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Thursday, January 10, 2008

01/10/08 - Sam Romeo Let Me Come On The Greenwich Matters Show And Let Me Try And Tell My Side Of The Story.

There Were A Few Byram Residents That Thought That Sam Romeo Was A Little Too Bit Aggressive In His Argument That The Greenwich Police Department Should Not Be Accountable To The Citizens Of Greenwich. However, I Thought Sam Was Fair And Appreciated That He Let Me Come On His "Greenwich Matters Show" On WGCH.

Sam Opened The Show Talking About Former Greenwich Police Detective Paulo

If I had a critism it would be that local callers wanting to talk about local issues were rushed and Sam spent about 60 % of the show talking about national issues like The New Hapshire, Voter Fraud Cases, ACORN, Hillary, The Iraq War, Tax Policy, Gas Prices, All Gore And His Film, an Inconvenient Truth, Etc., etc....

Plus Sam spent a great deal of time going on about a book called Ron Brown's Body.

However, for the most part Sam let me say what I wanted to say on WGCH.

Sam praised Town Officials and the Greenwich Police Department as being fair and open.

Yet a couple of callers complained of a lack of transparency in Greenwich Government. In fact one of Sam's friends named Chris spoke of all of the trouble that Sam and he had from Greenwich Government over the years. Chris and Sam mentioned how they had both been attacked by Greenwich Governmental Officials over the years.

Chris even said that his phone line was tapped and he received Death Threats over his past views about the Cos Cob School.
The Good News Is I Have Not Had My Phone Tapped Or Recieved Death Threats,

Sam even argued that he did expect a fair public hearing concerning the sewer. In fact Sam was trying to Organize a walk out in protest of the public hearing. Moreover, Sam expected things to be so one sided at this Greenwich Public hearing that his Golden WGCH Microphone was not enough.

So he contacted Cablevision's News Center 12 program to cover the Public Hearing For the sewer.

It appears That Sam and Chris are proving my point that Greenwich Government In General and The Greenwich Police Department In Particular need to become more accountable and transparent.

Unfortunately, Greenwich Is A- Go Along To Get Along type of Government That Has A Nasty Reputation Of Those Who May Disagree.

01/10/08 - Greenwich Business Wire

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01/10/08 - It looks Like The Town Of Greenwich Is Backing Off It's Threat To Raid My Home And Will Let Me Call The "Greenwich Matters" Show On WGCH

It's About 45 Minutes To The Airing Of The "Greenwich Matters" Show Hosted By Sam Romeo And I Am Nervously Hoping That The Greenwich Police Department Will Not Prevent Me From Exercising My Right To Free Speech.

There Have Been Threats And They Have Even Be Delivered While I Was Talking To WGCH Reporter Dima Joseph. Dima Recorded An Interview Right After The Threats Of A Raid On My Home.

I Have Let My Wife Stay With A Friend In Port Chester This Afternoon In Case The Town Goes Through With It's Threat.

Things are looking up as I prepare to speak to Sam Romeo on Greenwich Matters.

David Cafferelli who is in the Lieutenant Governors Office was going to meet with Governor Rell's Chief Of Staff and get back to me about the problems I have been Having. Mr. Cafferelli said that he would be calling me tomorrow.

There were some folks in Byram that have said that Sam Romeo wont let you speak about the Police misconduct incident, but I don't believe that they are right.

Sure Sam is very opinionated and a very Strong and able debtor who can easily dominate a conversation. But if you listen Mr. Romeo always offers to let those that he criticized to come on his show and tell their side of the story.

I have never heard anyone willing to take up Mr. Romeo's challenge to come on his show, but you have to admit he always offers the opportunity.

The residents of Byram who do agree that Sam Romeo will allow me to speak about Police misconduct say that I will not do to well against the political debating skills of Mr. Romeo.

Sam who demands accountability in every Greenwich Governmental Department except the Greenwich Police Department will probably dominate the conversation and kick my butt, but I am not too worried because I am right about this.

This is not a matter of supporting or not supporting the Greenwich Police Department. My wife has a six year old car and it's covered with six years of Silver Shield Police Union and Greenwich Fire Department stickers. We have never turned down the Silver Shield.

I support the Police, but I also want accountability from those that I support.

Tonight, I am going to try and tell Sam about the poor police coverage Byram. The Cars That Are Constantly Broken into and vandalised in Byram, as well as, the muggings near the Mill Street Bridge. The Gang tags on the Welcome to Greenwich Byram sign and drinking from open containers in public park space.

I then want to tell Sam about all of the Police Lieutenants, Detectives and Police Officers that have been sent to my store, employers, mailbox, landlord and God only knows where else during the last two weeks.

They even enlisted the help of Brian McMahon of Port Chester to get involved in their smear campaign.

Maybe, this deployment of police officers against me is why the the vandalism that Byram routinely experiences has spread to Cos Cob, Glenville and Mianus. If officers are spending a good part of their time following and verbally attacking a Police Critic, they are not patrolling the neighborhood streets of Greenwich.

Then I want to tell him about the Town employees visiting my Landlord once again and demanding that he get me to resign from the RTM or he will be retaliated against.

I then want to tell Sam about the Big shot Republican that lives in district 11 on Clapridge Road, but checked into the Delmar Hotel the night, before the election so that he could use the Hotel as an address to run and bump a democrat of the district 2 RTM.

I will also tell Sam about the owners of Champion Fuel that sit on my RTM district 4 legislative body even though they live at Lafayette Court which is near the United Way Offices at the Top Of Greenwich Avenue. The Town website even lists 2 Lafayette Court as their official residence.

The I want to tell Sam Romeo how RTM Leaders Tom Byrne and Joan Caldwell have both said they had no problem with my taking my Legislative Seat in district 4 Byram so long as I Had Slept in Byram the night before the election.

Not only did I sleep in Byram before the night before the election. At 4 am on election morning I was sworn in as a Greenwich Election Official and served the voters of Greenwich for 18 hours that day. Moreover, the Town recently, called me in to be sworn in again to be a Greenwich Election Official for the audits of districts 5 and 7.

Further, I am scheduled to be once again sworn in February to serve as a Greenwich Election Official again.

I then want to tell Sam that I live in a residential unit that has a nonconforming use exemption. The unit is in a residential building in a residential zone of Greenwich. My tenancy is month to month and the CL&P Bill and other utility bills are addressed to Apartment 1 Front.

The former owner of the building lived in the space and operated a business long before any current zoning regulations applied to the property.

Moreover, I want to tell Sam that if there is a question about the certificate of occupancy (CO) there is nothing I ca do about it. Only the landlord can apply for or fix the CO. The tenant has no say in the buildings CO what-so-ever.

Now the Town Of Greenwich has two options.

Number one, they can arbitrarily throw me in the street and Connecticut State law says the Town must find me housing in Town and this will expose the Town Of Greenwich to a civil suit from my wife and I.

Number two, the Town can cite my Landlord and let an independent housing court judge decide if the Town is right or if my landlord is right. If my landlord is wrong then the housing court judge will come to a fair and equitable solution between my landlord and I. The judge might tell me leave in 24 hours or 24 days. Who Knows?

If the housing judge says my landlord is right, then the Town Of Greenwich would have the right to appeal the judges ruling.

Solution number two is the most fair, because it puts any decision in the hands of an independent judge in Norwalk who will not be pressured by local politics or the police department.

No one is going to be stupid enough to tell the judge if this Byram Legislator does not resign his seat, we are going to retaliate against him and his landlord.

I hope Sam will listen to all the facts surrounding this issue before he begins his arguments in support of the Greenwich Police Department not being held accountable to the public.

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01/10/08 - Deepest sympathy to the Paulo Family.

A retired Greenwich Police officer, died on January 9, 2008.

He was 58 years old.He was born on February 28, 1949 in White Plains, New York and was the son of Stephen Paulo, Sr. and the late Marie Paulo. He is survived by three children, Tina (Nathan) Miller of Norwalk, Stephen (Allison) Paulo III of Brewster, NY and Jennifer Paulo and James Green of Greenwich. He is also survived by his sister Deborah (Joseph) Mackin, and his nieces Kelly and Sandie and nephew Michael.

Stephen was a graduate of Greenwich High School and Quinnipiac University. He served as a Youth Officer in Greenwich and was a member of the Greenwich Police for 29 years.....

Detective Paulo Worked On The Margolies Case....

Dedicated to the Unsolved Murder of 13 year old, Greenwich, CT resident, Matthew Margolies in 1984.

01/10/07 - Town Of Greenwich Threatens Police Department Critic's Landlord Again

This a very digital world, phone calls, emails and other website visits are logged and admissible in court. All of the phone calls to the Police Department Critic have left digital finger prints that point to unethical and illegal behaviour in Peter Tesei's Administration.


The Town Of Greenwich Once Again Came To A Police Department Critic's Landlord Offices And Said That His Home Would Be Raided This Afternoon.

The Town Employees Demanded That The Landlord Have The Police Department Critic Resign From His District 4 Greenwich Legislative Seat.

The Police Department Critic Was Called By His Landlord While Being Interviewed By WGCH 1490 AM Reporter Dima Joseph.

The Harassed Landlord Said That He Had A lot Of Property And Needed To Get Permits For His Byram Based Fuel Business.

Further, The Harassed Landlord Told The Police Critic That If He Went To The Assistant To The Republican Register Of Voter's And Resigned His Legislative Seat The Police And The Police And Town Would Leave Both Of Them Alone.

WGCH Reporter Dima Joseph Finished Taping The Interview With The Police Critic And Greenwich Legislator And Is Now Calling Police Chief Ridberg About The Threats As I Post This.

First Selectman And Police Commissioner Peter Tesei's Office Has Been Repeatedly Called About The Town Register's Office Abuses As Well As The Police Department's Continued Misconduct And Abuse.

As I Stated Yesterday In This Blog The Police Critic Is Going To Call The Sam Romeo Show at 6pm Tonight To Talk About The Matter On "Greenwich Matters"

Since First Selectman And Police Commissioner Peter Tesei Has Proven To Be A Weak And Ineffectual Leader That Lacks Real Life Management Experience The Citizens Of Greenwich Can Trust, This May All End Up In A Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit.

First Selectman And Police Commissioner Peter Tesei Could End The Town And Police Department Civil Rights Abuses Today If Wanted To.

Earth To Peter Tesei. Earth To Peter Tesei. This Police Critic Is Not Resigning From His RTM District 4 Legislative Seat.

Why Is Veronica Musca, Republican Registrar of Voters, Town of Greenwich Getting Involved In This Police Department Misconduct And Abuse Case.

Did Veronica Musca, Republican Registrar of Voters, Town of Greenwich, Forget That Her Office Has Sworn Me In Twice In The In The Last Two Months As An Election Official In The Town Of Greenwich?

One To Be A Republican Candidate Checker On Election Day And Just A Few Weeks Ago To Help Audit The Vote In Districts 5 And 7.

Did Veronica Musca, Republican Registrar of Voters, Town of Greenwich, Forget That She Cut Two Town Of Greenwich Checks To Me For Providing Services To Her Office?

But Now Veronica Musca, Republican Registrar of Voters, Town of Greenwich Office Threatens By Landlord And Illegally Demands That I Resign From The RTM Seat I Duly And Rightly Elected Too.

Is Veronica Musca, Republican Registrar of Voters, Town of Greenwich Violating State Ethics Laws And Federal Civil Rights Laws With Her Harassment Of A Police Critics Landlord.

01/09/08 - Now Police Commissioner Peter Tesei And Police Chief David Ridberg Are Using Port Chester'sBrien McMahon To Silence A Police Critic

There Have Been A Hundred Projects That The Town Of Greenwich And The Village Of Port Chester Have Been Unable To Work On Cooperatively.

But the one thing they can work on together is another attempt to silence a critic of the Greenwich Police Department and how they serve Byram.

The Greenwich Republicans Have Enlisted The Help Of Port Chester Republican Big Shot Brien McMahon To Visit 10 Pearl Street In Port Chester In Attempt To Silence A Greenwich Police Critic.

This is okay with me, because the little white haired buffoon will soon be deposed, just like Robert McKnight and his bogus three month old anonymous letter.

And I Got News For First Selectman Tesei And The Greenwich Police Department the weak McMahon and the unbelievable McKnight are not going to lie at a deposition for a Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit and end up with some prison time.

These two guys are going to squeal like the little pigs that they are.

It is just not clear if these two will implicate Mr. Tesei when they start squealing in their depositions.

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