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Friday, June 13, 2008

06/13/08 - We Don't Want To Say We Warned You. But Greenwich Roundup Has Been Saying The BOE IS Lying To Parents For Month After Month


Wallerstein Was Lying To The RTM All Night Long

Was It Extortion?

Monday Night Sue Wallerstein And Her School Pals Threaten The Representative Town Meeting With IF You Don't Give Us The Money It Will Be The RTM's Fault If Hamilton Avenue School Doesn't Open On Time


"I do think the administration needs to have a Plan B in place. We're in a tough position," school board member Leslie Moriarty said. "Our responsibility, and I know we all agree on that, is to make sure we can educate the kids throughout the year. We're going to need some physical hard evidence that the Hamilton Avenue building is actually going to be ready"

"We're not going to be in a situation where we're two facilities down," school board member Michael Bodson said. "We're not going to get into a situation where we have uncertainty on both and then pull the trigger.

The Story:

District to ready 'Plan B'

By Hoa Nguyen
Greenwich Time / Staff Writer

In one possible scenario, Hamilton Avenue School may open late while in another one, Glenville School is the one with the delay...

...Hamilton Avenue School students and staff, who had been housed for three years in a modular school building, are expecting to return to their newly renovated building in Chickahominy. That project has experienced multiple delays over the years, and now, is close to completion. But the town's building inspectors have not yet signed off on the project, which leaves the project hanging in the balance....

...If there are short-term delays at either the Hamilton Avenue or Glenville School projects, officials said they may consider delaying the start of school year for those students. Another option would be to scatter students to other schools across the district.

Board members said that while delays at one school would be bad, they wanted to avoid having it impact both schools....


Enough Is Enough

t is time for all Ham Ave and Glenville parents to once again attend the next Board Of Education meeting and let it be known that this is not acceptable and Failed - High - Paid - Administrators Like Sue Wallerstein Need To Go!!!!!!!!!!

Is anyone really surprised by Leslie Moriarty, Michael Bodson and the rest of this dysfunctional school board delivering another delay.

This is the same dysfunctional school board that insisted putting Hamilton Avenue Building Committee Failures on the new 25 Million Greenwich High School Building Committee.

The single family home - owners are getting sick and tired of paying for this insane BOE roller-coaster ride to hell.

The worse part is that Leslie Moriarty, Michael Bodson and the rest of this dysfunctional school board knew all along that Hamilton Avenue School was not going to be ready.

Leslie Moriarty, Michael Bodson and the rest of this dysfunctional school board doesn't give a damn that their continuous lies will cause parents and their children will have a stressful summer not knowing for sure where our kids will be in the fall.

Yesterday, Glenville And Hamilton Avenue parents learned that the modulars still have high levels of mold.

Now, today the parents have to hear their children once again don't know where their little children are going to school.

How much sadistic can this disfuntional school board be to the parents of Greenwich ?????

If Ham Ave. is not be ready in late August, then Leslie Moriarty, Michael Bodson and the rest of this dysfunctional school board should resign.

Delaying the start of the new school year for the Ham Ave. and Glenville is not be acceptable. These small innocent children have been punished enough!!!!

Who in their right mind believes that the BOE "just recently" decided that the Ham Ave School "might not" be done on time.

These heartless jokers knew this back in March when they closed the modulars.

Betty Sternberg tried to cancel a tour of Hamilton Avenue School last weekend,

But parents and community members spoke up and demanded a tour.

It was apparent to almost everyone on the tour, including those without construction expertise, that this building would not be ready for the start of school.

But the newspapers in town ignored the concerns of these parents and community members.

The BOE only came forward, after they shook down the RTM for over One Million extra tax dollars.

Please see:

06/10/08 Sue Wallerstein's Poor Planning And Mismanagement Is Rewarded With A Gift Of Over One Million Dollars From The Representative Town Meeting

06/05/08 Are Hamilton Avenue School Parents Getting Screwed By The Greenwich Board Of Education

06/05/08 Are Glenville Parents Going To Be Screwed By The Greenwich Board Of Education? Parents Better Start Connecting The Dots.

06/05/08 Reader Submitted Comments -When Is The Greenwich Board Of Education Going To Get Rid Of High Paid And Failed Administrators Like Susan Wallerstein


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06/13/08 Greenwich Time News Links For Friday - Top Story: Police Officer Who Says Top Discriminates Against Him Saves White Man's Life (Updated)

Police Officer Vincent O'Banner and Michael DeAngelo at the Fitness Edge Wednesday. DeAngelo had a heart attack while working out on a treadmill and O'Banner saved his life by performing CPR.
(Keelin Daly/Greenwich Time Photo)

Top Story: Hero Police Officer Who Says Town Discriminates Against Him Saves Man's Life At Fitness Edge

Officer Vincent O'Banner, who is black, says he was suspended by the Greenwich Police Department for three days in September of 2007 in retaliation for filing a Federal Civil Rights complaint against the town.

Also, Included in the discipline was that O'Banner had forgotten his duty belt, an oversight that usually goes unpunished by supervisors.

"Greenwich officers routinely forget items such as duty belts and borrow those items from other officers for duty without being disciplined," the Officer Vincent O'Banner's later stated in an ammended complaint said.

Nevertheless O'Banner received a warning as a result of this trivial incident.

O'Banner's lawsuit consisted of 40 page of allegations going back nearly two decades.

The Federal civil rights lawsuit's chief complaint is that the Greenwich Police Department has "systematically and continuously discriminated" against members of racial and ethnic minorities in its hiring and promotional practices in ways that hurt him and others professionally and created a hostile work environment.

Officer O'Banner's lawsuit contended that a Greenwich Police Detective had disrespected a black female police officer for referring to her as "Buckwheat," after the Little Rascals character.

O'Banner's lawsuit said a Greenwich Police Lieutenant used a racial epithet for blacks that we wont reprint here.

O'Banner's lawsuit accused the Greenwich Police Department of racial profiling. Officer Franco's lawsuit charged that the department disproportionately detained and arrested members of minorities and cites other examples of what the plaintiffs consider questionable conduct, including the use of highly offensive language to refer to racial minorities and a tendency to "mock African-American complainants, witnesses and arrestees, imitating their speech and mannerisms."

The suit alleged that civilian minority group members, whether arrested or simply looking for help, have been belittled and mistreated by white officers regularly.

PO O'Banner's lawsuit contended that a Greenwich Police Detective had disrespected a black female police officer for referring to her as "Buckwheat," after the Little Rascals character.

O'Banner's lawsuit said a Greenwich Police Lieutenant used a racial epithet for blacks that we wont reprint here.

PO O'Banner's lawsuit accussed the Greenwich Police Department of racial profiling.

Police Officer O'Banner's lawsuit says the he had "individually and collectively with others sought redress" internally before seeking relief in the courts.

When you read Officer
O'Banner's 40 page lawsuit you get the feeling that he is pissed off about being assigned to work at Greenwich High School.

O'Banner's lawsuit contended the department has "manipulated assignments of the few minority officers on the job to foster the appearance of diversity,"...

O'Banner's suit also says that only 3 of the 66 officers hired since 1992 who are still with the department are minorities.

The lawsuit noted that
O'Banner's and the other minority officers was the fairness of the application process the department uses to select its sergeants.

Image how hard it is for this Hero Police Officer to work in the hostile and undisciplined Greenwich Police Department day in and day out.

Yet this hero officer doesn't allow the departments failure to handle employee and civilian complaints in a fair and open way affect his job performance

The Quotes:

"It's a blessing," the 58-year-old man said. "Otherwise people would have been going to my memorial. It's a blessing. Otherwise people would have been going to my memorial. God bless Vincent O'Banner for being around," DeAngelo said. "What if I had been in the gym alone? This is one I have to thank the Good Lord for."

"His son called me and thanked me for affording his father for more time with his family," O'Banner said. "That really affected me because I have a family as well. You get a major sense of accomplishment that you've used your skills the right way and saved a life."

The Rest Of The Story:

Fast acting officer saves man's life

Michael DeAngelo said he believes he owes his life to Vincent O'Basnner's quick, skillful action after his heart stopped at the Fitness Edge gym on East Putnam Avenue....

Greenwich Emergency Medical Service paramedics arrived soon after and took DeAngelo to Greenwich Hospital.

Rick Moretti, a manager at Fitness Edge, said that medical problems occur periodically at the gym and that O'Banner rose to the challenge....

"Vin O'Banner was a complete professional," Fitness Edge manager Rick Moretti said. "This was the third heart problem I've been involved in, and every time it happens you kind of get in a panic mode. I'm just so glad this guy is going to be all right."

...Surgeons at Greenwich Hospital implanted an electrical impulse defibrillator into DeAngelo's heart to help maintain his heartbeat if it fails.

"It's treatable and I am living with it," DeAngelo said.

O'Banner said the incident underlines the importance of the public being certified in cardio-pulmonary resuscitation techniques and using defibrillators so they will be able to assist during cardiac emergencies."Hopefully this type of incident helps make people think about getting trained to provide initial life support to victims," O'Banner said. "I'm so happy that I was able to do what I did and the more people who have those skills the better."

Please read the rest of the
Greenwich Time News Articles:

In the years to come, the van Rhyn brothers might be able to say that their efforts to spread the word about clean energy got a kick-start at Riverside School.

Selectmen OK Cos Cob plant site
In a milestone for a property that has sat abandoned for nearly two decades, the Board of Selectmen approved a plan yesterday to turn the former Cos Cob Power Plant site into a waterfront park with an athletic field, pedestrian trail, meadows and a shoreline plaza.

In a case of 'he said, she said,' Congressional hopeful Jim Himes is accusing fellow Democrat and Greenwich resident Lee Whitnum of calling him a Nazi on her campaign Web site and on a popular Internet blog.

District to ready 'Plan B'
In one possible scenario, Hamilton Avenue School may open late while in another one, Glenville School is the one with the delay.

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06/13/08 Breaking News From Greenwich Time - Man In Van Offers Ride At School Bus Stop

Girl Refuses Ride In Van

Police probe suspicious incident

Greenwich Police are seeking information about a suspicious incident Tuesday afternoon in which a middle aged man driving a white van offered a ride to a teenage girl on Sheephill Road, officers said.

The girl, whose age was not provided, was walking home from her bus stop at 4:15 p.m. when the man, who she did not know, pulled up and offered her a ride, according to police.

The girl refused the offer and the man drove off, according to police.

The man is described as roughly 50 years of age, with slightly graying brown hair, police said.

The van had Connecticut license plates, police said. There were no markings on the van.....


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06/13/08 - Breaking News - Betty Sternberg Calls In Sick. Deputy Superintendent Kathy Greider Is Large And In Charge Starting Monday

Greenwich Post Photo

Sternberg to take leave of absence

Posted at 10:41 a.m., June 13, 2008

Superintendent of Schools Betty Sternberg has announced she is taking a leave of absence from her job with an eye toward returning in mid-August.

No specific reason for Ms. Sternberg’s leave was given except that it was health related. Ms. Sternberg has had breast cancer in the past, but no indication was given that the cancer has returned in any form.

The leave goes into effect on Monday and while no return date was named, a statement by the Board of Education said “she plans to return to work in mid-August.” Board Chairwoman Nancy Weissler said in the statement that the board was extending Ms. Sternberg its “best wishes for a successful resolution of her medical issues.”

Deputy Superintendent of Schools Kathy Greider will take over for her during the leave....

...Ms. Weissler and Kim Eves, the district’s director of communications, could not be reached for immediate comment.

Check Greenwich-post.com for more details as they become available. A full story will be printed in the June 19 edition.

Read the Full Greenwich Post Story



School chief takes medical leave

Article Launched: 06/13/2008 12:42:25 PM EDT

No reporter is listed, because they are once again republishing a Greenwich Board Of Education press release

Superintendent of Schools Betty Sternberg is taking a medical leave of absence from her job beginning Monday, the district announced today.

Superintendent of Schools Betty Sternberg is taking a medical leave of absence from her job beginning Monday, the district announced today.

The medical reasons were not made public, although district officials said Sternberg told them she will be fine and expects to return to work in a couple of months.

"Dr. Sternberg has indicated that she plans to return to work in mid-August," according to a statement the Board of Education chairman Nancy Weissler released through the district. "The Board has extended its best wishes to Dr. Sternberg for a successful resolution of her medical issues."

Deputy Superintendent Kathy Greider will assume the reins in Sternberg's absence.

Sternberg could not be immediately reached for comment.


Some Glenville And Hamilton Avenue Parents Are Wondering If Doctor Sternbrurg's departure is related to the fact that the independent Ham Ave mold test results were released yesterday.

Please see:

06/12/08 Greenwich Time News Links For Thursday: Top Story: Mold Levels Still Very High


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06/13/08 News Links From The Greenwich Citizen For Friday

No Updates Are Currently Available From The Bandwidth Wasting Greenwich Citizen Website.....

The Greenwich Post has not been updated since last Friday afternoon, Maybe there will be something new later today, tomorrow or next week.


When the verdict was known that Marc D'Amico would return to his post as principal of Glenville School, the mother of two students, Jen Ukperaj exclaimed, "No more tears!

Sister Joan Magnetti, headmistress of the Convent of the Sacred Heart, Friday told the Class of 2008 to emulate the justice quest of murdered...

Storm Damage, Heat Wave Block Roads; Schools Delayed, Closed
A record-breaking heat wave and a pair of fierce thunderstorms disrupted the lives of motorists, homeowners and school children this week.

Electrified Fence Ignites Propane Tank, Destroys Arnold Bakery
Customers of the popular Arnold Bakery outlet store on Hamilton Avenue will need to go elsewhere for the next couple of months or so as a freak fire has closed the store.

Greenwich Ruggers Hope to Hook a State Title
The Greenwich High rugby team is in search of yet another state title this weekend when it plays in the Connecticut state rugby championships at Staples High of Westport.

Be Prepared, Take Responsibility for Our Own Safety
The hurricane season began Sunday. Every year at this time, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration and the American Red Cross, among others, try to educate residents about hurricane preparedness.

At St. Mary Church on Greenwich Avenue, every Sunday at 9 a.m. there is a children's Mass in which the youngsters are called up, sit on the floor and listen to a brief homily based on that Sunday's Gospel.

Glenville Parent Gets Unfair Rap

To the Editor:

To be clear, Frank never once sought to have Marc D'Amico fired or even disciplined (though he should have). I know because Frank called and asked for my advice on the afternoon of May 6, as he was absolutely dumbfounded over what he discovered. All he did, after D'Amico lied to him and ruined his daughter's birthday party, was stumble upon D'Amico's unbelievably deceitful, petty and childish act of changing the school's Web site after the fact - and he forwarded that information to the board to do with as it deemed fit.

This situation was never about cupcakes. It was about Mr. D'Amico falsely representing to a parent that there was an existing policy; then hurriedly adding the policy to the school's Web site to cover his tracks, and then, when asked about it by his superiors, outright lying them.

This guy D'Amico has egg (and icing) all over his face because he put it there - and he's damn lucky that he did not get fired. What parent, in good conscience, would want a person like that, who would go to such deceitful lengths over a silly thing like a birthday party, leading their child's school?

All Frank Carbino did was try to make his daughter's birthday as special as possible. That so many Glenville parents have supported this liar - and insulted a good parent like Frank Carbino - goes a long way toward explaining why that school is in the situation in which it finds itself.

Lindy R. Urso

Cos Cob

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06/13/08 Greenwich Post News Links For Friday

Greenwich's Bucklin to play for Magic

Alexandra Bucklin, a Greenwich High School graduate (Class of 2007) was currently recruited for the New York Magic (Northeast Division) Women's USL W- League, for their Summer 2008 season. Bucklin recently completed her freshman year at Brown University and is on the Brown Women's soccer team.

Read the entire Greenwich Post Story

More Greenwich Post News Links:

Arts council honors creative kids

Headmaster joins scholarship council

Day of sports benefits hospital

Relay for Life makes strides in Greenwich

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