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Thursday, October 23, 2008

19/23/09 READER SUBMITTED COMMENTS: Joe is immoral







To the Editor,

An article by Joe Pisani giving himself credit for comes down to a lot of nothing? What an insult to our intelligence. He sat on more disturbing facts and did the most dishonest newspaper's editing I have ever witnessed. As a person, he is a shallow shell of a man.

HUMILITY? Joe doesn't have an ounce in his bones. He is the most seff-absorbed person I have ever met. His columns often offered insight in to the dysfunctional Pisani household, where if I was a member, I would have been embarassed to have the same last name.

It was always someone elses fault, never Joe's. His woman friends would cry "poor Joe." He was a PLAYER. He surrounded himself with single women at the Advocate because they felt he "understood." Understood what? That he considered himself the greatest man on earth....he could please them, he would tell them all men (but him) were worthless dogs? And these dumb bimbos believed him. Joe's married? Is that how married men act? No way.

Of course Dan Malloy loved him. Joe never reported how his son was making racial death threats on a fellow student at Stamford High last year....and the girl was afraid to go to school for months.

Of course the people with the most to hide loved him, because he never printed the news, as it was. He either ignored it, or left it on page 9, in print so small it went unnoticed. He zeroed in on stupid isses, like Fr. Jude Fay and relentlessly played headlines with that storty until it finally effected the judge in not sending the priest to jail. That parish has still not seen justice or a dime from the money that priest stole.

His microscoping of some insignificant news and not others like the Moxly murder show a very personal lack of editorial leadership.

If he were to apply for an editoral job now, he wouldn't make it to the door. His reputation has been FAIRLY reduced to sewage. The party is probably because people feel sorry for the guy.. he's such a loser....and it is the Greenwich Roundup who is just bringing his 30 years of a job poorly done to light. Yeah, everyone, the Joe you didn't know.

Oh Suzy C was at this PARTY? She reported it in her star sightings? Slow day in Greenwich, Suzy? Tell me, how do you lower yourself to be Joe Pisani's barnacle band leader and still look in the mirrow.? Can't you find a nice single guy at all the bars you drink at?

The word for Joe Pisani is IMMORAL, not humble. Notice the priest from St John's, where he supposedly went to daily Mass didn't attend. That priest knows....that this was hardly a person to give tribute to.

Sick of the SOS with Pisani

10/23/08 Greenwich Time News Links Or Frank Mazza's Screwups Cost Town Employees Their Jobs

Your Fired !!!

Frank Mazza Stays !!!!!

For the first time ever, the town's budget guidelines include a provision to eliminate positions from the municipal workforce through attrition, a cost-cutting move pushed by Republican Board of Estimate and Taxation member Robert Stone, who is calling for additional belt-tightening.

The guidelines, approved Monday night by the BET, but without Stone's assent - he felt they didn't go far enough - call for the elimination of 15 positions from the town's workforce of 1,024 non-school employees in the next fiscal year.

The finance board is leaving the decision of which positions to cut up to the first selectman and estimates the reductions would save the town $1 million yearly in salaries and benefits....

...Tesei, the town's chief elected official and the previous BET chairman, said he will be selective in the positions he decides to cut.

"It's certainly not going to be arbitrary," Tesei said.

In addition to requesting staff reductions, the BET budget guidelines call for municipal department heads to limit operating expenses to a 3 percent increase, except in the area of salaries.







Cos Cob can brace itself for one more bank, with Bella Nonna Restaurant one step closer to becoming a Chase Bank branch.

The Planning and Zoning Commission reviewed preliminary site plans for the branch Tuesday, asking the Chase project team to reconsider traffic and parking implications for the 371 East Putnam Ave. property, adjacent to Mead Avenue, before returning for final approval.

Saying Chase had already leased the Bella Nonna property, which owns the Bella Nonna space, attorney Jennifer Porter of Newark-based Gibbons P.C. said the bank intends to raze Bella Nonna and construct a 2,702-square-foot building in its place....

Teetering on the edge of an economic recession, the town is looking at expanding a property tax relief program for seniors on fixed incomes.

The Board of Selectmen will review changes to the existing program, which has seen declining participation, during a 10 a.m. meeting today in the Cone Room at Town Hall.

The program, currently open to seniors whose annual household income is less than $39,000, has come under fire from some elected officials and senior advocates who say the tax-relief measure isn't serving as many people as was intended.

Only about $588,000 in credits had been awarded this year from the $1 million allocated by the town for the program last year.

"I think this is going to be an extremely difficult year for seniors," said Selectman Lin Lavery, a former member of the Commission on Aging and former chairman of the Conference on Aging. "I think as a community we need to take care of our seniors."....

A Stamford man authorities said operated a drug factory out of a Cos Cob home is behind bars after police caught him engaging in a cocaine transaction on Mason Street Monday afternoon, police said.

Zain Hussain, 32, who police said has a long history of drug-related activity, faces numerous drug charges following a motor vehicle stop after narcotics officers witnessed the drug deal, according to the police report.

According to Detective Mark Marino, the department had been investigating Hussain for nearly a month after receiving several tips on his drug activities.

"He was someone that was known to us and had a prior history with regards to narcotics," said Marino, who said more arrests could be made....

....Following the drug transaction, police also executed a search-and-seizure warrant of Hussain, his vehicle and his residence in the Cos Cob....

...He was being held in lieu of a $150,000 cash bond at the Greenwich Police Department as of Wednesday evening, police said.

Police also arrested Jesse Sammis, 38, of 25 Maher Ave., the alleged buyer in the drug transaction, according to the report. Officers found Sammis to be in possession of cocaine and several Oxycodone pills, police said.

Sammis, who police said had no prior record, was charged with possession of narcotics within 1,500 feet of a day care facility, failure to keep drugs in an original container, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of narcotics, possession of narcotics with the intent to sell and conspiracy to possess narcotics, police said. He was released after posting a $10,000 cash bond and is scheduled to appear in state Superior Court in Stamford on Monday.


Was Sammis A Working As A Police Confidential Informant When He He Made The Drug Transaction?

Or Was He Just Observed Making A Drug Transaction.

Debra Friedman News Report Is Very Unclear.

The fire department recently received a Life Safety Achievement Award this month for its work in preventing fire-related deaths and injuries in 2007, according to Fire Chief Peter Siecienski.

The award recognizes local prevention and education activities that have contributed to reducing the number of lives lost in residential fires, according to Siecienski.

It was presented by the Residential Fire Safety Institute, a national public interest group whose mission is to reduce residential fire deaths and injuries, according to the fire department.

"This is an award that the entire community should take pride in," said Siecienski....

The Greenwich High School field hockey team is entering the FCIAC Tournament with a wealth of momentum.

Faced by a $302 million projected budget shortfall for this fiscal year, Gov. M. Jodi Rell is proposing another round of state spending cuts and an expanded effort to bring in revenues owed the state, all intended to eliminate the estimated deficit.

To the editor:

Jim Himes, running for the U.S. House of Representatives in the 4th District, is proud to be a Democrat.

Chris Shays says he is independent, but he is not. He is a Republican who is trying to distance himself from the failed policies of the Bush administration, which Mr. Shays enthusiastically supports.

Mr. Shays pushed for and supported the invasion of Iraq, refusing to listen to a very large segment of people in the 4th District who were against this horrible invasion and now mourn the loss of so many precious lives. The refusal of Mr. Shays to listen to the people he represents, his poor judgment and self-righteous attitude are not qualities that I support in a candidate.

Mr. Shays says he supports Sen. Barack Obama's theme of hope. Sen. Obama supports and strongly endorses Jim Himes for Congress.

At a town meeting in Stamford, Mr. Shays said he has great regard for George Bush's service to this country. Mr. Bush invaded a sovereign nation, spending $3 trillion on an unjust war, he has encouraged torture, ignoring the Geneva Conventions, and he has ruined the economy.

I am not grateful to Chris Shays or George Bush. I don't want their lies to continue.

Jim Himes is an honest man who supports the Constitution, listens and understands the issues and would work to support all the people of the 4th District.

Samarpana Tamm


Please send your comments to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

10/23/08 Politicians And Stanford Officials Honor Complacent Editor Who Refuses To Apologize For Helping Martha Moxley's Killer

Written For, By And About Ex-Greenwich Time Editor Joe Pisani

...I learned a great lesson while friends and pretend foes gathered to toast me for my deeds and roast me for my misdeeds over the years at The Advocate and Greenwich Time.

The great lesson I learned, if you can believe this, is humility. How, you might wonder, do we learn humility when people praise you? Because I knew beyond a doubt I’m not the wonderful person they think I am.

We’re all a mixture of weak and strong, good and bad, paisley and plaid, true and false. I won’t continue. You get the idea. It’s called the human condition.

But what really struck me that night was the selflessness and sacrifice of the people who labored for months to put this affair on, starting with the major domo, Ernie DiMattia, head of the Ferguson Library in Stamford, inspired, he said, by Father Richard Futie, Greenwich native and pastor of Sacred Heart Church in Stamford.

Joined by my former colleagues, Durrie Monsma, Joy Haenlein, John Breunig, Barbara Bind, Bruce Hunter and Susie Costaregni, not to mention the people who put on the show, former publisher Durrie Monsma, who came back from California for this affair, the eminent Bernie Yudain, his sidekick, guitar-strumming thespian and attorney wannabe Ted Yudain....

I’ve seen so many proclamations given out over the years that I was delighted to receive one from First Selectman Peter Tesei and a citation from Attorney General Richard Blumenthal and a superb standup routine by Mayor Dan Malloy.

And let me never forget my tireless personal paparazzi John Ferris Robben....

Please See:

For The Record:

The Advocate , Connecticut Post , Greenwich Time , Hartford Courant , The Hour , Norwalk Advocate , New Haven Register , The News-Times, Waterbury Republican-American , Westport Minuteman , or any other Daily Connecticut Newspaper chose to cover this so-called tribute to the Ex-Greenwich Time Editor who for a decade sat on the Martha Moxley special investigative report he commissioned, because he was afraid the report would upset the Greenwich Police Department.

In fact, no newspaper in the United States covered the event held for the complacent editor who nearly destroyed two Connecticut Daily Newspapers during a 30 year period.

The only one who even mentioned the tribute for the complacent editor was, Susie "the dish" Costaregni, who Joe Pisani, taught in school, then took with him to the Greenwich Time and later took to the Greenwich Post to work for free.

To add insult to injury, Susie "the dish" Costaregni didn't even give the pitiful old editor top billing.....

Scene ... Bedford, N.Y., resident and Swedish actress Lena Olin was spotted on Lafayette Place near the Bendheim Cancer Center in Greenwich last week.

Out there ... A Toast and Roast Dinner to honor Joe Pisani, columnist for the Greenwich Post, and former editor of The Advocate and Greenwich Time, takes place this Sunday at the Hyatt in Old Greenwich. The evening will feature a 5 p.m. cocktail hour and dinner at 6, followed by a roast hosted by dignitaries and colleagues of Mr. Pisani. For tickets or more information, call Melanie at 351-8206 or email mailto:mkeiffer@fergusonlibrary.org....

....Scene ...Riverside resident, NFL great and announcer Frank Gifford was recently spotted tooling around town in Greenwich in his light blue convertible.

And that’s all for now.


It's nice to see that Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy is letting Ferguson Library Director Ernie DiMattia and Ferguson Library Employee Melanie Keiffer use taxpayer funded resources and personnel to organize and promote an event he falsely thought would provide him with free publicity.

It might be interesting to Freedom Information Request some Ferguson Library and Stamford City Email accounts to find about what other private projects Mayor Malloy is misusing taxpayer resources and personnel on.

Looks like the Ferguson Library has so much taxpayer money to they decided to burn a wad on a standup routine by Mayor Dan Malloy at the Greenwich Hyatt.

In fact, poor old complacent Ex-Greenwich Time Editor that helped Martha Moxley's murderer for a decade need all the Stamford taxpayer funded help he could get.

After all he had to write a review of his own Ferguson Library taxpayer assisted soiree at the Greenwich Hyatt, because no other self respecting newspaper would cover last Sunday's so-called tribute to the petty Ex-Greenwich Time Editor.

Please Also See:

Murder, wealth, power, a famous family--all are part of the Martha Moxley homicide in Greenwich, Connecticut. Martha's 1975 murder was linked to Tommy and Michael Skakel, nephews to Ethel Kennedy, which some think led police and the media to back away from an aggressive investigation. But the case was reopened and Michael Skakel was indicted. In June 2002, he was found guilty of murder. Narrated by Paul Winfield

Please read how petty

Joe "The Censor" Pisani can be:

However, the story about the Beating and Robbery At Riverside Walgreens still does not have the security cam photos (we have them here).

Previously, I had commented on these stories on the Stamford Advocate website and let their confused readers know that I had the images discussed on my website.

However, my comments seem to not be appearing on the Stamford Advocate website anymore ....

More about Joe How Petty

Joe "The Censor" Pisani Can Be:


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10/23/08 "They're poor," Chief Executive Bruce Baxter said, referring to many ambulance patients.

Bruce Baxter, chief and executive director of New Britain Emergency Medical Services, discusses the company’s troubles Wednesday at its Arch Street headquarters.

The Herald

With increasing emergency calls and decreasing payments from patients, many of whom are on Medicaid, New Britain Emergency Medical Services Inc. has gone broke...
...Before the meeting, the company's Chief Executive Bruce Baxter and its assistant chief, Janice Carbonneau, explained they can provide services and make sound fiscal decisions.
"But we can't control the demographics," Carbonneau said. The company will transport anyone, no matter what insurance they have - or do not have....

... "I wouldn't say we are broke," Baxter said. "But other communities do pay a subsidy for ambulance service." He cited Greenwich, which pays $2 million a year, and other communities.
"Fee for service might work in Greenwich," because of the $2 million funding" ...
Please send your comments to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

10/23/08 Greenwich Post News Links

“I was unhappy and I was unsure,” Michelle Johnson told a rapt audience Thursday night at the YWCA. “My household, while it ran well on the outside, was not a calm one. It was not a content one and it was not a safe one.”


Ms. Sternberg, the former state Commissioner of Education, was first hired in 2006, and her original three-year contract expires on June 30, at which time she will leave office.

Ms. Sternberg first made the announcement in a statement last Wednesday****, saying the decision came after careful consideration and that recent health issues, which forced her to take a leave of absence this past summer, had nothing to do with it.

Ms. Sternberg told the Post last Thursday she had only been pondering her decision “intensely” the last seven to 10 days before deciding over the Columbus Day weekend. She said she informed the Board of Education last Monday night.

“There wasn’t one factor that pushed me this way,” Ms. Sternberg said. “I’ve had a very long and productive career. I really have. I’m proud of what I’ve done over the lifespan of my career and I’m proud of what we’ve done over the two years here in Greenwich. We’ve done a tremendous amount and addressed issues that are very difficult to address.”...

....Ms. Sternberg and others in her cabinet have come under heavy criticism from parents in western Greenwich after continued delays in the construction of Hamilton Avenue School, delay of Glenville School’s demolition and reconstruction, and mold discovered in modular classrooms where Hamilton Avenue students have been staying since 2005. The mold discovery forced the relocation of all the students last March. Parents say the problem has been linked to health problems in themselves and their children.

“Given the context of the community and my own personal wishes and desires, I really do believe that it’s in the best interests of the community and me to have someone else continue to lead,” Ms. Sternberg said.

Ms. Sternberg said it wasn’t one thing that triggered her decision and declined to be more specific because she didn’t think it would be “useful” to do that.

The Hamilton Avenue and mold controversies have caused some to say there has been a lack of accountability under Ms. Sternberg’s leadership, something she said is “absolutely incorrect.”...

....Assistant Superintendent of Schools Kathleen Greider, who has been with the district since January 2007 and served as interim superintendent while Ms. Sternberg was on leave over the summer. Ms. Greider could not be reached for comment.

While Ms. Sternberg said Ms. Greider was “definitely capable” of being a superintendent, she added it would be “absolutely inappropriate” for a sitting superintendent to have any role in choosing who would follow in the position....

Please Note:

*** Correction This Greenwich Post Article Should Have Read Wednesday Before Last. It Took Eight Days For The Greenwich Post To Get This Story Up Online. The Greenwich Time And Bloggers All Covered The Story With In 24 Hours.

One of the sharpest differences in the race for the open 151st District seat in the legislature between Republican Alfred Camillo Jr. and Democrat Edward Krumeich II is around health insurance, with Mr. Krumeich calling for universal care in the state and Mr. Camillo saying the proposal goes too far and is too expensive.

The economy has been the dominant issue for months now in the race for the 4th Congressional District and Monday morning was no exception as incumbent Republican Rep. Christopher Shays faced off in a debate with his Democratic challenger, Jim Himes.

Eleven-term Congressman Christopher Shays (R-4th) is locked into another close race this year. The only New England Republican left in the House of Representatives is standing by his record on the economy and his recommendations for the Middle East as Election Day approaches.

For the convenience of the public and to accommodate the additional traffic expected during the holiday shopping season, effective Monday, Nov. 24, through Friday, Jan. 2, 2009, no roadway openings, excavations, blocking or restricting of public sidewalks or parking spaces will be permitted in the central business districts of Greenwich, Old Greenwich, Riverside, Cos Cob, Byram or Glenville, except work of an emergency nature.

Greenwich Art Society members may enter their works for a nature exhibit Nov. 5 through 21 at the Garden Education Center, 130 Bible St.

Friendly Connections, Family Centers’ senior outreach program, will hold its autumn volunteer training on Saturday, Oct. 25, at 10:30. The training will be held at Family Centers’ 40 Arch St. offices in Greenwich.
Past, present and prospective volunteers are invited to attend this training seminar. A light meal and materials will be provided. The training is offered free of charge.


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