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Thursday, July 22, 2010

0722/10 Greenwich Resident Richard Blumenthal Rated Second-Worst Attorney General in America




Connecticut Attorney General Dick Blumenthal has just been rated the second-worst state attorney general in America by the Competitive Enterprise Institute in its recent study, The Nation’s Worst State Attorneys General. If the ratings had considered only lawsuit abuse, he would have been ranked #1. (In the 2007 ratingsof the The Nation’s Top Ten Worst State Attorneys General, Blumenthal was rated the #1 worst attorney general in America. Blumenthal hasn’t gotten any better since then, but the competition has gotten fiercer.)

Yesterday, legal commentator Walter Olson (who runs Overlawyered, the world’s oldest law blog, which federal courts have cited) linked to a draft of the study showing Blumenthal being rated as #3, just behind Oklahoma’s Drew Edmondson. Olson humorously noted that “at only #3, Connecticut’s Richard Blumenthal demands a recount.”

In a sense, Blumenthal now has his recount. Additional information about Blumenthal, such as his mistreatment of small-business owners, pushed Blumenthal ahead of Edmondson in a photo finish, leaving Blumenthal at #2, and Edmondson close behind at #3.

Rated #1 was California’s Jerry Brown, the nation’s worst state attorney general.

All three of these state attorneys general got an “F” in each of the four judging criteria — (1) ethical breaches and selective application of the law, (2) fabricating law, (3) usurping legislative powers and (4) predatory practices.

But picking which one was worst overall was difficult because each of these three was worse than the two others in at least one critical respect. Edmondson is probably the worst state attorney general in terms of contempt for civil liberties. Brown is by far the worst state attorney general in terms of failure to perform basic attorney general job-duties like defending the state and its laws against lawsuits.

The next three state attorneys general in the list of worst state attorneys general — Rhode Island’s Patrick Lynch, West Virginia’s Darrell McGraw, and Vermont’s William Sorrell — fared slightly better. Although they, too, received dismal marks, they each got at least one grade that was not an “F”. (Vermont Attorney General William Sorrell even got a “C” alongside his two Fs and one “D.” These lenient marks triggered a protest from a Vermont think tank, which e-mailed me this morning to say that CEI “must have some kind of soft spot for Sorrell. . . he ought to be tied for worst.”)

Here are the worst AGs’ report cards:

1. Jerry Brown, California: F,F,F,F

2. Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut: F,F,F,F

3. Drew Edmondson, Oklahoma: F,F,F,F

4. Patrick Lynch, Rhode Island: D-,F,F,F

5. Darrell McGraw, West Virginia: D-,F,F,F

6. William Sorrell, Vermont: C-,D-,F,F


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07/22/10 TRUTH IN ADVERTISING: Lets Take A Sneak Peak At Greenwich Resident Tom Foley's New TV Ad

Tom Foley will start running a new television commercial this evening.

The ad, titled "Vision" discusses his detailed plan to bring back jobs.




MYTH: During Tom Foley's Leadership Bibb Company Doubled Its Revenues and Expanded

Foley's web biography (Since updated) touted his success at Bibb Company. An upbeat campaign biography released in 2009 puts his Bibb years in this context: "Tom's record in business is impressive. His primary operating companies, The Bibb Company, T.B. Woods, Inc., and Stevens Aviation, each more than doubled in revenues and each expanded employment by more than fifty percent while under Tom's leadership," said one of his campaign biographies. ("Foley Campaign Material Glosses Over Company's Failure In 1990s", Hartford Courant, 5/21/10)

FACT: Under His Leadership Bibb Company Slashed Jobs While Foley Lined His Pockets

Even Before Foley's Buyout Of Bibb Closed, He'd Struck A Deal To Cut The Payroll By 1,000 Workers. "Even before the buyout closed in October 1985, Foley struck a deal to sell Bibb's unprofitable carpet yarn division for $11.5 million; that lopped the payroll by about 1,000." (Forbes, 9/5/88)

As Bibb Co Continued to struggle and cut jobs, Foley continued to collect massive "management fees." Foley's Greenwich-based holding company, the NTC Group, collected management fees from Bibb of $4 million each year from 1992 to 1994, then $3.4 million in 1995, even as Bibb struggled and began losing money in 1994, according to filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. He estimates he personally collected about 20 percent of those fees. ("Foley Campaign Material Glosses Over Company's Failure In 1990s", Hartford Courant, 5/21/10)

MYTH: Tom Foley claims the failure of the Bibb Company, formerly the nation's largest textile mill " wasn't something you can put on my plate."

Foley tells WTNH's Mark Davis: "It was closed long after I was no longer involved with the company, so that wasn't something you can put on my plate." ("Fedele and Foley spar over campaign financing", WTNH News Channel 8, 6/15/08, VIDEO)

FACT: Foley Slashed Jobs, Drove Bibb Company Into Bankruptcy, And Was Forced Out As CEO.

As Chairman And CEO, Foley Drove Bibb Company, Once The Nation's Largest Textile Mill, Into Bankruptcy. "In 1996, Bibb Manufacturing was bleeding red ink, forcing it to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection from its creditors." (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, 12/6/00).

Foley Was Forced Out As Chairman And CEO As Part Of Bibb's Restructuring Agreement And His Stake In The Company Went From Over 90 Percent To Less Than 5 Percent. "The Bibb Co. has filed its Chapter 11 petition, as expected, with a reorganization plan already worked out. ... Under the agreement, Foley will bow out of both posts and will hold less than a 5 percent stake in the company once the reorganizing is complete. He currently holds more than 90 percent of the company." (Home Furnishings News, 7/15/96)

Bibb Today:

The history of Bibb continued until 1998 when they were bought by Dan River for 16.50 a share. By 2004 Dan River was in the OTC pinksheets and its $750 million dollars in revenues were down to under $100 million. It finally went bankrupt in 2008 with several Pakistani and Indian companies suing.

Of interest. Tracking the losses in Bibb and who made and lost what including the various .







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07/22/10 The Raw Greenwich News Feed: Afternoon Edition

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Greenwich pillage
New York Post
By KAJA WHITEHOUSE The onetime toast of
Greenwich society was tossed on the grill yesterday -- accused of being part of a group of hedge fund executives ...

New York Post
Foley and Fedele Talk About Economy at Event in Brookfield (Web First)
Litchfield County Times (blog)
Mr. Foley, a former ambassador to Ireland who lives in
Greenwich, said it is "essential" that the public colleges are "giving the skills that will be needed ...
Man arrested for Quarry Knoll robbery
Greenwich Post
A Port Chester, NY man has been arrested for the armed home invasion and robbery of a
Greenwich senior citizen. Esdras Flores, 40, was arrested Wednesday ...
Project Life Saver
Greenwich Post
This week, the
Greenwich Police Department began using equipment to track missing people who are wearing transceivers that broadcast signals to antennas. ...

Greenwich Post
Pemberwick killer gets 40 years
Greenwich Post
Greenwich man found guilty in the brutal 2008 murder of his former daughter-in-law has received the maximum sentence of 40 years in prison. ...
Some roads remain closed due to storm damage
Greenwich Post
Thursday, noon: Trees and wires were knocked down in several areas across
Greenwich last night in the storm, though no major damage was reported. ...
Prologue Beats Peers With June Jump
Global macro hedge fund shop Prologue Capital enjoyed a strong June and first-half, but the London- and
Greenwich, Conn.-based firm isn't celebrating just ...
Get Your Tastebuds Ready, Pinkberry Comes to CT
NBC Connecticut
The three lucky towns soon to be home to the frozen yogurt store are Fairfield,
Greenwich and New Haven. Pinkberry's two claims to fame include being the ...
Gossip Grind: Today's Wall Street Buzz in 60-Seconds
The Business Insider
Walter Noel, who founded Fairfield
Greenwich (a hedge fund), is accused of personally pocketing $114 million in Bernie Madoff's ponzi profits. ...

The Business Insider

Deals of the Day: GM Buys Subprime Lender AmeriCredit
Wall Street Journal (blog)
[WSJ] Madoff: Fairfield
Greenwich Group, believed to be the largest feeder of investor funds to Bernard Madoff, was accused of having "actual and ...

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CompliancEX: Greenwich pillage
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Madoff trustee seeks $3.6 billion from funds - WAFB Channel 9 ...
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Madoff trustee has started gathering $3.6 billion. New facts ...
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CBS Sports to air special "The Road to the PGA Championship ...
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Madoff Trustee: 'Boundless Avarice' Fueled Noels, Others to Commit ...
By freshcontentengine.com
Walter Noel and family. Since Bernie Madoff was arrested, Walter Noel and partners in his Fairfield
Greenwich Group, whose Madoff feeder fund lost $7 billion.
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07/22/10 Connecticut Homeowner Hotline

I operate a Contractor network for pre-approved contractors in the New Haven County and Fairfield County area. During the years we've been providing this service to contractors and homeowners, we've have many contractors come onboard and when we get them work, they must be courteous to the customers, keep appointments and guarantee their work. With this said, when and if they do not perform as our network indicates and demands, we opt them out of the network. A recent case in point, one of the contractors was discovered drinking on the job, we let him and his worker go.
We do not employ the contractors, they still maintain their independent contractors status, we simply provide a complete line of customer services to them as many or most of them do not have a physical office and they often miss work and we increase that work by advertising and listing on a lot of free sites to generate work for the non-union, licensed and insured contractors who are not receiving any of the work from the government as they are only feeding the work to union contractors.
When the customer calls, we contact the a contractor in the network that we feel very sure can help that customer in the best way and provide them with a free estimate.
Recently it has gotten busier but it comes in spurts, one week very little, the next week the telephone keeps ringing. I'm not complaining as that's what my service is supposed to do for these personally pre-approved contractors and to make sure the customer get quality service and workmanship as we keep in touch with the customer from the beginning, middle and end of the project. When we do this, we've really earned our customer service fee which they pay us monthly and everyone is happy and feels safe, especially the homeowners, who have heard horror stories, which in most cases are true as I've sent a lot of contractors out of here very quickly once I discovered how they carry on business, it that's what you call it. The result is only the best contractors are still onboard.
The blog which is the only thing I use is located at the following url:
II would appreciate it if you could make a small mention in your online news site if you possibly can. Several of the contractors offer 24 hour emergency service especially after storms for roof, fence, deck and home repairs.
George Mandell

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07/22/10 Linda McMahon Thinks She Can Win With Fluffy Ads Like This During These Tough Economic Times When Connecticut Is Facing Serous Issues

Connecticut Is Hurting: We Need Innovative Solutions Not Fluff

The Linda McMahon campaign is launching a new mindless TV ad today....

Watch our new TV ad: Cup Of Tea

Here Is What Another Blogger Said Of The Ad:

Linda McMahon's Campaign Ad Targets Country-Club Swells (VIDEO)

Linda McMahon is a wealthy lady from Connecticut with a yacht named "Sexy Bitch" who is running in the GOP primary for the Senate seat currently occupied by Democrat Chris Dodd. But people worry about whether her past as the CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment will prevent her from "connecting" with voters. So, her ad gurus have come up with this spot (called "Cup Of Tea" -- see what they did there?), which instills in your mind the idea that McMahon will have no trouble at all reaching out to other wealthy ladies from Connecticut who do not yet own yachts, but nevertheless have a lot of idle time to cruise around leafy suburbs in their shiny new Ford Explorers.

Yes, right away, you will probably wonder, "Is this ad intended ironically?" But remember, we are talking about the GOP primary in Connecticut. This ad is inclusive of every single voter demographic relevant to that occasion. The truly noteworthy thing about this ad -- in which the two ladies mull whether they can get past McMahon's WWE involvement to vote for her -- is that it's essentially a direct response to Ann Coulter, a McMahon critic. Back in late May, Coulter assailed McMahon thusly:

Republicans are planning on running a World Wrestling Entertainment "impresario" against Blumenthal. Yes, in Connecticut ... a state that is among the wealthiest and most highly educated in the nation ... a state that isn't Minnesota. The average Nutmegger doesn't even know what a turnbuckle is, and that includes me.

But maybe ascot-wearing Connecticut ladies can move past all that!


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07/22/10 New Results For Connecticut Gubernatorial Candidate Nelson "Oz Who" Griebel

News Reports
About "Oz Who?"

Conn. panel grants extra money to Fedele
Waterbury Republican American
Fedele, Foley and Hartford-area business advocate
Oz Griebel are vying for the GOP nomination in the Aug. 10 primary. Foley has the endorsement of the ...
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Blog Posts About
"Oz Who?"

Griebel Learns a New Word: "Growler." - Ken Dixon's Blog-O-Rama ...
By Ken Dixon
Yes, he may have to show his teeth if he's to win the August 10 GOP gubernatorial primray, but this afternoon, R. Nelson "
Oz" Griebel of Simsbury visited the Southport Brewing Co. down there were Fairfield morphs into Westport, ...
Ken Dixon's Blog-O-Rama - http://blog.ctnews.com/dixon/
Bridgeport Roundup: 07/21/10 The Raw Bridgeport News Feed:
By Bridgeport Roundup
Obama is Farmington Valley. By. Rick Green. on July 21, 2010 7:24 AM | Permalink | Comments (0). If Obama lived in Connecticut he'd probably be one of
Oz Griebel's neighbors. Hladky's story on white politicians is worth a . ...
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Recently Updated Web
Pages About "Oz Who?"

(I)NTERVIEW: Oz Griebel | yourpublicmedia.org
R. Nelson "
Oz" Griebel has been the President and CEO of MetroHartford Allliance , the region's chamber of commerce and economic development leader, ...
WATCH: Livestream interview with Oz Greibel at 5 p.m. - Norwich ...
In this March 18, 2010 file photo, businessman
Oz Griebel stands at a podium before the Republican gubernatorial candidate debate in West Hartford, Conn. ...
Griebel attends Mark's Cruise Night - Foothills Media Group
Oz Griebel, one of the three Republicans running for governor in the Aug. 10 primary, visited Mark's Cruise Night last Monday, July 12, to meet and listen ...

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