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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

04/29/08 - “He said, ‘Where do you go to college?’ I said, ‘Actually, I'm going to be a junior at Greenwich High School"

"Anyone that is this good looking has to be terribly conceited!"

Cynthia Blumenthal Enjoys Life Out Of Spotlight
NBC30.com, CT - 5 hours ago

In public, Richard Blumenthal is often seen as Connecticut's aggressive attorney general rather than a husband and father of four.

By his side for the past 26 years is his wife,
Cynthia Blumenthal, a Harvard graduate.She recently sat down with NBC 30 and still beams when she describes the moment when she first met her future husband.

She was 16, he was 31.

“He was striking, even to someone who was 16,” she said. She turned to her friend and said, ‘
Anyone who is that good looking has to be terribly conceited!’ Cynthia Blumenthal said.

That could not have been more untrue, she said.

“He said, ‘Where do you go to college?’ I said, ‘Actually, I'm going to be a junior at
Greenwich High School and he said, ‘It's been really nice talking to you, and that was that!’” Cynthia Blumenthal said.

They met again, years later when
Cynthia Blumenthal was 21.After getting married, Cynthia Blumenthal did some photography and considered going to law school, but she was aware of her husband's determination to serve in public office.


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04/29/08 - Come To Rabbi Mitch's Bar Mitzvah

Rabbi Mitch Hurvitz marks “bar-mitzvah year” at Temple Sholom
Connecticut Jewish Ledger

By Cindy Mindell

Temple Shalom in Greenwich will turn May 9 and 10 into a cantorial Shabbat weekend celebration honoring Rabbi Mitch Hurvitz on his thirteenth year of service.

The congregation’s Cantor Asa Fradkin will be joined by three visiting cantors n Arthur Giglio, Daniel Gross, and Benjamin Matis for a special Friday Night Live. On Saturday, the congregation will join together for a Shabbat family service and festive meal.

A Boston native raised in Palo Alto, Hurvitz earned a BA in history in 1986 from UCLA, where he was president of the Jewish Student Union and assistant director of programming for Hillel. In 1991, he earned a Master of Hebrew Letters degree from the University of Judaism in Los Angeles, and was ordained in 1996 at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America.

Rabbi Hurvitz joined Temple Sholom as assistant rabbi in June 1995, and became associate rabbi three years later. When longtime Rabbi Hillel Silverman retired in 2001, “Rabbi Mitch” took the pulpit as senior rabbi.

Hurvitz also serves as Rabbinic Consultant at the Stamford Jewish Community Center, and as a board member of UJA/Federation of Greenwich, Fellowship Clergy of Greenwich, Greenwich Chaplaincy Services, and Council of Churches and Synagogues. He is recognized as a prominent religious leader throughout Fairfield and Westchester counties. He is a community activist, scholar, teacher, and preacher. He is a frequent guest speaker at churches, Bible-study groups, community institutions, and universities. He is recognized as a charismatic personality, who engages individuals and prompts their hearts and minds. An author of numerous popular and scholarly articles, he has also written “Introduction to the Jewish Faith” and the “Encyclopedia of Judaism” for publisher Facts on File.

“Rabbi Mitch” is president of the Greenwich Fellowship of Clergy, and is a member of the New York and Greenwich/Stamford Boards of Rabbis and the Rabbinical Assembly.

He his wife, Roseanne, are the proud parents of Simon, Naomi, Ezra and Faith.

President Steve Katz promises a “bar mitzvah-ish presidential greeting” for Rabbi Hurvitz, “something like ‘How are you feeling now?’ which is what the rabbi asks our b’nei-mitzvah during services” on their special day.

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04/29/08 - It was not angry bloggers or Mr. Lamont's insurgent campaign workers who rendered the site inaccessible, but sheer technological ineptitude

Media that reported Lieberman's hacking charge against Lamont ...

Despite having reported the allegation by Sen. Joe Lieberman's campaign that supporters of Ned Lamont had "hacked" Lieberman's campaign website, ABC, CNN, and CBS have yet to report that an FBI investigation reportedly found "no evidence of (an) attack." The Advocate of Stamford, Connecticut, reported on April 9 that an October 2006 FBI email indicated that the FBI had found Lieberman's website "crashed because Lieberman officials continually exceeded a configured limit of 100 e-mails per hour the night before the primary."...

...After losing the Democratic primary to Lamont, Lieberman ran for re-election to the Senate as an independent. Shortly after Lieberman defeated Lamont in the November 2006 general election, The Advocate reported that the U.S. attorney's office and state attorney general in Connecticut had "cleared" the Lamont campaign and its supporters of any wrongdoing. ABC, CNN, and CBS ignored that report as well. From a December 20, 2006, article in The Advocate...

...According to an April 22, 2008, Advocate article, the office of state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said it "never saw or read the [October 25, 2006] FBI e-mail until its contents were reported by The Advocate" on April 9....

Media Matters for America - http://mediamatters.org

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04/29/08 - Bill Clark The Web Master Of Greenwich Gossip Has Some Hamilton Avenue School Pictures For You

Greenwich Gossip


A fresh batch of photographic views (as opposed to your scribe's usual written ones) has arrived, and the stories they have to tell are many and varied. So let's get started (remember to click on the pics for the wide-screen view):

Here are some pictures of Hamilton Avenue students and parents picketing the Board of Ed building after the unspeakable Betty Sternberg unilaterally shut the school down for a week so she could arrange busing schedules for them (bringing busing to Greenwich has been a primary objective of hers since day one; she is determined to destroy the neighborhood school system, the Gifted and Talented program, and anything else that might possibly inure to educational excellence in our Town). See the earlier post, Same Old, Same Mold, for more of the gory details.

...Continuing the theme of Why
Betty Sternberg Should be Tarred and Feathered and Ridden Out of Town on a Rail....

...These are the moldy modular classrooms that the
Board of Ed foisted off on the Town by saying it would be more economical to buy them than to lease them (the original plan). Well, we own them, folks - aren't they lovely?...

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04/29/08 - Greenwich Gangsta Skateboarding Academy

100 miles and runnin'

john kiley and his skateboarding friends

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04/29/08 - Librarians Are Still Freaking Out Over Freedom Of Speech

Librarians Are Supporting Terrorists


The Library Has Hired Police For The Event And Has Refused To Promote It — A Move That Dr. Alfred Gerteiny Doesn't Understand.


"the substance of the book was too academic for the people who frequent the Westport Library."


Terrorists Win Again

fairfieldweekly.com, CT

When it comes to discussing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Westport Public Library seems to believe that Westporters are either too stupid or too aggressive to handle the topic in a thoughtful and mature manner.

Last summer, retired university professor, author and Westport resident Dr. Alfred Gerteiny approached the library about holding a presentation to promote his book, The Terrorist Conjunction: The United States, the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and al-Qu'ida. Gerteiny told the Weekly that the library didn't approve of the presentation request...

...Readers might remember a few months back when we reported that the Greenwich Library canceled a presentation and deemed it "too controversial" on the srael-Palestinian conflict by If Americans Knew founder, Alison Weir...

George Wagner, assistant director for administrative services at the Westport library, told us the reason for requesting police presence was because of what happened when a similar event was booked in Greenwich. "We felt it might be best to have police presence at the event to make sure it stays orderly," says Wagner.

The Westport library, he says, wants to have "an orderly meeting and we do not want people to rush the podium. With this type of topic, tensions can kind of run pretty high."

They tensions can run even higher when the library itself, which is supposed to be a bastion of free expression free of outside pressures, refuses even to promote an event it is hosting and assumes the worst of its patrons....

Shame On The Westport Library:

The Barnes And Noble In Westport Did Not Need To Call In The Gestopo To Monitor This Westport Book Discussion:

BOOKS CALENDAR 11/01-11/07

Connecticut Post


Professor Alfred Gerteiny presents his new book "The Terrorist Conjunction: The United States, the Israeli-Palestinian ...

Please Keep This Book From The Uncivilized Brutes From Westport Who Might Riot In Their Own Library:

Amazon.com: The Terrorist Conjunction: The United States, the ...

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Why are Librarians interfering with their patrons right to Freedom Of Thought (also called Freedom Of conscience and Freedom Of Ideas) is the freedom of an individual to hold or consider a fact, viewpoint, or thought, independent of others' viewpoints. It is closely related to, yet distinct from, the concept of freedom of expression.

To deny a person's freedom of thought is to deny what can be considered one's most basic freedom; to think for one's self.

Since the whole concept of 'freedom of thought' rests on the freedom of the individual to believe whatever one thinks is best (freedom of belief), the notion of 'freedom of religion' is closely related and inextricably bound up with these. While in many societies and forms of government, there has been effectively no freedom of religion or belief, this same freedom has been cherished and developed to a great extent in the modern western world, such that it has often been taken for granted.

This development was enshrined in words in the United States Constitution by the Bill of Rights, which contains the famous guarantee in the First Amendment that laws may not be made that interfere with religion "or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.

04/29/08 - Why I Am Not Shocked At This News Item?

04/29/08 - Contributors would receive a certificate that includes a map showing the location of the tree, the date of the planting and other info

With Greenwich two years away from celebrating its 370th anniversary, the Greenwich Tree Conservancy has launched a new program to get an equal number of trees rooted throughout town...

...There are different levels of donations, ranging from $500 to "custom" amounts. At the high end, contributors can work with town and conservancy officials to develop a specialized gift, which might represent a larger tree or a grove of trees...

..."Part of our feeling was to get the Girl Scouts to plant the seedlings," she said, noting that they had to sign a contract that they would care for the tree.

"Really, one of our major focuses is the stewardship," she said.

For more information about the program, visit www.greenwichtreeconservancy.org

Full Story


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04/29/08 - Comments About New Owners Of The Latest Mansion Teardown Iin Greenwich

The Latest Coverage:

04/28/08 - Fat Chance - Lee is hoping the Planning and Zoning Commission will prohibit the couple from obtaining the necessary town permits.

The Latest Comments:

B Cliff says:

Ostentatious reject more ostentatious. Hillarious.

Serf says:

The gap between the super rich and the rest of us just keeps getting bigger. The system is rigged in favor of the privileged. There is no such thing as a fair and efficient market. Even Warren Buffet will tell you that. The less privileged you are now, the worse off your kids will be. At what point will people say enough and revolt.

Stamford says:

So much for going green

Mike says:

If you had the money you would spend it on unnecessary things too. You would spend it on whatever you want, your fantasy, that's why you worked so hard to make the money in the first place. Honestly, the house they are knocking down is just as big, so they aren't increasing the impact to the environment, they are instead creating jobs for contractors in the area and helping the economy. It's their land, they can build what they want within the town's limitations. Whatever happened to the American dream?

IVT says:

private well? their own desalinization plant? their own water purification plant, so they can recycle all the water they use?

Are they going to be sharing the acquifer with everyone else?

It seems to me that in 2008, there might be a limit to what is reasonable. Are they going to be paying at a higher rate than others for any excessive water usage?

And that is a lot of high-ceilinged volume to keep warm. When fuel supplies grow short, will they pay more per unit than those who are merely keeping a more moderate size home moderately comfortable?

And it is a lot of cubic feet to keep cool in the summer. When the grid is struggling to provide enough electricity, will these well-off people be generating their own electricity (as well they could on 7 acres), or will they be competing with the rest of us, who swelter and are repeatedly reminded to keep our airconditioning off when we're not at home and at a fairly high temperature when we must use it.

Gatsby. The rich are different from you and me. But we do all rely on the same scarce resources, and some of us seem to think we're entitled to a large share of them.

Whitey says:

Good for them. If you have the dough and can get it approved, god bless. I love how the whiney less rich people are crying about it, F-EM. Build it bigger

Wild Man says:

Coming up next, on "Lifestyles of the Rich and Incontinent"!

Tomas says:

I think that if the guy wants to make a huge house then let them, my neighbors tore down a house and put up two 12,000 squarefeet house and we're happy, it just increases the value of the house, i don't get what the big deal is, its just another huge house, in north street there is a ton of huge house and a really huge one near the merrit entrance and i don't hear anyone complaining.

Please read previous comments:

04/16/08 - Comments On - That Massive Mansion To Be Built On Lake Avenue... And The False Promise Of Materialism

03/12/08 - Is The A Special Place In Hell For Some Wealthy Greenwichites


Meet the super-rich, the dysfunctional class threatening American values.

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04/29/08 - The Raw Greenwich Feed For Tuesday

  1. King Street reopens after 3-hour closing when tree falls in Greenwich

    The Journal News

    King Street reopened at 9:20 a.m. today having been closed for almost three hours in Greenwich by a downed tree.

  2. Aquaculture concept leaves judges 'goggle eyed'

    Physics Org

    ... University of North Carolina. He won the Rosenstiel School's 2007 Iverson Award for Aquaculture. Hoenig grew up in Greenwich, Conn. and received his undergraduate degree from Brown University. Both will receive their Master's degrees this year, and ...

    Tags: Aquaculture, Sarasota Metro Area, Brandenton, FL

  3. Genesee & Wyoming Reports Results for the First Quarter of 2008

    PR Newswire

    GREENWICH, Conn., FirstCall/ -- Genesee & Wyoming Inc.

    Tags: Real Estate, Qubbec, Canada, Gatineau, QC, Real Estate, Transportation, Rail Roads, Genesse And Wyoming

  4. George Q. Nichols | Publishing chairman, 78


    ... of quality books. He was past president of the Book Manufacturing Institute. Mr. Nichols grew up in Boston and Greenwich, Conn. He earned a bachelor's degree from Harvard University. He then worked for the Stanley Works and later was an executive in ...

    Tags: Obituaries

  5. New stocks

    Lexington Herald-Leader

    The following is an initial public offering planned for the coming week. Sources include Renaissance Capital, Greenwich, Conn.

    Tags: Irving, TX

  6. UBP Buys Shopping Center Interest


    ... the 100,491-sf Ferry Plaza Shopping Center in this city's Ironbound section. The deal makes an affiliate of the Greenwich, CT-based UBP the sole general partner of the new partnership that owns the property. Details of the deal were not released. ...

    Tags: Real Estate, Urstadt Biddle Properties, Home, Mortgage, Personal Finance

  7. W. R. Berkley Corporation Promotes Jonathan A. Schriber to President of Signet Star Re

    Business Wire

    ... will succeed Craig N. Johnson, who is retiring. The appointment is effective July 1, 2008. Signet Star, based in Greenwich, Connecticut, is a leading broker market treaty reinsurance underwriter with a primary focus on commercial casualty and ...

    Tags: WR Berkley, Insurance

  8. Nymex Gas Rises to 28-Month High, Pulled Up by Gains for Crude-Oil Futures


    ... still 29 percent below its high post-Hurricane Katrina,'' said Tom Orr , director of research at Weeden & Co. in Greenwich, Connecticut. ``If I'm a gas trader I don't want to be short because a lot of people believe it's going higher. You have to be ...

    Tags: Energy, US Energy Systems

Greenwich Real Estate Report:

Office space hardly moves in 1st quarter
Stamford Advocate, CT

"With that being said, the Greenwich market remains surprisingly steady and we expect a number of large users to come out of the Greenwich market for ...

News Links From The Greenwich Post:

Wine Wise offers discounts to support United Way

Greenwich wine merchant WineWise has volunteered to donate to the United Way of Greenwich 10% of its proceeds from wine sales every Tuesday. The wine retail business is located at 122 East Putnam Ave., next to Whole Foods.

WineWise General Manager Douglas J. Nevins invites customers to sample virtually any wine in the store before purchase, peruse selections from both renowned and up and coming vintner from all the important global wine regions, and support the United Way by making their purchases every Tuesday.

The United Way of Greenwich, through its Annual Campaign, raises money to support more then 25 local programs and services, as well as major impact areas and needs in the community.

Art Society of Old Greenwich annouces spring winners

An evening of awards was celebrated on Thursday, April 3, with the opening reception for the 75th Annual Spring Show of the Art Society of Old Greenwich. The occasion was also the annual presentation of $2,000 in scholarships to three honors art seniors of Greenwich High School.

YWCA camp to hold open house

The YWCA will hold an open house for its summer camp on Saturday from noon to 3. Camp TA-YI-TO serves girls and boys in kindergarten through fifth grade.

Greenwich Time RSS Feed

The town is trying to broker a settlement with the state Freedom of Information Commission in a two-year-old public records dispute that would spare former First Selectman Jim Lash from a $100 fine.
Full Story
Riverside celebrates its diamond anniversary

When students first burst through the doors of Riverside School in 1933, the building was so big that classes were initially limited to the first floor, one former student recalled.
Full Story

A deep rift among residents over a proposal to build two athletic fields at the former Cos Cob Power Plant site exposed itself last night during a public hearing on the project.
Full Story
school calendar

New Lebanon School Magnet Meeting: 6:45 p.m. April 30 Science Education Center of Fairfield County awards ceremony: 6:30 p.
Full Story

Newest members of police department sworn in by town to fill out ranks

Before joining the police department, Jeffrey Morris was a corporal in the U.S. Marine Corps, spent time managing his wife's restaurant and worked as a carpenter.
Full Story

The Greenwich Police Blotter:

Police Watch: The following reports were released April 29 Via The Greenwich Post


A 22-year-old Port Chester, N.Y. woman was arrested April 28 and was charged with risk of injury to a minor, third degree assault and disorderly conduct. According to police the woman got into an argument with her boyfriend and she slapped him across the face while he was holding their one-year-old daughter in his arms. She then reportedly grabbed the daughter and ran out of the residence with her. The woman was released on a $1,000 cash bond and was due in court today.


Shannon Sturz, 24, of Pound Ridge, N.Y. was arrested April 28 and charged with driving under the influence. Police officers stopped Sturz’s vehicle for driving too fast. Police said he had watery, bloodshot eyes with slurred and deliberate speech and smelled of alcohol. He then failed field sobriety tests. Sturz was also cited for traveling too fast. He was released on a $250 cash bond and is due in court May 12.

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