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Saturday, April 4, 2009

04/04/09 Thank You From GAC

Thank you, kind person, for posting information about classes at the Greenwich Arts Council on your site.

Very much appreciated!

Leslie Gueguen


Dear Leslie,
You Are Most Welcome.
Greenwich Roundup Is Happy To Publish Press For Greenwich Non-Profits And Business

Without Any Editing What So Ever.
Currently Greenwich Roundup Is Averaging Almost 2,000 Absolute Unique Visitors / Day
In The Last 10 Days Greenwich Roundup Had 19,369 Absolute Unique Visitors
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278 Visitors Came To Greenwich Roundup 4 times
468 Visitors Came To Greenwich Roundup 3 times
1,264 Visitors Came To Greenwich Roundup 2 times

However, Most Of The 19,369 Absolute Unique Visitors
Came To Greenwich Roundup Only I Time

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04/04/09 The Raw Greenwich News Feed: This Just In ......

The Latest Greenwich News Briefs:

Mexican Peso Heads for Best Weekly Gain Since 1995 on Swap Line
Bloomberg - USA
The central bank plans to draw on the swap line "adds to the accumulation of good news," said Benito Berber, an economist at RBS Greenwich Capital Markets ...
US Stocks Mixed, Hanging On To Most Of Week's Gains
Wall Street Journal - USA
In a note to clients on Friday, Michael Darda, chief economist at MKM Partners in Greenwich, Conn., urged clients to begin positioning their portfolios for ...
Greenwich High diving coach Hahnfeldt stresses fun, produces results
Greenwich Time
A couple of weeks ago, Hahnfeldt, Greenwich High's diving coach, was named the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference Diving Coach of the Year. ...
See all stories on this topic

Greenwich Academy lacrosse wins first game of season
Greenwich Time
By Peter Kollmann

The Greenwich Academy varsity lacrosse team had every reason to be frustrated after Monday's season-opening tie at Scarsdale. ...

The Latest Greenwich Blog Post:

Regulator sues Madoff 'feeder fund'
Massachusetts' top securities regulator sued Fairfield Greenwich Group, which funneled billions of dollars.
FPL Fpindex top stories - http://www.financialpost.com/money/wealthyboomer/16994.rss?type=rss

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04/04/09 The New York Times Has Really Started Covering Greenwich Ever Since Failed Hearst Newspaper Editor Bruce Hunter Took Over The Greenwich Time

While Greenwich Time Managing Editor Bruce Hunter Is A Sleep At The Switch.....
New York Times Reporters Are Out Hitting The Bricks ..... In Greenwich


For Wine Lovers, News Is Good on Corkage Fees

EVEN before the recession, restaurants that allowed you to bring your own bottle of wine were beloved, not just by penny pinchers, but by wealthy patrons who liked to show off and share rare vintages from their own impressive cellars.....

....Little Thai Kitchen in Greenwich is a tiny BYOB that has become especially popular since last fall when the economy crashed, said Shiva Natarajan, the owner. Its two sister restaurants, Little Thai Kitchen in Darien and Thai Spice in Norwalk, have liquor licenses, but have allowed BYOB for a $4.50 corkage fee.

“It’s funny you should call, because we just decided last week to lower the corkage fee to $3,” Mr. Natarajan said in late February. He is also planning to open a Thai/Hakka restaurant called Little Buddha in Stamford this month that will be BYOB with no corkage fee. “I knew we could get a liquor license in Stamford,” he said, “but I decided against it because people really love the BYOB thing.”.....

....Osteria Applausi in Old Greenwich has also taken a weekday approach: on Monday nights, every wine on their wine list is 50 percent off, and the restaurant is allowing BYOB with no corkage fees on Tuesdays through Thursdays. “People are asking for this, so we said, ‘O.K., we have to stay afloat,’ ” said Beppe Cornacchia, the manager.

Although a BYOB policy seems to be gaining momentum around the state, some restaurants, like Restaurant Jean-Louis in Greenwich, are holding tight to their corkage rules.

“We do not encourage you to bring wine from your cellar, simply because we continuously buy large amounts of wine and store them with great care,” its Web site says. It does state, though, that the restaurant “will in some cases accept an amazing bottle of wine from your cellar.” The corkage fee is $38.

When asked if that was still the case in light of the economy, Jean-Louis Gerin, the owner, replied, “The economy is fine, let’s not worry about that. Yes, you may bring one bottle if it’s something I do not have in my cellar.” Then he added with a hearty laugh, “Just be prepared to pour me a glass.”.....


.....Connecticut is an example of how quickly political fortunes can change, especially in a mid-term election. As recently as 2006, Republicans held three of Connecticut’s five House of Representatives seats.

In 2006, when President George W. Bush’s approval rating fell below 40 percent, Democrats picked up 30 House seats, including 2 in Connecticut. Mr. Murphy unseated Nancy L. Johnson, a Republican, despite being outspent two to one. Joseph D. Courtney, a Democrat, defeated Rob Simmons, a Republican, in the Second Congressional District.

Jim Himes completed the Democratic sweep last year, defeating Christopher Shays, a 21-year Republican incumbent, in the Fourth Congressional District, leaving New England without a Republican in the House of Representatives .

Mr. Himes, 42, of Greenwich, the first Democrat to hold the seat in 40 years, was helped by the huge turnout that Barack Obama generated in heavily Democratic Bridgeport.

Bridgeport gave Mr. Himes 28,678 votes, about twice what the congressman can expect in a mid-term election, when turnouts are much lower. His margin of victory was 2,791 votes.
Republicans already have singled out Mr. Himes, and he is expected to face a challenge from the State Senate minority leader, John McKinney of Fairfield, whose father, Stewart, held the seat before Mr. Shays....


Who Gets Hit When the Wealthy Cut Back

THE first stirrings of spring in Fairfield County, Conn., have sounded: the whine of the leaf blowers and the beep of dump trucks full of mulch.....

....To get a sense of the wealth in the county, consider these figures from Connecticut Expos, which organizes a high-end home show in the county. The average price of a home in Darien was $1.165 million in 2008 and in New Canaan, $1.455 million. Greenwich topped the list, with an average home price of just under $2 million.

And the people who buy that average house — 6,500 square feet on an acre or two — rely on landscapers, gardeners, pool guys and all manner of tradesmen to keep everything in shape. But many of those homeowners were Wall Street’s top earners, and their incomes and investments are down in the troubled economy. So now, they are cutting back. And when they do, the people who maintain their homes feel the brunt of it....

.....“You’re seeing the Wall Street guys suffer, but it’s a trickle-down effect,” said Tony Femia, who owns Femia Landscaping and Site Development.

“I have clients who are billionaires, clients who are famous, and the small guy, too — they’re all cutting back.”...

Mr. Femia said he lost only two of his 80 lawn maintenance clients this season. But he said each of those clients told him they were cutting back on lawn services. As a result, he laid off half of his 30-person staff and planned to take some of his 15 trucks off the road..

.....There is another, less tangible cost to both negotiating prices and changing providers in a recession: the value of loyalty. The people who maintain your house are probably being hit as hard as you, if not harder than you, by the downturn.

Mr. Femia, the landscaper, said a client whose estate he has maintained for 15 years asked him to lower his hourly rate. Instead, Mr. Femia said he showed him how he could save double that on a landscaping bill that was well into the six figures.

“Once I said I couldn’t lower my hourly rate, he put it out to bid,” Mr. Femia said. “That $4 to $5 an hour means a lot to me. I’ve got guys who have been with me 20 years and make good money. Is that five bucks an hour really that much to a billionaire?”

Hermes Mallea and Carey Chambers Maloney were married by Elizabeth Bonsal, a Connecticut justice of the peace, on Friday in Ms. Bonsal’s home in Greenwich, Conn.

Mr. Mallea, 53, and Mr. Maloney, 55, founded M (Group), an architecture and interior design firm in New York. Mr. Mallea is an architect and Mr. Maloney an interior designer.....


Funds Tied to Madoff in Legal Vise

As Bernard L. Madoff waits in jail to be sentenced, legal problems are accumulating for some of the hedge fund managers who helped him raise billions of dollars from around the world for what he now admits was a vast Ponzi scheme.

Massachusetts regulators have sued the Fairfield Greenwich Group, one of the earliest of these so-called feeder fund managers, for fraud, saying it had repeatedly misled investors about how diligently it checked out Mr. Madoff’s operations over the years.

“Fairfield’s complete disregard of its fiduciary duties to its investors and its flagrant and recurring misrepresentations to its investors rises to the level of fraud,” said lawyers for William F. Galvin, secretary of state for Massachusetts and its top securities regulator, in an administrative complaint filed Wednesday.

Walter M. Noel Jr., a founder of the Fairfield Greenwich Group, his partner Jeffrey H. Tucker and his son-in-law Andres Piedrahita were also among the fund managers hit with a temporary asset freeze imposed on Tuesday by a state judge in Connecticut.

The freeze was ordered by Judge Arthur Hiller of Connecticut Superior Court in response to a civil lawsuit filed on Monday by the town of Fairfield and two of its pension plans, which lost money in several feeder-fund investments. That lawsuit claims that Fairfield Greenwich and two other feeder fund managers had long been aware that Mr. Madoff was enhancing his track record through illegal activity — although they mistakenly thought he was front-running, a form of insider trading, not that he was operating a Ponzi scheme.

......Tom Mulligan, a spokesman for Fairfield Greenwich, said that the firm had no dealings with the Fairfield pension funds. The funds claim in their lawsuit that the firm is nevertheless responsible because its failure to scrutinize Mr. Madoff carefully allowed him to continue the fraud in which they lost money.

Seth Faison, another Fairfield Greenwich spokesman, called the complaint by Mr. Galvin “false and misleading” and said it would be fought vigorously by the firm.

The complaint, he added, “is based on nothing more than 20-20 hindsight that supposes that anyone familiar with Madoff’s operations should have determined that it was a Ponzi scheme.”
Taken together, though, the new complaints spotlight how Fairfield Greenwich helped expand Mr. Madoff’s reach and enhance his credibility.

Mr. Noel had a gilded résumé and a family linked by marriage to wealthy investors in Europe and Latin America, and his partner Mr. Tucker had been a respected regulator with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

By contrast, Mr. Madoff built his reputation in the scrappy world of wholesale stock trading and had never worked for anyone more prominent than himself.

Yet the documents Mr. Galvin obtained reveal how highly Fairfield Greenwich prized its Madoff connection, a link, Mr. Galvin said, that generated hundreds of millions of dollars in fees for the firm over the years.

In a letter hand-delivered to Mr. Madoff on Dec. 10, the day before his arrest brought the Ponzi scheme crashing down, Mr. Tucker referred to a telephone conversation the two men had two days earlier about the rising volume of redemptions by Fairfield Greenwich investors and apologized for “failing to keep you informed of pending redemptions in a timely fashion.”

Mr. Tucker said, “Our firm is very dependent on its relationship with your firm. You are our most important business partner and an immensely respected friend.” He added a few lines later, “Our mission is to remain in business with you and to keep your trust.”

Documents released by Mr. Galvin included e-mail messages indicating that Fairfield Greenwich had relied on reassurances provided by Frank DiPascali, who worked for Mr. Madoff, rather than checking with outside sources. ......

After Attacks, Supporters Rally Around Choice for Top Administration Legal Job

WASHINGTON — The controversy began with a short article in The New York Post and soon mushroomed into an all-out attack by conservative commentators. The charge was that Harold Hongju Koh, the outspoken Yale Law School dean now tapped for a top legal slot in the Obama administration, was ready to put international law on a pedestal above American justice.
“Once we sign our rights over to international law, the Constitution is officially dead,” the Fox News commentator Glenn Beck bemoaned Monday in a scathing critique of Mr. Koh.

Unfortunately for Mr. Koh’s critics, his academic record does not fit into quite so neat a sound bite, and his supporters have been quick to rally to his defense. ...
....At the center of the dispute is a statement that Mr. Koh was said to have made in 2007 at a Yale alumni event in Greenwich, Conn. One guest at the event wrote in a blog item on a conservative Web site at the time that Mr. Koh had made a “favorable reference” to Shariah, or Islamic law, and had said it could be used to “govern a controversy” in an American court.

Conservative commentators like Mr. Beck and Web sites like Jihad Watch quickly focused on the alleged statement after The New York Post carried an article featuring it.
But Robin Reeves Zorthian, who organized the Yale event in Greenwich, said Mr. Stein “was totally mischaracterizing what Dean Koh said.” Ms. Zorthian said Mr. Stein had initiated an animated series of questions with Mr. Koh about international law and raised the issue of Shariah and its place in American law. She said Mr. Koh had said that there were “common underlying concepts” in many legal systems around the world but that he never voiced support for allowing Shariah to be used in American courts.....
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04/03/09 Greenwich Time Crime Reporter Debra Friedman Once Again Scoops The Greenwich Citizen And The Greenwich Post (Updated)

Here Is A Great Deal In Greenwich:

Rent A New Lexus In Greenwich For An All Inclusive Price Of Only $100 - No Credit Check Required - - No Late Fees - Return The Car Whenever You Like !!!!

Lexus of Greenwich dealership taken for a ride by employee

By Debra Friedman
Posted: 04/03/2009 08:51:59 PM EDT

Police have put the brakes on a Stamford man caught allegedly renting out cars owned by the Lexus of Greenwich dealership to his friends.

Virgilio Collins-Meza, 41, of 20 North St., Stamford, was arrested by Greenwich police on Wednesday afternoon at the dealership, 19 Railroad Ave., where he had worked as a valet driver for the past year, police said. He was charged with five counts of first-degree larceny of a motor vehicle, police said.

Detective Tony Fiscella, who investigated the case, said Collins-Meza loaned out five four-door Lexus sedans to friends for $100 per day without the dealership's permission. Police believe Collins-Meza has pulled the scam before, but it was not until March 31 that the dealership noticed that its cars were missing.

Fiscella said police went to the dealership after receiving a call that the cars were stolen. While taking the initial stolen vehicle reports, police learned that one of the cars had crashed in Stamford and the driver had fled the scene on foot, he said. The man was apprehended and later told police about the deal arranged with Collins-Meza......


Probate court reform to have minor effect in area
Two bills proposing changes to the state's 300-year-old Probate Court system have prompted debate in Hartford, but while alterations may have substantial impacts in some parts of the state, officials say Fairfield County Probate Courts may only notice subtle changes.....

12 shot dead at immigrant center
BINGHAMTON, N.Y. -- A gunman opened fire on a center where immigrants were taking a citizenship exam Friday in downtown Binghamton, killing at least 12 people before apparently committing suicide........

In town
Simon Pearce designer show Simon Pearce Designer's Take, featuring in-store presentations by interior designers, will be held on two dates in April at Simon Pearce, 325 Greenwich Ave....

Police blotter
"¢ Kathryn Norton, 46, of 12 Salem St., was charged Thursday night with disorderly conduct. She was released on a promise to appear.

Students raise environmental awareness with posters
Even as a 10-year-old, Jacqueline Steinman has developed a strong environmental awareness. On Saturday, her family turned off the lights, lit candles and played cards as they marked Earth Hour, a worldwide environmental event in which people from countries around the globe doused lights in homes and businesses between 8:30 p.m.....

Senior Center's lunch more popular than ever
High-end restaurants may not be faring well in this economy, but at the Greenwich Senior Center, members make their reservations for lunch as far in advance as they might for Polpo on a Saturday night.....

Coin slot machines return to N.J.'s oldest casino
ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. -- It used to be the signature sound of gambling: the clacking of coins spilling into metal trays on slot machines.......

Archbishop visits Michigan mosque
DEARBORN, Mich. -- The new Roman Catholic archbishop of Detroit has visited one of the nation's largest mosques, part of a continuing outreach to Muslims and other faith groups.

VATICAN CITY -- The long tradition of Vatican patronage of the arts has given rise to such monuments to Christianity as ....

Church offers conference on Holy Spirit
The Presbyterian Church of Old Greenwich will offer a four-day conference Apr. 15-18 "to help Christians explore, discern and operate in the Holy Spirit's power."

Titled "In the Spirit's Power," the conference is the second part of a series that began last fall.
"This conference has been given in cities all over the world "¦ it's the kind of event for which people travel great distances. We feel honored and blessed to be able to offer it in this area," said Pastor Bill Gestal.
A refresher course is provided to bring those who did not attend the session last fall up to speed. "If I had to identify one thing in my adult life that turned me around (and continues to call me to conversion), it would be the outpouring of the Holy Spirit," said Angelo Natalie, who attended the first session. "The infilling of God's Spirit makes all the difference," he added.....
Listening To The Holy Spirit
Since Greenwich Roundup Became A Christian About Eight Months Ago, And He Has Been Trying To Dicern The Power Of The Holy Spirit At Harvest Time Church On King Street Greenwich.
Unfortunately, Greenwich Roundup Is A Horrible Student Of Following The Holy Spirit.
Often Times I Go To Harvest Time Church And I Listen Closely, But I Don't Really Listen.
For Years, Greenwich Roundup Thought If God already Knows What We Are Going To Ask.
Then Why Bother To Ask?
• “Why bother to pray to an all-knowing God?”
• “Why bother to pray to an all-loving God?”
• “Why bother to pray to an all-powerful God?”
Greenwich Roundup Used To Think That All Of This Prayer Is Huge Waste Of Time, But Since Going To Harvest Time Church Up On King Street He Have Seen That God Seems To Respond When People Ask For Help.
Greenwich Roundup First Started To Harvest Time Church With His Wife Who Had Recently Converted To Christianity From Buddhism.
At That Time We Were In A Situation Where We Had To Move.
My Wife Went To The Church And Prayed With The Church's Prayer Team For A New Home
Being A Non-Christian At The Time Greenwich Roundup Went And Got My Wife From This Prayer Group And Thanked Everyone For The Prayers And Left The Church.
Greenwich Roundup's Wife Had Been Crying While She Was Praying And This Had Disturbed Him Somewhat. So All Of A Sudden An Idea Came Into His Head On Where To Get A New Place That Will Make The Wife Stop Worrying.
Five Minutes After Leaving The Church Greenwich Roundup Was Negotiating For A New Place.
Well Greenwich Roundup's Wife And Her Friends At Harvest Time Could Not Shut Up About What a "Miracle" This Was.
Greenwich Roundup Tried To Tell Them That There Were These Things Called Coincidences In This World And hat My Brain Had The Idea About Where To Get A New Place.
Some Of The Members Of Harvest Time Church Called Greenwich Roundup A "Doubting Thomas."
Over And Over, There Were Stories About Prayers Being Answered At Harvest Time Church.
It Soon Became Clear To Greenwich Roundup That Persons At Harvest Time Church Did Not Understand Anything About Odds And Probability.
Well Greenwich Roundup Never Prayed At Home And Only Agreed With Prayers At Church, So His Wife Bugged Him To Join The Early Morning Men's Prayer Group So That He Could Learn To Pray.
Well Over And Over Greenwich Roundup Saw Prayers Answered
When Others In The Church Heard That Greenwich Roundup Was Regularly Going To This Early Morning Prayer Group They Began Asking Him To Mentioned Their Problems And To Say A Prayer For Them In The Group.
Many Of These Prayers Were Answered.
But Somehow Greenwich Roundup Felt That These Person's Who The Group Had Prayed For Just Experienced The Power Of Positive Thinking And Started Making Better Choices That Helped Them Reach The Outcome They Sought.
Then This Lady Started Coming To The Early Morning Men's Prayer Group Praying For A Little Pre-Mature Baby That Had Received One Operation And Now Needed To Have His Heart Operated On. Apparently The Poor Little Baby Was not Bigger Than The Size Of A Man's Fist And The Heart Was Only As Big As A Persons Thumb Nail.
The Baby Was In Very Bad Shape.
Well This Woman Who Did Not Even Go To Harvest Time Church Would Come Into The Men's Prayer Group And Take Over The Meeting And Get All Of The Men Worked Up And Praying For This Dying Baby.
This Woman Was Going To Multiple Churches In An Effort To Get Persons To Pray For This Baby That Was Not Even A Relative Of Hers.
Pretty Soon Greenwich Roundup Started Saying To Some Of The Men In The Prayer Group, We Have Got To Start Toning This Woman Down, Because There Is A Good Chance That This Baby Is Going To Die, And No One Is Thinking What Is Going To Happen To This Woman When Te Baby Doesn't Survive This Operation.
Well The Men In This Harvest Time Prayer Group Don't Like Thinking Three Or Four Steps Ahead And Insisted On Prying For The Baby With Out Any Concern For The Lady Who Was Praying So Hard.
Well The Day Of The Operation Came And We Did Not Hear Anything More About This Baby Or Lady.After A Week Or Two Greenwich Roundup Started Telling My Wife And The Men In The Prayer Group....
"I Hate To Say I Told You So, But I Told You So.....
The Poor Baby Probably Died And Now Who Knows What Happened To The Lady."
Well A Month Later, At Men's Prayer Greenwich Roundup Looked Out The Window And Saw The Lady's Car Coming Into The Church Parking Lot And He Start Thinking Of What He Could Say To Comfort Her Grief.
Well The Lady Comes Into The Men's Prayer Group And Reports That The Baby Survived The Operation And Has Since Thrived.
When Greenwich Roundup Asked Her Why In The Heck She Waited Over A Month To Report Back To The Prayer Group. She Said That She Had Been Helping The Mother And Father With The Baby.
This Is When Greenwich Roundup Began To Slightly Change His Mind About Prayer.
Soon After This Greenwich Roundup's Wife Began To Bug Him About Taking His Business Marketing Mail To This Men's Prayer Group And Asking Them To Pray Over It. Greenwich Roundup's Wife Was Getting Upset That He Had Been Sending Out Tons Of Mail And Not Getting Jobs.
In Greenwich Roundup's Business, You Need To Send Out One Or Two Thousand Pieces Of Mail In Order To Make The Phone Ring. Then You Can Go Out And Bid.
Every Month Greenwich Roundup Was Spending Hundreds Of Dollars On Postage To Send The Letters To Make The Phone Ring.
The Phone Would Ring. Greenwich Would Go Bid And Someone Always Had A Lower Winning Bid.
So To Shut Greenwich Roundup's Wife Up He Took A Hundred Pieces Of Mail To The Men's Prayer Group And Asked Them To Pray Over The Mail To Make His Wife Happy.
They Prayed, The Phone Rings, And Greenwich Roundup Gets The Job.
But The Account Is A Really Crappy Account That Gives Greenwich Roundup A Headache Every Month.
However, Times Are Tough And Greenwich Roundup Neesd The Cash. So He Put Up With This "Client From Hell"For Now.
Latter Greenwich Roundup Converted To Christianity And When He Did Pray That Day It Was Quite Profound And Emotional.
But Greenwich Roundup Still Was Not A Big Prayer Warrior.
A Few Months Later, At The Harvest Time Church There Was A Psychiatrist Who Had A Hearing Problem. He Went Up At A Healing Service And Said He Heard A Loud Pop In His Ear And Now Could Hear Out Of That Ear.
This Made Greenwich Roundup Take Notice, Because A Doctor Who Understands The Mind Was Saying That He Had Been Healed And That There Were No Tricks Of The Mind Involved.
Greenwich Roundup Started Going To The Men's Prayer Group With A Little More Belief In The Power Of Prayer, But Greenwich Roundup's Wife Still Was Not Satisfied. She Was Upset That He Only Prayed At Church And Not At Home.
Greenwich Roundup Told His Wife That If He Did Start Praying At Home, He Was Going To Pray That She Quits Bothering Him About How Much He Prays.
This Little Arguement Went On For About Five Months Until Greenwich Roundup's Wife Decided To Increase The Pressure A Bit.
She Went And Told Everyone In A Harvest Time Bible Class That We Take That Greenwich Roundup Never Prays At Home.
This Caused An Argument Later That Night After We Got Home From Church.
Greenwich Roundup Instructed His Wife That She Should Not Have Such A Big Mouth At Church.
Later She Started Complaining About All The Money That Greenwich Roundup Was Spending On Postage For Marketing My Business. Greenwich Ropundup Told Her To Quit Complaining About All The Postage, Because The Mailings Are Working.
Greenwich Roundup Reminded Her The Phone Rings Every Month.
Greenwich Roundup Had Five Bidding Opportunities In Recent Months, But Other Contractors Have Sharper Pencils Than Greenwich Roundup Had Right Now Right Now.
So The Wife Starts In With....
"Take The Mail Back Into The Harvest Time Men's Prayer Room And Let Them Pray Over It So That The Phone Will Ring And You Will Get The Job."

So, Greenwich Roundup Tells His Wife.....
"First Of All I Am Not Taking Any More Mail To The Harvest Time Men's Prayer Group, Because No One Else Is Bringing Marketing Materials Into The Group. Second Of All The Last Thing I Need Right Now Is Another Crappy Account From Hell."
So The Wife Says ......
"Lets Pray Over The Mail At Home"
Thank God, Greenwich Roundup Now Has Away To Get Out Of This Argument.
So We Prayed Over The Mail And Then A Few Days Later The Phone Rang Wanting A Bid For A Job That Is At Least Five Times Bigger Than The Biggest Job That Greenwich Roundup Had Ever Done.
Greenwich Roundup Told The Prospect That He Could Not Bid On This Job, Because It Was Way Too Big For His Company, But He Would Appreciate It If They Would Keep Him On Their Bid List For The Next Job That Would Be Appropriate For His Firm.
The Prospect Thanked Greenwich Roundup For His Honesty And Said He Would Keep Greenwich Roundup In His Mind For Future Work.
As Soon As Greenwich Roundup Hangs Up The Phone, The Wife Goes Off The Deep End.
She Says .....
"I Prayed So Hard Over Your Mail. The Phone Rings And God Gives Us A Job That Will Solve All Of Our Needs And You Tell Them No Thank You !!!!!!"
Greenwich Roundup Tried To Explain Things To His Wife By Saying .....
"You Don't Understand. I Will Have To Do That Job For A Month Before I Can Send Them There First Invoice, Then They Can Take Up To A Month To Pay That Invoice. I Just Don't Have The Money And Resources To Carry That Big Of A Job For Two Months."
Eventually, Greenwich Roundup And His Wife Agreed To Disagree And She Left Greenwich Roundup Alone For A While.
Today Greenwich Roundup Went To The Men's Prayer Group And Told Them Most Of This Story.
The Men All Said ....
"God Gave You That Job. Go See That Prospect And Tell Him You Were Wrong And That You Can Handle That Big Job And You Want To Bid On The Job"
Well Greenwich Roundup Is Not Going To Make This Propect Think That He Is Crazy, By One Day Saying The Job Is Too Big And Then The Next Day Saying God Wants Me To Bid On This Huge Job.
However, Greenwich Roundup Might Pray Over The Next Batch Of Mail At Home And Ask God To Help Me Find An Appropriate Job For My Company.
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