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Thursday, January 29, 2009

1/29/09 READER SUBMITTED COMMENTS: News Tip - Is this really a surprise??? Bruce Hunter Ignores The Small Children In The Ham. Ave. Modulars

"I fear three newspapers more than a hundred thousand bayonets."
Napoleon Bonaparte

Obviously Napoleon Did Not Live In Greenwich

Incompetent Greenwich Time Managing Editor Bruce Hunter Still Continues To Ignore Parents Complaints About Water Leaks In The Hamilton Avenue Modulars !!!!

To: GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com
Date: 12/29/09 2:10PM

From: {Redacted}

You did not hear this from me....
The modulars are leaking again! Ceiling tiles are being replaced again. The principal is lying again!

Name Withheld By Request


Greenwich Time Managing Editor Bruce Hunter Is Too Busy Attacking A Critic To Assign A Reporter To Investigate Parents Complaints That Greenwich's Most Disadvantage Children Must Try To Learn In Modular Classrooms That Violate The Building Codes Of The State Of Connecticut.

The Last Time That Anyone In Town Remembers A Greenwich Time Editor Doing An Investigative Report Was When Ex-Greenwich Time Editor Joe Pisani admitted that the Greenwich Time did a poor job of covering the Martha Moxley Murder on on October. 30, 1975.

Most Everyone in town remembers that in the early eighties the Greenwich Time attempted to revive it's poor image by hiring investigative journalist Len Levitt to look into the unsolved murder case.

Levitt's story was based on more than 100 interviews and 400 pages of police documents turned over on the order of the state's Freedom of Information Commission, remained unpublished for nearly a decade.

The story was finally published over several pages in 1991.When Mr. Levitt appeared in an Editor & Publisher cover story bashing the newspapers for the long delay in publishing his work, Another Thin Skinned Greenwich Time Editor Joe Pisani Refused To Talk To Mr. Levitt Ever Again .

If Greenwich School Business Manager Susan Wallerstien Had A Leak In Her Office It Would Be Fixed With In 24 Hours, But If A Poor Child In A Classroom Trailer Has Water Pouring Into The Classroom No One At The Greenwich Time Cares.

Pompous And Arrogant Greenwich Time Editor Bruce Hunter Is Ignoring Hamilton Avenue Parents In 2008 Just Like .....

Greenwich Time Editor Jim Zebora Ignored Hamilton Avenue Parents In 2007. Or Just Like .....

Greenwich Time Editor David Warner Ignored Hamilton Avenue Parents In 2007. Or Just Like .....

Greenwich Time Editor Joe Pisani Ignored Hamilton Avenue Parents In 2007.

No Other Daily Newspaper In Newspaper In The World Has Went Through Four Editors In Less Than A Year

This Is What Thin Skinned Greenwich Time Managing Editor Bruce Hunter Considers To Be Good Educational Reporting.......

Like Nero, Hunter Fiddles With School Press Releases As The Small Children Of Hamilton Avenue Drown In Water Leaks

Bruce Hunter Has His Reporters Run Four Press Releases Through The Spell Checker, Before Hitting The Publish Button !!!!


Local News

The Greenwich High School PTA will host its annual "SummerFare Camp Expo," showcasing more than 130 summer programs for middle and high school students, in the GHS student center, 10 Hillside Road, from 6 p.m to 9 p.m. Wednesday.

Program representatives will hand out informational brochures and DVDs as well as answer questions from parents and students about a bevy of program options, from sailing trips through the Caribbean, to language courses, to traditional sleep-away and day camps.

The event is free and open to the public. Refreshments will be on sale. The snow date is Thursday.

Family finance writer Jill Russo Foster will be the guest speaker at an Eastern Middle School PTA meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday in the school's cafeteria, 51 Hendrie Ave. The event is free and open to the public.

Foster wrote the book "Cash, Credit, and Your Finances: The Teen Years," which introduces teenagers to basic concepts of managing money, from opening a bank account to living within a budget.

For more information, visit http://www.cashcreditandyourfinances.com/.


Greenwich Academy will host its fifth annual "Gator-Aid" fundraiser, benefiting the nonprofit education advocacy group Central Asia Institute, Friday with a dodge ball match among upper schoolers and faculty at 2:30 p.m. in the Raether Athletic Center, 200 N. Maple Ave. Lower and middle schoolers will have a separate fundraiser in the school's Ramsing Gymnasium. The Central Asia Institute's co-founder, Greg Mortenson, who wrote the book "Three Cups of Tea" about his campaign to build schools for girls in rural Afghanistan and Pakistan, will speak at Greenwich Academy on April 14.

The First Presbyterian Church Nursery School, 37 Lafayette Place, will hold an information session about "Two-by-Two," its program for children turning 2 by October, at 9:15 a.m. Feb. 5.
For more information, call Director Patricia Bria Case at 869-7782.


The New Lebanon School PTA is seeking donations of new items and gift certificates suitable for prizes, as well as supplies, for its annual "Spaghetti Dinner" and silent auction, to be held March 28.

Proceeds from the event will pay for school field trips, arts in education, scholarships and other programs. Donating companies will be highlighted in the PTA's "List of Contributors."
For more information or to make a donation, contact Wendy Figueroa at (914) 510-3561, or wndy_figueroa@yahoo.com.

Students at The Stanwich School are participating in the "St. Jude Math-A-Thon," from Jan. 19 through Feb. 6, to benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tenn.

Students are asking friends and family to pledge a specific amount of money for every math problem they solve. These funds will help the research hospital find new ways to combat childhood diseases. Last year, Stanwich's Math-A-Thon raised $42,314, according to organizers.

Why Does Hearst Newspaper's President Steven Swartz Allow Bruce Hunter To Ignore The Poorest And Weakest Families Of Greenwich Society.

The Greenwich Time Has An Extremely Low Subscription Rate In Byram, Because Parental Complaints About The Hamilton Modulars, While Regurgitating School Press Releases And Listing Them As Local News On The Greenwich Time Web Site.

And Before Thin Skinned Greenwich Time Managing Editor Bruce Hunter Gets His Panties All In A Bunch Again. I Hope Some Will Tell Him That His Regurgitating Press Releases From School Groups Is Not An Article That Has Copyright Protection.
Greenwich Roundup Saw These Same School Press Releases On The Cablevion's Greenwich Educational Access Channel.

Thin Skinned Greenwich Time Managing Editor Bruce Hunter Has To Understand That The Truth Sometimes Hurts. The Facts Are That Hunter Does Not Have The Journalistic Balls To Report On What Is Really Happening In Those Modular Classrooms.

Bruce Hunter Is Clearly The Wrong Man At The Wrong Time To Lead The Greenwich Time As It Transitions Into The Digital Age


Greenwich Roundup was the only news organization that reported about the water once again leaking at Hamilton Avenue School. Clueless Hearst Newspaper Editors Don Harrison (Greenwich Citizen) And Jim Zebora (Greenwich Time), as well as, the Greenwich Post editor have ignored HAS parents complaints that the modular are once again leaking.



....The Hamilton Avenue School Principal is so self absorbed and concerned with her image and her career as an administrator, she has lost perspective. God help the children of Hamilton Avenue School as they are shoved in a school that is not up to code.

Where is Ken West the building maintenance supervisor?How is this trailer park permitted to stay open?If this were a private home it would be condemned.

Go Back To Your Wet And Unsafe Modular Classrooms!!!!.....Principal Damaris Rau sounds like an idiot. She should not be in charge of one child, never mind a school full of kids....
Thin Skinned Greenwich Time Managing Editor Bruce Hunter knows that before anyone goes to the weekly newspapers or the bloggers with a story they go to the "Yellowch Time" first.

The "Yellowich Time" gets first shot at virtually every news story in town and they often bungle thier chance.

When Hamilton Avenue mothers went to Jim Zebora's crew complaining that the modular classrooms were leaking they were REPEATEDLY ignored Ex-Greenwich Time Editor Joe Pisani.

When those same Hamilton Avenue Mothers came to Greenwich Roundup we started publishing posts like this in February until Betty Sternberg was forced to shut down the modulars in March.

Please See:

There was not one previous article in the Greenwich Time

When Glenville Parents came to Ex-Greenwich Time Editor Jim Zebora And His Failed Reporting Crew with pictures and stories about the conditions inside thier school the Zorba crew could not be bothered with such trivial matters.

Please See:

When the "New And Improved" Hamilton Avenue Modulars were leaking AGAIN, the Ex-Greenwich Time Zebora And His Failed Reporting Crew once again could not be bothered.

Please See:

When a Greenwich parent got pictures of three heavily damaged classrooms in the "NEW" 30 Million Dollar Ham Ave School the Ex-Greenwich Time Editor Jim Zebora Crew was not interested and still has not fully reported whats going on inside that building.

Please See:

Like It Or Not The Greenwich Time Editors Are Going To Have To Get Used To The Fact That Greenwich Roundup Is A Bit Edgy And Somewhat Rude When Greenwich Roundup Publishes A Post Like......

But isn't rude for Colin Gustafson to put up an August headline that insults the intelegence of every taxpayer in Greenwich?

By Colin Gustafson
August 08, 2008

A variety of unresolved facilities issues - most of them easy to fix - are preventing the Hamilton Avenue School from receiving sign-offs from inspectors necessary for students to return to the building, the school board told parents last night.

Broken glass needs to be repaired, as well as cracks in some of the floor-level surfaces that must be patched. .... Blah ..... Blah ...... blah ..... Blah ..... Blah ..... Ham Ave Is Opening On Time !!!!!!!
Thin Skinned Greenwich Time Managing Editor Bruce Hunter Is Ignoring The Parents Of Hamilton Avenue School, Just Like Pisani, Warner And Zebora.
Have The Single Family Homeowners Of Greenwich Seen One Hard Hitting Investigative Report Out Of The Ever So Vain Bruce Hunter?

Please send your comments to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

1/29/09 Young Men Die Overseas Protecting The United States Constitution Thin Skinned Bruce Hunter Tries To Censor A Blogger Who Criticized Him

Arrogant Greenwich Time Managing Editor Bruce Hunter Says: Forget A Bout Freedom Of Speech

Shame, Shame, Shame On Hearst Newspaper Managing Editor Bruce Hunter For Trying To Silence A Critic As Young Men Shed Their Blood In Far Away Lands To Protect Our American Way Of Life

Nothing Is More Disgraceful Than A Hearst Newspaper Editor Trying To Silience A Blogger Who Criticized A Newspaper.

Thin Skinned Greenwich Time Editor Bruce Hunter For Years Has Been Criticizing The Job Performance Of Everyone From The President, The Governor, The First Selectman Anyone One Else He Choose To Target

Pompous And Arrogant Bruce Hunter And The Other Greenwich Time Editors For Years Have Told Greenwich Residents Who To Vote For After Making Local Candidates Come Grovel At The Editorial Bord Offices In Stamford.

But When Greenwich Roundup Criticizes Bruce Hunter's Performance He Runs To Hearst Newspaper's Corporate Lawyers And Threatens A Lawsuit. Thin Skinned Hunter's Threaten lawsuit is “nothing more than a slap suit


A Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation ("SLAPP") is a lawsuit that is intended to intimidate and silence critics by burdening them with the cost of a legal defense until they abandon their criticism or opposition. Winning the lawsuit is not necessarily the intent of the person filing the SLAPP. The plaintiff's goals are accomplished if the defendant succumbs to fear, intimidation, mounting legal costs or simple exhaustion and abandons the criticism. A SLAPP may also intimidate others from participating in the debate.

According to New York Supreme Court Judge J. Nicholas Colabella, "Short of a gun to the head, a greater threat to First Amendment expression can scarcely be imagined." A number of jurisdictions have made such suits illegal, provided that the appropriate standards of journalistic responsibility have been met by the critic.


Police ask residents to shovel walks

Police are asking residents and business owners to do their part to keep sidewalks clear of snow and ice.

Citigroup eyed Westchester as home of $50M jet
The infamous corporate jet purchase scrutinized by President Obama because of its staggering $50 million price tag would have been based at Westchester County Airport, an official there said.

North Stamford home destroyed by fire

More than 50 firefighters battled a blaze late Tuesday night that gutted a large home on Rockrimmon Road in North Stamford , Stamford Deputy Fire Chief Timothy Conroy said.

Two Perrot librarians killed in Denver crash

file photoTwo town women, longtime librarians for the Perrot Memorial Library in Old Greenwich, were killed en route to the Denver airport Wednesday morning when their cab was struck by a hit-and-run driver, police said.

TV series to feature Kissel murder cases

The rise and fall of brothers Andrew and Robert Kissel will be the focus of an episode of a cable television news series airing tonight.

Education focus

The Greenwich High School PTA will host its annual "SummerFare Camp Expo," showcasing more than 130 summer programs for middle and high school students, in the GHS student center, 10 Hillside Road, from 6 p.m.

Conveyance tax revenues fall sharply

A boon for Greenwich for most of the decade, the money brought in from the conveyance tax levied on home sales is plummeting so sharply that some are starting to question whether it will ever recover to again become a reliable revenue source for the town.

Jewish services
CHABAD LUBAVITCH OF GREENWICH: 75 Mason St. Tel. 629-9059. Web site: www.chabadgreenwich.org. Traditional prayer services.

CNBC show to feature Kissel murder cases

The rise and fall of brothers Andrew and Robert Kissel will be the focus of an episode of a cable television news series airing tonight.



Please send your comments to GreenwichRoundup@Gmail.com

Thin Skinned Greenwich Time Managing Editor Bruce Hunter Is So Clueless That He Doesn't Undestand A Basic Human Standard .....

The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights States: "Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference, and impart information and ideas through any media regardless of frontiers"

Only a vain and clueless newspaper editor like Bruce Hunter would be unable to understand the concept of freedom of speech is often covered by the same laws as freedom of the press, thereby giving equal treatment to media and individuals.

1/29/09 Greenwich Post: Raising a glass: Democrats toast to victory, change

Photo: Charlene Abdal, assistant to the first selectman, gives Ned Lamont a hug during the Democrats’ celebration Saturday

by Ken Borsuk, Greenwich Post

L’escale restaurant was wall-to-wall Democrats Saturday night and the party faithful was in the mood to celebrate.

At what Selectwoman Lin Lavery pledged would be the first annual “Greenwich Celebrates Change” event, more than 280 people arrived to mark what they hoped was a new era in Washington after a successful fall for local Democrats. Not only did President Barack Obama become the first Democrat presidential candidate to win the town’s vote since Lyndon Johnson did in his 1964 landslide victory, but former Democratic Town Committee Chairman Jim Himes defeated 21-year incumbent Republican Christopher Shays to become the congressional representative from the 4th District.

But those in attendance stressed the night was not just about last fall’s victories and that people from all political persuasions were in the crowd.

“People are out here tonight to celebrate change and to raise a glass to the President of the United States and to Jim Himes,” Ms. Lavery told the Post. “We couldn’t be more thrilled. People worked very hard to make it happen. It’s a wonderful moment in history.”

Democratic Town Committee Chairman Dave Roberson called the crowd “amazing” and praised the work of Cathy Farricker and Laura Grad for making the event happen. Upon his arrival, Mr. Himes joked to Mr. Roberson that Greenwich Democats had “gone upscale” since he left town..

..Ned Lamont, who challenged and defeated Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-Ct.) in 2006 in the primary, spoke at the event as well, as did state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal who said the Greenwich victory for President Obama is “the beginning of a trend.”

Mr. Lamont, a former selectman, joked that being a Greenwich Democrat used to be like rooting for the Chicago Cubs but Saturday the party was turning people away at the door because there wasn’t room for them….


Please send your comments, news tips and press releases to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

1/29/08 ThIn Skinned Greenwich Time Editor Managing Editor Bruce Hunter Could Not Shut Down Greenwich Roundup, But The Subway Sandwich Shop Could

Greenwich Roundup Is Recovering From Being Food Poisoned By Subway

Last Night He Was Sweating Bullets Thanks To Subway, But Today He Has Recovered Enough To Pull Himself Up From The Floor To The Desk Top Keyboard.

Greenwich Roundup Has Received About 80 To 100 Emails From Around The Country, Slamming Hearst Newspapers,The Greenwich Time, Bruce Hunter And John Dunster. About Half Of These Emails Are From The Greenwich / Stamford Area

There Are A Few, "It's About Time Someone Put You In Your Place" Or "You Deserve It Emails That Sort Of Take Thin Skinned Bruce Hunter's Side.

Greenwich Roundup Will Eventually Respond To All Of The Emails.

Two Days Ago Greenwich Roundup Saved Many News Stories As Drafts, While Reporting On Hearst Newspaper's Threatened Legal Action And Those Stories Will Go Up Soon.

However, No Drafts Of Stories Or Notes Were Saved As Drafts As Greenwich Roundup Was Rolled Up In Fetal Position Cursing Subway Sandwich Shop.

Greenwich Roundup Might Make A Posting Of All Of The Emails. So Far Some Are Many Of Them Are Quite Insightful And Funny.

The Strange Part Is That Greenwich Roundup Gets More Web Traffic When He Is Out Sick, Then When He Is Diligently Typing Away At The Keyboard.

In The Last Three Days Greenwich Roundup Has Had Three Record Setting Days While Recovering.....

2,841 Unique Visitors

2,650 Unique Visitors

2,516 Unique Visitors

These Are Greenwich Roundup's Top Three Web Traffic Days And It Is All Because Of Thin Skinned Greenwich Time Managing Editor Bruce Hunter.

Greenwich Roundup Is Almost Afraid To Once Again Start Typing, But There Has Been A Lot Going On In Greenwich And I Have Been Given An Exclusive Story About Walter "Feeder Fund Noel And Fairfield Greenwich.

Yes, it is true, while thin skinned Greenwich Time Managing Editor Is Making A List Of Blog Posts That He Doesn't Like. Greenwich Roundup Will Be Scooping His Newsroom With A Story About Greenwich Resident Walter Noel.

Now if you will excuse me I Am going to the restroom And Continue my recovery from Subway.

Please send your comments to GreenwichRoundup@gmail.com

1/29/09 YOU WONT READ THIS IN THE GREENWICH TIME: JP Morgan Investors Got Out Clean While Walter Noel's Investors Were Left Holding The Bag


Lawyers Representing Greenwich Fairfield May Be Taking Chase To Court

Fairfield Greenwich Investors Question The Timing Of JP Morgan's Withdrawal - They Say Part Of That JP Morgan Stash Belongs To Them

Walter "Feeder Fund" Noel's Investors WONDER IF JPMorgan Saw Trouble Brewing And Got Out Before The Storm.

JP Morgan Chase Says The Bank "Became Concerned About The Lack Of Transparency" As It Reviewed Its Investments Linked To Bernard Madoff
Why Wasn't Greenwich Resident Walter Noel Concerned About The "Lack Of Transparency" At Madoff's Firm?

Why Didn't Walter Noel Tell His Investors About Chase's Withdrawal?

JPMorgan Pulled Cash Early From Madoff-Linked Funds

JPMorgan Chase says that its potential losses related to Bernard L. Madoff, the man accused of engineering an immense global Ponzi scheme, are “pretty close to zero.” But what some angry European investors want to know is when the bank cut its exposure to Mr. Madoff — and why.

As early as 2006, the bank had started offering investors a way to leverage their bets on the future performance of two hedge funds that invested with Mr. Madoff. To protect itself from the resulting risk, the bank put $250 million of its own money into those funds.

But the bank suddenly began pulling its millions out of those funds in early autumn, months before Mr. Madoff was arrested, according to accounts from Europe and New York that were subsequently confirmed by the bank. The bank did not notify investors of its move, and several of them are furious that it protected itself but left them holding notes that the bank itself now says are probably worthless

A spokeswoman, Kristin Lemkau, said the bank withdrew from the Madoff-linked funds last fall after “a wide-ranging review of our hedge fund exposure.” Ms. Lemkau acknowledged, however, that the bank also “became concerned about the lack of transparency to some questions we posed as part of our review.”

Investors were not alerted to the move because, under sales agreements, the issues did not meet the threshold necessary to permit the bank to restructure the notes, she said. Under those circumstances, she added, “we did not have the right to disclose our concerns.”

That doesn’t satisfy some investors. As they see it, they were the first people who should have been alerted to the bank’s concerns. “Instead, we continued to pay our fees to the bank and remained the only ones exposed to the risks that JPMorgan did not want to assume,” said the chief asset manager of an Italian investment firm, who declined to be identified because of potential litigation.

The tale began several years ago when a unit of JPMorgan Chase in London issued a series of complex
derivatives that gave investors a way to triple their bets on the Fairfield funds, whose solid consistency mirrored the track record that had quietly — and ruinously — drawn investors to Mr. Madoff for decades.

Leveraged notes issued by big banks like JPMorgan Chase and Nomura became conduits through which fresh money flowed from institutional investors into the Fairfield Sentry and
the euro-based Fairfield Sigma funds, both run by the Fairfield Greenwich Group — and, in turn, into Mr. Madoff’s hands.

The arrangement worked like this: Investors put up cash to buy the notes from the bank. In return, the bank promised to pay them up to three times the future earnings of the Fairfield funds. When the notes matured in five years, assuming the funds did well, these investors would get more than if they had invested in the funds directly. The bank collected just under 2 percent in fees, investors said.

And because the bank had to hedge its entire risk, it put up to three times the face amount of the notes into the Fairfield funds. Thus, Fairfield Greenwich got more cash to manage than it otherwise would have, increasing its own fee income. To reward note-holders for making that possible, Fairfield paid them a so-called rebate of a fifth to a third of a percentage point a year, according to documentation of those transactions.

The first sign of trouble came in early October, when Fairfield Greenwich notified investors that it would no longer pay them rebates.

The reason, according to the Italian asset manager, was that JPMorgan Chase had “suddenly cashed out” of the Fairfield funds. “The official explanation was that there had been a strategic decision to get out of all hedge funds,” the asset manager said.The Fairfield official was quite upset.”

Several other European money managers said they were told the same thing.

A spokesman for Fairfield Greenwich declined to comment on the bank’s actions last fall, citing restrictions imposed by the beleaguered firm’s lawyers.......

.....Some investors now note that Mr. Madoff maintained several accounts with JPMorgan Chase, and wonder if the parent bank saw trouble brewing in those accounts and got its London affiliate out of Fairfield before the storm hit......

.....One of the key tests in court would be whether investors could show that they were harmed by anything the bank did or failed to do last fall, or whether any other course of action would have simply made things worse, said Charles Mooney Jr., a law professor at the
University of Pennsylvania. “If I were the bank’s lawyer, those are the questions I’d ask — and the answers are far from clear,” he said.

Investors say the bank should have done a better job of investigating the Fairfield funds before it issued the notes. Another European investment manager, who also declined to be identified because of potential litigation, says he decided to purchase the notes for his clients partly on the strength of the bank’s reputation.

He said that when he saw JPMorgan Chase put its brand name” on the Fairfield notes, “I thought that there was no more reason to remain cautious.” He added, “For me, the JPMorgan notes were the final imprimatur of Sentry’s financial soundness.”

What has upset him and other investors interviewed about their stake in the notes is that they did not know that JPMorgan Chase had already exited from Fairfield, almost unscathed, without notifying them.......

......After JPMorgan started pulling out of Fairfield, with credit markets in disarray everywhere, the quoted price of the notes fell by about 12 cents on the dollar, a discount that discouraged some investors from selling because the price seemed at such odds with the Fairfield Sentry fund’s continued good performance......

.....About two-thirds of the Fairfield-linked notes the bank issued were guaranteed against principal loss, according to the bank. But the bank said the owners of the remaining notes, like all the investors cited here, had probably lost their entire stake. That would mean a loss the bank puts at about $30 million but that investors say could be much larger....

......If the bank had withdrawn almost $250 million directly from Mr. Madoff’s firm, Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities, the bank would be subject to federal bankruptcy rules that give the court-appointed trustee leeway to recover money paid out over the previous year and use it to repay creditors. It is less likely that a similar withdrawal from Fairfield Greenwich would be within the trustee’s reach, but the question is certain to be posed in litigation, several lawyers said.......

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