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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

02/03/10 Greenwich Newsmaker Tom Foley

Greenwich Resident Tom Foley In The Blogoshere

Shays is in the building - Political Capitol - Connecticut News
By Brian Lockhart
Lt. Governor Michael Fedele of Stamford and Tom Foley of Greenwich are some of the Republicans already campaigning for the role. Shays said he does not plan to comment on Rell's remarks, although I imagine reporters are going to try to ...
Political Capitol - http://blog.ctnews.com/politicalcapitol/
By shellysindland
Democrat Ned Lamont clowns around with Republican Tom Foley outside the House Chamber after the Governor's State of the State. Both are contenders for this years Governor's race and have money of their own–to fund their campaigns–if ...
ShellySindland's blog - http://shellysindland.wordpress.com/

Recently Updated Web Pages For Greenwich Resident Tom Foley

02/03/10 Greenwich Residents Are Invited To Volunteer / Support ...
02/03/10 Greenwich Residents Are Invited To Volunteer / Support Tom Foley for Governor. Greenwich Roundup. Feb. 3, 2010. Dear Greenwich Roundup, We are ...
02/02/10 Greenwich Resident Tom Foley's Campaign Corner ...
We're on the air! As many of you know, our new television commercial entitled Let's Get to Work begins airing statewide this week.

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02/03/10 Greenwich Newsmaker Richard Blumenthal"

The Latest News About Greenwich Resident Richard Blumenthal

The Hour (blog)
Himes, Blumenthal weigh in on terror trials
The Hour (blog)
On Tuesday, senatorial candidate Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said that he believes "Khalid Sheikh Mohammed should be tried in a military tribunal. ...
CT: Blumenthal 'Totally Overrated' [Jack Fowler]
National Review Online
My good pal, talk-radio host and former Connecticut state senator Tom Scott, lays into Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, the frontrunner to replace ...
Attorney General Finds AG Eligibility Law Constitutional, Says Courts Must ...
Media Newswire (press release)
Attorney General Richard Blumenthal today issued a formal legal opinion finding constitutional the statutory requirement that the state attorney general ...
AG Orders Banks, Attorneys to Stop Evictions Violating Federal Tenant Law
Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal sent cease-and-desist letters to a host of default servicing practitioners this week ordering them to stop ...
FAA redesign: Hundreds more planes will result
Redding Pilot
... considering public input or environmental damage to the region," said state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, who led the opponents' legal fight. ...
Blumenthal tosses Bysiewicz question to courts, legislature
New Haven Register (subscription)
By Mary E. O'Leary, Register Topics Editor HARTFORD — State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal Tuesday deferred to the courts and the legislature for a ...
Rell To Propose Credit Consortium For State's Smaller Businesses
Hartford Courant
Attorney General Richard Blumenthal issued a legal opinion that allowing keno could violate an agreement between the state and the two tribal-operated ...
AG won't rule on Bysiewicz query
By Ted Mann Hartford - Attorney General Richard Blumenthal will not resolve the question of whether the leading contender to replace him, Secretary of the ...
Opinion: Bysiewicz might not be qualified for AG post
Stamford Advocate
... run for attorney general, state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal indicated Tuesday, creating instant havoc in the political race for his successor. ...
SSP Daily Digest: 2/3
Swing State Project
... that rather than run for governor, she'd prefer to run for AG, but now the job's current occupant, Richard Blumenthal, says that possibly she can't. ...
Analysis: Can the GOP Win Control of Congress?
New York Times
Kirsten Gillibrand, and Connecticut, where Democrat Richard Blumenthal is comfortably leading all GOP contenders in polls. If all that somehow happens, ...

Greenwich Resident Richard Blumenthal In The Blogoshere

Can Dick Blumenthal Make AIG Execs Look Like Sympathetic ...
By Ken Dixon
Given a chance to issue a press release, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal today asked the federal government to block the payment of $100 million in so-called retention bonuses to those AIG Financial Services employees in Wilton. ...
Ken Dixon's Blog-O-Rama - http://blog.ctnews.com/dixon/
Republican: "One Man Wrecking Crew" The Everyday Republican
By Chris Healy
Christopher Dodd's past misdeeds and record of corruption rendered his re-election prospects hopeless, attention focused on Attorney General Richard Blumenthal. Popular and widely viewed as an honest public servant, ...
The Everyday Republican - http://www.everydayrepublican.com/
CT: Blumenthal "Totally Overrated" — By: Jack Fowler ...
By National Review Online
My good pal, talk radio host and former Connecticut state senator Tom Scott, lays into Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, the frontrunner to replace retiring Dem mortgage beneficiary and US Senator Chris Dodd.
Conservative Blog Watch - http://www.conservativeblogwatch.com/
Can Republicans Win the Senate? Progressive Fix
By Ed Kilgore
To start with the least likely Republican victories, Chris Dodd's retirement makes Democratic attorney general Richard Blumenthal a solid front-runner in CT. Republicans must negotiate a difficult primary and then take on one of the ...
Progressive Fix - http://www.progressivefix.com/
Analysis: Can the GOP win control of Congress? Washington Examiner
Kirsten Gillibrand, and Connecticut, where Democrat Richard Blumenthal is comfortably leading all GOP contenders in polls. If all that somehow happens, the tipping point could be either in Indiana or in California. ...
Politics/AP - http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/politics/ap/
State News Shot » CT: Dem AG Says Dem Secretary of State Not ...
By rslcpol
From ctpost.com: Attorney General Richard Blumenthal today threw a monkey wrench into the race for his successor, announcing that Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz fails to meet the experience requirements.
State News Shot - http://www.statenewsshot.com/
Blumenthal is 'ready to listen and learn' from Indian country ...
HARTFORD, Conn. – State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said he is ready to listen and learn from tribal leaders and Indian country as he prepares to run for the US Senate.
ICT - Politics - http://www.indiancountrytoday.com/politics
By defendusx
Previously she had planned to run for governor but changed her mind when Attorney General Richard Blumenthal announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate seat currently occupied by the retiring Sen. Chrisopher Dodd (D). ...
Repubx -
Scully Communications » - The Hanging Shad - » DID WE LEARN ...
By pscully
Despite the expected spin, Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz is now in an impossible position after yesterday's official opinion from Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, an opinion asked for by Bysiewicz herself. ...
Scully Communications - http://scullycommunications.com/
Gov. Rell Offers $18.91 Billion, No-Tax-Increase Budget; Democrats ...
By Christopher Keating
Attorney General Richard Blumenthal issued a legal opinion that allowing keno could violate an agreement between the state and the two tribal-operated casinos in Connecticut and said it might prompt the casinos to withhold the state's ...
zikkir - http://www.zikkir.com/index/
Connecticut Attorney General Steps Up Tenant Protection - Housing Wire
By foreclosure stop - Bing News
Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said his office is stepping up enforcement of national laws that protect renters whose landlords default on rental property loans, leading to a possible foreclosure.
Stop Foreclosure - http://www.stlouisforeclosurestop.com/
Politics of Marty: Closer to Common Ground
By Marty
In Connecticut , the State AG, Richard Blumenthal will run in Dodd's place. He is a strong candidate who can not be married to the current tit-for-tat that is going on inside the DC Beltway. The Democrats need to work on a message. ...
Politics of Marty - http://politics-of-marty.blogspot.com/
Outrage over AIG Bonuses - Vox
By ratetake
Debating free capitalism, with Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut attorney general; Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, Executive Leadership Institute; Jerry Bower, syndicated columnist and CNBC's Mary Thompson. http://bit.ly/9349Gi.
ratetake's blog - http://ratetake.vox.com/

Recently Updated Web Pages About Greenwich Resident Richard Blumenthal

Richard Blumenthal Progressive Fix
To start with the least likely Republican victories, Chris Dodd's retirement makes Democratic attorney general Richard Blumenthal a solid front-runner in CT ...
Twitter / Richard Blumenthal: BNL donated 195 acres for ...
BNL donated 195 acres for $500 million solar farm to power 4500 homes for 20 years. Over $100000 & 1/2 acre per home. Solar doesn't work.
GOP Challenger Richard Blumenthal - AOL Video
GOP Challenger Richard Blumenthal Video on AOL Video - Jan. 6: Insight on his message as a GOP candidate, with Connecticut attorney general Richard ...

The Hour's News Hound » Richard Blumenthal
Himes, Blumenthal weigh in on terror trials. By Jerrod Ferrari Posted in Norwalk on 3 February 2010. Stats: 17 views and No Comments. The Hour had Rep. ...

BeltwayBlips - Twitter Reactions - Blumenthal Calls Law Affecting ...
State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said Tuesday that the state law ... RT @hartfordcourant: Richard Blumenthal has ruled on Susan Bysiewicz' request ...
Wilton Patch - CT AG: Block AIG Bonus Payments
Attorney General Richard Blumenthal says federal authorities should bar any AIG bonus payments, calling them "a slap in the face."

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02/03/10 Greenwich Newsmaker Ned Lamont

The Latest News About Greenwich Resident Ned Lamont

Gov. Rell: Wait Till Next Year
Hartford Courant
And Ned Lamont, busily working the crowd, stopped to say he wished Rell had offered "some sense of direction." Only Lt. Gov. Michael Fedele said he thought ...
Rell pitches big effort to shrink government
Danbury News Times
Simsbury First Selectman Mary Glassman, a Democrat, said Rell wanted to put state government on "auto pilot" until she retires, while Democrat Ned Lamont of ...

Greenwich Resident Ned Lamont In The Blogoshere

By shellysindland
Ned Lamont's territory. AMANN WITH HOUSE REPUBLICAN COMMUNICATION DIRECTOR PAT O'NEIL. Speaking of money, Jim Amman says he'll make a decision by Sunday on whether or not he'll drop out of the race for Governor. The former House Speaker ...
ShellySindland's blog - http://shellysindland.wordpress.com/
Sierra Club Green Home » Blog Archive » It's Global Warming, Stupid!
He's worked for the campaigns of (successful) New Jersey gubernatorial candidate Jon Corzine (D) and (unsuccessful) Connecticut senatorial candidate Ned Lamont (D). MICHAEL BOCIAN is a vice president at Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research ...
Sierra Club Green Home - http://www.sierraclubgreenhome.com/

Recently Updated Web Pages About Greenwich Resident Ned Lamont"

Ned Lamont American Observer
Connecticut · Dan Malloy · Democrat · governor · Jodi Rell · John Rowland · Lowell Weicker · Michael Fedele · Ned Lamont · Republican · Tom Foley ...

Connecticut Senate Candidate Ned LeMont On Colbert Report Tonight ...
Very nicely done Mr. Ned Lamont! ShortnFiery, Aug-01-06 01:49 PM, #18 .... 7. Ned Lamont was interviewed by Al Franken today. ...

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02/03/10 Greenwich Newsmaker Linda McMahon

The Latest News About Greenwich Resident Linda McMahon

Hogan On Linda McMahon/Senate, TNA, Jesse Ventura Beef
by Matt Boone Hulk Hogan on Linda McMahon for Senator: I think she's going to win. She's brilliant. She's a very gracious, very smart lady, and her intent ...
Muchnick Invites Linda McMahon for a COCKTAIL of DEATH
Hartford Courant
But will the $50 million woman accept the invitation from Irvin Muchnick? ...
Main Justice
Dodd's Endorsed Successor Has Catching Up to Do in Campaign
Main Justice
Former World Wrestling Entertainment CEO Linda McMahon filed her statement of candidacy on Sept. 16, 2009. At the end of the fourth quarter she had about ...
News From Cook's Corner 02.03.10
Linda McMahon has already spent 6.5 million dollars on her Senate campaign. Most of my audience will likely not spend 6.5 million dollars in their whole ...

Greenwich Resident Linda McMahon In The Blogoshere

Chris & Nancy: Linda McMahon Goes on 'Good Morning America' (Part 3)
By Irv Muchnick
LINDA McMAHON GOES ON "GOOD MORNING AMERICA" On June 28, 2008, Linda McMahon was interviewed by Robin Roberts on ABC's Good Morning America. Here's the money quote from Linda: "And as we found out over the last, literally, probably over ...
Chris & Nancy - http://benoitbook.blogspot.com/
Frank Smith Says NB: Linda McMahon meets with the New Britain RTC!
By Frank Smith
After reading this report, I think you can sum it up by saying that unlike the bunch of radicals in power here in New Britain and in Washington, Linda McMahon shares the traditional American values that this country was built upon. ...
Frank Smith Says NB - http://franksmithsaysnb.blogspot.com/
What are some of your most memorable attacks? - WrestleZone Forums
By MrPerfect316
Kane tombstoning Linda McMahon. CM Punk attacking Chavo after removing his disguise. Randy Orton attacking Vince and punting him in the skull. Shawn Michaels being attacked by Chris Jericho on the Highlight Reel destroying the Jeri-Tron ...
WrestleZone Forums - http://forums.wrestlezone.com/member.php?u=69935
TNA's Hulk Hogan comments on Linda McMahon running for Senator ...
By jaxxson mayhem
Hulk Hogan had a lot of familiar, and a few new things to say in an interview with Crave online. -Hogan on Linda McMahon running for Senator: I think.
Wrestling Forum: WWE, TNA, UFC,... - http://www.wrestlingstreams.net/
» Hammer 123 Blogblog
By kylebrooks1985
Clarification WWE Corporate Website Isnt Hiding What Dodds Withdrawal Means for Linda McMahon Out. David Rasche is so believable in this role, you will find yourself rooting for him to just go ahead and eff it all up! ...
123 Blogblog - http://123blogblog.lah.cc/

Recently Updated Web Pages About Greenwich Resident Linda McMahon

YouTube - Joe Lieberman loves Linda McMahon
Joe Lieberman loved Linda McMahon. ... Joe Lieberman loved Linda McMahon. Category: News & Politics. Tags: Joe Lieberman Linda McMahon ...
Linda McMahon, billed as a "political candidate" will appear on ABC's The View today at 11 AM Eastern. Thanks to Cable V for his help. ...
Linda McMahon Invited to Muchnick 'Chris and Nancy' Book Signing
Linda McMahon -- Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Connecticut, and former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment -- has been invited to the book ...
Linda McMahon Launches State-of-the-Art Campaign Website « Linda ...
Linda McMahon for Senate 2010 is unveiling today a state-of-the-art campaign website employing the latest online technology at www.linda2010.com. ...
(WWE) Jeff Hardy Autograph Signing, RAW News, Y2J, Linda McMahon ...
Joe Lieberman, who at one time was an officer in the PTC which fought hard against the WWF in the 90s, talks about supporting Linda McMahon for Senate at ...
Linda McMahon on The View Videos - WittySparks
The View - Julie Andrews, Linda McMahon [HD] PART 1 1/21/2010 · click to play video. The View - Julie Andrews, Linda McMahon [HD] PART 2 1/21/2010 ...

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02/03/10 Greenwich Residents Are Invited To Volunteer / Support Tom Foley for Governor

Dear Greenwich Roundup,

We are looking for people who would be willing to volunteer to support Tom’s campaign.

There are currently three (3) major volunteer opportunities that we have at either our main Stamford HQ or our West Hartford Field Office. These three programs are the most important things that volunteers can do to contribute to a successful convention and campaign. We will provide full training and instructions for all tasks associated with these opportunities:

Make phone calls to key grassroots activists to help us identify issues and encourage them to support Tom.

· Timeframe: Ongoing

· Hours: Evenings are ideal.

Database work: includes helping with tagging issues/support into our database and organizing various lists in our voter file (training provided) and Microsoft Excel.

· Timeframe: Ongoing in conjunction with the phone calls and mailers.

· Hours: Anytime but regular business hours are ideal. This type of work must be done from one of our offices.

Help with our in-house mail production

· Timeframe: Ongoing in smaller quantities with significant projects happening several times a month.

· Hours: Anytime. This type of work must be done from one of our offices.

Note: Other activities as needed on a case by case basis. Closer to Summer the range of volunteer opportunities will increase. The extra opportunities will include helping to set up precinct walks, volunteering for precinct/neighborhood walks, calling likely primary voters, helping with various chase mail programs, assisting with events, volunteer recruitment, distributing yard signs, etc.

If you’d prefer to discuss over the phone I can be reached on my cell phone at: 203/994-4814.

We will continue to update you as we move forward with our efforts.

Thank you,

Schuyler Merritt
Regional Field Representative

Tom Foley for Governor
20 Summer Street
Stamford, CT



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02/03/10 MEDIA ALERT:2010 Regional Conference on Learning Differences - Greenwich, CT


I was hoping you could post information about this conference on your blog.

Thank you in advance.

Peter Newman




2010 Regional Conference on Learning Differences

Arming Students for Success – Evidence Based Practice and Transitioning to the Next Step

For K-12 Parents and Educators

This information packed two day conference will be led by Educational Specialists at Landmark College's Institute for Research and Training. Attendees will have a choice of full day seminars on two of the following topics:

Universal Design for Learning

ADHD / Executive Functions Skills

Language Based Learning Disabilities

Established in 2001, the foundation for the Landmark College Institute for Research and Training is founded on more than two decades of educational experience serving students with learning disabilities and AD/HD at the post-secondary level. This experience combines with Landmark College's nationally recognized professional development programs for educators and its unique research capabilities to create the Institute.

The Institute researches and develops best practices for the education of struggling students, particularly individuals with learning disabilities and AD/HD. We disseminate our work to educators and other professionals through services such as workshops, regional institutes, institutional needs assessments, and consultations.

March 11/12 2010

The Whitby School

969 Lake Avenue

Greenwich, CT 06831

For more information, please contact:

Peter Newman
Director, Greenwich Education and Prep, LLC
203 661 1609
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02/03/10 The Raw Greenwich News Feed: Afternoon Edition

The Latest News Reports About Greenwich

AIG Employees Fight for Right to Full Bonuses
Can Attorney General Cuomo get us their names and addresses and charter us a bus to Greenwich? The latest compromise reached by AIG and the Treasury comes ...
As residents cry foul, whose backyard will end up with tower? [Connecticut ...
When Karen Sadik-Kahn heard that a 157-foot cell phone tower could rise among the trees in the Montgomery Pinetum in the heart of Greenwich, her reaction ...
ADVENTRX Appoints Icahn Representative to Board of Directors
PR Newswire (press release)
Dr. Kostas, MD is an attending physician and one of seven hospitalists at Greenwich Hospital, a member of the Yale New Haven Health System and a subsidiary ...
Tuesday High School
Stamford Advocate
GREENWICH 45, FAIRFIELD LUDLOWE 42: Al Azulphar scored 15 points while Clay Graham and Brian Leeds each added 10 points to lead Greenwich. ...
Catterton Partners Acquires Leading Water Filtration Company - Aquasana
PR Newswire (press release)
HALTOM, Texas and GREENWICH, Conn., Feb. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Sun Water Systems, Inc., the maker of Aquasana, the #1 rated home water filtration system in ...
Western prepares to add IB program
Greenwich Time
By Colin Gustafson, Staff Writer The school district is taking the first big steps toward creating a new middle-school International Baccalaureate program ...
Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation F3Q10 (Qtr End 12/26/09) Earnings Call Transcript
Seeking Alpha
We opened five directly operated stores globally during the quarter including our Ralph Lauren store in Greenwich, Connecticut, which Roger shared with you ...

Greenwich In The Blogoshere

REITS and Greenwich real estate « For What It's Worth
Banks have been willing to extend loans rather than foreclosing, and the firms that oversee commercial mortgages bundled into securities have also been slow to sell off distressed assets , market participants say. ...
Institutional Partners - http://institutionalpartners.com/
Simmons' road-show - Greenwich Real Time - Greenwich Time
By Neil Vigdor
February 3, 2010 at 1:15 pm by Neil Vigdor. Republican Senate hopeful Rob Simmons was in Norwalk Tuesday at Creative Video Corp. to kick off his small business tour and plug what his campaign is touting as a five-point plan to ...
Greenwich Real Time - http://blog.greenwichtime.com/realtime/
Did I Really Move to Greenwich?: Ok, The People Have Spoken
By Yelena
Devoted partner and I were all primed and ready to take beginning Spanish through the nice folks at Greenwich Continuing Education. That is, until the winter schedule came out. People, don't you have jobs? ...
Did I Really Move to Greenwich? - http://didireallymove.blogspot.com/
Bus service expansion in Connecticut an economic priority, group ...
About $4.5 million a year from the state or other sources could provide enough buses and drivers to close transit gaps between key locations and potentially boost bus ridership across Connecticut if the service catches on, according to ...
Ansonia, Connecticut LocalSpur... - http://ansonia.localspur.com/

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02/03/10 GREENWICH DEADBEAT REPORT: The Wanna Be Voice Of Greenwich, WGCH Owner Michael Metter, Can't Pay His Advertising Bills (Updated With Video)

Greenwich, Connecticut radio station owner Michael Metter being investigated by SEC

By Claudette Rothman

Posted in Back Country, Connecticut, Greenwich, courts, crime

The president and co-owner of the only radio station in Greenwich, Connecticut, is facing federal securities investigations and multiple lawsuits.

According to reports, last October the Securities and Exchange Commission temporarily suspended trading in Sponge Tech Delivery Systems Inc. a company co-owned by Greenwich resident Michael Metter, who is also co-owner of WGCH radio station.

The Wall Street watchdog commission halted the trading after questions were raised about the accuracy and adequacy of the company’s financial disclosures.

Two months after those concerns were raised; the SEC issued a notice to the company that makes a car wash sponge made of soap, that they intend “to recommend that the commission bring civil injunctive actions alleging violations of federal securities laws.

In addition to their SEC problems, the company is also facing lawsuits from investors and Madison Square Garden for non-payment of advertising bills.





The SEC wants to examine the books of a major sports advertiser

—and here’s why.

Over the past year, tens of millions of American sports fans have asked themselves the same questions at some point: “What is that Spongetech sign doing in the outfield?” followed closely by “What the hell is Spongetech?”

Let’s handle the second question first. Spongetech (SPNGE) is a Manhattan-based company whose product seeks to answer a question no one has ever really cared to ask before, something along the lines of: “How do I cut out the bucket part of the equation when I wash my car or dog by hand?” Voila! Behold the soap-infused sponge, which at $9.95 is both biodegradable and can be used several times......

.......But to a certain sort of capital markets observer, Spongetech is something else, not seen in a long while: a full-bore pump-and-dump scheme that will, when all is said and done, likely have harvested the wallets of thousands of penny-stock speculators and earnest individual investors who thought they had found the proverbial "next thing."

It may not be the worst of such schemes. Unlike most pump-and-dumps, in which a few in-the-know sharpies drive a stock’s price to the moon and then sell it down to the basement, Spongetech has an actual product. Whatever is left of this company in the end, there will be something that someone—presumably the legion of bucket-haters among the do-it-yourself set—can dust off and sell in the market......

Still, the Securities and Exchange Commission didn’t initiate a formal investigation of the company and its management last week for nothing.

The company’s filings lead the skeptical reader to some pretty clear conclusions. The first is that Spongetech exists primarily to sell stock, and pretty much everything else comes second. At one point in early spring the company had more than 1.2 billion shares outstanding. Late Friday, as the pump collapsed, it had increased the authorized share count to 3 billion. By way of comparison, in the spring, the company—with reported sales of about $5 million a year—had roughly the same amount of shares outstanding as eBay (EBAY); with 3 billion shares issued, they would have a slightly larger float than Procter & Gamble (PG).....

......To keep the troops rallied, or, more accurately, to keep a new stream of suckers lined up, Spongetech went to the Internet stock promoters whose “investor relations” work churns out a steady stream of dubious e-mails and faxes promising trading riches to the inept, clueless, and the delusional.

They came up with some doozies.

There was the multiply SEC-sanctioned Larry Isen, a partner in the TGR Group LLC, which touted Spongetech stock in return for $30,000 in cash and 750,000 restricted shares. In an e-mail, Isen said he was only a minority partner in TGR with a small stake in the company and does not recall if he economically benefitted from Spongetech in any fashion.
He said he wrote about the company purely out of interest in its prospects. In addition to the five or so other promoters, there was the king of SEC-flouting touts, Jonathan Lebed, whose fee of 1,250,000 free-trading shares was footed by an investor named Doug Furth. Lebed did not respond to e-mailed questions.......

......Furth is no ordinary investor, however. The Solon, Ohio-based Furth is the owner, via his Signature Equity Fund, of 41 million shares or 5.1 percent of the company, as of last November.
An activist of sorts, Furth is a mainstay of the Yahoo Finance Spongetech investor message boards, where, as he admitted to me, he posts as “Alfie31555.” Furth insists that he disclosed his ownership stake on the Yahoo forum. A verbal bomb-thrower of the highest order, Alfie31555 brooks no criticism of Spongetech and has saved his bitterest vitriol for short-sellers and the reporters he sees as being used by them.

For example, Furst’s ire was aroused on Sept. 22, when the New York Post reported that a former lawyer of Spongetech had written a letter to the SEC claiming that his signature was forged on dozens of corporate documents he had not written nor had even seen. In a post on Sept. 23 at 10:48 p.m., Furth described Post reporter Kaja Whitehouse as “Nothing more than a paid whore for the shorts” and described her reporting as “giving life to their skunkworks as their puppet.”
Presumably Furth was no happier with Whitehouse’s subsequent article exposing the fact that five of Spongetech’s six largest customers are impossible to track down with addresses and phone numbers that appear to be fake. To top it off, Whitehouse discovered that a Web hosting service that specialized in concealing contact information created Web sites for three of the six customers on the same day three weeks ago.

Furth, who, ironically, is the general partner of a fund seeking to finance clean and wholesome family movie production, declined comment on why he hired Lebed......

.....the company booked $4.9 million in net income yet used $170,000 in cash, leaving it with a paltry $34,570 in the till.

The culprit for Spongetech’s weak cash position is the $14 million in accounts receivable balance as of the last quarterly report, but this misses the broader point: Even with so many sales being done overseas — the five customers who cannot be tracked down are all based abroad.....

.....If someone really is buying all of these sponges abroad—despite a marketing effort that is 100 percent focused on the American consumer—the company is stretching out their payment cycle way past the standard 30-day, or even 90-day, cycle...

.....I called and e-mailed the company and its public relations firms—Lippert Heilshorn, which resigned from the account late last week.....

.....So, since I live near Spongetech CEO Michael Metter, I stopped by his lovely Greenwich, Conn. house on Saturday afternoon for an impromptu chat. A gruff, bald fiftysomething man came to the door and insisted that Michael Metter was not home.
When I showed him a picture of Michael Metter I had printed from the Internet and pointed out that he looked almost identical, he became irritated. He refused to answer questions about the SEC investigation, the Post articles, or Michael Metter’s background as the head of a penny-stock boiler room insisting that “Metter is not going to do any interviews.”......

.....When I noted that he sure knew a lot about Michael Metter and his thinking, he walked away.

As I left, I knocked on his window and said, “Hey, Mike, can I leave my contact info?”...
New York Post
A former attorney for SpongeTech, a New York company known for making soap-filled sponges it sells through infomercials, says the company forged dozens of legal documents tied to its issuance of stock......
...The accusations of forgery and "identity theft" come from Norfolk, Conn. attorney Joel Pensley, who said in a letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission that he was "dumbfounded" to learn that his name was being used in "as many as one hundred opinion letters for various shareholders."

Pensley told the SEC that he would not have written such letters. "I question the legality of the transactions," he wrote.

A copy of the letter obtained by The Post shows it was addressed to Robert Khuzami, head of the SEC's enforcement division......
....."I am shocked and aggrieved that my name and reputation could be sullied in this manner," Pensley said in the letter to Khuzami. Pensley said in the letter that he learned of the forgery from New Jersey stock services company Olde Monmouth Stock Transfer Co.

A letter from Olde Monmouth's attorney, Richard Fox, also addressed to Khuzami, said the forged documents relate to stock issued to RM Enterprises, SpongeTech's largest shareholder. RM Enterprises is controlled by the company's executives, including Moskowitz and CEO Michael Metter, according to SEC filings. Metter recently denied to The Post that he's a director or officer of the company.
Fox, when reached by The Post, said he couldn't comment before abruptly hanging up the phone.
Someone appears to be pulling the strings on the biggest clients of New York sponge maker and US Open sponsor SpongeTech.

In its third-quarter SEC filing, SpongeTech said that six customers "accounted for 99.4 percent of sales" -- nearly $31 million in revenue -- for the first nine months of its fiscal year.

The firms are SA Trading Company, US Asia Trading, Dubai Export Import Company, Fesco Sales Corp., New Century Media .......

......Their addresses cannot be verified, phone numbers were disabled within hours of calls from The Post, and the Web sites for three of the companies were created on the same day two weeks ago.
......The Post's request, SpongeTech provided addresses, phone numbers and contacts for its largest customers through its outside investor relations firm, Lippert Heilshorn & Associates.

But efforts by The Post to verify the information fell flat.

Take, for example, Dubai Export Import Co. According to the document SpongeTech provided, it is located at 235 Peachtree St. NE, Suite 400, in Atlanta.

"They don't have an office here," said Julie Gudger, vice president of sales for Crown Office Suites, which leases offices in that building, including Suite 400. Gudger also had never heard of Ahmed Elsayed, the contact SpongeTech provided.

Gudger dismissed the notion they might have a virtual office. "I would know," she said.

A call yesterday to the Dubai Export Import number that Spongetech provided led to a receptionist who took a message for Elsayed. Within a few hours, the number was "disabled." ......
......Calls to the phone numbers SpongeTech provided for the other four companies also led to receptionists who took messages. They were all disabled shortly afterwards.

Misty Ryals, a receptionist for Select Office Suites, which rents out offices on the 5th floor of 116 W. 23rd St. in Manhattan, where SpongeTech says Fesco is located, said she has no record of Fesco Corp.....
.......SpongeTech said SA Trading is located at 111 NE 1st St., 3rd floor, Miami. A woman who works for Downtown Miami Partnership, which manages the property, said, "We have no other business on the 3rd floor but Excellent Executive Offices."

Carlson Ortiz, who answered the phone at Excellent Executive Offices, said, "I've been here for two years and I've never heard of that name," when asked about SA Trading.

Web sites for Fesco, Dubai Export Import and SA Trading also shed little light. All three sites were created on Sept. 10, 2009, using Domains by Proxy, a service that blocks information about the site's owner.

.......this has all the earmarks of the penny stock pump and dump schemes I used to pursue. It’s possible the poor guy’s the victim of nefarious outsiders seeking to profit at his expense. It’s also possible that Frankie Fudrucker will conduct his next political campaign dressed in a full burka. I’m betting I’ll witness Frankie’s comely form draped and hidden from sight before SpongeTech clears its name......

Besides, Metter ruined a dinky radio station that, while irrelevant, did once have its uses, like announcing snow days for the schools.
Did you know that WGCH doesn’t have an Arbitron rating now because the audience surveyors could find no one who admitted listening to the station?
I’m not sure if any of you are spending money on ads on WGCH but you could do just as much good by sending me the cash – I’ll take better care of it, I promise.
Bob Greenberger said....
Nothing like reporting old news. I am sure he appreciates having his name out there in a negative fashion by a reporter who has taken absolutely no time to do any research on the subject or to contact him or the company.

Great job. It is at the same level as woodward and bernstein. I hope you are as anxious to publish old news if he is cleared.
Chris Fountain responds.....
“Old news”? I would say it’s developing news, unless the SEC investigation is over, which it is not. There’s a stock fraud going on here, whether perpetrated by insiders or outsiders is yet to be determined, but someone is being hosed. I look forward to following this story.
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GREENWICH -- Michael Metter, president and part-owner of Greenwich radio station WGCH, is facing a federal securities investigation and multiple lawsuits against another business concern, his penny-stock company SpongeTech.

Metter, who lives on Tinker Lane in the backcountry, co-founded SpongeTech Delivery Systems Inc. in 1999 ......

.....Metter, reached overseas on vacation Tuesday, told Hearst Connecticut Newspapers that his counsel is in talks with the SEC and suggested that the matter could yet be settled or dismissed. He insisted SpongeTech would continue to be publicly traded, and he said he planned to distribute the company's products nationwide through Walmart stores..

SpongeTech's investor relations phone line goes to a voice mail message, saying the company is not talking with shareholders at this time except through news releases .....

.....SpongeTech's sales line is still operating, telling callers they can find the company's products at CVS stores or online. Calls by Hearst Connecticut Newspapers indicated the products were not for sale Tuesday at CVS, but Metter said the drugstore chain reordered last month.

The problems with SpongeTech have not affected the radio station, where revenues are up, according to Metter and the station's manager.

Metter, along with a few silent partners, bought the news-talk format WGCH in 2003 from John Becker. He is not the majority owner but is the corporation's president.





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