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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

06/03/09 The Raw Greenwich News Feed: Late Night Edition - This Just In .....

The Latest Greenwich News Brief:

Greenwich public safety officials conduct hazmat drills
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When a truck filled with dangerous chemicals stopped near the Greenwich Civic Center Tuesday morning, one man was knocked unconscious by powerful white ...

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Flowers from my Riverside Garden – Our Greenwich
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06/03/09 The Raw Greenwich News Feed: This Just In.....

The Latest Greenwich News Brief:

LeGrand S. Redfield, Jr., great-great-grandson of LeGrand Lockwood ...
Norwalk Plus Magazine
Raised in New York City and Greenwich, CT, Redfield received a bachelor's degree from Lake Forest College and attained both the Chartered Life Underwriter ...

The Latest Greenwich Blog Post:

WNYC - The Brian Lehrer Show: Faraway So Close (June 03, 2009)
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For the last two years, we've made a weekend getaway of Old Greenwich, CT. You hop on Metro North, swing by the civic center to grab your beach pass and head to the Old Greenwich Beach. It's walkable (only about 2-3 miles from the ...
WNYC's Brian Lehrer Show - http://www.wnyc.org/shows/bl/

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06/03/09 Greenwich Public School Press Release: GPS Health Update >>> 11 More Western Middle School Children Have Swine Flu

Hi all,
Here is today's - 6/3/09 - GPS Health Update
Also attached is the Greenwich Department of Health 6-3-09 Release

Kim Eves
Director of Communications
Greenwich Board of Education
290 Greenwich Avenue
Greenwich, CT 06830


Phone: 203-625-7415
e mail:
Fax: 203-869-8003


WEDNESDAY, june 3, 2009


WorldStrides to Reimburse parents for canceled trip

Please check the Greenwich Public Schools Web Site regularly for the most up-to-date
and accurate information:

H1N1 Cases – The Greenwich Department of Health has released information today confirming that eleven (11) of the H1N1 cases reported yesterday involved Western Middle School students. Yesterday, the State Department of Health incorrectly reported an additional sixteen (16) cases in Greenwich, there were actually fifteen (15) additional cases confirmed, one was “a repeat.” Four (4) of the fifteen cases involved Greenwich residents. There have been no additional cases confirmed in any other Greenwich Public School, other than the one reported for the Cos Cob School student on May 28th.

To date and to recap:
1 Case of H1N1 flu was confirmed involving a Western Middle School student on May 21, 2009
10 Cases of H1N1 flu were confirmed involving Western Middle School students on May 23, 2009
15 Cases of H1N1 flu were confirmed involving Western Middle School students on May 28, 2009
1 Case of H1N1 flu was confirmed involving a Cos Cob School student on May 28, 2009
1 Case of H1N1 flu was confirmed involving a Western Middle School student on May 29, 2009
11 Cases of H1N1 flu were confirmed involving a Western Middle School student on June 3, 2009
Total Greenwich Public Schools H1N1 Cases = 39
5 Cases of H1N1 flu were confirmed involving Greenwich residents on May 26, 2009
4 Cases of H1N1 flu were confirmed involving Greenwich residents on June 3, 2009
Total Greenwich H1N1 Cases = 48 (student and residents)

Please note that many of these recently identified cases, if not all of them, are previously screened cases and are based on local tests sent to the State over the last couple of weeks. They do not necessarily represent a ‘new’ outbreak.

WorldStrides Reimbursement – WorldStrides has agreed to refund all parents for the canceled 8th Grade Washington D.C. trip based on the following:
* WorldStrides will retain $178.00 from each full paying participant and refund the remainder of the tour price paid by the responsible party. WorldStrides will also retain any charges for t-shirts purchased.
* Refunds will be in the form of a check or credit card dependent upon the last form of payment on the account.
* Payments submitted by the school will not be refunded to parents
* Individual cancellations prior to May 25th, 2009 are excluded

School Opening Status – all schools will be open and run on schedule unless otherwise notified.

Western Middle School Absenteeism – On Wednesday, June 3rd, there were 28 students absent.

GDoH Attendance Guidance - The Greenwich Department of Health has issued an important notice with School Attendance Guidance for ALL schools. It has been posted to the web site – all parents and staff are urged to read the memo and to adhere to the guidelines. In summary, the guidance states that anyone exhibiting flu-like symptoms should remain at home for a minimum of seven days.

Staff members throughout the District have been instructed to send students exhibiting any flu-like symptoms to the school nurse and nurses have been instructed to send students with flu-like symptoms home from school. Additionally, District and school custodial staff have been instructed to wipe down surfaces including door knobs, railings and other hardware, etc. with an increased vigilance.


6/2/09 H1N1 Cases – The Greenwich Public Schools (GPS) were notified on 6/2/09 that sixteen* new cases of H1N1 had been confirmed in Greenwich residents, however, the State Department of Health’s June 2nd website update did NOT break out how many of the sixteen cases involved students from the Greenwich Public Schools.
*The Greenwich Health Department corrected this number on 6/3/09 to fifteen(15).

Western Middle School Absenteeism – On Monday, June 1st, there were 82 students absent out of 492 students and today, Tuesday, June 2nd, there were 38 students absent.

5/29/09 - H1N1 Cases – The Greenwich Public Schools were notified on the evening of May 29th that one of the 16 new cases confirmed on May 28th of the H1N1 virus in Greenwich residents, involved a Cos Cob School student (15 involved Western Middle School students and 1 – we were told on the 29th - involved a Cos Cob School student).

Also, the State Department of Health confirmed this evening one (1) additional case of H1N1 flu virus involving a Western Middle School student.

To date and to recap, there have been twenty-seven (27) confirmed cases involving Western Middle School students and one (1) confirmed case involving a Cos Cob School student. There are 33 confirmed cases of H1N1 in Greenwich residents, 28 of which involve Greenwich Public School students.

5/29/09 - Western Middle School 8th Grade Washington D.C. trip will not be rescheduled. The District carefully considered many aspects of this decision, including the financial implication – however, the primary consideration is the health and safety of the students and staff. State Department of Health and local health professionals have assessed the conditions of Western Middle School students and staff traveling on an extended, overnight, long distance trip as being a high risk for a repeated outbreak of the H1N1 influenza. Please see letter dated May 29, 2009, from Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Betty J. Sternberg announcing the decision on the web site for more information.

* Absenteeism 5/28/09 – 156 Western Middle School students out of 492 were absent and 15 Glenville students out of 108 located at Western were absent.

* 5/28/09 Update: The State Department of Health has confirmed 15 additional cases of H1N1 flu virus in school-aged children at Western Middle School. These 15 new cases plus the 11 previously confirmed cases, amount to 26 confirmed cases of the H1N1 flu virus at Western Middle School. Please note that, per the Greenwich Department of Health’s May 28, 2009 release, there are 32 confirmed cases in Greenwich residents – only 26 of those 32 are from the Greenwich Public Schools. Also, according to the Greenwich Dept. of Health release – all of the WMS students have recovered or are recovering and none have required hospitalization.

* 5/27/09 Meeting with Health Professionals – The Greenwich Department of Health and the Greenwich Public Schools conducted a meeting at Western Middle School to provide information and answer health-related questions. State and local health professionals and school District administrators participated, including Dr. Matthew Cartter - State Epidemiologist for the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health, Dr. James Sabetta - Greenwich Hospital Infectious Disease Physician, Caroline Baisley – Director of Health for Greenwich Department of Health, Tom Mahoney – Director of Special Clinical Services and Public Information Officer, and Dr. Betty J. Sternberg – Greenwich Superintendent of Schools

The meeting was taped and will air on Cablevision’s Education Access Channel 78 from Friday, May 29, 2009 through Sunday June 7, 2009. Check the District web site for times.

* Absenteeism as of 5/27/09 – 211 Western Middle School students out of 492 were absent from school on 5/27/09. This is less than on Tuesday, May, 26, 2009 (229 were absent) and Friday, May 22, 2009 (260 were absent). 20 Glenville students out of 108 located at Western were absent today (less than Tuesday at 33).

* As of 5/26/09 there were 11 confirmed cases of the H1N1 flu virus in the Greenwich Public Schools. Please note that, per the Greenwich Department of Health’s May 26, 2009 release, there were 16 confirmed cases in Greenwich residents – only 11 of those 16 were from the Greenwich Public Schools.

* Activities/Sports - Regarding interschool activities and sports: Generally, if students and staff are not exhibiting symptoms and are in school – then activities and sports will continue as scheduled. There may be exceptions made on a case-by-case basis.

* On May 25, 2009 - The following are exceptions that have been made primarily due to the fact that either the teacher running the program and/or a number of students participating are ill and are at home:

- 5th grade Orientation at Western Middle School for New Lebanon School, Glenville School, Parkway School and Hamilton Avenue School students has been postponed
- Glenville’s Spring Concert at Western Middle School has been postponed.

- Adventure Racing for Western Middle School and Eastern Middle School students scheduled for 5/27/09 has been canceled.

* On May 23, 2009: 8th Grade Washington D.C. trip canceled - After consultation with and as recommended by State and Local Departments of Health and physicians, Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Betty J. Sternberg, canceled the Western Middle School 8th Grade trip to Washington, D.C planned for May 26-29, 2009. Dr. Sternberg said, “While this was a very difficult decision, after a thorough review of all of the facts, consultation with several health professionals at the State and local level, and two meetings with Western Middle School parents, we have decided that it is in the best interest of our students to cancel the trip.”

* Given the information available by May 23, 2009, regarding the rate and severity of student illnesses, the school medical advisor and Greenwich Hospital infectious disease physician recommended that the district cancel or postpone the Washington trip.

* By May 23, 2009, Nineteen (19), 6th grade, WMS students had experienced flu-like symptoms, were tested by a healthcare provider using the quick flu test and received negative results – these students are sick but not with a flu.

* By May 23, 2009, Fourteen (14), 6th grade, WMS students have experienced flu-like symptoms, were tested by a healthcare provider using the quick flu test and received positive results – these students are sick with a flu but at this time we do not know if it is H1N1 – the State Department of Health is conducting additional tests to determine if their flu is the H1N1 flu virus.

* On By May 23, 2009, The District did not expect to have the results of these H1N1 tests until mid to late week the following week.

* By May 23, 2009, additional cases of students with flu like symptoms at WMS have not been reported to the school or Town Dept of Health.

* On May 22, 2009, there were an uncommonly high number of absences at WMS, however, most did not appear to be due to student illnesses.

* By Wednesday, May 20, 2009, approximately 55 students had been to the infirmary at Nature’s Classroom and 19 were sick enough (multiple symptoms, fever) to send home, the other students were experiencing a range of symptoms but were not sick enough to have parents called to pick them up.

* On Monday, May 18, 2009, 130, WMS 6th graders went to Nature’s Classroom – Although it was unknown to the school at the time, one of the students had been diagnosed (using the quick test) with a “flu” and was placed on a short course of anti-viral medication. The student then reported to the school on Monday, not exhibiting any symptoms and boarded the bus for the trip. The District was unaware of any of the student’s status until Thursday, May 21, 2009.

* The decision to cancel the remainder of the Nature’s Classroom trip was made using the following considerations:
- distance from home if more students became ill
- the severity of illness in some of the sick students
- the higher probability of infection given the living situations (multiple students in bed/bunk rooms)
- amount of activity required of students
- ability to dedicate staff to students who were ill
- national attention about the spread of H1N1

For more information contact:
Caroline Calderone Baisley, MPH, RS:
Town of Greenwich, Director of Health at Tel [203] 622-7836
Betty J. Sternberg: Superintendent of Schools at Tel [203] 625-7425
State of Connecticut at Tel [860] 509-7729

For more information on H1N1 flu:

* Greenwich Department of Health:
* Connecticut Flu Watch:
* Connecticut Department of Public Health:
* Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:
* Centers for Disease Control and Prevention School Guidance:



Caroline Calderone Baisley, MPH, RST

[203] 622-7836

[203] 622-6460

June 3, 2009


15 New Cases

Director of Health Caroline Baisley announced today that Greenwich has 15 new confirmed cases ofH1N1 (swine flu). This is one less than the 16 cases the State reported yesterday. The discrepancy wasdue to a previously reported case. The new cases elevate Greenwich’s total of confirmed cases to 48.Baisley stated, “Eleven of the fifteen cases involve students at Western Middle School, who werepreviously screened. Due to the backlog at the State Lab, we just received confirmation of their results.”All of the students have recovered or are recovering.

None required hospitalization. The Department ofHealth and the Board of Education continue to monitor all illness in Greenwich public schools. TheDepartment of Health expects there will be additional cases of H1N1 in Greenwich as the virus remains atelevated levels in the northeast United States.Like other flu viruses, novel H1N1 flu spreads from an infected person to others primarily from coughingor sneezing.

Sometimes people become infected by touching a surface with the virus on it and thentouching their eyes, nose or mouth. Because people with novel H1N1 are thought to be infectious fromone day before showing symptoms up to seven days after becoming ill, anyone who experiencesinfluenza-like-illness (ILI) should:

 Stay home and not attend school or work for a minimum of 7 days even if symptoms resolvesooner

 Stay home from school or work until at least 24 hours after all symptoms have resolvedSymptoms of Influenza-like illnessFever (100°F or 37.7°C) with cough or sore throatOther symptoms may include – headache, runny or stuffy nose,body aches or chills, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea

 Residents are reminded to utilize stringent infection control measures to reduce the spread ofinfluenza, including but not limited to:Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue or the crook of your elbow

Wash your hands often with soap and water; use alcohol based hand sanitizer if water isnot availableTry not to touch your mouth, nose or eyesAvoid close contact with people who are sickStay home from school, work and other group activities if you are sick

For more information on H1N1 (swine flu):

Greenwich Website: www.greewichct.org

•Connecticut Flu Watch: www.ct.gov/ctfluwatch/swineflu

•Connecticut Department of Public Health: www.ct.gov/dph

•Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: www.cdc.gov

06/03/09 BJ O'Rourke browbeats first victim

The Thin Skinned Censors Are Coming !!!!
The Thin Skinned Censors Are Coming !!!!
The Thin Skinned Censors Are Coming !!!!

Greenwich Roundup- thanks for the post. Look at this comment I just received from a reader:

"I just caught up to these series of postings regarding 1038 Lake Avenue. I went to the Hooked on Houses link you provided earlier and their posting is no longer on-line.
I think someone else got a nasty lawyer letter too!"

Please feel free, buddy, to salvage the pics from my site and post them for your own - we can then both meet ol' BJ in court!

Chris Fountain
Riverside CT
(203) 249-4394


06/03/09 The lawyers are coming! The lawyers are coming!


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06/03/09 The lawyers are coming! The lawyers are coming!

As Brave Young Men And Women Spill Their Blood In Far Off Lands

Their Are Some Fools Who Say "Forget About The First Amendment And Freedom Of The Press"

Bloggers And Citizen Journalists Are Under Attack In Greenwich.......

Now The Low Life Lawyers Are Going After Citizen Journalist Chris Fountain And His Blog That Is Called, "For What It's Worth"

Freedom Of Speech Supporters Can Reach Chris Fountain
(203) 249-4394

Or Visit His Website And Leave Some Supportive Comments:

Here's the offending post as edited by Chris Fountain to satisfy the good for nothing lawyers:


Hey wait a minute I think Greenwich Roundup had that link in this web site too - why aren't these blood sucking lawyers picking on Greenwich Roundup?

It is unfair that Chris Fountain is going to get all of that web traffic, because of some thin skinned individuals and their get rich quick lawyers, who will accept any silly little case that comes their way .

Now everyone in Greenwich knows about these thin skinned losers and their annoying lawyers.


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06/03/09 The Greenwich Time Comes Out Swinging At Greenwich Roundup: Re RTM eligibility

Republican Puppet Niel "I Protected Insiders By Sitting On The Fake Beach Pass Binder" Vigdor Once Again Gets The Facts Wrong And Then Doesn't Answer His Telephone So That He Can Produce A One Sided Story.

Dear Greenwich Roundup,

There have been reports coming out of the RTM that you are no longer a
resident and are no longer eligible to serve. I had a recent conversation
with the town clerk, who said you are supposed to be resigning from the RTM
but you have not submitted a resignation letter yet. Is this accurate? Are
you still a town resident? If so, where do you currently live? I was hoping
to discuss the situation with you by telephone. I can be reached at
625-4436. Thank you.

Neil Vigdor

Greenwich Time


Greenwich Roundup Called Town Clerk Carmella C. Budkins And Read Her Neil Vidgor's Email And She Told Greenwich Roundup That Greenwich Time Reporter Neil Vidgor's Statements Attributed Too Her Were False And That She Was Calling Mr. Vidor.

Further, She Said That She Had Informed Mr. Vidor That Greenwich Roundup Was A Town Resident And That She Had Not Heard One Word From Greenwich Roundup About Resigning From The RTM.

Further, Ms Budkins Was Going To Call Neil Vidgor Right Away And Complain About His False Statements Attributed In The Above Email.

Further, Ms. Budkins said that all of this was coming from Robert McKnight


After Leaving Messages For Neil Vidgor, As Well As, A Voice Messages For Neil "I Like To Libel Bloggers Who Criticize My Newspaper's Performance" Vidgor Is Hiding And Not Returning Phone Calls.

For The Record Niel, Greenwich Roundup Is A Resident Of Greenwich

Greenwich Roundup Has Been A Resident Longer

Than You Have Been Inaccurately Reporting At The Local Rag.

My Youngest Son Went To New Lebanon School, Western Middle School And Graduated From Greenwich High School Before Serving In Iraq.

He Now Goes To Norwalk Community College

Second of all this is the second time that the Greenwich Time has used Robert McKnight as A source that claimed that Greenwich Roundup was not a resident of the Town Of Greenwich.

The last time was when the Greenwich Time was in December and January of 2007 and 2008.

Robert "I Were Little Tin Foil Hats" McKnight at that time claimed to have a three month old letter saying Greenwich Roundup was not a town resident. At that time the Greenwich Time would not tell Greenwich Roundup's side of the story and told him to send a letter into the Greenwich Time editor.

The Letter was sent by Greenwich Roundup

and never published by the Greenwich Time.

Later, the letter was to be given to First Selectman Peter Tesei by Robert McKnight.

Later when Greenwich Roundup asked Mr. Tesei's office for a copy of the letter he was told that they never got McKnight's three month old mystery letter.

Greenwich Roundup has expressed a desire to resign from the RTM, because he feels that his reporting conflicts with his public service to the town.

In fact, Greenwich Roundup has started refraining from voting at RTM Meetings.

Greenwich Roundup used to serve as a Republican Election official for 12 hours at each town election, but stopped doing so when he was elected to the RTM.

Greenwich Roundup has a deal with the Greenwich Republicans that he will resign from the RTM if the illegally elected and later illegally appointed Republican Developers were to resign.

To date one Wabba brother has resigned, but Jamie Wabba has avoided Robert McKnight's calls for him to resign from the RTM.

If Neil Vidgor Were To Grow A Pair Of Journalistic Balls, Then He Would Be Able To Freedom Of Request Robert Mcknight's Emails About The Wabba Brothers.

Any Of McKnight's Emails That Are About Town Bussiness Are Public Documents That Can Be Obtained For 25 Cents per page.

Maybe, The Cash Strapped Greenwich Time Can't Afford To Give Neil Vidgor 25 Cents A Page Foe Wabba Brother Emails.

Didn't Greenwich Time Publisher David McCumber Promise That There Would Be Investigative Reporting About Greenwich Government?

The Wabba brother's are a sore spot with Greenwich Roundup, because RTM Moderator Thomas Byrne and Joan Caldwell asked Greenwich Roundup, in First Selectman Peter Tesei's Office, not to go to the district RTM Meeting of January 2008, while they "smoothed over things" with Robert McKnight.

Greenwich Roundup complained and the Wabba brothers resigned from the RTM positions they were illegally elected to and then changed their address. After that the Republican developer's were appointed to the RTM by Robert McKnight and his Republican cronies.

Even though Greenwich Roundup was an elected official at the time he never got notice of the special election. If Greenwich Roundup had known about the special election he would have went to the meeting and voted against the illegally elected Republican developers.

The Greenwich Time came to the General RTM Meeting a took a front pagepicture of Greenwich Roundup shaking Peter Tesei's hand at the Central middle school.

Now Robert Mcknight and his Republican buddies want to get the Greenwich Time to start publishing false and inaccurate statements all over again.

So let's let Neil Vidgor publish one of his false and one sided stories and Greenwich Roundup will correct it line by line.


Greenwich Roundup Is Getting Upset, Because Niel "I Like To Libel And Only Report One Side" Vidgor Has Not Had The Courtesy To Return His Phone Call And It's 4:30 PM.

Niel Sent This Email At 12:58 PM Today And Greenwich Roundup Called As Soon As He Read The Message.

The Last Time That Hearst Newspapers Came After This Greenwich Time Critic, Greenwich Roundup Was Barely Breaking 1,000 Unique Visitors A Day.

But Then Ex-Greenwich Time Managing Editor Bruce Hunter Got Hearst Corporate Lawyer Ravi Sitwalla To Go After Greenwich Roundup

After that Greenwich Roundup Started Consistently Breaking Over 2,000 Unique Web Visitors A Day.

One Day Last Week Greenwich Roundup Set A New All Time Record And Had Over 3,000 Unique Web Visitors.

So Greenwich Roundup Wishes Neil Vigdor And The Greenwich Time Would Stop Pussy Footing Around And Get This Pissing Contest Started.

Greenwich Roundup Is Getting Goose Bumps Thinking That Neil Vidgor Is Going To Bring In At Least Another 1,000 Unique Visitors To This Greenwich Time Competitor.

Who Knows Maybe Greenwich Roundup Will Have More Daily Unique Visitors Than Even The Greenwich Time.

Greenwich Will Only Have Neil Vidgor's Amateurish Attempt At A Libelous Hatchet Job To Thank.

Neil Vigdor's Retaliatory Actions Do Not Discredit This Greenwich Time And Hearst Newspaper Critic.

They Only Prove That Greenwich Roundup Has Been Right About The One Sided And Politically Motivated Reporting At The Greenwich Time All Along.

If Hearst Newspaper Editor David McCumber Wanted A Fair Story About Greenwich Roundup He Would Not Have Chosen A Reporter Like Neil "I Didn't Have The Journalistic Balls To Publish The Fake Beach Passes" Vidgor To To The Story On A Greenwich Time Critic.

Why Couldn't Hearst Newspaper Editor David McCumber Assign Greenwich Time Reporter Frank MacEachern To Do The Article On Greenwich Roundup?

Greenwich Roundup Has Never Criticized Frank MacEachern Job Performance Or Reporting Skills.

It Is Clear That The Lower Fairfield County Fuax News Wannabe Isn't Interested In Fair And Balanced Reporting.

Personally, Greenwich Roundup Is Shocked At David McCumber For Assigning A Clearly Biased Reporter To Do This So Far Libelous Story.

The More Things Change At The Greenwich Time

The More They Stay The Same


It's 5:37 PM

And Still No Niel Vidgor Call Back

What Is The Matter With This Guy?


It's 6:08 PM

And Niel Vidgor Wont Pick Up The Phone A Call Greenwich Roundup

One Greenwich Roundup Reader Suggestted That We Get Neil Vidgor To Agree To Let Us Tape His Little Interview If He Ever Calls.


It's 7:16 PM

And Greenwich Roundup Still Has Not Gotten A Call Back From Neil Vidgor. Now I am Late For Church.


It's 11:53PM


It Looks Like Greenwich Roundup's Limited Vision

Has Gotten In The Way Of His Reporting Once Again

Greenwich Roundup Has Just Discovered That Neil Vidgor

Had Left A Brief 4 Second Voice Mail On

Greenwich Roundup's Cell Phone At 3:55 PM

Since Greenwich Roundup Is Blind In The Right Eye

And The Left Eye Is Crossed With Low Vision

He Some times has trouble reading his tiny cell phone.

Maybe Neil Vidgor Should Just Put

Robert McKnight's Questions In An Email.

And Then Greenwich Roundup Can Blow Up The

Email To 150% Of Size And Answer The Questions

Or Even Better, Niel Vidor And Greenwich Roundup

Could Pay Twenty Questions Via Email

Neil Vidgor Could Ask Greenwich Roundup If He Lives In Greenwich.

Greenwich Roundup would Respond, "Yes."

Then Greenwich Roundup Could Ask Neil Vidgor Whose Names Were On Those Counterfeit Beach Passes In That Binder That He Has Hid From The Taxpayers Of Greenwich.



06/02/09 ONCE AGAIN HEARST NEWSPAPERS ARE LOST IN GREENWICH........I didn't have a clue that the former Greenwich resident was Crockefeller, ex testifies

06/02/09 The Greenwich Time's Corporate Sister (Fairfield County Weekly) hired Indian freelance journalists to write the paper this week. Is this the way of the future?

Sorry, Greenwich Time Staffers, But You Might Be Outsourced To India If This Hearst Newspaper Experiment Is A Success.

06/02/09 Sign Of The Times: The Incredibly Small And Shrinking Greenwich Time

LESS NEWS MORE MONEY: The Money Losing Greenwich Time Has Never Been Venerable - But Now, More Than Ever, It's Vulnerable.

In An Effort To Wring Out More Savings From The Cash Strapped Greenwich Time, Hearst Newspapers Has Been Shrinking The Number Of Pages In Each Issue Of The Newspaper


06/01/09 Today Is The Day To Start Your Greenwich Blog
Have You Thought About Being A Greenwich Citizen Journalist?


05/30/09 Greenwich Time's Online Readers Scream,"Basta Jonathan Basta !!!! Enough Is Enough !!!!!"

Cos Cob Parents And Students Tell Greenwich Time We Editor, Jonathan Lucas.....
"Basta !!!!"

Hearst Newspaper's Online Newspaper Readers Are Sick And Tired Of Being Ignored By Greenwich Time Web Editor Jonathan Lucas.

Over 24 Hours Ago The Greenwich Public Schools Issued A Press Release About Swine Flu Now Being At Cos Cob School, But Hearst Newspaper President Steven Swartz's Greenwich Web Editor Still Has Not Gotten The Story Up On The Web.

05/29/09 RSS What? When Hearst Newspaper President Steven Swartz Going To Have The Balls To Fire The Incompetent Greenwich Time Webmaster?

As Donald Trump Would Say,"No RSS feed? You're fired!"
FOUR YEARS AGO.... prominent blogger Robert Scoble (formerly with Microsoft, now with
Podtech.Net) stated, "You should be fired if you do a website without an RSS feed." http://scoble.weblogs.com/2005/02/19.html .

Many Of The Greenwich Time RSS Feeds Have Been Broken For Months.Almost All Of Hearst Newspaper's News Feeds Don't Work In GreenwichThe Greenwich Citizen Has No RSS Feed At All

Just Take A Look At All The Broken Greenwich Time RSS Feeds

05/29/09 Once Again Hearst Newspapers Has Trouble Keeping Time At The Greenwich Time

Hearst Newspaper President Stephen Swatz Allows Greenwich Time Webmaster To Screw Up Again !!!!!
It Looks Like Greenwich Time Blogger
William A. Ruskin Can See Into The Future

05/29/09 Greenwich Roundup Breaks The News And Then Greenwich Time Cub Reporter Colin Gusafson Reports The Rest Of The Story.....

First Greenwich Roundup Breaks The News:

05/28/09 Greenwich Roundup Exclusive: Reader Submitted Comments About A Second Swine Flu Outbreak At Gateway Preschool

And Then The Hearst Newspaper Editors Asign The Story To Colin Gustafson:

Preschool closed by flu

As public schools remain open despite rising swine flu infections, a private day care center in Pemberwick will stay closed until Monday, after nearly the entire staff called out sick this week amid concerns about another outbreak of the virus.


05/27/09 Hearst Newspaper Web Editor Jonathan Lucas Seems To Have Trouble Telling Time At The Greenwich Time

There Is Something Fishy Going On With Web Editor Jonathan Lucas At The Greenwich Time......

Lucas Is Missing Time At The Greenwich Time

A Greenwich Roundup Reader points out that there appears to be some discrepancies with the posting times at the Greenwich Time, Stamford Advocate and Connecticut Post. The reader points out that the exact same story appears at the Stamford Advocate and the Connecticut Post.

All three articles are written by Debra Friedman but the Stamford Advocate and Connecticut Post articles indicate that they were updated while the Greenwich Time is once again having trouble keeping time.

The update for the Greenwich Time has been removed or was never ever posted as it should have been. This is clearly a violation of Hearst Newspaper and basic journalistic standards......

05/27/09 Grenwich Public Schools Press Release: Inaccurate Numbers in Greenwich Time Article

Inaccurate Greenwich Time Article GetsShot Down By The Board Of Education
FYI all - hopefully you are not reporting based on the Greenwich Timearticle this morning,

please note that:

As we reported to you in the update posted to the web site last night (5/26/09), to date - there have been NO additional confirmed cases of the H1N1 flu virus in the Greenwich Public Schools.
As of last night (5/26/09), there are 16 confirmed cases in the Town ofGreenwich, 11 of those 16 are from the Greenwich Public Schools.

The Greenwich Time newspaper INCORRECTLY reported these numbers in theheadline article of the Wednesday, May 27, 2009 edition of the paper.

Please continue to check the Greenwich Public Schools web site for themost up-to-date and accurate information.http://www.greenwichschools.org/page.cfm?p=6651

Kim Eves
Director of Communications
Greenwich Board of Education
290 Greenwich Avenue
Greenwich, CT 06830


Please send your comments while Greenwich Roundup wait for Niel Vidgor to return the phone call made to his voicemail.

06/03/09 Greenwich Golf News

GREENWICH, Conn. - There are many golf courses where a number of veteran amateurs show their age.

A good putting stroke helps, too.

"This course is not a long course, so it doesn't favor the long kids," Minisceongo's Patrick Pierson said after beating Brae Burn's Matthew Linde 4 and 2 in the first round of the 90th Westchester Golf Association Amateur Championship yesterday. "You have to be able to putt here. I had six birdies and one eagle. A couple of them were conceded, but I'm putting confidently."

The 45-year-old recently won the New York City Amateur and was a finalist in this event in 2004, but fell to Patrick Cibirka of Storm King in 19 holes in the second round.

A number of strong college players are in the field. There were a couple of minor upsets yesterday as St. John's senior Michael Ballo Jr. took out Michael Quagliano, who just graduated from Duke, 3 and 2 in the second round. Fenway's David Weisfeld, who plays at Michigan, beat Westchester Hills' Max Buckley, who just finished his freshman year at SMU, 1-up in the second round.

"He played extremely well," said Quagliano, who plays out of GlenArbor. "Michael was 5- or 6-under through 16 and only made one bogey.".......

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Greenwich boys tennis wins eighth straight FCIAC crown
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By David Fierro Greenwich's Erick Kremheller smiles after a shot against New Canaanin the FCIAC championship on Monday at Wilton. ...
Greenwich Girls tennis reaches state semifinals
Greenwich Time
Against the dynasty, known as Greenwich however, all East Lyme got for its effort was a 7-0 loss. Putting its depth and talent on display, the Cardinals, ...

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By christopherfountain
June 3, 2009...5:01 am. Bottom story of the day, from Greenwich Time. · Locust Street sewer repair has minimal problems. Picture the poor young reporter, alone in an otherwise-empty newsroom, all his peers having long ...
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Fairfield County Child: Greenwich Education & Prep is Raising ...
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Get an amazing deal on local goods and services while supporting an important cause with this Ebay auction organized by Greenwich Education & Prep. Donated items include professional tennis lessons, jewelery, personalized DJ services, ...
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06/03/09 Pallotta to Shut Down Raptor Global Hedge Fund, Return Money to Investors

Another Hedge Fund Cowboy Bites The Dust.....

James J. Pallotta, one of Boston's most prominent hedge fund managers, told investors yesterday he is shutting down his funds and returning most of an estimated $800 million to clients, just months after starting his own firm.

Pallotta, an investor in the Boston Celtics, had started Raptor Capital Management in January after 15 years at Tudor Investment Corp., a giant investment firm based in Greenwich, Conn. He lost money in his last two years at Tudor and his performance this year was "roughly flat," he told clients in a letter yesterday. He said he will take a brief break from the business, according to the letter, a copy of which was obtained by the Globe.

In the letter, Pallotta wrote that he will "step back from day-to-day investing for a few months" to develop a strategy to "capitalize fully on the next several years' developing investment opportunity set." He said his company will continue to exist.

He declined to be interviewed.....

... In April, Helios bought back a oein a friendly transactiona the 15 percent stake that Tudor, the $10.5 billion Greenwich, Connecticut-based hedge-fund firm run by Paul Tudor Jones, held in the Singapore manager, Arora said. Arora was the head of ...

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