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Sunday, June 26, 2011

06/26/11 Senior VP Of Hearst Newspapers Lincoln Millstein: Wall Street Journal says ‘Greenwich Faces Class Struggles’

Greenwich residents are accustomed to the collateral publicity associated with its notoriety. It’s a trade-off we make for the privilege of living in the Connecticut waterfront town closest to New York City, and yet pay an inordinately low property tax.

But it’s one thing to see an occasional headline about a celebrity divorce or a hedge fund felon or the sale of a Back Country mansion. It’s quite another to see our town’s declining schools laid out in the Wall Street Journal.

But there it was Saturday – a WSJ article calling out how we are failing our children. It brings great shame to a town that has allowed a systematic dismantling of what was one of the great public school systems in the nation – right up there with New Trier in North Chicago and Montgomery County in the Washington, D.C. suburbs.

Two days before the WSJ article, the town’s top “educator” was telling GHS grads not to pay attention to test scores, saying that only the media obsessed over statistics and test scores.....

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