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Sunday, May 10, 2009

05/10/08 The Raw Greenwich News Feed: Late Night Edition

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Gettysburg holds off TCNJ in closing second, 10-9
The College of New Jersey Athletics - Ewing
The game was tight throughout with the Bullets taking a 10-8 lead late in the second half as junior Lexie Hearn (Old Greenwich, CT/Greenwich) scored ...
Presstek Announces Loss for 1st Quarter
What They Think - Lexington,KY
GREENWICH, CT, -- Presstek, Inc. today reported a loss from continuing operations for the first quarter of 2009 of $1.1 million, or $0.03 per share, ...
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Experienced Waitstaff (Greenwich, CT) « New York Career Resources
By admin
Experienced Waitstaff (Greenwich, CT). REBECCAS, Connecticut's hottest restaurant is seeking experienced waitstaff. FT/PT Please forward resume. Tags: Ft Pt, Greenwich Connecticut, Greenwich Ct, Rebeccas ...
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05/10/09 RECESSION BUSTER: Save &5 Cents Read Moday's Greenwich Time For Free On Sunday At Greenwich Roundup (Updated)

Greenwich toughens waste enforcement
On a recent day at the Holly Hill Resource Recovery Facility in Chickahominy, John McKee flagged down a motorist leaving the recycling center. McKee, ever-watchful of nonresidents illegally using Read More »

Round Hill Church celebrates 25th anniversary
A stand-up comedian and a troupe of provocatively clad dancers are not the first people you'd expect to come across at an anniversary party for a church. Read More »

Lavery stays mum on plans
Will she or won't she? That is the burning question for both Democrats and Republicans in Greenwich who are waiting for Selectman Lin Lavery to announce whether she will challenge GOP First Read More »

Greenwich schools seek funding clarity
As the state begins asking school districts for details on their stimulus-spending plans, Greenwich officials say they're still trying to get a grip on what they can and cannot do with the money Read More »

RTM to debate budget
The end of the road, one that has been paved with layoffs, pension fund losses and plummeting revenues, is in sight for the architects of the town's proposed $340. Read More »

Hearing Monday into Aquarion appeal
Town residents can weigh in Monday on a water company's appeal of its failed pitch to expand its midcountry facility. A public hearing on the appeal will be held 6:30 p. Read More »

Renowned naturalist speaks at Audubon
Colin Gustafson
Staff Writer
After spending much of his adult life painting and writing about birds, David Sibley says he's now "branching out" in his work as a nature writer and artist. Read More »

State confirms 11 new swine flu cases
Darien and Greenwich were among eight Connecticut towns where the state confirmed 11 new cases of swine flu Saturday, according to a statement from Gov.

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05/10/09 The Raw Greenwich News Feed: Early Evening Edition

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When defending Greenwich was serious business
Greenwich Time
But then the conversation veered to a subject that is of special interest to both of us -- the volunteer militia formed in Greenwich as we edged up to World ...
Greenwich continues goose egg destruction
Greenwich Time
Greenwich may never be free of the thousands of Canada geese that majestically stroll on its well-manicured lawns -- and leave a trail of thousands of ...
#5 Hamilton Tops #9 Middlebury to Return to Final Four
LaxPower - Philadelphia,PA
Chase Delano (Greenwich, Conn.) scored two of the goals, including the eighth goal with 10:32 left in the game. Rave gave the Continentals an insurance goal ...
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The Latest Greenwich Blog Posts:

Greenwich, Connecticut multi-millionaire Stephen Dent admitted ...
By Claudette Rothman
Greenwich Time newspaper has identified the frequent visitor to the online chat room SeekingArrangemnt.com, who was being blackmail by Ohio couple, Christopher and Dawn Jessop, as Harvard-educated wealthy financier and DuPont heir, ...
Greenwich Diva - http://theoriginalgreenwichdiva.com/

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06/10/09 READER SUBMITTED COMMENTS: Local newspapers?

To the Editor,

I was wondering if you could clarify something. Just recently, I moved to Greenwich from New York because of a job transfer. Choosing the morning newspaper was an easy decision.

It was the NYT or the WSJ in the morning, and the NY Post on the way home. Here, in CT, what do people read? From what I have seen, the local newspapers are like my high school newspaper. I can't even credit the locals with being on par with my college newspaper. Here, it's opinionated, one-sided garbage (no offense).

I must tell you, I appreciate finding the Greenwich Roundup. I think your web site provides a lot of level-headed news. Like everyone else, I enjoy a laugh now and then. The gossip columnist "dishing??" out junk like Bonilla spotted leaving the ATT store. Is that a joke or is someone really paying that person a salary?


Dear TC,
Actually Online I Read the NY Post, New York Times And Wall Street Journal, before I read the Greenwich Time. That's why there is a high number of links about Greenwich from those three newspapers.
I have been told that the New York Times has a higher penetration rate in Greenwich, than the Greenwich Time has. That means that more households in Greenwich read the New York Times instead of the Greenwich Time. This is particularly true in the wealthier sections of Greenwich.
The free weekly publications like the Greenwich Post also have more print readers than the Greenwich Time. I am told that the Greenwich citizen has a print run of 25,000 copies each issue, while the Greenwich Time prints well under 10,000 copies each week day.
The Greenwich Time has been the biggest local joke for years. Blogger Bill Clark likes calling it the "Yellowich Time", because of it's repeated failure to take on the powers that be.
Personally, I like calling it the Green Kitty Litter Liner, but privately wish that the news paper would get it's act together and properly report on the power base that Greenwich is.
It is time for the Greenwich Time it afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted in town.
There are signs that the Greenwich Time is growing a pair of Journalistic Balls.
Today on line the new Greenwich Time Editor David McCumber allowed reporter Debra Friedman to name the Greenwich slave master wanna be on the front page, just like his alleged extortionists were named on the front page weeks ago.
For weeks the wealthy so-called Greenwich Sugar Daddy was given anonymity and preferential treatment by Greenwich Time Managing Editor Bruce Hunter and the Greenwich Police department, only because he was wealthy and lived in town.
As for Susie "The Dish", Only God knows why Bruce Hunter recently rehired her after the Greenwich Time had fired her last May.
I heard Susie was working for free at the Greenwich Post after the Greenwich Time fired her, but now I assume that Bruce Hunter is paying her while letting real news reporters go.
I was at a Glory Days diner diner and some of the patrons were making jokes about Susie's so-called Gossip column. One guy said that he has given Susie fake celebrity sightings in the past and she has printed them.
After hearing this I have been tempted to call up Susie and give her a fake so called "news tip" like....
Susie, I just saw Ralph Lauren pumping gas in his bight yellow convertible at the Mobil station.
Why Susie can't seem to find celebrity news in Greenwich, when major out of town newspapers find real celebrity dirt every week is beyond me.
Just the other day, The New York Post was reporting that multi-millionaire Peter Brandt's supermodel wife was sleeping in the maid's quarters as they started to reenact the "War Of The Roses" in their massive Greenwich mansion.
But Susie is too busy to cover this story, because she is getting paid with free bar drinks to report that a C list celebrity has just ordered over-priced pasta at an old Greenwich restaurant.
Thank You For Your Readership
Greenwich Roundup
PS - Because of new and loyal readers like you Greenwich Roundup had 1,962 Unique Visitors on Saturday.
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05/10/09 The Raw Greenwich News Feed: Overnight Edition

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Recesion Buster - Don't Pay Seventy Five Cents To Read The Greenwich Time Each Day. Read It On Line For Free.....

Holy Cow!!!

New Greenwich Time Editor David McCumber Is Not Protecting Backcountry Big Shots Like Bruce "I Have No Journalistic Balls" Hunter Did.

Sugar Daddy And Slavemaster Wanna Be Stephen Dent Gets Exposed.

For Greenwich financier, online chats, trysts bring repeated blackmail
Greenwich Time
By Debra Friedman

The women called him "master."

He called them his "slaves."

But the women Greenwich financial titan Stephen Dent met online clearly were the ones with the power.

They used that power to extract more than $200,000, which Dent gave them voluntarily in exchange for both online companionship and sex...

Stephen Dent's $14,200 in Political Contributions for 200* Can't Even Buy Him Out Of This Mess

.....At least three of the women or their associates have tried to blackmail Dent, 54, a Harvard-educated multi-millionaire, DuPont heir and successful entrepreneur who lives on a private street in Riverside.

Dentinvestments Llc

....Two of those cases have resulted in FBI-Greenwich Police Department investigations, and extortion charges......

BBW Sex at BBW Trade

....The FBI declined comment on the case, although an FBI agent in New Haven who formerly worked in an anti-cybercrime unit said the scenario of a person being extorted multiple times through an online dating site is rare.

"Based upon my experience. I haven't seen it very often here in Connecticut," said Special Agent Jane Domboski.

Publicly Traded Securities - [Cached Version]

Published on: 2/7/2003

Mr. Dent has spent most of his business career involved in various finance and investment activities.Since 1982, he has worked exclusively in the areas of finance, investments and acquisitions.After spending three years with PricewaterhouseCoopers, Mr. Dent joined the Mergers and Acquisitions Department of Morgan Stanley Dean Witter & Co. following graduate school.Subsequently, he joined Rosenkranz & Company, a private investment partnership specializing in acquisitions for its own account, before leaving to establish DCI in 1986.Mr. Dent is a licensed CPA and holds both a BA and an MBA from Harvard University.He oversees all investment activity at DCI.

Net worth: About $100 million

According to town records, Dent resides on a private street in a gated house near the Cos Cob Harbor assessed at $4.5 million and owns his own investment firm, although he recently closed the doors of his office in Old Greenwich, in the same complex as the Greenwich Time office. Dent, who told police in 2007 that his net worth is approximately $100 million, is also the founding funder of the Greenwich Science Center, a nonprofit educational organization based in Stamford, which is now defunct

Welcome to the Greenwich Science Center of Greenwich, Connecticut


Thin line divides addiction to sex vs. Internet

In more than 10 years of treating patients for serious sex and internet addictions, Dr. David Greenfield said he has never seen a case like that of Greenwich investor Stephen Dent, who became a repeated victim of extortion after interacting with women he met on the Web site SeekingArrangement.com.

“I’ve seen people get into hot water legally and in relationships, but I have not seen this specific type of situation,” said Greenfield, a nationally recognized addiction specialist who has a practice in West Hartford. “This is a new one.”

Dent was a frequent visitor of the “sugar daddy dating site,” where he would meet younger women and engage them in on-line, and in some cases, face-to-face relationships. Those relationships led Dent to become the victim of at least three separate extortion plots, police said, but they didn’t stop him from continuing to use the site until recently — something that did not surprise Greenfield.

“It’s very consistent with any addiction,” said Greenfield. “One of the markers of an addiction is it has some consequence on your life, and in spite of that, there are still urges and cravings.”

If You Want To Know What's Really Going On In Greenwich You Have Got To Read The Out Of Town Newspapers......

State confirms 11 new swine flu cases
Norwalk Advocate
By Magdalene Perez Darien and Greenwich were among eight Connecticut towns where the state confirmed 11 new cases of swine flu Saturday, according to a ...
Area Sports Events
Stamford Advocate
The Greenwich Department of Parks and Recreation has begun registration for the Small Fry Baseball program. Players must turn age 7 before April 30, 2009. ...
Lady Wreckers rebound, slam Ludlowe 6-1
The Staples High girls tennis fits this category and after losing 6-1 at top-ranked Greenwich High Tuesday, it was ready to take out its aggression on ...

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2009 Greenwich Music Festival Greenwich Blog :: The Blog of ...
By gb
Greenwich Music Festival Out of Darkness: Music from Terezin Festival Calendar This season features music written by prisoners in the Terezin concentration. ...
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The Times (re) discovers Greenwich Avenue « For What It's Worth
By christopherfountain
Yes, we still have policemen directing traffic, and yes, every reporter who tours Greenwich feels compelled to comment on it. The story today is that stores along the Avenue are closing. Doesn't worry me – rents more than doubled the ...
For What It's Worth - http://christopherfountain.wordpress.com/

These Posts Were Correcected For Spelling.....

Greenwich Roundup: Those In The Know Are Not Fully Informed Untill ...
(Greenwich Roundup)
Registering as an investment adviser with the SEC, while certainly a bureaucratic annoyance, doesn't mean SEC officials are suddenly going to start shadowing hedge-fund managers driving from their Greenwich, Conn., mansions to their . .... Father's Forum: May 16 - COMMUNITY CHANNEL Greenwich, CT 203-869-1630 General Interest Richard Colangelo presents a father's forum focusing on "Cyberspace and Beyond: Keeping ... 2 days ago. Greenwich Time: Food - RSS Feed ...
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05/10/09 Mothersday Comments From Greenwich Roundup's International Coraspondent: Courgeous mother's story reported in today's Sunday Times.

Today on the front page of the Sunday London Times, is the story many of us are very famaliar with. The article is titled " Wife of financier denied access to their children", by Daniel Foggo.

Then in the same paper, on page 6, in the section headed NEWS, there is a further elaboration of the story, under the heading" Mum jailed for telling son she loves him", reported again, by Daniel Foggo.

What hasn't been reported is that at an early stage, when the mother was 'set-up' by her husband, she informed her member of Parliament, ( a very senior MP), that the social worker involved with the case had moved into the matrimonial home, after she had been kicked out.

The senior MP took up the matter with the local authority, who after about 6 months wrote to the MP and informed him that " the social worker had now moved out" !

So the husband had arranged for the social worker involved in the case to be pliant , in more ways than one!

This is what the Family Court secrecy is concealing.

It is a wonder that the MPs involved the scandal of MPs expenses, have not invoked Family Court secrecy. Had they done so, they, the corrupt Labour Party, Gordon Brown, Hazel Blears, Phil Woolas and that disgraceful Speaker, Gorbals Mick, would have been able to keep their corrupt practices away from disclosure.

Jack Frost ....Author: " The Gulag Of The Family Courts"...Book 1


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