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Thursday, June 5, 2008

06/05/08 Lying Glenville Principal Will Be Suspended WITHOUT Pay Until The End Of June And Is Placed On A One Year Probation

Breaking News

Ethically Challenged Principal Marc D'Amico Will Probably Lose About $10,000 in pay.


"This my friends is not about cupcakes. It is not about cupcakes." said Greenwich School Superintendent Dr. Betty Sternberg.


It's Confirmed Principal Marc D'Amico Is A Liar. Multiple Times Over Multiple Days!

Principal D'Amico Signs Legal Documents Admitting To Being A Liar

On July 1st, Principal Mark D'Amico will be allowed to return to Glenville under certain terms and conditions, including one year of probation.

By agreeing to the loss of pay and the one year of probation, Principal D'Amico avoids any possibility of having his confidential record aired at a public Greenwich Board of Education meeting.

Dr. Sternberg said D'Amico lied several times when asked about manipulating the public document.

The Devious Principal D'Amico had better keep his nose clean and get those Glenville test scores up during his one year probation, or the public document manipulator will be permanatly WITHOUT a big fast Greenwich public school pay check.

Hopefully, the principal will finally do the right thing and apologize to the Carbino family and ALL of the Glenville School community for all of the divisions he caused at the elementary school.

Marc D'amico released a public statement saying that he was looking forward to working hard to once again gain trust in the community.

As long as Glenville parents are happt with their school principal lying - then by all means bring him and his track record of low test scores back.

For the parents going into into those contaminated modulars you are going to need a lot of lies to make the situation okay.

Unfortunately, the Glenville PTA are a little too close to Principal D'Amico. The PTA should represented the needs of patents and not letting this get out of hand.

The Glenville PTA leaders knew what was going on way before the parents.

It was disgusting how the Glenville PTA leaders were very involved in rallying up the Glenville parents that ended up attacking dissenting parents who said "Character counts".

The Glenville PTA leadership seems to be doing just what their principal did - single out a parent who spoke against moving into the contaminated modular classrooms.

Now that the facts have come out and everyone understands that this has nothing to do with parties or cupcakes. It is up to the Glenville PTA leadership to help closely monitor Principal D'Amico's behaviour.

The Glenville PTA leaders need to understand that if Principal D'Amico was willing to do this over a little problem, what happens when something big comes along?

The Glenville PTA leaders should be asking questions about the children who are struggling with low test scores.

The Glenville PTA leaders should be asking why their parents have not been informed that the Hamilton Avenue Modular contamination clean up is going to be re-bid?

Please see:

06/05/08 Are Glenville Parents Going To Be Screwed By The Board Of Education? Parents Better Start Connecting The Dots

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06/03/08 One can't help, but to feel sorry for those defending Principal D"Amico - The confessed liar should be ashamed of what he did to Glenville

06/03/08 - Poor Dorothy Gets So Confused By Misleading Greenwich Time Headlines

06/02/08 - Marc D'Amico Has A Very Serious Integrity Issue - Can He Be Trusted With The Care Of Children Who Are Headed To The Modular Classrooms?

06/02/08 Greenwich Citizen Continues To Ignore The Fact That Principal Marc D'Amico Was Suspended For Unethically Minipulating Public Documents

06/01/08 One Of Principal Marc D'amico's Supporters Is Keith Crocco Who Posted On The Topix / Greenwich Message Board 26 Times In Less Than 24 Hours.



"Setting the Standard for Excellence in Public Education”

Mrs. Nancy Weissler, Board of Education Chairman
Dr. Betty J. Sternberg, Superintendent of Schools


(For immediate release: Greenwich, CT – June 5, 2008)

Summary of Findings:

Investigation of Glenville School Principal, Marc D’Amico:

The District concludes that Mr. D’Amico

* created a new section in the School Handbook related to birthday
celebrations in order to corroborate his
assertion to a parent regarding a birthday celebration practice followed
by the school;

* made false statements and knowingly misrepresented facts multiple times
to multiple people over a nine day
period including his superiors and various members of the school
community; and

* confronted with the allegation regarding the creation of the section,
and given multiple opportunities to
correct these falsehoods over a nine day period, failed to admit to the
allegation until he believed that the timing
and content of his actions could be verified.

The failure to be truthful is extremely serious given his responsibilities
as a school leader and a role model for
the school community and his responsibility to uphold the Code of Ethics
for School Administrators as set out in
Connecticut State Regulations, 10-145d-400b.

Mr. D’Amico has accepted certain terms and conditions in order to be
reinstated as the Principal of Glenville
School on July 1, 2008.

These terms and conditions include:

* confirmation in writing that he has not previously made
misrepresentations concerning his actions or other
issues concerning his professional responsibilities and that the
investigation report is accurate as written;

* suspension without pay from work beginning on May 28, 2008 through June
30, 2008;

* an apology to the Glenville School Community and the individual parent
in question at a time and in a manner
agreed to with Superintendent of Schools Dr. Betty J. Sternberg and Deputy
Superintendent Kathy Greider;

* his return to work as Principal of Glenville School on July 1, 2008 on
probationary status for the 2008-09
school year;

* a requirement that he will attend regular meetings with the Deputy
Superintendent, identify a mentor from the
GPS leadership to serve as a sounding board and guide, and will attend
regular sessions with a consultant
regarding workplace ethics and responsibilities, during the probationary

* acceptance that this is a “last chance” agreement and an understanding
that any future incident in which he is
untruthful, either through commission or omission, will result in
immediate termination.

I am deeply disappointed
that a key member of my leadership team was not honest with me
and others and knowingly altered an official document. I am encouraged
that Mr. D’Amico has accepted
responsibility for his actions and I know he will work hard to regain our

I hope that his future
actions will justify the trust I am placing in him and that he will
promptly put this unfortunate matter behind him
and resume his role as an effective leader at Glenville School.

Mr. Strange and Ms. McCullough will visit each of the classes on Friday, June 6th to provide the students with a brief update to let them know that Mr. D'Amico will return as their school principal for the next school year.

We will continue to work with Mr. Strange and Ms. McCullough in supporting Glenville School through the end of the school year and in planning for a smooth transition into the modulars at Western Middle School.

Finally, I recognize that this was a very difficult time for the Glenville community. I appreciate greatly your patience while we investigated this matter thoroughly. Knowing the strong community spirit in Glenville, I am hopeful that you will join me in ensuring a smooth transition for Mr. D'Amico's return in July.

Dr. Betty J. Sternberg


Mr. D’Amico said,“I have made a major mistake and I do take full
responsibility for it. This has been a very
difficult time for me. I look forward to working hard to regain the trust
of the school community and to restore
confidence in my leadership.”



(1:30 PM)

Glenville principal keeps job, remains on suspension

By Ken Borsuk

Glenville Principal Mark D’Amico will keep his job, but Superintendent of Schools Betty Sternberg said he is down to his “last chance” after an investigation determined he lied to district officials.

Mr. D’Amico had been on a paid suspension since May 28, but now that suspension, which will remain in effect until July 1, will be unpaid. In addition, he will be on probation with the district from July 1 until next June 30, at which time his status will be re-evaluated. Ms. Sternberg said there will be “more regular oversight” of Mr. D’Amico when he returns and he will be required to meet regularly with an outside consultant to focus on ethics and job responsibility issues. Riverside School Principal John Grasso will also serve as Mr. D’Amico’s mentor now.

At issue is Mr. D’Amico changing the school’s online handbook to corroborate a decision he had made preventing parent Frank Carbino from going to his daughter’s classroom for her birthday party. Mr. D’Amico told Mr. Carbino there was a policy preventing it, but there was no written policy. Mr. D’Amico added the section to the handbook subsequent to the incident and then told Assistant Superintendent Kathy Greider that it had been there the entire time.

“[Mr. D’Amico] made false statements and knowingly misrepresented facts multiple times to multiple people over a nine-day period, including his superiors and members of the school community,” Ms. Sternberg said at a Thursday press conference.

She added he was given “multiple opportunities to correct these falsehoods” over the course of the nine days....

Mr. Carbino said he considered the matter to be closed and was ready to move on.

“I’m completely fine with this,” Mr. Carbino told the Post.

Retired Western Middle School Principal Don Strange, who was named as Mr. D’Amico’s interim replacement, will remain in that position at the school until July 1.

To avoid future confusion about the policy of parents bringing birthday treats to their child’s classroom, Ms. Greider said a district-wide policy is being developed.

More details will be available in the June 12 edition of the Post.

Read The Full Greenwich Post Website Article Here



(3:00 PM)

One month suspension without pay for Glenville principal

...Sternberg said today that D'Amico, who agreed to the penalty, will have his pay withheld for the month's suspension. He can return to work on July 1 but will be placed on probation for a year. During his probation, he will meet twice a month with Deputy Superintendent Kathy Greider to review his performance. D'Amico also is to meet with a mentor, John Grasso, principal of Riverside School, who will serve as a sounding board, and have regular sessions with a consultant to discuss workplace ethics and responsibilities...

...Sternberg said she met with D'Amico on Tuesday, when he apologized for his actions and reassured them he had not made misrepresentations in other situations. She said it was at that meeting that D'Amico first apologized for his actions. She disputed a statement made by D'Amico's attorney in a Greenwich Time article in which he said his client had apologized during a Monday meeting.

Hamden attorney John Gesmonde told Greenwich Time that D'Amico "did a mea culpa all over the place" during that meeting, but Sternberg said that was incorrect.

Gesmonde disputed Sternberg's characterization of his statements.

"I stand by my statements," he said.

ead The Entire Greenwich Time Story Here.

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06/05/08 Talk About Kissing And Making Up - School Superintendent Betty Sternberg Went To Last Nights Eagle Scout Dinner

Sherman Burgweger, Alexander Carlo, James Dailey, Zachary Grunberg, Jack Harris, Michael Hunnicutt, Garrett Long, James Marci, Timothy Manning, Michael Pittiocco, Daniel Sages and Bryan White were honored last night

The Greenwich Country Club was the eligant place that Greenwich Boyscouts were honored for achieving the rank of Eagle Scout during the past year.

Greenwich Police Lt. James Heavey arranged for the Greenwich Police Honor Guard at the recognition dinner.

Each Eagle scout recognized their mothers by delivering an individual rose to them at their table.

There were many distinguished guests.

Cheering on the young Eagle Scouts was School Superintendent Dr. Betty Sternberg, as well as, First Selectman Peter Tesei and Selectman Lin Lavery.

It looks like new scout executive Mike Robertson has cooperative leadership style has healed the riff that had festered between the Greenwich Boy Scouts and the Greenwich Public Schools.

The Greenwich Boy Scouts have an out standing record of service to the young boys and men of Greenwich.

There are over 2,400 youth involved in scouting in the Town of Greenwich.

There are over 400 adult volunteers involved in Greenwich Scouting.

The 249 acre Seaton Scout Reservation, camp facility in the heart of Greenwich, will start it's summer day camp in a few weeks.

This is a special year for the Seaton Scout Reservation, because it is celebrating it's 50th anniversary.

To find out more about the excellent summer day camp call the Greenwich Boy Scouts at (203) 869 - 8424 or visit www.GreenwichBSA.com.

Did you know that....

63% of Airrforce Academy graduates
68% of West Point grauates
70% of Anapolis graduates
72% of Rhodes Scholars
85% of FBI agents
26% of the first 29 Astronauts
85% of Student Council Presidents
89% of Senior Class Presidents


78% of congressional members participated
in scouting, Eagle Scouts include
10 Senators and 25 Representatives.

The scribe of Greenwich Roundup was a proud cub scout and a boy scout who still can quote on command ...

"On my honor, I will do my best to do my duty and obey the Scout Law, to help other people at all times and to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight."

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06/05/08 Are Hamilton Avenue School Parents Getting Screwed By The Board Of Education? It's Time For Parents To Connect The Dots

Hamilton Avenue Parents Are Getting
Incomplete information And Construction!!!


Hamilton Avenue School Building Is Not Going To Qualify For A Certificate Of Occupancy.

On June 19th the Board of Education is going to get a TEMPORARY Certificate of occupancy.

The Town has promised to give the Board Of Education a TEMPORARY Certificate of Occupancy so that school maintenance personnel can legally start bringing in the contaminated school furniture, so that the airing out process can begin.

Some school and political insiders are saying the Board of Education can't legally open with a TEMPORARY Certificate of Occupancy unless the find off site classrooms for Hamilton Avenue Schools youngest children.

Hamilton Avenue School will NOT be finished at the start of the new school year.

Unscreened construction workers and workmen will be inn the school with your young children.

The Principal, Teachers and school aids will all have background checks that are necessary to help protect your children.

There is no legal requirement that these construction who just walk off the street into the school will have the same background checks.

Looks like it's going to be time to once again to put some preschoolers on the a school bus for a long ride.

Hamilton Avenue parents will probably be told last minute about how the littlest children of Hamilton Avenue School will once again be disbursed.

Where is the Greenwich Citizen, the Greenwich Post, the Greenwich Time, radio station WGCH and Cablevision News 12?

The compliant media of Greenwich is sitting on their collective rear ends waiting for the June 19th Board Of Education certificate of occupancy that says Hamilton Avenue School is on schedule and things are going great at Hamilton Avenue School.

Then the compliant media of Greenwich will run the Board of Education press release through the spell checker, before reporting it as news.

The little children of Hamilton Avenue School have suffered so much, because of the compliant media of Greenwich.




Seeing real progress at Ham Ave. School

Saturday, just two days away, is a very important date if you live in the western end of town or, more important, if you have a child at Hamilton Avenue School.

I think it's safe to say that construction at the Hamilton Avenue School will be completed some time in June, possibly by June 15, or maybe by June 30. Understandably, one still can't be certain about the completion date given the countless number of delays encountered by the Board of Education and Worth Construction Co., the Bethel contractor. The latest news is that it is expected to be ready, finally, for the start of the school year this September, or some 10 months later than originally scheduled.

Word came from Sylvester Pecora Sr., a member of the Building Committee, that a "walk-through" has been scheduled for anyone interested in inspecting the new Chickahominy school. Emphasis was placed on the time of the inspection, which is 11 a.m. sharp. Anyone showing up after that time will not be permitted in the building, as all gates will be closed to prevent stragglers from walking through the school rooms without supervision. I took a tour of the building two months ago with members of the Board of Ed, School Superintendent Betty Sternberg and First Selectman Peter Tesei heading the group...

...The modulars have since been cleared of the mold, inspected and readied for use by Glenville School students so that work can begin on their new kindergarten-though-fifth-grade school this year....

...It bears repeating: The Hamilton Avenue School walk-through is this Saturday beginning at 11 a.m. sharp.

Nino Sechi, a Greenwich native, is a former newspaper reporter and public relations executive. His e-mail address is nsech@aol.com.



Once again we have a clueless Greenwich Time Reporter Snookers By Sylvester Pecora And One Of His Dog And Pony Shows.

One again, we have a Greenwich Time article that is based on a Board Of Education press release without any investigative reporting.

No dissenting members of the Glenville or Hamilton Avenue school community are interviewed by this clueless Greenwich Time writer.

No the equally clueless, Greenwich Time editors have once again ran an article through a spell checker and published the article in the kitty litter liner known as the Greenwich Time.

Let's see if the clueless Nino Sechi or the Greenwich Time editors correct this non-factual and amateurish reporting.

A $23 million school building is now going to cost the single family home-owners well over $30 million, as clueless reporter keep telling the taxpayers that things are under control.

According to Sal and Nino, you just don't know how well things are going in the Greenwich Public School System.

In fact, things are going so well that the Greenwich Board of Education is coming to Monday's Represenitive Town Meeting asking for an additional 1.4 Million dollars from the single family home-owners of Greenwich.

No wonder, their is no accountability in Greenwich, because the fourth estate is lazy and clueless. Nino's article is a A textbook case of bad reporting.

In May 1789, Louis XVI summoned to Versailles a full meeting of the 'Estate General'. The First Estate consisted of three hundred clergy. The Second Estate, three hundred nobles. The Third Estate, six hundred commoners. Some years later, after the French Revolution, Edmund Burke, looking up at the Press Gallery of the House of Commons, said, 'Yonder sits the Fourth Estate, and they are more important than them all.'"

However, in Greenwich the forth estate consists mainly of useful idiots who allow failed school officials to survive to cash another big fat pay check.

When is citizen's and advertized going to get tired of this senseless barrage of Bad Reporting. Maybe the Greenwich Time editor should get of his rear end and drive over to look at the incomplete construction of the front steps on the Hamilton Avenue side of the building.

Sylvester Pecora and his disaster of a building committee can not legally get a Certificate of Occupancy for Hamilton Avenue School. In fact, a lot of issues will have to be overlooked for them to get a TEMPORARY certificate of occupancy that will allow them to air out the school furniture from the contaminated school modular classrooms.

The Greenwich parents and single family home-owners need to start demanding that this orgy of bad reporting comes to an end at the Greenwich Time.

Please send your comments and school news to

06/05/08 Are Glenville Parents Going To Be Screwed By The Board Of Education? Parents Better Start Connecting The Dots

The Construction Contractor That Won The Bid To Decontaminate The Toxic Hamilton School Modulars Doesn't Have The Proper Insurance.

The contractor that won the bid for the
Hamilton Avenue School
Modular Contamination Clean up
refuses to get the required insurance.

Insiders are saying a rival contractor was the only one who noticed that the expensive insurance was not properly in place.

Apparently, the Board Of Education doesn't want to use the next highest bid, because of the huge bid spread.

So the Board Of Education is quietly going out for a re-bid on the Hamilton Avenue Modular Classroom Contamination Clean up job.

Glenville parents should plan for another school delay !!!

Why wont Sue Wallerstein tell the parents, the truth about the potential delays at the Contaminated Hamilton Avenue Modular Classrooms?

Why isn't the compliant media of Greenwich reporting this?

  • Where is the Greenwich Citizen?
  • Where is the Greenwich Post?
  • Where is the Greenwich Time?
  • Where is Greenwich radio station WGCH
  • Where is Cablevision News 12
Are they sitting around waiting for Greenwich School Assistant Superintendent Business Sue Wallerstein to send out a press release saying "The Board Of Education Has Once Again Screwed Up !!!"

What good is all of this Greenwich media if it is not going to aggressively report the news?

Why aren't all of these reporter out on the street talking to contractors, building committee members and more importantly parents?

The level and quality of news reporting in Greenwich is pathetic?

The Greenwich Time was so busy misleading Glenville parents with a "cupcake or was it ice cream" distraction to cover up the fact that a principal lied and manipulated public documents.

The Greenwich Time never even realized that a contaminated modular classroom bid screw up was being swept under the rug by Sue Wallerstein.

This is not the first time Sue Wallerstein has fooled the naive Greenwich Time news reporters.

You know what they say....

Fool the Greenwich Time reporters once shame on Sue Wallerstein

Fool the Greenwich Time reporters again and again, shame on the Greenwich Time !!!

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06/05/08 Reader Submitted Comments -When Is The Greenwich Board Of Education Going To Start Getting Rid Of High Paid And Failed Administrators


The Board of Ed should can Dr. Sternberg's head henchman, that megalomaniac control-freak Sue Wallerstein.

For those of you that don't know, she was the one that ordered Board of Ed maintenance personnel to attempt to repair the Hamilton Avenue modulars, voiding the warranty for the buildings and then trying to cover it up.

She knew those buildings were not watertight for over a YEAR before the mold became visible and chose to ignore it so as not to draw attention to her mistake.

Better children's health be put at risk than she own up to an honest error.

Citing potential litigation, those same maintenance men have been ordered not to discuss the incident under threat of summary termination ... THAT is a damned cover-up.

Please send your comments and school news tips to

06/05/08 The Greenwich Citizen website Is the BIGGEST Joke In Greenwich - This so-called news website has not been updated in 7 days

Greenwich Citizen readers have been left in the dark. The Greenwich Citizen reader has no clue that the Glenville School principal was suspended for being a bold face liar.

The reporting at the
Greenwich Citizen
is such a joke.

"If the President of the United States is accused of violating the law on the same day that an African country erupts into civil war and an especially gloomy economic report is released, and you must decide which one is your lead story, ask yourself this: Did the local sports team just win a big game?"


A reporter and an editor are lost in the desert. They’ve been without food or water for days, and it’s beginning to look like this is the end. Then, just as they’re ready to give up, they see a shimmer on the horizon. They run toward it and see — an oasis! With their last ounce of strength they run to it.

The reporter reaches it first and jumps into a lake of the cleanest, freshest, tastiest water he’s ever experienced. He gulps down the water and splashes around in it. Then he looks up and sees the editor, who instead of drinking the water is standing at the waterline and urinating into it.

“What the hell are you doing?” the reporter shouts.

“I’m making it better,” the editor says.

And the last joke for today.

Some friends get together to go hunting in the Maine woods. On their way to the campsite, they pass a farm with a sign posted in front: HUNTING DOG AVAILABLE. So they head up to the farm and ask the owner how much it would cost to borrow the dog for a day.

“His name is Reporter and you can have him for $20 a day,” the owner says. They pay the money, and after setting up camp they get started. Reporter turns out to be a fabulous hunting dog, flushing out all kinds of game. They use him every day and go home agreeing it was money well spent.

For the next few years, the friends return to the same spot in Maine and rent Reporter each day. Over the years, Reporter’s price keeps creeping up: $30, $40, $70. Each time the hunters pay it, because Reporter is a matchless hunting dog.

Then, one year, they head up to the Maine farm and ask to rent the dog. “You can have him for $5,” the owner says.

The friends are stunned. “Last time we were here, you charged us $70 to use the dog,” one of them says. “What happened?”

“Reporter’s no good anymore,” the owner says. “Last year I rented him out and some idiot called him Editor. Now he doesn’t do anything except sit on his ass and bark.”

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06/05/08 Greenwich Post News Links For Thursday

Going up in Blue Smoke
Howard Johnson to house new restaurant; plans for hotel

Blue Smoke will be sweeping through Greenwich as Union Square Hospitality Group prepares to open its first restaurant outside New York City.

Will Glenville principal be fired? District yet to decide
The fate of suspended Glenville School Principal Marc D’Amico remains unknown after a meeting Monday with district officials.

Ticked off
High deer population contributes to Lyme disease

Many people look at deer as harmless, bushy-tailed, vegetarians that quietly meander through the woods just looking for something good to munch on. While all that may be true, the overpopulation of these quiet forest dwellers is becoming a problem throughout Fairfield County.

Greenwich wants to hire a new harbormaster
The Town of Greenwich is eying a self-imposed deadline of the end of the month to get a name to Gov. M. Jodi Rell for approval as the new harbormaster.

Greenwich Eagle Scouts event marks past, honors the future
Only 5% of Boy Scouts across America achieve the elite status of being an Eagle Scout, and last night, the Greenwich Council of the Boy Scouts of America took time to honor Eagle Scouts of the past and present.

Neighbors fear noise, parking problems if steakhouse expands
Sparks flared at the Planning and Zoning Commission’s public hearing Tuesday night when Luca’s Steakhouse partner Danny Gabriele said residents’ claims the restaurant’s expansion would adversely affect their neighborhood were “exaggerated.”


Police Watch: The following are released reports of June 4

A 43-year-old Elmont, N.Y., woman was arrested June 3 and charged with second degree breach of peace, second degree criminal mischief, third degree burglary and third degree assault. According to police, the woman appeared at the home of her ex-boyfriend and, after he let her inside, she began throwing his personal possessions at him and attacking him. Police said that the man escorted the woman out, and she bit him. The woman then allegedly broke back into the house by using a trophy to break the glass in the back door before striking the man with the trophy. Police said the man had bruises on his arm from being bit but refused medical attention. The woman was held in lieu of a $10,000 cash bond and is due in court June 4.

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06/05/08 WGCH Owner Michael Metter Releases A Press Release To SpongeTech Shareholders

SpongeTech(r) Delivery Systems, Inc. CEO Michael Metter Issues Corporate Update on Company for Shareholders
Thursday June 5, 2008 9:10 AM EDT

NEW YORK, NY (PRNewswire) SpongeTech(r) Delivery Systems, Inc. (OTCBB: SPNG) has had a lot of activity in the past several months and we want to take the time to update our shareholders on some of our recent accomplishments and delve a little into what they can expect moving forward in the next few quarters.

Message from SpongeTech(r) CEO, Michael Metter:

Dear Shareholders:


Un-audited revenues for our fiscal fourth quarter ending May 31, 2008, were approximately $3,875,000; approximately $600,000 ahead of guidance and an increase of $2,315,000 over our fiscal third quarter.

With our balance sheet and cash positions, we have greatly improved due to the increased sales of our products. We do not expect to have any dilutive financing in the near future.


Confirmed signed orders for fiscal year 2009, which started four day ago, are $27,000,000. We see no reason why these orders won't be shipped in their entirety. We are experiencing strong demand in the United States and very strong demand from international buyers


Marketing efforts continue to provide new customers for our "Car Care" products. We are optimistic that this trend will continue and we hope to announce new retail accounts in the near future.

We plan to formally introduce our "Pet Care" as well as our "Child Care" (Puddle Pals) products during July and August. We have increased our production capacity, purchased fabrication molds, and increased our sales and support team to handle the anticipated increased business.


Independent sub-contractors using our patented technology and brand names produce our products here in the United States. These sub-contractors have adequate capacity to meet our growing demand.


Under the SpongeTech(r) Delivery Systems corporate umbrella, we plan to operate SpongeTech(r) as five operating divisions as new products are introduced:

Car Care Products
Pet Care Products
Child Care Products
Home Care Products
Pharma and Beauty Products

Management is actively seeking other opportunities for its patented delivery system. Our Research and Development team are currently testing and evaluating new uses for our delivery system. I would like to thank the Management Team for a great year and they are already set to more than double next year.


We are currently in negotiations with major retailers who are now evaluating and "test marketing" our products. For contractual and competitive reasons, we cannot further elaborate. At this time, I may add, we do not have signed contracts or firm orders and there is no assurance that our proposals to these clients will be accepted.

We are also in negotiations with a major supplier of Brand Name household cleaning products. Our discussions focus on SpongeTech(r) using its patented technology to produce various household cleaning products using the Brand Name of our prospective client. Let me again say, while we are hopeful, there is no assurance of our entering into a final agreement with this client.

We are also evaluating and testing our product delivery system using our patented technology in other products. These include suntan lotion, topical medical uses, beauty aids, and other hardware and houseware product solutions.

In conclusion, we are pleased with our progress and look forward to continued growth in the next year.

Best Regards, Michael Metter, SpongeTech(r) CEO

For more information, please contact Investor Relations at 1-877- SPONGE-T, and/or visit the Company's website at: www.spongetech.com.

About SpongeTech(r) Delivery Systems, Inc.

SpongeTech(r) Delivery Systems is a development stage company, which designs, produces, and markets a unique line of reusable cleaning products for the automotive aftermarket parts industry. These sponge-based products utilize SpongeTech's(r) proprietary, patent (and patent-pending) technologies involving hydrophilic (liquid absorbing) foam and polyurethane matrices. The Company's sponges are specially configured with an outer contact layer and an inner matrix, the latter of which comes pre-loaded with specially formulated soaps and wax that are released when the sponge is wetted and applied to a surface with minimal pressure. The Company's primary product line has been designed specifically for automotive/vehicle applications, however, SpongeTech(r) is currently exploring additional applications for its technology including an anti-bacterial, kitchen and bath cleaner, as well as a unique 'foaming' bath sponge for children.

"Safe Harbor Statement" Under The Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: The statements in the press release that relate to the Company's expectations with regard to the future impact on the Company's results from new products in development are forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. The results anticipated by any or all of these forward-looking statements may not occur. Additional risks and uncertainties are set forth in the Company's Annual Report on Form 10-KSB for the year ended December 31, 2005, the Company's Quarterly Report on Form 10-QSB for the first quarter ended March 31, 2006. The Company undertakes no obligation to publicly release the result of any revisions to these forward-looking statements that may be made to reflect events or circumstances after the date hereof, or to reflect the occurrence of unanticipated events or changes in the Company's plans or expectations

SpongeTech(r) Delivery Systems, Inc.
Investor Relations:
Bill Young, 1-877-776-6438

SOURCE: SpongeTech(r) Delivery Systems, Inc.

06/05/08 Greenwich Time News Links For Thursday

Social worker Cynthia Bowser recently bought a picture pin of the candidate as a keepsake.
(Keelin Daly/Greenwich Time Photo)

Pride follows Obama's victory
Barack Obama's triumph as the first African-American to clinch a major party presidential nomination resonated with residents who saw his win as a major milestone.

Flight plan alliance asks for more funds
The 13-town alliance fighting the Federal Aviation Administration over its new flight paths over Fairfield County is expected to ask its members today for additional funds to keep a class-action lawsuit and lobbying effort going.

Board OKs Luca's plan
After several years of appearances before the Planning and Zoning Commission, Luca's Steakhouse was finally granted approval to make changes at its Church Street facility, but it faces a long list of caveats aimed at addressing neighbors' concerns.

Jury selection in the trial of Alan Golder, the man accused in the "Dinnertime Bandit" burglaries, could begin next month, with the 53-year-old pushing for a quick hearing after being imprisoned since November 2007, his attorney said.

Architect search slows project
Despite delays leaving the much-touted Nathaniel Witherell renovation project 10 months behind schedule, officials at the town-owned nursing home said it is moving forward.

A town police officer has been assigned to administrative light duty and had his firearm taken away for undisclosed medical reasons, Chief David Ridberg said.

Officer was disciplined last year for using an anti-gay slur during a Greenwich Avenue arrest.


The Bridgeport man who allegedly dumped a body in backcountry Greenwich will face unspecified new charges next week, according to prosecutors.

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