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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

09/22/10 Greenwich Newsmaker Richard Blumenthal

News Reports About
CT Attorney General
Richard Blumenthal

Bill Clinton to stump for Blumenthal in New Haven
(AP) - Former President Bill Clinton is scheduled to headline a rally and fundraiser in New Haven for Attorney General
Richard Blumenthal, who is facing a ...
Attorney general opposes AT&T layoffs
Journal Inquirer
By Harlan Levy Attorney General
Richard Blumenthal on Tuesday protested to the state Department of Public Utility Control, asking the panel to reject AT&T's ...
Spokeswoman: Bristol Hospital appreciates Blumenthal's support
Bristol Press
By Susan Corica BRISTOL — A spokeswoman for Bristol Hospital said the hospital appreciates the support of Attorney General
Richard Blumenthal in the ...
Democrats Keep Money Advantage As Dollars Flood In
NPR (blog)
by Peter Overby
President Barack Obama with Connecticut Attorney General
Richard Blumenthal, the Democratic nominee for Senate, at a Stamford, ...
Blumenthal Going After Backpage.com Adult Ads
Hartford Courant
After a victory over craigslist, Attorney General
Richard Blumenthal is leading 20 other attorneys general in pushing backpage.com to close its adult ...
Fix diploma requirements and special ed, insists NYS Assembly candidate ...
Psychology Today (blog)
Two disclaimers here: One, this candidate,
Richard Blumenthal (not the Connecticut AG) is a longtime, very dear friend of mine. Two, hell must have frozen ...
Richard T. Biggar, assistant attorney general, with whom, on the brief, were
Richard Blumenthal, attorney general, and Terrence M. O'Neill, ...
AGs may be left to fight rising health care costs
Legal News Line
Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut and Mike Cox of Michigan announced this week they are getting involved in rate increase requests made by Blue Cross ...

Legal News Line
AG Investigates Suspected Pyramid Scheme
Hartford Courant
"Such schemes are a house of cards doomed to collapse and financially harm consumers," Attorney General
Richard Blumenthal said in the release. ...
Thomas P. Clifford III, assistant attorney general, with whom, on the brief, were
Richard Blumenthal, attorney general, and Philip M. Schulz, ...
Yale Hockey Player Has Stem-Cell Transplant
New York Times
Connecticut's attorney general,
Richard Blumenthal, started an investigation into Collins's charities after The New York Times reported in July that Collins ...
JFK Nephew Asks McMahon To Pull Ad
Hartford Courant
Kennedy, a supporter and friend of McMahon's opponent,
Richard Blumenthal, is asking McMahon to pull the Web-only ad from circulation and issue a retraction ...
Stamford man who allegedly threatened president appears in court
The Hour
... and later in Greenwich, to help raise money for both the senate campaign for Attorney General Richard Blumenthal and the Democratic National Committee. ...
Unfit to serve in the Senate
Philadelphia Inquirer
Let's compare her frenzied populist uprising to the dignified senatorial campaign of Connecticut Attorney General
Richard Blumenthal. ...
CT wants NY mattress retailer sacked
Hartford Business
Farrell said he has referred the matter to Attorney General
Richard Blumenthal's office for prosecution. "Maybe they didn't take us seriously when we ...
G.O.P. Senate Takeover Chances Improved
New York Times
The Democrat there,
Richard Blumenthal, has a lead in the high single digits on the basis of most polling, and — equally importantly — there are very few ...
Union says it will fight planned AT&T job cuts
Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut's attorney general, said he would challenge any layoffs by AT&T, saying the job losses would harm "not only the workers and ...
AT&T plans to cut 151 jobs in state
New Haven Register (subscription)
State Attorney General
Richard Blumenthal, who in the past urged state regulators to examine AT&T's service record, also is opposing the layoffs. ...
Dem, unions bash McMahon, WWE in Conn. Senate race
Buffalo News
While state Attorney General
Richard Blumenthal on Wednesday was bringing up how McMahon "took home" $46 million in 2009, the year her World Wrestling ...
Blogs Posts About
CT Attorney General
Richard Blumenthal

Blumenthal, Conn. unions focus on McMahon and WWE
By ConnPolitics.tv Staff
(AP) – Democratic Senate candidate
Richard Blumenthal and his supporters in organized labor are uniting in their criticism of Republican Linda McMahon and how she has run her Connecticut-based wrestling empire. ...
ConnPolitics - http://connpolitics.tv/index.php
Former President to Campaign for Blumenthal this Weekend « WTIC ...
By WTIC News
(AP) _ Former President Bill Clinton is scheduled to headline a rally and fundraiser in New Haven for Attorney General
Richard Blumenthal, who is facing a competitive race for the US Senate in Connecticut.
WTIC News/Talk 1080 - http://wtic.cbslocal.com/
Backpage.com Ensnared in Battle Over Adult Services Ads | Free ...
By Video Marketing News
Connecticut Attorney General
Richard Blumenthal urges Backpage.com to close its adult services section. View full post on ClickZ.
Free Internet Marketing Videos - http://freeinternetvideomarketing.com/
Democrat in Conn. US Senate race, unions take aim at McMahon's ...
Democratic Senate candidate
Richard Blumenthal and his supporters in organized labor united on Wednesday to heap criticism on Republican Linda McMahon and how she has run her Connecticut-based professional wrestling empire. ...
Politics/AP - http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/politics/ap/
Czech officials move against Google Street View | www.bullfax.com
By marketmaker
Attorney General
Richard Blumenthal announced Monday that his office will lead a multistate probe of "Google's deeply disturbing invasion of personal privacy," which has drawn ire and scrutiny in an array of countries. ...
Bullfax.com - Market News & Analysis - http://www.bullfax.com/
UPDATE: Craigslist Still Allows Adult Services | World View Update
By MaryJane Johnson
NBC showed the hidden camera footage of the women to Connecticut Attorney General
Richard Blumenthal who, along with attorneys general from other states, is sending subpoenas to Craigslist demanding to see financial records and to show ...
World View Update - http://worldviewupdate.com/
Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter: NYT's Peter Goodman ...
By Jane Genova
Yesterday I spoke on radio about the Connecticut U.S. Senate race between stat attorney general
Richard Blumenthal and former WWE founder Linda McMahon.
Jane Genova: Speechwriter - Ghostwriter - http://speechwriting-ghostwriting.typepad.com/speechwriting_ghostwritin/
2010 Connecticut Senate race: Richard Blumenthal vs. Linda McMahon ...
By admin
The Newsroom - On occasion, politicians win elections due to star power alone or having an entrenched name. Kennedys, Bushes and other powerful political.
Wondrous News - http://www.wondrousnews.com/
Former President Bill Clinton to stump for CT AG and Senatorial ...
Former President Bill Clinton to stump for CT AG and Senatorial Candidate
Richard Blumenthal in New Haven this Sunday. http://bit.ly/bUd1zX.
Clinton, Connecticut LocalSpur... - http://clintonct.localspur.com/
New York Mattress Company Faces Charges For Illegally Selling Used ...
By admin
Connecticut Attorney General
Richard Blumenthal said today that his investigation into Sleepy's has not produced any evidence that the nation's largest retailer of mattresses has been systematically selling returned mattresses as new. ...
File-Claim.com - http://file-claim.com/
What's All This Talk About Captain Trade Being Dead? — Daily Ructions
By Kevin
The skirmishes between Linda McMahon and
Richard Blumenthal over limiting carbon emissions turned into a prolonged firefight Tuesday. Cap-n-trade (or the National Energy Tax, as the Republicans have come to call it), ...
Daily Ructions - http://www.dailyructions.com/
Race to November « Harvard Republican Oasis
By chena1
Plans have been made for New Hampshire and Massachusetts outings, and possibly a trip down to Connecticut, where Republican Linda McMahon has been closing in on state Attorney General
Richard Blumenthal in the Senate race. ...
Harvard Republican Oasis - http://harvardrepublicans.wordpress.com/
G.O.P. Senate Takeover Chances Improved – New York Times ...
By james
The Democrat there,
Richard Blumenthal, has a lead in the high single digits on the basis of most polling, and — equally importantly — there are very few undecideds in the race. Although leads like that can be overcome late in a race, ...
REPUBLICAN.GNOM.ES | conservative... - http://republican.gnom.es/
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09/22/10 Reader Submitted Comment

Debicella Has No Compassion

Congressional candidate Dan Debicella wants to repeal healthcare reform, with no cogent plan on how to cover 50 million Americans who lack health insurance.

Name Withheld By Request

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09/22/10 Former Hearst Newspaper Investigative Reporter Teri Buhl Once Again Scoops David McCumber And The Greenwich Time

Greenwich Time Editor David McCumber
Really Screwed Up When He Let Teri Buhl Go

Paul Tudor Jones is Not Making Investors Any Money

Greenwich hedge funder Paul Tudor Jones might be a FORBES billionaire he's but not helping his investors make the big bucks this year.

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09/22/10 Rabbi Mitch's Weekly Teaching - Sukkot Edition

Weekly Teaching
By Rabbi Mitchell M. Hurvitz

Sukkot at Temple Sholom
Thursday, September 23rd
Services: 9:30 am - 11:45 am
followed by Kiddush Lunch

YCFS with Reb Allison & Sheldon Low
plus arts & craft & lunch
10:45 am- Noon

Friday, September 24th
Services: 9:30 - 11:45 am

Chol Hamoed Sukkot
September 22, 2010
Teaching by Rabbi Mitch

The most commonly mistranslated Hebrew term is mitzvah. Many translate mitzvah as meaning "good deed". However, mitzvah actually means "commandment".

While a mitzvah may happen to be a good deed (for example: feeding the hungry), many mitzvot (pl. mitzvah) are ritual obligations that are particularistic to the Jew (for example: putting a mezuzah on your doorpost.) While a ritual commandment is "good" for the Jew; it can't be a "good deed" because then it should be done by all human beings, Jewish or not.

Our Jewish rituals anchor us in our faith. Mitzvot are our Jewish prescription by which we meaningfully connect to God, our fellow Jews, and our human family. For the Jew, each mitzvah we perform lays a brick upon the foundation of our spiritual hopes for a better world. A mitzvah performed is how we add our unique ingredient of goodness within our lives, which does ultimately add goodness to our world.

When we call a Bar or Bat Mitzvah child to the Torah, we are affirming that they are now of the age where they take responsibility for the performance of mitzvot. Traditionally, a bat mitzvah at age 12 and a bar mitzvah at age 13. Rabbinic Judaism believes that children at this age can begin to effectively embrace both their particularistic and universalistic responsibilities and moral obligations, both as the Jew and a human being. The mystical notion of performing a mitzvah is that the Jew is helping to move the world away from the chaos of Creation, and towards the rejoicing of ultimate redemption. In other words, when the Jew performs his or her mitzvah, they are hoping to help re-create the world in how we wish it would be vs. how it is in present reality.

For the Jew, we attempt to develop a personal sense of performing ritual mitzvot that transcend the simple ritual acts we perform. The Talmudic term is hiddur mitzvah; to beautify God's commandment. We "beautify" by trying to perform a mitzvah in a special way.

On Sukkot we read from the Torah that our spiritual ancestors were told by God to offer thanks with four specific types of growth: the "ha-dar"; an unopened palm frond; myrtle branches; and willows. The ha-dar was understood to be an "especially beautiful etrog" (a citron), which is a very elegant yellow fruit that commonly grows in the Holy Land and its neighboring lands.

The etrog looks a bit like the lemon; although its shape is more like the human heart. The rabbis believed that the etrog is God's reminder that we must fulfill His will with a fullness of heart, with all mitzvot that we perform. A rabbinic legend tells of two men who couldn't afford a beautiful etrog for Sukkot, so they pooled their resources and bought one together to share. However, when it came to who should offer their blessing first, they argued over this honor. A rabbi heard them quarrelling and told them to stop their fighting, and he took a knife and cut the etrog in half; telling them they know could bless their own half etrog at the same time. The two men were appalled at this action because they knew that cutting the etrog from its wholeness status made it not kosher (ritually fit.) The rabbi's action had made their etrog worthless to them both. Both became very angry with the rabbi, but he told them: "Even if your etrog had remained whole, what good was your blessing if one of you was angry and jealous of the other?"

When Jews perform "hidur mitzvah" we are charged to be wholehearted; to perform our sacred obligations with joy and meaning, and never diminishes the joy and meaning of others. The greatest truth for the Jew is that they can be a good human being without being a good Jew, but, they cannot be a good Jew without being a good human being.

One should never observe someone's ritual behavior and perceive them as "religious". Rather, they should ask if the rituals being observed helped that person achieve their religiosity?

Our spiritual charge, and a reminder of the Sukkot festival we now observe, is to live a life grounded on the principles of hiddur mitzvah. How can we beautify each and every action we take? How do we tweak our acts of love for family and friends? How do we give that "extra" that transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary?

This Sukkot, we hopefully are taking the opportunity to sit in our beautifully decorated sukkot; the booths that remind us of our shelter during the forty years of wanderings within the wilderness before entering God's promised land. We should hold within our hands the "ha-dar" (etrog), the palm frond, myrtle and willow branches, and give thanks to God for all of our blessings. And, as we shake these four ritual symbols in all directions, we should recall that we are to respond with a pure and whole heart to all who we meet, no matter what direction they or we are travelling.

Shabbat Shalom and Chag Sameach!!

Rabbi Mitch

Temple Sholom
300 E. Putnam Avenue
Greenwich, CT 06830

Temple Sholom | 300 East Putnam Avenue | Greenwich | CT | 06830

09/22/10 Greenwich Newmaker Jim Himes

News Reports About
Greenwich Resident
And Congressman
jim Himes

Officials ask Obama for tornado aid
John Larson, Joe Courtney, Rosa DeLauro,
Jim Himes and Chris Murphy say most of the people affected are low-income and only 17 percent had insurance ...

Debbie Schwartz to be honored as "Angel in Adoption" at Washington, DC gala
Connecticut Jewish Ledger
Schwartz, who was selected for the national honor by Connecticut Congressman
Jim Himes, is among more than 190 Angels who will be honored at an awards ...
Help Residents Rebuild, Delegation Asks Obama
NBC Connecticut
Now, Senators Chris Dodd and Joe Lieberman, and US Representatives
Jim Himes, Rosa DeLauro, John Larson, Joe Courtney and Chris Murphy are urging Obama to ...
Blog Posts About
Greenwich Resident
And Congressman
Jim Himes

Democratic Rep. Jim Himes on Why We Need to Extend the Bush Tax ...
By YourWorld
Watch updates come in live. Discuss and watch responses in real time. Keep in touch with everything - the news, the channel, the market, our hosts and correspondents, and the rest of the Fox Fan community.
Fox News Insider - http://www.foxnewsinsider.com/
My Left Nutmeg:: FOX News' new favorite Democrat
By Scarce
Jim Himes seems to have taken up residency on FOX News lately. His pet project is extending the Bush Tax cuts for millionaires so naturally FOX loves him. Cavuto even calls him "sir". Since sucking up to any Democrat is almost unheard ...
My Left Nutmeg - Front Page - http://www.myleftnutmeg.com/
Mark My Words!: House Predictions
By Mark
CT-04 (
Jim Himes) 17. CT-05 (Chris Murphy) 18. FL-02 (Allen Boyd) 19. FL-08 (Alan Grayson) 20. FL-22 (Ron Klein) 21. FL-24 (Suzanne Kosmas) 22. GA-02 (Sanford Bishop) 23. GA-08 (Jim Marshall) 24. GA-12 (John Barrow) ...
Mark My Words! - http://mark28.blogspot.com/
Equine Mission to D.C. Deemed Success « Straight from the Horse's ...
By RT Fitch
Jim Himes Dennis Kucinich David Wu Barney Frank John Olver Mike Castle Mazie Hirono Marcy Kaptur Bill Young Nick Rahall Mike Rogers Gary Ackerman Mary Bono Mack Judy Chu Susan Davis Robert Brady Steve Israel Maurice Hinchey ...
Straight from the Horse's Heart - http://rtfitch.wordpress.com/
New And Recently Updated Web Pages About
Greenwich Resident And Congressman Jim Himes

Congressman Jim Himes : News : Himes Attends Connecticut Fallen ...
Congressman Himes presenting a plaque to Lee and Eunice Hanson of Easton, CT who lost their son Peter, daughter-in-law Sue Kim and 2 year old ...

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09/22/10 You're Invited: Rally with President Bill Clinton

Blumenthal for Connecticut
You're Invited - RSVP

Dear Friend,

President Clinton knows a thing or two about turning around a bad economy, and a thing or two about a tough fight. That's why I am so honored to announce that he will be our special guest at a rally for me on Sunday, September 26th.

As a loyal supporter I wanted to make sure you had the first chance to RSVP for Sunday's rally in New Haven.

We are 41 days out from the election and we need every supporter's voice to help us beat back the $50 Million attack machine of my opponent.

Will you join President Clinton and me at Sunday's rally?

Tickets are free, but there are a limited number.

RSVP online or pick up a ticket at the nearest office.

Sunday, September 26th
Doors open at 10am
Arrive by 10:45am
Wilbur Cross High School
181 Mitchell Drive
New Haven, CT 06511

Plenty of parking will be available.

Thank you for all that you do to support me. With your continued help we will make this an election, not an auction.


Dick Blumenthal

P.S. If you are not able to attend, you can still stop by the nearest office to pick up your Blumenthal bumper sticker.

Facebook Twitter


Blumenthal for Senate

777 Summer St. Stamford, CT 06901

09/22/10 BREAKING CONNECTICUT NEWS: Multiple Accidents On I-95 Near Shoreline

Multiple Accidents Reported On I-95 In New Haven Area

Multiple accidents have been reported along Interstate 95 in the
New Haven area Wednesday morning,

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09/22/10 The Raw Greenwich Newsfeed: Morning Edition

News Reports About
Greenwich, CT

Ludlowe Field Hockey Edges Greenwich, 2-1, In OT
... including the game-winner two minutes into overtime, as the Fairfield Ludlowe field hockey defeated Greenwich, 2-1, Tuesday night at Taft Field. ...
Proponent of sex offender ban angered over defeat
Greenwich Time
A leading proponent of an ordinance banning registered sex offenders from areas like public parks and
Greenwich girls soccer back to winning ways, blank Wilton 3-0
Greenwich Post
After a 3-0 loss over to Darien High School last week, the
Greenwich High School girls soccer team was looking to get back on track Tuesday afternoon ...

Greenwich Post
IHS Herold kicks off energy conference in Greenwich
Danbury News Times
Americans are standing on millions, if not billions of cubic feet of natural gas -- why not make
Man who fled Merritt Parkway accident scene charged with DUI
Greenwich Time
Samuel Hernandez, 32, of 40 Grace Church St., was apprehended at about 5:30 pm, after state and
Greenwich police responded to the accident scene near exit ...
GREENWICH WATER POLO Cardinals change leagues, but not expectations
Greenwich Time
Greenwich High School water polo captains, Matt Weber, left, and Eric Minowitz, both GHS seniors, posed poolside at GHS, Tuesday afternoon, Sept. 21, 2010. ...
Motorists face daily dance in high-traffic section of town
Greenwich Time
Robert Thalheimer, owner of Tee's Putnam Service Station, sees a lot of traffic, on West Putnam
Vet in Michael Vick case offers to do post-mortem on slain rescue dog in ...
Ct Post
Alfred Camillo, R-
Greenwich, co-chairman of a group called Legislators for Animal Advocacy, said he is disillusioned with the response of Middlefield ...
GHS girls soccer rebounds after first loss of season
Stamford Advocate
Following a disappointing performance against Darien Friday,
Greenwich High School girls soccer coaches Danny Simpson and Jason Simone elected to begin the ...
Vintage Galleries hosts Hilfiger sale
Danbury News Times
Hilfiger recently bought another
Greenwich property for $32 million and has an apartment in New York City. Items up for auction include English antiques ...
The WSJ on Ned Lamont
Is it just me or is the Wall Street Journal editorial column now using "
Greenwich millionaire" as a pejorative? No one was cheering Mr. Lieberman on against ...
Girls Soccer: Wave takes Trinity in romp
Darien Times
After beginning the season clashing with sure-fire competition in Westhill and
Greenwich — and remaining unbeaten, still — the Wave girls soccer team had ...

Darien Times
Field Hockey: King prepared to reclaim her crown behind the net
The Daily Princetonian
The computer science major from
Greenwich, Conn., said she is determined to help bring home No. 4 Princeton's first national championship after the team ...
Peter Brant and Supermodel Stephanie Seymour Nix Divorce, Leaving Art ...
GREENWICH, Conn.—"Omnia vincit amor," Virgil once wrote. "Love conquers all." It's a beautiful sentiment, even if it proves true only rarely. ...
Naturalization ceremony creates 190 new Americans
Ct Post
Regina Vazquez, of
Old Greenwich, originally from Brazil, throws an American flag shawl over her ...
Blue Wave Outlook: Young Girls Swim Team Has a Tough Act to Follow
As if winning two championships weren't enough, 2009 also marked the first time Darien had beaten
Greenwich in 35 years. But last year's accomplishments are ...
Bucknell Men's Water Polo's Richie Hyden and Trevor Reitz Earn Weekly ...
Bucknell University Official Athletic Site
Bucknell men's water polo senior co-captain Richie Hyden (Melbourne, Australia/
Greenwich (Conn.)) was named the Collegiate Water Polo Association (CWPA) ...

Bucknell University Official Athletic Site
Lucas Cook
Kansas City Star
Vallejo (Austin, TX) 9/10/10- The Poet's Loft (Hot Springs, AR) 9/14/10- The Fire (Philadelphia, PA) 9/15/10- MacDuff's Pub (
Greenwich, CT) 9/16/10- Kenny's ...
Blog Posts About
Greenwich, CT

YouTube – Greenwich CT Restaurants
By admin
Brighton Restaurants - http://brighton-restaurants.com/
FCIAC Food Blog Brings us to Danbury | FCIAC Football Blog
By jintrier
Greenwich at Norwalk: After a delay to the start of the game because of lightening and rain, Greenwich was flat and got outplayed by Norwalk. Greenwich starting a sophomore quarterback (Liam O'Neill) and sitting in traffic on I-95 for ...
FCIAC Football Blog - http://fciacfootballblog.com/
New And Recently Updated Web Pages About
Greenwich, Connecticut

Greenwich Academy soccer team edges Holy Child - NewsTimes
Greenwich Academy soccer team edges Holy Child Whether it was being susceptible to the offside trap or losing shape across the back line, the Gators (2-0, ...
Greenwich Point Conservancy - Whats Happening - WH - Party Pics 2009
Supporters of the
Greenwich Point Conservancy gathered on the bluff of Greenwich Point for the sixth annual Beach Ball. Guests arrived by golf cart with rum ...

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