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Thursday, August 21, 2008

08/21/08 For What It's Worth: Chris we Hate To Say We Told You So, But Chris we Told You So.....

"you were in my way"

I don't know if Chris Fountain Will Like Greenwich Roundup Pointing This out but....

Please see:

08/14/08 Soon To Be Pulled Over Lawyer / Realtor Exposes Police Union "Extortion"

Police Unions and traffic control

For What It's Worth

By Chris Fountain

The New York Times reports that the Governor of Massachusetts is trying, again, to get rid of the requirement that policemen direct traffic around construction sites. Fat chance - the state's been trying to achieve this for decades and union power always prevails. The Times says no other state wastes resources like this but, wouldn't you know, Greenwich uses a modified system, requiring off-duty policemen, on overtime pay, to steer cars around all non-public work projects.

A town employee can move traffic around a town tree cutting operation but if that same bit of tree trimming is being performed by CL&P or a private tree company, cop(s) must be on hand. Don't hire one at your peril, because these guys will shut you down in a heart beat and even arrest you, as they did at the Post Office project on Valley Road.

Cops make out like bandits with this deal and Greenwich obviously figures that what we don't see won't hurt us, so our "negotiators" continue the practice. We spent, according to BET minutes, $32,000 a month in police overtime directing traffic during the Mianus sewer construction project, a work effort that stretched out years. That's just one small example, of course. And I assume, but do not know, that a cop's overtime earned directing traffic is treated like all his other overtime when calculating his pension.

Because that pension is based on the cop's last year's total compensation it's the norm that the retiring civil servant racks up as much extra pay as he can, all to our financial woe. As a town, we seem to accept this ridiculous situation as the price of labor peace but it sure looks like union extortion to me.

Well guess which frequent government and police critic just had to go to Town Hall to appeal a ticket for the first time in his life....

Parking ticket appeals

In my driving history I've probably accumulated 10 parking tickets over 39 years. Spread out over that time, that's not bad (no, I'm not counting the tickets I got when I attended college in Boston, when, in those blessed pre-computer days, you could ignore the tickets and switch to new license plates on visits home). And I've never appealed one until now but a cop recently ticketed me for parking too close to a hydrant and, when I questioned him, he said, "you were in my way." I don't think that a cop's pique is sufficient reason to get a ticket so I filed an appeal and went off to Town Hall today to argue it.

It was an almost painless process. I met a very nice guy named, I think, Bob Bishop who heard me out sympathetically, agreed with me that the cop was not behaving well but asked me how close I was to the hydrant. I confessed that I was certainly closer than the 10' demanded by law so he suggested cutting the $50 ticket to $25. Seemed fair to me and the matter was closed. Took 5 minutes.

So I got what could be perceived as an apology from the town for the peevishness of their officer and I paid for my sins. Here's a picture of the scene of the crime. You'll notice that the offensive policeman is a gentleman in his late 50's. Anyone that age still wearing shorts and directing traffic probably has suffered some career disappointments along life's path, but that's no reason to be a jerk, in my opinion.

Greenwich Roundup also had a very similar experiences....

When my wife had a store in Byram I started seeing Byram's problems first hand.

Initially I started going to meetings and asking to meet with public officials complaining about parking problems.

I was particularly worried about three 30 minute parking spaces in front of my wives store that often had cars parked there for hours at a time.

Eventually, Alan Corey and others at parking services got tired of my complaints and made sure that a parking agent checked on those spaces multiple times a day.

However, the traffic agents disappeared sometime around 2:30 pm to 3:00 pm and I was told to call the Greenwich Police Department for ticketing cars up until 6:00 pm most officers were sympathetic to the situation. They striped the tires and came back 30 minutes later and issued the ticket.

Most of the tickets went to North Water Street residents that had New York plates in order to avoid paying the property taxes. I even started calling various WGCH talk shows about the high concentration of residents with New York plates.

However, there was one Byram officer, if I remember right, named Dipetro, who always had a horrible attitude when he got called from his spot on the Post Road to stripe tires and come back and earn some parking revenue for the town.

This officer would say things like, "I am not supposed to be witting tickets" and tell me "My Sargent get mad at me when I am witting to many parking tickets."

Then he would lecture me about how I was taking him away from important crime fighting duties when he was called over for a quality life issue like illegal parking.

Often times this officer would stripe the tires, but unlike the other officers he would not return to write the tickets.

Well one afternoon I was having a new fixture delivered to the store and I called the Greenwich Police Department to have some illegally parked cars ticketed, so that there would be at least one space clear to make the delivery.

It is very strange how three illegally parked cars can sit all day, but once a ticket is slapped on the windshield they come running out to their vehicles. Often before the traffic enforcement officer is finished writing the ticket.

Well anyway, the delivery showed up and had to park in front of a driveway beside the store, because of the illegally parked cars. Unfortunately, the driveway was full of cars from tenants who lived above my wife's store.

The perpetually cranky, Byram Police officer showed up and informed me that he was not going to stripe the tires of the illegally parked cars, but he was going to ticket the four wheel drive SUV delivering the fixture for blocking the driveway.

I protested that I was blocking my own driveway and that I would not be blocking my own driveway if there were not three illegally parked cars in front of my wife's store. But this officer did not want to hear that this SUV would not be being unloaded in front of my own driveway if he had ticketed the illegal cars.

The officer didn't care what I said and wrote a pretty substantial ticket.

At first I just chalked the ticket up to a business expense and put it on my desk to pay.

The fixture was unloaded and the illegally parked cars stayed until 6 PM restriction ended. Now they were legally allowed to stay until 9 AM the next morning.

A little after six I saw a black SUV park in front of my driveway and the lady driver ran across the street into a yellow apartment building. I just stood in front of my store to watch if she was going to be coming out soon or planned on illegally parking in front of my driveway all night long.

Well my favorite Byram officer pulled up while making his run from Johnny Cakes to sit at his favorite spot on the Post Road. He stopped in front of my wife's store rolled down his widow and asked me if the SUV belonged to me.

I said, "No, are you going to give this one a ticket like you gave me a ticket?" The officer did not say a word rolled up his window and drove to his favorite spot on the Post Road.

This caused me to call the Police Department to complain about how this jerks actions were unbecoming to a police officer. The Sargent I spoke too said he would speak to the officer and advised me to take my ticket to the First Selectman's office and appeal it.

I made an appointment and spoke to a hearing officer who seemed to get a lot of complaints like this, because she was so understanding.

A teenager a cross the street from my wife's store had taken a couple of pictures of the officer giving me the ticket and acting belligerent. Plus I had made a drawing showing the store foot print parking spaces and driveway.

The hearing officer seemed to agree it was foolish that the police officer gave me a ticket for parking in front of my own driveway and dismissed the ticket and did not even want to see my drawing or the pictures.

My wife who was Korean went with me to the First Selectman's office and told the hearing officer that the, "Policeman was very nasty" and he shouldn't talk to people like that.

Well after that I got more involved in Byram and started this blog and started calling WGCH talk shows to complain about other problems on the Western side of town. The crime, drugs and gangs, as well as, the poor delivery of government services to this part of town.

I even went out and collected signatures so that I could be a town legislator. In November I was elected to the Representative Town Meeting.

This caused me a lot of grief from town officials and police department brass, which eventually led to Police Officer Dipetro leading a bunch of police officers into my wife's store to conduct an illegal search that lasted more than an hour.

After I called 911 several times on Officer Dipetro and his gang of lawbreakers a Greenwich Police sargent came and removed the officers. No tickets were ever written for the illegal raid and no charges were ever filed by the Greenwich Police Department or any other governmental agency.

Officer Dipetro's illegal raid was all over the front pages of the Greenwich Time and was reported to the illegally appointed Captain Pacewicz who cleared Dipetro and the other officers without interviewing me, my wife and our neighbors who congregated and witnessed the illegal search.

When I spoke to First Selectman Peter Tesei after the incident he told me that there had been 80 complaints about police officers during the last two years.

That is like a complaint every
and that doesn't count the residents who are afraid or don't know how to complain about the
Greenwich Police Depatment.

In my opinion this is far too high a frequency for a relatively small police force in a town that prides itself on being gentile.

To be fair, In my 12 years of living in Greenwich I have had problems with two Greenwich Police Officers. And one could argue and Police Chief David Ridberg often points out my previous complaint of five or six years ago makes me a higher than normal complainant.

Most Greenwich Residents have little or no need to complain about the Greenwich Police Department.

Yes I had previously complained about an Officer Terrel Hardy, who had a long history of violating Greenwich residents civil rights and was eventually fired many years after my complaints about him.

Some day I may tell the Terrell Hardy story and how then Captain David Ridberg behaved back then, as he defended a police officer he would soon be testifying against.

But right now, I am late to go to my Thursday Night Men's study and prayer group which is held in a private house and consists of some members of Harvest Time Church and members from other churches. There is even a guy who isn't comfortable attending church regularly, but enjoys coming to the mens group. He and his son cooks up the food for the group.

However, I will say this before I go.

I do feel that most of the Greenwich Police Department consists of police officers who are very intelligent and physically fit enough to take on any crime problem in Greenwich.

Moreover, many of the Greenwich Police Officers also serve in the National Guard and have very generous hearts.

In fact in this men's prayer and study group is a Greenwich Police Officer who is volunteering to use his personal time and funds to go to Africa to help in a church sponsored medical clinic that will provide relief to thousands of improvised women in children.

It also my understanding he has used his time and money to help support an orphanage that has taken ten children off the streets of Dakar and allowed them to go to school and have a better life.

I would further like to say that even though Greenwich Roundup has been critical of some Greenwich Officers and some investigations, we are far from anti-police.

For Example:

When four young people, including the son of a Board of Education member, were arrested around the first of this month. I was told by many people that police had acted improperly.

Many people did not want to recognize that this was a PRETTY BIG DRUG BUST with Intent TO SELL to others.

Unfortunately some relatives and friends of these kids did not want to recognize that they had been making mistakes for a long time and were getting deeper in the drug culture.

I personally, knew of one of these young men and he had a bit of trouble before and probably will be sent to jail for violating his parole.

From all accounts that I heard he had really started to straighten up his life until he began running with this crowd. In fact, he says that he had not been parting in the house that night. He says he went there to get a radio of his that was there

There were a couple of people who very angry at me, because they thought that I would automatically criticize Greenwich Police Officers for arresting these kids. They were convinced that the police had acted improperly.

There was a disturbance at a house. There were trespassers playing loud music and spraying graffiti on the walls. The police found emptied cigar guts that indicated that drugs were being stuffed in the cigar shells. Plus, the police heard the toilets being flushed when they entered the house and found the sinks wet indicating that something had been recently washed down the drain.

From what I heard all parties agreed that one of the car drivers consented to a search of the car, even though there was heavy police pressure or intimidation tactics involved in asking to search the car.

And the police recovered an awful lot of drugs that were most likely destined to other school children who were friends and customers of this group.

All I can say to the persons who are mad at me, because I agreed with the Greenwich Time and did not think that this was an illegal police search.

The police officers acted properly.

Please don't blame me for the way the story appeared in this blog or the Greenwich Time.

This story probably never would have seen the light of day if you had not told the Greenwich Time, you were going to get Greenwich Roundup to write the story for you.

Let's face the facts.....

  • The Drug Bust Happened On A Sunday And Did Not Appear In The Greenwich Time Until Friday.
  • It Was Not In Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Or Thursday's Police Blotter.
  • Since On Of The Kid's Father Is A "Republican" Member Of The Local Board of Education Normally Would Not Have Been Published.
  • So Please Be Careful When You Are Unhappy With The Greenwich Time That You Do Not Tell Them Ahead Of Time That You Are Contacting Greenwich Roundup.
  • Because I Just May Agree With Them And The Greenwich Police Department Or Some Other Entity.
  • In Fact, If The Greenwich Police Department Had Not Done Their Job I Would Have Been Screaming, "Why Are Kids Byram Getting Busted And Why Are Kids In The Back Country Getting A Free Pass?"

Let's all remember the Greenwich Police Department kept these kids from driving drunk and stoned on the roads and possibly killing themselves or someone else.

Kids make mistakes. They get caught. Life goes on. It's too bad that it'll be in their records but on the bright side nobody was hurt and the courts will probably mandate help for their drug problem.

Maybe one of these days, one or more of these kids will say thank God that the Greenwich Police arrested me, because I was getting deeper and deeper into drugs and my life could have been ruined.

  • Let us pray for these kids and hope they are cured of this evil sickness and that none of them have to go to jail for these mistakes.

  • And let us pray for the Greenwich Police Officers who act in a courteous and professional manner and bring honor to the Department and the Town Of Greenwich. And Let us pray that officers who currently don't meet the standard will soon improve.

  • I also probably should pray that I would not let my dislike of the past actions of Chief Ridberg, illegally appointed Captain Pacewicz and a few others cause me not to appreciate the hard and dedicated work of the vast majority of Greenwich Police Officers and their supervisors.
In fact, I hold no animosity towards officer Dipetro. If it was not for him I would not be a member of the RTM or have this blog.

And as much as I hate to say this....

Most persons in town who are in the know say that Chief Ridberg is doing a much better job of managing the Department than the previous Chief Of Police.

But, Cheif Ridberg has a long ways to go before the Town has the police department they deserve.

Perhaps, the first step would be to establish a civilian complaint board that independently listened to citizen's complaints instead of using the system where Pacewicz whitewashes and covers up departmental performance problems.

Unfortunately, Pacewicz allows a few bad officers to give a bad reputation to the rest of the department which very educated and fit.

Cheif Ridberg and his officers should welcome the accountability and feedback that a civilian complaint review board would bring to the Greenwich Police Department.

For example, if a civilian complaint board received a great deal of complaints about discourteous officers like the one Chris Fountain encountered then Chief Ridberg could dedicate some trining time on how to properly deal with civilians.

Really grumpy officers with especially bad dispositions could receive individual councelling. Outright abusive and biligerant officers like Terrell Hardy could be shown the door sooner, rather than later.

I will now get off my soap box and go to my men's study and prayer group.

Please See:

08/08/08 Greenwich Time News Links For Friday

  • Greenwich Time reporter Mr. Vigdor has delivered yet another incomplete article.

  • Was a field sobriety test given to these "Back Country" boys from privileged families?
  • If a test was given what were the results.
  • This information is routinely provided for out of towners and poorer members of Greenwich society.
  • When this information is selectively reported or given out it makes the Greenwich Police Department look corrupt and the Greenwich Time look inept.

The Bodson Family Was Very Lucky, This Time

Please see:

Grave Indifference Contributed to Death of John J. Bria

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"It Always A Good Policy
To Try And Be Nice To The People
You Both Protect And Serve"

Officer "Insensitive" as
Dog Dies During Traffic Stop

08/21/08 Some Of The Dumbest Criminals Are From Greenwich

Greenwich man sentenced for carrying cocaine into Stamford court

Article Launched: 08/21/2008 02:23:31

A Greenwich man who walked into the Stamford courthouse carrying 1.7 grams of cocaine was sentenced Thursday to three years probation. Steve Wint, 34, of 75 Wilbur Peck Court, was arrested by state judicial marshals on May 28 for carrying the stash of cocaine wrapped in a $1 bill....

Please Read The Full Greenwich Time Story


Arrest made in YW bomb threats

Calls closed the YWCA for two days

By Martin B. Cassidy/ Staff Writer

A bomb threat shut down the YWCA of Greenwich Monday and Tuesday and have police charged a Pemberwick Road man for making the threatening calls to the agency's Domestic Abuse Services' hotline. Greenwich Police Lt. Richard Cochran said.

Michael Beadle, 54, of 60 Pemberwick Rd., was charged Monday night with first-degree threatening and second-degree harassment in connection with the two phone calls, according to Greenwich Police Lt. Richard Cochran.

The woman who answered the two calls was a victims' advocate working on the 24-hour-crisis hotline, Cochran said. Greenwich Police Lt. Richard Cochran said.

Michael Beadle, 54, of 60 Pemberwick Rd., was charged Monday night with first-degree threatening and second-degree harassment in connection with the two phone calls, according to Greenwich Police Lt. Richard Cochran.

The woman who answered the two calls was a victims' advocate working on the 24-hour-crisis hotline, Cochran said.....

Please Read The Full Greenwich Time Story

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08/21/08 Is Greenwich Time a real newspaper? CROCKEFFELAH on NBC, Monday Morning

Story of the summer appears with an abduction-turned-murder mystery (with extensive Greenwich ties), and the clueless local rag continues its news blackout??

Be sure to tune in to the TODAY SHOW on Monday morning, to watch former Greenwich CT resident (and all around fraud) Crock Rockaphony pretend he's the scion of an American tycoon... and maybe not so different from those local hedge fund managers, after all - LOL!

Greenwich Time staffers need to look up the word "hubris," figure out what it means, and henceforth write their articles with that idea fixed in mind.

WAKE UP, Greenwich Time!

Hearst Media Executives And Greenwich Time Editors Should Follow This Link To See How A "Real Crime Reporter" Covers The Local Angle On A Nationwide Crime Story.....


Please See:

08/17/08 How impostors like former Greenwich resident Clark Rockefeller capture our trust instantly - and why we are so eager to give it to them

08/16/08 Crockeffelah Lawyer Says Former Local Resident Is Not Guilty Of Kidnapping, Because Marriage Was Invalid

08/15/08 FBI confirms former Greenwich Resident's Identity

08/15/08 This Former Greenwich Resident Is Really Creepy

Here Is More Information:


Where is the coverage?

Grenwich Time Reporters Are Out To Lunch


Clark "I Used To Live In Greenwich" Rockefeller

admits California ID

Clark Rockefeller driver says he was fooled by

former Greenwich Resident

California detectives plan to query the former

Greenwich resident known as,

Christian Gerhartsreiter, again

It's Not That The Greenwich Time Reporters Are Too Lazy To Go Out And Cover The Story

It's That They Just Don't Give A Damn

Remember how the Greenwich Time sat on the Martha Moxley Murder Mystery story and Los Angeles Detective Mark Furman had to come in a write a book called Murder In Greenwich


08/06/08 Did The Greenwich Police Department Question Clarke Rockeffeller Then Let Him Go Free

08/08/08 Is Frank Girardot Is Wondering Why The Lazy Greenwich Time Reporters Have Not Called Him Asking About The Fake Rockefeller

08/10/98 The Greenwich Time Won't Cover This Story On Their So-Called "News Website" So We Will Havee To Bring It To You.

  • Creepy con man Clark Rockefeller posed as the long-lost brother of serial killer David Berkowitz, Also Known As, The Son Of Sam Killer, and tried to use the Son of Sam's Social Security number to get his Wall Street broker's license.

    The fake Rockefeller - born Christian Gerhartsreiter in Germany and jailed for allegedly kidnapping his daughter, "Snooks" - called the killer's lawyer around 1985 claiming to need information to confirm that Berkowitz, who was adopted, was the sibling he never knew, the lawyer said.

    "He said that he'd been abandoned by his family, too," said lawyer Mark Jay Heller, who is convinced that the caller was Gerhartsreiter.

    Heller refused the caller's request for a Social Security number, but the bizarre Bavarian appears to have gotten it anyway.

    A former colleague said the faker got his first finance job in 1985, with venture capitalist Stanford Phelps in Greenwich, Conn., using the name Christopher Crowe.

    Phelps fired him within a year after learning from the National Association of Securities Dealers that he had used the Social Security number of David Berkowitz, said the ex-colleague.

    When Gerhartsreiter got a job at Nikko on Wall Street, Phelps called, and again "Crowe" was fired, the trader said.

    Rockefeller's lawyer, Stephen Hrones, said his client doesn't have a memory of using Berkowitz's ID.

    At his next job, at Kidder-Peabody, Gerhartsreiter "went into his manager's office saying his parents had been kidnapped in South America and he needed to go down there to pay a ransom," the trader said.

    The next day, FBI agents showed up at Nikko, looking for "Crowe," Barnett and the trader said.

    They wanted to question him about a truck he was driving in Connecticut that was owned by John Sohus, his ex-landlord, who'd vanished with his wife, Linda, from their San Marino, Calif., home four years earlier.

    They never found "Crowe" or the truck, but in 1994 contractors digging a pool at the home unearthed three plastic bags containing a hacked-up male skeleton, according to the LA County Sheriff's Office.


The Suspect Known as Clark Rockefeller on Wall Street

Universal Hub

Dave Copeland, who knows something about criminals and New York, makes some calls to learn about "Rockefeller's" less than illustrious career on Wall Street back in the Gordon Gekko days:

... But after two days at Lehman, Rockefeller told his supervisors that he needed to take time off to search for his parents, who he said had gone missing in Afghanistan. Sources said Rockefeller – who told co-workers at Nikko he was film director Christoher Crowe – was dismissed by Lehman. Rockefeller even invited co-workers to the Greenwich, Conn. guest house he was renting for screenings of “his” movies. Rockefeller claimed he was living in the guest house because his own home was being renovated, a claim that co-workers assumed was one of his tall tales.

Within days of his dismissal from Lehman, Connecticut State Police detectives arrived at the offices of both Lehman and Nikko looking to question Rockefeller. ...

One guess what they might have wanted to question him about. Yep.


08/01/08 The Fake Rockefeller Has A Greenwich Connection In Doctor Hedi Leistner

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0821/08 The Raw Greenwich Business News Feed

A Whole Lot Of Restructuring Going On....
  1. Founder Gupta resigns as CEO of InfoGroup

    The State

    ... partnership in Stamford, Conn., declined to comment. Rob Kirkpatrick, managing director at Cardinal Capital in Greenwich, Conn., said the proposed settlement would be presented to the judge in Delaware for approval. Gupta said in a news release that ...

  2. Lehman Bros. shares fall as firm seeks buyers

    Asbury Park Press Online

    ... Steve Sosnick, equity risk manager at Timber Hill LLC, the market-making unit of Interactive Brokers Group Inc. in Greenwich, Conn. 'Every story I read has some kind of negative in it and there's no shortage of stories.' Lehman, the largest ...

  3. Transforming American Newspapers

    Rebuilding Media

    ... Communications, and meanwhile is managing partner of the media consulting firm of Digital Deliverance LLC in Greenwich, Connecticut. Two forces have shattered the news media. Technology is the first. Although media technology is undergoing its ...

  4. Hines Horticulture, Inc. Files Chapter 11 Petition to Facilitate Going Concern Sale of Its Assets

    Market Wire

    ... of distressed-debt/private equity funds, hedge funds and structured vehicles. Black Diamond has offices in Greenwich, Connecticut, and Lake Forest, Illinois. Forward-looking Statements This press release, as well as other statements made by the ...

  5. X-Rite restructuring positions for growth, CFO

    Flint Township/Swartz Creek Advance

    ... for 28.6 million shares, or 37.3 percent of shares. It is a new investor in X-Rite. Sagard Capital Partners, in Greenwich, Conn., will pay $3 per share for 9.1 million shares, increasing its position to 15.4 percent of X-Rite shares. Tinicum Capital ...

  6. Techalt's SRO To Increase Presence in Collegiate Athletics Market

    Business Wire

    ... benefit from this product. Dr. Paul Sethi, an orthopedic surgeon from The ONS Sports and Shoulder Service in Greenwich, CT, who has worked with the Lakers, Kings, Avengers, Angels and Dodgers, asserted, " As a sports medicine surgeon in a community ...

  7. Effective advertising leads customers to your garden center, and...

    Grower Talks

    ... hardgoods. Sage Pro Eleven and a half miles from The Gardener's Center is Sam Bridge Nursery and Greenhouses in Greenwich, Connecticut, whose ninety-three-year-old owner (Mr. Bridge, of course) comes to work every day. Their POS system is Sage Pro, ...

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08/21/08 First Selectman Peter Tesei Recognized By University of Connecticut

Tesei named a UConn notable

By Neil Vigdor/Staff Writer

When Peter Tesei arrived at the University of Connecticut in 1987, he was a freshman in more than one sense of the word.

Back at home in Greenwich, he was a freshman legislator in the Representative Town Meeting, the start of a budding political career that has seen Tesei move on to serve on the municipal finance board and currently as the first selectman.

Now Tesei's alma mater is recognizing him as one of 40 distinguished alumni under the age of 40.

Tesei, 39, learned of the honor in a June 20 letter from UConn's Alumni Association, which is expected to host a ceremony honoring the Who's Who list of young alumni in mid-September at its Storrs campus.

"It's an honor to be recognized," said Tesei, who graduated with a bachelor's degree in political science in 1991. "I certainly enjoyed my time at UConn. It'll be nice to see the campus and interact with some of the current students there."....

....On the list of distinguished young alumni, he will have company from Rep. Christopher Murphy, D-Conn., who just turned 35 and represents the state's fifth congressional district, according to a spokeswoman for the Democrat. Murphy, who unseated longtime incumbent Nancy Johnson in 2006, graduated from UConn Law School in 2002.

Other notable young alums who could make the list include Ray Allen of the NBA champion Boston Celtics, Richard "Rip" Hamilton of the Detroit Pistons, basketball player Rebecca Lobo and Diana Taurasi of the WNBA's Phoenix Mercury.


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08/21/08 Greenwich Post News Links For Thursday

From the mouths of clowns

Joe and Abby Shropshire test their skills at the Laughing Clowns game during the Carnival of Fun at St. Catherine of Siena Church in Riverside.

That Was A Cute Lead Story Now Let's Read Some Old Greenwich News Stories:

Here Is Better Late Than Never
Greenwich Post News Story #1

Public Works commissioner here to stay

Written by Ken Borsuk, Staff Reporter

With the “interim” tag now removed from her title, Amy Siebert is officially in charge of the town’s Department of Public Works.

Ms. Siebert was appointed commissioner of public works at the Aug. 14 Board of Selectmen meeting. She had been in charge of the department on an interim basis since previous commissioner Lloyd Hubbs resigned in May to move back to California.

Ms. Siebert, a licensed professional engineer, was first hired by the town in January 2004 as the sewer division manager. First Selectman Peter Tesei praised her “strong background” in project management and the job she did running the day-to-day operations of the sewer department and developing ways to deal with storm water management. Starting last year, she served as the deputy commissioner until Mr. Hubbs’ resignation this spring.

Mr. Tesei said he was looking forward to working with Ms. Siebert on such issues as storm water management and response to flooding, which has been a growing problem in town.

Please See:

08/16/08 Home Much Did The Single Family Homeowners Pay Walters Odani To Recruit The Deputy Commissioner To Be The Commissioner Of Public Works?

08/18/08 Greenwich Time - Siebert to lead public works

Here Is Better Late Than Never

Greenwich Post News Story #2

Residents object to mixing housing

Written by Sara Poirier, Assistant Editor

Can workforce housing and senior housing co-exist at Quarry Knoll?

That remains to be seen following a presentation at the senior housing complex last week of a proposed renovation of the central Greenwich site. Housing Authority board members, whose agency controls Quarry Knoll I and II and other sites around town, including McKinney Terrace in Byram, held the meeting, they said, to inform people of their proposed plans and how, specifically, Quarry Knoll would be affected.

Housing Authority board member Jonathan DuBois told the Post after the meeting that the Housing Authority has met with Quarry Knoll residents about this proposed project twice before.

The entire proposal, which includes making changes at McKinney Terrace, as well as at what is known as Quarry Knoll I (home to 50 one-bedroom bungalows that are about 400 square feet each), was first publicized in April 2007 after about a year of planning. Quarry Knoll II, 40 apartments for the elderly, according to the town’s Web site, Greenwichct.org, is not a part of the Housing Authority’s proposed renovations....


08/11/08 Greenwich Roundup Posting

  • In a rare rebuke of a public agency by the town's chief-elected official, First Selectman Peter Tesei said the Greenwich Housing Authority needs to remove the veil of secrecy from its expansion plans for McKinney Terrace and Quarry Knoll.

    Top Story:


    Greenwich Housing Authority Meetings Were Improperly Noticed And Closed To Members Of The Public

    Tesei Won't Give His Blessing To Any Project Until All Of The Details Are Fully And Properly Presented To A Public That Is Allowed To Comment At A Public Hearing


    "Tell the community at large what your plans are. That's my expectation," First Selectman Peter Tesei said. "It's their job to tell people what they're proposing to do. It's not mine."

    "That is not correct. We wouldn't turn anyone away," Jonathan DuBois, the Housing Authority's chairman, said. "I think it's fair I misunderstood what was expected of us as an agency of the town,""I think it's fair I misunderstood what was expected of us as an agency of the town,"


Here Is Better Late Than Never

Greenwich Post News Story #3

Finance board to review how money is being spent at Hamilton Avenue

Written by Sara Poirier, Assistant Editor

Throwing more into the pot last Friday, the Board of Estimate and Taxation approved what its members were told would be the last interim appropriation for the Hamilton Avenue School renovation project — $500,000.

Building Committee Chairman Frank Mazza told the board it would be the last, based on what he knew at that point in time.

The allocation still needs approval from the Representative Town Meeting next month, and will be given to the building committee only if its report on how the money will be spent is approved by the finance board.

Stephen Walko, finance board chairman and a member of the building committee, said that not approving the money could cause a loss of momentum on the project, the completion of which has been delayed for more than a year. He told board members that the money is for premium pay for the contractor, potential change orders and contingency. To date, $1.3 in interim appropriations have been given to the project — in June 2007 and in January and May of this year.


08/19/08 Board of Estimate and Taxation Finally Decides To Closely Monitor And Provide More Fiscal Oversite For A Mob Connected School Construction Firm

  • The Goodfellas Say,
    "You Guys Aren't Getting A School
    Until You Pay More Money."


    Who Is Protecting The Hard Earned Tax Dollars Of The Single Family Homeowners Of Greenwich?

    After Three Years Of Missed Deadlines The Ham. Ave. School Price Tag Has Ballooned From 24 To 30 Million.

    Now, The BET Finally Wants To Take A "Closer Look" At A Project That Was Supposed To Only Take 18 Months!!!!

    Frank Mazza's Building Committee Has Requested $500,000 In Interim Funding To Pay For Outstanding Building Modifications And Change Orders.

    Mazza Says He Is Sure That Hamilton Avenue School Will Receive A Temporary Certificate Of Occupancy (TCO) By The End Of The Month, Provided That The Mob Connected Contractor Receives More Of Your Tax Dollars.


    "We've been through this before with previous requests," said BET member Larry Simon. After three missed deadlines, "you've lost credibility." "We want to make sure we get the TCO ASAP," said BET chairman Stephen Walko. "I don't think the pressure is off to finish up."


    Town to monitor Ham Ave. funds


08/16/08 Greenwich Roundup Posting

  • Surprise !!!!



    Don't Worry No One Will Be Fired For Yet Another Failure !!!!

    The Failed School Administrators All Got Raises!!!!

    And The Same Morons Are In Charge Of The Glenville School Project!!!!!

    No C.O. for Ham Ave.: Mid-October new target for school opening

    By Colin Gustafson (colin.gustafson@scni.com or at (203) 625-4428)

    The Hamilton Avenue School project missed another crucial deadline yesterday when the building failed to win approval for occupancy because of lingering facility-related issues.

    ...Under the backup plan, Hamilton Avenue students will spend part or all of the year in modulars, while Glenville students attend class at four sites - Parkway, Julian Curtiss, Cos Cob and Western Middle schools - this fall.

    Once the delay-mired Hamilton Avenue project is completed and approved, its students can move into their new building, allowing Glenville students to use the modulars...

    ..."I'm trying to be positive, because if you're positive, your children will be positive," said Glenville mother Alicia Budkins, whose son will start classes at Western Middle School this month.

    "If he can get through it, then I can get through it. If my kids can handle it, then I can handle it."

    Please See Yesterdays Greenwich Roundup Post:

    08/15/08 Greenwich Time Editors And Reporters Were Clueless, Because They Had Their Heads Up Their Rear Ends And Could Not Hear Hamilton Avenue Moms


    But School Board Members And PTA Insiders Say That Parents Must Not Criticize The Failed Administrators Who Are Wasting Tax Dollars.

    No, They only want to only hear positive affirmations about school officials.

    While most everyone believes in the power positive affirmations.
    Everyone still realizes that you can't sit on the couch and say "I wan't to lose twenty five pounds by new years", as you eat a box of twinkies.

    It's Time To Get Real It's Time To Fire Failed Administrators That Are Wasting The Hard Earned Tax Dollars Of The Single Family Homeowners Of Greenwich.

    Those poor little children at Glenville School are going to get screwed by the same idiots that harmed the children of Hamilton Avenue School.

    Back in March School Superintendent Betty Sternberg said her administrators
    would be held accountable.

    No one has been fired or demoted!!!!

    No Betty gave them all pay raises!!!!!

    If Betty Sternberg Won't Take Action

    Then Let's Get A Superintendent Who Will !!!!

Here Is The Better Late Than Never
Greenwich Post News Story #4

Avenue to make way for soapbox racers

Written by Ken Borsuk, Staff Reporter

Greenwich Avenue will be for soapbox racers only on Sept. 14. Town officials have given the go-ahead to close the lower portion of the town’s most famous street to make room for the race’s return.

Once an annual event in town, the VivaPop All-American Soapbox Derby is set for its comeback next month. Greenwich Avenue will be closed from 5 a.m. to 1 p.m. from the Starbucks at Havemeyer Place to the road’s intersection with Railroad Avenue. Businesses and residents have been notified of the temporary closure and Elizabeth Tarbell, president and chief executive officer of Greenwich-based VivaPop, which is putting the event together with Miller Motorcars, said plans for the race are proceeding well.

Please See This July Second

Greenwich Roundup Post:

07/02/08 Soap Box Derby To Return To Greenwich

Michael Parchment, General Manager of Miller Motorcars, and Elizabeth Tarbell, founder and CEO of VivaPop, look forward to bringing back the All-American Soap Box Derby to Greenwich, September 14. They are pictured here with an original derby car from the 1984 All-American Soap Box Derby in Greenwich.

VivaPop All-American Soap Box Derby comes to Greenwich

However We Must Admit That Greenwich Post

Special Corespondent
Sam Cross Scooped

Greenwich Roundup With This News Story....

Cat therapy helps nursing home residents relax

Written by Sam Cross, Post Correspondent

Margaret Collins loves cats. About a year ago, Ms. Collins was looking for volunteering opportunities and found visiting the Nathaniel Witherell as one of the options. Ms. Collins started bringing her two cats, Hua Ping and Mei Ling, to the Witherell, so residents could enjoy the company of her animals. The informal visits have developed into a new form of therapy for residents....

Dream season ends with Regional crown Dream season ends with Regional crown

Written by Paul Silverfarb

Head coach Mike Abate knew how talented his Greenwich Junior Cannons were. Throughout the early summer months, all teams of the American Legion Zone IV got to experience Greenwich’s dominance. Two weeks back, Connecticut got to feel the wrath of Post 29, as Greenwich took the state championship. Last weekend it was the region’s turn.

In a display of high-powered offense, crisp defense and stellar pitching, Greenwich cruised through the American Legion Northeast Regional tournament, which was held in West Warick, R.I., and beat Pawtucket 8-5 for the regional championship.

Hard work, determination paying off for D’Antona

Written by Paul Silverfarb

It’s amazing how the things people dream about become reality when you least expect it. Just ask Jamie D’Antona.

D’Antona, born in Greenwich and was a Trumbull High School class of 2000 graduate, has had an amazing season with the Triple-A Tucson Sidewinders and it paid off by getting a call up to the Arizona Diamondbacks.

After a successful 2007 campaign with the Sidewinders, posting a .308 batting average, netting 149 hits, 43 doubles, 13 homers, and 86 RBIs, D’Antona kept things going strong this season. In only 92 games with the Sidewinders, D’Antona was hitting a blistering .367 and had 17 long balls, 58 runs, 126 hits, and 67 RBIs.

Oil and gas: Sensitivity analysis

Written by Andy Szabo

As we have written recently, oil and gas drilling partnerships, properly structured and managed, offer several layers of tax benefits for high income taxpayers, while also enjoying potentially high investment returns. If we look at these partnerships as an investment, aside from the tax incentives provided by the government, one important aspect of risk and return to consider is the market price of oil and gas....

  • Andy Szabo CFA is managing director of Greenwich Financial Management Inc., a registered investment adviser. Questions, call 531-2877 or e-mail Szabo@GreenwichFinancial.com.This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it Previous columns may be found at Blog.GreenwichFinancial.com.

Written by Victoria Baker

In ancient Egypt, Cleopatra once cruised down the Nile. Today, famed Parisian shoe designer Christian Louboutin cruises down the Nile in his own style. His boathouse is perpetually docked in Upper Egypt, on the banks of Luxor, where he invites royalty and celebrities for a cruise down the river. From ancient times to the present, cruising through the waters on a beautiful ship has always been a leisurely and glamorous event.

  • Victoria Baker of Greenwich is an opera singer. She teaches piano and voice privately in Greenwich. Questions, call 531-7499 or e-mail vikyb@optonline.net.

The day I found joy in yoga

Written by John Eric Oberbeck

At first sight, yoga may not suit your fancy. It didn’t for me.

I was young and immature when my dad woke me up for Monday morning yoga sessions before school at 6:30 a.m. I would crawl downstairs still half asleep and be forced to do downward dog for way too long — and downward dog stinks. So every Monday morning before school I would sweat and writhe under the scourge of yoga; each time my loathing of the sport growing incrementally stronger.

  • John Eric Oberbeck of Greenwich is a recent graduate of Brunswick School.

On the road with e-mail

Written by Larry Schneider

Dear Larry,

I’m an Optimum Online user and when I’m traveling with my laptop, I find that I can’t send any e-mail although I can receive e-mail. When I return home, everything’s fine again. What’s going on? — G.S.

Dear G.S.,

Most e-mail in use today (with the exception of AOL) is of the POP3 variety. That means that e-mail sent to you is actually directed to your POP3 IMS (Incoming Mail Server) — a computer managed by your mail provider — Optimum Online, in your case — that houses your new e-mail until it’s delivered to your computer....

  • Larry Schneider is the owner of Accent on Computers, a Greenwich-based consulting firm. Call 625-7575 or visit Accentoncomputers.com for more information or send an e-mail to larry.schneider@accentoncomputers.com.

Just enjoy it

Written by Joe Pisani

Several years ago on a dark and dismal day, I fulfilled a lifelong dream at the expense of my middle-aged body: I climbed Mount Washington, the tallest peak in the Northeast, known to have the worst weather in the world.

  • Joe Pisani has been a writer and editor for 30 years. Most recently Mr. Pisani worked was the Greenwich Time editor. He and his wife, Sandy, have four daughters. Questions or comments, e-mail joefpisani@yahoo.com.

Cause and effect

By Mary Ann Clark

According to the chief economist of the National Association of Realtors, Lawrence Yun, “inflation is not entirely bad from a homeowner’s perspective.” He contends that it would stop home prices from decreasing. Mr. Yun is still aware of the negative impacts that inflation has on consumer confidence and productivity in the economy. During inflationary times, the Federal Reserve tries to counter inflation by increasing interest rates adversely impacting the purchasing power of homebuyers.

  • Mary Ann Clark, Graduate Realtor Institute, Accredited Buyer Representative is a Realtor with Coldwell Banker, 32 Field Point Road. She is licensed in Connecticut and New York. Comments or questions, call 249-2244 or e-mail mclarkgreenwich@aol.com.

More Greenwich Post Real Estate Briefs:

Firm tops relocation sales

Leading Real Estate Companies of the World recently cited Country Living as the top Connecticut company in its category within the 700-member company network for the first six months of 2008, announced Virginia Doetsch, manager of the firm’s Greenwich office....

Lumbruno joins Coldwell Banker

Gail Lumbruno has joined Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage’s Greenwich offices as assistant manager.

In this role, she joins Joe Valvano, Greenwich managing broker, in leading the company’s Greenwich offices. Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage has an office at 32 Field Point Rd. in Greenwich and another at 278 Sound Beach Ave. in Old Greenwich....

July honors for Raveis

Jean Ruggiero of the Greenwich office of William Raveis Real Estate earned the Top Producer and the Top Selling Agent awards for the month of July. Lisa Gabriele earned the Top Listing Agent award in July and was also recognized for excellence in customer service.

The Conner Team earned the Top Listing Team award in July and was also recognized for excellence in customer service. Charles and Rita Magyar earned the Top Producing Team award as well as the Top Selling Team award in July.

In Raveis’s Old Greenwich office, Vicky Harris earned both the Top Producer Award and the Top Listing Agent award in July, and Gary Disher was the Top Selling Agent. Ken Edwards was recognized for customer service.

Please Also See:

08/14/08 Soon To Be Pulled Over Lawyer / Realator Exposes Police Union "Extortion"....
  • Donations To The "Chris Fountain Please Bail Me Out Of Jail Fund" Can Be Sent To Any William Raveis Real Estate Office In Greenwich.

    However, he just might not need your help according to this recent William Raveis press release.....

    Jean Ruggiero in the central Greenwich office was the No. 1 sales associate at William Raveis Real Estate in 2007. No. 3 at the company was Maria Ruggeberg, also in Greenwich. Charles and Rita Magyar in Greenwich were the No. 3 team companywide.

    Becky Hanley, the Greenwich and Old Greenwich offices senior vice president and leader, was honored for her office ranking among the top three of 59 in the company. The Greenwich and Old Greenwich offices had sales of more than $500 million last year. Total sales volume for the company was $5 billion.

    Jean Ruggiero in the central Greenwich office was the No. 1 sales associate at William Raveis Real Estate in 2007. No. 3 at the company was Maria Ruggeberg, also in Greenwich. Charles and Rita Magyar in Greenwich were the No. 3 team companywide.

    Becky Hanley, the Greenwich and Old Greenwich offices senior vice president and leader, was honored for her office ranking among the top three of 59 in the company. The Greenwich and Old Greenwich offices had sales of more than $500 million last year. Total sales volume for the company was $5 billion.

    Those from Greenwich and Old Greenwich who were named to the Chairman's Elite Club included Kathryn A. Adams, Marianne Broekmeijer, Gary Disher, Herb Ehrlich, Christopher "The Real Estate Market Is So Bad That I Once Again Am In The Chairman's Elite Club" Fountain, Lisa Gabriele, Randy Keleher, Natalie Quigley, Bari Taylor and Dee Weber.

    Those named to the Chairman's Club were Calvin Darula, Kate Gamble (My Favorite William Raveis Realtor, Sorry Chris. BTW, Katie I Hope You Fill Better Soon) , Victoria Harris, Blanche O'Connell and Rosina Primo.

    President's Club members included Mary Babbidge, Kara Cugno, Ward Davol, Kimberly Frattaroli, Nahed Hallaba, MaryDana McCann, Farideh Milani, Kathryn Paulson and Wendy Warren.

School starts new classes

Lisa Bowman, formerly an instructor with AICI, The Real Estate Training Company, has received approval for a new real estate school called American Real Estate Training Company, LLC. The school began a cycle of classes recently at the Bendheim Western Greenwich Civic Center....

....The fee for classes is $469, including all training materials. For information, call 733-7638 or e-mail retraining@charter.net.

Matteis teams with daughter

Vilma Matteis has joined the team at Greenwich Fine Properties professional associates.

Ms. Matteis will be working in partnership with her daughter, Lauren Muse, combining Lauren’s expertise in real estate, interior design and advertising with Vilma’s 30 years of experience as a broker and comprehensive knowledge of the community. ....

Greenwich Landing makes splash

The new Greenwich Landing, an exclusive townhome community listed with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, is changing the face of the Byram Riverfront in Greenwich. With a private marina nearby, Greenwich Landing offers waterfront living in a transforming neighborhood.

The condos are being built by brothers and Byram natives James and John Wahba, founding partners of Champion Development.

“Our roots are in Byram,” James said. “Growing up, I witnessed many changes take place. Today, it is an honor to create a desirable waterfront community that is also a cornerstone for future development in the area.”

The Greenwich Landing marina will accompany a riverfront boardwalk open to the public. The boardwalk is part of the Byram Neighborhood Association’s master plan for landscape improvements and neighborhood enhancements. A paved walkway plaza and boardwalk will run from South Water Street to the river at Church Street. The master plan also calls for pocket parks that will provide four access points to the water from town-owned property.

As members of the Representative Town Meeting, Byram Planning Association and The Byram Neighborhood Association, the Wahba brothers aim to grow and develop Byram’s residential appeal and sense of community....

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