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Friday, April 23, 2010

04/23/10 Is It True That First Selectman Peter Tesei Is Considering Canceling His Subscription To The Greenwich Time

Hearst Newspaper Reporter Debra Friedman's Articles Have Been Upsetting The Thin Skinned Peter Tesei Lately

Tesei Particularly Did Not Like This Passage....

"Last week, the Teamsters filed a grievance claiming the t
own did not have a "clear-cut" process to govern which personnel are called in when a disaster strikes."

Tesei Also Did Not Like These Passages....

"This was an all hands on deck situation so why were not all hands called," states the grievance. "Attempts were not even made to call some people in."

"The slow restoration process frustrated many town residents"

"The question about whether the town was utilizing overtime arose in the storm's aftermath."

Tesei Was So Upset About The Report He Talked About The Teamsters In A Condescending Manner On Greenwich Radio Station WGCH this Morning


After filing a grievance with the town alleging some town tradesmen were not called in to help handle the powerful March 13 nor'easter, the union's steward met with town officials this week to iron out the main issues stemming from the complaint.

Roger Taranto, steward of Teamsters Local 456, which represents about 400 tradesmen in public works, parks and other departments, said he met with the town's labor relations director Wednesday and felt the meeting was productive. Taranto said he hopes to avoid going to arbitration....

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04/23/10 Greenwich Roundup Reader Has Left A New Commentmily Sussman Wants To....

ekscrossroads has left a new comment on your post "04/23/10 Emily Sussman Who Goes To Harvest Time Church In Greenwich Wants To Know If You Can Help Broken And Fragile Children Who Have Lost Hope":

Thank You Greenwish Round up. I can not begin to thank you! You have given hope to our children! Bless you..

Emily Sussman
and The Crossroads Family

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04/23/10 Anti Greenwich Police is now following Greenwich Roundup on Twitter!

Anti GreenwichPolice (AntiGPD) is now following Greenwich Roundup's tweets on Twitter.

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The Greenwich Time Is Getting Ready To Investigate The Problem That Greenwich Police Commissioner Peter Tesei And Greenwich Police Chief David Ridberg Are Having With The Towns Youth.

But Will Hearst Newspaper Editor David McCumber Have The Journalistic Balls To Print The Story In The Greenwich Time?

Robin Harrison

April 22 at 6:50pm

Hi Everyone,

First off I would like to thank everyone for their support so far, the GPD really needs to change its conduct.

But this will only come with time and making the public aware of the situation.

Recently I was contacted by Debra Friedman at the Greenwich Time, and she would like to meet with me next week.

I would like to go in fully prepared with others stories of unfair treatment by the Greenwich Police.

This will be 100% Anonymous, and absolutely no names will be used.

If there is ever going to be a change the time is now, because if the GPD keeps going like they are it's only going to get worse from here.

I highly encourage anyone who has had a bad experience with them and their actions were not justified please e-mail your story to AntiGPD@aol.com.

I would highly appreciate everyone and anyone to contribute.

If you have any questions please send it to my inbox.

Thanks again for all your support!

Best wishes,

Robin Harrison

04/23/10 Greenwich BOE Press Release: 5th Grade Orienteering

Hi all,

Please see attached release for Orienteering Adventure Days for 5th
graders across the District, April 26, 28, & 29.

For more information, please contact: Ms. Colleen Morey, Program
Coordinator for Physical Education & Health at 203-625-7478 or

Kim Eves
Director of Communications
Greenwich Board of Education
290 Greenwich Avenue
Greenwich, CT 06830


Phone: 203-625-7415
e mail:
Fax: 203-869-8003

Greenwich Board Of Education Press Release:



5TH Graders Head to Seton Scout Reservation for

Adventure, Friendship and Interdisciplinary Connections

Elementary Physical Education teachers in Greenwich have developed an interdisciplinary project that blends fitness, writing, map reading, and team building skills. Led by their P.E. teachers and staff from Camp Seton Scout Reservation, all fifth graders from the eleven Greenwich Public Elementary Schools will participate in a day of adventure. The event was designed to give students the opportunity to meet and interact with those students who will be in their sixth grade class in middle school next year. The Orienteering Adventure Days are being held at the Camp Seton Scout Reservation from 9:15AM-1:30PM on April 26 (for Central feeder schools), April 28 (for Western feeder schools), and April 29 (for Eastern feeder schools). The rain dates are April 30 and May 3 & 4.

Students have been grouped with peers from their common feeder elementary schools (established by the Central, Eastern and Western Middle School clusters). In preparation for this experience, students have generated and exchanged a series of letters, in both Spanish and English, to each of their teammates prior to the event. During their physical education classes, students learned orienteering basics. At Camp Seton, students will participate in adventure activities, which include a traversing wall, compass skills and orienteering as well as an interactive lesson on poisonous plants, spiders and snakes. All students will enjoy a picnic lunch together, allowing them to socialize with their future classmates and friends.

The Physical Education Department finds this to be a wonderful opportunity to work across disciplines, take advantage of community resources, and to help pave the way for a positive transition for students to middle school.

For more information, please contact: Ms. Colleen Morey, Program Coordinator for Physical Education & Health at 203-625-7478 or colleen_morey@greenwich.k12.ct.us


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04/23/10 Greenwich Police Department And Board Of Education Lies Exposed:There Are No Gang Members Or Drug Dealers At Greenwich High School

Greetings From Beautiful And Exotic Jackson Heights

Two 17-year-old teens from Jackson Heights in Queens, N.Y., were arrested and charged Tuesday with first-degree criminal trespass after police found them on Greenwich High School grounds after they were warned to leave. The teens do not attend the high school, police said.

Now Here Is The Punch Line....

One of the out of town teens was found to be in possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. He was charged with possession of marijuana within 1,500 of a school and possession of drug paraphernalia within 1,500 of a school.

Of Course They Will Show Up For Court....

Both out of town teens were released on small bonds


Too Bad These Out Of Town Drug Dealers Did Not Come Up To Greenwich High School And Throw Water Balloons.

Then A Pack Of Police Officers Would Have Thrown Them To The Ground And Tassered Them Three Times With 50,000 volts; Before Arresting Them And Giving Them A $50,000 Bail Bond.



Eric Maldonado, 20, of 438 West St., Port Chester., N.Y., was arrested and charged Tuesday with possession of cannabis under four ounces, possession of a controlled substance with the intent to sell and possession of drug paraphernalia.



Adriana Zarta, 19, of 22 Cognewaugh Road, was arrested and charged Tuesday with possession of cannabis under four ounces.

She was released on a promise to appear



It Is Just Too Darn Easy For Kids To Get Drugs In Greenwich

Christiana Los, 23, of 478 Harrison Ave., Harrison, N.Y., was arrested and charged Tuesday with possession of cannabis and possession of drug paraphernalia.

She was released on a promise to appear.


Greenwich Residents Are Talking About This
Greenwich Roundup Article At Facebook

Facebook Comments:
Alec Pajor
Alec Pajor
Greenwich deals drugs
Sandy Werthmann
Sandy Werthmann
Greenwich is not unique here. Sadly, there are drug dealers just about everywhere.
Andy Rocco Melillo
Andy Rocco Melillo
Sandy wrote well by stating, there are drug dealers just about everywhere, not just in Greenwich. Greenwich Roundup has called this an epidemic, but is it really? There are worrisome levels of young adults and teenagers getting their hands on and abusing drugs, however is it at the level to call it an epidemic? If it is, then I think further action should be implemented in the town so this travesty can be stopped.

The problem is not that it is darn easy for Greenwich kids to get ahold of drugs, the problem is that it is so darn easy period. This must be reversed and the town needs to come together and think of real solutions for the community but also the community's health.

Also if the town provides no other alternatives then kids must make choices. In Greenwich there are restaurants, bars, cinemas, and shops, however most of these eat away at our pocket books and can become repetative after a deal of time. Why has the Greenwich community not come together and figured out potential plans and ideas to bolster youth activity and participation throughout the town? It does not have to be a give and take situation. By increasing activities and new business to Greenwich that appease the youth, then the economic activity will increase with it and only benefit more the sorrounding community and standard of living for all.

I think its time we stop pointing to problems or possible epidemics and take needed action so that our social and community values are maintained and passed down justfully to each successive generation. Greenwich is an amazing dynamic town with a rich history, and we should be doing more to contribute to that great continual lineage of events

Dale Ford
Dale Ford
The problem is we tend to see "drug dealers" as the old image of some drug lords in major cities dealing millions of $$. The reality is that there is big drug business in our high school and middle schools. There are KIDS who make a living out of it. We are foolish to believe it doesn't happen in lower Ffld County because it does.
Andy Rocco Melillo
Andy Rocco Melillo
I agree. We are foolish to believe it does not happen, but we must ask ourselves, why are kids resorting to these choices? After all we learn from not just our parents, family and friends, but our entire environment. What is shaping kids behavior to make these choices? What can be transformed and manipulated so that this phenomenon decreases?

There needs to be something that allows kids to be motivated again. To keep them moving, to get them off their backs and put some sense of morale and character in them. The Youth have so much to offer this great community and therefore should not be wasted by having them choose to sell drugs and sleep in until 3 PM (extremely general examples). It is time to revitalize our communities values and most importantly, our actions because of those strong valued convinctions we all hold dearly.

Greenwich Roundup
Greenwich Roundup
Dear Sandy And Andy,

Sandy and Andy are 100% right the teen drug problem is not isolated to Greenwich.

Andy is hitting the nail right on the head when he says...

"This must be reversed and the town needs to come together and think of real solutions for the community but also the community's health."

Andy also goes right to the heart of the problem when he writes ....

"Why has the Greenwich community not come together and figured out potential plans and ideas to bolster youth activity and participation throughout the town?"

Andy is very solution oriented and is thinking outside of the box.

However, Greenwich Roundup thinks the situation is getting out of hand.

Greenwich Roundup considers it an epidemic.

Look at teen drug arrests from three and five years ago.

Just this year the Greenwich Police Department had to deploy drug sniffing dogs in order to combat the gang members who deal drugs.

You don't need K-9 officers deployed at Greenwich High School unless there is an epidemic.

Greenwich Police Commissioner Peter Tesei and Police Chief David Ridberg should admit that there is a problem and start holding community meetings so that town residents like Andy can put some new effective and creative ideas on the table.

Dale Ford
Dale Ford
Again I emphasize that it is not just the gang members selling. Kids that cannot/will not get jobs are realizing that this is ticket. A lot of them are selling right fom their parents medicine cabinets. These sales provide them with quick easy cash. I know good kids from good homes wth involved parents selling/"dealing". Some of the kids actually selling aren't even using - just making a buck. It's all about $$ to get the next expensive phone, kicks, ride, computer etc. It really is easy money from an endless supply of clients. I see kids day after day actually ask for help in trying to stop their drug use. Biggest obstacle? - having to give up all their current friends... and let's not do all the beating up on the kids. A lot of them are trying to escape the very dysfunctional family lives they are leading.

Greenwich Roundup
Greenwich Roundup
Dear Dale,

Amen Brother.

This is why Greenwich Police Commissioner Peter Tesei and Police Chief David Ridberg need to start holding community meetings about the teen drug problem in Greenwich.

Obviously their efforts are ineffective.

However, if Mr. Tesei would reach out to persons like Andy in yourself, they would get new and fresh ideas that would make a difference

Dale Ford
Dale Ford
Thanks (from a sister!) I see this day to day as I work in a high School so it isn't just my opinions. I listen to them and hear how & why they rationalize what they do....

Greenwich Roundup
Greenwich Roundup
Dear Dale,

Amen Sister.

Town residents are going to start saying that Greenwich Roundup must be on drugs, because he called such a beautiful lady "brother".


Lynn Lavalette Joins The
Conversation At Facebook

Lynn Lavalette
Lynn Lavalette
Drugs don't belong in any school. Period. Let the idiots get their drugs of choice elsewhere. If just ONE kid is saved, it's worth it, isn't it?

This sorely reminds me of the time in the mid 90's when the GPD got the first state-issued search permit to bring drug sniffing dogs to a public school. The whole well-planned operation was cancelled after the GPD found out that the headmistress warned the kids about it the day before over the P.A.

Just who told her to do this?

Think combo of herself, Bd of Ed & PTA. I butted heads with all of them over safety/security/drugs in the late 90's-2001. Greenwich is a sick place where parents & those "in charge" care more about the status of the schools rather than the health/safety of the kids. And the kids know it.

I truly believe that Greenwich parents think it's "safer" for their kids to get their drugs in the student center, rather than NYC or Bridgeport etc, where they could come to harm!


And I don't need to hear how this is everywhere. That's such a cop out.

Greenwich can & should be unique & take the high road here (no pun intended) & wipe the drugs out. And btw - it's much more serious than anyone can imagine

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04/23/10 Emily Sussman Who Goes To Harvest Time Church In Greenwich Wants To Know If You Can Help Broken And Fragile Children Who Have Lost Hope

My name is Emily Sussman, and I am a teacher as well as a parent at Crossroads School in Brewster, New York. I wish I were more eloquent. I wish that I could place the right phrase at the right time so people would stand up and take notice, but I am not.

I am a simple person with a lot of passion. Crossroads is a small private school that is danger of closing its doors forever. It is a place where your child can learn and grow to be their very best. Oh, I am sure you have all heard this before from many schools, but the fact of the matter is that it doesn't always happen.

Yet I see it here at Crossroads. I have seen children who are broken and fragile and have lost hopes due to the treatment of their peers and the school system. I have seen kids who are paralyzed with anxiety who can not leave their homes because they fear the bullying of other students, even teachers and the system in general. I have seen them all.

I have also seen them walk through the doors at Crossroads School here in Brewster and within one month you can see the light of their smiles again. You can see a ray of hope in them. Give them six months, and I can see their grades going up because they WANT to learn! They need to LEARN.

I have seen so much good running in and out these doors --- and they are going to close.

Crossroads School will be having a fundraiser/information day/family fun day on Saturday, May 15th. All of the children are involved in one way or another to help raise funds. Some of our high school students are amazing artists. They are going to be selling limited edition prints of their work and the proceeds’ will go to the school.

We need your support. Please contact us at 845-278-2774 or visit us on the web at crossroadsschool.net for more information about the school.

Emily Sussman and the entire Crossroads School Family

Crossroads School

2443 U.S. 6
Brewster, NY 10509-2528


Dear Emily,

Greenwich Roundup Was Born A Jew And He Was Taught That Jewish Law Mandates That A Parent And Society Owes A Child An Full And Proper Education.

Greenwich Roundup Was Also Taught That Jewish Laws State That A Parent - And If A Parent Cannot, Then Society Is Obligated To Provide For Every Child's Education.

Therefore, Greenwich Roundup Will Send A Check To Help You Help These Children Have Suffered So Much.

Now Don't Get Too Excited, because It Won't Be A Big Check, But It Will Be A Bit More Than Greenwich Roundup Can Afford At This Time.

This Is Because, After Greenwich Roundup Converted To Christianity At Harvest Time Church On King Street In Greenwich - He Has Further Learned That Much Is Expected From Even From Believers Of Modest Means.

Greenwich Roundup Has Also Learned That Much More Is Expected Of Those To Much Has Been Given.

Jesus Christ Could Not Have Said It Any Clearer....

"From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked."

The Sad Fact Is That ....

It Is Always The Children Who Suffer First In An Economic Down Turn

What's Wrong With This Picture:

Wall Street Bankers Take Home Multi-Million Bonuses - Schools Are Being Closed Down

One Famous Quote I Have Always Remembered Is From Pearl S. Buck

"If our American way of life fails the child, it fails us all."

Others Have Spoken Of Our Need To Put The Needs
Of Children First And Foremost

Ann Landers:
In the final analysis it is not what you do for your children but what you have taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings.

Garrison Keillor:
Nothing you do for children is ever wasted.

Walt Disney:
Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children.

Perhaps Jesus Christ Said It Best:

And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.
Matthew 25:40 (King James Bible)

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04/23/10 A Wounded And Hurt Peter Tesei Goes On Radio Station WGCH To Complain About How The Greenwich Time Covered His State Of The Town Speech.

A Thin Skinned First Selectman Who Has Grown Used To Newspaper Puff Pieces, But Greenwich Time Press Coverage Has Changed After His Failure During The Storm

First Selectman Peter Tesei attacked the Greenwich Time On WGCH claiming the daily newspaper was engaging in tabliod journalism.

The First Selectman then made a bizarre remark, Mr Tesei said,"The Greenwich Time will continue to opera
te in campaign mode."

WGCH Radio show host Tony Savino seemed confused about the statement and then asked about the failure of Greenwich Chamber Of Commerce members to engage the First Selectman during a question and answer after his state of the town speech.

Mr. Tesei said that he was "disappointed" that only one question was asked.

No one called to ask Mr. Tesei a question on the "ASK The First Selectman" radio sho.

However, one Greenwich Republican plant called WGCH at 661-5051 and thanked Peter Tesei for taking a week to clear trees from town roads after the last NorEaster



First Selectman Peter Tesei, delivering his state of the town speech to members of the Greenwich Chamber of Commerce Thursday at the Milbrook Club, said his administration has taken great strides to reduce the size of the municipal work force...

....Tesei boasted that the town, which has about 1,000 non-school employees, has 41 fewer workers than it did three years ago when he took office....

The Great One Talks About His Plans To Go After Greenwich Town Employee Pension Benefits
Tesei warned that pension fund and health care costs for town employees are a major driver of the town budget and continue to escalate.

The Great One Talked Of His " Emporer Has No Clothes " Problem

Addressing a devastating March 13 nor'easter that caused millions of dollars in property damage and took the life of a local woman, Tesei used the words "full scale mobilization of town resources" to describe to the response by his administration, one that has come under fire from some constituents for its speed.

The Chamber Of Commerce Was Happy When The Great One Finished His 20 Minute "I Want To Congratulate Peter Tesei For Doing A Fantastic Job" Speech
Could Somebody Please Wake up all Those Bankers, Real Estate Brokers, And Members Of Peter Tesei's Own Administration Who Were Being Paid By Taxpayers To Chow Down At The Swanky Millbrook Club

...Tesei, who fielded just one question....

Peter Tesei Gives Himself Just One More Pat On The Back....

....He also took credit for including $186,000 in the proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year for 24/7 ambulance coverage for the first time in northwest Greenwich....


Maybe The Almost Amazing And Semi- Incredible
First Selectman Peter Tesei Is Right.

Maybe Peter "The Great One" Tesei Doesn't Need
All Of Those Town Employees After All

Peter Tesei Will Just Do It All By Himself And Then Pat Himself On The Back At Mary Ann Morrison's "Next Dog And Pony Show"


Greenwich Roundup Readers Are
Talking About This Post At Facebook

Donna Ginise Green
Donna Ginise Green
This is nothing to be patted on the back for - taking away jobs!
Andy Rocco Melillo
Andy Rocco Melillo
Donna I humbly disagree with you. Tesei did the right thing for our town given the unique and dire economic situation all towns, cities and states find themselves in right now.

Reducing the size of government, even on a municipal level always has beneficial, long-term, and lasting effects. Greenwich is quite a fortunate town and has many services and programs that many other towns are not as fortunate to have. Therefore to maintain our ability to keep our standard of living and community-oriented programs certain money needed to be re-administered in order to make sure the town was spending its money the best way possible. This makes perfect sense when you realize how wide-spread and hard the economic recession has been to many local governments, but also households and familys.

Greenwich suffered from a $8.4 million spending gap. Tesei could have taken the easy road and said lets keep already wasteful/not needed spending and just raise taxes, whether they be sale taxes, property taxes, income taxes, etc. Instead Tesei took the initiative and did what he believed to be right for our community. His vision clearly was not on immediate interests to appease constituents, instead he cut wasteful spending, reduced the size of government and placed Greenwich on a long-term sustainable path.

Leaders sometimes do not make decisions that seem to make sense immediately, sometimes one must be patient to observe the overall effects. This economic nightmare was not created in a day, and it will not take one day to come out of it. Instead of criticizing Tesei as taking away jobs he should be complimented for reducing government, and cutting wasteful spending while maintaining the level of great opportunity Greenwich has always been exposed to whether it be through school programs or community-oriented organizations.

Government workers' expenses are completely paid for by the taxpayer. I think it is Just of government when it reduces its size and influence, maintains responsible spending and a balanced budget, as well as keep social unity. Government is not here to give us free jobs that cost us more than it would give to us. Tesei should be complimented, and with full sincerity I know he has Greenwich's interests first, and support him and his administration to the highest extent possible.
Greenwich Roundup
Greenwich Roundup
Dear Andy,

Everyone wants the smallest most effective Government possible, but Greenwich has been cut to the bone.

Durrng the last Nor easter there were not enough boots on the ground and major roads like King Street were blocked by downed trees for over a week.

Last month the BET laid out plans to cut the towns social service department at a rate twice that of any other town department.

This is going to cause more pain to the weakest members of Greenwich society - children, seniors and the disabled.

This social services cut is also going to hurt honest hardworking folks who have lost their jobs, because of the greedy speculation of investment bankers and hedge fund guys.

Now Tesei's administration is delaying the Nathaniel Witherell project saying they want to study of closing down the town owned nursing home.

Just look at how many millions are wasted just on one project by the powers that be in Greenwich.

These cuts are needed because the town wasted millions on fraud waste and abuse over the last three years on the Hamilton Avenue School remodeling project.

Today Greenwich is going to spend mega bucks tearing down the toxic modulars.

These modulars could have been leased, saving the town millions.

And When Facility Director Anthony Byrne got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, the town put him on a $30,000 administrative leave vacation so that he could increase his retirement benefits.

Now the town wants to spend 1) million dollars to build a soccer field on top of the Cos Cob Power Plant's toxic waste dump.

This is all so Republican Greenwich insiders can get paid off.

It is a shame that hard working employees will have to be fired so that a 10 Million dollar soccer field can be built.

Worse yet, Tesei said yesterday that he wants to cut the pension fund and health care costs of the town employees who survive his next round of town employee firings,

Tesei is going to shut down the social service department's emergency food closet, yet he takes his staff at taxpayer expense to the Millbrook Club to clap as he pats himself on the back.

Tesei and his inner circle should be ashamed of themselves and start cutting checks to that soon to be cut food closet on the third floor of town hall.

Tesei could have patted himself on the back on the front steps of town hall at very little expense to the taxpayers of Greenwich.

But no Tesei had to waste taxpayer dollars dragging his inner circle over to a swanky shin dig at the Millbrook Club with money that could have been used to feed the children of a family that has suffered an emergency.

Tesei spent more tax dollars on a one day party, than the emergency food closet gets in one year.

Basically, Tesei is patting himself on the back as he takes food out of the mouths of needy children.


Lynn Lavalette Comments On
This Post At Facebook

Lynn Lavalette
Lynn Lavalette
I would like to be assured that our tax dollars won't be used to replace some of the Town workers' lost pension money during the recent financial crisis, but not holding my breath.

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