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Thursday, May 22, 2008

05/22/08 - Lost In Cyber Space: Greenwich Citizen Ignores GHS Taseing Controversey For 9 Days. Greenwiich Citizen Readers Don't Know What's Going On:

Warning Very Disturbing Video -
This video may not be suitable for minors and animal lovers
- Foul Language And A Dog In Severe Pain - You Were Warned -Dog Gets Tased Like He Is Some Kind Of Mouthy - Water - Balloon - Throwing - Greenwich High School Teenager.

The Dog was lucky that he only got tased twice.

The 140 Pound Victor got tased in the neck, chest and leg.



What a waste of bandwidth: The Greenwich Citizen Website Ignores The Fact That A Weapon Was Used At Greenwich High School.

For Nine Days The Greenwich Citizen Has Ignored The Fact That Greenwich High School Students Have Protested By Sitting In The Student Center And not Going To Class And By Wearing T-shirts With The Infamous Phrase “Don’t Tase Me bro” On Them,

Greenwich Citizen readers don't know that balloon throwing teen who mouthed of to a Greenwich Police Officer got up to 50,000 volts on three occasions and a $50,000 Bail Bond.

Greenwich Citizen readers don't know that for the last few days the Greenwich Police Department has launched a major spin control campgain with media quotes, press releases, press conferences and by putting School Resource Officer Carlos "The GPD Is Racist" Franco and Captain Michael "One Million Bucks" Pacewicz in front of the
annual Greenwich High School parent-teacher association meeting.

If you are at a Greenwich Cocktail party and an uniformed bore tries to argue about events in Greenwich, now you can shut them down by saying,"Oh, you must be a Greenwich Citizen reader."

Please see today's top story at the Greenwich Citizen website:

Shools Superintendent Dr. Betty Sternberg and Greenwich High slam-dunked a big one Monday night in Central Middle School when the Representative Town Meeting (RTM), weighing in on the 2008-09 budget, voted 115 to 72 to keep its hands off $2.

It's the same top story from Wednesday, Tuesday, Monday, Sunday, Saturday, etc...

This tired old story is about the RTM meeting that occurred 11 days ago.

Maybe, the Greenwich post will finally tell it's uniformed readers about a weapon being fired at Greenwich High School when they update their website on Friday.

Please see:

05/19/08 - Beat The Press - The Greenwich Citizen, The Greenwich Post Have Their Heads In The Sand

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The "Don't Tase Me Bro" student is driven to police station police station after being tased at the John Kerry event. Watch as police officer repeatedly tells him that if he won't shut up about 15 police personnel will be waiting for him at the jail.

05/22/08 - Nine Days Later - Greenwich Post Comes Out Of It's Self Induced Coma And Finally Reports On The High School Tasing Incident?

The Greenwich Post Decides To Drop The Press Releases And Report The News
The Greenwich Citizen Is Still Lost In Cyber Space

Today, the Greenwich Post decided to leave the stop printing puff pieces and entered the brave new world of hard journalism.

It is not easy for a free weekly newspaper whose website depends heavily on reprinting summaries of police reports to question police actions. Nor has the Greenwich Post had a record of investigative reporting in town.

Often, the Greenwich Post readers are left in the dark about many members of Greenwich Society, especially when it comes to teenagers, the poor and minorities.

Unfortunately, the Greenwich Post's website is a major contributor to the biased image that everyone is a spoiled rich snob in Greenwich.

Often, the pages of the Greenwich Post are covered with press releases about society balls, galas and yachting events with an occasional press release about a polo match.

The Greenwich Post was too frightened of the police and the powers that be to report the story, even though students have protested by sitting in the student center and not going to class and by wearing T-shirts with the infamous phrase “Don’t Tase me bro” on them. (By the way, none of the other mainstream media has been courageous enough to cover this fact. Greenwich parents have had to learn about this from internet posts.)

Even, when the Greenwich Board Of Education sent a press release out two days after the incident, the Greenwich Post's response was to join stick it's head even deeper in the sand. (By the way, the Greenwich Public Schools did not put this press release up on their website and share this press release with parents. I guess the Greenwich Public Schools do not want parents to know that a weapon was used three times in the student center,)

It actually, takes a bit of public shaming to get this free weekly chain newspaper like the Greenwich Post to cover real news in Greenwich.

Please see:

05/19/08 - Beat The Press - The Greenwich Citizen, The Greenwich Post Have Their Heads In The Sand

05/21/08 - Today's News Links From The Greenwich Post - these so-called "News Stories" look like press releases

For far too long the Greenwich post has often, treated it's readers like mushrooms, they are left in the dark and fed a bunch of high society dung.

Sadly, Greenwich post columnists and reporters avoid controversial issues that effect the everyday single family home-owners of Greenwich and their children.

Many Greenwich families say that Greenwich Post columnists or reporters play it safe and stick to the press releases, because they fear that truthful reporting could cost them their jobs.

Please see:

05/02/08 - Where The Heck Is Chris Fountain And His "For What It's Worth" Column In The Greenwich Post Real Estate Section

However, the Greenwich Post editor has finally assigned a reporter to cover the controversial police tasing incident at Greenwich High School, and guess what the article:

Too much?
Police say officer acted properly in Tasing teen

By Ken Borsuk, Staff Reporter

Controversy is swirling around an arrest at Greenwich High School last Tuesday during which Officer Carlos Franco used a Taser to subdue an 18-year-old high school student.

The mood at the high school is one of concern from some students and confusion from others, but the Greenwich Police Department stands behind Officer Franco....

However, the story was somewhat on sided the story mainly quotes Captain Pacewicz and police reports and fails to question police statements.

For example, Greenwich Post
Ken Borsuk writes...

Capt. Pacewicz said school officials, including Assistant Headmaster Richard Piotrzkowski, were present during the incident and they considered the level of force “appropriate and required.”

Who were the other school officials that were present?

And why didn't Ken Borsuk pick up the phone and call Assistant Headmaster Richard Piotrzkowski, instead of getting his supposed response third hand from the
Illegally Appointed Greenwich Police Captain Micheael Pacewicz who's legal mess is costing the single family home owners of Greenwich over 1 Million Dollars.

Why didn't Ken Borsuk pick up the phone and dial or send Assistant Headmaster
Richard Piotrzkowski an email at richard_piotrzkowski@greenwich.k12.ct.us

If Ken Borsuk is going to engage in compliant reporting and is too lazy to attempt to speak to all parties involved he should at least qualify the remarks of Captain Pacewicz.

Perhaps Borsuk could have said Pacewicz "alleges", "contends" or it's Pacewicz's understanding that
Assistant Headmaster Richard Piotrzkowski and all the other unidentified school officials present during the incident and they considered the level of force “appropriate and required.”

Or if School officials did not want to comment about a weapon going off at Greenwich High School maybe Borsuk could have interviewed former school officials about the incident.

Please see:

05/20/08 - Former Greenwich School Administrator And Others Speak Out About Greenwich Police Use Of A Taser On A Greenwich High School Student

It's not like Ken Borsuk was under some kind of deadline to prepare his article. After all he had nine days to get it right.

Also, in the article, Borsuk writes, "
Because Victor struggled and refused to obey police order, Officer Franco said, he had to use the Taser. During the Tasing, Officer Franco alleged that Victor lunged and attempted to hit him, but after the Taser was used three times at its low-current “drive stun mode,” Victor complied with the verbal request and was handcuffed."

But the one sided Borsuk doesn't ask the teenager if it was true if he lunged at and attempted to hit officer Franco.

Nor does Borsuk, tell his readers that the whole incident was caught on tape and that the Greenwich Public Schools and the Greenwich Police Department are refusing to release the video.

Please See:

05/21/08 - Greenwich Police Departments Repeated Use Of A Taser On A High School Student Has Struck A Nerve - Concerned Parents Want To See The Video

05/20/08 - Caught On Tape - Police Officer Franco Giving 140 Pound Boy Up To 50,000 Volts Three Different Times

Will Ken Borsuk have the journalistic balls to file freedom of information requests to both the Greenwich Public Schools and the Greenwich Police Department in order to get copies of the video?

If Ken Borsuk does have the journalistic balls to request a copy of the video will he post it on the Greenwich Post website for everyone to see if the 140 pound water balloon boy really did take a swing at Franco?

Also Ken Borsuk's article repeatedly uses the Pacewicz's description about the taser being set to "low current" .

How about if Borsuckto his neck and then to his chest and finally to his leg as he squills like an pig.

Maybe we should video tape, Borsuk should let an enraged security person apply this "low current" his neck and then to his chest and finally to his leg as he squills like an pig.

Then we could put the "low current" video up at the Greenwich Post Website instead of Officer Franco's taser video.

Another, disappointing aspect of Ken Borsuk's article is that he did not bother to look into the background and history of Officer Franco.

Please see:

05/20/08 - School Resource Officer Carlos Franco Says Greenwich Police Department Is Racist. SRO Carlos Franco May Not Be A Happy Camper At GHS

There are many other problems with Borsuck's amature attempt at completely covering the high school tasing incident the most for example how the police gave this teenage water balloon boy a $50,000 bail as an additional punishment.

Please see:

05/21/08 - Why Didn't David Curin Get A $50,000 Bail For Assualting A Lady On Greenwich Avenue?

Clearly, this bail was uncalled for, and is out of the norm for other much more serious crimes in Greenwich.

Two days ago Frederick Krumeich, 18, of 50 Hunting Ridge Road was arrested and charged with
  • third degree burglary
  • fourth degree larceny
  • risk of injury to a minor
Krumeich was given a $500 bond and is due in court March 27.

Just yesterday,
a Greenwich man was arrested for being intoxicated, according to police he hit his ex-girlfriend in the head, face and neck while in the back of a van. The police also say the man got out of the back of the van and attempted to assault the driver of the van and grabbed onto the driver’s side window as the van began to pull away. When the crazed man released his hold on the window he fell to the ground and injured his ankle.

The man
was released on a promise to appear and was due in court May 22.

Sometimes, the Greenwich Police Department will give a bail of $2,000.

Last Friday, Keith Roger Williams who is from out of town was arrested for third degree strangulation, third degree criminal mischief and disorderly conduct on Reed Lane because he attacked a woman in front of her children.

The victim was trying to leave with her children when Williams pushed her from behind knocking her face into an open rear door of her car, swelling her lip. Then Williams put her in a head lock and restricted her breathing.

The woman's children were crying out for help.

Williams was released on a $2,000 bond.

Perhaps, Keith Roger Williams should have received the $50,000 bail instead of the Hispanic water balloon boy that mouthed off to police.

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05/22/08 - Greenwich Photo Blog Covers GA Commencement

Greenwich Photo Blog Post:

Greenwich Acadeemy Commencement 2008
By Keelin Daly

Source: Greenwich Time
Greenwich Time Photos - http://greenwichtimephotos.com

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05/22/08 - Greenwich Library News

Greenwich Library Events:

Yahoo Basics

Where: Greenwich Library at Training Center Learn how Yahoo works and how to perform basic searches to access relevant websites. Use Yahoo to find news, images, maps, companies and information. Although Yahoo is a search directory, ...
Greenwich Library | Today's Events - http://www.greenwichlibrary.org

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05/22/08 - Thursday's News Links From The Greenwich Time

Brunswick School graduating seniors Clay Blackiston, left, and Ghregory Louis share a moment while entering the gymnasium during the start of the commencement at The Brunswick School.

(Bob Luckey Jr. / Greenwich Time Staff photo)

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Brunswick graduates take center stage

When packing for the rest of your life, remember the importance of simplicity and balance and bring your self-confidence, courage, honor, grit, sense of humor and hope.
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Taking the helm of safe boating

Years ago, before Susan Ryan discovered the Captain Harbor Sail & Power Squadron, it would have been difficult to get her on a boat in open water.
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No plea in Taser case

The Greenwich High School student tased by police last week after a confrontation with officers on campus did not enter a plea when he appeared in court yesterday.
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Police Officer Carlos Franco said he has always been able to count on his ability to talk his way out of a potentially explosive situation.
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Private country clubs reach tax deal

Greenwich's eight private country clubs are expected to receive $1 million worth of combined property tax credits during the next two years as part of a proposed settlement of a lawsuit over the town's assessment of their golf course land, town officials said.
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Martin B. Cassidy
Staff Writer

Saying a Stamford man offered little proof that he visits Greenwich Point, a federal judge yesterday dismissed his challenge of the town's current beach access fees, but ordered the town to pay him $1 in damages for violating his free speech rights in 2005.
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