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Friday, December 12, 2008

12/12/08 BREAKING NEWS: Now It Is A Sewr Main Break - Possible Sewer Backups In To Cos Cob Homes


By Colin Gustafson / Staff Writer
Posted: 12/12/2008 04:18:59 PM EST

The failure of a 24-inch force main near the Cos Cob rail station caused a knee-high flood of wastewater this morning on Sound Shore Drive.

The broken line, which is believed to have ruptured around 9 a.m., services properties in neighborhoods east of the Mianus River; Cos Cob, Riverside, North Mianus and Old Greenwich, town officials said."This is a major burst," said First Selectman Peter Tesei. He was uncertain how many residents would be affected.

Tesei issued a reverse 911 call to affected areas this morning notifying households of the disruption and asking residents to curtail their use of wastewater-producing appliances, such as toilets and dishwashers.

Doing so will reduce the flow of wastewater through the broken pipe and allow crews to reach it more effectively to begin repair work.The disruption does not affect the drinking water supply and unlikely to cause backups for residents, said Amy Siebert, Commissioner of Public Works.

Wastewater main break repairs to last through night

Breaking News
Posted 4:39 p.m., Friday, Dec. 12, 2008

The town's Department of Public Works will be working through the night and into the weekend to get the Old Greenwich Force Main, which conveys wastewater from Old Greenwich, Riverside, North Mianus and Cos Cob, back to service. The main broke at Sound Shore Drive, in front of the Cos Cob Power Plant, earlier today. The nature of the break is not know, a department release said.

This force main conveys flows from the Old Greenwich, Chapel Lane and Cos Cob pump stations. Fred Durante Jr., Inc. will be providing force main repair services. Each of the three pump stations will be set up to bypass flows, allowing the team to excavate and repair the affected pipe section. Specialty equipment is also being provided by Godwin Pumps of Bozrah.

The first selectman has declared an emergency to allow the town to rapidly address this issue. As residents near the three pump stations may hear equipment and staff working throughout this emergency, Sewer Department officials are urging patience. Repair crews, lights and equipment will be working around the clock on Sound Shore Drive.

All utilities in the area have been contacted and are coordinating with the town’s repair team. Aquarion Water Company is managing its potable water system to maintain its integrity at all times. The town has used its Reverse 911 system to reach out to residents, asking those in Old Greenwich, Riverside, North Mianus and Cos Cob to conserve water. This will help minimize flow to these pump stations while these repairs are conducted.

In case of a sewer backup at your home, call the Grass Island Wastewater Treatment Plant at 622-0963.


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12/12/08 You've Got To Believe That You Are Going To Get Your Money Back

New York Post

At a time when investors in his company's flagship hedge fund are being left by the side of the road, drivers by Paul Tudor Jones' Greenwich, Conn. manse are being told to "Believe," in a 5,000-light holiday display.
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Last year, WSJ's Alan Murray caught on camera hedge-fund billionaire Paul Tudor Jones II's elaborate light show in his tony neighborhood in Greenwich, Conn. The economy has tanked, but have light shows?

12/12/08 Tommy Hilfiger to wed in not so "secret" ceremony

You Wont Read About This Greenwich Wedding
At The Greenwich Time Wedsite

New York Post

Tommy Hilfiger and his gorgeous gal pal are taking a trip down the aisle today in a top-secret, ultra-private wedding ceremony in Greenwich, Conn.

The only person who will be attending the service at Hilfiger's sprawling Connecticut estate - beside the blond bride and preppy groom - is the justice of the peace performing the vows.

"We wanted to do it before Christmas," Hilfiger said last night, his about-to-be wife Dee Ocleppo at his side sporting an 8.2-carat diamond engagement ring.

As for their wedding attire, both plan to wear Hilfiger jackets. The happy couple are planning a New Year's party to celebrate their nuptials.
They'd planned to marry in August, but postponed the affair.

"A wedding does become a bit complicated," said Hilfiger, who'd earlier told Page Six he postponed the wedding to work out living arrangements for Ocleppo's two kids.

But now that everything is sorted out, Ocleppo said, "My kids are happy."
So are Hilfiger's four children, he said.

After the ceremony, the couple, who have been dating for three years, will toast their union with a glass of champagne.

For a honeymoon, they're jetting to Mustique, a private island in the West Indies popular with the glitterati.

Hilfiger was previously married to Susie Hilfiger, the creative director of Best & Co., and Ocleppo was married to Italian tennis player Gianni Ocleppo.
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12/12/08 Greenwich Time News Links

Bishop William Lori offers communion to Marisa Sandifer during a Mass at Nathaniel Witherell nursing home Thursday. It was the bishop's first visit to the home.
(Helen Neafsey/Greenwich Time Photo)

Female residents of The Nathaniel Witherell nursing home spent lunch Thursday discussing a recent visitor, a young gentleman.

RTM approves police contract
After a series of lengthy negotiations and amid concerns about the economy, the police union contract was approved by the Representative Town Meeting this week, leading officials involved to breath a sigh of relief.

Baden for the defense
The defense team for Leonard Trujillo, one of the men charged with killing real estate developer Andrew Kissel, has signed on nationally renowned forensic pathologist Dr.

Selectmen question fees for nonresidents on ferries
Greenwich officials formally unveiled a plan Thursday that would require nonresidents to buy ferry tickets at an off-site location and to pay for parking to visit Island Beach and Great Captains Island.

A Greenwich doctor accused in an Internet sex sting appeared back in court today after being released on $25,000 bond last week.

Dr. Clifford Berken, 55, an adult gastroenterologist who practiced in town, appeared in White Plains City Court early this morning on the charge of first-degree attempted disseminating indecent material to minors, which is a felony.Berken appeared with two newly acquired lawyers, attorney Eugene Riccio, who has an office in Greenwich, and Robert Mancuso, who is based in White Plains, N.Y.

Berken initially had a different White Plains-based attorney on his case.....

.....Berken, of Stamford, also offered to meet the "teenage boy" at a location in downtown White Plains, N.Y., according to officials. When he arrived at the location, he was arrested.

Berken has not yet entered a plea.

He is scheduled to be back in White Plains City Court on Jan. 30.

Justice is more than just blind in Greenwich - she's a capitalist.

Trying to solve a cash crunch, the town is considering tacking on a $10 processing fee to all parking ticket appeals regardless of their outcome, innocent or guilty.

The proposition, presented Thursday to the Board of Selectmen by parking services Director Allen Corry, is one of several aimed at boosting revenues during the current economic recession.
Corry additionally wants to triple the fines on any unpaid tickets after 30 days, as well as hike the administrative fee for removing a metal boot from a vehicle from $75 to $100.

Commuters who use the town's railroad lots could also take a hit in the form of a proposed 5 percent increase in the cost of annual parking permits.

While most of the increases sat well with the cash-minded decision makers, the prospect of charging alleged violators $10 just to have their appeals heard immediately stirred up controversy among the board's members and civil liberties advocates.

"Think about that, you don't do anything wrong, and I take time out of my life (to contest a ticket), and they're going to charge me $10," said Selectman Lin Lavery, who declared that she would oppose the fee when it comes up for a vote next Friday......

......Andrew Schneider, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Connecticut, said the proposed $10 process fee violates due process rights of those issued parking tickets by the town.

"Actual court cases say that collecting nonrefundable fees without a hearing is unconstitutional," Schneider said when told of the proposal.

A U.S. district court in Louisiana struck down a similar administrative fee charged by the city of New Orleans for cars that were booted, Schneider said .....

....."I have a lot of questions about it and I'm not very crazy about the idea," Tesei said in interview later Thursday.

Selectman Peter Crumbine said the town should waive the fee under certain circumstances.
"If they were not at fault, then clearly they should not pay the $10," Crumbine said. "If, on the other hand, the person did violate the parking restriction but the (ticket) was (overturned) for some ulterior reason, it should be paid."

The proposed fees are expected to generate nearly $310,000 in additional revenue for the town, according to Corry's office, which wants to hire either three extra part-time parking enforcement officers to go with one current part-timer or two additional full-timers. The town currently has seven parking enforcement officers, six full-time and one part-time.

The Everest of Ocean Racing
India is in the news these days, and for all the wrong reasons. Overshadowed by recent terror attacks was the first-ever finish of a major ocean race at an Indian port.

Hey Cherie!
Hey Cherie! If you think the economy becoming worse doesn't affect teens, think again. It is hurting me in a big way, and not just because my parents are making me have a lower allowance -- like what happened to another of your readers

Without a doubt, state employees and their unions are going to be central to resolving Connecticut's mounting state budget problems. ....BLAH ..... BLAH ..... BLAH ....... BLAH ...... BLAH ......BLAH ..... BLAH ..... BLAH .....

The Selectmen's Pedestrian Safety Committee completed an inventory of potential sidewalk projects in town. The First Selectman's Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee has been charged with the task of developing criteria for determining the streets on which sidewalks should be developed. One part of its task is to elicit the views of town residents regarding these criteria.

The committee has developed three ways for residents to make their views known: public workshops, a questionnaire and a mechanism for written comment.

The committee held two public workshops in November seeking residents' comments. However, not all residents were able to attend.

To enable residents to express their views, the questionnaire has been posted on the town's Web site by the Department of Public Works. Residents can access it through the Internet at http://www.greenwichct.org/First Selectman/fsPedestrianSafety.asp by clicking on "Pedestrian Safety Sidewalk Need Questionnaire: Download a version of the document." Instructions for downloading and returning it can be found on the Web site. They are due by Jan. 5.
In addition to the questionnaire, residents can comment through e-mail by clicking on "DPW - Sidewalks" on the DPW's Web site under the heading "Public Comments." Letters may be sent to: DPW Commissioner, 101 Field Point Road, Greenwich, CT 06830.

The committee urgently seeks broad public input on this important issue. Therefore, I urge all residents to complete and return the questionnaire, e-mail or send a letter.

Francis J. ("Kip") Burgweger Jr.
Cos Cob.

The writer is chair of the First Selectman's Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee

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12/12/08 PRESS RELEASE: Thanks A Lot Bernnie - Fairfeild Greenwich Group Is Out $7.5 Billion - That's Billion With A B.

A Billion Here A Billion There

And It All Disappears Into Thin Air


NEW YORK – DEC. 12, 2008 – Following the news of the arrest and charging of
Bernard L. Madoff with federal securities laws violations, Fairfield Greenwich Group
(FGG) is trying to determine the extent of potential losses, like numerous other money
managers and investors who appear to have been similarly victimized. In consultation
with its attorneys, the firm expects to determine the full extent of the damage soon.

“We are shocked and appalled by this news,” said Jeffrey Tucker, founding partner of
Fairfield Greenwich Group. “We have worked with Madoff for nearly 20 years, investing
alongside our clients. We had no indication that we and many other firms and private
investors were the victims of such a highly sophisticated, massive fraudulent scheme.”
Mr. Tucker said that the firm’s first imperative is to take all necessary steps to protect its

As of November 1, 2008, assets under management at FGG totaled approximately $14.1
billion, of which approximately $7.5 billion was invested in vehicles connected to
Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities.

“We have had one day to try to assess what may well be the largest securities fraud in
history,” said Mr. Tucker. “It is our intention to aggressively pursue the recovery of all
assets related to Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities. We are also committed to the
operation of our continuing funds. We hope to have a better idea of the entire situation as
the facts develop.”

* * * * * *

Please visit www.FGGUS.com for more information.

* * * * * *

Media Contact:

Andrew Ludwig, Director of Communications

Fairfield Greenwich Group

55 East 52nd Street -- 33rd Floor

New York, NY 10055

(212) 319-6060 Tel

(212) 319-0450 Fax


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