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Thursday, October 30, 2008

10/30/08 READER SUBMITTED COMMENTS: Newest Gossip Girl Sighting - Suzy

Reader Hates Mindless Reporting

At The Greenwich Post

SCENE: Main Street,New Canaan, CT
The Mobil Gas Station

Time 8:18 AM

Two middle aged men, one driving a black 2008 Hummer, the other a navy 2008 Saab SUV, pulled in at exactly the same time, to get gas. I couldn't help but notice, one man was wearing "CROCS" and a black leather jacket. Now, I was already awestruck by the cars, ahhh hmmmm....imagine my surprise when I got a look at these RED RUBBER CLOGS on a middle aged man's feet. Small feet too. Like a size 7. What man wears a size 7 anyway? What the hell is that?

Just when I thought I had seen all the drama this gossip girl gone guro could absorb before 9AM, who comes out of the passenger side door but a middle aged (TOTALLY grey roots ) woman with the same black leather jacket and-GET THIS- RED FRIGGIN CROCS!!!!!!

I said to myself "What the !@#$ is this? Are these !@#$%^&* for REAL? Do they know what they look like????Lord have mercy on me.....

Would I make this up just to land a job? This is what's TOTALLY happening OUT THERE.

Until my next sensational sighting......stay tuned

THE (still unemployed) GRINNING GOSSIP GIRL

PS- can I get job please, sir?

Please Read Greenwich Posts Mindless Reporting From

Susie The "Dish Towel" Costaregni

.....Scene ... Greenwich native and major leaguer Tim Teufel was seen at Garden Catering in Old Greenwich last week after being inducted into the Fairfield County Sports Hall of Fame. Mr. Teufel was buying four pints of GC’s famous chili to take back home to Florida.

Out there ... Howard Stern Show producer Gary Dell’Abate, a Riverside resident, will appear at the grand opening of Crumbs Bakery at the High Ridge Road Shopping Center on Saturday from 4 to 6 p.m. Mr. Dell’Abate will unveil a cupcake named after him to benefit his charity, LifeBeat...the music industry fights AIDS. Twenty-five cents from each cupcake sold benefits the charity.

Scene ...Greenwich resident and TV host/author Joan Lunden and her twin girls were seen at Douglas Perfumerie on Saturday. The adorable twins kept busy sweeping the floor while Mommy shopped......

.....Scene ... Jeweler Harry Winston, the “King of Diamonds,” was seen dining with his wife last week at The Barn at The Bedford Post Inn on Route 123 in Bedford, N.Y. The restaurant’s owner, actor Richard Gere, a Pound Ridge, N.Y., resident, was also seen at The Barn with his pooch in tow.....

.....Scene ... Author/anchor Tom Brokaw of Pound Ridge, N.Y., was seen at the Wine Connection in Scotts Corners/Pound Ridge last week.....


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10/30/08 READER SUBMITTED COMMENTS: Welcome Aboard Ziggy

To the Illusionary Iggy the Intellect:

I find your stories bordering on bizzare, but very original. I was hoping you could enlighten me on where you get your ideas from. Do they simply morph into your solar-psyche, or do you engage in occasional recreational hallusagens?

I have found the likes of Van Gogh, Beetoven, John Updike, William Shakespere, and many more genius-types, very drug friendly. In fact, I believe some were inspired by the potent intensity of uncut morphine, heroin, and cocaine. Though I'm not a drug user anymore, there are many times a day I wish I could blast off, in a state of oblivion, to find Asteroid B-612. Shazzam!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Up, up, I would travel, in search for "that which is essential..." You know what I'm talking about Zig?

I hope so, no one else ever does!!


Please See:

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10/30/08 Bruce Exhibit Evokes Time of Patriotism, National Pride - Greenwich Citizen

Greenwich resident John Watling donated the posters to the Bruce Museum
(Julie Ruth/ for the Greenwich Citizen)

The Bruce Museum spotlights the recent gift of original posters from the First World War by longtime Greenwich residents John and Beverly Watling in a new exhibition, "That Liberty Shall Not Perish: World War I Posters," on view from Saturday, Nov. 1 through Feb. 1, 2009.

The show features 18 original posters, including those created for the four Liberty Loan campaigns, the War Savings Stamp program, the Victory Loan program, and the Red Cross.

Now nearly 100 years old, the posters are a window to a time that is growing increasingly distant from many people's personal experience. They primarily reflect an overriding national tone of innocence, patriotism, and national pride, far different from more recent conflicts of the .....

...John's stepfather, Charles B. Warren Jr., along with his older brother, Wetmore Warren, collected these posters while they were living in Washington, D.C., where their father, Charles B. Warren, Sr., was stationed during World War I, serving as chief of staff to the U.S. provost marshal, Enoch Chower. Chower led the drafting of the Selective Service Act.....

....The government issued more than 20 million copies of some 2,500 posters in support of the war effort.

In an era that preceded radio and television broadcasting, they were created as a way to communicate essential information rapidly and efficiently. They accomplished this by using bold graphics, strong color and concise wording to urge Americans to contribute to the war effort in specific ways. Enlist! Fight or Buy Bonds! I Want You for the Navy! One of the most compelling posters has no words at all, only a lovely Red Cross nurse with outspread arms beseeching the viewer.

"For many World War I posters to speak to us now," Walton Rawls has written in World War I and the American Poster, "requires an effort on our part to be more responsive to the spirit of that period a dominant faith in America as God's 'chosen nation to finally lead in the regeneration of the world.'

It now seems that, in many ways, citizens of the World War I era are about as distant intellectually from post-Vietnam Americans as are the knights of King Arthur's Round Table."

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10/30/08 The Greenwich Post Didn't Even Bother Trying To Talk To Sister Joan "No Comment" Magnetti

Pamela Juan Hayes, photographed in her office in San Francisco, will be taking over as head of school for Convent of Sacred Heart, beginning July 1, 2009.

(Convent of the Sacred Heart Board of Trustees Contributed photo)

Hayes, Class of '64, to Succeed Magnetti at Sacred Heart

Longtime Headmistress to Step Down
By Anne W. Semmes

A changeover of leadership will take place come July 1 at one of Green- wich's oldest independent schools, the Convent of the Sacred Heart.

Sister Joan Magnetti, a leader in independent schools education, will step down on June 30 after completing her 19th year as headmistress. Greenwich native Pamela Juan Hayes, Sacred Heart Class of 1964, now based in San Francisco where she directs the city's Sacred Heart Schools, will take on the title of head of school in keeping with the gender neutral title trend.

The Board of Trustees reached its unanimous decision following a national search and with the participation of parents, alumnae, faculty and staff, students and friends. "Pam brings to our school her passion for education.....


Greenwich Citizen Reporter Anne W. Semmes Did Not Even Bother Trying To Contact Sister Joan "No Comment" Magnetti.

Anne Semmes Just Cut And Paste The Same Quote From The Board of Trustees At Convent of the Sacred Heart Press Release That The Greenwich Post And Greenwich Time Previously Ran Days Ago.....

"We are all delighted that Pam, a graduate of our school, has been chosen as the next head of school," said Magnetti. "Her love of the mission of Sacred Heart and her experience as a Sacred Heart student, teacher and administrator solidifies the past and gives great hope for our future.

"Her educational philosophy is aligned with St. Madeleine Sophie Barat, the found-ress of the Society of the Sacred Heart, who said: 'I would have founded the Society for the sake of a single child."

Once Again Reporter Semmes Brings Us Nothing New.

Greenwich News Readers Deserve Better Than Reporter Semmes Mindlessly Cutting And Pasting Prefabricated Press Release Quotes In Her Unprofeesional News Articles.

Please See:

The Greenwich Post Exclusively Provides
All Press Releases All The Time


The Greenwich Post Editor Used To Unethically Put Her Byline On Press Releases,

“We are all delighted that Pam, a graduate of our school, has been chosen as the next head of school,” Sister Magnetti said. “Her love of the mission of Sacred Heart and her experience as a Sacred Heart student, teacher and administrator solidifies the past and gives great hope for our future.”


Sister Magenetti Has Now Given A "Warm Heart, Felt Statement" For The Sacred Heart Board In A Greenwich Post Press Release.
This CHS Sanitized "News" At It's Best


Magnetti declined to be interviewed about her retirement plans.....

Magnetti declined to be interviewed about her retirement plans.
Cub Reporter Colin "King Of The Press Releases" Gustafson And The Greenwich Post's Publication Of The Sacred Hearts Second Press Release tells us.....

Who is Leaving

When she is leaving

Where her replacement is coming from

But Cub Reporter Colin "King Of The Press Releases" Gustafson And The Greenwich Post's Publication Of The Sacred Hearts Second Press Release fails to tell us .....

What happened and Why she is leaving

10/30/08 Marine Welcomed Home From Afghanistan - Greenwich Citizen

Riverside resident Debbie Schiano and her son, U.S. Marine Joseph Schiano, share a welcome-home embrace.
(Contributed Photo)
After returning from an overseas stay last week, 20-year-old Riverside resident Joseph Schiano enjoyed some catching up time with friends over dinner at Glory Days Diner. Chatting about the time away was pretty exciting, because he is not your average college kid doing a semester abroad. He's a U.S. Marine who just returned on home leave from a tour of active combat duty in Afghanistan.

The deployment began with arrival at Kandahar Airbase in Afghanistan, some weeks of local training and then the mission, which was called "Operation Avada Wosa," according to Schiano.
The details of the mission are classified, but Schiano was able to tell the Greenwich Citizen that it lasted 139 days and took place in the southern Helm and ....
....And they weren't able to do that with the Taliban there."

When Schiano's Marine unit left the region, one of the most satisfying views in the rearview mirror was the miles and miles of farmland bulging with corn, wheat, vegetables and other crops - not the poppy fields that had been there when they arrived.

The road to Afghanistan began Feb. 12, 2006 with 13 weeks of boot camp in Parris Island, S.C. Schiano says boot camp is a lot like what you see in the movies - the drill instructors yelling out orders, doing obstacles courses, etc.

"It's kind of like where they take you and break you down from your civilian mentality and turn you into a Marine. You learn all of your core values and basically just learn how to be a Marine... It's a lot nicer leaving (boot camp) than coming in."

Schiano graduated May 12 and after a 10-day rest back home in Riverside, began Infantry School in Camp Geiger.....
.....His mother on the other hand, had a different reaction. "I wanted to kill him. I wanted to strangle him," said Debbie Schiano, when she learned her son wanted to enlist. "Because I was afraid... It's a bad time, the war is going on and the media always talks about the bad and you don't want your kids to (be in harm's way). But then I realized that it's his life, it's his decision to make. Now, I feel that it's the best decision he ever made. It gave him direction where he didn't have direction. It's matured him. He's grown up."

Three years ago, Schiano admits he was an unfocused, hard-partying 17-year-old with little vision of his own future. Now, after enlisting, successfully completing boot camp and infantry training and a tour in Afghanistan, he says his life has changed. "This is one of the best things I've ever done," said Schiano of making the decision in 2006 to enlist. "Before, I was definitely really, really immature. I think for me, I've grown up. I've decided who I am and who I want to be."

While he was overseas, his mother, sister Nicole, 18, and brother Tyler, 15, communicated with Schiano via CARE packages, letters, some e-mail and phone calls. They updated his Facebook page so friends like Phil Ayache could check it and post notes on the wall for Joe. Ayache, who has known Schiano since sixth grade, says he sees his friend happier than ever.

"He's stopped doing things that aren't going to get you anywhere. He's motivated He knows what he wants to do."

While home, he enjoys his passion of working on high performance cars - and hopes some day to open a business doing this. Schiano will be returning to Afghanistan in January and will be discharged in 2011.

"Joe really matured while he was over there," said Ayache. "I see him happier than ever."
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10/30/08 Politician's Are Deathly Afraid Of People Power - They Don't Want Others Setting The Agenda

Leaders Nix Constitutional Convention

When you mark your ballot on Election Day, you will be asked to vote "yes" or "no" on the following question:

"Shall there be a Constitutional Convention to amend or revise the Constitution of the State? "

Greenwich's Katie the Curlers, Joe Six-Pack and Joe the Plumber - as well as other voters in Fairfield County and Connecticut - probably don't have the foggiest notion of how to vote on that question. Perhaps only constitutional lawyers and other intellectual high-brows will not need help in taking a position on the question.

But don't despair over being left on the outside trying to peer into the intelligentsia's craniums.

For we low-brow dumb-bells, guidance aplenty gushed last week from a Stamford gathering of Fairfield County leaders invited to speak out on how to vote on the question.

The meeting was sponsored by the "Vote No Coalition." Knowing that, you don't know to be an Einstein to surmise the advice was - Vote no.

Speakers included Mayor Dannel Malloy of Stamford, Bob Madore, UAW Region 9A; Rudy Marconi, First Selectman of Ridgefield and Greenwich's Cheryl Dunson, president of the League of Women Voters. Congressional candidate Jim Himes and congressman Chris Shays both issued statements ....

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10/30/08 Sign of the Times: One-Third of GHS Students Seeking Work - Greenwich Citizen

Job-seeking Greenwich High School students are registering their desires on a cutting-edge Student Employment Service Web site developed by a group of GHS parents.

(Contributed photo)

A revelation of the impact of the economic downturn came at the start of last Thursday's regular Board of Education meeting at New Lebanon Elementary School. One third of the 2,700 students at Greenwich High School are looking for work.

"In this time of greater need, the 35 Student Employment Service volunteers have placed over 100 students in jobs since Sept. 1," said PTA Council President Julie Faryniarz, in her traditional board meeting update of PTA and student activities in the district.

"Fully one-third of the GHS students are currently registered in the online system and are seeking some type of employment," she said, "through a Web-based system custom designed by GHS parents, which sets the standard in school employment solutions."

"It's called the Student Employment Service (SES)," said GHS PTA Executive Board Co-President Laurie Heiss Grealy. "It's a wonderful operation deeply buried in GHS. The kids need it desperately. They need work. Their families are in trouble. The economy has hit everybody."

Graduated students were also benefiting, said Grealy.

The SES, now in its third operational year and located at one end of the Student Activities Center, offers on a daily basis, from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m......


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10/30/08 Greenwich Citizen News Links

Hockey Hall of Fame Adds 4, Including Town Resident

On Oct. 10, the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame inducted four new members, one with a Greenwich connection.

For Arch School's Mullen, Teaching is Empowerment

Mullen shines as a teacher. So much so he has been chosen one of four finalists in the 2009 Connecticut Teacher of the Year program.

Grassroots Effort Grows to Finish Hamilton Ave. School

Avenue School parent Tom Conelias has shepherded eight of his children through the school. As vice chair of Ham Ave.'s District 3 on the Representative Town Meeting, he has watched the building renovation drama play out -- $7 million over the original $24 million budget and 14 months and counting behind schedule.

Last week, he determined, "it was time to light a fire."

Before a frustrated crowd of 50 or so parents and community activists gathered last Wednesday in the basement of St. Roch Church, opposite the beleaguered school, Conelias assembled those in charge of the renovation, including Frank Mazza, chair of the Ham Ave. Building Committee, Joe Ross, vice chair, and two committee members, Mike Bodson, representing the Board of Ed, and Steve Walko, the BET, plus Nancy Weissler, BOE chair, and John Bigham, Worth Construction project manager.

Last but not least was First Selectman Peter Tesei, there to state how he read the situation and what needed to be done.....

Seniors, Interrupted

....a chilly Friday night under the stadium lights. Fans arrive in clusters. Cheerleaders go through their warmups.

Safe at Home

....is a game of inches. The Trumbull High football team found that out Saturday afternoon at Cardinal Stadium.

Humble Inductees a Refreshing Sight

The Fairfield County Sports Commission's Hall of Fame is still in its infancy. Monday night at the Hyatt Regency-Greenwich, the group and perhaps 1,000 well-wishers gathered for the fourth annual Sports Night, sponsored by the commission.

Teufel, Five Others Inducted Into County Hall

Fairfield County Sports Commission inducted six individuals and honored several others at its Sports Night Monday at the Hyatt Regency-Greenwich.

Pigskin Preview

St. Joseph (Montvale, N.J.) at Greenwich, tonight, 7 The Cardinals' defense, which has made its living creating turnovers, had better bring its lunch pails.

An Ounce of Prevention

In our continuing effort to educate the public about emergency preparedness, we remind residents that October is fire prevention month, when we should be thankful that we haven't had a major fire and a time to take steps to help ensure it stays that way.

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10/30/08 Greenwich Post News Links

Fire eater Jamie Hodgson, along with sword fighters, magicians, acrobats and musicians, kept the Renaissance Festival attendees entertained and enthralled, despite the high winds and rain that frequently interrupted performances during Saturday’s event at the International School at Dundee.

The number of women's collegiate soccer teams has increased significantly in the new millennium to nearly 900, tripling the number of female teams playing in the late 1980s. Additionally, the official U.S. Women's National Team has held a record-breaking win streak in 2008, demonstrating their highly competitive nature. And, with so many more players, and so many more competitions, it's not surprising that the number of playing-field injuries has also increased. What is surprising is that women sustain injuries at a rate of 3-8 times that of male players, for reasons that are not yet clearly understood.

While most of the attention next Tuesday will be focused on the presidential race between United States Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) and Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), Greenwich voters will be able to help decide several other key races on a more local level.

Saying it didn’t want to tie the hands of the finance board before it began work on next year’s budget, the Representative Town Meeting (RTM) overwhelmingly voted on Monday night to indefinitely postpone a resolution that would have kept a cap on tax rate growth while also placing restrictions on borrowing money.

Out there ... The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation Fall Gala benefit dinner takes place on Saturday at the Greenwich Hyatt. Anchor/author Deborah Norville (Inside Edition) will serve as mistress of ceremonies. Supermodel Cindy Crawford and former New York Giants running back Tiki Barber will be honored as this year’s Spirit of Hope recipients. For tickets, call 652-0225 or e-mail events@themmrf.org

Thousands of Greenwich kids will become a Jonas brother, Hannah Montana, a fairy or even a witch, this Halloween, traveling in packs from door to door tomorrow, hoping to satisfy their sweet tooth with some free candy. For kids, it’s a chance to escape their everyday personas and be someone else, and while most everyone agrees that the fun of the day is seeing the costumes and getting candy, a boom in the number of trick-or-treaters, skyrocketing the past 10 years from 300 to 400 kids to more than 1,000 last year, according to one Maher Avenue resident, has put a different spin on the event.

Reading is one of my greatest pleasures. Maybe it’s because it provides an escape from everyday life or because it reminds me of my mother and how she used to read to me when I was little. The bond that my mom and I share over books is everlasting.

Jeanne H. Oler, 82, a longtime resident of Old Greenwich, died on Sunday, Oct. 26, of natural causes after a prolonged illness. She was the daughter of the late Dr. William J. and Sybilla Harold of New Haven.

I finally met a man who has it all figured out. He’s a visionary. His plan is simple: Work a lot harder; work a lot longer; save a lot more; and retire a lot younger.

G. Thomas Thornton of Greenwich died Oct. 24 at the home of his daughter in New Milford. He was 72.

David Auguste, 18, of 16-32 Armstrong Court was arrested Oct. 16 and charged with third degree larceny and third degree forgery. Police said Auguste turned himself in on an arrest warrant stemming from forging store receipts and pocketing the cash while working at J Crew on Greenwich Avenue. Auguste was released on a $50 cash bond and is due in court Oct. 24.

Police responded to the report of teens trespassing on Metro North Railroad property at the end of Henry Street. Anthony Goodwin, 18, of 14 Highland Road, Matthew Oliver, 18, of Port Chester, N.Y., a 17-year-old Byram boy and a 17-year-old Riverside boy were all charged with simple trespass. There was a clearly posted no trespassing sign on the property. Police said after searching the boys, they found two small bags of marijuana, cigarettes and a pipe. Goodwin was also charged with possession of marijuana under four ounces and possession of drug paraphernalia. The Riverside boy was charged with possession of a minor.

Mike Grbic, 32, of 245 Weaver St. was cited Oct. 23 and charged with hunting deer without a valid permit. Police reportedly saw Grbic walking along the western curbline of Lake Avenue in the area of Connecticut American Water Company. When stopped for questioning, Grbic told police he was attempting to locate a deer he had wounded with his bow and arrow. According to police, Grbic then showed the officer where he had shot the deer, which he said he had permission to hunt. The officer was able to verify that, but Grbic did not have a valid state archery permit to hunt deer. He was cited for hunting without a license and given a court date of Oct. 31.

A 46-year-old Greenwich woman was arrested Oct. 24 and charged with disorderly conduct. Police had been sent to the scene of a reported domestic dispute. A man allegedly told police that the woman had thrown two glass plates at him, cutting his right hand. Officers said the house was in disarray with clothes strewn about and Chinese food and plates on the floor. The woman told the police that she had gotten upset with the man for coming home late and after an argument she threw Chinese food at him. The woman was released on a misdemeanor summons and was due in court Oct. 27.

Police arrested John Miller, 26, of 18 Cliff Ave., Stephen Collazo, 27, of Vail, Co. and Anthony Harris, 26, of Mahopac, N.Y. Oct. 24 after a reported fight. According to police, Harris was at a gathering of a small group of friends and became loud and boisterous and was asked to leave. When being escorted out of the house by Collazo and Miller, a fight ensued between the three of them. Miller was punched in the eye and Harris suffered injuries to his face and knees by being punched by Collazo and Miller. All three were charged with third degree assault. Miller and Collazo were also charged with disorderly conduct and Harris was also charged with breach of peace. They were all released on promises to appear and are due in court Oct. 31.

Natasha McKenzie, 18, of 41B Gerry St. and a 17-year-old Greenwich boy were arrested Oct. 24 and charged with creating a public disturbance. Police charged that the two were arguing loudly and using profanity on Mill Street. They were released on promises to appear and their court dates were not released.

William Corbo Jr. of 18A Arthur St. was arrested Oct. 24 and charged with second degree failure to appear. During the course of an investigation police discovered there was an active warrant for his arrest. Corbo had originally been charged Feb. 6, 1996 with third degree stalking and had allegedly not appeared in court for the charge. Corbo was released on a $10,000 surety bond and is due in court Oct. 30.

A 37-year-old man was arrested Oct. 24 and charged with violating a protective order. The man reportedly turned himself in on an outstanding warrant. The man was released on a $1,000 cash bond and is due in court Oct. 31.

Jamal Anderson, 20, of Bronx, N.Y. was arrested Oct. 24 and charged with second degree forgery, second degree larceny and criminal impersonation. Anderson was at Stamford Superior Court on an unrelated matter and was taken into custody by the state Marshal’s office on a Greenwich warrant. Anderson was being held in lieu of a $2,500 cash bond and was due in court Oct. 24.

Carolyn Ammerman, 51, of Old Tappan, N.J. was arrested Oct. 25 and charged with driving under the influence. Police said Ammerman was driving faster than the posted speed limit on Post Road and almost hit an officer’s car before speeding off and ignoring a red light at the intersection with Sinawoy Road. Police pulled her car over and gave her a field sobriety test, which she failed. She was also cited for failure to obey a control signal, traveling fast and unsafe movement. Ammerman was released on a $250 cash bond and is due in court Nov. 10.

Gregory Grant Jr., 20, of New Haven was arrested Oct. 25 and charged with third degree assault. Police had been sent to Hyatt Regency in Old Greenwich on the report of a fight and arrested Grant as a result of the investigation. According to police, Grant, accompanied by two women, attempted to question someone renting a room at the hotel and an argument ensued. Grant allegedly punched one of the men in the room in the face. Grant was released on bond and is due in court Nov. 3. Michelle Feurtado, 27, of Stamford was arrested for a related incident and charged with first degree criminal mischief and second degree breach of peace. Police said Feurtado keyed her ex-boyfriend’s car, while he was staying at the hotel, over a disagreement involving unpaid child support. Feurtado was released on a promise to appear in court Oct. 27.

A 49-year-old Greenwich man was arrested Oct. 25 and charged with threatening and disorderly conduct after reportedly making several threats against his spouse. According to police, the man told his wife that he was going to pick up their daughter. The girl was later found crying uncontrollably because the man had been drinking and arrived smelling of alcohol. The girl reportedly contacted her sister who contacted the state’s Department of Children and Families, which responded and told the man to leave the house immediately. Before he did he placed a knife in a table with the handle sticking straight up. The man allegedly then called his daughter and left her a message on her cell phone and told her that he had left the knife as a present for her mother and that he would slit her throat with it. Police charge that the man then contacted his wife, accused her of calling DCF and threatened to kill her. In conversations with his daughter and police, the man then reportedly made repeated violent threats, cursing and saying he was going to kill his wife. The man was held in lieu of a $100,000 cash only bond and was due in court Oct. 27.

A 37-year-old Greenwich man was arrested Oct. 26 and charged with disorderly conduct. Police had been sent to the scene of an argument between a man and a woman. The man had allegedly pushed the woman down during the argument. The man was released on a $2,500 cash bond and was due in court Oct. 27.

Adrian Guevara, 27, of Stamford was arrested Oct. 26 and charged with sixth degree larceny. Police pulled over his car and determined that the license plate belonged on another car and the license had been listed as a lost or stolen license plate out of Stamford. Guevara was held in lieu of a $250 cash bond and is due in court Nov. 3.

Angelique Conroy, 35, of Stamford was arrested Oct. 26 and charged with fifth degree larceny by possession. Conroy was arrested on a warrant and was held in lieu of a $500 cash bond. She’s due in court Nov. 3.

Tiffany Condel, 27, of Stamford and Natalie Miller, 27, of 9 Sayles St. were arrested Oct. 26 and charged with breach of peace. Police had been sent to the scene of an argument on the street. The two women had allegedly been arguing over an unpaid loan and began shoving each other. They were released on promises to appear and are due in court Oct. 27.


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10/30/08 Greenwich Time News Links

Director of Community Centers to resign
Whether it was mending relations between police and residents of Armstrong Court following a near-riot at the public housing complex in 1997 or integrating a once-segregated teen community in the '50s and '60s, Barbara Nolan never shied away from controversy or fighting for the rights of low-income residents.

Two different paths lead to quest to replace Nickerson
From their effusive praise of one another to their agreement that Connecticut needs to sweeten its incentives for attracting new businesses, Democrat Mark Diamond and Republican

Speeders, stop-sign runners push couple to act
Six months ago, Dave and Leonor Laparco of Riverside saw a dangerous traffic situation in their neighborhood growing worse and decided to do something about it.

Unhappy RTM members wanted teachers' pay tied to performanceThe Representative Town Meeting's unusually divided vote to approve a new labor pact with the teachers' union reflects mounting concerns about the management and cost of the town's school system, according to members who opposed the agreement.

Police increase presence for Halloween
In anticipation of Halloween and its precursor, mischief night, police say they are beefing up patrols to make sure teenagers don't get carried away in the spirit of the holiday.

Fedele: Rell committed to crisis aid

Like other business owners across the state, Lt. Gov. Michael Fedele is feeling the impact of the stagnant economy and the credit crunch.

Mystery of the missing political signage solved?

To the editor

Regarding your front page article in the Oct. 28 edition "Signs of trouble: Political placards go missing"), it was amusing to hear such outrage directed at a political tradition almost as old as political signage, namely, its theft.

I think the real reason for the shortage of McCain-Palin signs in our town may be the fact that the ticket is not doing that well. Politicians "down the ticket" traditionally run away from a presidential contender who is behind.

This year it seems particularly apparent, as President Bush is never mentioned in Republican ads, and looking at Congressman Christopher Shays' ads would leave one confused as to whether he were running under McCain or Obama.

For proof, just drive by Republican headquarters on Putnam Avenue.

Count the McCain signs. There are none. I guess the real mystery is who is stealing them out of the front window.

Dan Morley
Old Greenwich

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