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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

06/11/08 - Let us enter the Twilight Zone of incompetent Greenwich news reporting...

Greenwich Newspaper Reporters Are
In The Twilight Zone

These Lazy Reporters Don't Even Cover Half Of
The News Stories About Greenwich

In Greenwich there is the infamous case of the Millionaire Murder Mystery mystery. The prosecutor's claim that there is no longer a murder mystery and oddly announce that it was all "murder for hire" plot.

The Greenwich Citizen, the Greenwich Post and the Greenwich Time seem to be unaware of the shocking revelation.

Yet papers across the country are grabbing the story off the Associated Press News Wire. Maybe, the Greenwich Citizen, the Greenwich Post and the Greenwich Time will cover the story tomorrow or Friday.

Please see:

What about the contaminated Hamilton Avenue School Modular Classrooms?

Today Hamilton Avenue Parents release tests documenting sever mold contamination at Hamilton Avenue School to the Greenwich Citizen, the Greenwich Post and the Greenwich Time.

Yet only the Greenwich Post immediately covers the "Breaking News" story. Maybe the Greenwich Citizen and the Greenwich Time will cover the story tomorrow or next week some time.

Please see:

However if the Board Of Education puts out a press release the Greenwich Time is all over it.

Now lets look at the case of a contentious Greenwich Teacher's Aide contract.

The Greenwich Time covered the story, but the reporter only spoke to a school board member and not to parents, students and teachers aides.

Maybe if the Greenwich Citizen and Greenwich Post will finally cover the story and speak to all of the persons involved.

Please see:

06/11/08 - Breaking Non - News About The Teachers Aide's Contract (UPDATED June 12, 2008)

What Happened At Monday's Representative Town Meeting?

Well if you look at the Greenwich Citizen or Greenwich Post Websites, you would walk away with the impression that nothing news worthy occurred at the meeting.

There is not one story at either website about Monday's Representative Town Meeting.

If you look at the Greenwich Time website you would probably think that the RTM only dealt with the $30,000 Havemeyer building study.

Please see:

RTM OKs study of Havemeyer

But Readers Of Greenwich Roundup Know Were Fully Informed About Every Issue That Was Raised At Monday's Representative Town Meeting.

Please see:

06/10/08 Republican's Manuver To Minipulate The Vote On The $30,000 Havemeyer Study

06/10/08 Did Peter Crumbine Have Another One Of His Senior Moments Or Were The Republican Powers That Be Using Dirty Political Tricks At The RTM.

06/10/08 Sue Wallerstein's Poor Planning And Mismanagement Is Rewarded With A Gift Of Over One Million Dollars From The RTM.

06/10/08 - Will A Couple Of Bad Apples Spoil The W.hole Bunch

It is clear that if a single family home-owner wants to be fully informed about what is happening with his tax dollars and town, he must take five minutes and read Greenwich Roundup every day.

If you rely solely on one of the other 'so-called" Greenwich news websites, then you will not be fully informed about what is really going on in town.

If you don't believe us then go take a look at the Greenwich Citizen's "news" website. The thing has not been updated in seven days.

Perhaps, we should organize a search party to locate the editor and reporters at the Greenwich Citizen.

UPDATE: Thursday June 12, 2008
The Greenwich Post Reports On
Monday's Representative Town Meeting

Town OKs studying Havemeyer for seniors

The Representative Town Meeting approved a study Monday to determine whether all of the senior center’s programming could be conducted in the Havemeyer Building or if could be divided between Havemeyer and its current location....

...RTM members narrowly defeated a motion to vote separately on the appropriation (a resolution that had been combined with other agenda items for voting purposes), 90 to 94, with three abstentions. The vote was 151 to 31.

Member Christine Edwards, who made the motion, suggested the money be used for other projects around town, such as paying for one instructional aide in the schools. She cautioned that only when the Board of Education completes its study of its space needs will it be seen how much space there could be for the senior center in the Havemeyer Building....

Please send your comments, news tips and observations about failed journalists in Greenwich to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

06/11/08 Hollywood And Hedge Funds - What A Soap Opera - Can't Isa Get Holly A Job At Silver Point Capital In Greenwich?

Michael Bolton Spawn To Attack Pirate Ship

Michael Bolton offspring Holly Bolotin is allegedly suing Pirate Capital founder Tom Hudson. Longtime DealBreaker readers know that Bolton's daughters Holly and Isa were employed, in a variety of capacities (investor relations, stock picker, fluffer), by the hedge fund for a year or so.

In December, Isa left for Silver Point Capital in Greenwich, and Holly was presumed to have been made redundant by Hudson's new girlfriend sometime in February. Apparently Holly took issue with her firing.

Enter the suit.

This is deeply saddening, for several reasons. 1. The incurred legal fees could be the final nail in the coffin for Pirate, which previously managed almost $2 billion, and is now at (ballparking it) 14 large and 2. If the scions of Michael Bolton can't put on a soft rock ballad and get along, there's really little to no hope for the rest of us.
Dealbreaker - http://dealbreaker.com/

More information Isa at Silver Point Capital In Greenwich:

What The Seed Of Michael Bolton Hath (Possibly) Wrought

More information on Thomas at Pirate Capital

Thomas R. Hudson, Jr.founder and sole managing partner; formerly managed a portfolio of distressed bank debt at Goldman Sachs. Mr Hudson was fired from Goldman Sachs in 1999 and from Amroc Investments in 2001.

Staff Walks the Plank at Listing Pirate Capital

Mutiny at Pirate Capital Roils Hudson After Worst Year Ever


Please send your comments and legal news to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

06/11/08 - Breaking News - Newsday Reports Prosecutors Upgrade Charges Against Bother's Charged In Greenwich Millionaire's Murder

Kissel slaying suspect accused of murder for hire
Newsday - Greenwich And Stamford's Paper Of Record

NEW HAVEN, Conn. - The slaying of Greenwich developer Andrew Kissel was a murder for hire, state prosecutors said Wednesday as they upgraded the charges against one of two suspects to capital felony.

Prosecutors filed papers in Stamford Superior Court alleging that Carlos Trujillo hired his cousin, Leonard Trujillo, to kill Kissel for money.

Based on that theory, authorities added a new capital felony charge against 21-year-old Leonard Trujillo of Worcester, Mass., who was already charged with murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

Carlos Trujillo, 47, of Bridgeport is charged with conspiracy to commit murder in the stabbing death of Kissel at his Greenwich mansion in 2006.

Announcing the murder-for-hire theory was the first time authorities have disclosed a motive for Kissel's killing.

The new charge makes Leonard Trujillo eligible for the death penalty, although it was not immediately clear whether prosecutors will seek to have him executed.

A telephone message was left for Stamford State's Attorney David Cohen. Capital felony carries only two punishments: lethal injection or life in prison without the possibility of release.

Leonard Trujillo's lawyer, Mark Sherman, said his client continues to maintain his innocence.

"The state is free to charge him with whatever they want, but innocent is innocent no matter what the penalty is," Sherman said. "My client's position is not going to change."

Lindy Urso, attorney for Carlos Trujillo, said he did not expect the state to pursue the death penalty. He also said he did not expect his client to face capital felony charges, noting that he is not even charged with murder.

"It certainly doesn't change the fact that neither of these individuals was involved with the murder of Andrew Kissel," Urso said.

Urso also challenged the allegation that his client hired his cousin to kill Kissel.

"It's a theory that will have to be tested in open court with admissible evidence," Urso said. "We're looking forward to the opportunity to test the theory."

Prosecutors also said in court papers that the defendants cannot be tried together because one made admissions to police that allegedly incriminate both of them.

Urso said his client did not make admissions. Sherman declined further comment.

Arrest affidavits have been sealed in the case, but a judge is expected to issue a ruling soon on whether to unseal portions.

Kissel's brother, Robert, was a wealthy banker whose wife was convicted of murder in Hong Kong in September 2005 and sentenced to life in prison after feeding him a milkshake laced with drugs and then beating him to death in November 2003.

Please see:

Kissel Slaying Suspect Accused Of Murder

Hartford Courant

Connecticut prosecutors say the slaying of Greenwich developer Andrew Kissel was a murder for hire and they upgraded the charges against one of two suspects to capital felony....

Conn. says killer hired in developer's slaying

Boston Globe

AP / June 12, 2008 NEW HAVEN - The slaying of Greenwich developer Andrew Kissel was a murder for hire, state prosecutors alleged yesterday, as they upgraded ...


Conn. Prosecutors Up Charges In Alleged Murder-For-Hire Plot
NEW HAVEN, Conn. -- Connecticut prosecutors said the slaying of Greenwich developer Andrew Kissel was a murder for hire and they upgraded the charges ...

Greenwich slay suspect accused of murder for hire

Lower Hudson Journal news, NY
By AP • June 11, 2008 NEW HAVEN, Conn. - Connecticut prosecutors say the slaying of Greenwich developer Andrew Kissel was a murder for hire and they ...

Kissel slaying suspect accused of murder for hire
Hartford Courant
AP NEW HAVEN, Conn. - The slaying of Greenwich developer Andrew Kissel was a murder for hire, state prosecutors said Wednesday as they upgraded the charges ...

Kissel slaying suspect accused of murder for hire

Waterbury Republican American,
By JOHN CHRISTOFFERSEN NEW HAVEN, Conn. - The slaying of Greenwich developer Andrew Kissel was a murder for hire, state prosecutors said Wednesday as they ...

Kissel slaying suspect accused of murder for hire
Boston Herald
By AP NEW HAVEN, Conn. -The slaying of Greenwich developer Andrew Kissel was a murder for hire, state prosecutors said today as they upgraded the charges ...

Kissel Slaying Suspect Accused of Murder For Hire
NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) - Connecticut prosecutors say the slaying of Greenwich developer Andrew Kissel was a murder for hire and they upgraded the charges ...

Also Please See:

06/09/08 Inner Tube: John Stamos to star in 'Killing Mr. Kissel'

It looks like the Greenwich Newspaper's forgot all about the Greenwich Millionaire Murder Mystery Story. Please check back to Newsday or Greenwich Roundup for all the latest news about the brothers charged in the Kissel murder.


By Martin B. Cassidy
Greenwich Time / Staff Writer

Prosecutors charged a suspect in the Andrew Kissel stabbing death with capital felony yesterday, arguing he took money to kill Kissel from his cousin, a co-defendant.

In court papers filed in state Superior Court in Stamford, Assistant State Attorney Paul Ferencek contends that Carlos Trujillo, 47, Kissel's long-time assistant, paid 21-year-old cousin Leonard Trujillo to kill his boss.

Until yesterday, authorities had declined to provide a potential motive for the Kissel slaying. The new charge could carry the death penalty, but Ferencek declined to say whether prosecutors would seek that punishment or provide further details about the alleged conspiracy....

Please Read The Full Greenwich Time Story

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06/11/08 - Breaking School News - The Ham Ave Parent's Test Results Are In - The Board Of Education Is Put Under A Microscope

I have never seen outdoor levels that high,” Robert Leighton, who did the testing, told the Greenwich Post

Parents' modular tests find high mold levels

Posted 4:05 p.m. June 11, 2008

Testing of the modular classrooms paid for by a group of Hamilton Avenue School parents found high levels of mold in the air outside the building and dangerous levels inside what had once been the school’s media center.

According to the report, the tests conducted by the New York-based environmental health and safety firm Leighton Associates, Inc., found there were “very heavy” levels of aspergillus/penicillium-like mold growth, chaetomium mold growth and ulocladium mold growth in the carpeting for Room Six in the modulars. That room served as the school’s media center until this past year, when it was converted to a pre-kindergarten room.

The testing also looked at the outside of the modulars and the crawl space. According to the findings, there was 1,100 counts of aspergillus/penicillium per cubic meter of air outside the building and of 96,000 in the crawl space underneath it, as well as 3,600 and 120,000 counts of basidiospores outside and underneath, respectively....

Please read the full Greenwich Post breaking news article

The Greenwich Post article also notes....

...Leighton Associates’ testing and the board’s simultaneous testing was done on May 9. The Leighton report was first issued to parents on June 3 and given to the school board this week. It was released to the media on Wednesday, after the parents did not get a response from the board within 72 hours of receiving it. Results of the school’s additional testing have yet to be released to the public....

Please also see:

Surpise, Surprise: Sue Wallerstein Fails To See That Terms Of The Aggreement With Parents Was Adhered To.

The Greenwich Post article further notes....

....since the classrooms had already been emptied of all contents, furniture, furnishings and other material and there had already been a “thorough” cleaning, including the replacement of dropped ceiling acoustical panels, “... the air testing data may not have accurately reflected airborne mold spore exposure to students, faculty and staff in this building during the time the facility was operating as a school.”...

...Ms. Bibeault said her children had tested positive for exposure to some of the molds listed in the report and said other parents would have different results because there is no universal reaction. She compared it to some people being allergic to peanuts and others not having any reaction.

Ms. DiBella said the parents would also soon be in communication with their attorney, New Jersey-based Ray Carroll.

Ms. Bibeault said she expected the matter to end up in court to determine who was negligent in the matter.

Members of the school board have said they were not aware of the mold problem until Feb. 29, but Ms. Bibeault said she believes it was earlier.

Mr. Carroll could not be reached for comment.

Kim Eves, director of communications for the school district, said on Wednesday that Superintendent of Schools Betty Sternberg had not seen either the parents’ report or the most recent report done by the board.

Board of Education Chairwoman Nancy Weissler said she had not seen the report either and referred comment to Vice Chairwoman Leslie Moriarty, who could not be reached by the Post.

Check back to Greenwich-post.com for updates. Full coverage will be available in next week’s issue.

Please see:

05/09/09 - Hey Greenwich Time - Glenville School Parents Want To Know Why??????

And For The Record:

The Parents Were Prevented From Independently Testing All The Areas

The furnishings, furniture and supplies are in storage containers and this was one of the many areas that parents wanted to test. Hamilton Avenue students and teachers may soon be using these fixtures.


Expert: Mold levels high

High levels of mold found in a wall, outside a modular building and on a piece of carpeting show that Hamilton Avenue School students and staff were exposed to the spores, according to test results released yesterday by a parents group...


Leighton also found high levels of airborne mold outside of the modular in the area next to the building's entrance. While it is natural to find high levels of mold in the outdoors, the readings were particularly high, he said.

"I got to tell you, I do two to three outdoor samples a week," Leighton said. "I've never seen one this high."

The consultant also confirmed that the roof overhang and crawl space were heavily contaminated with mold. He believes that the high outdoors reading may be because the mold infestation underneath the building's crawl space is migrating to its perimeter, including by the entrance, Leighton said....

Please See The Full Green Story


If you read the above Greenwich Time story you will see this paragraph...

The school board had an expert conduct tests at the same time as Leighton did. The report detailing those test results was delivered to the town on Tuesday, officials said.

But another school official came to the RTM District 4's public meeting the Wednesday before last and when he was asked about the testing he said,"We haven't heard 'Boo" from the parents."

He further said the Board Of Education had gotten their test results back and were not "concerned about the results".

This school official then went on to speculate to the District 4 RTM,"That's probably why you have not heard anything from the parents."

Maybe, this school official and the unidentified Greenwich Time school officials that said the test results should remember that it is legal to tape a public meeting in the State of Connecticut.

In fact, some town residents have large collections of public meeting tapes.

So which Public School Official is telling the truth about when the Greenwich Board of Education received the test results.

Is it the unidentified schools official that told the Greenwich Time that the results came in last Tuesday.

Or is the school official that told the District 4 RTM that the test results came in well over a week ago.

Could it be that the unidentified Greenwich Time school official was trying to make it appear that the Board of Education had not violated the agreement to release the test results after three days?


Please send your comments and breaking school news reports to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

06/11/08 - Breaking Non - News About The Teachers Aides Contract

When is David Warner, the new Greenwich Time editor going to crack down on the one sided and incomplete reporting that plagues the Greenwich Time.

Did David Warner, allow crappy reporting like this in The Rockford (Ill.) Register Star...

BOE says aides' contract reached

By Hoa Nguyen
Greenwich Time Staff writer

Article Launched: 06/11/2008 03:04:00 PM EDT

The Board of Education and teachers aides have negotiated a new contract that now goes to union membership and town panels for approval.

"We have reached an agreement on the contract so as of now, we are not going to arbitration," said Steven Anderson, a Board of Education member who participated in the negotiations.....

....Anderson would not comment on the details of the agreement, saying he has not briefed the full school board on the deal. Any agreement would need the approval of the board as well as the Representative Town Meeting before taking effect....

Please Read The Rest Of The Greenwich Time Story

In this incomplete story, the Greenwich Time only got a comment from a Board Of Education Board member and got nothing from Local 136.

Greenwich Time readers to this amateurish Greenwich Time report don't know if teachers aides will still have to contribute up to 15 percent of their salary toward health care premiums.

Greenwich Time readers don't know if school aides will still have a decrease in sick days from 15 days to five days.

Greenwich Time readers don't know if the school aides will still only have a single 30-minute unpaid lunch break.

The Greenwich Time reporters have repeatedly short changed the teacher's aides, by constantly taking Board of Education press releases and running them through the spell checker, before publication.

Hoa Nguyen's report is almost non-news.

Hopefully, this report will be updated later or a second more complete report will be submitted by Mr. Nguyen or a reporter more knowledgeable about the labor dispute.

How can David Warner, who has also been deputy metro editor of The Detroit News; editor of the Trentonian in Trenton, N.J.; city editor of the Philadelphia Daily News; editor of the Daily Local News in West Chester, Pa.; and city editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette put up with such bad journalism?

UPDATE: Thursday June 12, 2008
Hoa Nguyen Discovers
There Are Always At
Least Two Sides To A News Story

Hoa Resubmits His Story
To The Greenwich Time Readers

Board, union agree on contract

By Hoa Nguyen
Staff writer / Greenwich Time

Negotiators from the Board of Education and the Local 136 have agreed on a new contract for Greenwich instructional aides, officials said yesterday....

...The school board and union have been wrestling for months over a new contract for the town's 182 instructional aides. While the talks were officially called off in January so that an arbitrator could be called in, both sides continued to meet. Last month, they narrowed in on a compromise and on Tuesday the arbitration was called off when an agreement was reached, said Lynn Mason, the union's business manager.

"You never get what you want, but we reached what I feel is a very amenable contract," she said, adding that the union membership still must ratify the agreement next month. ...

...In ironing out the deal, negotiators focused on keeping insurance increases to a minimum, Mason said.

"There are some increases, but I think our members will be able to afford them," she said. "Of course, we would like to see more money because it's an underpaid profession, but they gave us a fair raise too."....

..."We're all grateful," Mason said. "It's heightened the awareness the crucial role that our instructional aides play."...

Please Read Hoa's Slightly Improved News Story Here

WOW, Hoa Lynn Mason, the union's business manager knows so much more about this story than School Board Member Steve Anderson who would not comment on the details of the agreement.

See, Hoa if you had talked to Ms. Mason yesterday you would have the beginings of a real news story and not a Non-News story of Mr. Anderson basically saying no comment.

Hoa, Yesterday's story made you look kind of like a reporter that was too lazy to pick up the phone to get all sides of a news story.

You know what they say Hoa....
"Every story has at least three sides."

Hoa your second attempt at real reporting is much better, but it is still very incomplete. Maybe you could get some input and quotes from parents. That would really help round out the story.

Hoa, if you want to be a real reporter you need to talk to all the stakeholders in a news story.

Hoa a real reporter would get on the phone and call up some Representative Town Meeting members who must approve this deal between the Board Of Education and the teachers union.

Please send your comments and school news tips to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

06/11/09 Surpise, Surprise: Sue Wallerstein Fails To See That Terms Of The Agreement With Parents Were Adhered To - Where's The Ham Ave Test Results?

Contract With Parents Broken

Greenwich Public Schools Breaks Agreement On The Hamilton Avenue School Modulars

The results of the testing done by the paid-for-by-parents Industrial Hygienist are being released to the media today.

The agreement with the Town was three days after the completion of testing, the results would be exchanged (they had their Industrial Hygienist, Bob Brown, copycat the parents' Industrial Hygienist the day of testing).

The Town of Greenwich has failed to exchange their results with the attorneys for the parents group.

Let's see if the Greenwich Citizen, the Greenwich Post and the Greenwich Time has the journalistic balls to cover all sides of the story.

All ready all three Greenwich newspapers have failed to challenge the Board Of Education for breaking the agreement.

Please send your comments and news about devious school officials to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

06/11/08 - 0683...Oh Noooooo - Prices down, foreclosures up

Across the country, real estate agents and home sellers in wealthy neighborhoods who grew accustomed to seven-figure bidding wars during the boom are feeling the sting of the housing crunch. Three of the nation's richest zip codes saw particularly steep home-price declines: 33480 (Palm Beach, Fla.), 06381 (Greenwich, Conn.) and 55391 (Wayzata, Minn.)...

Hey, Kristan Zimmer It looks like Chris Fountain was right after all.

Mr. Fountain sumed it up much better than I ever could hope to,

"Greenwich Post, has just fired me - according to the owner, it came down to a choice between my readers, who liked me, and certain real estate agencies who did not. The latter pays bills, the former does not, so I got the heave ho. Fair enough, but I question the wisdom of eliminating one of the few items in a newspaper that, according to my readers,anyway, made the paper worth perusing. If you have no readers, who will advertise?"

"If you'd like calm, reassuring news that your real estate investment in Greenwich is doing just fine, feel free to check the Greenwich Post each week."


Please send your comments and real estate news to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

06/11/08 The Raw Greenwich News Feed - Spanning The Globe To Bring You All The Greenwich News

Oxford Gazette

Hersam Acorn Newspapers

The Historical Society of the Town of Greenwich has its headquarters at the Bush-Holley Historic Site , which features the circa 1730 National Historic Landmark Bush-Holley House, home of Connecticut's first ...

Ridgefield Legion team tops Greenwich

5 hrs ago | NewsTimesLive.com

Kyle Miller struck out three and allowed eight singles without a walk as the Ridgefield American Legion baseball team defeated visiting Greenwich 5-2 Tuesday.

Blog: Bond yields jump as investors reassess on Fed

Los Angeles Times

... Bernanke might want to start tightening credit in the fall. David Ader, chief government bond strategist at RBS Greenwich Capital in Greenwich, Conn., said he still expects the Fed to wait until next year to raise its key rate. But with its new ...

US market ends mostly lower on rate-hike concern; Dow up


... "Bernanke is closing the door to more rate cuts," said Steve Goldman, market strategist at Weeden & Co in Greenwich, Connecticut. The Dow Jones industrial average was up 9.44 points, or 0.08%, at 12,289.76. But the Standard & Poor's 500 Index was ...

The Coming Collision With Mobile Carriers

Rebuilding Media

... Communications, and meanwhile is managing partner of the media consulting firm of Digital Deliverance LLC in Greenwich, Connecticut. Two forces have shattered the news media. Technology is the first. Although media technology is undergoing its ...

Cate Leach's creativity now finds expression in painting

Easton Courier

... a desire for artistic expression. Currently, Ms. Leach, an abstract painter, is part of a joint exhibit at the Greenwich Library's Flinn Gallery with Pound Ridge-based sculptor Marty Kremer. The show, titled "Architecture and Landscape in the ...

Hedge Funds Continue to Outperform Equities in May

Earth Times

GREENWICH, Conn. - Building on positive gains in April, the Greenwich Global Hedge Fund Index returned +2.01% while the Greenwich Composite Investable Index returned +1.66% in May.

7 Days: The Week That Is

Fairfield Weekly

... as, "Beware the ides of March," and "It was Greek to me." It will run in Rowayton until June 28 and start again in Greenwich's Baldwin Park on July 4. Pinkney Park, 177 Rowayton Ave., Norwalk. 7:30 p.m. Free. (203) 299-1300. ...

Tudor Hires Hanley, Mintz of Bear Stearns to Create Credit Investment Unit

Bloomberg Business News

... Hanley , 46, and Mintz , 47, were senior managing directors and co-heads of Bear Stearns's distressed-debt group, Greenwich, Connecticut-based Tudor said in a statement today. Their unit will operate within Tudor and could be spun off as an ...

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06/11/08 - WOW Check Out The New And Improved Greenwich Post Website

06/11/08 Greenwich Time News Links For Wednesday


A workman with a chain saw inspects downed power lines across North Street in Greenwich, just north of the Merritt Parkway Wednesday morning. Thunder and lighting storms Tuesday night in Greenwich wreaked havoc for the morning commute causing the Greenwich public schools
to delay their opening by 1 hour.
(Bob Luckey/Greenwich Time Photo)

New round of storms snarls roads, cuts power
Major roads in Greenwich were snarled during Wednesday morning's commute by fallen branches and wires knocked down during furious thunderstorms late Tuesday night that capped a four-day heat wave, officials said.

Himes' rival files forms
Battling near triple digit temperatures and car trouble, a Greenwich woman filed petitions by a 4 p.m.

Developer awaiting P&Z approval for So. Water St. building
For years, it has served as a place where things got made. From the early 1900s to the early 1960s, the property at 84 So.

Even though he was assured by his distributor that the produce was safe, Donnie Romeo decided to throw out all of his tomatoes until the salmonella scare is over.

Heat forces P.E. classess out of the gymnasium
The early morning hours yesterday were cool enough that physical education teacher Scott Moroney could open the doors of the North Mianus School gym and allow students to use chalk to draw on the shaded sidwalks.

Greenwich Time Opinion And Columns:

Too little is changed with housing
It's unfortunate that the most recent news conference calling for more affordable housing in Connecticut essentially was a repeat of pleas that have been made over the past decade.

Jim McKay was one of those guys you liked the minute you met him. The celebrated sportscaster who died last week came to Greenwich in 1950, leaving his job with the Baltimore Sun to start a new program at CBS in New York City.

Letters To The Greenwich Time Editor:

To the editor:
Parents should think twice about the safety implications of the Cos Cob Power Plant site and consider alternative locations for sports field

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06/11/08 Meg your Wish Is Our Command - Reader Submission


can you please post this item?

thank you!


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