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Friday, August 20, 2010

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Shame On Greenwich Resident And Hearst Digital Media Vice President Lincoln Millstien

CT Post Plagiarizer Quietly Corrects Bogus Article At Hearst Owned Newspaper http://greenwichroundup.blogspot.com/2010/08/081210-sneaky-hearst-newspaper-editor.html

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08/20/10 CT Elections 2010: Dan Malloy

News Reports About
Gubernatorial Candidate
Dan Malloy

A New Governor with the 'Fairfield County Experience'
Republican Tom Foley now faces Democrat
Dan Malloy in November. Harold Cobin and contributed A hotly contested race in Connecticut for the governor's ...
LETTER: Reader supports Carillo for state rep
New Britain Herald
Tim O'Brien voted alongside 105 other Democrats to increase the public campaign funding for gubernatorial candidate
Dan Malloy by $3 million. ...
Former Conn. GOP rivals start joint campaign
Albany Times Union
The GOP candidates say they are ready to face Democratic gubernatorial candidate
Dan Malloy and his running mate, Nancy Wyman, in November's general ...
EDITORIAL: GOP's Foley builds bridge to unions
New Haven Register (subscription)
While Foley has not called for layoffs, he has been far more specific than
Dan Malloy, the Democratic candidate, about budget steps certain to upset unions. ...
Recommended: First Read's Top 10 Governors' Races
msnbc.com (blog)
Connecticut (9): Democrats got their stronger candidate, ex-Stamford Mayor
Dan Malloy (D), who faces off against former ambassador to Ireland Tom Foley (R). ... »
EDITORIAL: Bold leader needed
istockAnalyst.com (press release)
Republican Tom Foley and Democrat
Dan Malloy each maintain he is the gubernatorial candidate who can head the state out of the recession. ...

Blog Posts About
Gubernatorial Candidate
Dan Malloy

The Latest From Hearst Newspaper Plagiarist Jonathan Kantrowitz......

By Jonathan Kantrowitz
Democratic nominee for Governor
Dan Malloy on the decision earlier this year to cut nearly all funding to the Contracting Standards Board, which ensures that state contracting process is conducted in the most efficient manner possible ...
Jonathan Kantrowitz - http://blog.ctnews.com/kantrowitz/

Hey, Lincoln Millstien,

Were Those Jonathan Kantrowitz's Words And Thoughts, Or Did He Just Plagiarize Again?

Ever since Hearst Newspaper Editor Tom Baden is driving the CT Post straight into the ground.
State AFL-CIO endorses all Dems - The Bristol Press: Bristol, Conn ...
HARTFORD — Connecticut AFL-CIO convention delegates unanimously endorsed Richard Blumenthal for U.S. Senate,
Dan Malloy for governor and the five incumbent U.S. Representatives Tuesday. More than 400 delegates and guests gathered at the ...
News from www.bristolpress.com - http://bristolpress.com/
First Read: Who's at risk in November among U.S. governors? | News ...
By admin
America (9): Democrats got their stronger candidate, ex-Stamford Mayor
Dan Malloy (D), who faces soured against past diplomatist to island blackamoor Foley (R). 10. Minnesota (10): Ex-Sen. Mark metropolis (D), who narrowly won this ...
News around the world - http://www.news-around-the-world.com/
Stamford Jobs | A New Governor with the 'Fairfield County ...
By Stamford
A New Governor with the 'Fairfield County Experience'PatchHarold Cobin and contributed A hotly contested race in Connecticut for the governor's mansion has come down to two men – former Stamford Mayor
Dan Malloy .
Stamford Jobs - http://stamford-jobs.com/
Rick vs. Kay: NBC also not buying that Bill White is a serious ...
By Texas-Based Media Junkie
Connecticut (9): Democrats got their stronger candidate, ex-Stamford Mayor
Dan Malloy (D), who faces off against former ambassador to Ireland Tom Foley (R). 10. Minnesota (10): Ex-Sen. Mark Dayton (D), who narrowly won this month's Dem ...
Rick vs. Kay - http://rickvskay.blogspot.com/
Clean elections worth preserving - Norwalk News - The Hour ...
By Staff
Although Democrat
Dan Malloy won his primary bid and Republican Michael Fedele lost his--both of them clean elections candidates--my vote for safeguarding the Citizens' Elections Program would have been the same. ...
The Hour Headlines - http://www.thehour.com/
Frank Smith Says NB: Endorsed Democratic Candidates!
By Frank Smith
Dan Malloy -- Lt Governor, Nancy Wyman --US Senator Richard Blumenthal--US Congress, Chris Murphy-- Attorney General, George Jepsen-- Secretary of State, Denise Merrill-- Treasurer, Denise Nappier--Comptroller, ...
Frank Smith Says NB - http://franksmithsaysnb.blogspot.com/

New And Updated Web Pages
About Gubernatorial Candidate
Dan Malloy

$9118582.14 | Dan Malloy for Governor of Connecticut
Official website of
Dan Malloy's campaign for Governor of Connecticut. ... Dan Malloy for Governor. PS - You should be proud of all that you're doing. ...
CT Taxpayers just gave Dan Malloy *6 MILLION* dollars to run for ...
Originally Posted by JViello Malloy is none of those and beyond that, what about the other candidates now running? Just because Foley is a successful.

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08/20/10 Linda McMahon Press Release About Truth

Linda McMahon For Senate

Brian –

You and I know that Richard Blumenthal has a problem with the truth.

But his campaign hit a new low yesterday. It claimed that Blumenthal's latest "misspeak" was taken out of context.

Here's the background:

In a January MSNBC interview, the Attorney General said, "I've never taken PAC money, and I have rejected all special-interest money."

Our campaign is informing voters that in fact, Richard Blumenthal has accepted half a million PAC dollars in his run for the U.S. Senate.

In response, the Blumenthal campaign said that in the MSNBC interview, he was "talking about the last 20 years."

Is that a credible claim?

Richard Blumenthal was invited onto MSNBC to discuss his Senate run and only his Senate run. Not a single question in the interview was about the past 20 years. He was asked specifically how tough and how expensive he expected the Senate race to be.

Richard Blumenthal said that he had never taken special-interest or PAC money, and he did it in direct response to a question about the financing of his Senate campaign. He misled the audience into believing he was resolved to not accept a penny of special-interest money. He also failed to disclose that he took over $17,000 in PAC money as a candidate for the state legislature.

Richard Blumenthal said "never." And to most people, "never" really means "N-E-V-E-R!"

There is no ambiguity in what Dick Blumenthal said about PAC money on MSNBC. Just as there is no ambiguity in what he said about Vietnam or Vancouver.

Richard Blumenthal just isn't being honest. It's part of a pattern. And this pattern isn't easily explained away.

I'm running to bring real change to Washington. But I won't get there without your help.

We need to tell every Connecticut voter that we won't change Washington if we send career-politician Richard Blumenthal to the Senate.

Thanks for all you are doing to make our campaign victorious in November.

All the best,
Ed Patru
Communications Director

P.S. Connecticut deserves a Senator who puts people above politics. Please forward this message to 5 friends today!

Website | Volunteer

Linda McMahon on Facebook Linda McMahon on Twitter Linda McMahon on FlickrLinda McMahon on YouTube

Linda McMahon for Senate 2010

Linda McMahon for Senate 2010
973 Farmington Avenue | West Hartford, CT | 06107,
Telephone: 860-244-2010

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08/20/10 Hearst Newspapers Is Not Just Plagiarizing Connecticut Fourth Congressional Congressman Jim Himes' Fundraising Emails

Hi there Roundup,

I'm contacting you because I found your article about your local politician
being plagiarised very interesting, though more directly, you're also the
top google result for "hearst plagiarism" which I'm currently researching.

Before I get ahead of myself, I should introduce myself. I'm a musician who
has recently released a CD and my release notes from my website were pulled,
word for word, without permission or attribution, straight from my site for
use in one of those "such-and-such is a columnist for xyz paper and can be
reached at <email>" closing statements. It wasn't the CT Post, but the SF
Chronicle, another Hearst publication.

For your own comparison, if you want to see anyway:

The text is at the bottom of each; their article and my album notes. It's
not a particularly amazing paragraph, maybe it even comes off as slightly
insane, but it caters to my audience and what matters to me is I wrote it.

I don't really share the campaign writer's fury. I am becoming increasingly
upset that Hearst will do nothing about it, though. I have been in direct
contact with the writer and editor that could make the changes. The editor
said he would do something about it. Although the conversation was short, he
did get the article in question, my name, and my email address, after I
stopped him from hanging up several times to say, "don't you need XYZ?"

As for the writer, he's been extremely non-committal about the matter. He
did apologise but says he's never received a complaint after doing what he
did in 1400 other articles -- some of them are lyrics from songs, others
from famous literature -- and while he doesn't state his intentions
outright, it's pretty clear he isn't going to stop doing this any time soon.
He says he has no "policy" of crediting snippets and needs to "think about
it" some. I assume he meant some uniform way to attribute, but who knows?

To be perfectly honest, I don't really feel like my permission is required
in my specific situation, if attribution is provided. Though it certainly
would have been nice to be contacted, at least a link can show individuals
where the quote came from. Which your line "give credit where it's due"
certainly rings true as it has in the past.

My simple request was that "[snippet: Inverse Phase]" with my name linking
to my album be placed immediately after the snippet. It's been over a week
since I've talked to anyone at the paper and I sent another email to the
writer today asking why I haven't heard back and nothing has been done. It's
not like I asked for MLA-approved footnotes and a bibliography.

I plan to make a little bit of noise about this online (including calling
them) until they do something about it. If you'd like to use my information
for a story, just let me know.
Inverse Phase


Dear Inverse Phase.

It Looks Like Journalistic Standards And Ethics Have Suffered Under The Leadership Of Hearst Newspaper President Steven Swartz.

If Your Claim Is Accurate, And I Have No Reason To Doubt You, Then You May Be Entitled To Damages, Because The Hearst Corporation Is Using Your Work As A Tag Line.

If You Put It Up On The Web First And It Was Later Stolen By Hearst And Put On The Web, Then There Are Server Logs That Will Document The Theft.

You Could Get Copies Of Hearst Server Logs And Any Internal Information About Your Complaint During The Discovery Phase Of A Lawsuit Against The Hearst Corporation.

From Your Description I Could Not Figure Out Exactly What The Heart Newspapers Stole From You, But I Am Not A Lawyer.

I Did See That You Added The Following At The Bottom Of Your Web Pages.

"Please attribute Inverse Phase and the original artist with a link if you use a track for anything."

Thanks To The Internet, It Is Easy For Hearst Newspaper Employee's To Find And Copy Your Content.

But Also Thanks To Search Engines, You Can—And Will—Find Out If Theft Has Occurred.

Personally, I Would Suggest That You Should Have No Qualms About Linking Back To The Plagiarism at The SF Gate .

After all, it is only fair to give credit where it’s due.

Plus, This Will Prevent San Francisco Chronicle Ward H. Bushee From Saying That,"We Don't RECALL Hearing A Complaint And Were Never Notified Of Any Alleged Plagiarism"

You Can Even Link To This Post To Help Explain Why There Seems To A A Failure To Uphold Journalistic Codes And Ethics System Wide At Hearst Newspapers

You Should Take Your Complaint To A Member Of The California bar Association.

If The Material In Question Is Not In The Public Domain And Truly Your Own You Will Not Have To Pay A Dime For Legal Representation, Because Lawyer Will Line Up To Sue The Asset Rich Hearst Corporation.

The Bad News Is That A Wacky Judge Just Might Award You With The Money Losing San Francisco Chronicle.

I have more Than A Few Beef's With Hearst Newspaper Editors Who Have Attacked And Put Hearst Corporate Lawyer On My Tail For Exercising My First Amendment Free Speech Rights To Critique The Very Same Hearst Editors.

I Even Had An Attorney Approach Me When Ex-Hearst Newspaper Editor Bruce Hunter Had Hearst Corporate Lawyer Ravi Sitwalla Bothering Me.

However, I Did Not Pursue The Hearst Corporation For Two Reasons.

#1 I Was Getting Loads Of Web Traffic Reporting On Each And Every Threatening Letter And Phone Call The Buffoons At The Hearst Corporation Sent Me.

I was Really Disappointed When The Hearst Corporation Stopped Threatening To File A

#2 I Did Not Counter Sue Hearst, Because I Was Afraid That A Judge Would Award Me The Green Kitty Liter Liner, Formerly Known As The, Money Losing Greenwich Time.

I Wish You Luck With The Editors At The San Francisco Chronicle And Would Encourage You To Expose Any Plagiarism By Writers There.

I Am Glad To See That Greenwich Roundup Is The Number One Google Result For Hearst Newspaper Plagiarism.

Maybe If Connecticut's Fourth Congressional Congressman Jim Himes, Keeps Using The Fake, Phony And Fraudulent Connecticut Post Bloggers That Where Wined Dined And Pocket Lined By Ned Lamont....

Then Maybe The Himes / Hearst Newspaper Plagiarism Scandal Will Be The Number One Google Result For Searches About Jim Himes.


08/19/10 Fourth District Congressman Jim Himes And The CT Post Editor Tom Baden Severely Harmed By The Himes / Hearst Newspaper Plagiarism Scandal



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08/20/10 This Is NOT Rabbi Mitch's Weekly Teaching From Temple Sholom

Weekly Teaching
By Rabbi Mitchell M. Hurvitz

Rabbi Mitch is currently away participating with
UJA New York mission to Cuba.

In an event of an emergency, contact Cantor Asa: cantorasa@templesholom.com or (203) 962-4951

Shabbat Parashat Shoftim
August 20, 2010

Guest Teaching by Cantor Asa

Parsha Ki Tetzei is full of many provocative subjects including laws governing war, prisoners of war, slaves, encampment, military encampment, adultery and licentiousness. Each one of these topics would no doubt make for a very interesting, if not controversial sermon.

I have, in light up the upcoming High Holidays, chosen to focus on the lesser known and not oft discussed topic of making vows. Of the four chapters in this portion there is literally one paragraph pertaining to this subject, and yet it necessitated, as I will discuss later, an entire discussion in the Mishna about the making of vows.

When I was a kid I remember using the phrase "I swear to God' to express my passion for something and my friend Jason would always correct me saying "don't swear to God, promise to God." Now part of the issue my friend had was taking God's name in vain, but the other came from a internal sense that we, as Jews, ought not to make to serious of a promise to God.

In the small paragraph from Ki Teitze discussing vows, here is what we find out. "When you make a vow to the Lord you God, do not put off fulfilling it, for the Lord you God will require it of you and you will have incurred guilt; whereas you incur no guilt if you refrain from vowing. You must fulfill what has crossed your lips and perform what you have voluntarily vowed to the Lord you God, having made the promise with your own mouth."

This is astonishing. There is no instruction whatsoever that we should be in the business of making vows, or that somehow fulfilling a vow brings one closer to holiness or righteousness. There seems to be little merit in even undertaking this bargain with God. In the fact the Torah mentions no reward for fulfilling a vow, only the punishment for not doing so. The implication may be that if one bargains with God saying "God, if I get this job I will pray each day" God may grant that request but be angry later if the deal is not completed.

You may be wondering, what does any of this have to do with the High Holidays?

The subject of vows happens to have a very important place in our High Holiday liturgy, in the form of Kol Nidre.

Kol Nidre, meaning all vows, is a legal formula for those who did not fulfill vows or who have no intention of doing so. There are many inherent problems with this type of formula. First, there is no connection between the annulling of vows and Yom Kippur. Actually there is no other time in the HH liturgy that breaking vows is mentioned as a form of sin. It is also problematic because, according to the Mishna, one cannot personally annul one's own vows, one must sit before a Beit Din of three men to annul a vow. In addition one cannot nullify vows not made yet as they are not specified. Because of all the difficulty surrounding the making of vows, the Rabbis essentially end the discussion of vows with a directive to "just not do it"

Needless to say, the Rabbis severely disliked this text and tried very hard to prevent from becoming an established part of the liturgy. As in many cases throughout history, though, they were overrun by the popular opinion of people who treasured this text.

Why were our ancestors so attached to this ancient prayer? According to some scholars, the Kol Nidre was originally an incantation that the ancients would recite up entering the synagogue on Yom Kippur to ward of hexes and curses put on them during the past year. For them Kol Nidre acted on a magical and spiritual level simultaneously.

So why do we say it today?

The process of annulling vows is a larger metaphor for expressing human vulnerability and fallibility, both of which align with the mood of Yom Kippur. Our need to nullify vows not yet taken, shows that our fallibility as humans is such that we are not confident enough in ourselves to promise improvement. Our imperfection allows us to come before God with rare humility and plead for forgiveness and life.

As we hear the tones of the Kol Nidre this year, let us promise ourselves that we will try harder to overcome our shortcomings, but we will not swear by it. The only thing we will swear by is our covenant with our creator which helps us to improve ourselves to our limit and accept human shortcomings.

Shabbat Shalom,

Cantor Asa

Temple Sholom
300 E. Putnam Avenue
Greenwich, CT 06830
Temple Sholom | 300 East Putnam Avenue | Greenwich | CT | 06830

08/20/10 GREENWICH BRIEFING: First Niagara expanding into Connecticut

This Just In To The Greenwich Roundup Newsroom .....
The First Niagara Financial Group is moving east into New England after announcing Thursday it would be merge with Connecticut-based NewAlliance Bancshares.
Greenwich's Bruce Museum, one of 15 museums and historic sites on the Connecticut Art Trail, is one of three sites that feature a special 'Art Trail by Rail,' package.
Greenwich Country Day School agreed Thursday to part with a sliver of land at Old Church and Fairfield roads to facilitate improvements to the intersection there, including the widening of the street.
A dried shore line at Putnam Lake, Greenwich, one of the reservoirs serving the Town of Greenwich, is a sign of the drought which Greenwich and the region are experiencing.
An air quality alert has been posted for southern Fairfield and New Haven counties for Thursday by the National Weather Service , as surface ozone levels are expected to exceed unhealthy standards.
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