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Friday, February 27, 2009

02/27/09 Jerry and His Midget-Loving Transsexuals Move to Stamford

It's true. America's most notorious talk-show host, Jerry Springer, is planning to move his show to Stamford.

Gov. Jodi Rell welcomed NBC Universal as they announced a deal Friday afternoon to set up a large television production studio at the Rich Forum Theater.

Jerry's bringing his friends, including Steve Wilkos, his former bodyguard-turned-show-host and Maury, as in, Povich. And with them, between 150 to 200 jobs. Plus, some cash. It's expected they'll make an initial investment of more than $3 million. That's a lot of paternity tests.

The state's 30-percent production tax credit sealed the deal, reports the Governor's office, the same reason Blue Sky Studios opened up a new animation productions studio in Greenwich last month. They also pick up a 20-percent tax credit on infrastructure costs over $1 million.

“This is good news at a time when we need good news, and my administration will continue to do all it can to bring good, dependable jobs to the state,” Rell said.

Start shining those stripper poles, Stamford.


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02/27/09 Northbound Greenwich Weigh Station Truck Stop Yields Weapons, Hollywood Florida Man Arrested

Greenwich (WTNH) - A Florida truck driver was arrested in Connecticut at the Greenwich weigh station after being found with a 40-caliber handgun and a knife with a blade over seven inches.

The State Police Truck Squad began inspecting the vehicle at the northbound Greenwich weigh station Friday morning, when Jeraldo Muniz, 40, of Hollywood, Fla. told officers he was in possession of the weapons.

Muniz was taken to State Police Troop G headquarters in Bridgeport, where he was charged with two counts of Carrying a Weapon in a Motor Vehicle and Carrying a Handgun without a Permit. He is being held on $15,000 bond.

Full Story: www.wtnh.com

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02/27/09:GREENWICH PUBLIC SCHOOLS MEETING BRIEF: 2/26/09 Board of Education Meeting


(Meeting Materials are available on the GPS Web Site - Go to District
Calendar: http://www.greenwichschools.org/page.cfm?p=86 - Click on the the
date of the meeting)


Dr. Betty J. Sternberg, Superintendent of
Schools, reported on the:

Hiring of Two Principals, introducing Trish McGuire as the Principal for
Julian Curtiss School and Angela Schmidt as the Principal for North Mianus
School. (News Archives: http://www.greenwichschools.org/page.cfm?p=75)

Opening of Hamilton Avenue School, acknowledging and applauding Tony Byrne
and the school and District staff that worked so hard to accomplish the
move and the opening of the new school. She noted that there was still
much work to be done/provided by the Building Committee/Contractor in
order to acquire a permanent Certificate of Occupancy.

Secondary Schools Review, citing the development of the Vision of a GPS
Graduate and the numerous Discussion Forums that have taken place over the
last two months. (SSRC: http://www.greenwichschools.org/page.cfm?p=6289)

Science Curriculum Review/Panel Discussion, highlighting the engaging
panel discussion with regional scientists on Science Education in the 21st
Century with the community. (PreK-12 Science Review:
http://www.greenwichschools.org/page.cfm?p=31 )

Data Driven Decision-Making focus, citing training in holistic
accountability for Cabinet, administrators and teacher representatives
from each school. Each school has a Data Team in place and the District
Data Team is forming and will be in place next month.

Greenwich Alliance for Education, meeting to plan for aligning resources
and priorities (http://www.greenwichschools.org/page.cfm?p=93)


Western Middle School - WMS Jazz Band led by Karen
Anderson performed.

Dr. Stacey Gross, WMS Principal presented results of a
very successful SEL (Social-Emotional Learning) initiative aimed at
reducing the number of detentions and suspensions using data to identify
needs and develop targeted strategies for improvement.


The Superintendent Search Firm
representatives presented an overview of the Leadership Profile developed
after extensive interviews, focus groups and community forums were
conducted in late December/January. The report is available on the GPS web
site at: http://www.greenwichschools.org/page.cfm?p=6367 .

Chairman of the Board's Search Committee, Steven Anderson reviewed the timeline: The Board
will interview candidates in March with the objective of announcing the
Superintendent prior to an expected start date of July 1, 2009.


Board Chairman Nancy Weissler reported
on the BET Budget Committee's decision to reduce the 2009-10 BOE Operating
Budget by $1million due to the financial situation the Town is facing.
This results in a proposed BOE budget of just under $126 million. The
Board is considering a number of areas (detail attached) to address the $1
million in reductions. These areas under consideration were developed with
and/or generated from administrators throughout the District. The full BET
will hold a Public Hearing on the 2009-10 Budget on March 17 and will take
action on March 19. The proposed budget will then go to the RTM for
approval in May. The Board of Education will continue to deliberate the
possible areas for reductions at their April 2nd work session and will
vote on the specific changes to the Budget in May, after the RTM vote. To
follow the Budget Development Process go to:


Revised 2009-10 Capital Budget - Approved 8-0


PreK-12 World Languages (WL), Step I - Director of Curriculum, Instruction
& Professional Learning Chris Winters introduced Step I of the WL
Curriculum Review and Dr. Myriam (Mimi) Met, recently retired from the
National Foreign Language Center at the University of Maryland. A
nationally and internationally acclaimed educator and consultant in the
field, Dr. Met spent three days in the District visiting K-12 World
Language classrooms, meeting with teachers and administrators, and
reviewing curriculum documents. She praised the District for having an
exemplary staff and program, and offered suggestions to consider for
continuous improvement. Program Coordinators Kristi Lawson and Marcia
Schenker are leading this two-year curriculum review.


E-050 Human Resources - Director of Human Resources Ellen Flanagan
presented. Report will be discussed further at March 12 BOE Work Session.

L-020 Professional Personnel Practices - Ellen Flanagan presented, next
step: action on March 26 Consent Agenda

L-002 Contracts & Agreements - Ellen Flanagan presented, next step: action
on March 26 Consent Agenda.

E-080 Public Involvement in Schools - Kim Eves presented, next step:
action on March 26 Consent Agenda.

E-051 District Administrative Operations - Assistant Superintendent for
Operations Susan Wallerstein presented. Report will be discussed further
at March 12 BOE Work Session.

*A Monitoring Report is an annual report summarizing the District's
compliance with a given Board Policy. Reference the GPS Web Site:
http://www.greenwichschools.org/page.cfm?p=89 for Policies, Procedures
and Monitoring Reports.


SIT Professional Learning Sessions 2009 - Deputy Superintendent Kathy
Greider proposed, after consultation with Principals, two early release
days in June 2009 for students, in order to provide professional
development time for staff to focus on Strategic Improvement Team (SIT)
planning for the 2009-10 school year. The decision has been deferred until
the March 26 meeting at which time there will be more information on
number of snow days/last day of school for this year both of which could
impact this proposal

Tuition/Rental Rates - Approved 2009-10 Tuition, Summer School, Preschool,
and Rental Rates, 8-0

Monthly Financial & Staffing Report - Approved 8-0

Transfers $10,000 and Above - Approved 8-0


Policy Revision E-003: Approved 8-0
Monitoring Report E-002 Whole Student Development: Approved 8-0
BOE Meeting Minutes (12/18/08, 1/8/09, 1/22/09, 2/5/09): Approved
w/Revisions 8-0


Reviewed and added discussions on Monitoring Reports E-050 and E-051 in
the March Work Session and on the 2009-10 Budget in the April 2 Work


The next Board of Education meeting is a Work Session on March 12, 2009 at
the Havemeyer Building, 7:00PM

Board meeting agendas are available on the GPS Web Calendar approximately
5 working days prior to the meeting. Meeting materials can be downloaded
from the web site, as available, generally 3-4 days prior to the meeting.

Go to the GPS Web Calendar at:
http://www.greenwichschools.org/page.cfm?p=86 and click on the meeting

Kim Eves
Director of Communications
Greenwich Board of Education
290 Greenwich Avenue
Greenwich, CT 06830


Phone: 203-625-7415
e mail: kim_eves@greenwich.k12.ct.us
Fax: 203-869-8003


Let All Members Of Greenwich Society

Learn About And Support Your Group's Good Works

Please send your organization's press releases and meeting minutes to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

02/27/09 PRESS RELEASE: Are there concerns in your district about the writing abilities of your students?

Are there concerns in your district about the writing abilities of your students?

Pearson's WriteToLearn™ is a proven solution for your district.

WriteToLearn includes writing and reading comprehension activities that are appropriate for students in grades 4-12.

To learn more about WriteToLearn please register to attend a free one hour live webinar overview presentation. Select the webinar date and time that best fits your schedule. Click the links below to register.

March 2, 2009
STARTS at 4:00 PM Eastern, 3:00 PM Central, 2:00 PM Mountain, 1:00 PM Pacific

To register:

March 17, 2009
STARTS at 3:00 PM Eastern, 2:00 PM Central, 1:00 PM Mountain, 12:00 PM Pacific

To register:

March 25, 2009
STARTS at 12:00 PM Eastern, 11:00 AM Central, 10:00 AM Mountain, 9:00 AM Pacific

To register:

To view the presentation you will need a computer with internet access using Microsoft Explorer or Safari on the Macintosh. You will also need a phone line to call into the conference call to hear the presentation. After you have registered you will receive instructions via email on how to log onto the presentation.

WriteToLearn is a complete online tool for building writing skills and developing reading comprehension.

With WriteToLearn, a student can practice essay writing and summarization skills, and their efforts are measured by the state-of-the-art Knowledge Analysis Technologies™ (KAT) engine. The KAT engine is a unique automated assessment technology that evaluates the meaning of text, not just grammatical correctness or spelling. Students receive immediate, specific feedback on their work, and teachers easily assess student efforts individually or as a class.

WriteToLearn Offers Students
An engaging and motivational environment for practicing and refining their reading and summarizing skills. Both an instructional and assessment tool, WriteToLearn is the only writing development product that gives students the immediate, targeted feedback necessary to develop the reading comprehension and writing skills that are critical for academic success. WriteToLearn provides students with visually appealing reporting for staying on track with assignments and monitoring their own progress.

WriteToLearn Allows Teachers To
Adjust scoring to meet the learning goals of a class. View classes, performance and progress on a single screen and drill down to individual student results or see entire student portfolios.

Immediate Evaluation and Feedback
The Knowledge Analysis Technologies (KAT) engine is the core technology behind WriteToLearn. The KAT measures and makes judgments about written language and its content by evaluating the meaning of text through examining whole passages. Automatically evaluates writing as accurately as skilled human graders, agreeing with them more often than they agree with each other.

Watch 4th graders and their dramatic improvement using WriteToLearn:

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02/27/09 This Just In .....

The Latest Greenwich News Briefs:

Poky Police Late Yet Again on Ponzis, Thieves
Bloomberg - USA
Here we go again. The latest burst of regulatory rigor in response to a horse that’s already left the barn comes in the case of Poky Police versus WG Trading Investors LP of Greenwich, Connecticut, and Westridge Capital Management Inc. of Santa Barbara, California.

Since Feb. 12, the National Futures Association, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the Justice Department have all swept in with charges that range from securities fraud to conspiracy to wire fraud against the two firms and the money managers who are principals at both entities: Paul Greenwood and Stephen Walsh.

The two men were arrested Feb. 25 and released on bonds of $7 million apiece. Reached by telephone, their lawyers declined to comment on allegations that their clients misappropriated $554 million from investors over the past 13 years.

Greenwood and Walsh were high-life money managers who didn’t shy from public view. (If you think you’ve read this story before, it’s because you have.)

They may not have sponsored cricket They may not have sponsored cricket teams like
R. Allen Stanford, but together they had a minority interest in the New York Islanders hockey team in the 1990s. Neither was chairman of a stock market, like Nasdaq’s Bernie Madoff, but Greenwood is supervisor of the town of North Salem, New York, and Walsh is president of the Sands Point Golf Club on New York’s Long Island.

Glossy Clippings

The golf club’s Web page crows that Walsh has “a skill set that will ensure the Club is prepared to meet future challenges, remains financially sound and is true to the character established by its Founding Members.” You couldn’t make this stuff up.

Greenwood over the years has been the subject of write-ups in the New York Times, the glossy Bedford Magazine and the Web page of the North Salem Bridle Trails Association, which gushed over Greenwood’s farm, “They call it Grand Central Farm and grand it is.”

Bedford fussed over Greenwood’s collection of Steiff teddy bears. “Noah had nothing on us,” Greenwood told the magazine in an article that ran last year, comparing his menagerie to the biblical ark loaded with animals. “At last count, we’ve given shelter to more than 1,350 Steiff toys, and there’s no way our collecting days are over.”

Ah, but his money-management days might be. While Greenwood and Walsh were hiding in plain sight, regulators say they also were collecting hundreds of millions ($667 million, to be exact) from investors and then writing checks to themselves -- a total of $293 million to Greenwood and $261 million to Walsh.

Disappearing Act

You’ll be shocked to know that after the NFA showed up to begin auditing the books at the Greenwich office starting Feb. 5, Greenwood and Walsh made themselves very scarce.

They even played little games with their regulator. As described in the NFA’s Feb. 12 “notice of member responsibility,” Greenwood told NFA officials during a phone conversation that he’d get back to them about where some missing money was; e-mailed them to say he’d be in the Greenwich office on Feb. 10; and then had an assistant tell the regulators that he was at a meeting in New York City when they showed up that day.

Maybe, though, none of that should be a surprise, because regulators already knew that Westridge wasn’t too keen on having financial cops look at their books. In 1989, a business conduct committee of the NFA issued a complaint against the firm alleging that it had broken the rules “by failing to cooperate with NFA in an NFA audit.” Other allegations included “failing to provide customers with a disclosure document.”

Denying the Allegations

There are all sorts of violations that financial regulators can allege against firms, but if it isn’t a big, fat, waving red flag when a firm doesn’t want to cooperate with an audit, I don’t know what is

In the end, though, Westridge filed an answer in which it denied the allegations, then settled the case for a paltry $5,000 fine and an agreement to get in line with CFTC rules in its disclosure documents.

No one at Westridge let that little problem get in the way when it filled out its most recent investment adviser application with the SEC. In a document dated Jan. 29, 2009, Westridge had to answer the question, “Has any self-regulatory organization or commodities exchange ever found you or any advisory affiliate to have been involved in a violation of its rules?” Westridge checked the box that said “No.”

Nor did Westridge flag the fact that Walsh, Greenwood & Co., the broker-dealer that Walsh and Greenwood ran from 1979 to 1992, had come into the SEC’s crosshairs in 1987, when the agency said that the firm had failed to maintain minimum net capital requirements; was using customer securities as collateral for bank loans; and was not keeping accurate records. The firm consented to a censure and said it would “comply with undertakings to prevent recurrence of similar violations.’

So many red flags. So few regulators who know how to spot them.

What About The Poky Reporters And Editors At That The Green Kitty Litter Liner Totally Missed The Story And Still Have Failed To Report On The Greenwich Ponzi Scheme Arrests....

2/13/09 PRESS RELEASE: Emergency Action Taken Against Greenwich Traders Paul Greenwood & Stephen Walsh- Questions About "Hundreds Of Millions Dollars"

02/21/09 National Futures Association Suspends Greenwich Traders Paul Greenwood and Stephen Walsh

02/25/09 Greenwich Fraudsters Busted By The FBI ......More On The Greenwich Ponzi Scheme That Hearst Newspapers Is Failing To Cover

02/25/09 Greenwich Fraudsters Also Wasted Money On The New York Islanders

02/25/09 Where Is Greenwich Time Managing Editor Bruce Hunter? The Greenwich Fraud Scheme That Hearst Newspapers Is Not Covering Just Hit $1.3 Billion

02/25/09 Didn't Greenwich Time Managing Editor Bruce Hunter Or Hearst Newspaper Business Editor Jim Zebora Get The Department Of Justice Press Release

02/25/09 Wall Street Journal: Bearly Legal? Investment Managers Charged with Fraud

Greenwich Time Managing Editor Bruce Hunter And Hearst Newspaper Fairfield County Editor Jim Zebora Are Still In His Self Induced Comas, As 456 Newspapers Cover The Greenwich Ponzi Scheme Story For Them !!!!

If You Want To Know Whats Going On In Greenwich You Have To Read The Out Of Town Newspapers

Maybe, The Incompetent Hearst Newspaper Editors Will Get The Billion Dollar Greenwich Ponzi Scheme Story Up On The Web Later Today Or Tomorrow

But The Greenwich Time Always Misses The Big Ponzi Scheme Stories That Has A Greenwich Connection. If You Search The Greenwich Time Web Site For Walter Noel Of Fairfield Greenwich You Get This

Greenwich Time Managing Editor Bruce Hunter And Hearst Newspaper Fairfield County Editor Jim Zebora Are Walking Around The Green Kitty Litter Liner Offices Saying, "Who The Heck Is Bernard Madoff And What Does He Have To Do With Greenwich?"

Greenwich cafe gets visit from feminist icon
Greenwich Time
... poet and feminist icon Erica Jong offered herself up to Aphrodite Thursday, during a poetry reading and book signing at Arcadia Cafe in Old Greenwich. ...
Chiropractor pleads not guilty in punching death
Stamford Advocate
William Lindemann, 47, of 12 Wyckham Hill Lane, Greenwich, and 425 Dockside Drive, Unit 406, Naples, Fla., was released after posting $1 million bond. ...
Greenwich seniors celebrate staying put
Greenwich Time
By Colleen Flaherty Marylin Chou, right, one of the founders of At Home Greenwich, greets her friend, Bea Emery, during a party at the Second Congregational ...
Mexico's Peso Falls to Record Low on Pared Interest-Rate Bets
... billion to defend the peso," Flavia Cattan-Naslausky, a currency strategist at RBS Greenwich Capital in Greenwich, Connecticut, wrote in a report today. ...
US workers on jobless benefits at record high
Reuters India - Mumbai,India
The economy is going to continue to contract, probably at least until the middle of the year," said Stephen Stanley, chief economist at
RBS Greenwich capital.......
Darien Times
Wave brains Greenwich: Girls Wave Hockey wins "from the neck up" 1 ...
Darien Times - Darien,CT,USA
She who popped the winning goal up stairs at the end of a lone effort, racing the puck in from center to put the tight game away 1-0 over top-seed Greenwich ...

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