Jim Lash illegally put someone like Michael Pacewicz into such an important position.

Michael Pacewicz is not a man of integrity and I am he will not do what is right and give up his illegal appointment to Police Captain.

Michael Pacewicz should stop dragging this thing out - give the right man his promotion and lets move on. This has cost the TAXPAYERS a considerable amount of money and caused disruption in the police department.

Its about time the Town look at new internal legal council. For one, why do we have our own lawyers when we must go hire an expensive firm like Day Pitney (when we lose every time anyway) and two they seem to be giving poor legal advise anyway!

Why are we paying Town Attorney John Wayne Fox $12,500 a month anyway?

This government spending at its best.

If you ran your household or business like local, state, or federal governments do you would be broke and out of business.

If Jim Lash and Town Attorney wanted changes in the way to promote police supervisors then they should have negotiated it with the unions.

This is Greenwich Republican Politics At It's Worse.

As to the question of:

"Why did Jim Lash violate the law for Michael Pacewicz?"

Greenwich is Greenwich. Greenwich does not have to follow the rules like everyone else in the world, because WE ARE GREENWICH...It's an attitude thing, plain and simple...

As to the question of:

"How can we put an end to this madness?"

One answer is to get rid of Michael Pacewicz just like we got rid of Jim Lash.

Another easy answer...All Greenwich has to do is dig deeper into the bottomless money pit called the single family homeowners pockets and they can drag these things out for as long as John Wayne Fox wants to...

As to this issue with Mr. Honulik:

If John Wayne Fox wanted changes in the towns hiring and promotional actions, then he should have had the town negotiate these matters properly in the first place.

John Wayne Fox did not properly advise the town to list all the steps and factors that they want to base their decisions on in the original job description postings up front.

John Wayne Fox should have properly advised the town not change the way they make their decision, after the fact, when Michael "I am Lash's Favorite Candidate" Pacewicz does not place where they wanted him to.

Michael Pacewicz's illegal appointment has not been fair to anyone involved.

John Wayne Fox's bad legal advice was not fair to the Police Department, not fair to Mr. Honulik, and certainly not fair to the single family home owners that have to foot the bill for all this foolishness.


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05/05/08 - More censorship In Greenwich - Reader Submitted Comments: “... a dissenting voice to shut up.”

"...a dissenting voice to shut up."

And even more so:

From the current Chairman of the Greenwich Community Television
Committee, Stuart Reider:

"Democracy Now and the program of Rye pundits don't meet the
criteria we have established"

You will notice that Greenwich Community Television Channel 79 is no
longer the news program "Democracy Now!"


The decision to cancel it was not made by any committee or by complaints to the First Selectman's office, but by a single individual who, during a cocktail conversation, heard someone say they didn't like the program.

Just another example of "The answer in Greenwich always seems to be to try and get a dissenting voice to shut up."

(but not really)


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We need to stop political censorship in Greenwich.

exists when a government conceals information from its citizens. Basically, the logic is that if the people don’t have enough information, they won’t be able to hold a government or political party accountable. It is also the suppression of views that are contrary to those of the government in power.

Most democracies condemn political censorship, but some privately endorse it.

The word censorship comes from the Latin word censor, the job of two Romans whose duty was to supervise public behaviour and morals, hence 'censoring' the way people acted back then.

Censorship is the suppression of speech or deletion of communicative material which may be considered objectionable, harmful or sensitive, as determined by a censor. Censorship is the act or practice of removing material from things we encounter every day.

See Also:

05/05/08 -Greenwich Time Editor Joe Pisani Fired - The Raw Greenwich News Feed For Monday (Updated Number 3)

The Raw Feed

Top Stories

Kitty Litter Liner To Get New Leader

Editor of Greenwich Time, Advocate departs
Newsday, NY

The editor of the Greenwich Time and The Advocate of Stamford newspapers is off the job. No reason is being given for the departure of Joseph Pisani, ...

Pisani, Editor of 2 Connecticut Dailies, Forced Out?
Editor & Publisher

Editor gave newspapers heart and soul
Stamford Advocate

Top editor leaves Stamford, Greenwich paper
Danbury News Times

Joe Pisani, Editor Of Greenwich Time, Has Been Fired By The Papers New Owners


"To say I was shocked and dismayed to learn Joe Pisani was departing from his position as editor of my two favorite newspapers is an understatement.", said Bernie Yudain, a former Greenwich Time managing editor who still writes a column for the newspaper.

"I can't imagine Greenwich Time without Joe P running the show.", said former Republican First Selectman John Margenot


New Publishers Recognized That The Money And Subscriber Losing Greenwich Time Has Been Faking It For Years.

It's Now Time For Greenwich Time Reporters And Editors To Push It Up A Notch Or Two If They Want To Survive


Greenwich schools limit Boy Scouts recruiting

Hartford Courant

AP - GREENWICH, Conn. - The Greenwich schools superintendent has barred recruiting by Boy Scouts while classes are in session, drawing criticism from town ...

Greenwich bans Boys Scouts from in-school recruiting
Stamford Advocate

05/04/08 - Shame On Sternberg - "It's been going o...


"I think it's an example of her not understanding our community,To pick a fight with an organization that has served the community for decades is just not sound judgment in my opinion.", said First Selectman Peter Tesei, who serves on the board of the Greenwich Council of the Boy Scouts


Boy Scouts Saw An 80 Percent Drop In Thier Recruiting Effort

Betty Sternberg Is Not Content With Just Destroying Our Schools, She Has To Destroy The Boy Scouts Too.


State to drop some charges against alledged "Dinnertime Bandit"
Greenwich Time, CT
Investigators dubbed Golder the "Dinnertime Bandit" due to his penchant for breaking into wealthy homes in Greenwich and other towns as victims dined ...

WR Berkley Forms Berkley Asset Protection Underwriters; Reports ...
RTT News, NY
The Greenwich, Connecticut-based Berkley revealed that the new establishment would underwrite on behalf of two WR Berkley Corporation member companies, ...

Greenwich schools bar Boy Scout recruiting during classes

The Journal News

The Greenwich schools superintendent has barred recruiting by Boy Scouts while classes are in session, drawing criticism from town officials and Boy Scouts supporters.

Market set to fall after Yahoo bid dropped


... trading up a dollar and a half," said Tim Smalls, head of U.S. stock trading at brokerage firm Execution LLC in Greenwich, Connecticut. "It's clearly going to weigh down the Nasdaq because Yahoo's a component." S&P 500 futures were down 6.8 points, ...

Tags: Financial Markets, Microsoft, Software, Yahoo!, Computers, Search Engines

Vermont man wants to move graves to build house

The York Daily Record

... has any right to go on your property than they have to go on every other Vermont farm's property.'" Guite, 62, of Greenwich, Conn., signed an option to buy the land in December -- contingent on being able to move the graves. Among other things, he ...

Greenwich schools limit Boy Scouts recruiting

Connecticut Post

The Greenwich schools superintendent has barred recruiting by Boy Scouts while classes are in session, drawing criticism from town officials and Boy Scouts supporters.

Forces on both sides of Atlantic move to help the greenback

Business Report

... news and bad European news," said Alan Ruskin, the head of international currency strategy in North America at RBS Greenwich Capital Markets in Greenwich, Connecticut. "Two forces moving hand in hand to help the dollar." The dollar gained 0.4 ...

Tags: Investment Banking, Lehman Brothers Holdings, Financial Services, Financial Markets

new england news in brief

Worcester Telegram & Gazette

Greenwich school chief bars Boy Scouts' recruiting GREENWICH, Conn. - The school superintendent has barred recruiting by Boy Scouts while classes are in session, drawing criticism from town officials and Boy Scout ...

The Greenwich Post Is Pissing Off A Lot Of People In Greenwich

Local Newspaper Angers Greenwich Residents

Is The Editor Of The Greenwich Post Committing Commercial Suicide?

Tags: Censorship

Reader Submitted Comments - Help save GHS Music Room / Auditorium

Anonymous Says:

The Finance, Land Use and Education Committees of the RTM are voting on the budget Monday night.

Greenwich Blog Spotlight - Did you see the piece in Greenwichdiva

Harvard Business Club Of Connecticut Honors Charles Tinsdale

... Charles Tisdale at the home of Greenwich Philanthropist Chuck and Deborah Royce in Riverside at their annual Spring Benefit Gala.

Editor of Greenwich Time, Advocate departs


According to Greenwich Time and Stamford Advocate, no reason is being given for the departure of Joseph Pisani, who was editor of the Greenwich Time since 1996 and the Stamford newspaper since 1998.

First Amendment - Freedom Of The Press - You can not copyright a public document a public document paid for with the tax dollars of Greenwich single family home owners


Some Public School Parents Say That These Are Some Of The "Better" Pictures

Top editor leaves Stamford, Greenwich papers


Joseph F. Pisani, who ushered The Stamford Advocate and Greenwich Time into the digital age while wearing bow ties and surrounding himself with vintage typewriters, has left as editor of the newspapers.

Tags: Stamford, CT, Danbury

Doctors to reassess antibiotics for 'chronic Lyme' disease

The Washington Post

Diane Blanchard of Greenwich, Conn. poses for a photograph Friday, May 2, 2008 in Stamford, Conn.

Want to Talk With Top SEO Expert Stephen Mahaney?

Small Business Marketing Blog

... you attract more clients and be more successful // 2008 In Mind Communications, LLC 3 West End Avenue Old Greenwich, CT 0687

Tags: Emerging Technology, Search Engines, Science / Technology, Internet

Las Vegas property is so last year's house

The Morning Call

... In most of the country, prized neighborhoods become even more desired over time (think Beverly Hills, Calif., or Greenwich, Conn.). But Las Vegas isn't about stately trees, old lawns and older money, said Gene Moehring, chairman of the University ...

Tags: Real Estate, Home Listing, Home, Las Vegas, NV

IPOs / Week of May 5

Buffalo News

Following is a list of initial public offerings planned for the coming week. Sources include Renaissance Capital of Greenwich, Conn.

Tags: Manufacturing, Industrial Machines, Investment Banking, Financial Services

UConn Criticized For Cost Of President's Inauguration

Hartford Courant

The student newspaper has called the costs absurd and excessive in an editorial and suggested that the money would have been better spent on financial aid or other student needs.

Conn. man sues Texas group over flag name

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

... has been using the phrase in remembering public safety officials killed in the line of duty. John Michelloti of Greenwich created a flag tapestry in honor of victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Proceeds from his "Flag of Honor" have been used ...

Volleyball Rallies to Defeat Greenwich

Fairfield Citizen-News

... need to continue to pick each other up. Tuesday night, in a 3-1 (20-25, 25-21, 25-23, 25-20) FCIAC home win over Greenwich High, the Mustangs did exactly that. With the match tied at 1-all, Greenwich appeared poised to take the all-important Game 3 ...

Tags: Sports

Quick start propels Fairfield Prep lacrosse

Connecticut Post

... Chaminade. The week before that, St. Anthony's (N.Y.) came up to Fairfield and won 12-9. And a week before that, Greenwich beat them 12-11. "This could be a really big momentum swing," Shanley said. "We were kind of down. We lost a couple of close ...

College Fails To Get Funds For Bartow Campus

The Ledger

... and technology building in Bartow. Phelps couldn't be reached for comment Friday. His main office is in Greenwich, Conn., headquarters of investment firm S.N. Phelps and Co., but he visits Florida regularly for the Clear Springs development process. ...

Tags: Indian River County, FL, Palm Beach County, Lakeland, Winter Haven, Florida


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Jr. Research Associate, Greenwich, CT
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Hazards for children still need to be addressed - Greenwich Time
by Christopher Zurcher

Hazards for children still need to be addressed - Greenwich Time:

"Two known hormone disrupters, phthalates and bisphenol A, remain in children's products and are the focus of another piece of legislation currently in queue for a House ...

Kindergarten Countdown: May 7

Wellness/Fitness. Greenwich Hospital holds a panel discussion on kindergarten readiness, 9:30 to 10:30 am, Wednesday, May 7, Noble Conference Center at Greenwich Hospital; free; registration required; 863-3863; Angreag@greenhosp.org.
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California Boasts Most Millionaires

Better luck next time, Greenwich. And Palm Beach? Well, you’re just not considered rich these days. According to a new survey from research company TNS, the East Coast counties have once again lost out to the West when it comes to ...
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Robin Williams Affair with Charlotte Filbert
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The other woman is Charlotte Filbert, a 27-year-old artist from tony Greenwich, Connecticut, and she’s the secret behind the comic’s bust up, sources reveal. Williams, 56, met Charlotte last year through a pal - and the… actor owns ...
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Diane Farrell Endorses Jim Himes in Stamford
by tparty

Himes, a Greenwich resident who runs a New York City nonprofit housing agency, is attempting what Farrell failed to do in two bids - unseat longtime incumbent US Rep. Christopher Shays, R-Bridgeport, in the 4th Congressional District, ...
My Left Nutmeg - Front Page - http://www.myleftnutmeg.com

Editor of Greenwich Time, Advocate departs

Associated Press - STAMFORD, Conn. (AP) - The editor of the Greenwich Time and The Advocate of Stamford newspapers is off the job.
WWLP - News - http://www.wwlp.com/global/category.asp?c=100666

Patriot National Bank welcomes new assistant branch manager to ...

Stamford Plus Magazine, CT

She will be working in our Greenwich office at 100 Mason Street (661.0800) with manager, Neil Dixon. Litzie began her banking career as a part-time teller ...

Links From The
Greenwich Citizen

Neighbor to Neighbor Needs Your Support

To the Editor: For the past 33 years, Neighbor to Neighbor has assisted people who struggle to secure their basic human needs each week.
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News Links From
The Greenwich Post

Interfaith service remembers children

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day can be difficult for those who have lost an unborn baby, an infant or a young child. People who have experienced such a loss, including parents and siblings, are invited to an interfaith candlelight service of remembrance Wednesday, May 7, at 7:30 p.m. in the Waterman Chapel of Second Congregational Church, at 139 East Putnam Ave.

Not far from the tree

Second grader Sophie Lindh, born in England, shares her family history at Riverside School's Curriculum Night...

The Greenwich Time RSS Feed

In four years of litigation culminating in a high-stakes Connecticut Supreme Court hearing last month, the town has spent more than $500,000 on legal bills in its battle with a Greenwich policeman who sued it for violating his rights when it failed to promote him to captain, according to figures provided by Town Attorney John Wayne Fox said.
Full Story

Witherell changes its image

With the opening of more assisted living facilities and organizations geared to helping seniors stay at home for longer, the town-owned nursing home was faced with the decision to either change or become obsolete.
Full Story

Greenwich is named among the "Best Communities for Music Education by the Carlsbad-based NAMM Foundation, a nonprofit advocate of music education and participation.
Full Story

School calendar

May 6 Distinguished Teachers Awards Ceremony: 4 p.m. International School at Dundee Art Gallery opening reception: 3:30 pm.
Full Story

Alongside those bills in the mailbox may be the check that helps pay for them. The Internal Revenue Service has begun distributing economic stimulus payments, which some call tax rebates, to millions across the United States.
Full Story

Community unites to exalt the birth of a nation

Hebrew wizard Jake Koretsky, 7, learned yesterday the exact day, May 14, of the founding of Israel. "I never knew that," he said, "It's like the start of a very important country.
Full Story

Left unoccupied for more than 25 years, a derelict North Mianus building is undergoing a complete renovation, bringing it back to its roots as a child care facility.
Full Story

Julian Curtis kindergartners hold pajama day

Julian Curtiss School kindergartners held Pajama Day recently in honor of their reading of night-time books.
Full Story

Dershowitz to speak on Arab-Israeli conflict

Alan Dershowitz, one of the nation's foremost lawyers, will speak tomorrow at 7:30 p.m. at the Greenwich Civic Center, 90 Harding Road, Old Greenwich.
Full Story

Barbara Stevens, senior vice president of Rand Insurance in Greenwich, recently returned from a life-changing trip to Nicaragua, building homes and helping families through the Ossining, N.
Full Story

Ethics bill's passage still up in the air

HARTFORD -- The House of Representatives' decision to establish different pension revocation rules for public employees and elected officials is constitutional, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said yesterday.
Full Story

GHS finds a new 'foreign' language option

Even though the Greenwich High School students are talking up a storm in Rachel Gibson's foreign language class, the room stays eerily quiet.
Full Story

Editor's note: This is Joseph F. Pisani's final column as editor of The Advocate and Greenwich Time. * I can still remember the summer day back in the late 1970s when I walked into Editor Charlie Pirro's office at Greenwich Time on East Elm Street and told him I was ready to start my career in journalism.
Full Story

Attorneys for the town are seeking to have a lawsuit filed by 534 North Mianus households over a controversial sewer assessment thrown out.
Full Story

Watershed group wants 'A List' of neighbors

The Mianus River Watershed Council wants to do a better job of getting to know neighbors. New York land protection advocates have for years catalogued the properties abutting the Mianus River and the 750-acre Mianus River Gorge Preserve, but because of the border, they stopped short of Stamford and Greenwich.
Full Story

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05/05/08 - Comments About Greenwich Schools Banning Boy Scouts Recruiting

Boy Scout Decision Causes Some Noise

Please see:

05/04/08 - Shame On Sternberg - "It's been going on for 70 years. What's changed?" Selectman Peter Crumbine said.

holy cow says

what do you consider "actual classwork"?......civics figure in there, at all?.....how to be a good citizen?.....how to disagree in a CIVIL manner?.....how in the world do you consider just an intro to boy scouts a waste of time?....maybe if there were more boy scouts and girls scouts, there'd be less of a need for them "birthin' classes" that he nea loves to call "educational"!!!

half agree says

Do the Girl Scouts have open access, or have they been limited to after school?

ymz says

Tthe Supt. realizes that Boy Scouts ofAmerica, as an oranization, will not hold harmless. Consider the ramifications of that for the district and the taxpaying community. BSA will have to do what every other organization does and make after school arrangements. Who sponsors those local packs? Do their officers know that they are not held harmless in the event of a problem, accident etc? Hopefully those officers have backgrounded and checked driver licenses, insurance, driving records etc. of all the adults who'll be driving the kids anywhere.

Doors of Perception says

The Boy Scouts of America are a moral backbone of this country. While liberals with their limp-wristed mentality continue to try to condemn them & what they stand for, they quietly continue in the face of idiocy & forge ahead to help produce a positive moral fiber for the male youth of this country, as I'm sure the the Girl Scouts also try to do with the female gender. Equality for all is necessary,

Senior Boy Scout says

Hurrah to the First Selectman, he is seeing clearly

holy cow says

Good Lord!!.....you mean to tell me that every minute of every class day is spent on teaching reading, writing,'rithmatic, science and math?......how about art?, music?, sex ed?.....shouldn't those be "alternatives" offered AFTER school?......let's call a spade a spade....this jamoke of a superintendent is trying to curtail the boys scouts because of their stance on same-sexers!.....if yer going to "ban" them, let's have the courage to call it what it is....before you know it, they'll want prayer, or even a few seconds of private, personal meditation in schools.....or the pledge of allegiance!!!!....and we all know the horrors of prayer and the pledge.....wait a minute!.....once those two elements were eliminated from public schools, haven't our schools (and society) been in a steady decline to where we have after-school "gay" clubs and 15-year old disney icons being photographed inappropriately?....so be careful greenwich!!!....wouldn't want those boy scout ethics of honesty, courtesy, service to the community and loyalty being spread to the youth of your great town!

MAG in NM (Newington, CT) says

f no other private club has such access, then neither should the Boy Scouts (my brothers were Scouts, and my father was a Scout Master, before anyone tells me I don't know anything about them). If one such group gets it, they'll all want it, and the kids won't have time for actual class work.

And, yes, the Boy Scouts are a private club. They've claimed that themselves to permit them to discriminate against certain groups they don't want in their membership.

This is only making all groups play by the same rules. It's an end to the unfair favoritism that has existed for decades. If you don't like that, try to imagine yourself in the shoes of a girl in that class who has to listen to that pep talk about an organization she can't join.

Nutmegger says

The boy scouts are a homophobic cult. They should be banned totally never mind just from the schools.

what did you expect says

This is what you get for hiring a liberal to run a school system.

Liberalism is a mental disorder.

Also keep in mind says

Boy Scouts of America is considered a "Christian" organization.
I think the superintendant is doing the right thing. She didn't bar them from presenting...just from doing it during class time. At least she is treating BSA liket any other community group and not offering preferencial treatment.

Alison says

The Girl Scouts do not recruit during school hours. Recruiting occurs during open house. We are allowed to have flyers available at the school, not posted but are given to the school administrators. The decsion is a sound one, and should not be questioned.

Bruce Funston says

Time for a Greenwich Boy Scout Meeting in front of Ms Sternbergs' house. Look at the large number of Eagle Scouts in town, a lot working for the town.

BigO says

Until the BSA changes its policy of discrimination against gays and atheists they should be barred from public schools altogether.

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05/05/08 - Comments About Joe Pisani Leaving The Greenwich Time

Swan Song For A Good Man And A Bad Editor

Please see:

05/04/07 - Joe Pisani, Editor Of Greenwich Time, Has Been Fired By The Paper's New Owner

Meg Lane Of New Canaan says

This is terrible news! I am sad to hear that one of the good guys is waving the white flag. So now what are we left? A crew with no real captain to speak of and readers who may have to turn to...... tv? Wah! I am disappointed.

Mrs VJ Martini says

I am sure I speak for many when I say how sorry I am to see Joe Pasani leave the Advocate. He was a wonderful Editor. The Sunday editorial said it well. Lots of changes for us who have loved the Advocate for many years. We who have enjoyed his column will miss him most. Good Luck and God Bless Joe, it won't be the same with out you !!!

Donald Currie says

I remember Mr. Pisani teaching 8th grade religion and English at Greenwich Catholic Middle School. Even at that young age, I was impressed by the way he handled a bunch of rowdy teens. I could sense his inner calmness and belief that what he was doing was important.

I never had the opportunity to thank him for his guidance and kindness during those tough teen years. I believe Mr. Pisani helped make me thae man and more importantly the father I am today.

Under Joe's guidance, the Advocate did cover our local issues as well as possible and never ever became part of the sensationalized tabloid "journalism" craze. For that, he deserves a ton of credit and our gratitude.

Thank you, Mr. Pisani....... for everything.

John Roman III says

Another cry in the wilderness for local media ownership. As it goes, so goes the commitment to inform and the obligation to hold accountable. Greenwich Time and The Advocate have been diminished. Just as once influential radio stations WSTC and WNLK have only been able to do less with less, the fabric of the communities served by these newspapers will fray and weaken as they become mere commodities.

Weirdo says

Care to bet who they'll name editor ... Pisani has done such a good job turning the Greenwich Time into a laughing stock ....The new owners will need to make sure that the new editor is up for the challenge of continuing Pisani's mission to send these two papers into the toilet.

Anonymous says

The paper has gone downhill to the point that it's subteranean now. I have to wear an oxygen mask everytime I read it because of all the noxious fumes. They ought to put a warning label on the front page alerting readers to read the paper at their own risk since reading it has been known to cause retardation and paranoid delusions.

Nick Sartori says

I have never met Mr Pisani, never spoken to him, never corresponded by mail or electronically. But for several years I have made it a Friday night "must" to read his weekly editorial. From his writings, it has been clear to me that this is a good, decent, thoughtful man. No need to say more about a person than that. Best of luck to him.

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05/05/08 - Greenwich Video Dump - Blast To The Past - From The Greenwich Capital Video Vault

Whassup! Greenwich Capital 1994

Just Posted On YouTube Today

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The Raw Greenwich Blog And RSS Feed - Bloggers Who Are From, Work In Or Used To Live In Greenwich