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Monday, March 24, 2008

03/24/08 - Kissel Murder Mystery - Has A Deal Been Cut With The Unemployed Leonard Trujillo Who Only Has A $10,000 Bail And Has Waived Extradition?

Leonard Trujillo of Worcester, accused of killing a Connecticut man, signs paperwork as his lawyer, Michael C. O'Doherty, right, looks on.
(Paul Kapteyn)

What's Going On At Stamford Superior Court?

Is Judge Robin Pavia Treating Both Sides Equally?

A State Resident Who Is An Employed Accused Conspirator Gets A One Million Dollar Bail.

An Out Of State And Unemployed Accused Murderer Only Gets A Bail Of Ten Grand.

City man to return to Connecticut to face murder charge

Worcester Telegram, MA

By Gary V. Murray


WORCESTER— A Worcester man waived rendition today and is expected to be taken to Connecticut tomorrow to face...

...Leonard Trujillo, 21, of 63 Outlook Drive, Apt. 13, was at his home Saturday morning when he was arrested and charged with being a fugitive from justice after being charged Friday in Connecticut with the April 3, 2006, stabbing death of 46-year-old Andrew Kissel in the victim’s Greenwich mansion. Also charged in the slaying is 47-year-old Carlos Trujillo, Mr. Kissel’s former driver, who was identified by the Associated Press as Leonard Trujillo’s cousin.

Leonard Trujillo agreed to waive rendition proceedings after being arraigned this morning in Central District court on the fugitive from justice charge. At the request of Assistant District Attorney Roberta A. O’Brien, Judge David B. Locke ordered Mr. Trujillo held without bail and continued his case until tomorrow. Ms. O’Brien told the judge Connecticut authorities would come to Worcester tomorrow to transport Mr. Trujillo to Connecticut.

Moving company employees found Mr. Kissel tied up and stabbed to death just days before he was to plead guilty in a multi-million-dollar real estate fraud case in New York, according to the AP.

Lawyer Michael C. O’Doherty, who was appointed to represent Mr. Trujillo at today’s arraignment, asked that his client’s bail be set at $10,000 cash....

03/24/08 - Media Frenzy - Lindy Urso said he believes his client has been charged because he was “the easiest suspect.”

Carlos Trujillo is escorted into a courtroom in handcuffs, Monday March 24, 2008 at Stamford Superior Court, in Stamford, Conn., to appear at his arraignment hearing in connection to the 2006 Greenwich, Conn., murder of Andrew Kissell.
(Photo/George Rhul)

The Kissel Murder Mystery

Was pressure used to get false statements?

What was the motive?

Where is the weapon?

Can the police follow the money?

Has Greenwich Police Chief David Ridberg dotted all the i's and crossed all the t's?

Driver arrested, pleads not guilty to Kissel murder

Greenwich Post, CT

Bridgeport resident Carlos Trujillo has pleaded not guilty to the murder of backcountry resident Andrew Kissel and is now being held in jail on a $1 million ...

Investigation continues

At a press conference today, Greenwich Chief of Police David Ridberg said the investigation remains open. The warrants in the case remain sealed for now and Chief Ridberg said when the information is revealed, it will be “a good story.”

“There’s still information to be developed and we still need to discern some fact patterns,” Chief Ridberg said at the press conference. “We need to look and find if anyone else was involved in this case.”

No specifics of the case were revealed at the press conference. Chief Ridberg said the case could end with just the two men arrested, but there could also be more to come.

“If there’s some information developed that shows us that someone else was involved in the crime we will act on it,” he said.

In the early stages of the investigation, Chief Ridberg said police determined that Carlos Trujillo was the last person to see Mr. Kissel alive. He later added that Leonard Trujillo’s name became a part of the investigation “not immediately but not late.”

Mr. Urso said he didn’t think his client knew his cousin “all that well” and added he was looking forward to reading through the warrant, which he received a copy of on Monday, to see why police determined the crime took place. Mr. Urso contends his client and Mr. Kissel had a close relationship and that he had no motive for killing him.

Chief Ridberg said he wouldn’t comment on what motive police believe the two men had for murder. Because Mr. Kissel was in financial distress at the time of his death and was scheduled to plead guilty to both a local bank fraud charge and in an unrelated New York fraud case, some who heard of the case speculated Mr. Kissel might have hired someone to kill him so his children would receive insurance payments from his death.

Chief Ridberg neither dismissed nor accepted that possibility, but confirmed the police investigated that view. He said the department’s research showed there had been only two cases nationwide where such a scenario had happened and called it “an extremely rare form of homicide.”

“We never said that we believed that it was [suicide for hire] and we never said that we didn’t believe,” Chief Ridberg said. “It’s been promulgated by people outside the police department and not us. If it ends up being the case, that’s fine. If it ends up not being the case, that’s fine too. We’re more into discerning the facts of the case.”...

Two years since murder

The Trujillos’ arrests come close to the two-year anniversary of the discovery of Mr. Kissel’s body by movers coming to take furniture out of his home. No time of death has been released by the police, but Chief Ridberg said they think it took place during the weekend.

Chief Ridberg said the investigation was conducted incrementally with information coming in that led to other information and ultimately to the arrests, a process he compared to building blocks.

“There was no ‘Ah hah moment’ that led to the arrests,” Chief Ridberg said, adding that the information had to be corroborated to the point where the State’s Attorney’s Office would be comfortable signing an arrest warrant.

Mr. Urso repeated claims on Monday that the police had been pressuring his client’s family and threatening it with deportation unless members said “what they wanted to hear.” He maintained he wasn’t criticizing the investigation or calling it improperly done but said that his client’s nephew has already been deported and said others have been “strong armed.”

During the press conference, Chief Ridberg specifically mentioned Mr. Urso and his past comments.

“He makes it sound as if we snatched a 5-year-old boy off the streets and tossed him over to immigration and customs and had him deported,” Chief Ridberg said. “That’s not the case. The person that was deported was a verified gangster in New York City with a group that specialized in home invasions. He’s a convicted felon. Deporting him was not a case of the government preying on the weak.”

Chief Ridberg said he didn’t want to get “into a mud slinging contest” with Mr. Urso and that he understands he has a job to do as Mr. Trujillo’s attorney, but he firmly rejected any idea that the police department improperly obtained information from its interviews.

Chief Ridberg said various law enforcement agencies assisted in the investigation, including the New York Police Department, the Connecticut and Massachusetts Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the federal Department of Homeland Security, military police from Fort Jackson, S.C., and police departments from as far away as Philadelphia, Pa. and Miramar, Fla. He added that the Worcester Police Department and the Stamford State’s Attorney’s Office “helped us the most.”

It was not revealed why the DEA, which was present at the time of Carlos Trujillo’s arrest, was involved, but Chief Ridberg said Mr. Kissel had been a drug user at the time of his death.

According to Chief Ridberg, so many other agencies were involved because of all the information that needed to be gathered and all the people that needed to be interviewed in the case. He estimated police had interviewed hundreds of people in connection with the case and credited the work of the Greenwich Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Division....

More Reports....

Chauffeur: I Didn't Kill Conn. Developer

The Associated Press

GREENWICH, Conn. (AP) — A chauffeur charged with conspiracy to commit murder says he didn't kill a Greenwich, Conn., developer who had been days away from ...

...Trujillo was being led out of police headquarters Monday when a reporter asked the 47-year-old if he killed Kissel. "No I didn't," he replied.

Trujillo pleaded not guilty later Monday and is being held in lieu of $1 million bond.

His 21-year-old cousin Leonard Trujillo was arrested Saturday in Worcester...

Kissel murder suspect charged

Stamford Advocate, CT

By Martin B. Cassidy

Very shortly after Andrew M. Kissel was stabbed to death, police felt Carlos Trujillo, Kissel¹s long time chaffeur and assistant was a ...

Ridberg said police continue to investigate the case, but would not say how many more arrests might stem from the bloody killing.

'This is far from over and there is still a lot of information which we need to determine,' Ridberg said. Greenwich Police arrested Trujillo, 47, at 9:45 p.m. Friday night in Stratford on a conspiracy to commit murder charge, with Greenwich and Stratford police along with federal drug agents intercepting Trujillo¹s livery car on a street off of Route 1.

At 8 a.m. Saturday, Leonard Trujillo, 21, was arrested by Worcester Police Department detectives at his home and charged with one count each of murder and conspiracy to commit murder, police said. The arrest warrants are sealed, Ridberg said....


New York Post, NY

Greenwich cops today left open the possibility that millionaire real estate mogul Andrew Kissel paid his assistant and another man to kill him - leaving a ...

...real estate mogul Andrew Kissel paid his assistant and another man to kill him - leaving a $15 million life insurance policy to his family.

"If it ends up being the case, that's fine," said Police Chief David Ridberg, referring to the theory that was first reported by The Post shortly after the April 2006 murder.

"If it doesn't end up being the case, that's fine too.

"We won't talk about motive," he added. "There was no particular 'aha!' moment that led to the arrest."

Kissel was about to plead guilty to federal real estate fraud charges when he was found beaten and stabbed to death in his Greenwich mansion. He was also in the midst of a bitter split with his wife, Hayley.

Carlos Trujillo, 47, Kissel's assistant and driver, was long considered a suspect, but wasn't arrested until this past weekend.

He was to be arraigned later today at Stamford Superior Court on conspiracy charges in the brutal 2006 beating and stabbing death of Kissel in his Greenwich mansion.

His cousin, Leonard Trujillo, 21, who is charged with actual murder, waived extradition in a hearing in Worcester, Mass.

He turned to his wife and mouthed the words, "I love you," as he was led from the courtroom.

He will be transported back to Connecticut after a second court appearance tomorrow.

"This obviously was an important case, and as I've said, its not finished yet," Ridberg said....


03/22/08 - Greenwich News Wire - Murder Arrest - Police Say It Was The Driver And Another Person (Multiple Articles)

03/23/08 - More On The High Profile Greenwich Murder Mystery - Many Questions Unanswered

03/24/08 - Detectives never seemed to have enough for an arrest, said his Greenwich lawyer Lindy Urso.

03/24/08 - His former clients include infamous Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel, who was convicted of the 1975 murder of Greenwich, CT teen Martha Moxley

'How Can You Defend Those People?'

ABC News - USA

In exclusive excerpts of his upcoming book "How Can You Defend These People?" Connecticut criminal defense attorney Mickey Sherman tackles the questions so many Americans have for defense attorneys who handle high-profile cases:

How Can You Defend Someone When You Know That They're Guilty?

Aren't You Afraid To Deal With 'Those People?'

Are There Cases Or Clients You Won't Take?

In these excerpts, Sherman takes a sometimes light-hearted, ultimately revealing look behind the scenes of a criminal case before it gets into the headlines.

For the last question, Sherman contacted some of the nation's top defense attorneys, including Gerald Shargel, Ben Brafman, David Chesnoff and Dick DeGuerin, to ask them. Their answers may surprise you.

Sherman has years of experience in the media spotlight, and has led the defense of some of the most notorious criminal cases in recent memory, not always successfully......

03/24/08 - Press Release - Antares Toots It's Own Horn - Office Building 100% Leased

Antares Investment Partners today announced it has completely leased its signature development project at One Hundred West Putnam Avenue in Greenwich, CT.

Under the ownership of Antares, the 154,000 square-foot landmark property, formerly known as the US Tobacco Building, reached "lease-up" status a year ahead of company projections. Joseph Beninati, Antares Managing Partner said, "One Hundred West Putnam, acquired just 12 months ago at well below replacement cost, will produce the highest cash flows per foot of any commercial office building in the United States."

To take advantage of substantial cash flow, Antares has put in place long- term debt on the building with very low and stable interest rates. The nearly $16 million of property cash flow will produce approximately two times the annual interest cost at 100 West Putnam.

Specific credit tenants could not be named under the terms of their leases.

Situated majestically in the heart of the Greenwich business district on three acres of landscaped property, One Hundred West Putnam rises four stories with soaring views of the Long Island Sound.

John Wheeler, President of the Antares services and investment division said, "The irreplaceable property is being completely redeveloped with a majestic four-story glass atrium and lobby by award-winning architects Perkins Eastman. The new construction, also proceeding ahead of schedule, establishes One Hundred West Putnam Avenue as the commercial office focal point of the Greenwich landscape."

"I grew up working at this property during summer jobs, and to see its rebirth as the most architecturally distinctive and sought after office building in town is really a testament to how attractive Greenwich has become as a place to both live and work," said long time Greenwich resident and Antares Co-Founder James Cabrera.

"We greatly appreciate all the hard work of the Town of Greenwich to keep this project on schedule so that the town can continue to attract the world leading financial institutions that produce solid and high paying jobs for the local economy," said Frank Janos, president of the Antares construction division that is leading the development.

"One Hundred West Putnam is another major victory in an already distinguished Antares track record for creating massive real estate value in their projects," said Bruce Mosler, Chairman and CEO of Cushman & Wakefield. "C&W is excited to be working with Antares to bring more global leading companies into their groundbreaking office development at Harbor Point on the Stamford waterfront as C&W knows we can count on Antares to provide Class A + buildings on schedule and on budget."

Antares Investment Partners is a vertically integrated real estate development and private equity firm based in Connecticut. Antares was founded in 1996, employs approximately 100 professionals and has more than $6 billion of assets and projects under management, totaling nearly 10 million square feet. The firm maintains long-standing capital relationships with leading global financial institutions.

To learn more about One Hundred West Putnam, please visit http://www.100WestPutnam.com. For more information about Antares Investment Partners, please visit http://www.antaresrealestate.com.

SOURCE Antares Investment Partners



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03/24/08 Yale Daily News: Greenwich Resident Ned Lamont Says Working with colleges a 'privilege'

Raymond Carlson, Yale Daily News

Ned Lamont SOM ’80 was the Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate for the state of Connecticut in 2006. He is a senior faculty fellow at the School of Management and the founder of Lamont Digital Systems, now Campus TeleVideo, the country’s top telecommunications company serving colleges and universities. He spoke with the News about his post at SOM, his business, his support of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama and his own future political career.

Q: As a former SOM student and current faculty member, what do you think of SOM’s new curriculum and its expansion?

A: I think that the School of Management is important for Yale and important for Connecticut and has a strategy that balances public and private in a way that’s important for the country. I taught a course there this fall with Mike Critelli, the chairman of Pitney Bowes, and we put together a strategic plan for the state of Connecticut. This is just what makes the Yale School of Management so unique. There’s no major business in America that can operate without a multiyear strategic plan. And a state like Connecticut has never had a strategic plan.

Q: Has SOM changed a lot since you were a student?

A: There’s still a certain idealism and public purpose that helped distinguish the school back in 1980 when I graduated. I suppose it’s got a little more of a business orientation than it did back in 1980 — you can now get an MBA [Masters of Business Administration] as opposed to an MPPM [Masters of Public and Private Management], but I think the heart of the school is still the same.

Q: How does catering to colleges and universities make your business unique?

A: First of all, working with colleges and universities is a great privilege because in my world, telecommunications, the university is a very entrepreneurial client. They want to use the technology in unique ways that push the envelope, and that’s fun for me as a businessperson because we have to address these special needs.

Q: When you ran for office in 2006, you gained a lot of support among younger voters. What are your thoughts on the current student loan crisis?

A: Especially in math, the sciences and engineering, we have a real shortfall in talent in our country. If you want people to specialize for certain skills because you think it’s good for our country, then rather than saddling them with $50,000 in debt when they graduate, you should give them incentives. A friend of mine’s son just resigned as a Navy Seal; he got a $100,000 signing bonus. Compare that to someone graduating with a Ph.D. in mathematics who will end up $100,000 in the hole. People respond to incentives. I think we’ve got to be more aggressive in our student-loan program to allow more people to specialize in places where we need them.

Q: You are an active supporter of Barack Obama and have campaigned for him. Do you think he is well suited to address our nation’s economic woes?

A: I think Obama is going to be just what this country needs when it comes to restarting our economy. India has 9.5 percent annual economic growth, which adds 25 million people to the middle class every year riding that growth. Compare that to a state like Connecticut, which really hasn’t added a good-paying job in a generation. And young people are leaving the state. Business consultants say about Connecticut: “We’re too old, and we’re too cold.” So I think it’s about being strategic in terms of where we put our resources in Connecticut. When it comes to what Obama would do for the country, I think it would be a new generation of environmental technologies that create new jobs and also free us from this billion-dollar-a-day addiction we have to foreign oil.

Q: Would you consider taking a position within Obama’s administration, were he to be elected president?

A: I’d certainly consider that. I think the first two years of an administration are an incredibly important time. If you have a chance to pull an oar and make a difference and somebody calls you, you certainly consider it.

Q: Would you consider running for office again in the future?

A: A year and a half ago I said “no way,” but it’s a year and a half later, and I say, it’s something I would look at.

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03/24/08 - Connecticut News Roundup

Connecticut News Roundup

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Martin Luther King, Jr. quotes

(American Baptist Minister and Civil-Rights Leader. 1929-1968)

03/24/08 - I don’t want to get this guys rep, as some guy who gets all uppity about the local government cause, you know, this is supposed to be a ...

"Last week I got on the GPD’s and Greenwich Time’s case about this drug bust, where 3 teenagers got charged with misdemeanor possession and it hit the papers like it was some kind of epic win on the war on drugs."

Yearlong Greenwich Police Sting Yields Mom, Son, with 2 Ounces Of ...

By Chris

There’s this blogger, I won’t link to him, but he ‘Rounds Up’ Greenwich news everyday in his blog, which is a little more than frenetic, featuring multicolored, centered text of various sizes.

His blog got some attention in The FC because he waged a public battle against the Greenwich Police Chief with it. Now he basically just reposts a lot of headlines and what-not.

The reason I mention this is that I don’t want to get this guys rep, as some guy who gets all uppity about the local government cause, you know, this is supposed to be a commuter blog, and that stuff is boring (Says Chris The Administrator Of The Peppy Crisp And Clean - No Caffeine Blog Called StationStopzzzzzzzzzzzz ..... zzzzz...... zzzz .... zzzz .... zzzz .... ).

But I got to get in this last jab…

Last week I got on the GPD’s and Greenwich Time’s case about this drug bust, where 3 teenagers got charged with misdemeanor possession and it hit the papers like it was some kind of epic win on the war on drugs.

Well, today we had a similar story from the Greenwich Time, where a mother and son were busted as part of a year-long investigation - with less than 2 ounces of pot, a pot pipe, and 2 valium tablets.

I guess I am jaded from watching The Wire and other TV shows, but it seems like in the real world of narcotics, a bust like this is considered routine, with year-long investigations targeting the big boys who are *supplying* the little guys who are driving around public housing with baggies.

Especially in Fairfield County, where we all know there are many backcountry mansions housing enough cocaine to get one through the longest hedge fund recession - I think the Greenwich Narcotics Department could bring in bigger fish if they set their sights a little higher.

OK, So I get it, this mom’s been dealing dimebags for a while and its pissed of the locals - sure, go arrest her - but lets spend out ‘yearlong’ investigation time on something more worthwhile, eh?

StationStops - http://www.stationstops.com

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03/24/08 - But, Why Isn't There A "Year Long Investgation" In The John J. Bria Drug Death?

Mother-son duo arrested in drug bust

Hoa Nguyen

Greenwich Time - Staff Writer

A mother-son pair were arrested Thursday following a year-long narcotics investigation, according to police reports released yesterday.

Acting on a warrant, police arrested Christopher M. Montague, 20, of 51 Sheephill Road, and his mother, Kimberly A. Montague, 40, of the same address, as the two were driving in a tan Toyota Corolla near Armstrong Court, according to a police report.

During the search, police found three plastic bags containing 7 grams of marijuana in Christopher Montague's sweatshirt and a "bud" of marijuana folded in a one-dollar bill in his pant pocket, according to the report.

In the car, police found two small plastic bags of marijuana, one weighing 15 grams and the other 5 grams, according to the report....

....Beneath the passenger's seat was a burnt roach-type cigarette, according to the report. In the center console were 30 plastic bags commonly associated with the packaging and distribution of narcotics, according to the report.

In Kimberly Montague's purse police said they found a pipe used for smoking marijuana and an unmarked pill vial containing four pills, two of which appeared to be Valium. She did not have a prescription for the controlled substance, according to the report.

Could John J. Bria have been saved?

John J. Bria grew up in the Byram section of Greenwich.

Byram is not a high-income area -- unlike other parts of Greenwich that house the wealthy movers and shakers in business, entertainment and politics.

Some of Bria's friends were from Byram and others were from that larger and extravagant sections of Greenwich where parents run big chunks of the country, from Wall Street to Hollywood.

Many in the close knit community of Byram think that the police were intimidated in the Bria case, because
of the fact that Miss Megan Caron's father, Glenn Caron, creator of the TV series Moonlighting, is a Hollywood big shot?

It wouldn't be the first time Greenwich cops backed off from a celebrity.

Grave Indifference Contributed

To The Drug Death of John J. Bria

03/24/08 - "I think all our checkbooks are closed," said Sam Romeo, one of the organizers of the lawsuit.

Should I Send A Check Our Wait?

Town tells owners to pay up

Greenwich Time - Staff Writer

To pay or not to pay. That is the question being debated by a group of North Mianus property owners who sued the town over their sewer bills and collection officials.

A number of those who received sewer hookups as part of a $23.5 million project in the neighborhood are arguing that they should not have to pay for their share until the lawsuit they recently filed is settled.

Filed earlier this month in state Superior Court in Stamford, the seven-page lawsuit alleges that the bill for the sewers was inflated because of the town's mismanagement of the project and inclusion of unauthorized work....

... "They have to pay," said Louis Caravella, the town's tax collector. "If you don't you're going to start getting charged one-and-a-half percent interest a month. It'll add up quickly."

Recipients of the sewer hookups can either pay for their share of the project in a lump sum, which works out to an average of $30,379 per household, or over 20 years with interest at about 4.2 percent per year.

Caravellla said he has received payments from about 50 property owners, some of whom paid the lump sum.

Romeo contested whether he and his fellow plaintiffs must pay, however, citing Section 259 of the Town Charter.

"Such appeal, during the pendency thereof, shall stay further proceedings for the collection of the particular assessment upon which the appeal is predicated, but shall not stay any other proceedings in relation to such project," according to the charter....

... The group also wants $2.5 million of interest that accrued during the nearly 31/2 years since the project's completion, time that the homeowners said the town spent tabulating the final bill.

Town officials have pointed out that $600,000 was removed from the final bill after an internal audit, to offset unauthorized paving and the cost of rebidding the project when the original contractor walked off the job because of a dispute over safety protocols.

The homeowners contend the town never audited the full project, and that the property owners who agreed to the reductions did not represent the entire neighborhood.


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Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.
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03/24/08 - "They did a fantastic job," said teacher Andrew Bramante, who runs a research class at GHS

GHS students nab top science honors

Greenwich Time - Greenwich,CT

These projects, along with those of nine other Greenwich High School students, recently captured top honors at the Connecticut Science Fair. ....

...Eliana Carmona, 16, of Greenwich, drew her inspiration from watching a sister with diabetes get regular insulin shots. Seeing the pain her sister goes through and having herself an aversion to needles, Eliana decided there must be a better way to give insulin...

... Eliza McNitt, 16, of Greenwich, came upon her idea after being warned against eating an apple without washing it because the skin might carry the residue of pesticides used in the orchard....

... Harris Davidson, 18, of Old Greenwich, decided wine would be the subject of his project, testing to see what type of bottle top would best keep the wine unchanged months from its initial uncorking....

... Other projects included one by a senior, Courtney Fogwell, and ninth-grader Likhitha Aidunuthula, who together discovered in lab tests that when exposed to water and high temperatures, rubber pellets used to create the artificial turf fields at Greenwich High School leached traces of a toxin....

... Michael Tom, 15, of Greenwich, experimented with a more efficient way of extracting energy from human biowaste, which may in the future help provide an alternative to using fossil fuel.

Sophie Voss, 16, of Riverside, discovered that the amount of a hormone, cortisol, found in tears shed while crying varies depending on the stress a person is under. Her project looked at how the chemical make-up of tears could help predict a person's vulnerability to stress-related diseases.

Michael Miller, 17, of Old Greenwich, experimented with instant messaging and ways to flag possible identify theft or unauthorized use of a person's instant messaging account.

Other science fair winners from the class include Jessica Blanton, Ryan Chou, George Hansel and William Newberry.

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- Aldous Huxley

03/24/08 - Today's News Reports From The Greenwich Post - School Board Meeting

Betty "You Can Trust Me" Sternberg's Failed Administrators Get Ready For The Up Comming Board Of Education Meeting.

Channel 79 to broadcast Board of Education meeting live

Greenwich Community Television Channel 79 will broadcast live converage of the Board of Education meeting on March 27.

Cyclists say it's almost time to 'ride for Greenwich'

The 2008 ‘Ride for Greenwich’ bike ride offers families a fun and active way to celebrate Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 11.

Greenwich Center for the Arts to sponsor community forum

The Greenwich Center for the Arts Board will hold a public forum Monday, March 31 in the Town Hall meeting room to announce plans for and answer questions about the proposed community multi-art center in the historic Havemeyer Building.


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03/24/08 - Detectives never seemed to have enough for an arrest, said his Greenwich lawyer Lindy Urso.


Lawyer questions Kissel evidence

Greenwich Time - Staff Writer

As two cousins sat jailed in two different municipalities awaiting their first hearing in court today on charges of murder, a lawyer representing one of them said he wants to know what evidence has led police to make the arrests now, nearly two years after the murder took place.

Days after Andrew Kissel was stabbed to death in the basement of his Dairy Road mansion, detectives had already identified one of the men as a suspect. Police had interviewed Carlos Trujillo, 47, who was Kissel's long-time chauffeur and assistant, several times, but detectives never seemed to have enough for an arrest, said his Greenwich lawyer Lindy Urso....

"It may well be that in Leonard they finally found someone who could be compromised, who had enough of his own problems that he was willing to testify falsely against Carlos. We'll have to wait and see."

...Urso was reacting to comments Leonard Trujillo's wife made to the New York Post, telling the tabloid that her husband said Carlos Trujillo had been "trying to use him to give him some money to do something." Brenda Trujillo could not be reached for comment yesterday....

More News Reports From The Greenwich Time....

Easter draws believers to beach

On a frigid morning, church music rang from the Greenwich Point Park beach as the last of the Easter worshipers arrived, toting their beach chairs and blankets yesterday.

Avenue proposals a tough fit
The expansion proposals for the new senior center could be a tough fit in the present facility on Greenwich Avenue, according to Sam Deibler, director of the town Commission on Aging.

YMCA gets state grant for child-care program
Another child-care facility will soon open in downtown Greenwich.


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03/24/08 - Greenwich News Wire For Monday

The Latest Greenwich News Reports:

Arrests in murder of Greenwich millionaire
WTNH - New Haven,CT
Stamford (WTNH/AP) _ Nearly two years after his murder police have arrested two men in the death of Greenwich millionaire Andrew Kissel. ...

Raising a stink: Greenwich seeks steeper penalties for illegal dumping
Stamford Advocate - Stamford,CT
By Neil Vigdor

GREENWICH - Tired of Greenwich being used as a dumping ground for trash from neighboring municipalities, the town is expected to crack down ...

Mother, son arrested in Greenwich on multiple drug charges
Stamford Advocate - Stamford,CT
By Hoa Nguyen

GREENWICH - A mother-son pair were arrested Thursday after a yearlong narcotics investigation, according to police reports released yesterday. ...

Etienne, Delva lead Hartford to American East crown
Stamford Advocate - Stamford,CT
Erin Morrison (Greenwich) was a member of the first place 400 freestyle relay with had a record time of 3:23.65 and also swam with the third place 200 ...

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A mind once stretched by a new idea never regains its original dimensions.
- Anonymous

03/24/08 - Greenwich Blog Wire - Greenwich Library Database Instruction Available

Greenwich Blog Post:

Databases @ your library
Our Greenwich Library staff will provide a weekly half hour hands on introduction and practice on one database per session. The Greenwich Publications Index is a guide to newspaper and magazine articles of local interest for the ...
Greenwich Library | Today's Events - http://www.greenwichlibrary.org

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"Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils."
-- (Louis) Hector Berlioz

03/24/08 - The Animal Activists Are Blogging About The Beheaded Chickens Found In Greenwich

Greenwich Blog Post:

Dead Chickens In Greenwich

Six chickens found beheaded: Greenwich, CT (US) - Mar 20, 2008

Greenwich Animal Control officers are investigating six beheaded chickens found behind a Mason Street bank Thursday afternoon, considering whether the birds were killed as part ...
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